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Schools of nursing are beginning to provide programs that enable more individuals to enter the profession. They are becoming accessible in smaller towns and cities as well. CNAs in Wisconsin can assist Wisconsin individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in nursing. A wide range of options is accessible to them across the state. As a general rule, it takes anywhere from four to six weeks to finish a Wisconsin CNA program, although applicants may select expedited programs that can be completed in as little as three to five weeks.

Basic state criteria must be met before you may enroll in CNA training in Wisconsin. High school graduation or equivalent, strong English proficiency (fluent in speaking and writing), and age of 18 or older are all required. A criminal background check and a medical examination are also required before you can work in a care home. In order to accommodate a broad range of educational aspirations, these institutions provide a wide range of educational options.

Students who complete the CNA training program at a Wisconsin-based institution are eligible to take the certification test for CNAs. Both written and manual skills are tested in the CNA course exam, which has two sections. CNA training institutions in Wisconsin enable students to repeat the test three times before they are obligated to do so.

Every two years, CNA training must be renewed. 8 hours of effort must have been put in as assistance during this period. If the other school fulfills the state’s requirements, applicants who finish their training there may be eligible to transfer their credentials. Additionally, if they have a criminal past, they will need to provide a criminal history report.

There is a high need for CNAs in Wisconsin, which is the 20th most populated state in the United States. The starting wage for Milwaukee Certified Nursing Assistants has risen in conjunction with the city’s growing elderly population. CNA training is a worthwhile investment of your time and energy. You’ll be well on your way to securing a well-paying job if you complete this program. If you work in the right place, you may make far over $29k a year.

Many CNA training institutions are available in Wisconsin. The following facilities have been given the green light by the Department of Health:

CNA Classes in Neenah

Wisconsin CNA Training Center

Wisconsin CNA Training Center

For people who want conventional or non-traditional schooling alternatives, Wisconsin CNA Training Center provides programs. Their courses are designed to help you achieve your long-term educational and professional objectives. There are just a few students in each session, allowing for customized attention and hands-on learning. This program is a combination of classroom education, hands-on training, and clinical experience all wrapped into one. Students will learn how to care for patients in a compassionate manner via good communication and collaboration after completing the program. They’ll also be able to work as a nursing assistant at a healthcare facility if they have these talents. This will aid students in their preparation for the certification test that generally follows a CNA training program.

CNA training at Wisconsin CNA Training Center typically lasts 120 hours. There are only a few weeks required to complete the course and it is imperative that you attend all of the classes. There are no make-up courses or clinical practicums for students who skip class. In addition, the number of students in each session is restricted. You must have evidence of high school graduation or GED, as well as a valid social security card and a picture ID in order to apply. TB and drug tests are also necessary.

There is a $100 non-refundable registration fee, as well as textbooks, for the CNA training program. The cost of the certification test is not included in the cost of the course. Scholarships and grants may be available to assist offset the costs of materials and fees.

CNA Classes in Madison

Madison Area Technical College

Madison Area Technical College

Students at Madison Area Technical College may choose from a wide range of programs in a variety of fields. Students who complete the Nursing Assistant degree are geared toward working in healthcare settings. Learning about medical legislation and regulations, communication skills for patients with dementia and basic patient care are just a few examples of what students learn at the school. In order to pass state certification examinations, graduates of the program will acquire a wide range of skills and knowledge. Individualized instruction is provided by a team of experts who have years of experience working with students.

After passing the state test, students in the three-credit program will learn the skills needed to function as nursing assistants. Individuals should complete a criminal record and health examination (including a clean TB skin test,) score an 80 on COMPASS Reading, or 40 on ASSET Reading, in order to be accepted into the program. In order to participate in this course, you need to apply before the deadline expires.

Nursing Assistant training is short and intense. Absences are not permitted, and attendance is required in order to get credit. The school provides pupils with a wide range of scheduling options and personalized attention. There are several sophisticated amenities in the classrooms and simulation laboratories. Certified nursing assistants are mentored by Registered Nurses who may help them excel in their careers.

Every year, Madison Area Technical College offers a Nursing Assistant program. Pre-requisites include a high school diploma or GED equivalent and age of 16. All applicants must pass a criminal background check, drug screening, TB testing, social security card, and acceptable picture ID. If you don’t want to lose out on this fantastic work chance, attend an orientation session and make sure you have all the training materials you need. It is difficult to apply for financial help since most college courses are fee-based. Students may save money on their schooling by taking advantage of job training possibilities.

