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In South Carolina, Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs) play an important role in patient care. They carry out routine chores that assist keep your patients satisfied and your healthcare center functioning efficiently. They are not only in charge of keeping patients safe, but they may also monitor medical histories and vital indicators such as infections, heart rate, and blood pressure. Because Certified Nursing Assistants are in great demand in many South Carolina institutions, the state government encourages all eligible persons to attend a short course and join the developing profession.

South Carolina provides a number of CNA training courses that fulfill federal criteria and rules set by the state’s Department of Health and Human Services. To become a certified nursing assistant in the state, you may enroll in one of these recognized programs. Community colleges, vocational institutions, high schools, nursing facilities, and online programs given by distance education schools provide these programs across the state. The chances they present make it simple to gain new skills and information.

Graduates of the CNA program who wish to work in healthcare must pass a certification test to prove that they are competent in their profession (NNAAP). This test is divided into two parts. A written exam comprises of 70 multiple-choice questions designed to test technical comprehension, as well as an exam in which you must demonstrate your knowledge of the clinical practices you learned throughout the training process. Pearson Vue created this test, which is conducted by Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation Service.

South Carolina CNA applicants have three chances to pass the final certification test. They will have to restart the training course if they fail. Those who want to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in South Carolina must renew their certification every 24 months and complete 8 hours of training every year. The licensing charge is $25.

Trainees must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED. To be authorized by the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, certain programs need an extra background check and training papers.

Before becoming a CNA, a student must complete 40 hours of classroom instruction and clinical training. Both must be completed within the time range specified by South Carolina’s authorized training program and the OBRA criteria.

The education program provides training seminars on a broad range of subjects, including fundamental medical terminology, pharmacology, and medical equipment, as well as patient communication and rights. The curriculum includes all you need to know to properly care for your patients, including extra hands-on training for illness detection, treatment, and preventative alternatives. A candidate will be better equipped to work in the area of nursing after completing the training program. You may then use that certificate to take a national certification test and get certified in your state of residency.

The following schools and healthcare facilities provide state-approved nursing assistant training:

CNA Classes in Columbia

Carolina Nursing Assistant Program AcademyCarolina Nursing Assistant Program Academy

Carolina Nursing assistant program Academy provides short-term nursing and related area courses that generally enable students to acquire their certification in 4-6 weeks. The curriculum blends classroom education with hands-on clinical experience, all while being guided and supported by the top clinical teachers. Individuals are also not required to sacrifice their employment or other responsibilities due to the program’s scheduling. However, it is essential not to disregard your responsibilities since the needed number of hours for training must be reached.

CNA training programs are often thoroughly developed, incorporating themes such as relevant nursing knowledge. This literature covers a wide range of subjects, including anatomy and physiology, infection control, medical terminology, and everyday living activities. You must work on these issues in order to deliver the greatest possible treatment. Prospective students should examine what they are capable of handling (physical demands, lifting and carrying heavy items, work responsibilities) and ensure that they are physically competent to fulfil the needed jobs. Before the training begins, a criminal background check is also performed. Still, the class number is limited, early candidates will secure a seat.

Carolina Nursing Assistant Program Academy is a fantastic institution that provides a low-cost CNA training program in South Carolina. Scholarships and grants are also available to qualified persons. You may get more information about this by visiting their Financial Aid Office.

Midlands Technical College

Midlands Technical College

Midlands Technical College offers a course that might take up to 112 hours to complete. People who desire to work as healthcare practitioners may enroll in this course and study the fundamentals of nursing care. It is accessible online and at a long-term care institution via a combination of classroom teaching, simulated laboratory care, and clinical practicum. The Certified Nursing Assistant training package has been authorized by DHHS and is intended to prepare students for the Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation Services Exam. The course is challenging, and all participants are asked not to miss any lessons.

Aspiring nursing assistants may get high-quality training at Midlands Technical College. Classes are provided by clinical instruction specialists who have the qualifications to teach CNAs in patient anatomy. The rooms are outfitted with all of the current technology required to practice materials in a safe and supportive atmosphere before being placed in a real clinical scenario. To participate in the CNA training, prospective students must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent and must pass a drug test, TB test, and criminal background check. Other program requirements will be discussed in the school.

