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In Roanoke, Virginia, there are a variety of CNA training programs to choose from. Nurse assistant courses include instruction in medical language, patient care skills, anatomy, and other topics – generally, all of the abilities necessary to operate as a Nurse Assistant.

Classes for certified nursing assistants in Roanoke often last a few weeks. Those with demanding schedules who cannot commit to years of schooling may find working as a CNA ideal. It is also beneficial for people who want to return to school in the future but want to get valuable life and responsibilities experience beforehand.

Home health companies, hospitals, and long-term care institutions are all hiring caregivers to fill open jobs in their respective fields. Salary for different positions varies depending on where you choose to work; nevertheless, the typical caregiver in this region earns $11.50 per hour on average.

In order to get CNA training, you must locate a state-approved institution. It is worthwhile to investigate the numerous possibilities available in Roanoke and the neighboring regions, including the following:

FastTrack Healthcare Education

FastTrack Healthcare Education

FastTrack Healthcare Education has been approved by the Virginia Board of Nursing to provide nursing aide training courses. You’ll learn all you need to know in a three-week session. Besides Roanoke, they also have campuses in Charlottesville.

In this course, students learn how to assist patients in their everyday activities. As a student, you’ll study the human body’s skeletal and musculoskeletal systems as well as infection control measures, safety measures, legal and ethical responsibilities, as well as communication skills in the classroom

Nurse aide students learn to take vital signs including temperature, respiration, and blood pressure; bathe, clothe, and feed patients; help with movement, and provide emotional support. An advanced nursing degree or other healthcare vocation may be possible after taking this course. An emphasis on geriatric care is included in the nursing curriculum.

Hospitals, nursing homes, private homes, and long-term care centers employ a large number of students, as well.

A passport, driver’s license, or other state-issued ID is needed for all applicants. The institution also requires that they pass a criminal background check.   It is essential that the PPD test be completed within a year. The PPD exam may be taken at the institution for a charge by applicants.

For the Nurse Aide Exam, FastTrack Healthcare Education is a recognized testing center. Registration is $120, which is not included in the tuition fee.

This program’s admission price is $650, which includes a $350 down payment. Minimum age of 18 is required to enroll in any of the classes offered throughout the year. To apply, students must provide a high school diploma or GED equivalence, as well as a criminal history check and a drug test, as well as a TB chest x-ray.

Small class sizes and one-on-one teaching help students excel in their certifications. Graduates who have completed the certification test might also get help from them. Refunds will be given to students who fail their third exam. However, they’ll make sure you pass the test and then work with you to get certified at any hospital in Virginia.

Friendship Home Care



Friendship Home Care

If you are interested in becoming a part of Friendship Home Care‘s service, please contact them. They provide a wide range of services and ensure that every one of their clients receives the highest level of care. Training for Nurse Assistants may be completed in 120 hours. Approximately 80 of these hours will be spent in the classroom, while the other 40 will be spent on clinical rotations.

Training for Certified Nurses Assistants at Friendship Home Care is compensated. Applicants are paid and given work experience while they are in school here. Prospective participants must satisfy specific requirements before they may be allowed into the institution. It is necessary to have a high school diploma or GED equivalent to apply for this employment. As a prerequisite of employment, you must be able to lift at least 50 pounds. Lifting, transferring, and transporting patients are just a few of the physical tasks that a nursing assistant must do. As a result, candidates for the position should be able to meet the requirements of a CNA.

Friendship Home Care, on the other hand, often hires CNAs immediately after passing the certification test. There are paid training possibilities at their facility if you wish to be considered for a shortlist.

Generations Solutions

Generations Solutions

If you live in Roanoke and are interested in becoming certified, you should also check out Generations Solutions. They provide state-approved CNA lessons, which are 8 weeks long and need a minimum of 120 hours of instruction to pass the test. There is a mandatory 40-hour requirement for trainees to work in a nursing home. There is part-time and full-time option for those who need to balance employment and school. Scholarships may be available for the program, which costs $825.

