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Classes for CNAs in San Bernardino, California, are demanding and thorough, requiring students to complete both classroom and clinical training. In order to succeed in the program, students must be prepared for the demands of the profession, as well as those who must live in the program. As a CNA, you may be eligible for financial aid. In order to maintain receiving financing, it is critical that you satisfy all of the program’s conditions. Despite the fact that completing one might provide you with a promising start to your professional career.

Training in this field may be done at these recognized and authorized locations:

CNA Classes in San Bernardino

Everest College

Everest College

When searching for a training school, it is important to have specific abilities that might lead to certification as a nursing assistant. At Everest College, they believe that success can only be reached by acquiring the necessary knowledge and abilities to succeed in today’s fast-changing world. Class sizes are kept small to ensure that each student is able to fulfill their academic goals while also delivering an enjoyable and high-quality experience for all students Before you submit your online application, here are a few things you should know about this institution. Pass a background check and a drug test in order to apply. Before the admissions process even starts, they want evidence of your vaccination records.

Everest College’s CNA training curriculum consists of 50 percent classroom teaching, 25 percent skills training, and 25 percent clinical experience. In order to finish the demanding program, employees must work full-time hours. There is a pre-requisite to taking the certification test for nursing assistants: they must have passed the training course.

It is the intention of Everest College to provide its students the very finest education that it is able. They provide state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to make learning more convenient and effective. A variety of financial aid options are available to students who are having difficulty affording their college tuition. Inquiring about these possibilities may help you get positions for which you’re qualified as a consequence of the lessons you’ve acquired, including training supported by their future employers.

San Bernardino Adult School

San Bernardino Adult School

It’s important to break down your goals into smaller, more manageable tasks. Adult education at San Bernardino Adult School can help you become the CNA you’ve always wanted to be. Acute care and long-term care institutions are both good places to get a job after completing this program. They’ve been producing CNAs since 1920, therefore it’s a fantastic honor to graduate from this university and learn from seasoned professors.

The San Bernardino Adult School’s CNA training program seeks to assist displaced people, jobless parents, single mothers, and high school graduates in obtaining a low-cost and free education in the healthcare area. To be considered, you must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, and you must also pass a background check and physical examination. For the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program, there is a small class size so that each student receives personalized attention and training. Licensed nurses who have worked in the healthcare profession for many years are all of the teachers. Aspiring CNAs may rely on them for advice and support as they work toward earning their certification and finding work in the field. Graduates may also take review programs to prepare for the license.

Anyone looking to get into the healthcare field at the beginning level can consider enrolling in classes at San Bernardino Adult School. In order to teach students a wide range of nursing skills, the school has the greatest facilities. Aside from that, students who have completed the certification test may make use of other employment aid services.

 American Red Cross in San Bernardino

 American Red Cross in San Bernardino

San Bernardino’s American Red Cross provides a CNA training course to those who desire to start a career in medicine. The curriculum is taught by some of the top instructors in the field, all of whom are certified nurses. For starters, there is a lot of classroom training on anything from anatomy to physiology to infection control to medical terminology to nutrition to care for the elderly to fundamental nursing skills. In addition, they use a simulation lab to practice their new abilities. Students are exposed to a clinical environment under the guidance of an instructor towards the program’s conclusion.

With a small class size, the American Red Cross provides high-quality CNA training with the ability to provide each student individual attention. Aspiring nursing assistants benefit from taking this course. Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, as well as evidence of vaccination, to be considered for enrollment. In addition, a criminal record check, a drug test, and a TB test are all required. Participants in the training must attend an orientation session to learn more about their career and the training program.

Scholarships and grants are also available from the American Red Cross for students who meet the prerequisites for the course. Individuals who are interested in applying for financial aid may do so at the Financial Aid Office. A limited number of scholarships and awards are available to those who satisfy the eligibility requirements.

Mission Career College

Mission Career College

Students interested in a career in healthcare may enroll in Mission Career College‘s Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program. Hands-on clinical experience is the primary focus of this curriculum, which does not need any classroom training at all. In order to graduate and pass the certification test for nursing assistants, all students must devote full time to the program. A high-quality CNA training program at Mission Job College prepares students for early career success.

Anatomy and physiology, infection control, medical terminology, taking vital signs, daily living activities, caring for the elderly, and the roles and obligations of a CNA are some of the subjects and topics covered. As part of their education, students are given the chance to get hands-on experience in a clinical environment. This is done under the supervision of a clinical instructor with years of experience in the medical field.

Mission Career College’s Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training course has a solid reputation. Many of the graduates were able to pass the certification test and find work in a variety of healthcare facilities. There are a limited number of vacant positions for Certified Nursing Assistants, so those who are interested in applying must do so soon. If they want to be guaranteed a spot in the training program, they’ll have to sign up and get started within a week or two. A high school diploma or GED equivalence is required for entry, but you must also pass a criminal background check, a drug screening, and a tuberculosis test.

Several scholarship and grant programs are available to students who otherwise could not afford Mission College. These financial aid options may be found in their Financial Department.

CNA Classes in Riverside

American Red Cross in Riverside

American Red Cross in Riverside

Those interested in pursuing a career in healthcare may take advantage of a CNA training program offered by the American Red Cross in Riverside, California. The curriculum focuses on academics as well as practical training to help students pass the CNA certification test with flying colors. The value of therapeutic communication and the art of caring will be addressed in classroom education. Under the guidance of a Registered Nursing who is also a registered nurse assistant training teacher, students have the opportunity to work with patients in the clinical setting throughout their training.

The American Red Cross’s CNA training program has a strict restriction on the number of students it can accept, so everyone interested must first attend an orientation. A high school diploma or GED certificate, a passing score on a math and reading exam, a criminal background check, and tuberculosis (TB) test are also required. Students who complete the American Red Cross’ four to eight-week CNA training program will have the information and skills they need to succeed in the field. There are state-of-the-art instruments at the facility, and the clinical teachers are all highly qualified healthcare professionals.

Anyone interested in becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA) may apply at any time of year, but they must satisfy certain criteria in order to be considered for enrollment in the program.

