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Aspiring nursing assistants may find a wide range of jobs in the healthcare sector. Many colleges now offer CNA education at a lower cost because of a shortage of skilled nurses. It makes sense if your goal is to have a long-term, steady job that you like doing. There are several benefits to being a nursing assistant.

In most cases, you can complete the course in a matter of weeks and sit for an exam after you’re done.

Please keep in mind that your accreditation as a nursing assistant is only valid for two full years after passing the competence test. Re-certification may be pursued if your certificate expires after the two-year validity term and you decide not to do so. If not, you’ll need a refresher course.

On this site, you’ll discover entries devoted to CNA training in the Tennessee cities of Memphis, Nashville-Davidson, and Knoxville. Other classes are also listed below:

CNA Classes in Chattanooga

Miller-Motte Technical College

MMTC is a technical institution that provides a nursing assistant training program that prepares students to work in the healthcare business. The institution has a good reputation for producing other nursing assistants who are equipped to deliver exceptional care. The Nursing Assistant program includes classroom instruction, hands-on training, and clinical practice. Graduates may get certified in the sector by taking a state test.

If you want to learn all about the different duties a CNA has, enroll in a CNA training program. Trainees will learn how to check vital signs, clean and wash patients, serve meals, and do all of the other chores required to execute their job. Applicants must have a genuine willingness to assist persons in the health care field. Each program at Miller-Motte Technical College has a limited number of jobs available. Applicants must be at least 16 years old and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent to apply for this job. Before being accepted for the program, you must also pass a background check, drug screening, and tuberculosis testing.

Admission to their CNA training program is open multiple times a year. If you are unable to attend the program, you may reapply after it has concluded. However, be certain that you do not miss any training sessions in order to achieve the needed amount of hours and that you complete all examinations and assessments. Miller-Motte Technical College also provides scholarships and incentives to outstanding students. A student may learn more about these programs by visiting the Financial Aid Office at their school.

CNA Classes in Johnson City

American Red Cross

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross of Johnson City offers a dependable CNA training program that provides students with critical information about the profession and prepares them to take the certification test. Trainees must be at least 18 years old and have had no criminal convictions in the previous seven years. Before they can begin training, students must also pass TB screening, drug testing, and a criminal background check.

If you take this course via the American Red Cross, you must work on-site for a period of time, both in the classroom and during clinical training. The curriculum will next need you to pass tests and conduct clinical experiences before you can graduate. Students in this course will be assisted by a clinical teacher, but they must attend class without being absent or late. They must always work with the instructional staff. For prospective Certified Nursing Assistants, the American Red Cross provides one of the top training courses. This university has cutting-edge learning tools and equipment, as well as clinical professors with extensive expertise. Students are well-prepared for the certification and possible career that follows.

Every few months, a CNA training session is held. Prospective students may look into scholarships, loans, and grants via the American Red Cross Financial Aid office. These financial help programs are often provided to students who are unable to pay their tuition and fees owing to financial restrictions.

Cornerstone Village

Cornerstone Village

Johnson City’s Cornerstone Village is a senior living center. They have made it feasible to get CNA training here because of the increased need for compassionate and caring people to care for patients. Certified nursing assistants have a wide range of options when it comes to their job path. It’s possible that the student may get an internship at the hospital they attend after graduation.

The center offers four weeks of instruction. The facilities and classrooms are used for training. Before registering, students must fill out an application and have a positive interview result. At the time of enrollment, you must also pay for any school-related expenses.

The Cornerstone Village CNA course is not offered year-round. However, interested parties may apply at any time of the year. Participants in the program are usually compensated for their participation. Employees must pass a certification test in order to maintain their position at the organization.

NHC Healthcare – Johnson City

NHC Healthcare – Johnson City

CNA training is available for free at NHC Healthcare in Johnson City. The 17-day curriculum involves three weeks of instruction at the NHC Healthcare Training Center. At the NHC Healthcare Training Center, students may take a two-week course. A week of clinical rotations under the supervision of a licensed practical or vocational nurse also occurs. HCH Training Center provides free training for Johnson City people who want to join the healthcare field without previous expertise. The firm only accepts a small number of applicants, and those who are approved will be prepared for certification and future employment. Students who successfully finish the program may be considered for employment opportunities at the university.

