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Students enrolled in CNA certification training programs are prepared for a profession in the healthcare industry. They’re an excellent way to get started in a productive and satisfying career. Nursing assistants are increasingly considered to be integral members of any successful healthcare team. They assist in the delivery of service from all angles and aid to establish a safe environment for your patient.

A CNA’s work may be physically and mentally exhausting. That is why they must be well-trained and equipped to deal with the unique issues that healthcare facilities provide. Communications are among the most crucial abilities for any CNA to possess. Training should emphasize excellent communication skills in order to prepare them to properly report to other members of the team.

When selecting a CNA training program, it is critical to evaluate the key skills that must be mastered as well as whether or not the curriculum is up to date with state requirements. Check out the institutes mentioned below if you’re seeking CNA training that’s authorized by the state of your residence.

CNA Classes in Cranston

Cranston Adult Education Program

Cranston Adult Education Program

To become a CNA, you must complete Cranston Adult Education Program. 15 weeks of theoretical and clinical training are required. In this course, students learn all they need to know about healthcare, from anatomy and physiology to patient care and cultural diversity and rehabilitation. In addition, they will be familiar with the concepts of infection prevention and control. Participants are encouraged to practice clinical skills at a local health care institution under the supervision of a skilled and licensed teacher with more than a few years of experience at the conclusion of lectures.

Anyone who meets the prerequisites may enroll in the CNA classes offered by Cranston Adult Education. A high school degree or GED equivalent is necessary for entry into this course. Background checks and other procedures like drug testing and proper ID might make it tough for prospective students to get in. Due to the need for complete engagement, they must avoid any absences at all costs.

You must pay at least one-third of the $800 cost of the Certified Nursing Assistant course when you register; the remaining must be paid by midterm. Graduates must submit a $149 state application fee in cash or money order. Please contact the admissions office or financial aid office if you are interested in taking classes for free.

CNA classes in Lincoln

Community College of Rhode Island

Community College of Rhode Island

The Certified Nursing Assistant program is one of several offered by the Community College of Rhode Island. More than 16,000 students have enrolled annually at the college’s two facilities in Lincoln and Warwick. The CNA program at the Lincoln campus lasts between seven and nine weeks if lessons are held during the day, or ten to twelve weeks if they are held at night. There are 95.5 classroom hours and 32 clinical hours in this program, for a total of 125.5 hours of instruction.

Topics discussed in the program are very important. Patients’ rights and basic nursing skills are among the topics covered. Rehabilitation, safety, and other topics are covered. You will be doing your clinical training at a healthcare facility that has been authorized for instruction by a certified CNA or Nurse. The Community College of Rhode Island’s curriculum is one of the finest in the area because of its small class sizes and highly qualified professors. Expert healthcare personnel oversees and teach students at the same time. Their self-esteem rises, and they do well on their certification and training exams.

You must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent to join the CNA training program. An additional $5 non-refundable charge is needed in addition to the $850 tuition. Medical students are required to bring their own textbooks, stethoscope, cuff for blood pressure monitoring, and a state license fee to the classroom.

CNA Classes in East Greenwich

St. Elizabeth Community

St. Elizabeth Community

CNA programs are being offered by the St. Elizabeth Community to help eligible persons become Certified Nursing Assistants. Both Saint Elizabeth Manor and Saint Elizabeth Home in Bristol offer this course. Students will undergo a rigorous training program that combines classroom teaching, hands-on lab work, and clinical experience. Visitors to their website may fill out an online application to be considered for this training program. Enrollment requires a high school degree or an equivalent. The CNA program, on the other hand, has a limited number of students. In order to secure a place in this healthcare program, prospective students should apply as soon as possible.

In addition, St. Elizabeth Community’s CNA training course places the majority of its graduates to work in one of its institutions. It is possible to get a job immediately after completing the certification test as long as one has a good grade and performance record. To encourage long-term employees, the hospital offers a free CNA training course. It is required that all students in the CNA program attend all classes and get a passing grade to graduate.