Pacific Times Healthcare College

Pacific Times Healthcare College

A CNA training course offered by Pacific Times Healthcare College prepares the students for certification as entry-level healthcare workers in-home care and long-term care settings. The program’s curriculum combines classroom instruction with hands-on clinical experience to prepare students to work as Certified Nursing Assistants. Students must complete 55 hours of classroom training and 100 hours of clinical experience in a skilled care facility before they may graduate. In order to pass the clinical practice, they must earn at least 73 percent on the written examinations from all 16 modules.

The Pacific Times Healthcare College’s CNA training program is offered many times a year. A high school diploma or GED equivalent, a criminal history check, drug screening, and TB testing are all required for admission. They should be able to communicate well in English, whether orally, in writing, orally, or conceptually.

Those who are accepted into the CNA course must complete several weeks of classroom instruction and clinical experience. After passing the state certification test, they will be allowed to work as a certified nursing assistants (CNAs). Aspiring healthcare professionals may get top-notch instruction at the Pacific Times Healthcare College in San Francisco. Deserving students who are unable to cover the whole cost of the CNA training program may also apply for financial aid.

Platt College

Platt College

The California Department of Public Health has authorized Platt College‘s Certified Nurse Assistant training program. The state-approved CNA certification test is available to graduates who have completed the course, and they may begin working as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Depending on the student’s dedication, the curriculum may be finished in seven to fourteen weeks. A full-time student may complete the course in 7 weeks, while part-time students can complete it in 14 weeks.

This long-term care facility certified nursing assistant training program at Platt College is designed to provide students with the information and abilities they’ll need to work as CNAs there. Infection control, resident rights, communication skills, patient safety, and essential nursing skills are just a few of the topics that will be covered with the students. They will also be monitored and supervised throughout their clinical practice to ensure that they understand the right manner of giving high-quality nursing services to the people they care about.

Short healthcare courses like the CNA program at Platt College may be utilized to begin a nursing profession or further one’s education in the healthcare field. The program’s tuition is $995, although students who are unable to pay this amount may seek financial assistance from their school’s Financial Aid office. Financial aid is provided to students who are worthy of high-quality healthcare education.

Glen Oaks College

Glen Oaks College

Many degree programs are available at Glen Oaks college in Riverside, California, which is situated in the city of Riverside. In February 2017, the institution passed an accreditation exam and was also accredited by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, California.

The provided CNA course is a three-month, 189-clock-hour residential full-time course of instruction. It’s meant to help students prepare for the California Certification Exam.

Students who complete the Nurse Assistant Program will be better equipped to assist residents of long-term care facilities and contribute to their overall well-being. The healthcare program addresses social, legal, and ethical issues that may occur because of prolonged care.

Learning to interact with patients and their families is being taught to students. They’re learning about a patient’s rights, rehabilitation, and home care procedures. Students are also being taught about the importance of basic necessities like washing and eating. Taking vital signs and conducting cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) are also taught as part of this course. There are 63 hours of classroom instruction, 21 hours of laboratory work, and 105 hours of clinical practice in this curriculum.

CPR training will also be given to students. CPR, HIPAA, and OSHA certifications are covered in the curriculum, which prepares students for state-specific certification tests. Program subjects include patient rights, communication, and interpersonal skills, disaster prevention and management, medical and surgical sterility, weighing and measuring and patient care skills, vital signs, nutrition, emergency procedures/CPR, long-term care residents, and rehabilitation nursing, observing and charting and the death and dying process.

Applicants must be at least 16 years old and submit to a background check, which includes a medical exam and a look into any criminal convictions.

School of Career Education

School of Career Education

There is also a Certified Nursing Assistant training course offered by the School of Career Education that prepares students for the California certification test. To prepare these people for work in different healthcare settings, such as hospitals, clinics, and acute or long-term care institutions, the curriculum is also designed

At the School of Career Education, ambitious healthcare professionals who wish to begin their career as CNAs are provided with high-quality instruction. Their building and lab are state-of-the-art to help students improve their abilities. The greatest clinical teachers in the healthcare industry are also employed by the institution.

As an added benefit, the small class sizes in CNA training enable students and clinical instructors to have more one-on-one time. Classroom training in diverse subjects including anatomy, nutrition, infection control, nursing foundations, and medical terminology is often the first step in the process. In addition to learning how to check vital signs, monitor a patient’s health, measure liquid intake and output, and support them with their daily activities, this course teaches a variety of other skills as well.

The School of Career Education’s CNA curriculum, which includes first aid and CPR instruction, costs $4,685. There are also financial aid options available for those who cannot afford to pay for CNA training. To be eligible for the program, you must have a high school diploma or GED, a social security card, a government-issued picture ID, and have completed the SCE orientation and assessment. A criminal history check, drug screening, and tuberculosis tests are also required.

Mission Career College

Mission Career College

The CNA program at Mission Career College is a lengthy and in-depth course of study that prepares students to sit for the California certification test. Students will learn about nursing theory as well as practice in a range of health care settings through this course. Students have completed 60 hours of classroom instruction and additional 100 hours of clinical training. In addition to acquiring all of the necessary skills to become a CNA, students are also gaining knowledge and experience from the instructors. Their training will include patient assessment, cleanliness, transportation of residents, infection control, and many other topics as well. Learn how to study for and pass the certification test by mastering these skills.

An intensive 160-hour training program, which includes live-in clinical training and state certification applications, is required to complete this course. CPR and BLS training is also included in this course to ensure that you are prepared in the event of an emergency. Instructors in clinical practice supervise students. The program only accepts a small number of students each year. In order to be considered, candidates must have a high school diploma or GED, be cleared of any criminal charges, and pass a drug test and a TB test. For the program to be considered, they must also fulfill the health standards.

CNA Classes in Fontana

Agape Vocational Academy (AVA)

AVA is part of the Principles of Faith Christian Center, a non-profit institution. For instance, the is a course for those who are struggling with alcohol or drugs, as well as one focused on discipleship and outreach. Education wing AVA provides CNA and HHA training courses for the Ministry of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The Academy of Nursing and Health Care Professions has detailed admissions requirements. In addition to your application for the CNA or HHA program, they require you to have three documents submitted. These are the Application Form, Live Scan Form, and Health Examination Form. Before students may engage with patients in clinicals, they must fill out another application form. AVA provides a Live Scan Service for which applicants are responsible for the cost. Medical details, physical exam findings, and a TB test should be included in the health exam report. Physical examination and medical history should demonstrate that the candidate does not have any conditions that might impair their ability to carry out their job duties or have a detrimental impact on the health of people around them.

