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Utah is one of the states in America that needs a lot of healthcare workers. This is primarily because of the increasing ageing population and decreasing number of people to embark a career in the medical field. A lot of people connote this as a dirty job but they actually do not know that being in the medical field provides a stable career. One of the efficient ways to be in this field without spending much on time and money is becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. In fact, many successful healthcare workers start from being a CNA.

Training programs for nursing assistants in Utah is usually at least 75 hours. In order to become eligible in taking the certification exam, you have to attend the program in a state approved facility only. The Nurse Aide Registry of Utah regulates all the CNA training programs and these courses will cover classroom and practical trainings in healthcare facilities.

Once you are done with the training program, a CNA certification test will follow. Prior to the test, you have to receive a voucher from the mail sent by the Utah Nurse Aide Registry. The test will consist of two parts; the written and skills test.

The written test will be administered in Davis Applied Technology College Assessment Center and you have to present a voucher and your picture ID like school ID, State ID, Driver’s License, or Passport. The skills test on the other hand, will be administered by appointment. Make sure to wear scrubs, a watch having a second hand, voucher, and a picture ID. Be able to arrive in the testing room 10 minutes before the appointment. Late comers or those who cancelled the appointment will have to pay $15.00 for the rescheduling fee.

As soon as you are done with the training program, you can now take the certification exam. If you successfully pass, your name will be listed on the Nurse Aide Registry. Similar to other states, you have to keep your CNA certification Utah active. Renewal of the license is necessary every 24 months so make sure that you are employed as a nursing assistant within that time frame. The federal government requires a minimum of 8 hours paid experience and a continuing education credits for the renewal process.

CNA Classes in Cedar Hills

Rocky Mountain Healthcare Academy

Rocky Mountain Healthcare Academy is one of the best institutions when it comes to CNA refresher courses. Individuals who already had their license lapse for less than 12 months can take the program in preparation for another certification exam. The CNA refresher course will give them a review of the previously learned concepts and skills such as taking vital signs, assisting in activities of daily living, patient’s rights and safety, and many others. It runs for five hours only, but students are assured of getting equipped with the licensing test.

The CNA refresher course of Rocky Mountain Healthcare Academy has helped several individuals pass the certification exam once again. Although the program is packed in five hours, it has provided an opportunity for students to know the essential topics of the profession and apply it in their employment. Other than a full day of class work, students in the program will have an additional day working at a local healthcare facility doing restorative care. This will let them handle actual patients or residents, and execute various nursing skills necessary for the profession.

Availing the CNA refresher course at Rocky Mountain Healthcare Academy can be made online or directly to the school’s admission office. Small class size is also implemented in this program that is why prospective students are advised to book ahead. Unfortunately, there is no tuition assistance for the CNA refresher course, and those who withdraw from the program will be charged $90 for the administration fee. Refunds are also not available for those who withdraw three days before the start of the class.

CNA Classes in Orem

Mountainland Applied Technology College

Mountainland Applied Technology College

Mountainland Applied Technology College offers three different kinds of nurse assistant training programs. The nurse assistant preparatory course is a 135-hour program that enables the graduates to sit for the certification exam. In this program, students go through a combined classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice with supervision from a licensed nurse. Classes are often held in the morning. Thus, individuals who cannot commit a day-time CNA training can pursue the school’s Nurse Assistant evening class. This kind of training has a total of 112 hours of classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice in an affiliated facility.

CNA graduates who also wish to advance their training can take the Nurse Assistant Accelerated in Mountainland Applied Technology College. The program is more advanced and students will learn several nursing skills and concepts which are not discussed in the preparatory course. Individuals who completed the 88-hour training will be more prepared to assist doctors and nurses in a specialized healthcare setting.

The CNA courses of Mountainland Applied Technology College has a limited class size. Interested applicants have to meet the program requirements and submit a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a record of complete immunization, criminal background check, and results on drug screening and TB testing. Accepted students are also required to attend an orientation before the start of the class.

