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Those who are unemployed in the United States could give the medical industry a try and see if it might help them find a new career.

Nurses and physicians are in constant need of the assistance of nursing assistants in order to carry out their duties. It’s not as tough or time-consuming as you would imagine becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. Aside from the fact that any San Diego CNA school must be accredited by the Aide and Technician Certification Section, there is nothing else you need to know.

A minimum of 100 hours of clinical experience and a minimum of 50 hours of classroom instruction are required for all state-approved training programs. An interview, clean criminal record, TB test, current vaccinations, and a CPR certification may be required according to the school.

Schools and training institutions in San Diego that we can suggest include the following:.

Brightwood College in San Diego

The San Diego campus of Brightwood College provides a variety of career-focused programs designed to help students be ready for life after graduation. These are courses in nursing and allied health. Brightwood’s Nursing department offers degrees in Applied Science (Associate of Science), Vocational Nursing (Diploma), and Nursing Assistant.

Students who complete the Nurse Assistant training course will be well-equipped to work as a member of a healthcare team in a long-term care facility. Students will learn about infection control and personal care skills as well as nutrition and body mechanics. They will also learn about emergency procedures and restoration treatments, as well as patient monitoring and documentation.

A total of 210 teaching hours are required for the certificate course, which is carried out over eight weeks. There are 54 hours of theory in the course. In addition, there will be 26 hours of laboratory work. 120 contact hours would be required for the clinical component.

Applicants must have completed or been working toward a high school diploma or GED, as well as meet with an admissions representative, submit all required financial aid documentation and pass a Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE) with a score of 10, be fluent in English, and have all required health exams (including a pathology test and immunization records) pass. The competition for students is intense. Admissions decisions are made based on a combination of a candidate’s rating and performance on standardized tests.

This course will set you back $4,809.20. Tuition is $4,734.20, while a $75 technology charge is required. Graduates of Brightwood College benefit from the college’s Career Development program.

California Medical College

As of 2005, CMC has been providing medical certification training courses. Physicians, nurses, industry leaders, and practitioners in their respective industries teach all of these courses.

A total of 210 hours of clinical and classroom teaching are included in the school’s Certified Nursing Assistant training course. To prepare students for certification and make them some of the greatest healthcare practitioners in the state, they will undergo this integrated training. They’ll learn from the finest in the business, including doctors, nurses, and other medical experts with decades of expertise.

The Nursing Assistant/Home Care Aide training and the Weekend Nursing Assistant Training are two of the programs that are available at CMC. Students will learn the skills necessary to work as a Nursing Assistant and a Home Health Aide in accordance with the state-mandated curriculum.

There are 170 hours in the NA program and just 40 hours in the HHA program. Clinicals are held for each component of the integrated plan. The HHA clinical would take place in a long-term care home or assisted living facility, while the NA clinical would take place in a skilled nursing facility.

There are 210 clock hours in the NA/HHA curriculum and 172 in the weekend NA program (a total of two months of instruction) (13 weeks). Every day of the week, the NA/HHA lessons are in session. Each day, classes last nine hours, with labs running from eight hours to three hours in the middle of the day. Clinicals typically last from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. every day. Sundays and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm for classroom lectures (sessions 1-6) and from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm for clinical practice (session 7) are weekends for the weekend program (sessions 7-13).

At California Medical College, the CNA training program is offered many times a year. After the program, interested students may apply for admission, but they must also ensure that they satisfy the standards. Applicants must have completed at least a high school diploma or its equivalent and must submit to a criminal background check, a drug screening, and tuberculosis (TB) test as part of the application process. Additionally, they must be able to read, write, and speak English well, as well as be able to lift at least 50 pounds. Physical exertion is a part of the duties of a nursing assistant. As a result, individuals must be prepared for the everyday pattern of their employment.

The CNA curriculum at California Medical College is offered at a very reasonable price point. There are options for students who are unable to afford their education, such as loans, grants, and scholarships. These individuals may take a CNA course without having to be concerned about the expense of tuition, thanks to a variety of financial aid options.

