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LPN Programs in Illinois

LPN Programs in Illinois

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You can train for a career as a Licensed Practical Nurse in Illinois by attending an accredited LPN training program. Upon completion of this training, you will be granted certification or an Associate’s Degree. You will need to pass the licensing exam before you will be a licensed Nurse.

You will learn a great deal during your LPN training program. There will be classroom instruction in the sciences, pharmacology, terminology and other subjects. You will attend Nursing Fundamentals. The classes will teach you about the basics of a career in nursing. After your coursework, you will need to complete clinical instruction. During this time, you will have rotations in various departments including: maternity, pediatrics, psychiatry, senior care and various other departments.

Featured LPN Training Programs in Illinois:

Americare Technical School

Americare Technical School is located at the junction of Dempster Street and North Greenwood Avenue. Students applying to the LPN program at Americare Technical School must first pass a 24-week prerequisites course with a minimum ‘C’ grade.

Beck Area Career Center

Black Hawk College is located at the intersection of 4th Avenue and 7oth Street. The completion of the PN program at Black Hawk College does not automatically make a student eligible to take the NCLEX-PN exams, the student is bound by the Illinois Nursing Act Section 9 and Section 15.

Capital Area Voc Center

Capital Area Vocational Center is located on Toronto Road between Vocational Drive and 11th Street. The PN program at Capital Area Vocational Center is a 2-year program in which students gain extensive practical experience through actual work at local healthcare facilities.

Carl Sandburg College

Carl Sandburg College is located on Tom L. Wilson Boulevard right at the Western tip of Storey Lake. Carl Sandburg College offers its PN program in three options: regular day program at Galesburg Campus, distance learning program at Galesburg Campus, and distance learning program at Carthage Branch Campus.

CCC Wilbur Wright College

CCC Wilbur Wright College is located on North California Avenue between West North Avenue and W. Wabansia Avenue. The PN program at CCC Wilbur Wright College is a 1-year 3-semester course and includes both nursing as well as general education courses.

College of DuPage

College of DuPage is located just off Fawell Boulevard near Russell R. Kirt Prairie. The LPN program at College of DuPage is a 2.5-semester course that provides the student with knowledge from the biological and social sciences to provide a base for implementing holistic care to patients.

Danville Area Community College

Danville Area Community College is located just off East Main Street near U.S. Army Reserve Training Center. The Ladder Nursing program at Danville Area Community College provides the students with the option to earn LPN Licensure after 1 year of studies or RN Licensure after 2 years of studies.

Elgin Community College

Elgin Community College is located just off Spartan Drive between Hoffer Dive and Lehr Dive. The PN program at Elgin Community College prepares students to get high grades in the NCLEX-PN exams and become eligible to work as highly efficient Practical Nurses.

Heartland Community College

Heartland Community College is located on West Raab Road very near to the Illinois State University. The PN program at Heartland Community College provides the students with the option of continuing onto advanced studies in nursing or taking the NCLEX-PN exams.

Illinois Central College

Illinois Central College is located on Southwest Adams Street right next to the Fulton Plaza Shopping Center. The PN program at Illinois Central consists of two semesters and one summer session and includes nursing, general education, and science courses.

Illinois Valley Community College

Illinois Valley Community College is located on North Orlando Smith Street right at the junction of North 2575th Road and East 350th Road. The LPN program at Illinois Valley Community College is a 4-semester, full-time, day-only course.

John A Logan Community College

John A. Logan Community College is located on Logan College Drive between Mary Logan Road and John A. Logan Road. The PN program at John A. Logan can either be taken as a 3-semester full-time or 5-semester part-time course and incorporates theory, laboratory, and clinical experience.

John Wood Community College

John Wood Community College is located on South 48th Street right in front of Woodland Trail. The PN program at John Wood community College places equal importance on classroom instruction and clinical experience, the two prerequisites of effective Practical Nursing career.

Joliet Junior College

Joliet Junior College is located just off Houbolt Road very near to Centennial Drive. The PN program at Joliet Junior College is one of the most rigorous in the State with 18 hours per week of classroom and clinical time and 20 hours for studying and preparation.

Kankakee Community College

Kankakee Community College is situated on College Drive right next to the Northeastern Illinois Area Agency on Aging. The PN program at Kankakee Community College is a 1-year course preparing students to assume the role of effective Practical Nurses.