Financial assistance programs in Mountainland Applied Technology College may be available but are also limited. Students who struggle financially and who wish to study a low-cost or free CNA training can visit the school’s Financial Aid Office to know more about the available scholarship or grant for the CNA training.

Mountainland Technical College

MTECH’s approach to training future CNAs focuses on the different aspects of patient care, be it physical, emotional, and social. The 135-hour program covers topics in professional ethics, body mechanics, systems and diseases, among others. The program also includes a Healthcare Provider BLS CPR and First Aid certification.

Classes are available in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters for the adults; Fall and Spring semesters for high school students. Schedules for high school students may vary and depend on the students’ A/B schedule and assigned class. There are up to four different classes each day in MTECH’s Lehi (main), Provo, and Spanish Fork campuses.

There are morning, afternoon, and evening class schedules for adults. Morning and afternoon classes are available in MTECH’s Orem campus meeting Mondays through Fridays from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 1:15 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. respectively. Evening classes meet at the Provo campus on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

MTECH also offers evening Spanish-speaking classes during Fall and Spring semesters. These classes meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Interested applicants need to be at least 16 years old and currently attending or finished at least junior high school. High school students need to consult their school counselor before registering for the program.

All students need to complete the MTECH Entrance Assessment and attend the MTECH New Student Orientation. Program-specific requirements include a TB test result, a Hepatitis B vaccination record or a signed waiver.

The program costs $598.5. This amount is due in full during registration. There are other program-related costs including the costs of materials and supplies like the textbook ($45), workbook ($15), scrubs ($24), and the optional blood pressure kit ($35).

Orchard CNA Training Centers

Orchard CNA Training Centers

Orchard CNA Training Centers offers a Nursing Assistant Training Program which is approved by the Utah Board of Nursing and Utah Department of Health. Students in the course will be prepared for the certification exam and future employment in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. The Nursing Assistant Training Program includes classroom instruction, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice. CNA instructors who are Registered Nurses teach it, and students will receive individualized instruction from the start of the training until the review classes. Among the topics covered in the program are human anatomy and physiology, infection control, patient safety, patient’s rights, common medical terminologies, basic nursing procedures, CPR, first aid, AED usage, and care for the elderly.

The best thing about Orchard CNA Training Center is their top-notch training programs that allow students to pass the certification exam successfully. Although the CNA class can be completed in less than a month, students graduate with confidence to make it to the CNA registry and secure employment in one of the facilities of the state. Moreover, the admission process of the CNA program is selective and requires prospective students to meet the criteria of the institution. Aside from a high school diploma or GED equivalent, enrollees have to be physically capable of lifting at least 50 pounds and must pass a criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing.

The cost of the Nursing Assistant training program is $375 inclusive of textbooks, handbooks, and medical supplies. State testing fee, transportation costs, and other related expenses are not included. However, students can seek payment arrangement or tuition assistance if they want to.

CNA Classes in Payson

Arrowhead CNA Training

The Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program of Arrowhead CNA Training of Payson is composed of 100 hours training in both classroom and clinical settings. The program is approved by the Board of Nursing and Department of Health, allowing graduates to take the competency evaluation for nursing assistants. Individuals who want to become an entry-level healthcare professional can undergo the CNA class and complete the program in less than a month. Day and evening class schedules are available, and working students can enjoy the convenience of the program. In addition to that, the CNA course is taught by expert CNA instructors who have years of experience in the medical field. These professionals will ensure that graduates become competent nursing assistants who will pass the certification exam successfully and who can secure employment right away.

The admission of the Certified Nursing Assistant training program happens every month. Individuals who want to enroll in the course must be at least 17 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. It is important for prospective students to pass the criminal background check, and undergo a drug screening and TB testing. Anyone with criminal liability and health issues may not be admitted to the training. Moreover, prospective students have to be physically and mentally ready to undergo the rigorous training and demanding profession of nursing assistants.

