Dorsey Schools Nursing Program Review

Dorsey Schools offers various training programs with a balanced curriculum of classroom lectures and hands-on practice in a medical laboratory or clinical setting. Most of the Medical Training programs offered in this institution have an externship component, allowing students to gain industry experience as well as professional exposure in a real-world environment. Undergoing any of the programs provides an opportunity to start a rewarding and exciting career in the healthcare field. Dorsey School of Nursing is not just committed to offering quality medical training, but is also geared towards honing their students to become the best healthcare providers of tomorrow.

Medical Assistant Training

Medical Assistants play a significant role in any healthcare setting. They perform clinical tasks like taking vital signs, recording a patient’s history, extracting blood, administering injections, and preparing patients for tests. The Medical Assistant training provided by the Dorsey School of Nursing is designed to help students gain the necessary skills and knowledge required in this career. The program provides a balanced education wherein lectures are held in a classroom and laboratory settings. Students are exposed to a clinical environment during their externship, giving them a chance to acquire professional experience in the medical field. The Medical Assistant training program lasts for one year, and students who complete and pass the licensing exam are qualified to work in a healthcare field of choice.

Medical Administration and Billing Training

Individuals trained in medical administration and billing programs work in various medical offices and facilities such as clinics and hospitals. Their main tasks include scheduling patient appointments, processing insurance claims and bills, coding, filing, and other duties associated with a medical office. The Medical Administration and Billing Training of Dorsey School of Nursing is designed in such a way as to provide adequate knowledge and skills for students who wish to have an administrative job. The training program combines classroom lectures with lab training and externship in a particular healthcare setting. It is a year-long program after which graduates can easily work as a medical secretary or a medical biller once the training is complete and the exam has been passed.

Patient Care Technician Training

Patient Care Technician training is another program offered by the Dorsey School of Nursing. In this training, students have an opportunity to enhance the skills necessary for giving quality patient care in different medical settings. Students will be exposed to both classroom and clinical settings, but most importantly, they will have training in pharmacology, infection control, and procedures for administering medications. This will include exposure to the various body structures, common diseases, laboratory tests as well as coverage of medical terminology. The externship will take place in a physician’s office, acute care setting, a local hospital, long-term care facility or another medical facility where students are exposed to and provided with professional experience in the area of the job they are going to take in the future.

Dialysis Patient Care Technician Training

The Dialysis Patient Care Technician program combines classroom-based training and instruction with a hands-on externship in a healthcare facility. The training includes an introduction to communication, interpersonal, and basic clinical skills required to provide care to patients with acute or chronic renal disease, particularly those undergoing a dialysis treatment in a hospital or dialysis facility. This program will expose the students in the techniques for operating, monitoring, and disinfecting dialysis equipment and machines while adhering to facility procedures and policies. Lastly, the Dialysis Patient Care Technician program will provide an opportunity to develop skills such as taking vital signs, blood draws, ECGs and more, while monitoring the patient’s safety and comfort.

Pharmacy Technician Training

The Pharmacy Technician diploma program is designed to equip students to work in an ambulatory pharmacy with supervision from a licensed pharmacist. Students enrolled in this program will be provided a laboratory coat on the day of their first lab class. There is no prior work experience required to enroll in this training program, but only a desire to learn. The first part of the Pharmacy Technician training program is classroom instruction where students learn various concepts of the course. This will be followed by laboratory training and an externship which takes place in an affiliated facility. The externship training will provide professional exposure to students, especially in performing their duties and responsibilities as pharmacy technicians.

Massage Therapy Training

The Massage Therapy Training program is designed to give students a foundation in anatomy, physiology, as well as pathophysiology which form the basis of various massage techniques. It provides potential students an opportunity to prepare for an entry-level position in the massage therapy industry, especially upon gaining a license. There will be a supervised clinical practice at the end of the classroom instruction and laboratory training, and every student must be able to provide massage services to several customers. Completing the curriculum of this program allows graduates to apply for licensure in the state of Michigan. Moreover, the Massage Therapy training program helps every student gain hands-on techniques in specific massages such as sports massage, Swedish massage, neuromuscular therapy and deep tissue. Graduates may pursue a career in avariety of positions working for an athletic team, salon, hospital, and many other employers.

Practical Nurse Certificate Program

The Practical Nurse Certificate program prepares students for a rewarding career in the healthcare field. Graduates of the program will be qualified to take the NCLEX-PN exam. The curriculum of the Practical Nurse Certificate program is designed to develop the student’s critical thinking, ability to solve problems, and foster an understanding of the legal, moral, ethical, and cultural issues in today’s healthcare communities. Students who enroll in this program, of course, must be prepared for the comprehensive classroom education as well as practical hands-on training. Various topics will be discussed including medical terminologies, practical nursing fundamentals, mental health, computer applications, geriatric nursing, pediatric nursing, pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, and much more.

Admission Requirements

Individuals interested in undergoing any of the programs offered by Dorsey School of Nursing must meet the general needs of the institution including a high school diploma or GED equivalent, have a career planning session with the school’s admission representative, and possess a positive attitude to succeed.

For those who will be attending the Practical Nursing program, applicants must take note of the limited availability of seats or students per program. Candidates have to attend an informational meeting about the course, challenge the ATI TEAS V test, provide a 500-word essay, and at least have three references of which two must be health-care related. A criminal background check and drug screening will be conducted on interested applicants. However, these individuals must also pass the interviews to be considered for the program.

Financial Aid and Tuition Assistance

Students attending at Dorsey School of Nursing may apply for financial aid programs for tuition assistance. The school has various funding sources including grants like Federal Pell Grant and Federal Supplementary Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), federal work study, Workforce Investment Act (WIA), Veterans Benefits, loans, and tuition reimbursements from an eligible employer.