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LPN Programs in Kansas

LPN Programs in Kansas

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t is necessary to attend one of the state approved LPN training programs in order to be able to sit for the licensing exam. You will have theoretical as well as clinical instruction when you are attending a training program. There will be a lot of information covered in a classroom setting. You will then spend a large portion of your training time gaining your clinical experience. This experience is intended to make certain that you are well prepared to work with patients directly.

You will learn how to perform many different tasks and duties that are assigned to licensed practical nurses. You will gain the experience you need to provide safe and effective nursing care to your patients when you come a licensed practical nurse.

State Approved LPN Training programs in Kansas:

Barton County Community College

f you take Northeast 30th Road, you’ll find Barton County community College right in the middle of Northeast 20th Avenue and Northeast 30th Avenue. The program at Barton County Community College is a 40 credit hour course with a demanding curriculum that prepares the students to handle healthcare issues from pre-birth to death.

Brown Mackie College – Salina Campus

Brown Mackie College Salina Campus is located just off South 9th Street near Otto Avenue. The program at Brown Mackie Salina does not only concentrate on the science of nursing, but also educates the students in biological and behavioral sciences.

Brown Mackie College KC

Brown Mackie College Kansas City Campus is located near the intersection of Lenexa Drive and West 96th Terrace. The PN program at Brown Mackie College Kansas City uses the concurrent integration approach combining theory and clinical practice to impart nursing education.

Colby Community College

Colby Community College is located right at the junction of South Range Avenue and Co Road K. The PN at Colby Community College is a 46 credit hour course beginning only in spring. Due to selective enrollment students are encouraged to apply early.

Dodge City Community College

Driving on North 14th Avenue, you’ll see Dodge City Community College just as you near West Frontview Street from any direction. Dodge City Community College offers both PN and RN programs in a career ladder fashion. Students can take the NCLEX-PN exams after 1 year of studies.

Donnelly College

Donnelly College is situated right next to Bishop Ward High School on North 18th Street. The PN program at Donnelly College is a 30 credit hour 14-18 months course and applications for entry are accepted either in November or April.

Flint Hills Technical College

Flint Hills Technical College is located at the intersection of West 18th Avenue and Graphic Arts Road. Along with receiving instruction in nursing clinical practice, the Nursing program at Flint Hills Technical College imparts basic therapeutic knowledge and introduction to biological and behavioral sciences.

Garden City Community College

Garden City Community College has a sprawling campus between Campus Drive and East Kansas Avenue. The Nursing program at Garden City Community College looks at nursing as a combination of two distinct disciplines: theory and science of nursing and process of caring for individuals in clinical settings.

Highland Community College Technical Center

Highland Community College Technical Center is located on West Riley Street near the Amelia Earhart Stadium. The Nursing program at Highland Community College is a 1-year course that expands on the knowledge gained in the college’s CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) course.

Hutchinson Community College

Taking North Walnut Street, you will find Hutchinson Community College right next to the Memorial Hospital. The program at Hutchinson Community College can be taken as a full-time 12-month course (beginning only in June) or a part-time 24-month course (beginning only in January).

Johnson County Community College

Travelling East on College Boulevard, Johnson County Community College is located right in front of The Crossings. The LPN program at Johnson County Community College can be taken as a 10-month Day program or a 24-month Evening/Weekend program.

Labette Community College

Labette Community College is located at the junction of South 14th Street and Broadway Avenue, right next to the Forest Park. The Nursing program at Labette Community College is a 4-semester bi-level course that prepares the students for both the NCLEX-PN and the NCLEX-RN exams.

Manhattan Area Technical College

From Riley County Fair Grounds take Wreath Avenue towards Dickens Avenue, you will see Manhattan Area Technical College on your left. The PN program at Manhattan Area Technical College is a 9-month course that involves students in health promotion activities in the community.

Neosho County Community College

Neosho County Community College is located on West 14th Street right in front of County Community Jr. College. The Nursing program at Neosho County Community College is a bi-level course preparing students through theory as well as clinical instruction for both NCLEX-PN and NCLEX-RN.

Pratt Community College

Traveling South on NE SR 61, you’ll get to Pratt Community College a little after crossing Northeast 10th Street. The LPN program at Pratt Community College is a PN-RN bi-level program that places special emphasis on the caring, compassionate, and humane side of nursing.