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LPN Programs in Connecticut

LPN Programs in Connecticut

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You cannot become a Licensed Practical Nurse in Connecticut until you complete an LPN training program that is accredited by the state of Connecticut. You must also sit for and pass the NCLEX-PN exam before you can obtain employment as an LPN.

The training program for an LPN will provide you with lectures and other types of classroom instruction. You will also be provided with clinical training in healthcare settings and in more than one department of a hospital. You will be well prepared to perform all the duties of a nurse after you attend LPN training in Connecticut. Training can be completed in about 12 months at many nursing schools and community college.

State Approved LPN Training Programs in Connecticut

A. I. Prince Technical School

Prince Tech, along with eleven other Connecticut Technical High Schools, offers continued education in some of the nation’s fastest growing employment sectors to students from across the state. Students who possess a high school diploma are eligible to apply for Prince Tech’s Licensed Practical Nurse program. Courses for this program span 3 semesters and will cover all information a LPN must use in the field – from Pharmacology to Biology. Classes are scheduled Monday through Friday, with a mix of day, afternoon and evening times. Classroom training prepares each student for hands-on clinical training that is required before completion of the Licensed Practical Nurse program.

Lincoln Technical Institute

Lincoln Technical Institute is an affordable and practical training center for students wishing to gain expert knowledge in many fields of employment. Located less than 20 minutes from Hartford, LTI offers one of Connecticut’s best educational programs for Practical Nursing. Lincoln Technical Institute finds a great deal of pride in employing teachers who have previous real world experience and a knack for helping all students master the skills needed to become a great nurse. After completing 62 credit hours, students will be granted a LPN certificate. These credit hours included classroom, hands-on and clinical practice in the field of nursing. The curriculum for this program contains classes such as Anatomy and Human Growth/Development.

Bullard-Havens Technical School

Bullard-Havens Technical High School is located just on your right from the second STOP sign on Palisade Avenue. The LPN training program at Bullard-Havens is managed by the Connecticut Technical High School System and comprises of three semesters. This program is available throughout the State at eleven Technical High Schools at the post-graduate level.

Lincoln Technical Institute

Lincoln Tech’s Hamden campus can easily be reached from Route 15 (Merritt Parkway) and Interstates 91 & 84. The curriculum of the LPN classes offered at Lincoln Tech is very wide-ranging and includes extended care, maternity, child development, clinical rotations in human biology, medical terminology, and geriatrics.

Eli Whitney Technical School

Eli Whitney Technical High School is located approximately a quarter of a mile on the left side of Fairview Avenue from the intersection of Fairway Avenue and Arch Street. The practical nursing program at Eli Whitney is a full-time day program with a curriculum that is specifically designed to meet State Standards along with the prerequisite requirements of the Registered Nursing Programs offered at various Community Colleges.

Lincoln Technical Institute

Lincoln Tech’s Shelton campus is located at the corner of Progress and Research Drive. Just like all the other Lincoln Tech campuses, the Shelton campus offers a very comprehensive PN curriculum that encompasses maternity, child development, clinical rotations in human biology, medical terminology, extended care, and geriatrics.

W. F. Kaynor Technical School

Kaynor Technical High School is located near Waterbury Municipal Stadium a little before the intersection of Watertown and Huntington Avenues. The nursing program at Kaynor Tech. is specially designed to meet the requirements of Registered Nursing Programs offered at Community College level and, after graduation, the students have the option to continue their studies towards a Registered Nursing Degree.

Porter and Chester Institute

Porter and Chester Institute is situated near Waterbury and can very easily be reached from Naugatuck, Torrington, and Danbury. The nursing program at Porter and Chester gives the students the academic foundation and hands-on experience which is imperative for direct nursing care in a large variety of settings such as hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices, along with various specialties such as psychiatric nursing, obstetrical and pediatric nursing, etc.

Norwich Technical School

Norwich Technical High School is located on Mahan Drive which can be reached by driving on route 169 to the first traffic light at Ox Hill Road. The program at Norwich Tech. is a three-semester day program which teaches the fundamentals of nursing, pharmacology, human biology, psychology, etc. It has two different levels of clinical experience involving patients that are relatively stable to less than critical.

Porter and Chester Institute

Porter and Chester at Rocky Hill can be reached by just getting off I-91 an is 10 miles outside of Hartford. The Practical Nursing program at Porter and Chester prepares students to handle patients with varied health issues and within many nursing roles such as manager of care, provider of care, and as part of a multi-disciplinary health care team.