The Certified Nursing Assistant training program is available all year. Tuition aid options are available via the school’s Financial Aid office for those with flexible class schedules, financial difficulties, or competitive admittance.

Columbia Hands of Hope

Columbia Hands of Hope is an excellent alternative if you’re seeking certified and dependable CNA training. This institution will ensure that you get a high-quality education that will equip you to be a success in your chosen career. The course is 100 hours in length, including 60 hours of classroom teaching in the first semester. It also includes 40 hours of supervised clinical practice with students at their facilities, which is included in the tuition. Columbia Hands of Hope offers clinical teachers that will accompany their students through every stage of the process, including dealing with curriculum modifications and changes in curriculum. They are also given one-on-one instruction to guarantee that they achieve success in their CNA profession.

For its Nursing Assistant training program, Columbia Hands of Hope only accepts a small number of students. The aspirants must be at least 17 years old and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent to be eligible for consideration. Additionally, they must be able to lift or move at least 30 pounds of weight and possess writing, speaking, and reading skills equivalent to those of a student in the eighth grade in English. Students must be able to withstand the extensive training and classroom knowledge that is required to become certified nursing assistants (CNAs).

CNA Classes in North Charleston

Trident Technical College

Trident Technical College

Trident Technical College provides a Nursing Assistant training program that allows students to get certified and work as Nursing Assistants in a variety of healthcare settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, and others. To help you become a certified nursing assistant, the program provides students with intensive instruction from the greatest teachers as well as hands-on clinical experience. The class is small, and each student receives personalized teaching. Graduates will be better prepared for the certification test and have a greater probability of being employed.

Students interested in the CNA training program at Trident Technical College will be admitted based on when they apply. As a result, all candidates should apply as soon as possible in order to be considered for one of these courses. Training and certification are critical components of the requirements for employment. A high school diploma or GED equivalent, evidence of vaccination, a social security card, a valid picture ID, drug screening, and tuberculosis testing are all required. In order to apply for the course, you must first attend a required orientation session. Because the program has a limited number of class hours, students must prevent causing absences and laziness.

Even if they can’t pay the tuition, students with financial restrictions are typically able to complete their graduate degrees. Scholarships and scholarships are offered to individuals who meet the criteria. The institution offers programs for qualifying students from low-income households. These funds are available to qualified students via the Financial Aid Office.

CNA Classes in Greenville

Ignite Healthcare Institute

Ignite Healthcare Institute

Certified Nursing Assistants may be trained at Ignite Healthcare Institute. The curriculum consists of 100 hours of teaching, 60 hours of classroom training, and four extra clinical hours. Ignite Healthcare Institute provides a rigorous, comprehensive training program that will help you prepare for your certification test. During their training, students should commit to working full-time. This guarantees that you have all of the abilities required to pass the test and achieve your goal of being a certified nursing assistant. All of the modules in this curriculum are vital and guarantee that students acquire medical language so that they may assess patients competently. Following the completion of the lectures, students are placed in clinical settings where they may offer direct care to patients/residents.

To participate in the CNA program, applicants must be able to read, write, and speak English at the 8th-grade level. They should also have a high school diploma or GED equivalent and a clean criminal record. To perform his or her duties, the nurse must be in good mental and physical condition, as well as be able to lift, push, and transfer patients weighing at least 30 pounds. The program’s tuition includes $725 in materials, which includes a test book, a written lesson plan, and state requirements for CPR certification. Students should check with their Financial Aid Office to determine if they are qualified for any scholarships or grants to assist them to pay for their tuition.

NHC Healthcare Greenville

NHC Healthcare Greenville

Nursing assistant certifications and training are available at NHC Healthcare Greenville if you don’t have the money or means to go to nursing school. Finding a career as a CNA may be made easier with the aid of this facility. In this respect, the course is no different from any other classroom course. A clinical practicum and clinical application are both included in this program’s training components. Participants in this healthcare course must be able to adapt and deal with the fast-paced and demanding curriculum in order to begin a career in healthcare.  A lot of time and work is required to prepare for each lesson in the course.

To be successful in the free CNA training program, potential candidates must have a strong desire to work with the elderly. They must also show a desire to collaborate with the rest of your healthcare team and a positive outlook. Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, and they must pass a background check and a health test in order to be considered. As a condition of acceptance into NHC Healthcare Greenville’s CNA program, candidates must promise to work thereafter passing the license exam. Uniforms, transportation, and classroom training are all provided by the institution.

