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It will be tough to locate competent applicants if you don’t move quickly, given the exponential rise in nursing assistant roles. State rules mandate that all CNA training programs be assessed to ensure that they comply with federal standards and requirements. Complete an authorized curriculum to get certification as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Occupational schools, community colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare institutions all offer these programs as part of their curriculum.

College and university programs should not only teach students the fundamentals of the workplace, but they should also prepare them for the difficult problems they will encounter on the job. CNA training programs are provided for free by several hospitals and healthcare institutions to those who work for them in various capacities.

The candidate must enroll in and complete 75 hours of training in order to be eligible for CNA certification in South Dakota. A total of 59 hours of classroom instruction is required, as well as 16 hours of clinical practicum under the supervision of a certified nurse or other qualified healthcare providers.

There is a broad variety of subjects covered in the classroom including fundamental medical terminology, pharmacology, medical equipment maintenance, patient safety, and cleanliness, diagnosing and treating particular illnesses, infection control strategies, and how to interact effectively with patients.

This list includes some of the most well-known CNA training facilities in South Dakota, which are state-approved.

CNA Classes in Yankton

Yankton Rural AHEC

Yankton Rural AHEC

Long-term care institutions in South Dakota are working with Yankton Rural AHEC to provide free CNA training to high school students who qualify. As a training ground for careers in healthcare, the program gives worthy students a head start in their chosen fields. To become a Certified Nursing Assistant in South Dakota, one must successfully complete this training program.

It also takes just a quarter of the time spent in school to finish the course. Both in the classroom and in the clinic, high school students learn about this state-of-art healthcare initiative. Although the CNA training is difficult, it does address several essential topics that will be useful to you in the future. Human anatomy and function, and medical terminologies specific to the nursing profession as well as senior care and communication are all covered in this course. Following the classroom instruction, you’ll get the opportunity to put what you’ve learned into practice in a real hospital setting with the help of a certified nursing assistant.

The Yankton Rural AHEC CNA training program requires high school students to be at least 16 years old and pass a criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing before they can apply. Full-time attendance and passing the tests are prerequisites for this course. The demonstration tasks will also be required of you. Free CNA training is available at Yankton Rural AHEC, which includes books, materials, and a licensing examination.

Dakota Travel Nurse

78 hours of CNA training are available through Dakota Travel Nurse, including classroom teaching, skill development exercises, and clinical practice. Participants in the institution’s training program benefit from highly-trained clinical teachers who assist create a learning atmosphere.

For those that are serious about the nursing profession, the Dakota Travel Nurse program is an excellent option. Nursing Assistants who put in the time and effort to complete their training are better prepared to deal with whatever challenges may arise in the future. Please keep in mind that there are no make-up days for late or absences in this course. To graduate and sit for the certification test, students must meet a certain grade point average. Students in this program are expected to focus on their studies and remain up-to-date with the extensive lectures, much as in other higher education programs.

For this session, students must be at least 17 years old and free of any criminal convictions in order to enroll. They should also be free of contagious illnesses. If you have a criminal history or fail to pass their drug or TB screening, Dakota Travel Nurse has the authority to deny you participation in their program. Each student must pay a $100 processing charge on top of the $700-course price. To avoid disappointment you should apply as quickly as possible and make sure to first pay the cost of the training.

CNA Classes in Sioux Falls

American Red Cross

American Red Cross Twin Cities Chapter

The American Red Cross provides training for certification as a nursing assistant. These schools provide healthcare-related training in the state of South Dakota and may prepare students for a wide range of careers in the industry. Classes, job-related training, and clinical experience are part of this curriculum. Your whole concentration will be required to complete it. On the contrary, CNA training programs often last just a few weeks, and students must maintain a minimum grade point average and not miss any classes in order to pass.

Anatomy and physiology, infection control, interpersonal skills, care for the elderly, care for the dead and dying, common medical procedures, emergency skills, and job-hunting abilities are all included in the curriculum. As soon as students have completed their classroom and skill training, they are given the opportunity to operate under the careful supervision of their teacher in a real clinical environment

American Red Cross-South Dakota CNA training is among the finest in the whole state. If you pass their certification test, you’ll have an easier time finding work. High school graduation or GED, immunization certificate, social security card, and valid picture ID are all required for admission.  In addition, a thorough background check, drug test, and TB testing are all required before employment can begin. Scholarships and grants are also offered to deserving students. You can get this information at the Financial Aid Office.