Candidates must also have a state-issued ID and a copy of their Social Security card on hand in addition to these prerequisites. A thorough background check will be performed as well by AVA. Those with any of the disqualifying criminal codes on their record would be barred from certification.

Call (909-829-2055) or check AVA’s website to learn more.

CNA Classes in Moreno Valley

Pacific Times Healthcare College

Pacific Times Healthcare College

The mission of Pacific Times Healthcare College is to provide a “one-stop-shop” for students seeking a career in healthcare. In comparison to other institutions, they provide a greater variety of methods for students to interact with their teachers and get feedback on their work.

As a result, Pacific Times Nursing Assistant Training has received approvals from the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, the National Healthcareer Association, and the California Department of Public Health, Licensing and Certification (L&C). It is an excellent curriculum that trains students for state certification and an entry-level profession as a health professional in long-term care and at home. Online nursing assistant programs are also available, allowing you to work around your current schedule.

Theory and Clinical are the two-course choices. The clinical courses focus on patient care support, bedside manner, and communication skills, while the theoretical courses cover a wide variety of subjects, from physiology to practice management. Each course has a maximum capacity of 15 students. Additional certificate programs are also offered. A nursing assistant’s knowledge and competence may be extended through these courses.

If you want to apply for a job in the health care industry in California, you’ll need to be at least 16 years old and have the equivalent of a fifth-grade education level. Applicants must also be able to communicate well in English, both orally and in writing. Graduates must complete at least 55 hours of classroom instruction and 100 hours of clinical experience before they may get their diplomas. In addition, they must obtain an average of 73% on all of the course’s tests.

For additional information, call the Moreno Valley campus of Pacific Times Healthcare College at (951) 656-4400 or go to their website.

Just Harmony Nursing Services, Inc.

Just Harmony Nursing Services, Inc.

Just Harmony Nursing Services is a non-profit company that provides allied health programs that lead to certification. There are a few basic goals of Just Harmony: to provide high-quality training, to lower the local unemployment rate, to give job placements on a constant basis, and to preserve graduate and employer contentment.

Additionally, Just Harmony provides training courses in restorative nursing, home health care, and medical assisting. Classroom instruction, laboratory work, and clinical practice make up the CNA education curriculum. An ethics course is also included in the program’s curriculum.

Admission is restricted to those who are at least eighteen years old. A high school degree or GED certificate is required for applicants. In addition, a full physical examination is needed. An unambiguous PPD or chest x-ray result is necessary, as well as approval to undertake the program’s physically demanding duties. There is an admissions interview and an entrance test.

Courses at Just Harmony may be combined. In addition to the CNA training, you may take the Restorative Nurse Assistant and Home Health Aide courses for $1,500, which is a savings of $750 over the CNA course alone. Registration, tuition, textbooks, equipment, live scan fingerprinting, and the state certification test are all included in this price. There are several payment options.

For additional details, call (951-530-8900) or check the site of Just Harmony Nursing Services.

A&J Education Services Inc.

A&J Education Services Inc.

A&J offers a wide range of high-quality continuing education opportunities. People on a tight budget have praised the courses for being interesting, simple, and inexpensive to participate in. A&J is now authorized as CNA and HHA continuing education providers by the California Department of Public Health-L&C Program, which is administered by the California Department of Public Health.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to A&J Education Services by phone (951-902-1514 or 951-992-8823) or by filling out their online contact form.

Nursing assistant training is also available at the National Legal Studies Institute, Riverside University Health System, and Kaiser Permanente Moreno Valley Medical Center among other colleges and facilities that have been recognized by the state to do so.

Free CNA Classes in the Area

Free CNA Classes in the Area

Even though the SB. Riverside-Moreno Valley region offers no-cost CNA training, you should be aware that signing a contract is a must. As a part of your training, you’ll be expected to do some work around the facility. The length of time you serve and the amount of pay you get will vary. If you’re considering taking paid CNA training in Riverside CA, you may want to check with local rehab facilities or hospitals to see how the application process works.

Since March 2010, Homestead Schools has been providing free CNA training, with the exception of the cost of textbooks. In addition to classroom sessions and clinical exposure, the 5-week long training course they provide includes hands-on experience. With this information, you will be well on your way to passing the CNA certification exam in Riverside, California.

Those with a heart for helping others may join the In-Home Supportive Services Consortium. In order to become a caring and qualified nursing assistant, the institution will provide you with free training.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in San Bernardino, Riverside, and Moreno Valley, CA