The CNA training program costs around $425 which includes books and medical supplies. Students can apply for tuition assistance program if they cannot afford to pay the training cost.

CNA Classes in St. George

Ridgeview CNA Program

Individuals who want to start a career in the healthcare field can enroll at Ridgeview CNA Program. This institution in Utah is offering a CNA training program which can be completed in as short as three months. The program includes classroom instruction, skills training, and clinical practicum in one of the affiliated healthcare facility of Ridgeview.

Since the program runs for a short period, students are expected to attend the classes without absences and have to meet the grade requirements for graduation. The CNA training program is taught by experienced nurses who have worked in various healthcare settings. Students receive quality training to prepare them for the certification exam and potential employment in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, long-term care facilities, and many others.

The admission of the CNA training program in Ridgeview is held several times in a year. Among the needed requirements for enrolment are a high school diploma or GED equivalent, background check clearance, negative TB test and drug screening, valid photo ID, social security card, and liability insurance. Prospective students must be at least 17 years old and must be capable of meeting the physical demands of the CNA profession.

The cost of the 12-week CNA course is $550 which includes a workbook, textbook, binder, and clinical instruction. Utah State Certification test fee, supplies, and background check fees are not included in the tuition. Students with financial constraints can seek for government funding, or they can apply for a scholarship or grant at the school’s Financial Aid office.

CNA Classes in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake Community College

Salt Lake Community College

One of the best colleges in Utah that offers full time education on Certified Nursing Assistants is the Salt Lake Community College. It is the largest institution in the state that provides several associate degrees and programs for certification. Individuals who wished to become a CNA will go through an extensive study of several disease processes and its corresponding approach to treatment. They will have to complete the subjects like anatomy, human interaction, physiology and bacteriology; and pass the clinical exposure before taking the exams.

Life Care Center of Salt Lake City

Life Care Center of Salt Lake City

Life Care Center of Salt Lake City is an excellent training facility for individuals who wish to work in the healthcare field. They have been offering a Certified Nursing Assistant training program which runs for 100 hours or two weeks of rigorous training. Students who want to be trained by Life Care’s expert instructors will go through 60 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of clinical training in a local healthcare facility. They will learn various concepts and skills essential in the CNA profession. Overall, the program can be completed within a month, allowing graduates to sit for the certification exam and work as a Certified Nursing Assistant right after passing the test.

Life Care Center of Salt Lake City has a good reputation in producing competent nursing assistants who are prepared to provide excellent care to patients or residents in a certain healthcare facility. A $100 registration fee is needed to secure a seat in training, but prospective students have to submit a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Moreover, as part of the admission and clinical requirements, enrollees are also advised to pass a criminal background check, drug screening, two-step TB test, and a proof of vaccination on certain vaccines.

The total cost of the CNA training program is $400 which includes textbooks, classroom instruction, clinical practicum, and state CNA exam preparation. Additional fees include $75 for the state exam testing fee, $35 for the CPR training, and required supplies which will be shouldered by the student.

Avalon Healthcare Group

Avalon Healthcare Group

Avalon Healthcare Group has a state-approved CNA training program which allows the students to become Certified Nursing Assistants in three weeks. The accelerated program can be taken in daytime and evening class schedules, allowing working students to finish the course without compromising their job. The CNA course includes classroom instruction, skills training, and clinical practicum in a local healthcare facility. It has 100 hours of instruction, which is divided into 52 hours of classroom lectures and 48 hours of clinical practice. Avalon Healthcare Group provides high-quality training program which equips students to become competent healthcare professionals. Class size remains to be small, and training is more personalized.