To be eligible for this program, you must be at least 17 years old. Another criterion is that you have a GED or high school certificate and that you have a TB skin test that is negative Acceptance is contingent upon passing a criminal background check.

Many nursing aides have been trained by Generations Solutions and have gone on to work in the healthcare profession. As a result of their job help program, graduates are able to begin searching for work immediately. For those who missed the test, they also offer review lessons.

Total Action for Progress

Total Action for Progress

Total Action for Progress provides a CNA training course that will prepare you for a job in the health care field. The training consists of 103 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of hands-on experience, followed by a state test and certification. The institution delivers the education required to get job experience in the healthcare profession. All teachers are state-certified and give high-quality, personalized instruction that teaches theory as well as practice. They also offer many laboratories with the most up-to-date medical technology.

Total Action for Progress’s CNA training program is tiny, with restricted enrollment. This guarantees that the course provides more personalized, specialized education, which is very beneficial to students. Their criteria, for example, are as follows:

To be eligible for this program, you must be at least 18 years old, a US citizen, and a Virginia resident. Most significantly, candidates must pass math and reading proficiency exams, as well as satisfy the financial criteria. You will be disqualified from the program if you have a criminal record.

Total Action for Progress’s CNA training program now costs $825 per participant. Financial aid may also be available to people who satisfy the standards and have an income that is less than 200 percent of the median income in Roanoke. This might be a fantastic option for jobless people who wish to start a career in healthcare. The financial assistance office of the school includes a list of scholarships and grants that may help you finance the school’s tuition.

Virginia Western Community College

Virginia Western Community College

Virginia Western Community College provides a state-approved certification pathway for people who aspire to become nursing assistants. Patients, customers, and residents will benefit from the 120-hour non-credit course that teaches individuals how to give direct care.

In the course, you’ll learn everything from how to obtain vitals to how to feed someone and how to clothe them. Students may pursue an associate degree in nursing in addition to a formal nursing degree. Medical terminology, nutrition, infection control, and nursing essentials are all included in the training.

A small class size means that the Virginia Western community college’s CNA program is very competitive. Students must be at least 17 years old and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent in order to enroll. Applicants must also pass a PPD exam, a drug test, and a criminal background check in order to be considered for the training program. You may be unable to enroll in the course if you have any disqualifying criteria. As a whole, the course is reasonably priced, with a choice of payment options to fit most budgets. The school does not supply textbooks, medical supplies, uniforms, or test expenses.

There are also scholarship schemes in place for students who are in need of assistance. In addition to loans and grants, financial assistance is available. A free CNA training program at Virginia Western Community College is available to select students who work with the school’s Financial Aid Office to make it happen.

Miller-Motte Technical College

Miller-Motte Technical College

With the help of Miller-Motte Technical College‘s Nurse Aide training program, you may become a certified healthcare worker. Hours of clinical teaching are included in the two-week course. There are a variety of training options available to students throughout the course of the program, including classroom instruction, hands-on laboratory work, and internships. Their training will include hospital and long-term care facility employment, as well as a variety of other topics.

There are several requirements that you must complete before you can enroll in the CNA training program. You must have a high school diploma or its equivalent to be eligible for the program. To be considered for employment, applicants must also pass a criminal background check as well as drug and TB tests. As Certified Nursing Assistants deal closely with patients or residents, they must also fulfill specific physical criteria. As a result, a CNA student must be emotionally and physically prepared to care for the patient or resident they have been allocated.

In addition, Miller-Motte Technical College’s CNA training program features a small class size to ensure that each student receives personalized attention. Instructors that are licensed and have a lot of expertise in the industry are also responsible for the courses. A skilled healthcare expert will teach each student how to care for patients. Students will also be given the essential resources to help them prepare for their certification test. Students will get access to industry experts who will assist them in their studies. Lifelong career support is available to graduates of Miller-Motte Technical College.

