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There are several training programs in Washington that provide certification for people who want to become a certified nursing assistant, or “NAC,” or Nurse Assistant-Certified. It’s possible that grants will pay some or all of the price of your classes. Training for nurses or NACs might be provided for free at certain institutions, but there are others that charge a fee.

Courses at Washington University must contain a minimum of 85 hours of instruction time and be divided into two parts: written and clinical. An extra training course must be completed before the student may sit for the NAC test. This lesson may also be taken in a different order, which takes around 7 hours total. It involves instruction on HIV/AIDS awareness. Before you may sit for the final test, we need documentation of this additional instruction. Before they may apply for reciprocity or another certificate, out-of-state students must finish this coursework first. All nurses in most nursing schools are obliged to take the final test, which may be petitioned for by nursing students. An HIV/AIDS (or bloodborne pathogens) class, which is typically 7 hours long, is offered by several of these programs.

As a registered nursing assistant, you must pass both the state final test and the national certification exam. Written multiple-choice questions and a manual assessment of abilities are used in every state’s review. For the manual skills assessment, you must first pass a written exam consisting of 72 multiple-choice questions. You must pass both portions of the exam. Participants’ manual abilities improved on five out of the twenty-five activities they practiced throughout the course. It’s possible that students will not be certified if they fail both portions of the exam. Taking the exam three times and failing is not an option for students according to a government rule. Training must be repeated after three unsuccessful attempts.

Health and human services officials in Washington state require that you complete specific requirements before you may apply. Department of Health and Social Services examines your credentials and determines your suitability to work as a nursing assistant (NA). As soon as you pass the certification test, you’ll get your certificates.

Every two years, the certification of a nursing aide must be renewed. There must be documentation of paid employment in the last 24 months, as well as the completion of all paperwork. Retaking a test for renewal is essential if they fail the first time around.  To ensure the quality of our services, a recertification process is in place.  If this happens, the assistant loses his or her ability to work as a NAC and must complete the full course and pass the final test before he or she may continue working. For this service, you will be required to pay a charge.

These posts include CNA training in Seattle and Spokane, respectively. Following is a list of other classes:

CNA Classes in Olympia

Procare Academy of Washington (Olympia & Lakewood)

Procare Academy of Washington (Olympia & Lakewood)

There are CNA classes available at ProCare Academy in Olympia and Tacoma. As a result of the Academy’s CNA Training course (Nursing Assistant – Certified, NA-C), students are prepared to join the medical industry, particularly in rehabilitative and sub-acute environments.

According to OBRA and Washington State Department of Health regulations, this program is permitted. It is a thorough program that contains a classroom, lab, and clinical education over the course of 70 and 50 hours respectively. Providing basic adult and geriatric care is the primary emphasis of the program’s clinical experience, with some exposure to pediatric care as well. The CNA curriculum also includes a 7-hour HIV training and a 4-hour Cardiopulmonary resuscitation for Healthcare Providers course.

If you’re looking to begin a profession in healthcare that will provide you with meaning, development, and infinite possibilities, go no farther than Procare Academy of Washington’s CNA training course. It is possible to have steady employment while getting a degree in nursing and become a Certified Nursing Assistant. For the most part, organizations prefer to recruit CNAs who have attended an accredited CNA training course, such as the Procare Academy of Washington. As a result, you’ll have an advantage over the competition as a nursing assistant if you attend this school.

Comprehensive classroom education, laboratory work, and clinical practice comprise the CNA training curriculum. The clinical teachers at Procare Academy of Washington have years of expertise in the industry and will help students every step of the way on their path to becoming Certified Nursing assistants. Those interested in becoming certified nursing assistants may practice their abilities in the simulation lab, which is equipped with the latest technology and instruments. Graduates of the CNA course are eligible to sit for the state certification test, making them eligible for full-time or part-time employment in a variety of healthcare settings.

