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LPN Programs in Colorado

LPN Programs in Colorado

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You can have an excellent career in the nursing industry with just 1 to 2 years experience by entering into an LPN training program in Colorado. There are usually various requirements to gain acceptance into an LPN program. You will usually need to have had some science courses in high school and to have maintained good grades. An entrance exam will be required when you wish to become a nurse.

In Colorado, you will need to attend a training program that is fully certified by the state. An accredited training program will include classroom as well as clinical components. You will cover various topics pertaining to the nursing industry and will learn how to provide various nursing services for your patients.

Accredited LPN Programs in Colorado:

Concorde Career College

Concorde Career College prepares students in more than 7 states for rewarding careers in healthcare. California campuses include Garden Grove, North Hollywood, San Bernardino and San Diego. Campus locations in Florida include Jacksonville, Miramar, Orlando and Tampa. Campuses can also be found in Oregon, Tennessee, Texas and Missouri. Many training options are available for students who are entering the nursing profession. Concorde Career College offers training for LVN’s and those who would like to become a RN by earning their Associate of Science or Associate of Applied Science. The Vocational Nursing program can be completed in 13 weeks with a normal day schedule. Utilizing the weekend classes only option for this program adds an additional 7 weeks. Earning an Associate degree will take a student approximately 15 months.

Community College of Denver

Community College of Denver is an institution which focuses on providing practical education for students in the Denver area pursuing a variety of vocations. Future nursing students can chose from three program options. Community College of Denver offers a Nurse Aide program that can be completed in approximately 24 classes. A Practical Nursing program is also offered and can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis. After three semesters, full-time students should complete the PN program. Classes for the part-time PN program are offered at night and are completed after five semesters of study. Students can apply for Federal financial aid and various scholarships to cover tuition expenses.

Delta Montrose Technical College

Delta-Montrose Technical College is located just off U.S. Highway 50, on the other side of the road from Whittington’s Auto Electric. The nursing program at Delta-Montrose takes a holistic approach to nursing and focuses on nursing care that meets the needs of individuals as members of family, society, and culture.

Emily Griffith Opportunity School

Emily Griffith Opportunity School is located on Welton Street very near to The Lindsey-Flannigan Courthouse. The practical nursing program at Emily Griffith Opportunity School is a 10-month course that prepares the students to appear for the National Council State Board Exam.

Front Range Community College—Boulder Arapahoe Campus

Front Range Community College Boulder Arapahoe Campus is located on Miller Drive just where it meets Pike Road. The nursing program at Front Range Community College is a 1-year course that prepares the students to eventually take the NCLEX-PN exams.

Mesa State College

Mesa State College is situated on North Avenue between Elm Avenue and Bunting Avenue. The PN program at Mesa State College is a 2-year course and prepares the students to give direct nursing care in hospitals, long-term facilities, and ambulatory care-clinic settings.

Northeastern Junior College

Northeastern Junior College is located on College Street very near to the Colorado Christian University. The PN program at Northeastern Junior College is a 41 credit hour course. Admission to the program requires a GPA of 2.25 for all prerequisites for the course.

Pickens Technical College

Pickens Technical College is located on Airport Boulevard between William Smith High School and East 6th Avenue. The Practical Nurse program at Pickens Tech. is a 2-semester day-only course and new students are only admitted in the fall.

Pueblo Community College

Pueblo Community College is located on West Orman Avenue between Arthur Street and Harrison Street. The PN program at Pueblo Community College is a fast track 2-semester programs that allows you to sit for the NCLEX-PN or continue studying for NCLEC-RN exams.