Roanoke Higher Education Center

Roanoke Higher Education Center

The fast-paced Certified Nursing Assistant training program offered by Roanoke Higher Education Center is ideal for anybody interested in a career in healthcare. Enrollment is available to anybody interested in completing the program in seven weeks. A high school diploma or GED equivalent is required as is a two-step TB test, a criminal background check, and a drug screening in order to get admission. In addition, you’ll have to go to an orientation.

The CNA training curriculum costs $825. Students whose family income is 200 percent or less of the Roanoke, VA, median income may be eligible for financial aid, however, the amount may fluctuate. Students at the Roanoke Higher Education Center get the chance to study more about the nursing profession while also gaining valuable healthcare knowledge and skills. A computer lab with simulations, a library, and other amenities abound on campus.

Students participating in a CNA training program may expect the greatest clinical teachers to ensure that they get the instruction they need. In order to ensure that nursing students have the training, competence, and confidence they need to offer outstanding nursing services, these licensed nurses supervise the students. In addition, the school collaborates with local businesses to help students get jobs. People who complete a CNA training program in the Roanoke region should have no problem finding a full-time position upon graduation.

J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College

J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College

CNA training is available for eight weeks at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College in Richmond, and it prepares students for the national certification exam as well as a job as a Certified Nursing Aide.

This community college in Richmond, Virginia, offers a certificate program in healthcare technician training. Certified nursing students may get their licenses and certification via a number of programs that cover a wide range of courses. All courses are designed to educate students with the information and abilities that they will need when they graduate from high school and enter the workforce. In this course, you’ll learn medical terminology, how to calculate prescription doses and the basics of phlebotomy.

In order to maintain the curriculum moving forward at a consistent rate, students have access to an online portal where homework assignments are posted. You will also get the first assignment as part of the program information packet that you will receive. It costs $645.50 to enroll in a nursing assistant program at JSRCC, which is less than half the amount it would cost to enroll in a similar program provided by the Red Cross. In the event that a spot becomes available in the program, a waiting list will be established.

In Richmond, Virginia, there are several outstanding CNA programs to choose from. Listed above are just a few examples of the possibilities available. Because there is so much diversity here, take your time to browse over each one and pick which one is ideal for you.

As a certified nursing assistant, you have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life on a daily basis, which is a wonderful feeling. We are here to provide assistance with the well-being and comfort of our patients in mind. It gives a tremendous feeling of satisfaction to be able to assist these people in this manner.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in Roanoke, VA