The online CNA course moves at a rapid speed, and there is little tolerance for tardiness or absences. In order to graduate, you must score at least 85 percent of the time. High school graduation or GED is required for enrollment in this course, as is the completion of a criminal history background check. When looking for information on past convictions or cases of abuse, they should also examine the Tennessee or National Abuse Registry. Anyone who has been convicted of a misdemeanor or crime will not be allowed to take the program.

Participants in the program must provide their own nursing attire, a wristwatch with a second hand, and other school equipment. If you’re going to be working in an office, you can’t wear shorts or halter tops. Students must conform to the school’s dress code at all times.

Ballad Health (The Mountain States Health Alliance)

Ballad Health (The Mountain States Health Alliance)

The CNA training program at Ballad Health (previously known as Mountain States Health Alliance) is meant to teach the fundamentals of geriatrics and long-term care. Successful completion of the course and examination will allow participants to appear for the Tennison nursing assistant certification exam, allowing them to work in a variety of healthcare settings. 60 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of clinical training constitute the Mountain States Health Alliance’s CNA program. Evening and daytime sessions are supervised, so students are expected to show up on time. It is impossible to graduate and earn a diploma if students skip too many lectures.

To be considered for enrollment in the program, you must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent that has been recognized by the program. The MSHA online pre-admission exam and an interview are also requirements. The findings of a criminal background check and a medical examination are required from all applicants. The number of students in the program is kept low to guarantee personalized instruction. Submitting an online application and contacting us through email are the only ways to inquire about this program’s eligibility requirements.

Mountain States Health Alliance offers a rigorous CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) training program that covers every element of nursing. To retain certification, graduates must score at least 85 percent on all components of the programme. Those who wish to complete their healthcare degree at a cheaper cost may apply for scholarships, loans, and grants from the federal government.

Tennessee College of Applied Technology (Elizabethton)

Tennessee College of Applied Technology (Elizabethton)

A certified nursing assistant may get their certification after completing 120 hours of instruction at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology. In order to improve the quality of care, promote career development, and educate vital skills for employment, this program intends to offer basic training for persons who want to work as nursing assistants in a nursing home or healthcare institution.

The CNA program consists of 80 hours of classroom teaching and 40 hours of hands-on practice. In order to become a nurse, students spend a lot of time studying anatomy and physiology. Nursing foundations and basic emergency protocols are also covered in the course. A certified expert visits students in a nursing home after they’ve finished classroom instruction to make sure they’re following the protocol correctly.

Tennessee College of Applied Technology’s CNA training programme requires prospective candidates to present a high school diploma or equivalent, as well as pass the criminal background check and health examinations. When there are a limited number of spots available for CNA training, the process of applying might be competitive. Prior to the commencement of the program, you should simply apply and contact the admissions office if you have any queries about the timetable.

There is a $363 tuition fee for those accepted into the CNA training program. The cost of textbooks and medical supplies for the course is $269. The student will be responsible for any additional charges, such as uniforms, testing fees, housing expenses, and travel costs.

Tennessee College of Applied Technology

Tennessee College of Applied Technology

This institution is one of 45 within the Tennessee Board of Regents system that is accredited by the Council of Occupational Education. This Hartsville, South Carolina-based institution offers a wide range of nursing-related degrees to students. There are six universities, 13 community colleges, and 26 other schools under the state’s Board of Regents of Higher Education. We are here to help individuals get the education and skills they need to find a rewarding profession.

Tennessee College of Applied Technology‘s Certified Nursing Assistant program is a 120-hour course that leads to an Associate of Occupational Science degree. In order to become a nurse assistant in a healthcare institution or a nursing home, the curriculum is meant to give basic training. It is hoped that the training would help enhance the quality of treatment and the public’s view of the nursing assistant.

