LPN Programs in Georgia

LPN Programs in Georgia

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You cannot sit for the licensing exam to become an LPN in Georgia until you attend an LPN training program that has met all requirements set forth by the Board of Examiners of LPNs. These programs meet all curriculum standards to prepare you well to work successfully as an LPN. A training course will need to include at least 700 hours of theory instruction (particularly classroom) and another 700 hours of instruction in a clinical setting.

When training as an LPN in Georgia, you will have a great deal of coursework pertaining to your career as an LPN. You will learn to apply what you learn while then completing your clinical hours. The first hand experience will prepare you to work in various healthcare settings and departments.

State Approved LPN Programs  in Georgia:

Altamaha Technical College

Altamaha Technical College affords students small classroom sizes and personal attention from qualified instructors. It is located about 2 hours from Savannah and Georgia’s serene coastline. For prospective nursing students who want to attend a school that focuses on aiding them from the beginning of their education through job placement, this school is committed to providing this type of service. Altamaha Technical College offers two different level nursing programs. The Nurse Aid program is a technical certificate program that is completed after only 13 credit hours. The Practical Nurse training program is more extensive. To earn this certificate, a student must complete 60 credit hours. Courses include many topics, ranging from Diet and Nutrition to Nursing Leadership.

Chattahoochee Technical College

Chattahoochee Technical College serves as a leader in career training for the communities of Bartow, Cherokee, Cobb, Gilmer, Paulding and Pickens. Located only one hour away from the vast culture experiences of Atlanta, CTC combines the individual attention valued at a smaller school with the social amenities of a big city university. For students pursuing nursing, Chattahoochee Technical College has multiple programs of study available that can fit your desired level of future employment. The Health Care Assistant program requires a total of 30 credit hours. A Practical Nursing certificate can also be earned once all 60 hours of required coursework are completed. For those seeking an Associate of Science degree to become an RN or those who want to advance from an LPN to RN, 64 and 78 credit hours must be completed respectively.

Athens Technical College

Athens Technical College is located on Highway 29, about 500m south of the McDonald’s at the intersection of Highway 29 and Hull Road. Athens Tech. has a quarter system rather than a semester system. The normal ADN program takes 6 quarters for completion, accelerated ADN takes 4 quarters.

Athens Technical College Elbert County Campus

Athens Technical College Elbert County Campus is situated right next to Coggins Lake between Athens Tech. Drive and Coggins Drive. The PN program at Athens Tech. is specially organized to present nursing in a caring, holistic framework designed according to the Neuman Systems model.

Atlanta Technical College

Atlanta Technical College is located right at the intersection of Metropolitan Parkway S.W. and Caspian Street S.W. The PN program at Atlanta Tech. is a 4 quarter program that prepares nursing graduates through a selected number of occupational and academic courses.

Augusta Technical College

Augusta Technical College is situated on Career Drive right between Augusta Tech. Drive and Success Avenue. The PN program at Augusta Tech. prepares the students to take the NCLX-PN (State Board Examination for Licensure as Practical Nurses) and involves classroom as well as clinical experiences.

Bainbridge College

Bainbridge College is located at East Shotwell Street right across the road from Pipeline Road. The PN program at Bainbridge College is a 5 semester program and focuses on nursing research, scientific principles, and acquired knowledge from natural and social sciences.

Columbus Technical College

Columbus Technical College is located at Manchester Expressway right where is intersects with River Road. The PN program at Columbus Tech. is a 95 credit hour course and involves extensive clinical experience supervised in local area hospitals by the respective hospital personnel.