Abingdon, VAVirginia Highlands Community CollegeP. O. Box 828276-739-2548
Abingdon, VAWilliam Neff Vocational Center255 Stanley Street276-739-3100
Alberta, VASouthside Virginia Community College109 Campus Drive434-736-2000
Alexandria, VAAccess Medical Institute And Technology, Inc.8850 Richmond Highway, Suite 202703-765-9350
Alexandria, VAAmerican Red Cross123 North Alfred Street703-299-2527
Alexandria, VAClassic Nurses Academy85 South Bragg Street, Suite 103703-658-9575
Alexandria, VAGlobal Health College6101 Stevenson Avenue703-212-7410
Alexandria, VAMaralex Allied Health Educational Services6601 Little River Turnpike, Suite 240703-642-5851
Alexandria, VANew Era Nursing Services5999 Stevenson Avenue, Suite 401703-212-7080
Alexandria, VASalvation Academy4613 Pinecrest Office Park Drive, Suite F-g703-763-1115
Alexandria, VAUltimate Keepers Nurse Training Services8609-a Engleside Office Park703-520-0153
Alexandria, VAT. C. Williams High School, Alexandria City Schools3330 King Street703-824-6800
Amherst, VAAmherst County High School139 Lancer Lane434-946-2898
Appomattox, VAAppomattox County High School198 Evergreen Avenue434-352 7146
Arlington, VAAlisab School Of Nursing901 South Highland Street, Suite 325571-263-6524
Arlington, VAArlington Community Learning (Was Adult Education)816 South Walter Reed Drive703-228-7217
Aroda, VAMountain View Nursing Home, Inc.1776 Elly Road540-948 6831
Ashland, VACompanion Extraordinaire Nursing Network, Inc.112 England Street804-752-2205
Bastian, VAKissito-bland Co. Nursing & Rehab12185 Grapefield Road276-688-4141
Bedford, VABedford Memorial Hospital1613 Oakwood Street540-586-2441
Bedford, VABedford Science And Technology Center600 Edmund Street540-586 3933
Ben Hur, VALee County Career & Technical Center181 Vo-tech Drive P.o. Box 100276-346-1960
Berryville, VAClarke County High School627 Mosby Boulevard540-955-6130
Big Stone Gap, VAMountain Empire Community College3441 Mountain Empire Road276-523 7456
Big Stone Gap, VAHeritage Hall Health Care – Big Stone Gap2045 Valley View Drive276-523-3000
Blacksburg, VAHeritage Hall – Blacksburg3610 South Mian Street540-951-7000
Blacksburg, VALewis Gale Hospital Montgomery3700 South Main Street540-951-1111
Blacksburg, VABlacksburg High School3401 Bruin Lane540-951-5706
Blackstone, VAHeritage Hall – Blackstone900 South Main Street434-321-9987
Bridgewater, VABridgewater Home, Inc.302 North Second Street540-828 2707
Buckingham, VABuckingham Cte Center98 Fanny White Road434-969-6180
Carson, VARowanty Technical Center20000 Rowanty Road434-246-5741
Charlottesville, VAPiedmont Virginia Community College501 College Drive434-961-5445
Charlottesville, VAThe Jefferson School Center233 Fourth Street, N.w. Room J127434-260-8720
Charlottesville, VAIvy2421 Ivy Road, Suite 110434-202-8565
Charlottesville, VATrinity3101 Fontaine Avenue434-977-3700
Charlottesville, VAFaithful Nursing Resources1709monticello Road, Suite B434-326-6353
Charlottesville, VAFast Track Health Care Education1924 Arlington Boulevard, Suite D434-485-0966
Charlottesville, VACharlottesville Albemarle Technical Education Center1000 East Rio Road434-973 4461
Chatham, VAPittsylvania Public Schools11700 U.s. Highway 29434-432-9416
Chesapeake, VADailey’s Health Care Inc.2200 Dunbarton Drive, Suite G757-523-5207
Chesapeake, VADerai Health Training Center646 Prosperity Way757-312-0434
Chesapeake, VAChesapeake Career Center I369 South Battlefield Boulevard757-547-0134
Chesapeake, VAChesapeake Career Center1617 Cedar Road757-547 0134
Chester, VAChester Career College751 West Hundred Road804-751-9191
