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Certified nursing assistants are first in charge of patient care.  They must be physically active, compassionate, and knowledgeable about a wide range of topics relating to patient care, first aid, and other aspects of the healthcare industry. Certified Medication Aide (CMA), Developmentally Disabled Direct Aide (DDCA), Home Health Aide (HHA), Long-term Care Aide (LTC), and Residential Aide (RA) are all varieties of Certified Nurse Aide in Oklahoma (RCA).

The roles of CNAs can vary widely depending on what their employer has in mind. Some CNAs work at homes, taking care of the needs of their clients by doing things like preparing meals and performing housekeeping duties.  In order to become a certified nursing assistant, students often take a mix of classroom instruction, practical training, and simulations. These CNAs may be trained to work in a variety of healthcare environments.

You must have a high school diploma or equivalent to be eligible for certification as a CNA. About 88 hours are required to complete CNA training in Oklahoma City. Approximately 72 hours of classroom instruction and 16 hours of supervised clinical training will be required to complete the course.

The Department of Health or Board of Nursing may accept and accredit various training programs for nursing assistants, but you may still take the licensure exam if the institution has been authorized and accredited. Be sure to do your homework about the organization before applying for a license so that you may begin working right away.

Students who complete the program satisfactorily will be able to sit for the state licensure tests. It is necessary to take the test within a year after finishing the course. In addition to the written portion of the exam, there is a practical assessment. The practical abilities are necessary for the students to practice their skills in the field and the written test helps determine what they know & understand about nursing.  Students who finish the state-approved training and get a certificate allowing them to operate as CNAs have successfully completed the arduous certification procedure that the state requires. Additionally, they must renew their licenses every 24 months in order to keep this procedure as simple as possible.

Certified nursing assistants in Oklahoma City make between $19,920 and $29,760 a year, while those with extensive experience and working in management roles may make up to $35,300 a year. Aside from health insurance and retirement programs, CNAs often get paid vacations and other perks.

CNA training in Oklahoma is among the most rigorous in the country. A wide range of options is accessible to people who need them in order to go back to work. Listed below are a variety of well-known institutions, each having its own set of standards and methods for educating its students.
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Classes in Oklahoma City

CNA Training Academy Oklahoma City (Warr Acres)

CNA Training Academy Oklahoma City

The CNA Training Academy focuses on providing a positive and helpful experience for students who want to work as CNAs in hospitals. The school has been around for about 8 years and offers both HHA & CNA certification courses (which prepare students to work as CNAs). Nurse aides trained by these programs are well-prepared to begin work in the healthcare industry. Participants in the course are more prepared because of their small class size. Individuals who are interested in participating in the program should submit their applications as soon as possible and ensure that they fit all of the program requirements.

There is a wide range of topics covered in the CNA program that include effective communication and interaction with patients as well as helping patients in getting the maximum functional independence; patient safety; body mechanics; CNA regulations; ethics; law in the context of health care; and human needs.

Clinical experience and classroom learning are woven together in the CNA program to provide a comprehensive education. All of these things are covered in this course: anatomy physiology, range of motion exercises; common medical terms; infection management; nutrition; death and dying; care for the elderly; CPR; first aid; AED use; among others. Additionally, the course involves clinical experience at a local healthcare institution under the guidance of a clinical teacher who is a Registered Nurse.

There are a total of 96 hours of instruction in this course (72 for classroom and 24 for clinicals). Day and night classes are available, with a three-week duration. The HHA certification requires an extra two days of training. Every three weeks, a new class is started.

When it comes to the HHA course, you’ll learn everything from personal hygiene to mobility support to vital signs to infection control. In addition, there are 24 hours of clinical supervision. Upon successful completion of the program, students are eligible to sit for the HHA state test.

Admission requirements include a high school diploma or GED equivalent, as well as passing a criminal background check, a drug test, and a tuberculosis test. Those who qualify for financial aid may, nevertheless, make use of available options. In addition to resume and interview training, the school offers classes in these areas.

Francis Tuttle Technology Center

Francis Tuttle Technology Center

Francis Tuttle Technology Center offers career training programs for students and adults. There are five campuses and locations and also many online learning opportunities.

For high school students, the Career Training Programs are offered at no cost. Adults may choose between full-time and part-time enrollment in the course. There are around 40 options to choose from. The 480-hour Nurse Aide course is part of the Pre-Nursing program and is available for adults either as a standalone degree or as part of the Pre-Nursing program.  CPR/First Aid, Long-term Care Nurse Aide Certification, and Advanced Unlicensed Assistant Certification are all available to students who successfully complete the curriculum and pass the final exam.