Neway Directions in Monona, Blooming Grove

To meet the demands of healthcare professionals, Neway Directions offers a nursing assistant certification. It helps students gain skills in practical training and understand health care concepts so they can better serve people in their community. Students who want to work in the healthcare field may take advantage of this institution’s CNA certification program, which gives the necessary information, competencies, and expertise.

There are three to six weeks of classroom teaching, as well as hands-on clinical experience, in the course. Students have the option of attending classes full-time or part-time, but they must avoid missing classes at any point throughout the semester. There will be no make-up courses or clinical training since it is a brief healthcare course. Attendance and completion of the appropriate number of hours of training are mandatory for participants.

Neway Directions is a great option for students since each program can fit only 14 individuals. It’s a way to ensure that each student receives customized attention throughout the course and optimize their learning capacity. Applicants for admission must be at least 17 years old. The minimum educational qualification is a high school diploma or GED equivalent, however, individuals with a college transcript are also accepted.

In spite of this, candidates for the program must pass criminal record checks, drug testing, and tuberculosis screening. Criminals or those with contagious illnesses cannot enroll in the training program. Additionally, Neway Directions accepts students who are low-income or jobless. CNA training might be less expensive if you qualify for a scholarship or grant from these organizations.

American Red Cross – Wisconsin

A nationally recognized CNA training institution, the American Red Cross of Wisconsin is one of the most prestigious in the country. In this course, students will learn the principles of delivering high-quality care to patients and residents. Students will also benefit from a combination of classroom instruction and clinical practice, which will help them prepare for the certification tests. The CNA training program developed by the American Red Cross is ideal for entry-level healthcare personnel. The program is hard because of the fast-paced training, yet each student receives individualized attention.

In order to support students in both their academic and clinical endeavors, licensed nurses are accessible to them. First aid, AED usage, CPR, infection control, monitoring vital signs, communication skills, stretching exercises, quality care, and other critical nursing procedures are all addressed in this course. In addition, the American Red Cross in Wisconsin provides financial help programs to students who meet certain requirements. These opportunities, on the other hand, do not arise on a regular basis. As a result of the Workforce Investment Act, students may now inquire about whether the American Red Cross takes financial help from the United States Department of Education.

CNA Classes in Janesville

Blackhawk Technical College

Blackhawk Technical College

If you’re interested in a career in healthcare, Blackhawk Technical College can help you get started. People who desire to work in disciplines including nursing academia, healthcare administration, and nursing work may take advantage of excellent lectures at the university. Those who complete this healthcare course will be eligible to test for the state certification exam and obtain 3 credits.

The course is typically 120 hours long. Both classroom and lab-based learning are part of this program. This curriculum provides a hands-on, real-world experience that prepares you for a career in healthcare.

The CNA training program at Blackhawk Technical College has various benefits that prospective students should be aware of. The learning experience that follows is tailored to the needs of each student and takes place in a supportive setting. To assist students to accomplish their professional and career aspirations, all clinical teachers are on board. Graduates of the program get further instruction in more advanced subjects to help them become more useful members of society when they complete the program.

CNA Classes in Waukesha

Waukesha County Technical College

Waukesha County Technical College

Waukesha County Technical College features a Nursing Assistant Training program on campus that teaches students the fundamentals of helping during clinical practice. Students may improve by attending lectures and doing clinical training with lecturers and experienced nurses. They will learn all of the basic CNA activities required to care for patients in hospitals, clinics, homes, and long-term care institutions. After finishing this course, they will also be prepared for certification.

Each class in Waukesha County Technical College’s Certified Nursing Assistant program is up to 120 hours long and consists of three credits. The program’s curriculum is thorough, ensuring that there are no absences. This course teaches concepts and skills such as human anatomy and physiology, infection control, vital sign taking, range of motion exercises, activities of daily living, common medical words, geriatric nursing, dementia and Alzheimer’s care, nursing procedures, CPR, AED use, and first aid. Then, in a simulation lab, students apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to real-world circumstances under the supervision of a Registered Nurse.

Waukesha County Technical College only accepts students above the age of 16. Individuals under the age of 18 must get permission from their school counselor as well as a letter from their parent or guardian in order to participate in the program, which requires a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Applicants must also pass criminal record checks and drug testing.

CNA Classes in Green Bay

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College‘s Nursing Assistant curriculum is intended to provide career-ready practitioners with a head start in their professions. Graduates of this school have a good chance of obtaining work in the healthcare field. The program lasts a couple of weeks and requires a full-time commitment. Northeast Wisconsin Technical College offers excellent training that includes hands-on teaching, skill development, and classroom instruction. Students are trained with customized attention by certified nurses with years of experience. The lower class size helps students to build their skill set adequately while receiving personalized feedback throughout the process.