We Care Online

Nursing assistant certification is a great opportunity for many healthcare professionals, but it’s not the only one out there. As a result, the We Care Online CNA program may be a good fit for you. Students will learn the skills they need to pass the certification test and get a job after graduation. A typical training program includes 35 hours of online instruction and 40 hours of practical training in a laboratory or clinical setting. In order to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant in South Dakota, individuals must complete the state’s CNA training program and pass the required exam.

We Care Online’s CNA training curriculum is handy since it can be completed online. To take the classes, they don’t have to give up their employment or find time away from work. To get this degree, all students must do is show up for the required skills training and clinical practicums. Applicants must be at least 18 years old or have a high school degree or a GED in order to be eligible to apply for this program. As part of the application process, they must also submit to background checks, drug tests, and TB tests. Students must submit their high school diplomas in order to get accepted, but there are no further requirements. Students must also submit their applications for this class as early as feasible in order to ensure that they get a spot in it. In addition to paying $270 intuition, a student must purchase books and other supplies. Additionally, there is a fee associated with taking the actual exam.

Tri-State Nursing (Watertown)

In order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), students must complete a training program offered by Tri-State Nursing. The curriculum consists of classroom education, hands-on clinical experience, and theoretical knowledge. Attendance is mandatory for everyone who wishes to attend the course, and they must be ready for the license exam that follows. With its rigorous curriculum and small class sizes as well as competent clinical teachers, Tri-State Nursing delivers an excellent CNA training program. Students are taught by the top healthcare professionals with years of expertise in the area. After completing the certification test, they may also obtain help finding a job.

Tri-State Nursing’s CNA training course may be finished in just a few short weeks. After passing the license exam, students participating in the course may begin working immediately. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or equivalent, and have passed a criminal background check, a drug test, and proof of vaccination before being considered for admission.

Course materials, TB and physical examination costs, lab expenses, background checks, and certification testing fees are all included in the $650 cost of the CNA training. Prospective students may apply for financial aid through the school’s Financial Aid Office.

Avera Health

Avera Health

Avera is a comprehensive healthcare network that offers the same high-quality care as the nation’s largest hospitals. Over 330 sites and 100 communities have Avera providers.

Avera not only provides clinical treatment but also educates and employs healthcare workers and those who aspire to work in the industry. CNA Online Training Solutions 3.0, a hybrid curriculum, prepares students for work as a home health aide and for the South Dakota state certification test.

The 75-hour online program may be completed at your own leisure and is broken down into three modules. The first unit focuses on the 16 hours of academic training and the development of interpersonal and communication skills. Students who successfully complete Unit 1 will be able to interact with patients. In Unit 2, clinical skills are the emphasis. Avera’s principal teacher or an RN instructor from a healthcare institution will provide the clinical training, which will last 16 hours. Soft skills training in Unit 3 is critical to boosting patient satisfaction and assimilating into the healthcare team. The 8-hour skills lab is taught through demonstrations by the teacher and follow-up demonstrations by the students.

A computer with internet access, a copy of the South Dakota CNA Candidate Handbook, and Adobe Acrobat Reader version 9 or above are required for the course.

Nursing assistants who complete the course will be ready to enter the workforce and pass the state’s certification test. In addition, it helps students comprehend their job as nursing assistants, including ethical and legal consequences, residents’ rights, and infection prevention and control, as well as the importance of infection prevention.

Call (605-668-8475) or send an email to with the subject “CNA Training Programs” to the Primary Teacher at Avera Education & Staffing Solutions.

Career and Technical Education Academy (CTE Academy)

Career and Technical Education Academy (CTE Academy)

The Sioux Falls School District owns and operates CTE Academy. Students in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades have access to advanced career training at the school. In order to be eligible for these training programs, students should begin taking preparatory classes in the 9th grade. The school district’s main high schools provide these beginning courses. There is no need for students to leave their current high school. Only a two-hour block lesson at the CTE Academy is required during school hours.

