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DNP | Doctor of Nursing Practice Programs

DNP | Doctor of Nursing Practice Programs

A doctor of nursing practice (DNP) is the highest academic degree that you can receive in nursing. Many nurses are recognizing that obtaining a DNP degree is essential in their field because the requirements to get the best jobs in nursing are becoming stricter and more competitive.

Whereas once becoming a nurse practitioner was good enough a few years ago, the same positions today are requiring a doctor of nursing practice degree. This is just one of the reasons that many registered nurses are undertaking advanced nursing programs to get their DNP degrees.

When you consider becoming a doctor of nursing practice, you may actually be wondering what this degree actually changes in your daily nursing routine. The degree focuses on the very highest level of clinical healthcare as well as improving your leadership abilities. You will be able to link your clinical abilities with actual facts and evidence to have a deeper understanding of health and medical care in clinics, private practice and hospitals.

As medical technology advances, nursing degrees and education to keep up with the level of information must as well. This is why it is now recommended that nurses start considering a doctor of nursing practice degree. When you graduate with this advanced degree you will be ready to take the top positions available in nursing like a care manager or even a healthcare entrepreneur. You will acquire the leadership skills that you need to be able to function in any level of healthcare.

The whole reason behind the push for nurses to become a doctor of nursing practice is largely due to the demands of healthcare. The National Academy of Sciences has recommended for the last several years that the nursing field needed to create vocations that were not related to clinical research. This would ensure that high level nurses could work in high level faculty positions. They would have the expertise to be able to run programs in healthcare businesses and even implement new protocols and procedures. When you become a doctor of nursing practice you will be part of this wave of change that the future of nursing has been looking forward to.

You can look forward to being the top of your profession when you obtain your degree as a DNP. You will become a part of the most highly educated nurses in the entire world. This gives you the beneficial tools you will need to give the highest level of patient care. If you choose you can branch out and start new ventures with your advanced degree. Having a doctor of nursing practice degree is really the next logical step in continuing your nursing education.

In the next ten years the amount of people with doctor of nursing practice degrees is expected to triple, due to the demand for highly trained nursing professionals. So by obtaining this degree you open the best doors available in your profession, and will only have to worry about being too qualified for a position, instead of not experienced enough.

Each independent program has slightly different prerequisites for obtaining your doctor of nursing practice degree. You must first be a registered nurse that has a bachelor of science in nursing or master of science in nursing degree. These are only the initial requirements, typically you have to complete interviews and have great scores in the Graduate Record Examination or the Miller Analogies Test. Then when you are accepted into a program you will have to complete an additional two to four years before you can graduate with a doctor of nursing practice degree.

Each program varies slightly, but all DNP programs produce a highly skilled and qualified nurse. You will be one of the leading scholars in the nursing field and you will be able to incorporate philosophy into your clinical practices. The main thing that you will need when becoming a doctor of nursing practice is a lot of drive and determination. You will graduate this program being able to offer the best care available to your patients but it is a long road of schooling so you need focus. With enough perseverance and hard work you will be able to successfully receive this advanced degree.

The future of advanced nursing is only unlocked by receiving this advanced degree in doctor of nursing practice. You will enjoy being at the top of your profession and making recommendations that will affect the rest of the field. When you become a doctor of nursing practice you will be a scholarly expert in the nursing field. The only way to guarantee that you have unlimited options in the nursing field is by obtaining your doctor of nursing practice degree today.

DNP | Doctor of Nursing Practice Programs