Chesterfield, VAJohn Tyler Community College1051 Johnston Willis Drive804-622-8708
Chesterfield, VALucy Corr Village6800 Lucy Corr Boulevard P. O. Drawer 170804-748-1511
Chesterfield, VAChesterfield County Public Schools10101 Courthouse Road Extension804-768-6140
Christiansburg, VAChristiansburg High School100 Independence Boulevard540-382-5178
Clifton Forge, VADabney S. Lancaster Community College1000 Dabney Drive540-863-2900
Clifton Forge, VAAlleghany Health & Rehab1725 Main Street540-862-5791
Clintwood, VAHeritage Hall - ClintwoodP. O. Box 909 1225 Clintwood Main Street276-926-4693
Clintwood, VARidgeview Nursing Assistant Program310 Wolfpack Way276-835 1600
Colonial Heights, VAColonial Heights High School3451 Conduit Road804-524-3405
Covington, VAJackson River Vocational Center, Programs105 East Country Club Lane540-862 1308
Cumberland, VACumberland County High SchoolP. O. Box 140 15 School Road804-492-4212
Danville, VADanville Community College701 Broad Street434-799-6410
Danville, VADanville Community College1008 South Main Street434-797 6437
Danville, VAMedical Solutions Academy306 Poplar Street434-836-8393
Dublin, VANew River Community College5251 College Drive540-674 3600
Dublin, VAHighland Ridge Rehab Center, Llc5872 Hanks Avenue540-674-4193
Dublin, VAPulaski County High School5414 Cougar Trail Road540-643-0387
Dumfries, VAEveready Healthcare Training Center17911 Main Street703-596-0047
Dumfries, VAHealing Hands Health School17323 Jefferson Davis Highway, #201703-340-6697
Dumfries, VARose Hill Healthcare Resource17932 South Fraley Boulevard, Suite 220571-931-0908
Fairfax, VAMedical Learning Center2812 Old Lee Highway, Suite 301703-573-2331
Falls Church, VANova Nursing Academy6299 Leesburg Pike, Suite C571-212-5311
Farmville, VAPrince Edward County Public Schools35 Eagle Drive434-315-2140
Fincastle, VAKissito-brian Center Fincastle188 Old Fincastle Road540-473-2288
Fincastle, VABotetourt Technical Education CenterP. O. Box 97 253 Poor Farm Road540-473 8216
Fishersville, VAWilson Workforce And Rehabilitation CenterP. O. Box 1500540-332-7221
Fishersville, VAValley Career And Technical Center49 Hornet Road540-245-5002
Floyd, VAFloyd County High School721 Baker Street540-745-9450
Forest, VARaspberry Hill Adult Daytime Center300 Enterprise Drive, Suite B434-525-4422
Forest, VARunk & Pratt School Of Nursing5164 Waterlick Road434-237-2268
Franklin, VAPaul D. Camp Community College100 North College Drive757-569-6751
Franklin, VAFranklin City High School310 Crescent Drive757-562-5187
Fredericksburg, VACardinal Institute For Health Careers150 Riverside Parkway, Suite 211540-479-6600
Fredericksburg, VAChambers Training Academy11909 Main Street540-940-2906
Fredericksburg, VAComfort Assured1127 International Parkway, Room 243540-729-3265
Front Royal, VAWarren Memorial Hospital1000 North Shenandoah Avenue540-636 0531
Front Royal, VABlue Ridge Technical School280 Luray Avenue540-635-7123
Galax, VAWytheville Community College1117 East Stuart Drive276-223-4856
Galax, VAGalax Health & Rehab836 Glendale Road276-236-9991
Galax, VAWaddell Nursing And Rehab Center202 Painter Street276-236 516
Goochland, VAGoochland County Public Schools2938 River Road West804-556-5322
Gordonsville, VADivinely Inspired Nursing Instruction400 West Gordon Avenue, Suite A P. O. Box 187540-832-5050
Grundy, VABuchanan County Technology & Career Center1124 Almarine Drive276-935-4551
Hampton, VAThomas Nelson Community College, Workforce Training & Continuing Ed.99 Thomas Nelson Drive757-880-0267
Hampton, VAHampton Veterans Affairs Medical Center100 Emancipation Drive757-722-9961