CNA Classes in Anderson

Forrest College

Forrest College

To prepare students for a career in nursing, Forrester College provides a Nursing Assistant training program. Under the guidance of a professional teacher, assistants learn these crucial skills in the classroom. Programs for advanced study in the area of nursing assistants are available at the institution. Two options are available: a six-week non-credit continuing education program and a six-month credit program that needs a lot of hours of intense and supervised training.

Students who complete the six-month certificate program are eligible for college credit in Allied Health. Medical Assisting students may pursue a wide range of occupations in the medical industry, depending on which one they want to pursue.

Fast track entrance into the nursing assistant profession is provided via the continuing education course. This course includes 100 hours of classroom and clinical instruction. It touches on a wide range of topics, including mental health, the rights of residents, and more. After completing their clinical training, students begin working in a nursing home.

In order to become certified, graduates of the program must pass an examination administered by the state. S.C. Health and Human Services have given its approval to the course. Nursing facility patients in South Carolina are only eligible to receive direct care from CNAs who are registered with the South Carolina Nurse Aide Registry (SCNAR).

A criminal background check and a high school diploma or equivalent are required for all attendees. They may also pay an application fee of $25 and complete satisfactory financial arrangements for the first day of class.

CNA Classes in Dillon

Dillon County Technology Center

Dillon County Technology Center

Dillon County Technological Center provides a four-course health science curriculum that will prepare students for a job as a Certified Nursing Assistant upon graduation.

The first course will provide you with an introduction to healthcare history, infection control, medical arithmetic, personal health decisions, and the fundamentals of how healthcare institutions are structured. This course focuses on an introduction to health occupations, employability skills, and professional growth. It will educate you about the aspects that influence their performance in this industry, such as personal characteristics and professionalism. This course prepares students for future clinical experiences in the second semester, but they must get a score of 75% or above to progress.

The second course, “Health Science 2,” expands on topics covered in the previous course, such as infection control, “Transmission Based Precautions,” OSHA, HIPPA, and the CDC. It also covers advanced study of this material, with a focus on the particular characteristics of health science. This course teaches students how to record vital signs, take data notes, analyze important cases in health care legislation and ethics, enroll in basic patient care skills courses, acquire medical terminology, and learn about pharmacology. CPR and First Aid courses are available. To go to the following course, you must have a score of 75% or above.

The third subject, “Health Sciences 3,” covers the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology, as well as bodily systems and structures. Students will get practical experience in the classroom via projects and activities. They’ll also go over everything they learned in Health Sciences 1 and 2!

The last course is a clinical study course in which students will learn about patient care and other vital areas of health and wellbeing. You should seek help from the school’s work-based learning coordinators on how to get kids started with these possibilities. The tasks in the course are meant to help you put what you’ve learned into practice. You must have CPR, HIPPA, and OSHA safety measures training in order to attend this session.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in South Carolina