Classes are offered throughout the day, evenings, and on weekends. Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. are the hours for day courses. During clinical hours, students should expect to work from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Evening sessions run from 5:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Monday through Friday. From 4:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m., students in the evening session will participate in clinicals. Classes are held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Hours for clinical work will be from 6:00 a.m. till 2:30 p.m.

The cost of attending this university is relatively reasonable. Non-refundable fees include $44 for a handbook and workbook, $15 for the scrubs, and an additional $15 for a gait belt. It is possible to buy all of the required materials for the course outside of the institution. Before the first day of class, a deposit is required. There are installment plans that students may work out with the school in order to pay off the outstanding sum before the end of the semester.

Get in touch with the ProCare Academy of Washington by calling them at (888) 960-2553, or by visiting their website.

Nursing assistants that graduate from Procare Academy of Washington are known for their high level of competence and professionalism. Upon completion of the program and earning their certification as a nursing assistant, graduates are guaranteed employment in the healthcare industry due to the high quality of instruction, the clinical expertise of clinical instructors, and state-of-the-art training facilities.

CNA Classes in Tukwila

Nursing Assistant Training School

Nursing Assistant Training School

Students at the Nursing Assistant Training School may expect a rigorous academic program that will help them excel in the field of nursing. As a result of this scheme, the healthcare business will be able to hire additional nursing assistants. The course teaches useful skills by combining classroom teaching with hands-on training. Students in medical degrees learn about everything from anatomy and physiology to diet and infection control. A career in this profession is ideal if you have an interest in medical procedures, body mechanics, CPR, or working with an AED.

CNA students are required to interact with patients on a daily basis. Working under the guidance of a licensed practical or vocational nurse will provide you with useful experience. This institution is one of the greatest CNA training facilities in the state. The cost of tuition is reasonable, and textbooks are given free of charge. A uniform, medical supplies, and a mode of transportation are all necessities.

There is a list of possible jobs at the institution that will pay for tuition. It’s not uncommon for them to recruit Certified Nursing Assistants who graduated from a nursing school. CNA training and certification costs will be covered if you get a job in a long-term care home within a year of finishing the course.

CNA Classes in Woodland

MaryAnn’s CNA Training

MaryAnn’s CNA Training

It is MaryAnn’s CNA Training‘s primary goal to make sure that the community has CNAs that can display a high degree of compassion, decency, and expertise in the care they provide to their patients and residents. As a result, their CNA programs have turned out well-trained nursing assistants who are eager to begin their careers in the healthcare industry. State education officials and the nursing board have given their approval to Maryann’s CNA training course. After completing the program, students are entitled to sit for the nursing assistant certification test, which allows them to work in a variety of healthcare facilities.

Certification as a CNA is a solid first step toward a career in nursing. The curriculum is widely accepted by universities and colleges, and graduates are eligible to take further courses if they want. There will be a combination of classroom and clinical training for the students in this program.

Some of the most important aspects of nursing practice for CNAs will be covered in detail in the classroom. Nursing students may also get experience in a simulation lab where they can practice the various operations they will do on their assigned patients in the future. The clinical practice will take place at a nursing facility linked with the school and will include supervised training to provide prospective nurses the chance to offer high-quality care.

MaryAnn’s CNA training program costs $950, which includes textbooks, medical supplies, a TB check, criminal records, and registration. CPR and BLS training, as well as seven-hour HIV or AIDS instruction, are included in the cost of tuition.

CNA Classes in Everett

Medprep Nursing Assistant Training

People who want to work in the healthcare field might choose Medprep’s Nursing Assistant Training. They not only provide a CNA program with reduced class numbers, but their personnel can also assist you in finding a job following graduation. It’s up to you whether you go to class in the morning or the evening. In addition, our fast-paced schedule allows for more flexible attendance. The average length of time to become a certified nursing assistant is four weeks. It takes 12 days to complete the Clinical Instruction and Skills Training, whereas a 5-day rotation at a hospital internship is the standard. Infection prevention and other vital topics will be covered. The environment in which you study is pleasant and healthy.

