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LPN Programs in Alaska

LPN Programs in Alaska

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Alaska is one of the states in America that needs healthcare workers. There has been a massive growth of elderly population in the area that demands long term care that is why, they need a lot of healthcare professionals to care and provide nursing services for these individuals. Working as a Practical Nurse is challenging and fulfilling. If you want to start this career, there are LPN/LVN programs in Alaska that you can take. These LPN/LVN programs in Alaska are provided by only few schools so if you want to undergo such study, you can inquire from any of these institutions.

You must attend an LPN training program that has been approved by the state of Alaska before you can sit for the licensing exam. There are not as many accredited programs in Alaska as most states. However, you will still be able to find a good LPN Training Program.

Your training program will prepare you to provide excellent pediatric and maternity care. You will learn to provide nursing care services for individuals before and after surgery. The training will prepare you to provide good care for seniors and for patients of all ages. There will be several different classes that you must take before you can begin your clinical training.

University of Alaska Anchorage LPN Programs

The University of Alaska Anchorage is one of the few nursing schools in the state of Alaska with a Licensed Practical Nursing program. This program can be completed in three semesters, with admission process that is selective and determined through a ranking process. Applicants should complete the co-requisite courses before they can be admitted for the clinical sequence. There is a combined classroom lecture, online classes and clinical practice in the LPN program of the University of Alaska Anchorage. Thus, students will learn the basic knowledge and skills for the said profession. To gain admission for the program, applicants have to meet the major requirements like high school diploma or GED equivalent, criminal background check, complete immunization record, and many others. They also have to ensure to complete the program in order to become eligible for the NCLEX licensing exam. Successful passers can work in various healthcare facilities like nursing homes, hospitals, and many others.

University of Alaska Anchorage has a beautiful, modern and sleek campus nestled amongst some of the most breathtaking mountain views in the world. For those who desire to continue their nursing education, University of Alaska Anchorage offers exceptional training at any level. Their accredited educational programs grant degrees from Associates to Masters. To earn an Associate of Applied Science, four semesters of Nursing coursework and all required general education courses must be completed. To earn a Bachelor of Science, a student must complete 126 credit hours of required coursework. This includes 64 credits in Nursing. For a Master’s of Science, an accepted applicant must finish approximately 45 credit hours before a degree will be granted.

Alaska’s Institute of Technology LPN Programs

Residents of Alaska who wanted to become a LPN or Licensed Practical Nurse can take a program at Alaska’s Institute of Technology. The course is exclusively offered to those who hold a license as a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state and who have maintained their certification while taking the Practical Nursing Program. The requirements of the program include a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a minimum TABE testing result of 12th grade level, a current certification in BLS for Health Care Provider and completion of pre-requisite courses like Anatomy and Physiology 1&2, Human Lifespan Development, Nutrition, English and High School Chemistry with Lab. Students enrolled in the LPN program are required to complete 1,212 hours of classroom instruction and 176 hours of clinical training. This should be completed in order to receive a Certificate of Completion from the Practical Nursing program of Alaska’s Institute of Technology and become eligible for the National Council Licensing Examination for Practical Nursing.

Charter College LPN Programs

Charter College is offering a vocational nurse training program that provides the students with practical skills for direct patient care. The goal of the institution is to produce graduates that are able to function with an interdisciplinary healthcare team in various healthcare settings. Individuals who are interested for the program should remember the admission requirements like a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a passing grade from skills-based tests, a minimum score of 12 on their Scholastic Level exam and other documents that the institution requirements. Nevertheless, applicants should also pass the interviews conducted by the administration of Charter College. The LPN program highlights the concepts on direct patient care and fundamentals of nursing. It also provides hands-on training from professional instructors and clinical training on special areas like mental health, pediatrics, family nursing/obstetrics, medical-surgical nursing and many others. The LPN/LVN program of Charter College can be completed in 14 months. If you want to start your career in the healthcare field in a short span of time, the LPN program is right for you.

Alaska Vocational Technical Center

Alaska Vocational Technical Center is a student centered, workforce minded educational institution in Anchorage, Alaska. Multiple training programs are offered at this campus for anyone interested in completing further training as a nurse. Alaska Vocational Technical Center gives students three programs as options of study. For those wishing to gain immediate practical work in the field, a two month intensive Nurse Assistant program is offered. Classroom, lab training, and an additional month of clinical training are included in the program curriculum. A total of 176 training days must be completed for a Practical Nursing occupational certificate. Classes are held Monday through Friday from 8:00 am – 3:00pm. For AVTEC, a student must be able to transfer 24 general education credits from an different educational program before they can complete their RN training and earn an Associate of Applied Science. After these prerequisite transfer credits are earned, an additional 34 credit hours must be completed in nursing training at AVTEC for this degree to be granted.