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LPN Programs in Alabama

LPN Programs in Alabama

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The shortage for healthcare professionals in Alabama is increasing. Hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities are looking for Licensed Practical Nurses who can work alongside with doctors and nurses. These employers are offering flexible working schedules, higher pay and incentives, educational benefits and many others. That is why, residents and non-residents who wanted to have a stable and well compensating job can take LPN/LVN Programs in Alabama. These LPN/LVN Programs in Alabama are the quickest route to become a healthcare professional. It only takes a year of classroom lecture and clinical practice to finish hence, it does not take a lot of time to gain a proper license. Nevertheless, several schools and healthcare institutions are offering such programs for interested and qualified students.

Wallace Community College LPN Programs

Wallace Community College offers a Licensed Practical Nursing program that is available in two campuses – the Wallace Campus located in Dothan and the Sparks Campus located in Eufaula. This program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. It can be completed in three terms and the admission process is quite competitive. Interested applicants have to know that Licensed Practical Nurses have a significant role in the healthcare team. Undergoing a program through Wallace Community College is an opportunity to understand the duties and responsibilities of LPN’s and become eligible for the NCLEX-PN exam. Applications are done twice a year, every Fall or Spring semesters and meeting the major requirements of the institution is not a guarantee to gain admission from the program. Wallace Community College offers a smaller class size on their LPN program that is why, students receive a comprehensive and personalized instruction about the course.

J.F. Drake State Community and Technical College LPN Programs

J.F. Drake State Community and Technical College has a Practical Nursing course that provides the necessary knowledge and skills for potential students who want to be a Licensed Practical Nurse. This course combines theoretical classes with clinical practice, with a curriculum that provides an opportunity for students to become competent practitioners. Graduates of the program can take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN). But before graduating, students have to finish the academic and clinical practice with a satisfactory grade. They should also finish at least two semesters with a summer session in order to be qualified for the national exam. The admission process of J.F. Drake State Community and Technical College is competitive. Only few students are accepted every program that is why, applicants have to be qualified and excellent. The college offers a smaller class size in order to ensure that students receive a personalized instruction while they are completing the LPN program.

Shelton State Community College LPN Programs

Shelton State Community College is offering a Practical Nursing Program that prepares graduates for the NCLEX-PN licensure exam. The program has a combined classroom theory, laboratory practice and supervised clinical experiences, offered in a full time study. Students have to take note that all nursing courses should be taken n sequential order. The admission process is competitive because the clinical sites and the student-teacher ratio are limited and follows the requirement set by the Alabama Board of Nursing. The admission occurs every fall and spring semesters and selections are made through the Practical Nursing Admissions Committee. Students have to finish three consecutive semesters or twelve months of study in order to graduate. The goal of the college is to equip the potential LPN’s with their profession. They want to produce graduates who are strong performers in the academic and clinical field. Thus, students in the LPN program should be prepared for the 16 hours of clinical practice every week and three or more hours of classroom lectures. This would mean that students are discouraged to work while they undergo the LPN program. Nonetheless, the Practical Nursing program of Shelton State Community College is approved by the state Board of Nursing and its policies and curriculum are based on the national standards.

Alabama Southern Community College

Alabama Southern Community College delivers a top quality nursing education with small classroom sizes, cutting edge labs and rustic surroundings. The college has a multi-campus setup with locations throughout Southwestern Alabama: including Monroeville, Thomasville, Gilbertown and Jackson. All campus locations are within a leisurely 3 hour drive of bustling Birmingham. Alabama Southern Community College Thomasville offers various options for students who are planning to study nursing. For those who prefer a Practical Nursing program, a PN Certificate can be earned in just one year. Areas of study will span a variety of topics from pharmacology to pediatrics. For those who prefer a Registered Nursing program, an Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Program is available. This program is designed to be completed in two years, with five total semesters of workload. After the completion of all ADN curriculum, an Associate in Applied Science Degree is awarded.