For $645, participants get a handbook and 7 hours of HIV/AIDS education. Since the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) test is available to students who wish to take it, this sort of training is a required part of the course curriculum. There are a number of ways that Medprep students may get a job after graduation, including their Job Assistance and Tuition Reimbursement Program.

Applicants to Medprep’s CNA training program must first pass a criminal background check, a drug screening, and a TB test before they can participate in the program. Although not needed, a high school graduation or GED is highly encouraged in certain positions.

CNA Classes in Vancouver

Clark College

Clark College

There is a Nursing Assistant certificate course at Clark College that includes clinical experiences in an assisted living home. The curriculum includes teaching in CPR and first aid, as well as HIV or AIDS education and instruction in fundamental nursing techniques. Graduates of this program are eligible to test for the Washington licensing exam, which will allow them to work in a variety of healthcare settings.

Clark College is a fantastic choice for nursing assistants because of its small class sizes and staff of experienced instructors and professors. A team of teachers with years of expertise in the healthcare area is on staff at the institution. The school provides pupils with a comfortable study atmosphere as well as contemporary amenities. What are you waiting for? Don’t forget to enroll today!

Participants in the CNA certificate program must be at least 18 years old and possess a high school diploma in order to be eligible to apply. In addition, they must submit to a criminal record check and give documentation of a two-step tuberculosis test as well as chest X-ray findings. Anyone accepted into the nursing assistant course is required to attend an obligatory orientation session, which takes place prior to the commencement of the course. It is necessary to attend all classes in order to graduate and get a certificate.

Courses to become a certified nursing assistant are reasonably priced, and you should be eligible for a grant or scholarship if you apply for one. Information about financial aid is available through the Financial Aid office.

Northwest NAC Training

Northwest NAC Training

In order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), students must complete Northwest NAC Training‘s Nursing Assistant training program. In order to provide students with the necessary information, skills, and hands-on experience to become certified nursing assistants, this curriculum blends classroom and laboratory teaching with clinical practicum. Applicants must be at least 17 years old and have a high school degree or GED equivalent in order to be considered for admission to the school. For consideration, they must also pass a background check, random drug testing, and a TB test. Because the CNA career is physically and psychologically demanding, prospective candidates must be able to handle the stress and demands of daily life.

A simulation lab and a real-world clinical environment are both used in the Nursing Assistant training course. Classes are kept small in order to provide more individualized and in-depth education, and all of the professors are experienced, Registered Nurses. Students who have finished the training may make use of the facility’s career support program, which assists them in finding work after passing the certification test.

The cost of Nursing Assistant training includes TB testing, a gait belt, a free stethoscope, and nurse delegation core and diabetes among other certifications. The program also includes open labs that allow you to work on various skills at your own pace.

Clark County Training Center

Clark County Training Center

The state Department of Health has authorized Clark County Training Center‘s Nursing Assistant training course. Enrollment occurs once a month for the four-week course. It includes classroom education, hands-on clinical experience in a long-term care facility, and a clinical internship.

It is expected that those who participate in the program will be prepared to take the certification test and find work as CNAs. Aside from teaching fundamental nursing skills and CPR and AED use, the course also includes instruction in basic anatomy and physiology and infection management. Participants also learn medical terminology and the practicalities of death.

Students may acquire the necessary information, expertise, and clinical experience by enrolling in the Clark County Training Center. Each student receives customized attention from a team of healthcare professionals with a combined total of more than 100 years of expertise. The CNA program’s admissions procedure might be tough, particularly if a large number of people want to enroll. Classes do change on a monthly basis.  You must have a high school degree or GED equivalent in order to enroll in the curriculum. You must also pass a background check and have their drugs and TB tested. You must also provide evidence of immunizations.