CNA Classes in Providence



When it comes to CNA training, career development & placement services, and CPR/BLS certification, HITEP Inc. offers locations in Providence as well as Pawtucket. HITEP has established in 2007 with the aspirational objective of helping people compete in an ever-changing marketplace. Since then, the college has expanded and thrived due to the hard work of its students.

Rhode Island has granted HTEP permission to provide a Nursing Assistant Training Program, which includes classroom instruction, hands-on training, and an internship at a nursing facility. Students get CNA training and certification from an instructor who is up to date on the most recent technologies. A temporary license will be issued to allow them to look for work while they wait for the State Certification Exam.

The small size and specialized training of HITEP’s CNA program make it a fantastic option. Activities of daily life, restorative skills, fundamental nursing skills, communication, patient rights, and emotional and mental health issues are all addressed. Legal and ethical conduct, as well as spiritual and cultural demands, are also addressed. Students who have finished the program and are preparing to take the certification test for nursing assistants may also attend refresher sessions.

The CNA training is 140 hours long. The theoretical portion is 120 hours long, while the hands-on portion is 20 hours long. Morning, afternoon, and evening sessions are all available to students. It’s just Monday through Friday, 5 pm to 10 pm, and there are no Saturday or Sunday evening programs available. Six weeks is the amount of time for these courses. As an alternative, there is an eight-week nighttime session option, which runs on weekdays from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  One alternative starts at 5:00 p.m, but the duration is only six weeks long.

Here are some general things to know about getting into CNA classes.  Scholarships and grants may be available if you begin the application process early. For additional information, feel free to get in touch with the Financial Aid department.

Request additional information by contacting the organization at 401-785-2202 or by visiting their website.

Crossroads Rhode Island

Crossroads Rhode Island

Crossroads was established in 1894 to give assistance and services to Rhode Island’s homeless and most vulnerable citizens. It’s currently the biggest service provider for the homeless in the country. In addition to providing basic necessities like food and clothing, Crossroads also offers low-cost housing, thorough case management, training and job placement assistance, and 24-hour emergency services.

Crossroads’ Education and Employment Services include Certified Nursing Assistant Training. Homeless and low-income persons who utilize these programs may expect to get assistance with education, skills training, and support in order to improve their financial and residential stability.

The curriculum includes lessons on how to do CPR and first aid. Graduates will also obtain First Aid and CPR certifications, in addition to their nursing assistant certificate of completion. The length of the course is 7 weeks. Classes run from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on weekdays. There may be a change in the clinical week’s schedule.

In order to be considered, you must be referred by the ORS, DHS, Network RI, or Crossroads. A current BCI background check, three valid picture IDs (only photocopies), a birth certificate, vaccination records, and a social security card are also required of applicants. Additionally, students must take the TABE exam. State certification examination expenses have already been paid for.

Crossroads is a resource for advancing one’s career as well as finding a job.

Crossroads may be contacted by phone at (401) 521-2255 or by visiting their website.

Briarcliffe Manor

Briarcliffe Manor

Briarcliffe Manor is a nursing and rehabilitation facility run by a family-owned business. A number of awards have been bestowed upon it, and it is considered one of the finest in the region. This facility’s recovery timelines and rates are superior to the national average. People with mental health issues benefit greatly from their integrated treatment team.

Briarcliff has been approved by the Rhode Island Department of Health and has offered the training required to become a certified nursing assistant. Those who enroll in the program may complete it in as little as 20 days and get certified.

Admissions need a medical certificate, vaccination documents, a clean background check from the Bureau of Criminal Identification, and a valid ID card.  Additionally, you must submit a high school diploma or GED certificate for normal admission. In order to join their team, applicants must have an optimistic outlook. There is an expectation that they have a strong work ethic and a deep desire to help the elderly. If they are to do physically demanding duties, they must be physically fit.

Admission is free for qualified candidates.  Briarcliffe only accepts applications in person between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. If a student passes the state certification test, Briarcliffe has a better chance of selecting them.

Briarcliffe may be reached at (401) 944-2450 or through their website for further information.

Saint Antoine Residence

Saint Antoine Residence

On the coast of Rhode Island, residents may find the Saint Antoine Community, nursing and assisted living facility. With the support of their highly experienced team, they take care of the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual requirements of the elderly. Training in health care and nursing is available at the St. Antoine Community.