In order to sit for the South Dakota State CNA test, a student must pass Health Careers I and II. Health Careers I is provided to 11th and 12th-grade students for a complete semester. The training serves as an introduction to various healthcare occupations. A fundamental patient care, professionalism, cooperation, and critical thinking are taught and shown to students. Specific themes cover anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, clinical knowledge, and vocabulary. Students will visit hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities on field visits and hear from guest lecturers.

One semester of Health Careers II is available to students in 11th and 12th grade. There will be sessions for learning CPR and first aid. Human growth and development, surgical equipment and safety, dentistry, and pharmacology are all covered in this course. Students will use journals and research papers to apply their past understanding of medical terminology throughout a 10-week internship.

You need to contact the CTE Academy directly by phone (605-367-5504) or email their Program Coordinator, Sarah Stokke at

Southeast Technical Institute

Southeast Technical Institute

With over 50 different career-building programs, Southeast Tech was ranked the 13th best community college and 21st best value in 2016. If you’re searching for a local school that can help you get a fantastic career and build a solid foundation for your future, they may be an excellent option.

Certifications & Professional Education Department courses include the Certified Nurse’s Assistant (CNA) program, which consists of three credits of instruction. These include lectures, laboratory practice, and clinical experience.

Every aspect of working with patients and residents in an LTC facility will be covered in this course. The course material is substantial and well-researched. It also includes subjects such as anatomical principles, infection control procedures, and nutrition for nursing assistants, as well as how to handle emergency scenarios. And you’ll get to spend more time with the elderly. For certification, students must complete 16 hours of clinical practice after completing the teaching program.

Because of the small class size, you will get more personalized attention. The clinical teachers have decades of medical expertise and can provide a well-informed opinion on the subject. Those who choose to pursue a career as a nursing assistant learn to be self-reliant, capable, and well-versed in a wide range of tasks.

The age of entry is 16 years old. To participate in the externship program provided by healthcare institutions, you’ll need to pass a drug test and a background check. Local testing facilities may do the Non-DOT 5 panel drug test and background checks. Verified Credentials, Inc. conducts the background check using their “QualifiedFirst” technology. Students in the one-semester program get access to lectures and a list of useful medical resources.

Southeast Technical College may be reached by phone at (605)367-7624 or online at (605)367-7624.

There are a number of additional healthcare institutions that may provide CNA training on occasion, including Sanford Health, Lutheran Good Samaritan Society, Interim Healthcare, Bethany Home Sioux Falls, LifeScape, and Primrose Retirement Communities.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in South Dakota