It costs roughly $900 to become a nursing assistant at Clark County Training Center, without including the $110 state testing price or the $650 nursing assistant licensing charge. Since Clark County Training Center is a state-approved in-facility testing location, program graduates may take the certification exam there.

CNA Classes in Woodland

Mary Ann’s CNA Training

MaryAnn’s CNA Training

An intensive 50-hour course is offered by Mary Ann’s CNA Training. A total of 87 hours of lecture and lab time are required to complete the program. Learn about human anatomy, infection control, safety, and preventative strategies, fundamental nursing skills, and emergency procedures in this course. Patients’ rights and medical terminology are also covered in the training. More clinical experience is given to students in Mary Ann’s CNA program than in other programs. In this way, students are able to gain a sense of self-assurance rapidly.

In the classroom and in the clinical environment, the CNA course is taught by experienced RNs. Teachers will provide each student with individualized feedback so that they are better prepared to pass the certification test. If a person is serious about participating in the program, they should satisfy the prerequisites. CNAs may be required to lift, drag, or reach patients or residents that weigh up to 50 pounds. You must also be ready to deal with the emotional and psychological strain that comes along with this line of work. Additionally, the program requires high school graduation or GED as well as a criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing.

Mary Ann’s CNA program is a great option if you want to become an experienced caregiver. You’ll get your tuition back from the company if you find work within a year of taking their course. Your expenditures are remitted on a quarterly basis so that you don’t have to bear any additional burden.

CNA Classes in Tacoma

Bates Technical College

Bates Technical College

Bates Technical College is a one-stop-shop for all of your educational requirements. To this day, the school serves 3,000 students and 10,000 residents of the surrounding area every year. Every aspect of how to get your first job after graduation is covered at Bates.

With a broad variety of options for students, Bates College offers anything from basic classes for high school students to advanced degrees in everything from child studies to vocational training. Courses in the field of healthcare are also offered. You’ll learn all you need to know to become a state-certified nursing assistant in our Nursing Assistant Program. There is a separate certificate course, CTNA 101, for those who want to take the certification test as a stand-alone course.

Nursing Assistant courses run from 7:00 a.m. to noon or noon to 5:00 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays throughout the semester at the college’s downtown campus.

Immunizations, a CPR certificate for healthcare providers, and health insurance are all included in the cost of tuition. After paying with a credit card, you may register through mail or phone and conclude the process online. It’s a relatively inexpensive program.

The cost of tuition is determined by the number of credit hours in each course. Nursing Assistant Certified (CTNA 101) has a five-credit value. The cost of a background check by the Washington State Patrol is included in the tuition. Detailed information on tuition fees and payment dates may be found on the Bates Quarterly Resident Tuition Schedule.

Jason may be reached by phone at 253-680-7008 or by visiting the Bates Technical College Nursing Assistant Program website.

Excel Health Careers Training

Des Moines and Tacoma are home to Excel Health Careers Training‘s Washington facilities. Since 2003, this training institution has been a pioneer in offering high-quality Nurse Aide training.

The Washington State Department of Health has authorized the facility’s CNA training course. CNA Plus, Excel Health’s HIV/CPR/First Aid training, is a part of the conventional CNA training given in other Washington communities.

As a CNA, you’ll need to be familiar with a wide range of nursing topics, and this course makes sure you do just that. Nursing foundations, infection control, nutritional care for the patient as well as the necessity of great communication are all covered in this course. Skills training and hands-on clinical placements are also part of the CNA training curriculum, which enables students to deliver nursing care. For example, they’ll know how to monitor vital signs and do range-of-motion exercises, as well as aid patients in their everyday activities and grasp medical terminologies in their records.

Excel Health Careers Training’s CNA training course is only open to a restricted number of students. In order to help them succeed in their chosen career, the school takes care of their every need. Every clinical teacher has a certified nurse with a lot of expertise in a specialized institution. A wide range of advanced tools and hospital instruments are available for students to practice their nursing abilities in the facilities. Excel Health Careers Training’s primary goal is to give students who pass the certification test a supportive learning environment and post-graduation job placement help.