Bevill State Community College

Bevill State Community College boasts quaint surroundings and hands-on training for all desired levels of advancement in the nursing field. With five locations in West Central Alabama, pursuing a higher education is convenient for all students. Campus locations include Fayette, Hamilton, Jasper, Sumiton and Carrolton (Pickens Center). Bevill State Community College offers training and education in various nursing related career options. Three programs are offered for different levels of advancement. Students who want to pursue a career as an RN must complete five semesters of coursework (the Associate Degree Nursing program). This program grants an Associate in Applied Science degree. Students who plan to seek employment in Practical Nursing must complete three semesters of coursework before they are granted a Long-Term PR Certificate. A non-credit Nurses Assistant Certificate is also available.

Other Schools with LPN/LVN Programs in Alabama:

You can have an excellent career in the healthcare industry if you train to become an LPN. You will need to find an LPN training program that is fully accredited in the state of Alabama. The course will cover a great deal of material. You will learn nursing basics and about anatomy and physiology.

LPN training covers topics in the area of pediatrics, maternity care and psychology. You will learn about CPR and First Aid. An extensive clinical component is also part of LPN training. You must sit for the licensing exam for LPNs after you finish your course. You will not become licensed until you receive an 80 percent or higher on this exam.

 Calhoun Community College

Calhoun Community College is located just off Bee Line Highway near Oakland Cemetery in Decatur. The PN program at Calhoun Community College is a 3-semester course and incorporates both nursing as well as general education classes.

Central Alabama Community College

Central Alabama Community College is located on U.S. Highway 289 in the Childsburg area, between Messer Lane and Wright Lane. The PN program at Central Alabama is a 3-semester program that prepares students to appear for NCLEX-PN exams.

Drake State Technical College

Drake State Technical College is located on Meridian Street North right across the road from Machine Craft. The PN program at Drake State is one of the oldest and most comprehensive nursing courses in the entire State that exists from 1965.

Faulkner State Community College

Faulkner State Community College is located on Bay Minette Bypass inside the Hammond Circle. The PN program at Faulkner State is a 3-semester course that begins in the Fall Semester only and prepares students for the NCLEX-PN exams.

Gadsden State Community College

Gadsden State Community College is located on both sides of George Wallace Drive, right next to Jacksonville State University. The LPN Program at Gadsden State can be taken as a 4-semester course at the Valley Street Campus in spring, or as a 3-semester course at the McClellan Center in the fall.

Herzig University

Herzig University is located on West Valley Avenue right next to the Red Mountain Plaza Shopping Center. The PN program at Herzig University helps students to learn and work with new healthcare technologies that expand their career potential in healthcare.

Jefferson State Community College

Jefferson State Community College is located on Carson Road between Sunhill Road and Pinson Valley Parkway. The LPN program at Jefferson State Community College is a 3-semester course that prepares students to sit for the NCLEX-PN exams.

Lawson Community College Bessemer Campus

Lawson Community College Bessemer Campus is located just off Wilson Road SW, right next to the Lawson State College. The PN program at Lawson Community College is a 49 credit hour course, with 14 credit hours of classroom instruction and 35 credit hours of clinical experience.

Lurleen B. Wallace Community College MacArthur Campus

Lurleen B. Wallace Community College MacArthur Campus is located near the intersection of North Main Street and Ellis Road, right in front of W.F. Jackson State Park. The PN program at Lurleen B. Wallace has one of the best laboratory and clinical facilities in the State.

Northwest Alabama Community College

Northwest Alabama Community College is located near the intersection of Durham Drive and Co Road 835. The PN program at Northeast Alabama is a 3-semester course and admission requires a minimum GPA of 2.5 in the most recent 24 credit hours taken.

Northwest Shoals Community College

Northwest Shoals Community College is located at George Wallace Boulevard right next to Northwest Alabama Council of Local Government building. The LPN program at Northwest Shoals is a 3-semester course beginning only in the fall.

Reid State Technical College

Reid State Technical College is located just off Conecuh County Road 75 in the evergreen area. The PN program at Reid State Tech. can be taken as a 3-semester full-time Day-only course or 4-semester part-time program.

Southern Union State Community College

Southern Union State Community College is located on Lafayette Parkway very close to the Opelika High School. The LPN program at Southern Union State is a 3-semester course that prepares students to take the NCLEX-PN exams upon completion.