Aberdeen , SDAberdeen Health & Rehabilitation 1700 North Hwy 281605-225-7315
Aberdeen , SDAvera Mother Joseph Manor 1002 North Jay Street605-622-5850
Aberdeen , SDBethesda Home Of Aberdeen 1224 S. High Street605-225-7580
Aberdeen , SDPrairie Heights Healthcare 400 8th Ave Nw605-225-2550
Alcester , SDAlcester Care & Rehab 101 Church Street Po Box 500605-934-2011
Arlington , SDArlington Care & Rehab Center 120 Care Center Road Po Box 280605-983-5796
Armour , SDArmour Health & Rehab Center106 Braddock605-724-2911
Belle Fourche, SDBelle Fourche Healthcare Community 2200 13th Ave605-723-0204
Beresford , SDBethesda Of Beresford 606 W. Cedar605-763-2050
Bowdle , SDBowdle Healthcare 8001 W. 5th Street605-285-6391
Bridgewater , SDDiamond Care Center Po Box 300605-729-2525
Bristol , SDSun Dial Manor Inc 410 2nd St Po Box 337605-492-3615
Britton , SDWheatcrest Hills 1311 Vander Horck St. Po Box 939605-448-2251
Brookings , SDBrookings High School Career & Technical Education Center 530 Elm Ave605-696-4760
Brookings , SDNeighborhoods At Brookview 2421 Yorkshire Drive605-696-8700
Brookings , SDUnited Living Community 405 1st Ave605-692-5351
Bryant , SDBryant Parkview Care Center 303 W 6th Ave Po Box 247605-628-2771
Canistota , SDGood Samaritan Society - Canistota 700 W Main St605-296-3442
Canton , SDGood Samaritan Society - Canton 1022 N Dakota St605-987-2696
Centerville , SDCenterville Care & Rehab 500 Vermillion Street605-563-2251
Chamberlain , SDSanford Chamberlain Care Center300 South Byron Blvd605-234-6518
Clear Lake, SDGood Samaritan Society - Deuel County913 Col Pete St605-874-2159
Corsica , SDGood Samaritan Society - Corsica 455 N Dakota Ave605-996-5467
Dell Rapids, SDDells Nursing And Rehab Center 1400 Thresher Drive605-428-5478
Desmet , SDGood Samaritan Society - Desmet 411 Calumet Ave Nw605-854-3327
Eagle Butte, SDMedicine Wheel Village 24266 1 Airport Rd Po Box 800605-964-8155
Elk Point, SDPrairie Estates Healthcare Community 600 S Franklin Po Box 486605-356-2622
Estelline , SDEstelline Nursing & Care Center 205 Fjerestad Ave Po Box Bo605-873-2278
Eureka , SDAvera Eureka Health Care Center 202 J Ave Po Box 40605-284-2145
Faulkton , SDFaulkton Senior Living 1401 Pearl Street605-598-6214
Flandreau , SDRiverview Health Care Community 611 E 2nd Avenue605-997-2481
Freeman , SDOakview Terrace 510 East 8th St Po Box 370605-925-4000
Gettysburg , SDAvera Oahe Manor 700 E. Garfield Ave605-765-2461
Gregory , SDAvera Rosebud Country Care 300 Park Ave605-835-8296
Highmore , SDHighmore Health 410 8th St Se605-852-2255
Hot Springs, SDFall River Health Services 1201 Hwy 71 South605-745-8910
Hot Springs, SDMjf South Dakota Veterans Home 2500 Minnekahta Avenue605-745-5127
Howard , SDGood Samaritan Society - Howard 300 W Hazel Ave605-772-4481
Hudson , SDHudson Care And Rehab 720 Parkway605-984-2244
Huron , SDIndependent Health Solutions 1500 Dakota Ave S.605-352-4463
Huron , SDSunquest Healthcare Center1345 Michigan Ave Sw605-352-8471
Huron , SDViolet Tschetter Memorial Home 507th St Se605-352-8533
Irene , SDIrene Sunset Manor 129 E Clay St605-263-3318
Kadoka , SDKadoka Nursing Home 605 Maple St Po Box 310605-837-2270
Lake Andes, SDLake Andes Senior Living 740 East Lake Po Box 130605-487-7071
Lemmon , SDFive Counties Nursing Home 405 6th Ave West Po Box 479605-374-3871
Lennox , SDGood Samaritan Society - Lennox 404 E 6th Ave605-647-2251
Madison , SDBethel Lutheran Home 1001 S. Egan Ave605-256-4539
Marion , SDTieszen Memorial Home Inc 312 E State St605-648-3611
Martey , SDIhanktonwan Community College P.o. Box 295605-384-3997
Martin , SDBennett County Hospital & Nursing HomePo Box 70 D605-685-6622
Menno , SDMenno-olivet Care Center 402 S Pine St605-387-5139
Milbank , SDSt Williams Care Center 103 N Viola St605-432-5811
Miller , SDGood Samaritan Society - Miller 421 E 4th St605-853-2701
Mission , SDSinte Gleska University Po Box 105 101 Antelope Lake Circle605-856-8284