Despite the fact that the curriculum of the CNA training program is difficult and split into numerous sessions, students get a great deal of help from their teachers. To enroll, you must be at least 17 years old, have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, and wait in line. Other prerequisites for the program include your social security card, a valid picture ID, a background check, drug screening, TB testing, and confirmation of legal residency. People who test positive for certain illnesses, have a criminal background, or fail a drug test will not be able to get in.

The Certified Nursing Assistant training program may be rather costly, with tuition, books, and supplies totaling over $650. Students may look for scholarships and grants to help pay for their college education. Check with the Office of Financial Aid before submitting your application if you need assistance filling out the essential documents to obtain financial aid.

CNA Classes in La Crosse

Western Technical College

Western Technical College

Western Technical College has a Nursing Assistant training program that is authorized by the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services. The curriculum involves theoretical study, practical practice, and medical education to assist people with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other medical illnesses in better comprehending their situation. It also focuses on geriatric nursing and patient care. Students who want to enroll must produce evidence of high school graduation, GED equivalent, or college transcript. A valid driver’s license, a social security card, and evidence of employment in the United States are required. Prospective students will also need to furnish their own transportation and liability insurance since the curriculum involves a practical practicum at a nearby healthcare institution. They’ll also have to pass a background check, drug test, and TB test.

Western Technical College provides great instruction for nursing assistants who are preparing to take the certification test. Its small class sizes allow you to have customized attention with the teachers, ensure you acquire what you need, and get you job-ready as soon as possible. Students get the assistance they need to achieve their professional or educational objectives. The institution offers study sessions prior to the certification exam, as well as an employment help program for people who pass the license exam.

This course has a $30 application fee. Scholarships, scholarships, and loans are available to qualifying students. Tuition may be lowered using scholarships, grants, or student loans from the financial assistance office.

CNA Classes in Rice Lake

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College

The Nurse Assistant program at Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College is eight weeks long and is offered both during the day and in the evening hours. Given the fact that classes are offered both during the day and in the evening, it is simpler for more people to accommodate courses into their schedules. You must complete the program with three college credit hours in order to be eligible to appear for the state examination. Students who are eligible for financial aid may be able to get it in certain cases.

To be eligible for the CNA training program at Wisconsin Indian Head Technical College, applicants must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. In addition, a criminal background check and a physical examination are necessary. Students that are accepted into the CNA program get instruction from some of the most highly qualified specialists in the industry. Because of this, students are exposed to healthcare obstacles and may gain valuable experience that will be useful in this growing industry.

CNA Classes in Fond du Lac

Touchstone Living Centers

Touchstone Living Centers

Touchstone’s courses are built for success and only success—the small class sizes ensure that each student receives the customized attention they need to achieve. CNA training lasts 124 hours and includes classroom, clinical, and lab teaching. Touchstone takes around five weeks to finish the application.

There are several new CNA programs beginning in Madison, WI. To apply, simply complete out the application, which is available both online and at the Winnebago Street location. The programs cost $695, and costs must be paid before lessons can begin. The cost includes textbooks but does not include the state exam.

CNA Touchstone Living Centers students must complete the program requirements. A high school diploma may be required to apply, although individuals who do not have one may get a GED equivalent. A clean criminal record, as well as a health exam, are all required. Students must be free of any criminal charges or infectious illnesses in order to enroll in the Certified Nursing Assistant training program. This involves taking a medical history and going through a drug screening procedure.

CNA Classes in Appleton

Fox Valley Technical College

Fox Valley Technical College

Fox Valley Technical College is a career-oriented higher education school. They provide over 200 associate degrees and technical certificates, making their programs very adaptable for students. They also provide apprenticeships, in which they educate students on the trade skills required for a job while still offering course work. So, if you want to learn a skilled trade, FVTC has that option as well.

Fox Valley Technical College provides a full-time nursing assistant degree that includes 120 hours of classroom instruction and 37 hours of on-the-job training. Students who complete the program may work as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Home Health Aide, Nurse Aid, Patient Care Associate, Personal Care Attendant, or Personal Care Worker.

The program’s estimated expenditures are $518.95 in tuition, $391.00 in supplementary materials and supplies, and $97.25 in textbooks. Participants will gain skills such as the ability to effectively communicate with patients and coworkers, to protect patients’ rights, to report information and observations, to demonstrate knowledge of the NA/ethical HHA’s and legal responsibilities, and to provide safe care to patients from various backgrounds while also meeting their personal, physical, and psychological needs as a result of the curriculum.