The CNA training course is a rigorous healthcare program that requires a full-time commitment. Absences are not allowed because make-up classes and clinical training are not available. Individuals who are interested in taking the CNA training program have to be at least 17 years old with proof of high school diploma or GED or official college transcripts. It is also important for prospective students to pass a criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing to be accepted into the program. Due to the demands of the profession, interested students have to be physically fit to lift or push at least 50 pounds of weight.

The cost of the CNA training program is $400 which includes classroom instruction, clinical training, borrowed textbook, workbook, medical supplies, and study materials. However, those who wish to work in their facility does not have to pay anything for the program.

Utah Home Health and Hospice

Utah Home Health and Hospice provides a free CNA training program to their potential nursing assistants. The program allows the graduates to sit for the certification exam and work as a Certified Nursing Assistant in the facility after passing the test. Although the program is not offered by Utah Home Health and Hospice at all times, interested applicants can submit their application at their facility.

The program is like any other CNA healthcare course that combines classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice. A licensed instructor will train these aspiring nursing assistants to pass the certification exam successfully and be qualified to work in this health care institution. Participants will be paid during the training and will be provided a textbook, medical supplies, and uniforms. The state certification exam fee will also be covered by Utah Home Health and Hospice.

Individuals who wish to undergo the free CNA training should be willing to work in this medical facility after passing the certification exam. They also have to abide by the terms and conditions of the course. Otherwise, they will be asked to pay the expenses of the training. A criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing are also required to apply for the program.

CNA Classes in Spanish Fork

Spanish Fork & Nursing Rehab

Spanish Fork & Nursing Rehab

The Spanish Fork & Nursing Rehab is an excellent source of free CNA training program in the state of Utah. Individuals who want to work in the healthcare field and who wish to start a career as a nursing assistant are encouraged to apply. The free CNA training comes with a corresponding compensation. Thus, you get paid while on the practice.

Applicants of the CNA training program must be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They should also pass the criminal background check, TB testing, and drug screening. Selected candidates will be invited for an interview and a chance to become employed in the facility after becoming certified. Nevertheless, they have to be willing to work at the nursing rehab for a specified period.

The paid CNA training program of Spanish Fork & Nursing Rehab is not offered at all times. Applicants can apply anytime, and an officer will contact those who passed the screening. They will be trained by the best-licensed instructors who have years of experience in the healthcare field. In addition to that, these individuals will be exposed in different areas of the center to gain adequate knowledge and skills in preparation for the state certification exam.

CNA Classes in Ogden

Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College

Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College

There are several opportunities for individuals who wished to pursue a healthcare certification program in Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College. The school offers a CNA classes in Utah that qualifies any student to take the CNA certification exams. It covers 86 hours of Nursing Assistant, 16 hours of Nursing Assistant Clinical LTC and 8 hours of Clinical Preparation.

Students can also opt for a refresher course on nursing assistant (which usually covers around 60 hours of study) in order to take the CNA exam. Anyone who completes the program will not only be prepared for the exam but will also be equipped on the necessary knowledge and skills for needed to care for patients in home care settings, long-term care facilities and hospitals.

OWTC’s Nursing Assistant Program needs full-time commitment with its Monday to Friday day schedules and Monday to Thursday evening classes. There are two schedules for the day program: morning and afternoon. Morning sessions meet from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. while afternoon sessions meet from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Evening sessions begin at 4:00 p.m. and ends at 8:00 p.m.

High school students can attend either the morning and afternoon block. The High School CTA advisor will usually decide the suitable schedule for each student and authorize said student’s attendance. Students can complete the program 125-hour program within 8 to 10 weeks. .The theory portion of the program is set at 6 ½ weeks while students can complete the clinical portion within 2 to 3 weeks.

A TABE or ACCUPLACER admission test (reading and math) is a requirement (a test result from within 3 years of the date of application is still acceptable). Students can waive the test by providing college-level transcripts from an accredited institution (with a grade of at least C in English0955 (LEAP 2510 & 2520).