With the help of a healthcare professional, students may provide basic services such as bathing and grooming patients and feeding them. Besides taking their vital signs, they may also assist with the use of medical equipment. Health care students learn how to care for other people’s emotions, convey their observations about a patient’s condition, and transmit sensitive information to the nurse.

As part of the curriculum, you’ll learn how to build a strong foundation for your future profession. It encourages the study and gives the required skills for future employment. In accordance with state and federal requirements, the conceptual framework is implemented. Both clinical and classroom hours are included in the course’s syllabus. Students are eligible to take the state certification exam following graduation.

Both day and night classes are available. Book fees will add $80 to the $550 cost of tuition. Earl Scruggs and Lou Ann Hall are the course’s instructors.

Haywood Community College

Haywood Community College

Haywood Community College, situated in Clyde, North Carolina, is a member of the North Carolina Community College System. The institution, which was founded in 1965, provides associate’s degree programs as well as online courses. It offers courses in liberal arts, agriculture, building trades, medical assistance, engineering, and environmental science. The institution also has a beautiful 120-acre campus. There’s an arboretum, a millpond, and a functional gristmill to showcase the kids’ efforts.

The title of this CNA program is “Nurse Aide I.” It trains people to serve as carers in a number of settings, including nursing homes, hospitals, and home-based care. The curriculum consists of 162 hours of training, 114 of which are in the classroom and 48 of which are in the clinical environment. The North Carolina Registered Nurse Board has authorized the course.

Students who complete this course learn how to care for individuals in a variety of scenarios. They may assist with basic daily tasks and work under the supervision of a nurse. They keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary and report it to the nurse.

You must have a High School Diploma, GED, or equivalent to apply. All candidates must also undergo vaccines, drug screening, and TB testing. When applying for the clinical phase of the program, a criminal background check is also required.

The cost of the course is $228.25. There are evening and weekend courses available. From January 13th until April 27th, 2020, the next daytime program will air. On Mondays and Wednesdays, classes will run from 8:15 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. There will be an evening program from January 13th to April 22nd. Monday through Wednesday, classes will be held from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m.