The completion of the course is subject to fulfilling the minimal English language competency standards. After completing the program, participants are also able to take the Wisconsin Nurse Aide competence test. If you are a college student, you may enroll in the institution’s Intensive English Program. This is required in order to get a C in all general education and core courses. Students in high school must be at least 16 years old to enroll.

In order to join, participants must pass a background check and meet all vaccination criteria. The course will give students three credits that may be used toward a Bachelor’s degree. The institution is fully recognized by the Higher Learning Commission and has credit transfer agreements with over 65 two- and four-year schools. The class is available in Appleton, Chilton, Clintonville, Oshkosh, Waupaca, and Wautoma. It is also available to students in an “accelerated” style if they want to complete it sooner.

CNA Classes in Eau Claire

Dove Healthcare

Dove Healthcare

The Chippewa Valley is home to Dove Healthcare, a healthcare provider. It has a total of 6 skilled nursing facilities (Bloomer, Rice Lake Assisted Living, Osseo, West Eau Claire, Wissota Health & Regional Vent Center, and South Eau Claire), 5 assisted living facilities (Orchard Hills Assisted Living, Barron, Osseo, and Rutledge Home), and an occupational and speech therapy company (Transitions Rehabilitation).

Certified Nursing Assistants may be trained in Northwestern Wisconsin by Dove Healthcare via a state-approved Nurse Aide Training Program. The cities of Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, and Osseo all provide year-round educational opportunities for its residents and visitors alike.

Attendance is required at all times during the course’s 120-hour length. A maximum of 16 participants will be allowed in a single class session. Enrollment is restricted to those who are at least 16 years old. The course materials and texts will set you back $650, and the state test will set you back $125. If a student is enrolled in the WisCaregiver Career Program, they will not be charged any class or test fees. For six months after finishing the course, participants may earn an additional $500 incentive by working in any Dove Healthcare skilled nursing facility.

Students may take the state test in Dove Healthcare facilities where they are taught, rather than at an unknown regional site. Prior to the exam, students may take practice tests to improve their abilities and alleviate exam-related stress.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in Wisconsin