Students need to apply for a criminal background check on the first day of class. In order to complete the application, they need to submit either their Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) and the Criminal Background Check Authorization (with parent or guardian’s signature for high school students). TB test results should be handed in within the first 2 weeks of class. Other program-specific requirements include the seasonal flu shot, Hepatitis B vaccine series, and a Utah Food Handler Permit.

The estimated program cost for adults is $415 with an estimated materials cost of $232.05 for used materials and $253.45 for new materials. High school students need to spend $185 with financial aid eligibility.

CNA Classes in Cedar City

Southwest Technical College

Southwest Tech offers students an opportunity to hone their CNA skills through supervised clinicals wherein they can experience providing assistance to real patients. During the program, students will learn to communicate effectively, respect patient rights and dignity, provide assistance for activities of daily living (feeding, mobility assistance, getting out of bed), record and monitor vital signs, prevent infections, and promote patient safety.

The program length is 114 contact hours spread over a period of 3 months. 90 hours will go to the theory portion of the program and the remaining 24 hours will go to the hands-on clinical experience. Southwest Tech will announce 3 start dates for the entire academic year.

Classes are held in three locations: the main campus, Kane County ISC, and the Beaver High School ISC.

Prerequisites and admission requirements include a Basic Life Support (BLS) card (from either the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, or the American Safety and Health Institute), drug test (done at Intermountain WorkMed), a background check (at least 9 months old), 2-step TB test, and a complete series of immunizations (Hepatitis B, Tdap, Varicella, MMR, and seasonal influenza immunization).

The program cost of $490.40 covers the cost of the tuition and school fees ($402.40), books ($80), and supplies ($8). Additional costs include the $30 cost for the drug test, the $32 cost of the background check, $50 for the cost of the required 2 TB tests, and over $100 for blood tests to confirm immunity.

The program qualifies for financial aid.

CNA Classes in Kaysville

Davis Technical College

Davis Technical College Nurse Assistant Program

Davis Tech’s CNA program aims to prepare students for employment in different healthcare settings. To achieve this, the program was designed to develop the students’ communication techniques, basic care, and nursing skills proficiency, and specialized care (esp. For patients with mental health issues and special care needs). The program is open to both high school students and adults.

Students need to complete the NAHA 1100: Nurse Assistant course (90 hours) and the NAHA 2100: Nurse Assistant Clinicals (25 hours). There are day and evening schedules but high school students’ schedules often align with their A/B block schedule. For the adult schedule, there are full-time and part-time day schedules. Full-time day classes meet Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Part-time day classes meet on the same days but only from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. The full-time day program length is 3 weeks while the part-time program is longer at 6 weeks. Evening classes meet Mondays to Thursdays from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. for 9 weeks. The schedule for NAHA 2100 clinical experience shifts varies and mainly depends on enrollment and end dates for the NAHA 1100 course.

Those interested to attend the Nurse Assistant program need to first complete an admission application to college and attend the New Student Orientation.

The tuition fee is $372.85. Other associated costs include the $45 admission fee, $193.27 estimated the cost of books and learning materials, and $18 for the certificate processing fee. High school students are exempt from the tuition fee and aren’t required to purchase textbooks but they still need to pay the $45 annual student fee and the certificate processing fee.

This Nurse Assistant course is eligible for scholarships and veterans’ funding.

CNA Classes in Logan

Utah State University

Utah State University’s (USU) CNA program is geared towards preparing individuals for employment in different healthcare settings and as a member of a healthcare team. The program overview emphasizes the assistance that CNAs can provide towards RNs and LPNs. CNAs can, after all, perform a wide array of duties like relaying information between nurses, patients, and other members of the healthcare team. CNAs can also fulfill basic nursing duties and provide basic patient care even in informal healthcare settings.

CNA classes are available in USU’s Blanding (USU Eastern), Price (USU Eastern), and Moab campuses. The NURS 1000 – Nursing Assistant core course is for 5 credit hours it is an elective course under the nursing program. Students will receive at least 100 hours of training spread over a period of 4 months.