Fast Track Medical Training Center

Nursing students are taught the value of professionalism and respect for others at Fast Track. The school is also noted for its high-quality curriculum, which aids students in starting their careers off on the right foot by encouraging them to serve others.

Certification as a nursing assistant is available at the facility. In this course, you’ll learn the foundations of patient care, equipment, and caring. Students will also study the fundamentals of nursing, such as how to take and record vital signs, how to properly care for patients, and how to aid them with movement. Among other things, they’ll learn reporting and CPR for adults. They will also study medical language and mathematics while caring for patients.

Getting into school is easy. A completed application form and identification document (such as a driver’s license or Social Security card) are the sole requirements for admission to the institution. You must supply your own school supplies and course materials, including a second-hand watch, blood pressure cuff, and stethoscope.

The cost of the CNA training is $1,500. In order to secure your place in the class, you must pay a deposit of $500. Before the end of the semester, the remaining amount may be paid in installments. Students may also make use of the program’s job placement services to obtain jobs or further their education if they are unable to do so.

International Health Group, Inc.

In 2006, the San Diego and San Marcos campuses of the International Health Group, a nursing school, were opened. In terms of medical training, the institution is one of the most sought-after in the country.

An intensive 22-day CNA training program is offered by IHG in San Diego. First, of its kind, it’s intended to help you succeed. Basic nursing principles are taught, as are CNAs’ roles in long-term care facilities. Anatomy and physiology are just a few of the topics that students will get familiar with, as well as how to communicate effectively in the medical field. All state certification/licensure tests passed by IHG graduates are over 90%.

Weekday, weekend, and evening classes are all available. On weekday and weekend mornings, sessions run from 7 am until 3 pm, while evening classes run from 4 pm until 8 pm on weekdays and weekends respectively. It’s just Monday through Thursday that they provide evening sessions as well.

Seven days before orientation, prospective students must reserve a seat and choose a class. Students should also double-check that they’re applying to the correct program. In order to participate in IHG’s accelerator program, you’ll need to pay a $300 deposit. You’ll then be contacted by an admissions counselor via email to set up a campus visit and to finish the enrollment process.

Individual career counseling and state test preparation are also available via IHG. A number of services are available to assist LVNs to find employment within IHG’s network of businesses, including LVN career prep courses.

Pacific Health Educational Center

In San Diego, the Pacific Health Educational Center (PHEC) is a top CNA school. Only a few institutions have been able to keep their CNA state certification test pass percentage so high. The school was founded in 2010 and provides healthcare education that is provided by attentive teachers and staff members.

PHEC’s main training course is the 22-day Accelerated Nursing Assistant Program. The curriculum is regulated by the state. In a long-term care facility, students learn the fundamentals of nursing care, such as patient assessment and care planning. A collaboration between PHEC and San Diego Post-Acute Center allows students to get hands-on experience in a variety of clinical settings, including subacute care, rehabilitation, and long-term care.

A total of 176 contact hours are required to complete the course. Students have the option of taking classes during the week or on the weekends. Lessons take place Monday through Friday during the week and on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the weekend.

There are a few things you need to bring with you when you apply: a valid driver’s license or state-issued ID, your Social Security number or card, and a $575 down payment. First-come, first-served is the only way to enroll.

In order to attend, students must pay $1,875. PHEC guarantees that this rate is all-inclusive and free of additional charges. To name just a few extras: a BLS/CPR training class, Live Scan Fingerprinting, state exam review, and state exam testing fees, as well as other handouts and worksheets, are all included.

San Diego Continuing Education

All of SDCE’s programs are part of San Diego’s Community College District. They have a number of facilities in and around the region, and they provide non-credit certificate programs and services as well as lifetime learning. In addition to the seven campuses in San Diego, they also have outposts in other parts of the country.

SDCE’s Nurse Assistant program is one of three that prepares students for careers in the healthcare industry. Nurse Aide Training (HLTH 605) and the Home Health Aide (HLTH 606) are required for the basic Nursing Assistant program, although extra specialization/career route programs like Restorative Nurse Assistant (HLTH 608) or Acute Care Nurse Aide (HLTH 607) are also available

A 16-week course consists of 260 hours of instruction. However, the Nursing Assistant (Rehabilitative) program requires 315 hours of classroom time spread out over a period of two months and three weeks. Another option is for 404 contact hours split into a period of 19 to 33 weeks as a Nursing Assistant (Acute Care).