The Tacoma site has two different class schedules.   There are morning and afternoon sessions, which run from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm. For four weeks, these lessons are offered on weekdays.

Email or call Excel Health Careers Training (253-426-5000) for additional information on entrance and class prerequisites, course curriculum, payment choices.

CPR, first aid, and HIV education are all included in the $600 cost of the CNA training program. Scholarships and grants may help students who are financially challenged to pay for their education.

Avamere Heritage Rehabilitation of Tacoma, Orchard Park Health and Rehabilitation Center, and Tacoma Nursing and Rehabilitation Center are some other institutions and schools in Tacoma and the surrounding regions that are authorized to provide CNA training.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in Washington

Aberdeen, WAGrays Harbor College1620 Edward P Smith Drive 360-538-4244
Aberdeen, WATwin Harbors Branch Skills Center410 North G Street 360-538-2038
Auburn, WAGreen River Community College12401 Southeast 320th Street253-833-9111
Bainbridge Island, WABainbridge Island Health And Rehabilitation835 Madison Avenue North206-842-4765
Bellevue, WABellevue College3000 Landerholm Circle Se425-564-5604
Bellevue, WASammamish High School100 - 140th Avenue Se425-456-7617
Bellevue, WAEvergreen Nursing School16326 Se 15th St425-449-8229
Bellingham, WABellingham Technical College3028 Lindberg Avenue360-752-8423
Bellingham, WAWhatcom Community College237 W Kellogg Rd360-383-3530
Bellingham, WAAlderwood Park Convalescent Center2726 Alderwood Ave360-733-2322
Bellingham, WAAvamere Bellingham Healthcare1200 Birchwood Ave360-734-9295
Bellingham, WAAvamere St. Francis3121 Squalicum Pkwy360-734-6760
Blaine, WAStafholt Good Samaritan Center456 C St360-332-8733
Bremerton, WAOlympic College1600 Chester Ave360-475-7764
Bremerton, WAWest Sound Vocational Skills Center101 National Avenue N360-473-0550
Brewster, WAHarmony House Health Care Center100 River Plaza509-689-2546
Burien, WAPuget Sound Skills Center18010 8th S206-631-7300
Burien, WADt&t Na Training School148 Sw 153rd St, Suite 201206-439-6715
Centralia, WACentralia College600 W Locust360-753-3433
Chehalis, WACareer In Caregiving1570 Bishop Road360-748-3112
Chewelah, WAProvidence St. Joseph’s Hospital500 E. Webster Avenue509-685-5455
Colfax, WAWhitman Health And Rehabilitation Nursing Assistant Training Program1150 West Fairview Street509-397-4603
Colville, WABuena Vista Healthcare151 Buena Vista Drive509-684-4539
Colville, WAPrestige Care & Rehabilitation Pinewood Terrace1000 E Elep Ave503-330-4110
Davenport, WALincoln Hospital District #310 Nicholls Street509-725-7101
Dayton, WAColumbia County Health System1012 South 3rd Street509-382-8349 
Des Moines, WAHighline Community College2400 South 240th Street206-592-3615
Des Moines, WAExcel Health Careers Training22659 Pacific Highway South, Ste 301206-271-1946
Ellensburg, WAPrestige Care Post Acute & Rehabilitation Center1050 East Mountain View503-330-4112
Enumclaw, WAEnumclaw Health And Rehabilitation Center2323 Jensen St360-825-4351
Everett, WAEverett Community College2000 Tower St425-388-9468