Adults may attend lessons throughout the day or at night. For full-time students, the course may be completed in four months, while for part-time students, it will take eight months to complete. Classes meet Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:55 a.m., and 12:30 p.m. to 3:25 p.m., for the morning and afternoon sessions, respectively. Part-time students can attend any of these sessions, depending on their schedule and availability.

Adult learners are required to take the ACCUPLACER exam.  In order to sit for the state certification test, they must also have a Social Security Card or any evidence of US citizenship and pass a criminal record check.

Total anticipated costs for in-state adult students are $1,366 and $2,422 for adult students from outside the state. To get your certification, you’ll have to pay for tuition, textbooks, immunizations, uniforms, and other fees. The center will only pay for one certification exam that needs instructor approval.

MedNoc Training College

MedNoc Training College

MedNoc provides a variety of healthcare-related courses, including those leading to the CNA credential. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Home Health Aide (HHA), and Certified Medication Aide (CMA) are the three designations that fall under this category. HHA and CMA courses need a CNA certification as a requirement. It has been determined that all services have been approved by the Oklahoma Department of Health (OSDH).

The Certified Long-Term Care Aide (CLTCA) credential is earned upon completion of the CNA training course. For the aged, it aims to provide high-quality and sensitive care in a professional manner. Trainees will be taught strong communication skills, infection prevention and control, body mechanics, Alzheimer’s and Dementia care delivery, and other CNA skills and procedures.

It takes about two weeks to complete the CNA training curriculum. It is possible to finish the 75-hour curriculum in four weekends, with morning and weekend classes available. Public hospitals, nursing homes, and skilled-nursing facilities are all included in this course. It has been authorized by the Oklahoma State Department of Health and accredited by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing. Students will learn in a variety of settings, including classrooms, laboratories, and clinical settings. Students who have other obligations might take advantage of flexible class schedules.

Students are also taught how to interpret this kind of behavior, suitable reactions, effective communication skills, and how to meet the healthcare requirements of patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s to ensure that they are well-prepared. Graduates of the program are entitled to sit for the state certification test, which grants them the right to work in their chosen field of study.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) criminal history check is required, as are the application and admission papers, and an affidavit of legal presence showing US citizenship. Additional clinical criteria include a negative TB skin test or chest X-ray, and scrubbing (solid colors, preferably black). Additionally, students must submit an application and pass an admissions exam in order to be considered for enrollment.

The course costs $690 in total. A background check of $20, a skin test of $20, and an exam of $150 are already included in this price. During the course of study, students will have access to all of the texts they will need. This institution offers a variety of financial aid options, including scholarships and grants, which students may apply for via the Financial Aid Office. Scholarships may also be sought via government-funded initiatives outside of the institution.

Metro Technology Centers

Metro Technology Centers

Training for in-demand professions is a great approach to be ready for the real world. It is Metro Technology Centers’ goal to offer this training to high school and adult students. Metro Tech is a publicly-funded Career and Technology Center that was established in 1979. In Oklahoma, there are roughly 29 such facilities. As well as career/business advice and employment, Metro Tech’s four campuses also provide bus transportation.

Metro Tech’s educational offerings are extensive. A CNA-I LTC course, CMA courses (basic and advanced), and an HHA course are all included in this package. Participants in the CNA-I curriculum will be prepared to take the LTC state certification examination. The course may be completed in as little as 114 hours if all the requirements are met.

As seats fill up rapidly, Metro Tech advises potential students to join as soon as possible. Classes are from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. or 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Mondays through Thursdays for eight weeks.

All incoming CNA students are required to attend a one-hour orientation session. Orientation is the time when prospective students turn in their application materials for their chosen program. In order to meet these standards, you must meet all state criteria for clinicals and pass the state certification test (OSBI criminal background check and vaccination records). Proof of permanent status, such as a copy of a permanent resident card, is required for non-US citizens as well.

The tuition is $505. Additional books cost $35. Any extra fees or expenditures must be covered by the students themselves.

Oklahoma Healthy Aging Initiative

Oklahoma Healthy Aging Initiative

The Oklahoma Healthy Aging Initiative (OHAI) is a statewide program that focuses on enhancing the health and quality of life of seniors through physical, social, and economic supports. OHAI’s mission is to improve the quality of life for senior citizens. They do this by providing education in healthcare, and social service throughout the country.