For those who qualify, a free CNA training program is being given. Additional funding for this free program is provided by a grant from the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training, as well as support from Saint Antoine Residence.

8 weeks are allotted for the course. Rotations at the hospital take two weeks to prepare students for their future employment, while the main course takes six weeks. Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 3:30 to 9:30 p.m. Classes will be held at the Saint Antoine Residence unless otherwise announced.  On Wednesdays, make-up lessons will be held for students who missed class due to inclement weather or holidays. January, April, September, and December are the most popular times to register.

Candidates for this course must be either out of high school or not full-time high school students in order to be considered for consideration.  Moreover, they should be residents of Rhode Island and not owe the state any past taxes. A clean BCI background check and the TABE exam at the 6th-grade level are also required for admission. CNAs must be able to lift and push up to 70 pounds in order to work as CNAs.

Contact the Saint Antoine Community by phone or email to find out more about them.

Health Care Connections Nursing Services

Health Care Connections Nursing Services

Health Care Connections (HCC) is a nursing home in Providence County, Rhode Island, situated on Willet Avenue in Riverside. The institution was founded in 2001, and its primary goal is to offer home care workers to those who are chronically sick, injured, or paralyzed. The Department of Human Services has granted HCC state licenses and accreditation.

HCC not only provides nursing care but also trains students to become certified nursing assistants. Nursing basics, infection control, body mechanics (including care and hygiene), urinary and bowel eradication, nutrition (vital sign monitoring, sample collection), health issues (such as mental health issues), rest and sleep comfort, and CPR and basic emergency care are covered in this CNA training program.

80 hours of teaching and 20 hours of clinical experience make up this 90-hour course. Between 8 and 10 weeks are required for the course. It’s not set in stone, but sessions often meet twice a week or on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm, depending on the school’s needs and the availability of teachers. During the spring and autumn, classes are only offered.

Valid photo identification and social security cards are needed for all applicants. Proof of MMR, Tdap, and Varicella vaccinations are also necessary. A 2 step PPD or chest x-ray is also required of all applicants.

The course is priced at $650. These costs cover everything from the uniform and equipment to the BCI check to the certificate of graduation and licensing fees.

For more details about the CNA training course, call HCC at (401) 437-3515 or contact

CNA Classes in Bristol

Silver Creek Manor

Silver Creek Manor

At Silver Creek Manor in Bristol, they are a family-owned business and nursing home. It was founded in the year of 1970. Short-term rehabilitation, long-term care, palliative care, and emergency treatment are all available. At a maximum capacity of 128 people, it can provide services. Internet access and cable TV are included in the price of each room. U.S. News & World Report gave it a “Better than Average” rating and named it a U.S. News Best Nursing Home. It accepts both Medicare and Medicaid patients.

Participants in the Certified Nursing Assistant training program offered here will obtain the knowledge and self-assurance they need to launch a career in the healthcare industry. Silver Creek Manor relies heavily on its team of Certified Nursing Assistants to look for its elderly and patients with long-term illnesses. Caretakers help seniors with everything from personal hygiene to transportation.

In addition to classroom instruction, students do clinical rotations as part of the program. These include fundamental care and nursing skills as well as a patient-centered approach and safety measures such as preventing infection and isolation protocols that students learn about in the classroom as well as on the job. Course instructors help students prepare for the state certification test by working one-on-one with each student.

Students must have the proper vaccinations and pass a criminal background check in order to enroll. Students should be at least 18 years old.