Mitchell , SDAvera Brady Health & Rehab 500 S. Ohlman605-996-7701
Mitchell , SDDakota Wesleyan University 1200 W. University Ave605-995-2727
Mitchell , SDFiresteel Healthcare Community 1120 E. 7th Ave605-996-6526
Mobridge , SDMobridge Care Center & Rehab 1100 4th Ave E Po Box 937605-845-7201
Nemo , SDBoxelder Job Corps 22023 Job Corps Place Po Box 110605-348-3636
New Underwood, SDGood Samaritan Society - New Underwood 412 S Madison605-754-6499
Parkston , SDAvera Bormann Manor 401 W. Glynn Drive605-928-3384
Philip , SDPhilip Health Services, Inc Box 790605-859-2511
Pierre , SDAvera Maryhouse Long Term Care 717 E. Dakota Ave605-224-3163
Pierre , SDBhhc - Pierre Care And Rehab Center950 E Park Street605-224-8628
Platte , SDPlatte Care Center Avera Po Box 200605-337-3131
Rapid City, SDBhhc Training Center 4624 Creek Drive Suite 5605-519-5657
Rapid City, SDGood Samaritan Socety St. Martin Village 4825 Jericho Way605-343-1919
Rapid City, SDGreat Plains Tribal Chairmen's Health Board 1770 Rand Rd605-721-1922
Rapid City, SDPeaceful Pines Senior Living 1760 Tablerock Rd605-209-0209
Rapid City, SDThe Village At Skyline Pines 1050 Fairmont Blvd605-791-5121
Rapid City, SDWelcov-fountain Springs Healthcare Community2000 Wesleyan Blvd605-343-3555
Rapid City, SDWesthills Village/clarkson Health Care255 Texas Street605-342-0255
Redfield , SDBhhc - Redfield, Groton, Ipswich 1015 E 3rd St605-472-2288
Redfield , SDEastern Star Home 126 W 12th Ave605-472-2255
Salem , SDSalem Care & Rehabilitation Center 500 Colonial Drive605-425-2203
Scotland , SDGood Samaritan Society - Scotland 130 6th Street605-583-2216
Selby , SDGood Samaritan Society - Selby 4861 Lincoln Ave605-649-7663
Sioux Falls, SDAvera Prince Of Peace 4500 S Prince Of Peace Place605-322-5604
Sioux Falls, SDBethany Home Sioux Falls & Brandon 1901 S. Holly605-338-2351
Sioux Falls, SDGood Samaritan Communities Of Sioux Falls: Center, Village, Luther Manor, Memory Care401 W 2nd St605-336-1997
Sioux Falls, SDGrand Living At Lake Lorraine 2815 S Westlake Dr605-799-1900
Sioux Falls, SDLifescape 2501 W. 26th Street605-444-9556
Sioux Falls, SDPrimrose Retirement Communities 7400 S Louise Ave605-334-9100
Sioux Falls, SDSioux Falls Career & Technical Education Academy 4700 West Career Circle605-367-5504
Sioux Falls, SDSoutheast Technical Institute 2320 N. Career Ave605-367-5721
Sisseton , SDTekakwitha Living Center 6 E Chestnut St605-698-7693
Spearfish , SDSandstone Senior Living 2010 Windmill Dr605-642-4910
Spearfish , SDWelcov : David Dorsett Healthcare Community1020 North 10th Street605-642-2716
Sturgis , SDAspen Grove Assisted Living - Welcov 2065 Moose Drive605-720-4738
Sturgis , SDSturgis Regional Senior Care 2140 Junction Ave605-720-2490
Tyndall , SDGood Samaritan Society - Tyndall 2304 Laurel St605-589-3350
Vermillion , SDSanford Vermillion Care Center 125 South Walker St605-677-3693
Viborg , SDPioneer Memorial Nursing Home 15 N Washington St Box 368605-326-5190
Wagner , SDGood Samaritan Society - Wagner 515 W Hwy 46605-384-3661
Watertown , SDBhhc - Watertown, Milbank, Clark, Lake Norden415 4th Ave Ne605-886-8431
Watertown , SDJenkins Living Center 215 S Maple St605-886-1466
Watertown , SDLake Area Technical Institute 1201 Arrow Ave Po Box 730605-882-5284
Webster , SDBethesda Home 129 W Hwy 12605-345-3331
Wessington Springs, SDWeskota Manor Avera 608 1st St Ne605-539-1621
White Lake, SDAurora Brule Nursing Home 408 S. Johnston Street605-249-2216
Wichita , SDWecare Online 601 E Douglas, Suite 112888-932-2501
Wilmot , SDWilmot Care Center 501 4th St605-938-4418
Winner , SDWinner Regional Healthcare Center 745 E 8th St605-842-7100
Woonsocket , SDPrairie View Healthcare Community 401 1st Avenue605-796-4467
Yankton , SDAvera Cna Education & Staffing Online Training 1000 W. 4th Street Suite 9605-668-8475
Yankton , SDAvera Sr. James Care Center 2111 W. 11th605-655-1600
Yankton , SDSouth Dakota Human Services Center 3515 N Broadway Po Box 7600605-668-8100