Altoona, WIOakwood Villa 2512 New Pine Road715-833-0400
Appleton, WIFox Valley Technical College 1825 N. Bluemound Drive920-735-5600
Ashland, WIWisconsin Indianhead Technical College ‐ Ashland2100 Beaser Avenue715-682-4591
Beaver Dam, WIMoraine Park Technical College ‐ beaver Dam700 Gould Street920-887-4407
Black River Falls, WIPine View Care Center 400 County Road R715-284-5396
Butler, WIWinnebago Mental Health Insitute P.o. Box 9920-235-4910
Chippewa Falls, WIWissota Health And Regional Vent 7490 156th Street715-723-9341
Cleveland, WILakeshore Technical College 1290 North Avenue920-693-1000
Eau Claire, WIChippewa Valley Technical College 620 West Clairemont Avenue715-833-6300
Eau Claire, WIDove Heathcare ‐ west 1405 Truax Blvd715-552-1030
Eau Claire, WIGrace Lutheran Foudation 816 Porter Avenue715-832-3003
Elkhorn, WIGateway Technical College ‐ elkhorn 400 County Road H800-247-7122
Fennimore, WISouthwest Technical College Highway 18 East608-822-3262
Fond Du Lac, WIAgnesian Health Care 430 E. Division Street920-929-2300
Fond Du Lac, WIMoraine Park Technical College ‐ fond Du Lac235 N Natioanl Avenue800-472-4554
Fort Atkinson, WIMadison College ‐ fort Atkinson 827 Banker Road920-568-7200
Grafton, WIAurora Medical Center-grafton 975 Port Washington262-329-1000
Green Bay, WINortheast Technical College P. O. Box 19042920-498-5704
Green Bay, WIQuality Cna Training Llc ‐ green Bay 210 S. Oneida Street715-281-5064
Hayward, WIHayward Health Services 10775 Nyman Avenue715-634-2202
Hurley, WIVilla Maria Health And Rehabilitation 300 Villa Drive715-561-3200
Janesville, WIBlackhawk Technical College P.o. Box 5009608-757-7623
Janesville, WIPioneer Court 2122 Pioneer Drive608-365-9451
Juneau, WIClearview 198 County Road Df877-386-3400
Kaukauna, WIQuality C N A Training Llc ‐ kaukauna 316 East 14th Street920-766-6020
Kenosha, WIGateway Technical College 3520 30th Avenue800-247-7122
King, WIWisconsin Veterans Home ‐ king N2665 County Road Gg715-258-5586
Lacrosse, WIQuality C N A Training, Llc ‐ lacrosse 2501 Shelby Road715-902-1035
Lacrosse, WIWestern Technical College 400 Seventh Street North608-785-9200
Madison, WICenter For Health Education/ches 3001 W. Beltline, Suite 305608-227-2292
Madison, WICentral Wisconsin Center 317 Knutson Drive608-301-9200
Madison, WIMadison College 1701 Wright Street608-246-6100
Madison, WIMendota Mental Health 301 Troy Avenue608-301-1000
Madison, WINeway Directions 6400 Gisholt Drive Suite 102608-221-1920
Manitowoc, WIQuality C N A Training Llc ‐ manitowoc 2021 S. Alverno Road715-902-1035
Manitowoc, WISt. Mary's At Felician Village 2005 Division Street920-684-7171
Milwaukee, WIAmber House, Inc. 7414 West Hampton Avenue414-393-9922
Milwaukee, WIAurora Na Education Center 3033 South 27th St. Suite 105414-747-4330
Milwaukee, WIJ. Johnson Educational Center 7905 W. Appleton Ave, 202414-438-9390
Milwaukee, WIMilwaukee Area Technical College 700 West State Street414-297-6282
Milwaukee, WIParamount 360 2020 South 54th Street414-257-0701
Monona, WIQuality C N A Training Llc ‐ monona 5301 Monona Drive715-281-5064
Mt. Horeb, WIWi/il Senior Housing Dba Ingleside Manor407 North 8th Street608-437-5511
Neenah, WIWisconsin C N A Training Center 1091 Jacobsen Road920-979-4428
New Glarus, WIQuality C N A Traning, Llc ‐ new Glarus 700 2nd Avenue715-902-1035
New Richmond, WISt. Croix Health Care Center 1445 North 4th Street715-246-8211
New Richmond, WIWisconsin Indianhead Technical College ‐ New Richmond1019 South Knowles Avenue715-246-6561
Niagara, WIMaryhill Manor 501 Madison Avenue715-251-3172
Oshkosh, WIAurora Medical Center ‐ oshkosh 855 N. Westhaven Dive920-456-6000
Oshkosh, WIClarity Home Care 424 Washington Avenue920-236-6560
Osseo, WIDove Healthcare ‐ osseo 51019 Ridge View Road715-597-2493
Park Falls, WIPark Manor 172 Lawrence Avenue715-762-2449
Pewaukee, WIWaukesha County Technical College 800 Main Street So 219262-691-5566
Plum City, WIPlum City Care Center 301 Cherry Avenue West715-647-2401
Portage, WIMadison College ‐ portage 330 W. Collins St.608-745-3100
Racine, WIGateway Technical College ‐ racine 1001 Sounth Main Street800-247-7122
Randolph, WIRandolph Health Services 502 S. High Street920-326-3171
Reedsburg, WIMadison College ‐ reedsburg 300 Alexander Avenue608-524-7800
Rhinelander, WINicolet Technical College P.o. Box 518715-365-4564
Sheboygan, WISheboygan Senior Center 3505 County Road R920-458-2137
Shell Lake, WIWisconsin Indianhead Technical College 505 Pine Ridge Drive800-243-9482
Spring Green, WIGrenway Manor 501 Souht Winsted608-588-2586
Summit, WIAurora Healthcare-southern Lakes 36500 Aurora Drive262-434-8800
Superior, WIWisconsin Indianhead Technical College ‐ Superior600 N 21st Street715-394-6677
Union Grove, WISouthern Wisconsin Center 21425 Spring Street262-878-2411
Watertown, WIMadison College ‐ watertown 1300 W. Main Street920-206-8000
Waunakee, WIWaunakee Manor 801 South Klein608-256-8448
Waupaca, WIQuality Cna Training Llc ‐ waupaca E2325 King Road715-902-1035
Wausau, WINorthcentral Technical College 1000 Campus Drive715-675-3331
Wauwatosa, WIQuaity Healthcare Options 7425 Harwood Avenue414-475-7337
West Bend, WICedar Community 5595 County Road Z262-306-2100
West Bend, WIMoraine Park Technical College ‐ west Bend2151 N. Main Street800-472-4554
Whitehall, WITrempleau County Health Care Center W20298 State Road 121715-538-4312
Wisconsin Rapids, WIMidstate Technical College 500 32nd Street North715-422-5300