After passing the test, students will be eligible to work as CNAs at Silver Creek Manor on a part-time or full-time basis. Students who complete the curriculum and then go on to work in a nursing home will have their tuition fees refunded.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in Rhode Island

Bristol, RISilver Creek Manor7 Creek Lane401-253-3000
Bristol, RISaint Elizabeth Manor1 Dawn Hill401-253-2300
Bristol, RIThe Walker School Of Allied Health Llc490 Metacom Avenue401-842-7411
Coventry, RIRegional Career Ctr At Coventry H S40 Reservoir Road401-822-9491
Coventry, RIAlpine Nursing Home557 Weaver Hill Road401-397-5001
Cranston, RIPhenix Home Care Inc227 Phenix Avenue401-943-6230
Cranston, RICranston Adult Education Programs83 Rolfe Street401-270-8166
Cranston, RICranston Area Career And Technical Center100 Metropolitan Avenue401-270-8070
Cranston, RIHomefront Health Care40 Sharpe Drive401-437-6559
Cranston, RIHope Nursing Home Care Llc478 Reservoir Avenue401-467-8588
Cranston, RIMedical Skills Training Center681 Park Avenue401-272-4500
Cranston, RIAce Training School Inc815 Reservoir Avenue401-453-4545
Cumberland, RIOcean State Nursing Services Inc3929 Mendon Road401-405-3810
East Greenwich, RISaint Elizabeth Home East Greenwich1 St Elizabeth Way401-471-6060
East Providence, RINew England Emergency Medical Training860 Waterman Ave Suite 4401-434-3120
East Providence, RIAccess Healthcare Inc702 Warren Avenue401-438-4747
East Providence, RIEast Providence Career & Tech1998 Pawtucket Avenue401-435-7815
Exeter, RIHealth Care Educational Resources567 South County Trl # 301401-667-0471
Greenville, RIGreenville Center735 Putnam Pike401-949-1200
Johnston, RICherry Hill Manor2 Cherry Hill Road401-231-3102
Johnston, RIBriarcliffe Manor49 Old Pocasset Road401-944-2450
Lincoln, RICcri Center For Workforce And Community Education1762 Louisquisset Pike401-333-7283
Lincoln, RIWm M Davies Jr Career & Tech50 Jenckes Hill Road401-728-1500
Middletown, RIAquidneck Island Adult Learning Ctr740 West Main Road401-847-7171
Middletown, RIGrand Islander Genesis Health Care333 Green End Avenue401-849-7100
North Kingstown, RIScalabrini Villa860 North Quidnesset Road401-884-1802
North Smithfield, RISt Antoine Residence10 Rhodes Avenue401-767-3500
Pascoag, RIOverlook Nursing And Rehabilitation Center14 Rock Avenue401-568-2549
Pawtucket, RINew England Medical Training Institute301 Concord St Unit 463401-400-8988
Pawtucket, RIAttentive Academy678 Central Avenue401-919-6309
Pawtucket, RILifetime Medical Support Services235 Londsdale Avenue401-333-3333
Pawtucket, RINursing Placement Inc334 East Avenue401-728-6500
Pawtucket, RIRi Allied Health And Safety Institute50 Power Road401-276-9141
Providence, RICoastal Career Academy Inc807 Broad St508-536-5366
Providence, RIHitep Inc515 Elmwood Ave Suite B401-785-2202
Providence, RIInternational School For Health Careers297 Elmwood Avenue401-523-3031
Providence, RICrossroads Rhode Island160 Broad Street401-521-2255
Providence, RIAmerican Safety Programs & Training Inc150 Niantic Ave401-273-6900
Providence, RIRi Nurses Institute Middle College150 Washington Street401-680-4900
Riverside, RIHealth Care Connections Nursing Services Inc425 Willet Avenue401-437-3515
Wakefield, RIElderwood Of Scallop Shell At Wakefield55 Scallop Shell Way401-789-3006
Warren, RIGrace Barker Nursing Center54 Barker Avenue401-245-9100
Warwick, RIKent Regency660 Commonwealth Ave401-739-4241
Warwick, RIWarwick Area Career & Technical Center575 Centerville Road401-734-3150
Warwick, RI911 Programs Inc175 Metro Center Blvd Unit 1401-773-7716
Warwick, RIBrentwood Nursing Home4000 Post Road401-884-8020
Wood River Junction, RIChariho Adult Education Vta459 Switch Road401-315-2871
Woonsocket, RIFriendly Home Inc The303 Rhodes Avenue401-769-7220
Woonsocket, RIWoonsocket Area Career And Technical Center400 Aylsworth Avenue401-767-4660
Woonsocket, RIOakland Grove Health Care Center560 Cumberland Hill Road401-769-0800