Applicants need to first comply with the college’s admission requirements before applying for the CNA program. The minimum age of admission is 16 years old and have at least a 10th grade level in reading and writing. The college also requires students to submit their criminal background check results and proof of current immunizations prior to the start of the clinical portion of the program.

There are optional courses that the college recommends: Medical Terminology (NURS 1008), Health Foundations (HEAL 2988), and Anatomy & Physiology (BIOL 1500). These courses do not affect the CNA course outcomes but these can help students better understand more advanced health concepts.

Tuition and fee rates vary depending on the university’s campus. The USU Eastern campus has a rate of $146.60 per credit hours (resident). Fees may vary between departments and programs.

Bridgerland Technical College

Bridgerland Technical College Nursing Assistant Program

This Nursing Assistant Program is open for both high school students and adults. Bridgerland focuses on skill development with an emphasis on practice through laboratory care setting simulations, demonstrations, and role play. To complete the program, students need to complete a 24-hour clinical experience rotation at a long-term care facility.

Course objectives include: identifying and reporting changes in a patient’s condition, successfully demonstrate all the skills in the Nursing Assistant Proficiency Performance (NAPP), show knowledge and understanding of basic nursing care concepts (resident rights, patient nutrition and hygiene, ethical and legal precepts, etc.), and safely and effectively provide care for long-term care facility residents.

Bridgerland offers an intensive schedule for this program. Students can finish the course within 4-5 weeks of Monday through Friday classes (8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon). The schedule may also include weekend clinical experience. Perfect attendance is a requirement for this fast-paced and rigorous class schedule.

Regular schedules meet at the same time but only three times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays). The regular course length is 7 weeks. There is also an evening class schedule that meets Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. for 11 weeks.

Adult students need to be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or equivalent. Students also need to complete a background check at least a week before the first day of class. A BLS Healthcare Provider CPR certification is a prerequisite for the NA course. Bridgerland offers a one-day CPR certification course that costs $57.

The program costs $445 (regardless of schedule) and should be paid in full during the registration process. Books and supplies (including scrubs) have an estimated cost of $117.47. Students also need to pay $50 (non-refundable) for the background check.

Free CNA Classes in Utah

There are several ways to find a free CNA class in Utah. First, you can enroll at a state-approved CNA school and apply for a scholarship or grant. Most of them have tuition assistance programs to deserving students who want to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. But you can also apply for federal grants and use it in the school that recognizes it. Make sure that you do your research before you apply and avail the free CNA class given to you.

Second, you can also apply directly at a nursing home or any healthcare facility in the state. Fortunately, some of these employers sponsor free CNA class to their prospective nursing assistants. In fact, they even pay you while undergoing the course. Thus, it can be a perfect way to become a CNA without paying anything. However, you will have to work for your employer for at least 12 months, or you will be asked to pay the entire tuition cost.