Alhambra, CAAmerican Red Cross2215 W Mission Road909-531-3700
Alhambra, CAPlatt College1000 S. Fremont Ave A9 West626-300-5444
Anaheim, CACoast Health Career College1741 West Katella Avenue, Suite 201714-776-8405
Anaheim, CANorth Orange County Rop301 North Gilbert Street714-502-5961
Anaheim, CANorth Orange County Rop1800 West Ball Road714-502-5961
Anaheim, CAPlatt College (Anaheim Campus)1551 S Douglass Road714-333-9606
Antioch, CAAct Healthcare5129 Lone Tree Way925-331-1800
Antioch, CACollege Of Antioch5065 Deer Valley Road877-779-6533
Antioch, CAPass Institute5111 Lone Tree Way925-754-2879
Artesia, CAAngeles Institute17100 Pioneer Blvd Suite 170562-531-4100
Artesia, CAAngeles Institute Inc. Pm11688 South Street Suite 205562-531-4140
Auburn, CAKash Career College11899 Edgewood Drive Suite C916-978-0700
Bakersfield, CABakersfield Adult School/cna2727 F St661-835-1855
Bakersfield, CABakersfield College/nursing1801 Panarama Drive661-395-4011
Bakersfield, CACellan Central Valley College2828 H Street Suite B661-861-1482
Bakersfield, CAElisha University1701 Westswind Dr Suite 214661-381-7571
Bakersfield, CAKern High School R.o.p.501 S. Mt. Vernon Ave.661-831-3327
Bakersfield, CAPreferred College Of Nursing Bakersfield2300 Truxton Avenue, Ste 200661-324-2509
Bakersfield, CASouthern California Medical College333 Palmer Drive, Suite 200661-832-2786
Bay Point, CAAdvanced Medical School Of Nursing10 Mountain View Ave. St. 1020925-458-4980
Beaumont, CABeaumont Adult SchoolP O Box 187951-845-6012
Bell, CAComputer Institute Of Tech: Bell4126 East Gage Ave.626-627-1730
Bellflower, CAAdvance Career Institute16900 Lakewood Blvd, Suite 210213-381-1120
Berkeley, CABay Area Medical AcademyBerkeley Adult School415-217-0077
Berkeley, CANightingale Healthcare Professionals, Llc903 University Avenue510-553-1800
Beverly Hills, CAComputer & Career Institute8500 Wilshire Blvd #1001310-889-5956
Bishop, CACerro Cosso Community College Bishop4090 West Line Street760-872-1000
Blythe, CAPalo Verde CollegeOne College Dr.760-921-5444
Brentwood, CAAdult School Allied Health Educators At Liberty Adult9292 Second Street925-255-3715
Burbank, CABurbank Adult School3811 W. Allen Avenue818-558-4611
Burlingame, CANiles College1290 Old Bayshore Highway #152650-212-3100
Camarillo, CAVentura County Office Of Education -rop/cec465 Horizon Circle805-437-1420
Canoga Park, CAAmerican Red Cross  Day6800 Owensmouth; Ste - 150800-627-7000
Carson, CAPathways College637 E. Albertoni St. Ste. 100310-225-2702
Castroville, CANorth Monterey County High School13990 Castroville Blvd831-633-5221
Chester, CAFeather River College - SenecaSeneca Healthcare Educational Center530-258-2151
Chino, CAChaffey College Certified Nursing Assistant Program Ls-195897 College Park Ave909-652-6686
Chowchilla, CAInvigorate Training Center1010 Ventura Avenue559-665-0115
Chula Vista, CAAmerican Red Cross311 Del Mar Avenue800-627-7000
Chula Vista, CAEastlake Medical College2572 Waterline Way619-616-5833
Chula Vista, CASan Diego Medical College821 Kuhn Drive Suite 103619-942-8274
Chula Vista, CASan Diego Unified Nursing College2572 Waterline Way619-616-5833
Chula Vista, CASouthwestern College900 Otay Lakes Road619-421-6700
Citrus Heights, CASunrise School Of Nursing5941 San Juan Avenue Suite 105916-221-2854
City Of Industry, CAAngeles College17595 Almahurst Street Unit 101-3626-965-5566
Clear Lake, CALake County Office Of Education  Pm6945 Old Highway 53707-995-9523
Clovis, CAClovis Adult School1452 David E Cook Way559-327-2800
Coalinga, CAWest Hills College / Coalinga300 Cherry Lane559-925-3145
Colton, CABest American Healthcare University1020 E Washington Street951-637-8332
Colton, CASummit College/2nd Session851 South Cooley Drive909-954-3270
Commerce, CAAmerican Red Cross - Day2227 South Atlantic Blvd.   S-202a800-627-7000
Compton, CACompton Unified School District Centennial High SchoolMail To: 1104 E. 148th Street310-639-4321
Concord, CAMaven Academy Of Arts & Science2151 Salvio Street Suite 265877-300-5714
Corcoran, CAValley Rop/corcoran High School (Summer)1100 Letts Ave559-348-3427
Corona, CANew Beginnings Career College400 Ramona Avenue #213951-273-8900
Corona, CAPacific Times Healthcare College90 West Grand Blvd Suite 107951-734-1601
Costa Mesa, CACoastline R.o.p./a M Program1001 Presidio Sq.714-979-1955
Covina, CAEast San Gabriel Valley Rop-covina High School463 S. Hollenbeck Ave.626-472-5101
Covina, CAGolden State Healthcare Education Center404 East San Bernardino Road626-343-5589
Culver City, CAWest Los Angeles College9000 Overland Avenue310-287-4200
Cupertino, CAFuhsd Adult School10123 N. Wolfe Road, Suite 2085408-522-2739
Cypress, CANurses' Development Center6101 Ball Road, Suite #202562-403-2115
Daly City, CACenterpointe Learning Institute7212 Mission St.650-991-9800
Daly City, CANorthern California Nursing Academy355 Gellert Blvd.; Ste-279650-992-6262
Daly City, CAOxman College318 Westlake Ctr, #280415-751-6461
Daly City, CAProvidence Vocational School189 School Street650-991-2309
Davis, CAPrentice James Career College140 B Street, Suite 5-203800-590-1190
Delano, CADelano Adult School1811 Princeton St661-720-4173
Delano, CANorth Kern Vocational Training Ctr.1732 Norwalk St.661-725-4187
Dinuba, CAValley Rop/dinuba High School340 East Kern Street559-686-3296
Dinuba, CAValley Rop/sierra Vista High School8470 Avenue 406559-480-7190