State Approved CNA Classes in Tennessee

Adamsville, TNAdamsville High School815 W. Main Street731-632-3273
Alamo, TNCrockett County High SchoolRoute 2 Box 143731-696-4525
Algood, TNMasters Health Care Center278 Dry Valley Road931-537-6524
Antioch, TNAdvanced Nurse Assistant Training1135 Bell Rd. #305615-717-1116
Athens, TNCompassionate Clinical Services, Llc113 Park Street423-744-4674
Athens, TNTennessee Technology Center1635 Vo-tech Drive423-744-2814
Bartlett, TNRainbow Health & Rehab Of Memphis8119 Memphis Arlington Road901-937-6302
Bells, TNNursing Assistant Training Center150 Herndon Drive Suite 2731-663-3803
Bells, TNTennessee Technology Center5533 Hwy 412 S731-635-3368
Blountville, TNGreystone Healthcare Center181 Dunlap Road423-323-7112
Blountville, TNTennessee Technology Elizabethton - Sullivan Central Hs131 Shipley Ferry Rd.423-543-0070
Bolivar, TNPine Meadows Health Care700 Nuckolls Road731-658-4707
Bolivar, TNPleasant View Health Care214 North Water Street731-658-5287
Brentwood, TNCareer Health Institute9711 Turquoise Lane615-305-3816
Brentwood, TNRavenwood High School1724 Wilson Pike615-472-4800
Bristol, TNCambridge House250 Bellebrook Road423-968-4123
Brownsville, TNCrestview Health Care & Rehab Center704 Dupree Street731-772-3356
Brownsville, TNHaywood High School1175 East College731-772-4221
Bruceton, TNLifecare Center Of Bruceton105 Rowland Avenue731-586-2061
Byrdstown, TNPickett County Care And Rehabilitation Center129 Hillcrest Drive931-864-3162
Camden, TNCamden Healthcare And Rehab Center197 Hospital Drive731-584-3500
Camden, TNMagic Valley Cna Program264 Highway 641 North731-234-2826
Carthage, TNSmith County Health Care Center112 Health Care Drive615-735-0569
Celina, TNTennessee Technology Livingston - Clay County High School1102 Clay County Hwy931-823-5525
Chattanooga, TNBrainerd High School1020 N. Moore Road423-855-2615
Chattanooga, TNChattanooga College, Medical, Dental & Technical5600 Brainerd Rd.423-305-7781
Chattanooga, TNChattanooga State Technical Community College4501 Amnicola Highway423-697-4404
Chattanooga, TNHealth Care Center At The Standifer Place2626 Walker Road423-490-1599
Chattanooga, TNHealth Careers Training Center5708 Uptain Road423-892-3848
Chattanooga, TNNhc Healthcare2700 Parkwood Ave423-624-1533
Chattanooga, TNRed Bank High School640 Morrison Springs Road423-874-1900
Church Hill, TNChurch Hill Health Care And Rehab Center701 West Main Blvd.423-357-7178
Clarkrange, TNTennessee Technology Oneida - Clarkrange High School5801 South York Hwy.423-663-4900
Clarksville, TNTennessee Health Careers, Llc116 N 2nd Street, Ste B10931-648-2424
Cleveland, TNAmerican Red Cross/hiwassee Chapter304a 20th Street Se423-472-1595
Cleveland, TNBradley Central High School1000 South Lee Highway423-476-0650
Cleveland, TNPrepare To Care Training Center750 Broad Street Nw423-614-3838
Cleveland, TNWalker Valley High School750 Lauderdale Memorial Hwy.423-364-5567
Clinton, TNAnderson County Career And Technical Center140 Maverick Circle865-457-4205
Columbia, TNColumbia Central High School921 Lion Parkway931-381-2222
Columbia, TNNhc Healthcare101 Walnut Lane931-381-3112
Columbia, TNNhc Healthcare2710 Trotwood Ave.931-388-7182
Columbia, TNSpring Hill High School1 Raider Lane931-486-2207
Cookeville, TNBethesda Health Care & Rehab Center444 One Eleven Place931-525-6655
Cookeville, TNNhc Healthcare815 South Walnut Avenue931-528-5516
Copperhill, TNCopper Basin High SchoolP.o. Box 250423-496-4381
Cordova, TNApplingwood Health Care Center1536 Appling Care Lane901-385-1803