Each of the five areas of the state has an OHAI center. These facilities collaborate with nearby medical facilities and clinics to provide treatment to the community. Alzheimer’s/Dementia Caregiver Training and Certified Dementia Practitioner Training are available at OHAI’s Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Lawton campuses.

Health care seminars and training provided by OHAI assist to increase the number of healthcare professionals, particularly those who specialize in geriatric care, such as CNAs and caregivers. Students in the Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) course offered practical skills via a four-module enriched curriculum. In addition to providing patient-centered care, they will talk about protecting the dignity and independence of patients while providing safe care, addressing problems that arise in everyday life and caring for patients with chronic diseases. The training leads to certification in LTCA/CNA and HHA.

Classes meet Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and last for 6 weeks. You’ll be required to provide a TB skin test, flu shot (seasonal), clean OSBI background check result, negative drug screening result, and a Professional Student Liability Release Form before you’ll be accepted into the program.

Shadow Nursing

Shadow Nursing

Shadow Nursing, Inc. has been around for over 15 years and is an important provider of supervised on-job training for new RNs & CNAs. At present, Shadow Nursing offers CNA, CMA, and HHA training programs. These courses can be completed in as little as 16 hours and are available for individuals to complete without going through traditional college-based training methods.

Applicants must submit an enrollment application, a recent photo ID or Driving license, a recent negative Tuberculin skin test or chest x-ray result, a copy of an I-20, passport or residency permit (as applied), a signed copy of an Affidavit of Lawful Presence of Citizenship or Alien Status, Social Security Card, and a latest clean criminal record. Clinicals require students to provide their own closed-toed shoes and uniform for students to wear during clinicals.

Canadian Valley Technology Center

Canadian Valley Technology Center

The Oklahoma State Department of Health has authorized the Canadian Valley Technology Center‘s Certified Nurse Aide training program. Graduates may sit for the certification test after completing the program in a few weeks. Clinical educators with years of expertise in the medical industry teach Canadian Valley Technology’s CNA training curriculum.

Because of the small class size, students have the opportunity to get one-on-one attention during the course of the program. Students enrolled in the Certified Nurse Aide healthcare program may anticipate intense training that includes classroom teaching, laboratory training, and clinical practice in a short amount of time. Attendance and a passing grade of at least 80 percent are required to sit for the licensure exam.

Medical terminology, nutrition, infection prevention and control, and caring are just a few of the subjects covered in the curriculum. Care for the elderly, patients with Alzheimer’s disease, and CPR/AED use are all included in these courses, as well as a range of motion exercises and daily living tasks. A Registered Nurse will oversee the clinical practicum at a nearby long-term care facility.

In addition, prospective students must complete the qualifications in order to be accepted into the CNA training program. Additionally, they must pass a background check as well as two-step tuberculosis (TB) test. A drug test and a flu shot are also required upon enrollment.

CNA Classes in Stillwater

Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University

The 96-hour curriculum for becoming a certified nursing assistant at Oklahoma State University involves both classroom and clinical training. Monday through Friday, students may choose between day and evening sessions at the university. The hours of clinical training are 6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Students must be at least 18 years old and have a TB skin test that is less than six months old in order to participate in the program. It is also necessary for the applicant to have a three-month-old criminal history background check on file.

Anatomy, physiology, and nutrition are all part of the curriculum. Additionally, there are courses in nursing and infection control. Students will graduate with a solid understanding of subjects such as Patient Care, Patient Rights, Interacting with patients and their families, Monitoring a Patient’s Vitals, Communication with Healthcare Staff, Infection Prevention and Control, First Aid, CPR, Patient Movement, and Bathing.

CNA Classes in Broken Arrow

Wings HealthCare Training

Another school in Oklahoma that offers a curriculum to become a Certified Nurse Aide is Wings Healthcare Training. Class discussions, skill-building, and clinical practice make up 95 hours of teaching in this course. Students will learn a wide range of nursing principles and abilities that will be useful in their future careers as CNAs.

Anatomy and physiology, infection prevention and control, communication skills, interpersonal skills, medical terminology, senior care, fundamental emergency plans, daily living activities, and many more are among the subjects covered in the course materials.  Clinical professors with years of expertise in the medical industry teach students throughout the curriculum. In their clinical practicum, they are also taught by these professors.

At Wings Healthcare Training, you can take a CNA course for about $650. The 95 hours of instruction, the TB skin test, the medical supplies, and the OSBI background check are all included in the tuition. Scholarships and grants are available for those who need them. Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services, Workforce Oklahoma, and the Oklahoma Indian Nations help students in their CNA education. The school’s financial aid office offers these programs.