Duarte, CALa/duarte H.s.-cte1400 Mt Olive Drive626-599-5902
Duarte, CASunrise School Of Nursing802 Buena Vista Street916-903-7247
El Cajon, CAWestern Medical Training Center1161 East Main St Suite 205619-384-9335
El Centro, CAImperial Valley Rop687 State Street760-482-2600
El Monte, CAEl Monte Rosemead Adult/#110807 Ramona Blvd626-258-5882
El Monte, CARegan Career Institute11350 Valley Blvd626-457-1992
El Monte, CASouthcal Career College9440 Telestar Avenue, Suite 200626-575-8580
Elk Grove, CASacramento Co Elk Grove Explore Cte/valley9510 Elk Grove-florin Road916-686-7717
Escondido, CAEscondido Adult School/cte-pm220 West Crest St.760-739-7300
Eureka, CAEureka Adult School2100 J Street707-441-2448
Exeter, CAExeter Unified Schoool District- Exeter High School505 Rocky Hill Drive559-592-2127
Fairfield, CAFairfield-suisun Adult School900 Travis Blvd707-421-4155
Fairfield, CANorthbay Nursing Institute712 Madison Street707-399-9456
Fairfield, CASolano Community CollegeOccupational Health Building 800707-864-7208
Fontana, CAAgape Vocational Academy17977 Merrill Avenue909-829-2055
Fontana, CAFontana High School10755 Oleander Ave909-357-5490
Fountain Valley, CAHealth Care Academy16480 Harbor Blvd.,# 202949-223-0700
Fremont, CAMedical Career College Day Program41300 Christy Street510-445-0319
Fresno, CAAcclaim Education, Inc3636 North First Street Suite 139888-309-5318
Fresno, CACalifornia Institute Of Medical Science1901 East Shields Ave Suite B559-490-3911
Fresno, CACentral High School Usd/fresno Rop2045 Dickenson Ave559-276-5276
Fresno, CACentral Learning Adult School Site2698 N. Brawley Ave.559-276-5230
Fresno, CADuncan Polytechnical High School/rop - Pm4330 East Garland559-248-7080
Fresno, CAEleos Education Centers650 West Alluvial Avenue559-430-3901
Fresno, CAFresno Adult School2500 Stanislaus559-457-6000
Fresno, CANursing Assistant Academy Of Fresno6362 Figarden St. Suite102559-917-6121
Fresno, CANursing Assistant Training Academy6362 N Figarden Drive Suite 102559-917-6121
Garden Grove, CACalifornia Career Institute12141 Brookhurst Street, Suite 101714-539-5959
Gardena, CACentral Nursing College1875 W. Rendondo Beach Blvd, First Floo213-384-4789
Gardena, CAGerthill Allied Health School - Pm1249 W Gardena Blvd Suite 101424-329-3030
Gardena, CATrinity School Of Health And Allied Sciences1149 W. 190th St.suite 2000310-834-3065
Gilroy, CAGavilan College5055 Santa Teresa Boulevard408-848-4883
Glendale, CAAmerican Red Cross  Pm1501 S. Brand Street818-539-9931
Glendale, CAAmhs730 S. Central Ave. Suite 208818-637-7871
Glendora, CAAzusa Adult School1134 South Barranca Ave   Room 21626-852-8400
Glendora, CACitrus College Health Occupations1000 W. Foothill Blvd.626-914-8720
Hanford, CAHanford Adult School905 N. Campus Drive559-583-5905
Hanford, CAKings County Office Of Education1144 West Lacey Blvd559-589-7026
Hayward, CAAdvanced Pro Nursing Institute2505 Technology Drive510-266-0868
Hayward, CAHealth Connect Nursing School1070 A Street Suite 2510-460-9670
Hayward, CANcp Career College21615 Hesperian Blvd Suite A510-785-0454
Hesperia, CAReach Centers, Inc.15800 South Main Street909-483-9100
Imperial Beach, CASan Diego Job Corps Center1325 Iris Ave. Bldg. 60619-429-8500
Imperial, CAImperial Valley CollegeP.o. Box 158760-355-6348
Imperial, CAImperial Valley R O P687 State Street760-355-3220
Inglewood, CAAmerican Cna School2222 W. Manchester Blvd., Suite E310-910-9011
Inglewood, CACare Training Services1316 Centinela Avenue310-674-1701
Inglewood, CACare Training Services/we6811 West Blvd, Suite A310-674-1701
Joshua Tree, CACopper Mountain Community College District6162 Rotary Way, Po Box 1398760-366-3791
Kingsburg, CAValley Rop Kingsburg Summer1900 18th Ave559-876-2122
La Jolla, Nurse Assistant Training Program6986 La Jolla Blvd Suite 211858-412-0893
La Puente, CAHacienda La Puente Adult Education-day14101 East Nelson Ave.626-934-2800
Laguna Hills, CASunrise School Of Nursing24452 Health Center Drive196-221-2854
Lake Elsinore, CABellevue Career College Of Nursing31569 Canyon Estates Drive #113951-471-2002
Lake Isabella, CACerro Coso Community College Pm5520 Lake Isabella Blvd. 3204760-379-5901
Lancaster, CASaint Joseph's School Of Nursing816 West Lancaster Blvd.661-726-5060
Lemoore, CAKings County R.o.p.876 East D Street559-589-7026
Lemoore, CAWest Hills College Lemoore555 College Ave559-925-3490
Lennox, CATechnical College5021 Lennox Blvd.323-587-2364
Lindsay, CALindsay Unified School District1940 E Tulare Road559-562-5911
Long Beach, CAGoodwill Of Southern Los Angeles800 W Pacific Coast Highway562-435-3411
Long Beach, CALong Beach School For Adults3701 East Willow Street562-595-8893
Long Beach, CATrident School Of Nursing We/pm2047 1/2 Orange Ave714-507-8270
Los Altos, CAPresto Vocational Institute4898 El Camino Real; Ste-208650-961-9988
Los Angeles, CAAdvance Career Institute3407 West 6th St.; S-701213-368-6006
Los Angeles, CAAmerican Medical Careers3333 Wilshire Blvd213-355-5306
Los Angeles, CAAngeles Vocational Institute - Wknd3540 Wilshire Blvd.; S-411213-480-4882
Los Angeles, CACet Nursing639 S. New Hampshire Ave. #301213-387-8383
Los Angeles, CADifai City College2107 West Manchester Ave Ste-202323-750-0449
Los Angeles, CAGenova Health Institute & Services / Weekend1300 W. Olympic Blvd Suite 401213-383-7487
Los Angeles, CAL A School Nursing Career6399 Wilshire Blvd Suite 201323-852-1882