Hampton, VAAllegiance Home Care Services, Inc.2019 Cunningham Drive, Suite 316757-235-2680
Hampton, VAHealth Service And Education1048 Big Bethel Road757-827-7230
Hampton, VATidewater Medical Training1503 Hardy Cash Drive757-320-1780
Hampton, VANew Horizons Regional Education Center520 Butler Farm Road757-766-1100
Harrisonburg, VASunnyside Presbyterian Retirement Community3935 Sunnyside Drive540-568-8201
Harrisonburg, VAMassanutten Technical Center325 Pleasant Valley Road540-434 5961
Henrico, VADominion Health Education Center4746 Finlay Street P O Box 7796804-340-6163
Henrico, VARoyal Careers Institute, Llc8667 Staples Mill Road804-972-1807
Henrico, VAHenrico County Public Schools7850 Carousel Lane804-527-4660
Herndon, VAGrace Ministries, Inc.13600 Frying Pan Road703-203-1448
Highland Springs, VAHcps-the Advanced Career Education Center At Highland Springs100 Tech Drive804-527-4660
Hillsville, VACarroll County High School100 Cavs Lane276-728 2125
Hopewell, VAHopewell High School400 South Mesa Drive804-541-6402
Hot Springs, VAKissito-springs Nursing Center167 Spring Street540-839-2299
Independence, VAGrayson County Vocational Center110 Blue Devil Drive P. O. Box 707276-773 2951
Jettersville, VAAmelia-nottoway Technical Center148 Vo-tech Road434-645-7854
Keysville, VASouthside Virginia Community College200 Daniel Road434-736-2078
Lebanon, VAKissito- Maple Grove318 E. Main Street276-889-0733
Lebanon, VARussell County Career & Technology CenterP. O. Box 849 304 Career Technical Drive276-889-6550
Leesburg, VAHeritage Hall Nursing And Rehabilitation Center122 Morven Park Road Nw703-777-8700
Leesburg, VAInova Loudoun Nursing And Rehabilitation Center235 Old Waterford Road Nw703-771-2841
Lexington, VAFloyd S. Kay Vocational Technical Center143 Greenhouse Road540-463 5555
Locust Grove, VAGermanna Community College2130 Germanna Highway, Room 402540-423-9825
Locust Grove, VACareer Nursing Academy4437-f Germanna Highway703-402-2509
Lovingston, VANelson County High School6919 Thomas Nelson Highway434-263-8317
Low Moor, VAKissito Healthcare100 Arh Lane540-958-3659
Luray, VAPage County Technical Center525 Middleburg Raod540-778-7282
Lynchburg, VACentra College Of Nursing905 Lakeside Drive434-200-2234
Madison, VAMadison County High School68 Mountaineer Lane540-948-3785
Manassas, VABirmingham Green8605 Centreville Road703-257-6247
Manassas, VAAstar Education Institute7864 Donegan Drive703-368-6838
Manassas, VACare Perfections Health Services, Llc8705 Stonewall Road703-659-9640
Manassas, VAExcel Health Institute, Llc8647 Mathis Avenue, Suite 202571-222-6600
Manassas, VAUltimate Health Schools7839 Ashton Avenue571-379-7045
Marion, VAFrancis Marion Manor Health & Rehabilitation/smith County Community Hospital100 Francis Marion Lane P. O. Box 880276-378-1800
Marion, VABlue Ridge Job Corps Center245 West Main Street276-783-7221
Marion, VASmyth Career And Technology Center147 Fox Valley Road276-646-8117
Martinsville, VAPatrick Henry Community College645 Patriot Avenue276-656-0248
Mathews, VAMathews High SchoolP. O. Box 38804-725-3702
Mechanicsville, VAHanover High School10307 Chamberlayne Road, Room 2209804-723-3700
Melfa, VAEastern Shore Community College29300 Lankford Highway757-789-1772
Middletown, VALord Fairfax Community College173 Skirmisher Lane540-868-7166
Midlothian, VAChesterfield Technical Center-hull Street Campus13900 Hull Street Road804-639-8668
Milford, VACaroline County High School19155 Rogers Clark Boulevard804-633-9886
Mineral, VALouisa County High SchoolHigh School - 757 Davis Highway540-894 5436