Abbeville, SCAbbeville Career Center (Hst)100 Old Calhoun Falls Road864-366-9069
Aiken, SCAiken Technical College, Credit2276 Jefferson Davis Hwy Po Box 696803-508-7280
Allendale, SCDenmark Technical College, Cont. Ed.-allendale Site 301 Main Street803-793-5153
Anderson, SCAnderson V Career & Technology1225 S. Mcduffie Street864-260-5160
Anderson, SCForrest College 601 East River St.864-225-7653
Anderson, SCNhc - AndersonPo Box 1327 1501 East Greenville864-226-8356
Anderson, SCRichard M. Campbell Veterans Nursing Home4605 Belton Hwy864-261-6734
Batesburg-leesville, SCLexington County School District Three Life Long Learning Center101 West Columbia Avenue803-532-2141
Beaufort, SCTechnical College Of The Low CountryPo Box 1288843-525-8368
Bennettsville, SCMarlboro County High School951 Fayetteville Avenue843-479-5900
Bishopville, SCLee County Career & Technology Center1800 Wisacky Highway803-428-4633
Blackville, SCBarnwell County Career Center, Health Occupations5214 Reynolds Road803-259-5512
Bluffton, SCHome Health Academy14 Westburry Parkway843-837-3041
Blythewood, SCWestwood High School180 Turkey Farm Road803-691-4049
Camden, SCProfessional Development And Training Services1000 York Street803-420-1930
Chapin, SCChapin High School300 Columbia Avenue803-575-5400
Charleston, SCTrident Technical College - Continuing EducationPo Box 118067843-574-6687
Cheraw, SCCheraw High School 649 Highway #9843-921-1000
Cheraw, SCNortheastern Technical College-dillon Site1201 Chesterfield Hwy843-921-6925
Chester, SCChester County CareerCenter 1324 Ja Cochran Bypass803-377-1991
Chesterfield, SCChesterfield High School 401 North Page Street843-623-2161
Chesterfield, SCNortheastern Technical College1201 Chesterfield Highway843-921-6900
Clinton, SCClinton High School800 N. Adair Street864-833-0817
Clinton, SCNhc – Clinton Po Box 727864-833-2550
Clover, SCClover High School (Hst) 1625 E. Hwy 55803-222-4591
Columbia, SCAllheart Allied Health Education Center N.a.t.p.7356 Garner Ferry Rd. Suite 221803-834-5017
Columbia, SCC.a. Johnson Health Science (Magnet)2219 Barhamville Road803-929-3877
Columbia, SCCarolina Medical Training Institute2430 Atlas Road803-381-5768
Columbia, SCCarolina Nursing Assistant Program Academy2712 Middleburg Drive Suite 222803-361-8747
Columbia, SCC.m. Tucker, Jr. Nurse Aide Training Program2200 Harden Street803-935-5715
Columbia, SCColumbia Hands Of Hope1812 Washington Street803-731-7800
Columbia, SCColumbia High School – Hst1701 Westchester Drive803-731-8965
Columbia, SCHeyward Career & Technology Center3560 Lynhaven Drive803-735-3343
Columbia, SCMidlands Technical College, Continuing EducationPo Box 2408803-732-5231
Columbia, SCRichland Northeast High School7500 Brookfield Road803-699-2800
Columbia, SCRidge View High School 4801 Hard Scrabble Road803-699-2999
Columbia, SCMidlands Technical College In Fairfield CountyP.o. Box 2408803-732-5231
Conway, SCAcademy For Technology & Academics5639 Highway 701 North843-488-6600
Conway, SCHorry-georgetown Technical College-conway Adult Education1620 Sherwood Dr.843-477-2026
Conway, SCHorry-georgetown Technical CollegePo Box 261966 2050 Hwy 501 E.843-347-3186
Conway, SCProfessional Medical Training Center, Llc1610-n Church Street843-678-9135
Cope, SCCope Area Career Center – Hst6052 Slab Landing Road803-534-7661
Darlington, SCThe Darlington County Institute Of Technology160 Pinedale Drive843-398-4796
Darlington, SCMedford Nursing Center 105 Medford Drive843-398-7000
Denmark, SCDenmark Technical Collegecont. Ed.-barnwell SiteP.o. Box 327803-993-9031
Denmark, SCDenmark Technical College Nursing DivisionP.o. Box 327 1126 Solomon Blatt Blvd., Science Bldg. 028803-793-5139
Dillon, SCDillon County Technology CenterPo Box 1130 Highway 9 East843-774-5143
Dorchester, SCDorchester County Career School507 Schoolhouse Road843-563-2361
Duncan, SCSpartanburg Community College-tyger River Campus1875 E. Main Hwy 290864-591-3904