Everett, WASno-isle Tech Skills Center9001 Airport Road425-348-2227
Everett, WABethany At Pacific916 Pacific Avenue425-259-5508
Everett, WAMedprep Vocational Training Center1830 Broadway425-257-9888
Everett, WANac Essential Prep2937 Broadway425-252-3239
Everett, WASunrise Services7003 Evergreen Way425-212-4210
Federal Way, WACrystal Point Cna Training School32105 1st. Avenue South Ste B2253-874-0516
Federal Way, WADivine Cna Training1707 S. 341st Place, Unit D253-874-0174
Federal Way, WAHealth Professionals Institute33305 1st Way South Suite B-207253-252-3956
Forks, WAForks Community Hospital District No. 1530 Bogachiel Way360-374-6271
Gig Harbor, WACottesmore Of Life Care2909 14th Avenue Nw253-851-5433
Issaquah, WAIssaquah Health And Rehabilitation Nac Training Program805 Front Street425-392-1271
Kennewick, WATri-tech Skills Center5929 West Metaline509-222-7300
Kennewick, WARegency Canyon Lakes2702 S Ely Street509-582-5900
Kennewick, WAColumbia Safety Training Center418 North Kellogg Street Ste-a509-820-3883
Kennewick, WALegacy Training Services404 N Conway St509-783-4680
Kent, WARenton Technical College At Kentlake - Kentlake High School21401 Se Falcon Way425-235-5728
Kent, WABlossom Nursing Assistant Training Program24437 Russell Road Ste-108253-301-3418
Kirkland, WALake Washington Institute Of Technology11605 132nd Avenue Ne425-739-8344
Kirkland, WAWashington Network For Innovative Careers11605 132nd Ave Ne425-739-8400
Lakewood, WAClover Park Technical College4500 Steilacom Blvd Sw - Bldg 14253-589-6013
Lakewood, WAClover Park Technical Nac/esl4500 Steilacoom Blvd Sw253-589-6013
Lakewood, WAClover Park High School11023 Gravelly Lake Drive Sw253-589-6013
Lakewood, WANw Career And Technical High School4500 Steilacoom Blvd Sw253-589-6013
Lakewood, WABlossom Nursing Assistant Training8730 S. Tacoma Way, Unit 102206-228-9990
Lakewood, WAProcare Academy Of Washington - Lakewood9116 Gravelly Lk Dr Sw888-960-2553
Longview, WALower Columbia College1600 Maple Street360-442-2865
Longview, WAKelso School District1405 Deleware Street - Sjmc360-414-2848
Longview, WAFrontier Rehabilitation1500 3rd Avenue360-423-8800
Longview, WACare Careers Academy872 15th Avenue360-636-1000
Longview, WACna School Of Longview/health Education Center5612 Ocean Beach Highway Suite 112360-747-7716
Lynden, WAChristian Health Care Center855 Aaron Drive360-354-4434
Lynnwood, WAEdmonds Community College2000-68th Avenue W425-640-1691
Marysville, WAMed Smart Academy1410 7th Street Suite C-2425-737-1605
Medical Lake, WALakeland Village2320 South Salnave Road509-299-1036
Monroe, WARegency Care Center At Monroe1355 W Main St360-794-4011
Moses Lake, WABig Bend Community College7662 Chanute Street Northeast509-793-2130
Moses Lake, WAColumbia Basin Technical Skills Center900 Yonezawa Blvd509-793-7000
Moses Lake, WAColumbia Basin Job Corps6739 24th Street509-762-2341
Moses Lake, WAColumbia Crest Care And Rehabilitation1100 East Nelson Road509-768-6788
Moses Lake, WALakeridge Solana Alzheimer's Care Center817 E Plum St509-765-7835
Mount Vernon, WASkagit Valley College-ibest2405 E College Way360-416-7600
Mount Vernon, WANorthwest Career And Technical Academy2205 W. Campus Place 360-848-0706
Mountlake Terrace, WAEdmonds-mountlake Terrace High School21801 44th Ave West425-431-7120