Covington, TNCovington Care Center765 Bert Johnston Avenue901-475-0027
Covington, TNCovington Manor Nursing Center1992 Highway 51 South901-476-1820
Crossville, TNCumberland County High School660 Stanley St.931-484-6194
Crossville, TNLife Care Center Of Crossville80 Justice Street931-484-4782
Crossville, TNStone Memorial High School Nursing Education Program2800 Cook Rd.931-484-5767
Crossville, TNTennessee Technology Center910 Miller Avenue931-484-7502
Crossville, TNWyndridge Health And Rehabilitation Center456 Wayne Ave931-484-6129
Culleoka, TNTennessee Technology Center2145 Quality Street931-796-5351
Dandridge, TNJefferson County Nursing Home914 Industrial Park Blvd423-397-3163
Dayton, TNLaurelbrook Nursing Home200 Sanitarium Circle423-775-0771
Decaturville, TNWestwood Health Care Center524 West Main Street731-852-3591
Dover, TNManor House Of Dover537 Spring Street931-232-6902
Dresden, TNDresden High School7150 Highway 22731-364-2949
Dresden, TNWeakley County Nursing Home700 Weakley County Nursing Home Rd.731-364-3158
Ducktown, TNLifecare Center Of Copperbasin166 Industrial Drive423-496-3245
Dunlap, TNNhc Healthcare360 Dell Trail423-949-4651
Dunlap, TNSequatchie County High School7067 Sr 28423-949-2154
Dyersburg, TNDyersburg High School125 Highway 51 By-pass731-286-2209
Dyersburg, TNDyersburg Manor Nursing & Rehab Center1900 Parr Avenue731-286-1221
Elizabethton, TNHappy Valley High School121 Warpath Lane423-547-8364
Elizabethton, TNIvy Hall Nursing Home, Inc.301 S. Watauga Avenue423-547-3840
Elizabethton, TNTennessee Technical Center426 Highway 91423-543-0070
Erin, TNSignature Health Care Of Erin278 Rocky Hollow Road931-289-4141
Erwin, TNCenter On Aging And Health880 S. Mohawk Drive423-743-7669
Erwin, TNErwin Health Care Center100 Stalling Lane423-743-4131
Erwin, TNUnicoi County High School100 Okolona Drive423-743-1639
Fayetteville, TNLincoln County High School1233 Huntsville Hwy931-433-6505
Fayetteville, TNLincoln Medical Center501 Amana Ave.931-433-6146
Fayetteville, TNTennessee Technology Center1802 Winchester Hwy931-685-5013
Franklin, TNCentennial High School5050 Mallory Lane615-472-4270
Franklin, TNClaiborne And Hughes Health Center200 Strahl Street615-791-1103
Franklin, TNNhc Healthcare216 Fairground Street615-790-0154
Franklin, TNNhc Place At Coolsprings211 Cool Springs Blvd615-778-6800
Franklin, TNPage High School6281 Arno Road615-595-2080
Gainesboro, TNMabry Health Care And Rehab Center1340 North Grundy Quarles Highway931-268-0291
Greeneville, TNCommunity Ctr For Tech High School1121 Hal Henard Rd.423-639-0175
Greeneville, TNLaughlin Memorial Hospital, Inc1420 Tusculum Blvd423-789-5091
Greeneville, TNWalters State Greeneville1121 Hal Henard Road423-639-0171
Harriman, TNTennessee Technology Center1745 Harriman Highway865-882-6703
Harrogate, TNTri-state Health And Rehabilitation Center600 Shawnee Road423-869-5376
Hartsville, TNTennessee Technical Center716 Mcmurry Blvd E615-374-2147
Henderson, TNChester County High SchoolEast Main Street731-989-8125
Hendersonville, TNNhc Healthcare370 Old Shackle Island Road615-824-0720
Hermitage, TNMckendree Village,inc4347 Lebonan Road615-871-8446
Hixson, TNHixson High School5705 Middle Valley Road423-847-4800
Hohenwald, TNLewis County Manor119 Kittrell Street931-796-3233
Hohenwald, TNTennessee Technical Center813 West Main Street931-796-7753
Huntsville, TNTennessee Technology Center355 Scott High Drive423-663-4900
Jacksboro, TNTennessee Technology Center265 Elkins Road423-566-9629