Los Angeles, CALausd Dace East La Skills Center3921 Selig Place323-224-5970
Los Angeles, CALausd Dace La Technology Center3721 West Washington Blvd.323-732-0153
Los Angeles, CALausd Dace Maxine Waters Epc10925 South Central Avenue323-357-7700
Los Angeles, CALausd Rop/narbonne High School716 East 14th Street, 1st Floor213-745-1940
Los Angeles, CALos Angeles Job Corps1031 South Hill Street213-741-5361
Los Angeles, CALos Angeles Job Corps1020 South Olive Street213-748-0135
Los Angeles, CALos Angeles Southwest College - Daycpr1600 West Impeiral Hwy323-241-5247
Los Angeles, CATechnical College/m-f2300 West Olympic Blvd. Suite 102323-587-2364
Los Angeles, CAWestchester College Of Nursing8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd, Suite 302310-981-9644
Los Angeles, CAYaya Medical Training Institute4435b West Slauson Avenue913-530-7877
Los Angeles, CAZero-max Career Institute5300 Santa Monica Blvd Suite 415323-570-4127
Los Banos, CAMerced College-los Banos Campus22240 Highway 152209-826-3431
Lynwood, CALynwood Community Adult School/evening4050 Imperial Hwy310-604-3096
Madera, CAMadera Adult School2037 W. Cleveland Ave559-675-4425
Madera, CAMadera High School200 South L Street559-675-4444
Madera, CAMadera South High School705 W. Pecan Ave559-675-4450
Marysville, CATri-county R.o.p. Yuba County1114 Yuba Street #214530-749-4805
Marysville, CAYuba County Office Of Education-charter1104 E Street530-494-8105
Mc Farland, CABakersfield College - Mcfarland Learning Center - Day599 5th Street661-395-4281
Menifee, CAMt San Jacinto College - Menifee Valley Campus28237 La Piedra Rd.951-672-6752
Menlo Park, CAJobtrain1200 O'brien Drive650-330-6429
Merced, CAAvalon Training Center - Merced3170 M St.209-384-8839
Merced, CAMerced College3600 "M" Street209-384-6128
Merced, CAMj Nursing Assistant Training Institute555 West 26th Street209-233-9854
Milpitas, CAInternational School Of Nursing - Day238 South Hillview Drive408-719-8100
Modesto, CAAvalon Training Center1900 Coffee Rd.209-548-0318
Modesto, CAModesto City Schools R.o.p./adult1017 Reno Ave., Bldg-b209-492-4222
Modesto, CAModesto Jr College West Campus435 College Ave209-573-6382
Monrovia, CALa/monrovia Community Adult School920 South Mountain Avenue626-471-3060
Montebello, CAMontebello Community Adult School1200 W. Mines Avenue323-887-7900
Monterey, CAMonterey Peninsula U.s.d.700 Pacific Street #6831-645-1224
Moreno Valley, CAJust Harmony Nursing Services, Inc.24877 Sunnymead Blvd951-452-9819
Moreno Valley, CAPacific Times Healthcare College14340 Elsworth St, Suite B 108/109951-656-4400
Morgan Hill, CAAmerican Pro Health Education16360 Monterey Street #250a408-482-5735
Mountain View, CAMountain Veiw/ Los Altos Adult School    Day333 Moffett Blvd650-940-1333
Murrieta, CATrinity Health Academy24831 Jefferson Avenue Suite 113951-677-7767
Napa, CANapa Valley Adult Education1600 Lincoln Avenue707-253-3594
National City, CANational City Adult School517 Mile Of Cars Way619-336-9400
National City, CAThe Nurse Academy2345 E 8th Street619-488-3460
Newman, CAAvalon Training Center709 "N" Street209-862-2862
North Hollywood, CAComputer Institute Of Technology6444 Bellingham Avenue, Suite 202818-980-0415
Norwalk, CAHealthcare Career Center12440 Firetone Blvd. #220562-868-0946
Norwalk, CALa/norwalk-la Mirada Adult School15711 Pioneer Blvd.562-860-1927
Oakland, CAAmerican Red Cross3901 Broadway707-577-7612
Oakland, CAProfessional Medical Careers Institute Of California - Day917 Harrison Street805-497-4064
Oceanside, CAHealthcare Academy Of California2420 Vista Way Suite 215760-323-4050
Oceanside, CAMira Costa CollegeOne Barnard Dr.619-757-2121
Ontario, CABest American Healthcare University337 N Vineyard Ave, 4th Floor951-637-8332
Ontario, CAPlatt College3700 Inland Empire Blvd Suite 400909-941-9410
Orange, CASantiago Canyon College8045 E. Chapman Avenue714-628-4963
Orosi, CAValley Rop/orosi High School41815 Road 128559-686-3296
Oroville, CAButte College3536 Butte Campus Dr.916-895-2328
Oroville, CAOroville Adult School2750 Mitchell Avenue530-538-5350
Oxnard, CAOxnard Adult School Camarillo Vocational Center1101 West Second Street805-385-2578
Oxnard, CAVentura Training Institute2320 Wankel Way805-585-5485
Palm Desert, CACollege Of The Desert43-500 Monterey Ave.760-346-8041
Palm Desert, CADesert Valley Nursing Institute73712 Alessandro Drive Suite B3760-340-2717
Palm Springs, CACalifornia Nurses Educational Institute5200 E Ramon Road Building 1, Suite 1760-416-5955
Panorama City, CASt. Jude Nursing School8200 Van Nuys Blvd.818-892-6141
Paradise, CAParadise Instructional Nursing Group555 Pearson Road530-520-7948
Paramount, CAHealthcare Career College - Day8527 East Alondra Blvd.;s-174562-804-1239
Paramount, CAHealthcare Career College -evenings8527 East Alondra Blvd.;s-174562-804-1239
Parlier, CAValley Rop /parlier High School (Pm-6th-7th Periods)601 Third Street558-430-7190
Pinole, CAContra Costa Nursing Academy2434 San Pablo Avenue510-724-8700
Pittsburg, CAAdvanced Medical School Of Nursing1760 Chester Drive925-458-4980
Pittsburg, CAPittsburg Adult Education Center1151 Stoneman Ave925-473-4460
Placerville, CASunrise School Of Nursing2914 Cold Springs Road Suite B916-903-7247
Pleasant Hill, CAPass Institute/pleasant Hill101 Gregory Lane925-783-4114
Pomona, CAAmerican Medical Career College1460 E. Holt Ave Building 3, Suite 176a909-625-8050