Easley, SCOrianna Nurse Aide Training Center101 Grace Drive864-269-3725
Fairfax, SCAllendale-fairfax High School3581 Allendale-fairfax Hwy803-584-2311
Florence, SCFlorence Career Center126 East Howe Springs Rd.843-664-8465
Florence, SCFlorence-darlington Technical College—main2715 W. Lucas Street843-661-8120
Florence, SCFlorence Darlington Technical College- Boost 320 West Cheves Street843-661-8179
Florence, SCWilson High School1411 Old Marion Highway843-669-4141
Florence, SCProfessional Medical Training Center2204-f Second Loop Road843-678-9135
Gaffney, SCCherokee Technology Center3206 Cherokee Avenue864-206-2576
Gaffney, SCSpartanburg Community College Nursing Divisioncherokee Campus523 Chesnee Hwy.864-206-2700
Georgetown, SCGeorgetown High School (H/o)Po Box 1778 2500 Anthuan Maybank Dr.843-546-5317
Georgetown, SCHorry-georgetown Technical College At Georgetown4003 South Fraser St.843-546-8406
Gilbert, SCGilbert High School840 Main Street803-821-1900
Goose Creek, SCGoose Creek Hs1137 Red Bank Road843-553-5300
Greenville, SCBerea High School201 Burdine Drive864-355-1600
Greenville, SCDonaldson Career Center 100 Vocational Drive864-355-4650
Greenville, SCGolden Strip Career Center 1120 E Butler Road864-355-1065
Greenville, SCGreenville Technical College, Continuing EducationPo Box 5616864-250-8405
Greenville, SCIgnite Healthcare Institute 348 Feaster Rd, Suite F864-458-3590
Greenville, SCLegacy 622-c Easley Hwy.864-616-0183
Greenville, SCNational Health Care Mauldin850 East Butler Road864-675-6421
Greenwood, SCG. Frank Russell Career & Technology Center601 East Northside Drive864-9415750
Greenwood, SCPiedmont Technical College, Continuing EducationPo Box 1467 Emerald Rd.864-941-8324
Greenwood, SCPiedmont Technical College Laurens SitePo Box 1467864-941-8426
Greenwood, SCPiedmont Tech Cont. Ed. At Saluda CampusP.o. Box 1467864-941-8301
Greer, SCJ. Harley Bonds Career Center505 N. Main Street864-355-8080
Greer, SCNhc Healthcare –greenville 1305 Boiling Springs Road864-458-7566
Greer, SCTraining For Long-term Care110 W. Church Street, Suite B864-905-5777
Hanahan, SCHanahan High School 6015 Murray Drive843-820-3710
Hilton Head, SCHealth Services 2000, Inc.11 Palmetto Parkway Suite 203843-681-5011
Hopkins, SCLower Richland High School 2615 Lower Richland Blvd.803-695-3049
Inman, SCCaring Hands6 Mill Street864-285-7389
Inman, SCSwofford Career Center 5620 Highway 11864-592-2790
Irmo, SCMidlands Technical College,7300 College Street803-732-5214
Johnston, SCStrom Thurmond Career Center17 Par Drive803-275-1767
Kingstree, SCKingstree Senior High School615 Martine Luther King Avenue843-355-6525
Kingstree, SCWilliamsburg Technical College601 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd843-355-4138
Lake City, SCFlorence-darlington Technical College – Lake City Site278 West Cole Street843-394-7233
Lake City, SCPee Dee Medical Training Center115 North Matthews Road843-374-0070
Lake Wylie, SCTlc Your Way Caregivers Academy14 Executive Court803-701-7350
Lancaster, SCMid-carolina Ahec1824 Highway 9 Bypass West803-286-4121
Lancaster, SCBuford High School4290 Tabernacle Road803-286-7068
Lancaster, SCLancaster Hs Career Center625 Normandy Road803-285-7404
Laurens, SCLaurens District 55- Hst 5058 Hwy. 76 West864-682-3151
Laurens, SCNhc – Laurens301 Pinehaven St. Ext. Po Box 1259864-984-6584
Lexington, SCLexington Technology Center - Hst2421 Augusta Hwy.803-358-2900
Lexington, SCRiver Bluff High School320 Corley Mill Road803-821-0700
Lexington, SCWhite Knoll Hs5643 Platt Springs Rd.803-821-5200
Liberty, SCPickens County Career & Technology Center990 Chastain Road864-397-4500
Manning, SCF.e. Dubose Career Center 3351 Sumter Hwy.803-473-2531
Mcbee, SCMcbee High School264 E. Pine Ave. Hwy 151 P.o. Box 218843-335-6766
Mccormick, SCMccormick High School6981 Sc-28864-852-2302