Mount Jackson, VAShenandoah County Public Schools – Triplett Tech6375 South Main Street540-477-3161
New Kent, VARappahannock Community College – Bridging CommunitiesP. O. Box 232 7930 Chipping Lane804-333-6752
Newport News, VAVirginia Health Services2140 William Styron Square, South757-599-1319
Newport News, VARiverside College Of Health Careers316 Main Street757-240-2453
Newport News, VADivine Home Care Nurse Aide Training Center739 Thimble Shoals Boulevard, Suite 503757-768-6021
Newport News, VAProfessional Technical Learning Center, Llc11524 Jefferson Avenue, Suite 103757-806-6212
Norfolk, VAAmerica Medical Careers Academy861 Glenrock Road, Suite 114757-893-9226
Norfolk, VACentura College – Norfolk Campus7020 North Military Highway757-853-2121
Norfolk, VANorfolk Allied Health Training Center533 East Little Creek Road, Suite C757-395-4398
Norfolk, VATidewater Home Care, Inc.1576 Aspin Street, Suite C757-275-7010
Norfolk, VATraining Solutions2428 Almeda Avenue, Suite 146757-321-8887
North Chesterfield, VAAsher Comprehensive Training Program7465 Midlothian Turnpike804-233-9494
North Chesterfield, VACentura College – Midlothian Campus7914 Midlothian Turnpike804-330-0111
North Chesterfield, VAProfessional Career Institute9200 Arboretum Parkway, Suite 110804-780-6272
Onley, VAT. H. Badger Career And Technical Education Center26350 B. Lankford Highway757-787-4514
Orange, VADogwood Village Of Orange County120 Dogwood Lane540-672 2611
Orange, VAOrange County High School201 Selma Road540-661-4300
Palmyra, VAFluvanna County High School1918 Thomas Jefferson Parkway434-589-3666
Pearisburg, VAGiles County Technology School1827 Wenonah Avenue540-921 1166
Petersburg, VAHealth Care Training Institute112 South Adams Street804-861-8989
Petersburg, VAPetersburg Public Schools3101 Johnson Road804-863-3195
Portsmouth, VAHampton Roads Nursing Careers And Training Center1122 London Boulevard757-393-0972
Portsmouth, VAProfessional Training Institute, Inc.126 Chowan Drive757-761-2120
Portsmouth, VAPortsmouth Public Schools1401 Elmhurst Lane757-465-2907
Powhatan, VAPowhatan High School1800 Judes Ferry Road804-598-5710
Rapidan, VAHartland Institute Of Health And Education444 Hartland Oak Drive540-672-1998
Rich Creek, VAHeritage Hall-rich Creek120 Virginia Avenue, P. O. Box 327540-726-2328
Richlands, VASouthwest Virginia Community CollegeP. O. Box Svcc276-964-7306
Richmond Va , VAJ. Sargeant Reynolds Community College1651 East Parham Road804-523-5375
Richmond, VAAmerican Red Cross420 East Cary Street615-336-1862
Richmond, VARichmond Technical Center2015 Seddon Way804-780-6272
Richmond, VAVirginia School For Nurse Aides And Health Education3310 West Clay Street, Suite 100804-353-1747
Richmond, VAHcps-the Advanced Career Education Center At Hermitage8301 Hungary Spring Road804-527-4660
Richmond, VARichmond Technical Center2020 Westwood Avenue804-780-6237
Roanoke, VAFriendship Retirement Community327 Hershberger Road, Nw540-265-2011
Roanoke, VAFast Track Health Care Education3201 Brandon Avenue, Suite 8540-819-9400
Roanoke, VAGoodwill Industries Of The Valley2502 Melrose Avenue Nw540-581-0620
Roanoke, VATotal Action Against Poverty/this Valley Works (Tap)108 North Jefferson Street, Suite 503540-767-6219
Roanoke, VAFriendship Health Care Center327 Hershberger Road Nw540-265-2150
Rocky Mount, VAFranklin Center50 Claiborne Avenue540-483-0179
Rocky Mount, VAFranklin County High School700 Tanyard Road540-483-0221
Ruckersville, VAJullian’s Health Education Academy8726 Seminole Trail, Suite 1434-270-8615
Rustburg, VACampbell County Voc Tech Center194 Dennis Riddle Road434-821 6213
