Florida Registered Nurse (RN) Programs

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities in Florida are experiencing a serious shortage of nurses, which has been a problem for quite a while. This shortage shows little signs of dwindling because the state needs more than 50,000 Registered Nurses by 2025 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and only few individuals are getting into the profession. This is the reason why several colleges and universities are offering financial assistance and scholarship programs to residents who want to consider this profession. Becoming a nurse provides stability and growth, especially in these tough economic times. Individuals who want to get a nursing degree can take the Florida RN programs from these higher learning institutions.

Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations

The Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations offer programs that are designed to prepare the students to work in various settings like nursing homes, hospitals, home health agencies, and outpatient areas like clinics, surgical centers, doctor’s offices, adult day care centers, adult living facilities, laboratories and rehabilitation centers. Students are provided with flexible class schedules to meet their personal circumstances. They are also taught with the clinical skills and academic requirements to prepare them for the certification and licensure exams.

One good thing about the Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations is they provide self-improvement topics that enhances the student’s desirability to potential employers. These topics include employment/re-employment skills, professional decorum, leadership skills, demeanor and deportment, and Electronic Health Recording Skills. The Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations offer the following programs like the Associate of Science Degree in Nursing, LPN to ADN bridging course, Practical Nursing, Rehab/Restorative Assistant and Patient Care Technician.

The Associate of Science Degree in Nursing is a short training program that allows the graduates to take the licensing exam for Registered Nurses. Earning this degree will also allow the students to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in any four-year college or university in Florida. Licensed Practical Nurses who wished to earn an Associate degree can take the LPN to ADN bridging course where classes are done online. Practical Nursing is also available at the Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations, a training course for individuals who want to work in the healthcare field as soon as possible. The Practical Nursing course is the best program to start a career in various healthcare settings.

The Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations has one of the best training facilities for aspiring nurses. The low tuition cost allows students to finish a program without creating debt from banks and other financial institutions. Admission process is quite competitive thus, enrolees should ensure to meet the requirements of the program in order to be considered.

Adventist University of Health Sciences

Adventist University of Health Sciences is a Seventh-day Adventist higher learning institution specializing in healthcare education. It has a faith affirming environment that is service oriented and guided by the values of excellence, nursing, spirituality and stewardship. The Adventist University of Health Sciences is a part of the Adventist Health System, which has 45 hospital campuses, 8,300 licensed beds and more than 4.5 million patients annually. Students in this university will not only become equipped with their chosen profession, but they will also be transformed as great leaders who practice healthcare as a form of ministry.

The Adventist University of Health Sciences offers a Generic Bachelor of Science in Nursing program which can be completed in four years. This BSN program is taught by the university’s experienced and qualified nursing faculty, who will be with the students all the way to their success. It also has a blended learning format, which provides easy access to lecture content anytime, and practically helps the students apply their knowledge gained in the classroom. The Generic Bachelor of Science in Nursing program combines the classroom lectures with laboratory training and clinical exposure. Students will have access to various Florida Hospital campuses, which helps them gain excellent experience from renowned nurses, physicians and diverse group of patients.

The Adventist University of Health Sciences has state of the art facilities and a conducive learning environment for aspiring healthcare professionals. Graduates will be prepared for an entry level position in different healthcare settings, as they will be trained and equipped in the entire course. The university has high passing rates in the NCLEX-RN licensing exam and they have been consistent in providing quality education to aspiring nurses. Studying at the Adventist University of Health Sciences provides a great opportunity to become a well-prepared professional in the healthcare field.

Atlantic Technical Center

Atlantic Technical Center was established in 1973, providing 11 programs of instruction to approximately 450 students. Over the years, the institution expanded and created four major construction phases, which also creates program expansion, community growth as well as labor market demands. Atlantic Technical Center enrols more than 7,200 students who attend classes on the day, evening and weekends. Several programs are provided by the institution under the following departments; architecture and construction, automotive and transportation technology, business management and administration, health sciences, hospitality and tourism, information technology, and manufacturing.

Smaller class size is implemented to ensure that student’s educational needs are met. The school also has state of the art facilities to provide a conducive learning environment. Atlantic Technical Center offers cooperative training opportunities in several programs and collaborates with the largest apprenticeship training program in the state. Students usually earn a diploma having credentials that surpasses the state requirements in the academic field and enable them to be pass the competitive college admission process. High technology is integrated in every educational program to foster an innovative learning environment, and teachers promote critical thinking and uses diverse teaching methodologies.

Atlantic Technical Center offers a Practical Nursing program that can be used as a stepping stone for a career in the healthcare field. The Practical Nursing program is a short program that covers the basic principles of nursing and the skills necessary to provide quality healthcare services to patients. It can be completed in a few months, and graduates will be eligible to sit for the licensing exam to work as a Practical Nurse in various healthcare settings. Earning a diploma from this short training program allows the students to work immediately in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and many others, and it also gives them an opportunity to study an Associate Degree in a college or university in the state.

Barry University

Barry University has a solid foundation in liberal arts and this is being implied in a wide variety of specializations, majors, minors and elective courses. This university was founded in 1940 and started as a college for women. These days, Barry University is a coeducational university that serves as one of the primary centers for education in South Florida. It has a Catholic intellectual tradition, with a learning environment that fosters individual growth where it leads to knowledge, skills and collaborative service. One good thing about Barry University is it provides several program options designed for working professionals who want to return to school and enhance their career. Classes are held in several locations in Florida, including its main campus in Miami Shores and School of Law in Orlando.

Individuals who want to be a part of the growing healthcare field can take a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Barry University. The BSN program is a high quality education that prepares the students to become responsible and respected healthcare professionals. It can be taken in two different pathways. First, the pre-nursing program which consist of two years, is offered to students with no college credits. The two year education is made up of general education, pre-requisites and supporting courses needed to gain admission to Accelerated BSN or Traditional BSN programs.