Moncks Corner, SCPruitt Health- Moncks Corner505 South Live Oak Drive843-761-8868
Monetta, SCRidge Spring –monetta High School10 Jp Kneece Road803-685-2100
Moore, SCR.d. Anderson Applied Technology Center (Hst)1151 Moore-duncan Hwy Po Box 248864-576-5020
Mt. Pleasant, SCWando High School 1000 Warrior Way843-884-6857
Murrell Inlet, SCNhc Garden City9405 Highway 17 Bypass843-650-2213
Myrtle Beach, SCGrand Strand Medical Center809 82nd Center Parkway843-692-1394
Myrtle Beach, SCHorry-georgetown Technical College-myrtle Beach Campus743 Hemlock Avenue843-477-2044
Newberry, SCNewberry County Career Center3413 Main Street P.o. Box 799803-321-2674
Norcross, SCPruitt Health- Estill1626 Jergens Court803-625-3852
North Augusta, SCPruitt Health- North Augusta1200 Talisman Drive803-278-2170
North Charleston, SCP.a.t.c.h. Career Institute1818 Norwood Street843-744-1249
Orangeburg, SCOrangeburg-calhoun Technical College3250 St. Matthews Road803-535-1381
Orangeburg, SCOrangeburg District 5 (Five) Technology Center3720 Magnolia Street803-536-4473
Pageland, SCCentral High School 200 Zion Church Road843-672-6115
Pelion, SCPelion High School Health Science Technology600 Lydia Drive803-894-2100
Pendleton, SCTri-county Technical College – EasleyPo Box 587864-646-1725
Pendleton, SCPendleton High School7324 Highway 187864-403-2000
Ridgeland , SCAntioch Educational Center456 Gray’s Highway Suite 101-102843-645-9400
Ridgeland, SCBeaufort/jasper Ace-hst Program80 Low Country Drive843-987-8107
Rock Hill, SCApplied Technology Centerrock Hill2399 Main Street803-981-1100
Rock Hill, SCNurse Aide Institute Of Excellence, Llc410 S. Herlong Avenue, Suite 102704-712-7748
Rock Hill, SCYork Technical College, Continuing Education452 South Anderson Rd.803-327-8000
Saluda, SCSaluda High School Health Science Technology160 Ivory Keys Road864-445-3011
Santee, SCLake Marion High School & Technology Center3656 Tee Vee Road803-854-9213
Seneca, SCFred Hamilton Career Center - Hst100 Vocational Drive864-886-4425
Spartanburg, SCSpartanburg Community College-cherokee CampusP.o. Box 4386864-592-4904
Spartanburg, SCDaniel Morgan Technology Center201 Zion Hill Road864-579-2810
Spartanburg, SCSpartanburg Community College-nursing Division220 East Kennedy Street,864-592-4050
Spartanburg, SCSpartanburg Community CollegeP.o. Box 4386864-592-6204
St. George, SCTrident Technical College St. George5164 East John Bilton Blvd.843-574-2591
St. Matthews, SCOrangeburg-calhoun Technical College101 Courthouse Drive803-535-1380
Summerville, SCDorchester County Career School-hst Summerville Site449 Old Trolley Road843-873-5049
Sumter, SCAllheart Allied Health Education Center N.a.t.p.455 Rast Street803-773-1800
Sumter, SCCentral Carolina Technical College, Allied Health133 S. Main Street803-778-7813
Sumter, SCCentral Carolina Technical College, Continuing Education506 N. Guignard Dr.803-778-1961
Sumter, SCPathway Medical Training Services1150 Broad Street, Suite 9803-316-2656
Sumter, SCSumter County Career Center2612 Mccrays Mill Road803-481-8575
Swansea, SCSwansea High School 500 East First Street803-568-1100
Union, SCUnion County Career & Technology Center1165 Lakeside Drive864-429-1765
Varnville, SCWade Hampton High School115 Airport Road803-943-3568
Walterboro, SCColleton County High School150 Cougar Nation Drive843-782-0031
Walterboro, SCLatrice D. Ferguson School Of Nursing Assistants254 Green Pond Hwy843-538-1559
Walterboro, SCVeterans Victory House Nursing Home Of Walterboro2461 Sidneys Road843-538-3000
West Columbia, SCAirport High School1315 Boston Avenue803-822-5600
Williamston, SCAnderson Districts I & Ii Career And Technology Center702 Belton Hwy864-847-4121
Winnsboro, SCFairfield Career & Technology Center1451 Us Highway 321 North803-635-5506
York, SCFloyd D. Johnson Technology Center275 E. Alexander Love Hwy803-684-1910
York, SCWhite Oak Manor York Po Box 629803-684-0035