LPN Certification

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In order to become a Licensed Practical Nurse, you will need specialized training that will prepare you for the challenges of this exciting medical profession.  Luckily, that training can often be completed in under a year, allowing you to get started in your new profession quickly.  If you would like to earn your LPN Certification, there are a few steps that you must complete.

First, you will need to find an accredited LPN program in your area.  You will want to spend some time researching the program that is right for you in terms of program length, distance from your home, and the cost of the program.  There are also online programs offered, which give you the opportunity to complete your degree on your own time, allowing you to move as quickly or slowly as you choose and study on your own time.  Online programs have grown increasingly popular among working adults who want to enter the medical field but need to maintain a job as they study.  Whether you want to attend a traditional campus based program or an online program, you will want to ensure that the program meets the requirements for Licensed Practical Nurses in your state.

Once you have found the right program, you will need to apply.  Many people find it helpful to apply for several programs, in order to enter a program as quickly as possible since many schools have wait lists for LPN programs.  Often, schools require references, a background check, and an application and fee.  Gather all the items you will need in advance to make it easier to apply to different programs.

When you have completed your nursing education program, you will be required to take an LPN certification exam.  This exam is called the NCLEX-PN, and is a standardized test taken by all LPN applicants in the country.  The NCLEX-PN has helped nurses by standardizing the education they receive and allowing LPNs to transfer their license to different states after they complete their education.  Then NCLEX-PN will require you to study- so make sure you are ready!  There are many good review programs available, and you will benefit from these programs when you arrive to take the test.

After successfully completing the NCLEX-PN, you will receive your certification.  Earning this certification is tough work, but the rewards are well worth the effort.  Licensed Practical Nursing is one of the fastest growing career fields in the industry, and the demand for LPNs is expected to continue growing.  When you have completed your education, you will be surprised at how many positions are open to you.  Whether you choose to work in a hospital, doctor’s office, clinic, or skilled nursing facility, you will be responsible for providing much of the basic, hands on care for your patients.  People who become LPNs report high levels of job satisfaction, as they know that the job they do has a major impact on the positive health outcomes of so many people.  Becoming an LPN is a smart way to enter the booming nursing field and begin earning a living doing a job that really matters.