Pomona, CAAmerican Medical Career College1960 Indian Hills Blvd310-936-7670
Porterville, CAPorterville Adult School/valley Care900 West Pioneer Ave559-782-7030
Porterville, CAPorterville Unified School District465 West Olive Ave559-782-7210
Poway, CAPoway Adult School13626 Twin Peaks Rd858-668-4024
Quincy, CAFeather River College-quincy Campus570 Golden Eagle Avenue530-283-0202
Rancho Cucamonga, CAReach Centers, Inc9375 Archibald Avenue Suite 108909-483-9100
Redding, CAShasta College-11555 Old Oregon Trail 496006530-339-3610
Redding, CAWest Harbor Training Center1838 South Street530-768-1999
Redlands, CAColton-redlands-yucaipa R.o.p. Nite1214 Indiana Court909-793-3115
Reedley, CAReedley College995 North Reed Ave559-638-3641
Reedley, CAValley Rop Reedley High School740 West Hubert559-876-2122
Reedley, CAValley Rop-reedley Hs701 West. Herbert Ave.559-876-2122
Reseda, CAAnnenberg School Of Nursing1930 Sherman Way818-757-4431
Reseda, CAValley School Of Nursing18107 Sherman Way, Suite 101818-206-5254
Richmond, CAVasco Career College1227 Hilltop Mall Road510-243-7400
Ridgecrest, CACerro Coso Community College3000 College Heights Blvd760-384-6333
Riverside, CABest American Healthcare University6700 Indiana Avenue Suite 255951-637-8332
Riverside, CACalifornia Healthcare Skills Center6200 Pegasus Drive #10323-304-1408
Riverside, CACorpro Nursing Academy Llc3579 Arlington Avenue Suite 100951-663-5294
Riverside, CADestiny Career Academy6840 Indiana Ave Suite 260951-682-4322
Riverside, CAMission Career College9731 Magnolia Avenue951-688-7411
Riverside, CARiverside City College4800 Magnolia Avenue951-222-8818
Riverside, CARiverside County Office Of Education/cte (Rcoe) Indio2100 East Alessandro Blvd760-863-3300
Rocklin, CASierra Community College5000 Rocklin Rd.916-781-6222
Rocklin, CASierra Community College (Nevada County Campus)5100 Sierra College Blvd.916-660-8300
Rohnert Park, CANorth Bay Cna Training Program6020 Commerce Blvd, #136707-304-4131
Rohnert Park, CANorth Bay Cna Training Program1300 Valley House # 100707-304-4131
Rohnert Park, CANorth Bay Cna Training Program Pm6020 Commerce Blvd, #136707-304-4131
Rosemead, CASelect Therapy Institute2209 North San Gabriel Blvd.626-572-7231
Sacramento, CAAmerican Red Cross1565 Exposition Blvd707-577-7611
Sacramento, CAAmerican River College4700 College Oak Dr.916-484-8176
Sacramento, CACenterpointe Learning Institute7917 Bruceville Road916-662-9408
Sacramento, CACharles A Jones Career & Education Center5441 Lemon Hill Avenue916-433-2600
Sacramento, CACuram College Of Nursing6520 44th Street #312916-669-8400
Sacramento, CAKash Career College1333 Howe Avenue Suite 100916-978-0700
Sacramento, CAMary Seacole Nursing Care Training Academy7500 Elsie Ave. Ste.103916-525-5179
Sacramento, CASacmed Training3443 Ramona Ave., Suite 25916-226-5427
Sacramento, CASacramento County Elk Grove Adult/valley8401 B Gerber Road916-686-7709
Sacramento, CASacramento Job Corp.3100 Meadowview Road916-394-0770
Sacramento, CASeeds College Of Sacramento2251 Florin Road Suite 12916-267-0271
Salinas, CACentral Coast College480 South Main Street831-424-6767
Salinas, CAMission Trails Rop - Session Iii - M/w Days867 East Laurel Drive831-753-4209
San Andreas, CAAvalon Training Center900 Mountain Ranch Road209-754-4122
San Bernardino, CAAmerican Red Cross  San Bernardino Pm202 W. Rialto Avenue909-380-7255
San Bernardino, CAInland Career Education Center1200 North E. St., Bldg. C909-388-6052
San Bernardino, CALoma Linda University San Manuel Gateway College250 South G Street855-558-1100
San Bernardino, CAMission Career College2211 Hunts Lane #q & R909-888-2653
San Bernardino, CAReach Centers1850 N. Waterman Avenue909-483-9100
San Diego, CABridge Career Education1333 Camino Del Rio South Suite 107619-693-5857
San Diego, CABrightwood College San Diego9055 Balboa Ave858-279-4500
San Diego, CACalifornia Medical College7851 Mission Center Court Ste 326858-357-8800
San Diego, CAFast Track Med. Trng. Ctr6160 Mission Gorge Rd, Suite 120858-228-7564
San Diego, CAInternational Health Group Inc.8787 Complex Dr. Ste B-100858-278-9800
San Diego, CAPacific Health Educational Center - Wkd10225 Barnes Canyon Rd. Suite A-208858-658-0362
San Diego, CASan Diego Continuing Education1901 Main Street619-388-1928
San Diego, CASan Diego Medical College6780 Miramar Road #204619-942-8274
San Francisco, CAAmerican Care Quest1426 Fillmore Street, Suite 205415-885-9100
San Francisco, CAArriba Juntos1850 Mission St.415-487-3240
San Francisco, CABay Area Medical Academy530 Bush Street Suite 201415-217-0077
San Francisco, CACity College Of S.f.-southeast1800 Oakdale Ave.415-550-4300
San Francisco, CAUniversity Of San Francisco/ica3625 24th St.415-824-2052
San Jose, CAAmerican Red Cross - Pm2731 N 1st Street707-577-7611
San Jose, CAEdward Medical Training Center1913 O'tolle Ave408-661-8774
San Jose, CAEvergreen Valley College3095 Yerba Buena Rd.408-270-6448
San Jose, CASouth Bay School Of Nursing1580 Oakland Rd; Ste - C-106408-564-7242
San Leandro, CASan Leandro Adult School1448 Williams Street510-667-6287
San Leandro, CAVip Nursing School, Inc16388 East 14th St.510-481-0240
San Luis Obispo, CACuesta CollegeP.o. Box 8106805-546-3241
San Marcos, CAInternational Health Group, Inc330 Rancheros Drive Unit 114858-278-9800
San Mateo, CACareway Health Institute     Pm1528 South El Camino Real; S - 308650-627-4685