Jackson, TNForest Cove Manor45 Forest Cove731-424-4200
Jackson, TNJackson Central-merry High School332 Lane Avenue731-424-3521
Jackson, TNMaplewood Healthcare100 Cherrywood Place731-668-1900
Jamestown, TNAlvin C. York Institute701 Main St. N.931-879-8101
Jamestown, TNSignature Healthcare Of Fentress County208 N Duncan931-879-5859
Jellico, TNBeech Tree Manor240 Hospital Lane423-784-6626
Jellico, TNJellico High School141 High School Lane423-784-9455
Johnson City, TNAmerican Red Cross Of Northeast Tennessee2203 Mckinley Road, Ste 219423-349-8067
Johnson City, TNAppalachian Christian Village2012 Sherwood Drive423-928-3168
Johnson City, TNFranklin Transitional Center/johnson City Medical Center1106 West Market Street423-431-6697
Johnson City, TNNhc Healthcare3209 Bristol Highway423-282-3311
Johnson City, TNScience Hill High School Tech Center251 Coty Jones Lane423-232-2200
Jonesborough, TNDavid Crockett High School684 Old State Rt. 34423-753-1150
Kingsport, TNAsbury Centers, Inc100 Netherland Lane423-245-0360
Kingsport, TNBrookhaven Manor2035 Stonebrook Place423-246-8934
Kingsport, TNDobyns-bennett High School1801 E. Center Street423-378-8443
Kingsport, TNHolston Manor3641 Memorial Blvd423-246-2411
Kingsport, TNTennessee Technology Center914 Broad Street423-543-0070
Kingsport, TNThe Wexford House2421 John B. Dennis Highway423-288-3988
Knoxville, TNAmerican Red Cross6921 Middlebrook Pike865-584-2999
Knoxville, TNBen Atchley Tennessee State Veterans' HomeOne Veterans Way865-862-8100
Knoxville, TNFulton High School2509 Broadway Street865-594-1240
Knoxville, TNGoodwill Industries5307 Kingston Pike865-588-8567
Knoxville, TNShannondale Health Care Center801 Vanosdale Road865-690-3411
Knoxville, TNSouth-doyle High School2020 Tipton Station Road865-577-4475
Knoxville, TNTennessee Technical Center1100 Liberty Street Northwest865-546-5567
La Follette, TNCumberland Village Care And Rehab Center136 Davis Lane423-562-0760
Lake City, TNSummit View Of Lake City204 Industrial Park Rd423-426-2147
Lawrenceburg, TNAmerican Red CrossP.o. Box 61, 181 Prosser Rd.931-762-1599
Lawrenceburg, TNLawrence County High School1800 Springer Road931-762-9412
Lawrenceburg, TNNhc Healthcare374 Brink Street931-762-6548
Lebanon, TNQuality Care Health Center932 Baddour Parkway615-449-5170
Lebanon, TNWilson County Career Technical Center418 Harding Drive615-444-1104
Lenoir City, TNBaptist Health Care Center700 Williams Ferry Road865-986-3583
Lewisburg, TNNhc Healthcare244 Oakwood Drive931-359-3563
Lewisburg, TNNhc HealthcareP.o. Box 2307931-359-4506
Linden, TNPerry County High School1056 Squirrel Hollow Drive931-589-2831
Linden, TNPerry County Nursing Home127 East Brooklyn Ave.931-589-2134
Livingston, TNOverton County Nursing Home418 Bilbrey Street931-823-6403
Livingston, TNTennessee Technical Center740 High Tech Drive931-823-5525
Loretto, TNLoretto High School525 2nd Avenue South931-853-4324
Loudon, TNLoudon Health Care Center1520 Grove Street865-458-5436
Madisonville, TNEast Tennessee Health Care465 Isbill Road423-442-3990
Manchester, TNA+ Medical Inc.108 East Mclean St.931-723-3770
Manchester, TNManchester Health Care Center395 Interstate Drive931-723-8744
Martin, TNVan Ayer Manor & Rehab Center640 Hannings Lane731-587-3193
Martin, TNWestview High School8161 Highway 45 S731-587-4202
Maryville, TNAmerican Red Cross1741 Triangle Park865-983-0821
Maryville, TNAsbury Place At Maryville2648 Sevierville Road865-984-1660
Maryville, TNBlount Memorial Hospital907 East Lamar Alexander Parkway865-983-7211