In addition, students must be 16 years old or older to participate in the Wings Healthcare Training CNA course. In order to enroll, you must have at least a high school diploma, but if you are still in high school, you may sign an enrollment contract with a parent or legal guardian. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation’s background check and a TB skin test are additional requirements. Prospective students must also be physically fit enough to complete their education and qualify for a variety of job prospects thereafter.

Victor Academy

CNA training at Victor Academy aims to prepare students for the certification test and for a job in healthcare institutions around the country. A total of 120 hours of classroom time are required to finish the course. This covers 72 hours of instruction, 24 hours of laboratory and skills training, and 24 hours of hands-on clinical practice. In only three weeks of intense and thorough sessions, these 120-hours of training may be completed. Additionally, participants will have a significant edge in management and abilities, and they will be able to describe and comprehend many structural principles in allied healthcare in depth.

Infection prevention and control, communication, body mechanics, environment, fundamental safety or emergency procedures, basic human requirements, aiding patients with movement, nutrition, body system, elimination, and cleanliness and grooming are among the topics covered in the training course. There are additional sections on taking measurements of vital signs, assessing cognitive impairment, diagnosing illnesses, coping with the loss of one’s own life, and discussing common medical terms.

A state-approved exam is required to become a nursing assistant in the state of Oklahoma after finishing the course. Those with a strong work ethic and a desire to spend more time with patients would benefit from the Certified Nursing Assistant training program. This study may also serve as a stepping stone to a more advanced degree in health care.

However, Victor Academy’s potential CNA students must go through a screening procedure before they can be admitted. Additionally, applicants must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent in order to attend. Aside from that, they must be fluent in English and able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds.

CNA Classes in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tri-County Tech

Tri-County Tech is an Oklahoma public technology facility that offers educational and career-training options for citizens of Washington, Osage, and Nowata counties. Students who need financial assistance may get it through TCT. The Oklahoma Career Tech, the Oklahoma State Department of Education, and the National Communication Association: Commission on Accreditation have all given the center its seal of approval.

The CNA program here is perfect if you are trying to enhance your CV or employment history or to get experience or skills in the healthcare profession. Students will be acquiring fundamental nursing skills and home care knowledge, human anatomy, and patient rights. After graduating from a nursing assistant course, graduates may find employment in a variety of settings ranging from hospitals to nursing homes to adult daycare centers. Working in healthcare may be challenging at times, but the opportunity to assist those who are in need is a powerful motivator.

There is a nursing laboratory and clinical experience in nursing homes and hospitals for student learning. Students are prepared for both CNA and HHA certifications over the course of their studies. Bartlesville and Pawhuska are the locations where the courses will be held. Classes are held from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, or from 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday. The dates of the program are published on the center’s website much in advance. One week prior to the commencement of class, all applications must be submitted.

The fee for the course is $799. A background check by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and recent tuberculosis test results are also required for applicants.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in Oklahoma