The application procedure is done online, and candidates must undergo orientation before they may be accepted into the school. There is a more in-depth orientation, in which admission criteria and prerequisites are outlined in more detail. On the first day of class, students must have their fingerprints live-scanted for the Live Scan requirement. In order to continue in the class, they must acquire a “cleared” outcome from this procedure.

There is no payment for career training courses, and the resources required to complete them are readily available, making them ideal for people from all socioeconomic levels. There are, however, certain costs that students must cover on their own. The anticipated cost of this certification is $400, which includes books, uniforms, CPR training and card, admissions/clinical requirements (a physical exam and a TB test), and the state certification exam.

San Diego Medical College

The main campus of San Diego Medical College is located in Chula Vista, while another is located on Miramar Road. In addition to Nurse Aide training, they provide a wide range of additional courses. In addition to this specialization, the school has competence in other fields.

A broad variety of courses are available to nurses in order to acquire the essential skills. It’s a 22-day course called the Nurse Assistant Program (176 contact hours). There are 72 hours of theory sessions, 20 hours of laboratory skills training, and 104 hours of clinical practice. Patient rights, safety, resident care, long-term care skills/procedures, emergency care skills, rehabilitation, and restorative care skills, and death/death care are just a few of the topics covered in the nursing assistant role/responsibilities course.

Hours of instruction are from eight in the morning to four in the afternoon on weekdays (clinical hours may vary according to the clinical site). Students interested in taking evening classes at the San Diego Medical College campus in Miramar or San Diego can inquire with the college directly.

Students must be 16 years old or older in order to enroll. To get into the school, they’ll need their social security card and photo ID. Applicants must also pass a medical examination, have a negative TB test result, and have their fingerprints captured using a live fingerprint scanner (the school will help them with this).

Pay the $185 registration fee and the remaining $975 in three weekly installments with interest-free financing. The cost of books, supplies, the BLS/CPR training, uniforms, and free tutoring are all included in the registration price. When fingerprinting is mandated by your state, there is no additional fee.

International Health Group, Inc. School of Nursing

Since 2006, International Health Group, Inc. School of Nursing has been providing high-quality CNAs. They have a 90% success record and guarantee to help you improve your abilities and knowledge so that you can pass the certification test. International Health Group, Inc. offers a CNA training course for those who desire to enter the healthcare industry.

Every student may fulfill their professional and academic objectives with the support of this school. In San Diego, California, aspiring CNAs are given customized education and small class sizes to help them pass the certification test and become effective healthcare professionals.

International Health Group, Inc. School of Nursing’s CNA training combines classroom and clinical experience. There is a rigorous application process that includes a criminal background check, a drug screen, and tuberculosis (TB) test. There will be a presentation on different nursing subjects necessary for CNA practice in the classroom setting. Infection prevention and control, nutrition, communication skills, and medical terminology are just a few of the topics covered in this course. Students will be introduced to a clinical environment under the guidance of a clinical teacher at the conclusion of their classroom training. In a healthcare institution, such as a nursing home or a hospital, this research will be carried out.

Kaplan College in San Diego

San Diego’s Kaplan College has a CNA training course available to those who want to begin a successful and happy career in the medical field. In addition, they learn the skills necessary to sit for the state test and pursue a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant. It’s expected that students would get through classroom education and supervised clinical practice. Since the course may be finished in a few weeks, participants should not miss or be late in order to be eligible for graduation.

In the classroom, you’ll learn about a wide range of important nursing subjects. Students must finish the required amount of hours before they may begin clinical training at a healthcare institution. During clinical practice, students will treat patients in need of healthcare service under the supervision of a clinical teacher who is a specialist in the medical area. Training in rehabilitative nursing as well as other areas like body mechanics and charting are among the topics covered and taught in this course.

Kaplan College of San Diego’s CNA training course may be paid for by using a preferred payment plan. It is possible for students to get financial assistance in the form of a loan, scholarship, or grant in order to lower their tuition and graduate debt-free. The Financial Aid Office at the school has information on these financial aid options.

