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LPN/LVN Programs in California

LPN/LVN Programs in California

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California, together with Texas is the only state where Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) are called Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs). In principle the positions are the same and the only difference is in the name itself. Whatever the name the fact is that healthcare system in California needs a lot of Licensed Vocational Nurses who can care the sick and healthy individuals. Since there is a fast growing number of elderly population, a lot of nursing homes, hospitals and long term care facilities are hiring LVNs these days. Thus, interested individuals can take LVN programs in California. The LVN Programs in California are offered from various colleges and universities accredited by the different governing bodies. It can be completed in a few months that is why graduates can easily land a job as soon as they pass the licensing exam. Try to inquire from these schools and know how to get started with their LPN/LVN programs.

You cannot be younger than 17 if you wish to apply for an LVN training program in California. It is essential that you find a training program that is fully accredited by the state; otherwise you will not be able to sit for the licensing exam.

Your training program will include classroom and lecture instruction. You will have lab studies. Then, you will have several different rounds of clinical rotations. Some of the departments in which you will gain experience include: pediatrics, psychiatry, maternity and medical surgical. These are just a few examples of the nursing care departments you will study when preparing to become a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Concorde Career College LVN Programs

Concorde Career College offers a program for individuals who wanted to become Licensed Vocational Nurses. This program combines the hands-on training with medical education and clinical practice. It allows students to know various kinds of medical concepts that they need for their profession. Nonetheless, students are encouraged to have full time study of 50 weeks to complete the program and take the licensing exam for LVN’s. Requirements for the degree includes a high school diploma or GED equivalent, along with criminal background check, fingerprinting and complete immunization card. Concorde Career College is a private institution located in San Diego, California and it has accreditation from AACCSC. Individuals who want to apply for the program should take note that the application process is rigid and accepts few students per training only. This is due to the smaller class size of the LVN program that accommodates the needs of the students who aspire to be a Licensed Vocational Nurse.

Kaplan College LVN Programs

Kaplan College is also a private institution with a Practical Nursing Diploma. This course is a stepping stone for individuals to enter the healthcare field. It provides the students an opportunity to experience working in a healthcare facility and acquire the necessary knowledge for the profession. The course combines lectures, laboratory training and group discussions. Since LPN’s have a significant role in any medical setting, they will be trained in a way that they will be fully equipped during the licensing exam and future employment. Kaplan College also has online classes for those who cannot attend the regular classroom lecture, but the number of hours for clinical practice should be completed in order to graduate. The focus of the course is to improve the lives of patients by which students will be working with. Tuition cost is $4,540.20 and requirements include a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

Southwestern College LVN Programs

Southwestern College offers a Licensed Vocational Nursing program which runs for 18 months. This program allows the students to become a LVN in the state of California. It provides a combined theoretical lecture, a laboratory training and a supervised clinical practice in a healthcare facility, which equips the potential students to become a licensed professional. The program only accepts 30 applicants per training so interested individuals have to enroll in advance and be able to pass the requirements of Southwestern College. The degree requirements include a prerequisite course with a grade of C or above, Hepatitis B vaccination, a nursing assistant certification, and an ability to lift at least 30 pounds. Southwestern College is a public institution with accreditation from BVNPT. Tuition cost is $1,200 and minimum time commitment for study is three semesters.

ABC Educators

ABC Educators is a professional training institute aimed at bringing quality, affordable healthcare training to its students. With two campuses in California and one in Las Vegas, classes are easily accessible for those who would like to complete a Licensed Vocational Nurse Program. After attending training on a half-time basis for 18 months, nursing students will earn their diploma for this LVN program. ABC Educators classes occur only three times per week. The duration for each of these sessions is eight hours. Students can begin training after an initial down payment is made for toward the LVN program. Monthly payment plans are available to cover tuition costs.

Advanced College

Advanced College provides personalized and professional training aimed toward individuals with all skill levels and learning styles. The intimate campus is located a short drive from Los Angeles and the pacific coast. Pride in student diversity and a focus individual attention for each student make Advanced College the perfect place to study nursing. A Vocational Nursing program is offered for students who want to begin their nursing career. Students are granted a Certificate for the VN program after 62 credit hours of study are satisfactorily completed. Class work includes hands-on training that eventually leads directly into clinical practice. Federal financial aid assistance is available to students who meet certain qualifications.