All State Approved CNA Classes in Utah

Blanding, UTUsu Blanding639 West 100 South435-678-2201
Bountiful, UTLife Care C.n.a. Bountiful460 West 2600 South801-589-2597
Bountiful, UTNursing Education Center74 East 500 South, Suite 106801-252-5130
Bountiful, UTViewmont High School120 West 1000 North801-402-4314
Cedar City, UTSouthwest Technical College757 West 800 South435-586-2899
Cedar Hills, UTRocky Mountain Healthcare AcademyCedar Hills 9152 Silver Lake Drive801-850-3249
Centerfield, UTMission At Community Rehab Center10 West 400 South435-528-7246
Clearfield, UTUtah Cna Training Centers - Clearfield377a South State Street385-393-8621
Colorado City, UTMohave Community CollegeP.o. Box 980928-681-5660
Kaysville, UTDavis Technical College550 East 300 South801-593-2353
Kaysville, UTDavis High School325 South Main801-402-8800
Kaysville, UTMountain High School490 South 500 East801-402-0450
La Verkin, UTSt. George C.n.a.P.o. Box 1122435-619-3447
Layton, UTStevens Henagar College - Layton1660 W. Antelope Dr., Suite 105801-622-1567
Layton, UTNorthridge High School2430 North 400 West801-402-8655
Lehi, UTMountainland Technical College2301 West Ashton Boulevard801-753-4156
Logan, UTBridgerland Technical College1301 North 600 West435-753-6780
Logan, UTStevens Henagar College - Logan755 South Main435-792-6970
Logan, UTUtah Cna Training Centers - Logan1115 North 200 East Suite 140801-335-5429
Midvale, UTCccna7200 South State Street801-599-4780
Midvale, UTDanville Cna Course7351 S. Union Park Ave., Suite 100801-316-1131
Milford, UTMilford Memorial HospitalP.o. Box 640, 850 North Main435-387-2411
Moab, UTUsu Moab125 West 200 South435-260-2353
Murray, UTStevens Henagar College - Murray383 West Vine Street801-281-7600
Murray, UTMurray High School5440 South State Street801-264-7460
Ogden, UTOgden Weber Technical College200 North Washington Boulevard801-612-4179
Ogden, UTOgden High School2828 Harrison Boulevard801-737-8737
Orem, UTOrchardcna Training Centers766 South 400 East, Suite 203801-358-2102
Orem, UTUtah Cna Training Centers - Orem270 W Center Street, Suite 266801-691-1258
Panguitch, UTGarfield Memorial Hospital200 N 400 E435-676-8811
Payson, UTArrowhead C.n.a. Training Of Payson875 East 100 North #4801-822-8177
Plain City, UTFremont High School1900 North 4700 West801-452-4000
Pleasant View, UTWeber High School430 Weber High Drive801-476-3700
Price, UTPinnacle Nursing And Rehab1340 East 300 North435-637-9213
Price, UTUsu Eastern-price451 East 400 North435-613-5295
Richfield, UTSnow College800 West 200 South435-896-9754
Roosevelt, UTUintah Basin Technical College1100 East Lagoon Street, Suite 124-5435-722-6973
Roy, UTRoy High School2250 West 4800 South801-476-3600
Salt Lake City, UTAvalon Healthcare Cna Training ProgramWoodland Park Care Center 3855 South 700 East385-209-6900
Salt Lake City, UTLife Care Center C.n.a.1201 East 4500 South801-589-2597
Salt Lake City, UTUtah Cna Training Centers - Murray5280 South Commerce Drive #e100801-335-5427
Salt Lake City, UTUtah Cna Training Centers – Salt Lake City1135 South West Temple801-990-9333
Salt Lake City, UTUtah Cna Training Centers – Horizonte Approved Students Only1234 South Main St.801-990-9333
Salt Lake City, UTGranite Technical Institute2500 South State Street385-646-4339
Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake City School DistrictCareer And Technical Center 1633 Edison Street801-481-7311
Sandy, UTCanyons Technical Education Center825 East 9085 South801-256-5739
South Ogden, UTBonneville High School251 East 4800 South801-452-4050
St. George, UTDixie State University Cna Program225 South University Avenue435-879-4830
St. George, UTDixie Technical College610 S. Tech Ridge Dr.435-647-8400
St. George, UTRidgeview C.n.a.919 South Main435-634-0710
Syracuse, UTSyracuse High School665 South 2000 West801-402-7900
Tooele, UTTooele Technical College88 South Tooele Boulevard435-248-1800
Tooele, UTTooele School District211 South Tooele Boulevard435-833-8700
West Jordan, UTSalt Lake Community College, Jordan Campus3491 Wights Fort Road Health Science Building Room 011801-957-6362
West Jordan, UTJordan School District9301 South Wights Fort Road801-256-5980