Once the pre-nursing is completed, the traditional BSN option is offered. This program will take another two years of nursing education and clinical training. Barry University is affiliated with Baptist Health South Florida, allowing the BSN students to apply for Baptist Bond Scholarship in exchange for a long term employment after graduation. The university also offers an Accelerated BSN option and an RN to BSN online options for students who qualify. All the nursing programs offered by Barry University are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and approved by the state Board of Nursing.

RN Programs at Bethune-Cookman University

Bethune-Cookman University is a private, coeducational and historically black university with affiliation from the United Methodist Church. As an institution related to United Methodist, Bethune-Cookman University has the same set of educational principles and values with the United Methodist Church and other church-related universities and colleges. They place great emphasis on quality care among students through special programs, performances, counselling services, religious life council, great residence-hall life and an active chaplain’s office. They are also committed in providing academic excellence with available resources dedicated in supporting student achievement.

Bethune-Cookman University demonstrates a good relationship with the church through excellent academic and community life, sensitivity to religious life concerns, hosting church events on campus, community or international service projects and many others. The School of Nursing at Bethune-Cookman University is designed in a way that educates the students to become Registered Nurses in a baccalaureate degree level. Graduates become competent and visionary professional nurse leaders who take the lead in culturally sensitive healthcare practices.

The School of Nursing aims to develop professional nurse leaders who are ready to serve, educate and even empower citizens towards optimal wellness. The university offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing which is rooted in the values and principles of United Methodist Church. The faith based program prepares the students to an entry level position, and encourage them to continue personal and professional growth. Student to faculty ratio is small to emphasize interaction among the students and instructors. Individual talents, experiences, backgrounds, insights and perspectives are appreciated and recognized by the faculty. Graduates of the BSN program will also be eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses. They can work in various healthcare settings which includes the hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and long term care facilities.

Bradford-Union Area Career Technical Center

Bradford-Union Technical Center was established in 1971 as a regional accrediting agency of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. It is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education, and is now a post-secondary career and technical training as well as adult education institution under the Bradford County School Board. Students in this technical center can gain access to personal and career counseling, employability skills, financial aid and job placement assistance. The mission of Bradford-Union Area Career Technical Center is to offer a place for adult and high school students to attend daytime or evening classes that prepares them for job placement, and education skills in a caring and safe learning environment. It also aims to endow the students with academic, technical and career lifelong skills needed to pursue advanced training in the career, technical or academic field, enter in a workforce or military and become a productive and skilled member of the society.

Bradford-Union Area Career Technical Center offers several programs in Adult Education, Health Science, Human Services, Information Technology, Manufacturing, and Transportation, Distribution and Logistics. Individuals who want to work in the healthcare field can choose either a program on Medical Assisting, Nursing Assistant – Long Term Care or Practical Nursing. These programs can be a stepping stone towards a career in the healthcare field. Graduates of Practical Nursing and Nursing Assistant can pursue an Associate Degree in Nursing in any colleges or universities approved by the state Board of Nursing.

The Practical Nursing, as well as the Nurse Assistant training program of Bradford-Union Area Career Technical Center are provided by the school’s licensed and qualified instructors. Students will experience a theoretical study in a classroom setting and clinical practice in an accredited healthcare facility. Graduates will be eligible to take the certification exam and be able to work in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and other healthcare facilities.

RN Programs at Brewster Technical Center

Brewster Technical Center is a career and technical training center for high school graduates and adults who want to learn new skills and work in various fields. The school has provided a number of educational opportunities for over 85 years in the City of Tampa, Hillsborough County, the City of Temple Terrace and the whole Tampa Bay area residents. Brewster Technical Center has gone through a lot of name changes through years and it was officially named Brewster Technical College in 2014. This higher learning institution provides adults in Hillsborough County and its surrounding community with basic skills instruction, adult education, English language acquisition and academic and vocational training for adults having disabilities. They also have specific occupational skill sets and certificate programs that can be used in business and other industries.

Brewster Technical Center offers various programs like Automotive Technology, Adults with Disabilities. Central Sterile Processing, Early Childhood Education, Distribution and Management, ESOL programs, GED programs, Machinery Maintenance, Pharmacy Technician, Moodle Server Access and Practical Nursing. Individuals who want to start a career in the healthcare field can take the Practical Nursing program which can be completed in a few months. Graduates of the Practical Nursing program will be allowed to take the certification exam, which can be used to apply for an entry level position in various healthcare facilities.

Brewster Technical Center has great facilities and well-experienced instructors who will guide the students in their educational goals. Since a small class size is implemented, individual needs are met and concerns are addressed accordingly. Graduates of this technical center will not only acquire skills but they will also be prepared with the demands of the challenging workforce.

RN Programs at Broward College

Broward College is a state college located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This school is a part of the Florida College System and was established in 1959 to broaden the state’s two-year college. Broward College is now offering four-year Bachelor’s degrees and has gained various recognitions like the Aspen Prize for the top 10 percent of best community colleges in the country.

Broward College aims to provide quality education to students who want to gain certificates, diplomas, associate, bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degrees. Students who want to become Registered Nurses can opt for a nursing program that suits well to their qualifications. The college offers a traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, and an RN to BSN completion track, which can be done online. These two programs are approved by the state Board of Nursing, and graduates will get the chance to take the NCLEX-RN licensing exam.

The advantage of studying at Broward College is the countless opportunities they give to their students. Aside from the conducive learning environment, students also receive a solid support and guidance from their instructors. Nursing students will undergo classroom lectures and clinical experiences at the same time thus, they will be trained properly to make them prepared for the licensing exam and their future careers in the healthcare field.