Arbour Hills Nursing Facility

CNA training is available at Arbour Hills Nursing Facility, an 89-bed skilled nursing facility. They’ve been offering excellent care to their people since 1989. People who desire in becoming Certified Nursing Assistants in the state of California may now take advantage of some of the best services offered. The Arbour Hills Nursing Facility’s free Certified Nursing Assistants program is open to those who cannot afford to attend a CNA school on a regular basis. It’s a way for the institution to deal with a scarcity of nursing assistants and to inspire more competent locals to choose a career in the medical field.

Additionally, CNA training includes a mixture of classroom education and clinical experience. Students will get familiar with a wide range of nursing principles and abilities in order to better prepare for the CNA certification test and possible job as one. A high school diploma or GED is required for all program applicants, who must be at least 18 years old. To be selected for the program, they must also pass a criminal background check, drug test, and TB testing.

People who want to help others and have a desire to work at Arbour Hills Nursing Facility after being Certified Nursing Assistants are being sought. A candidate’s desire to work in healthcare will be taken into consideration throughout the interview process, which will determine whether or not they are accepted into the program. After passing the certification test, those who don’t want to work at the nursing facility will have to pay $450 for the CNA training charges.

Miracosta College

In the San Diego region, this school is well-known for its CNA educational programs. Since 1987, MiraCosta has been offering CNA training in San Diego, California. It’s advisable to apply early in the case that you get a position in the class, which only accepts 20 students. Classes are conducted twice a semester and a summer program is also available. Six weeks is all it takes to finish the normal semester program, whereas eight weeks is needed for summer classes to complete. The school provides 204 hours of instruction, of which 79 are spent in a classroom and 105 in a clinical environment.

Students who want to graduate from the program should be aware that the institution strongly opposes tardiness and lateness. In order to sit for the certification test, they must first complete the state-mandated number of classroom and clinical training hours. As shown by their excellent success rates, MiraCosta College’s CNA classes are among the finest in San Diego. As a result, they will be well-equipped to meet the demands of a career as a nursing assistant.

The cost of the CNA training course is $550, which does not include extra charges such as books, uniforms, state test fees, and so on. Students, on the other hand, have the option of applying for free educational assistance. Loans, grants, and scholarships are all available via the Financial Aid Office at MiraCosta College. All students, regardless of their financial situation, are encouraged to apply. Financial aid is limited, but if you become involved in these activities, you’ll be able to take advantage of a low-cost or free CNA program.

Palo Verde College

A short trip from San Diego can get you to Palo Verde College in Blythe, which is a worthwhile visit for anybody who lives in the area. There is a one-semester Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training course at this institution that helps the Participants with the certification test and future employment in various healthcare settings. The CNA training course at Palo Verde College has been recognized and authorized by the state. Graduates get the greatest training and education possible, enabling them to pass the licensing exam and land a full-time job immediately.

Since the institution welcomes new students every semester, prospective CNA students may enroll at any time. Additionally, candidates must pass a background check, drug test, and tuberculosis testing. Palo Verde College’s CNA training course features small class sizes and individualized teaching. Students that are accepted into the course may anticipate a challenging and practical education during their time there.

As part of their training as nursing assistants, students in the CNA program must complete numerous hours of classroom teaching. The second and final portion of the curriculum involves clinical training in a healthcare facility that is associated with the university. Students will now be interacting with real patients while being closely supervised by a clinical educator in this setting. They’ll be able to put what they’ve learned in the classroom to use in their work with patients and residents.

The CNA training program at Palo Verde College is reasonably priced. Loan, grant, and scholarship programs are available to students who are jobless or unable to afford the cost of education. Students who qualify for financial aid may take CNA training at a price that won’t strain their budgets, even if there are strings attached.

Global CNA & Healthcare Educational Center

The founders of this institution were five people who had a desire for offering high-quality healthcare education. Global CNA specializes in CNA education and offers a program that is taught in a unique way. In order to develop students’ confidence and abilities, the center seeks to assist students to succeed in the healthcare business for a lifetime