Other Schools with LPN/LVN Programs in California:

Advanced Pro Nursing Institute

Advanced Pro Nursing Institute is situated right next to True Flight Club just off Hesperion Boulevard. The Vocational Nursing program at Advanced Pro Nursing is a full-time program spread over 15 months of academic coursework and clinical rotation.

Allied Medical & Health Services, Inc.

Allied Medical & Health Services, Inc. is located at the junction of South Central Avenue and West Windsor Road. The LVN at Allied Medical consists of 1,564 hours of theory and clinical training and is designed to impart extensive and in-depth knowledge of Practical Nursing.

American Career College – LA

American Career College is located at the intersection of Rosewood Avenue and North Vermont Avenue. The VN program at American Career College is a 13-month Day program or a 20-month Evening program, both divided into 4 courses.

American College of Nursing, LLC

American College of Nursing is situated on Stanwell Drive right next to Abba Self & RV Storage. The VNP at American College of Nursing is a 12-month program structured to prepare students to perform direct patient care under the watchful eye of an RN and/or physician.

Angeles College of Nursing

Angeles College of Nursing is located on Wilshire Boulevard right across the street from Archdiocesan Catholic Center. The VN program at Angeles College has two options and can either be taken as a 42-week (Full-time) or 60-week (Part-time) course.

Angeles Institute

Angeles Institute is located on South Street just before it runs into Pioneer Boulevard. The VNP at Angeles Institute is a full-time 40-week program which prepares the students to acquire skills and competencies to take care of individuals and families.

Annenberg School of Nursing

Annenberg Scholl of Nursing is located at the intersection of Tampa Avenue and Sherman Way. The LVN program at Annenberg School of Nursing is well-known for creating successful Vocational Nurses that play a vital role in dispensing health care.

Antelope Valley College

Antelope Valley College is situated at West Avenue right next to the Marauder Stadium. The VNP at Antelope Valley College is a year long course of study which is structured to make the students eligible to take the NCLEX-PN upon completion.

Bakersfield Adult School

Bakersfield Adult School is located at the junction of F Street and 28th Street. The VN program at Bakersfield Adult School is a Part-time only program that is spread over 22 months and includes both classroom study and clinical practice.

Bakersfield College

Bakersfield College is located off Panorama Drive right next to the Memorial Stadium. The ADN program at Bakersfield College is a four semester program that which prepares the students from simpler to more complex concepts in nursing according to the career ladder concept.

Bay Area College of Nursing, Inc.

Bay Area College of Nursing is located at San Antonio Road between East Charleston Road and Leghom Street. The VN program at Bay Area College comprises of a total of 1,644 hours and is one of the most comprehensive programs available anywhere.

Beaumont Adult School

Beaumont Adult School is located on Cherry Avenue very close to Chavez Elementary School. The LVN program at Beaumont Adult School is a 72-week course, totaling 1,728 hours of instruction. However, to get into it students need to first pass a 4-week pre-nursing class.

Blake Austin College

Blake Austin College is located on Orange Drive between Orange Tree Circle and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. The VN program at Blake Austin College is one of the most accelerated programs in the entire Solano County and takes only 12 months to complete.

Butte College

Butte College is located near the Bank of America ATM on Butte Campus Drive. The LVN at Butte College is spread over three semesters and imparts both academic nursing theory and supervised nursing experience.

California Career College, Canoga Park

California Career College is located at the junction of Owensmouth Avenue and Hart Street. The LVN program at California Career College can be completed in either 12 or 18 months and concentrates on concepts and principles of basic nursing

California Career Institute, Garden Grove

California Career Institute is located on Brookhurst Street right across the road from Korea House Barbecue Buffet. The LVN at California Career Institute is a Part-time Evening program only, spread over three terms with the main objective of preparing the students to take NCLEX-PN.

California Nurses Educational Institute, Inc-VN.

California Nurses Educational Institute is located on Ramon Road right next to Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill. The LVN program at California Nurses Educational Institute prepares the students to fit well into patient care and physician assistant roles.

Career Care Institute – Lancaster

Career Care Institute is located on 15th Street West right in front of Antelope Valley Shopping Center. The LVN program at Career Care can be taken as either Day or Evening program and consists of four levels that gradually build a student’s proficiency as a nurse.