San Pablo, CAContra Costa College2600 Mission Bell Dr.510-235-7800
San Ysidro, CASan Ysidro Adult School4220 Otay Mesa Road619-934-6605
Sanger, CAValley Rop / Sanger Summer1045 Bethel559-876-2122
Sanger, CAValley Rop/sanger High School1045 Bethel Avenue559-524-7280
Santa Ana, CAAmerican Red Cross - Day601 North Golden Circle800-627-7000
Santa Ana, CAQbics Career College-wkd1125 East 17th Street, Suite E 210714-550-1052
Santa Ana, CASummit Career College1639 E. Edinger Avenue714-635-6232
Santa Barbara, CASanta Barbara City College721 Cliff Drive805-965-0581
Santa Barbara, CATrinity School Of Nursing7 W. Figueroa Street, Suite 300805-322-3467
Santa Clara, CAMission College3000 Mission College Blvd. Ms-19408-748-2750
Santa Clara, CAMission College - Fall/springApplied Sciences Division; Ms19408-855-5374
Santa Clara, CANurse Builders Academy1825 Dela Cruz Blvd. Ste-105408-970-5025
Santa Fe Springs, CAMedical Allied Career Center, Inc.12631 East Imperial Hwy.; Bldg D; S -10562-807-2420
Santa Maria, CAAllan Hancock College - Lompoc Campus800 South College Drive805-922-6966
Santa Monica, CAAmerican Red Cross Pm1450 11st Street310-394-3773
Santa Monica, CAWise Caregiver Training Academy              Day1527 4th St.310-394-9871
Santa Rosa, CAAmerican Red Cross - Day5297 Aero Drive707-577-7600
Santa Rosa, CASanta Rosa Junior College1501 Mendocino Ave.707-527-4271
Santee, CAGrossmont Health Occupations Center9368 Oakbourne Road619-956-4300
Selma, CAValley Rop / Selma Summer3125 Wright Street559-876-2122
Simi Valley, CASimi Institute For Careers & Education1880 Blackstock Avenue805-579-6200
Soledad, CAMission Trails Rop/soledad690 Main Street831-675-0105
Sonora, CAAvalon Training Center19929 Greenly Road209-532-4113
South Gate, CATechnical College7916 Long Beach Blvd.213-587-2364
South San Francisco, CAUnitek Training257 Longford Drive Room 5650-871-0701
Stanton, CASri Sai Krish Institute12362 Beach Blvd. Suite 21714-890-7023
Stockton, CABradford Career Center - Eve2522 Grand Canal Blvd.; Ste. 12-13209-430-8743
Stockton, CADe Brabander California College Of Nursing6 West Main St.; S-k-1209-898-4274
Stockton, CAEleos Education Centers1221 Rose Marie Lane209-478-4704
Stockton, CAFuture Career Academy Llc2626 N California Street Suite G916-895-6095
Stockton, CASan Joaquin Delta College5151 Pacific Ave.209-954-5454
Stockton, CAWeber Institute Of Applied Sciences And Technology302 W. Weber Avenue209-933-7330
Suisun, CAQual-ed Quality Education For Health Care Training, Llc403 Marina Center707-389-2303
Sylmar, CALos Angeles Mission College13356 Eldridge Avenue818-363-7698
Temecula, CATemecula Valley School Of Nursing27349 Jefferson Ave Suite 200951-296-2588
Tollhouse, CASierra High School/fresno Rop33326 Lodge Road559-855-8311
Torrance, CAAmerican Red Cross, Torrance1995 West 190th St.310-225-2900
Torrance, CAHomestead Schools Inc.23800 Hawthorne Blvd. Ste 200310-791-9975
Torrance, CASouthern California Regional Occupational Center2300 Crenshaw Boulevard310-224-4200
Tulare, CATulare Adult School575 W. Maple209-686-0225
Turlock, CAFirst Lady Permanente, Llc Education Center901-921 Geer Road209-250-1200
Turlock, CATurlock Unified School DistrictP.o. Box 819013209-667-0643
Valencia, CACollege Of The Canyons26455 Rockwell Canyon Road661-362-3557
Vallejo, CAInternational School Of Nursing/day Class1330 Spring St707-557-7173
Vallejo, CAVallejo Nursing School480 Redwood St.,redwood Square #43707-557-7173
Van Nuys, CAA+ Health Care Training14540 Victory Blvd St. 217a818-387-6844
Van Nuys, CAPreferred College Of Nursing Van Nuys6551 Van Nuys818-902-3708
Ventura, CATrinity School Of Nursing5500 Telegraph Road Ste 145805-654-1500
Ventura, CAVentura College4467 Telegraph Rd805-654-6342
Victorville, CAVictor Valley College18422 Bear Valley Rd.760-245-4271
Visalia, CACollege Of The Sequoias915 South Mooney Blvd.209-730-3732
Visalia, CAMilan Institute6500 South Mooney Blvd559-684-3900
Visalia, CAVisalia Adult School3110 E. Houston559-730-7655
Visalia, CAVisalia Charter Independent Study1830 W. Meadow Lane559-735-8055
Vista, CABrightwood College Vista2022 University Drive760-305-0233
Walnut Creek, CAHillendale Home Care1777 North California Blvd. St.210925-933-8181
Walnut, CALife-ed 4 Nurses18800 Amar Road, Suite A-07626-964-4600
Walnut, CAMt San Antonio College1100 North Grand Avenue909-274-5757
Walnut, CAWindsor School Of Nursing Assistants Day18780 Amar Rd. S- 202, 203626-810-0058
Wasco, CANorth Kern Vocational Training Center - Wasco2150 Seventh St.661-758-3045
Watsonville, CAMonsbey College6 Hanger Way831-786-0531
West Covina, CAEast San Gabriel Rop/tc Morning Program1501 West Del Norte Street626-962-5080
Westlake Village, CAProfessional Medical Careers Institute Of California920 Hampshire Road Ste. S805-497-4064
Whittier, CALa/tri-cities Rop10800 Benavon Street, Unit E562-698-9571
Whittier, CAProfessional Career Development Center13601 Whittier Blvd Ste 209562-485-1487
Whittier, CARio Hondo Community College3600 Workman Mill Road562-908-3421
Wilmington, CALos Angeles Harbor College1111 Figueroa Place310-233-4262
Woodland Hills, CALausd Dace West Valley Occupational Center6200 Winettka Ave818-346-3540
Yreka, CACollege Of The Siskiyous2001 Campus Drive530-841-5929
Yuba City, CAAmerican Red Cross/yc/northestern Ca2125 Onstott Road530-673-1460
Yuba City, CASutter County One Stop950 Tharp Road #1000530-822-5120