Maryville, TNFairpark Health Care Center307 North Fifth Street865-983-0261
Maryville, TNHeritage High School3741 East Lamar Alexander Park865-984-8110
Maryville, TNMaryville Healthcare And Rehab Center1012 Jamestown Way423-984-7400
Maryville, TNWilliam Blount High School227 County Farm Rd.865-984-5500
Maynardville, TNWillow Ridge Care And Rehabilitation Center215 Richardson Way423-992-5816
Mckenzie, TNMckenzie Health Care Center175 Hospital Drive731-352-3908
Mcminnville, TNNhc Healthcare928 Old Smithville Rd.931-473-8431
Mcminnville, TNTennessee Technology Center241 Vo-tech Drive931-473-5587
Memphis, TNBridges477 North 5th Street901-527-5627
Memphis, TNCareer Academy Cna Training Program2600 Poplar Avenue, Suite 415901-761-4500
Memphis, TNCna Training Academy3675 New Getwell Rd.901-864-3754
Memphis, TNDaughters Of Zion4400 Hickory Hill Road901-590-1166
Memphis, TNHarbor View Nursing And Rehabilitation Center1513 North Second Street901-272-2494
Memphis, TNHooks Job Corps Center1555 Mcalister Avenue901-396-2800
Memphis, TNMaysept Healthcare Services4514 Summer Avenue, Ste. #1901-864-1360
Memphis, TNMemphis Academy Of National Nursing Assistant175 East Brooks Rd901-598-3000
Memphis, TNMemphis Health Careers AcademyP.o. Box 820243901-416-1950
Memphis, TNSouthwest Career And Technology Center High School3746 Hornlake Rd.901-416-8186
Memphis, TNTennessee Technical Center550 Alabama Avenue901-543-6100
Memphis, TNUnited Cerebral Palsy Of The Mid-south4189 Leroy Ave901-767-0922
Milan, TNMilan High School7060 Vanhook Street731-686-0841
Monteagle, TNThe Bridge At Monteagle218 Second Street931-924-2041
Monterey, TNStanding Stone Health Care Center410 West Crawford Ave.931-839-2244
Morristown, TNGoodwill Industries2812 West Andrew Johnson Hwy423-587-9075
Morristown, TNHeritage Center Nursing Care1026 Mcfarland Street423-581-5100
Morristown, TNLifecare Center Of Morristown601 W. Economy Road423-581-5435
Morristown, TNTennessee Technical Center821 West Louise Avenue423-586-5771
Morristown, TNWalters State Community College500 South Davy Crockett Parkway423-585-2600
Mount Juliet, TNMt. Juliet Health Care Center2650 N Mt Juliet Rd615-758-4100
Mount Juliet, TNMt. Juliet High School1800 Curd Road615-758-5606
Mountain City, TNMountain City Care & Rehabilitation Center919 Medical Park Drive423-727-7800
Mountain City, TNTennessee Technology Center - Johnson County Hs510 Fairground Lane423-543-0070
Mountain City, TNTennessee Technology Elizabethton - Mountain City326 Hospital Road423-543-0070
Murfreesboro, TNAdamsplace In Murfreesboro1927 Memorial Blvd615-904-9111
Murfreesboro, TNCommunity Care Of Rutherford County901 E. County Farm Road615-893-2624
Murfreesboro, TNNhc Healthcare420 N. University Street615-893-2602
Nashville, TNAmerican Red Cross2201 Charlotte Avenue615-250-4256
Nashville, TNBordeaux Long Term Care1414 County Hospital Road615-862-6871
Nashville, TNFriendship Hospice333 Plus Park Blvd # 140615-365 0220
Nashville, TNGlencliff High School160 Antioch Pike615-333-5070
Nashville, TNHillwood High School400 Davidson Road615-353-2025
Nashville, TNMcgavock High School3150 Mcgavock Pike615-885-8850
Nashville, TNNats, Inc176 Thompson Lane Suite 100615-333-8474
Nashville, TNNew Hope Foundation, Inc.629 Woodlawn Street615-649-3026
Nashville, TNSaint Thomas Hospital4220 Harding Road615-222-6660
Nashville, TNSash Nursing Assistant Training Program604 Gallatin Ave., Suite 107615-321-2005
Nashville, TNTennessee Technical Center100 White Bridge Road615-425-5500