Mt. Vernon, WASkagit Valley College: Main Campus2405 E College Way360-333-8802
Mt. Vernon, WASunrise Services1908 Riverside Drive360-755-3801
Newport, WARiver Mountain Training Center100 Scott Ave509-447-9469
Oak Harbor, WASkagit Valley College Ibest Whidbey Island Campus1900 Se Pioneer Way360-679-5323
Odessa, WAOdessa Memorial HospitalP.o. Box 368509-982-2611
Olympia, WASouth Puget Sound Community College2011 Mottman Road Sw360-596-5200
Olympia, WAPuget Skilled Nursing4001 Capital Mall Dr Sw618-792-8877
Olympia, WAProcare Academy Of Washington - Olympia3773 Martin Way E Suite A102888-960-2553
Olympia, WASimmons And Holliday2103 Harrison Ave360-350-0037
Omak, WAWenatchee Valley College - Omak CampusP.o. Box 2058509-442-7952
Othello, WAAvalon Care Center - Othello Llc495 North 13th Street509-488-9609 
Pasco, WAColumbia Basin College2600 North 20th Avenue509-544-8300
Pasco, WAAvalon Pasco Nursing Assistant Training Program2004 North 22nd Ave509-547-8811
Pomeroy, WAGarfield County Hospital District66 North 6th Street509-843-1591
Port Angeles, WAPeninsula College1502 East Lauridsen Boulevard360-452-9277
Port Angeles, WANorth Olympic Peninsula Skill Center905 West 9th Street360-565-1566
Port Orchard, WAStafford Healthcare At Ridgemont2051 Pottery Avenue360-876-4461
Port Orchard, WACare Plus Home Health, Inc1950 Pottery Ave Suite 160360-373-8016
Poulsbo, WAMartha And Mary Health And Rehab19160 Front St Ne360-394-3292
Prosser, WAAging And Long Term Care Of Eastern Washington - Prosser125 North Wamba Road509-458-2509
Puyallup, WAPierce College1601 - 39th Avenue Se253-840-8400
Puyallup, WAClover Park Technical College At Emerald Ridge High School12405 84th Street East253-589-5679
Puyallup, WAClover Park Technical College At Puyallup High School105 7th St. Sw253-589-5679
Puyallup, WAClover Park Technical College At Rogers High School12801 86th Ave. E.253-589-5679
Puyallup, WAPierce County Skills Center16117 Canyon Road East253-589-6013
Puyallup, WALife Care Center Of Puyallup511 10th Ave Se253-845-7566
Puyallup, WALinden Grove400 29th Street Ne253-840-4400
Redmond, WARedmond Care And Rehabilitation Center7900 Willow Road Ne425-885-0808
Renton, WARenton Technical College3000 Ne 4th Street425-235-5728
Republic, WAFerry County Memorial Hospital36 Klondike Road509-775-3333
Seattle, WANorth Seattle Community College9600 College Way North206-934-6067
Seattle, WASeattle Central Community College1200 12th Ave S206-934-4347
Seattle, WASouth Seattle Community College6000 - 16th Avenue Sw206-934-5310
Seattle, WASeattle Skills Center- Medical Careers3000 California Ave Sw Room #230 / Skill Center206-252-0730
Seattle, WAAvamere Queen Anne Healthcare2717 Dexter Ave N206-284-7012
Seattle, WAAmerican Healthcare Cna School6951 Martin Luther King Jr Way S, Suite 201206-838-4094
Selah, WAYakima Valley School609 Speyers Rd509-698-1245
Sequim, WASequim Health And Rehabilitation650 West Hemlock360-582-2400
Shelton, WAOlympic College937 Alpine Way360-475-7764
Shoreline, WAShoreline Community College16101 Greenwood Ave North206-546-4101
Shoreline, WANursing Assistant Training Institute18336 Aurora Ave. N. #102206-546-1120
Snohomish, WADelta Rehabilitation1705 Terrace Avenue360-568-2168