Salem, VASalem Health And Rehabilitation Center1945 Roanoke Boulevard540-345-3894
Salem, VARichfield Living: Richfield Recovery Care Center3615 West Main Street54)-380-6577
Salem, VARoanoke Valley Nurse Aide Training1945 Roanoke Boulevard765-993-3916
Salem, VARoanoke County Public Schools1760 Roanoke Boulevard540-857-5000
Smithfield, VAIsle Of Wight County Schools Health Sciences Academy14121 Turner Drive757-357-3108
South Boston, VAHalifax County/south Boston Public Schools IP. O. Box 310434-572-4977
Sperryville, VARappu, Inc.11669 Lee Highway, Suite A540-987-0513
Springfield, VACts Professional Healthcare, Llc6815 Edsall Road703-587-0633
Springfield, VAHanmi School Of Nurse Aide Education6214 Old Keen Mill Court703-517-0283
Springfield, VANorthern Virginia Community College – Springfield Campus6966 Springfield Center Drive703-450-2551
Stafford, VANorth Stafford High School839 Garrisonville Road540-658-6150
Stanardsville, VAEugene Giuseppe Center222 South Main Street434-990-1131
Stanardsville, VAGreene County Technical Education Center10415 Spotswood Trail434-939-9005
Staunton, VAEnvoy Of Staunton512 Houston Street540-886-2335
Sterling, VANorthern Virginia Community College – Loudoun Campus21335 Signal Hill Plaza, Suite 300703-450-2551
Sterling, VAClary’s Cna Training Center22570 Markey Court, Suite 220703-444-6215
Stuart, VABlue Ridge Nursing CenterP. O. Box 459 105 Landmark Drive276-694 7161
Stuart, VAPatrick County High School215 Cougar Lane276-694-7137
Suffolk, VAThe College And Career Academy At Pruden4169 Pruden Boulevard757-923-5254
Tazewell, VAHeritage Hall-tazewell282 Ben Bolt Avenue276-988-2515
Tazewell, VATazewell County Career And Technical Center260 Advantage Road276-988-2529
Vienna, VAColumbia College, Inc.8620 Westwood Center Drive703-206-0508
Virginia Beach, VATidewater Community College1700 College Crescent757-822-2329
Virginia Beach, VAAbbott Education Center, Inc.3132 Ashlawn Terrace757-497-1180
Virginia Beach, VANursing Solutions, Llc405 South Parliament Drive, Suite 201757-447-1649
Warrenton, VAFauquier High School705 Waterloo Road540-422-7300
Warrenton, VAFauquier Health, Rehabilitation And Nursing Center360 Hospital Drive540-349-1919
Warsaw, VARappahannock Community College52 Campus Drive804-333-6752
Warsaw, VANorthern Neck Regional Vocational Center13946 Historyland Highway804-333-4940
Washington, VALord Fairfax Community College – Rappahannock County Public Schools6 Schoolhouse Road540-227-0023
Weyers Cave, VABlue Ridge Community College1 College Lane540-453-2215
Williamsburg, VAAgape Home Care Training Center299 Mclaws Circle757-229-6115
Williamsburg, VAHeart To Heart Career Training Center312 Waller Mill Road, Suite 600757-229-0919
Winchester, VAAdvanced Health380 Millwood Avenue540-667-7010
Winchester, VADowell J. Howard Center156 Dowell J. Circle540-662-8997
Winchester, VAWinchester Public Schools425 Handley Boulevard540-662-3471
Wise, VAWise County Career And Technical Center621 Lake Street276-328-6113
Woodbridge, VANorthern Virginia Community College – Woodbridge Campus2675 College Drive703-878-6157
Woodbridge, VAAmerica School Of Nursing & Allied Health14910 Jefferson Davis Highway703-490-840
Woodbridge, VAFirst Career Center1986 Opitz Boulevard703-910-7081
Woodbridge, VAGee’s Career Training Institute1822 Featherstone Road703-910-7239
Woodbridge, VASuperior Healthcare Services, Inc.4355 Ridgewood Center Drive571-289-3170
Wytheville, VACarrington Place Of Wytheville990 Holston Road276-228-5595
Wytheville, VAWythe County Technology Center1505 West Spiller Street276-228-5481