Nashville, TNTennessee Technical Center921 8th Avenue South615-425-5500
New Tazewell, TNLaurel Manor Health Care Facility902 Buchanon Road423-626-8215
Newbern, TNSchool Of Caring703 W. Main Street731-627-3050
Newport, TNBen W. Hooper Vocational School210 Hedrick Drive423-623-6072
Oak Ridge, TNNhc Healthcare300 Laboratory Drive423-482-7698
Oneida, TNTennessee Technology Center180 Eli Lane423-663-4900
Paris, TNParis Healthcare & Rehab800 Volunteer Dr.731-642-2535
Paris, TNTennessee Technical Center312 S. Wilson Street731-644-7365
Parsons, TNDecatur County Manor726 Kentucky Ave731-847-6371
Pleasant Hill, TNWharton Nursing HomeP.o. Box 447931-277-3511
Portland, TNThe Bridge At Highland215 Highland Circle615-325-9263
Pulaski, TNGiles County High School200 Sheila Frost Drive931-363-8154
Pulaski, TNNhc Healthcare933 East College Street931-363-3572
Reagan, TNScotts Hill High School7871 State Route 100731-549-2900
Red Boiling Springs, TNThe Palace Nursing Home309 Main Street615-699-2238
Ridgely, TNThe Bridge At Ridgely117 North Main Street731-264-5555
Rogersville, TNSignature Healthcare Of Rogersville109 Highway 70 North423-272-3099
Rutledge, TNRidgeview Terrace Of Life Care165 Coffey Ln.865-828-5295
Savannah, TNHarbert Hills Academy Nursing Home3575 Lonesome Pine Road731-925-5495
Savannah, TNHardin County High School1170 Pickwick Street731-925-3976
Savannah, TNHardin County Nursing Home935 Wayne Road731-926-8000
Savannah, TNSavannah Health Care Center1430 Florence Road731-926-4200
Selmer, TNMcnairy County Health Care CenterHighway 64 Bypass, Box 0349731-658-7649
Sevierville, TNWalters State Community College1720 Old Newport Hwy865-774-5851
Shelbyville, TNShelbyville Central High School100 J.g. Helton Dr.931-684-1889
Shelbyville, TNTennessee Technology Center1405 Madison Street931-685-5013
Signal Mountain, TNAlexian Village Of Tennessee100 James Blvd.423-886-0101
Smithville, TNNhc Healthcare825 Fisher Ave615-597-4284
Soddy Daisy, TNSequoyah High School9517 Ridge Trail Road423-843-4707
Soddy Daisy, TNSoddy-daisy Health Care Center701 Sequoyah Road423-332-0060
Somerville, TNNhc Healthcare308 Lake Drive901-465-9861
Sparta, TNLife Care Center Of Sparta508 Moss Drive931-738-9430
Spencer, TNTennessee Technology Center337 Sparta Street931-473-5587
Spring City, TNSpring City Health Care331 Hinch Street423-365-4355
Surgoinsville, TNTennessee Technology Center323 Phipps Bend Rd.423-586-5771
Sweetwater, TNWood Presbyterian Home520 Old Highway 68423-351-1000
Tracy City, TNTennessee Technology Mcminnville - Grundy County Adult Education14377 U.s. Highway 41931-473-5587
Trenton, TNTrenton Place Care And Rehabilitation Center2036 Highway 45 Bypass731-855-4500
Tullahoma, TNTennessee Technology Shelbyville - Tullahoma High School1001 North Jackson Street931-685-5013
Union City, TNObion County Nursing Home1084 East County Home Rd.731-885-9065
Union City, TNUnion City Manor1630 East Reelfoot Avenue731-885-8095
Wartburg, TNLifecare Center Of Morgan County419 South Kingston Street423-346-6691
Waverly, TNWaverly Health Care Center895 Powers Blvd931-296-7552
Waynesboro, TNWayne Care Nursing Home505 South High Street931-722-5832
Waynesboro, TNWayne County Nursing Home104 J V Mangubat Drive931-722-3641
Waynesboro, TNWayne County Technology Center703 South Main Street931-722-5495
Westmoreland, TNWestmoreland Care And Rehabilitation Center1559 New Highway 52615-644-5111
Winchester, TNTennessee Technology Shelbyville - Frankling Co. High School833 Bypass Road931-685-5013