Not every facility has an efficient housekeeping unit or floor aides that take care of making beds or organizing resident rooms. Sometimes it is the responsibility of nurse aides to make beds and straighten rooms before leaving to go to another resident.  In this situation, your “hall” is a reflection on you and your work.  Just as you would keep your own appearance looking professional,  your residents looking well cared for, you will need to keep their rooms free of clutter.

It is easy to keep the rooms on your unit looking good.  When you enter a room to do any care, take a look around.  Are there items out of place?  If so, put them where they belong as you walk through the room. All bathroom items should be placed in the bathroom and any knick-knacks should be adjusted if they are out of place.

While dusting can be left to housekeeping, if they are not dusting on a regular basis you can use a dry washcloth or even a damp one to remove dust from surfaces.  It takes only a moment to wipe a surface with a damp cloth and remove the excess dust that can cause your residents to cough and sneeze.

Another place where a washcloth will come in handy is in the bathroom.  Wipe up any wet areas that are left from toileting, hand washing, or personal care for your resident.  A dry bathroom is a benefit to you – wet bathrooms cause slips and falls, along with harboring bacteria.

Before you leave a room, turn around and scan it quickly.  Is everything in its place?  Is the bed made?  Are there clothes or other items on any chairs?  Even if you cannot organize the room or clean everything at once, you can do one thing at a time each time you go into the room.  Aides are called into nearly every room many times during a shift so if you take a moment to move clutter with each entrance, eventually every room will be one you can be proud of!

Remember- you are not responsible for deep cleaning of rooms.  You are responsible for helping your residents keep a clutter-free living area.  If there are problems with deep cleaning, you must contact housekeeping and in the event that the housekeeping employees are not doing their job, speak with your supervisor (either unit or your own supervising nurse).  An unclean room is not only unattractive, real dirt and grime is a health hazard for residents, guests and staff.