Spokane, WASpokane Community College - Spokane Campus1810 N Greene Street (Ms2090)509-533-7120
Spokane, WANewtech Skills Center4141 N Regal Street509-354-7409
Spokane, WAAvalon Care Center At Northpointe9827 North Nevada509-468-7000
Spokane, WAFranklin Hills Skilled Nursing1140 North Mullan Avenue Room 102208-610-1661
Spokane, WANorth Central Care Center1812 N. Wall509-328-6030
Spokane, WAPrestige Care Brighton Court Assisted Living Center1308 N Vercler Rd503-330-4112
Spokane, WARockwood Retirement Nursing Assistant Training Program2903 East 25th Ave509-536-6650
Spokane, WAAging And Long Term Care Of Eastern Washington (Opportunities For Industrialization Center)1222 N Post St509-458-2509
Spokane, WAHealth Care Training Center112 N. University Suite 102509-893-1776
Spokane, WANew Chapters In Healthcare Education320 W Spofford Ave509-847-5202
Sunnyside, WAYakima Valley Technical Skills Center - Sunnyside437 Barnard Blvd509-930-2708
Tacoma, WABates Technical College1101 South Yakima Avenue253-680-7328
Tacoma, WATacoma Community College6501 S 19th St253-566-5085
Tacoma, WAAvamere Heritage Rehabilitation Of Tacoma7411 Pacific Avenue253-474-8456
Tacoma, WAAvamere Transitional Care Of Puget Sound630 S Pearl. St253-671-7300
Tacoma, WAOrchard Park Care Center4755 S 48th253-475-4611
Tacoma, WAExcel Health Care Careers Training1612 S Mildred Suite A253-426-5000
Tonasket, WANorth Valley Extended Care Nvec Blended Learning203 S Western Ave509-486-2151
Tukwila, WANursing Assistant Training School699 Strander Blvd.suite B206-575-2010
Tukwila, WARoyal College Of Medical Training1035 Andover Park West, Suite 210206-575-7961
Tumwater, WANew Market Vocational Skills Center7299 New Market Street360-570-4434
Vancouver, WAClark College1933 Fort Vancouver Way Ms Ctc 245360-992-2939
Vancouver, WAClark County Skills Center12200 Northeast 28th Street360-604-1050
Vancouver, WAHenrietta Lacks Health And Bioscience High SchoolP.o. Box 8910360-604-6340
Vancouver, WAClark County Career Development Center9120 Northeast Vancouver Mall Loop Suite 120360-574-1535
Vancouver, WACna Training School Of Nursing5317 Northest Street Johns Road Suite F360-546-0098
Vancouver, WANorthwest Nac Training11606 Northeast 66th Street Suite #103360-882-0101
Walla Walla, WAWalla Walla Community College500 Tausick Way509-527-4462
Walla Walla, WASea Tech Skills Center525 Campus Loop Drive 509-526-2000
Walla Walla, WAPark Manor1710 Plaza Way509-529-4218
Walla Walla, WAWashington Odd Fellows Home534 Boyer Ave509-525-6463
Wenatchee, WAWenatchee Valley College1300 5th Street509-682-6662
Wenatchee, WAWenatchee High School1101 Millerdale509-663-8117
Wenatchee, WAPrestige Care Colonial Vista625 Okanogan Ave509-663-1171
Woodinville, WANorth Shore School District / Health Occupations Program19619-136th Ave Ne425-408-7400
Yakima, WAYakima Valley Community College16th And Nob Hill Boulevard509-574-4902
Yakima, WAYakima Valley Technical Skills Center1120 South 18th St509-573-5522
Yakima, WACrescent Health Care505 N 40th Ave509-248-4446
Yakima, WALandmark Care Center710 North 39th Avenue509-248-4102
Yakima, WAWillow Springs Care4007 Tieton Drive509-966-4500
Yakima, WAHillcrest At Summitview3801 Summitview Avenue509-853-1830