Ada, OKPontotoc Technology Center601 West 33rd580-310-2200
Afton, OKNortheast Technology Center19901 S. Hwy 69918-257-8324
Altus, OKSouthwest Technology Center711 West Tamarack Rd.580-477-2250
Alva, OKNorthwest Technology1801 S 11th St580-327-1340
Ardmore, OKElmbrook Home1811 9th Ave Northwest580-223-3303
Ardmore, OKLakeland Manor604 Lake Murray Dr580-223-4501
Ardmore, OKSouthern Oklahoma Technology Center2610 Sam Noble Parkway580-223-2070
Atoka, OKKiamichi Technology Center1301 West Liberty Road580-889-7321
Bartlesville, OKOsu-okc Bartlesville Care Center3434 Kentucky Pl918-333-9545
Bartlesville, OKTri-county Technology Center6101 Se Nowata Road918-333-2422
Bethany, OKThe Children's Center6800 Nw 39th Expressway405-789-6711
Bluejacket, OKJeanie's Residential Care405 E Center918-784-2359
Broken Arrow, OKOsu-okc Senior Suites Healthcare3501 W Washington St918-250-5405
Broken Arrow, OKTulsa Technology4000 W Florence405-334-2038
Buffalo, OKGrace Living Center111 Walnut Dr580-735-2415
Chandler, OKChandler Nursing Center601 W 1st St405-258-1131
Checotah, OKChecotah Manor321 Se 2nd St918-473-2251
Chickasha, OKCanadian Valley Technology Center1401 Michigan Ave.405-224-7220
Choctaw, OKEastern Oklahoma County Technology4601 N Choctaw Rd405-390-9591
Claremore, OKNortheast Technology1901 N Hwy 88918-342-8066
Claremore, OKOklahoma Veterans Center-claremore3001 W Blue Starr Dr918-342-5432
Claremore, OKOsu-okc Wood Manor Nursing Center2800 North Hickory St.918-341-4365
Clinton, OKOklahoma Veterans Center-clinton1901 S 4th St580-331-2200
Coweta, OKCoweta Manor Nursing Home703 E South St918-486-2166
Drumright, OKCentral Technology Center3 Ct Circle918-352-2551
Duncan, OKDuncan Community Residence1510 W Main580-255-3933
Duncan, OKRed River Technology Center3300 W. Bois D'arc580-255-2903
Durant, OKDurant High School802 W Walnut580-924-1321
Durant, OKKiamichi Technology Center810 Waldron Road580-924-7081
El Reno, OKCanadian Valley Technology Center6505 East Highway 66405-262-2629
Elk City, OKOsu-okc Elk City Nursing Center301 North Garrett580-225-2811
Enid, OKAutry Technology Center1201 West Willow580-242-2750
Enid, OKOsu-okc Greenbrier Nursing Home # 21119 E Owen K Garriott Rd580-233-0121
Enid, OKVeterans Acres Residential Care2911 N Grand580-242-3811
Fairfax, OKFairfax Manor701 W Harrison918-642-3234
Fairland, OKGreen Country Residential Center58300 E 200 Rd918-676-3534
Fairview, OKNorthwest Technology801 Tech Dr580-227-3708
Fort Cobb, OKCaddo-kiowa Technology Center100 Careertech Road405-643-5511
Frederick, OKGreat Plains Technology Center2001 E. Gladstone580-335-5525
Grove, OKOsu-okc Grove Nursing Center1503 W Har-ber Rd918-786-3223
Guthrie, OKGolden Age Nursing Home Of Guthrie419 E Oklahoma405-282-0144
Guthrie, OKGuthrie Job Corp Center3106 W University405-282-9930
Guymon, OKDunaway Manor Nursing Home1401 N Lelia580-338-8688
Hartshorne, OKDow Residential Care1515 Penn Ave918-297-2485
Hollis, OKColonial Manor Ii120 W Versa580-688-9431
Hugo, OKKiamichi Technology Center107 South 15th Street580-326-6491
Idabel, OKKiamichi Technology Center3205 Lincoln Road Ne580-286-7555
Indiahoma, OKTreasure Lake Job CorpsRt 1 Box 30405-246-3342
Kansas, OKNortheast Technology Center450 N. Hwy 59918-868-3535
Lawton, OKGreat Plains Technology Center4500 W. Lee Blvd.580-355-6371
Madill, OKScg Red River Management105 North 5th Ave580-916-2270
Mangum, OKGrace Living Center320 Carey580-782-3345
Marietta, OKMarietta Residential Care Facility200 Wanda St580-276-3323
Mcalester, OKKiamichi Technology Center301 Kiamichi Drive918-426-0940
Midwest City, OKMid-del Lewis Eubanks Technology Center1621 Maple Drive405-739-1707
Muskogee, OKIndian Capital Technology Center2403 N 41st Street East918-687-6383
Muskogee, OKParkview Residential Care811 Gibson St866-653-9337
Noble, OKHigh Cedar Residential Care18601 Cedar Lane405-447-2532
Norman, OKJensen's Harvest Home17364 St Hwy 9405-387-5057
Norman, OKMoore Norman Technology Center4701 12th Avenue Nw405-801-5000
Norman, OKOklahoma Veterans Center-norman1776 S Robinson405-360-5600
Nowata, OKOsage Nursing Home822 W Osage918-273-2012
Oklahoma City, OKCna Training Academy3816 N Meridian405-946-4000
Oklahoma City, OKFrancis Tuttle Technology7301 W Reno Ave405-717-7799
Oklahoma City, OKFrancis Tuttle Technology3500 Nw 150th St405-717-7799
Oklahoma City, OKFrancis Tuttle Technology Center12777 N. Rockwell Ave.405-717-7799
Oklahoma City, OKFull Term Cna Training Center5400 Nw 23rd St Ste 100405-525-2328
Oklahoma City, OKGrace College4350 Will Rogers Pkwy405-943-1144
Oklahoma City, OKMetro Technology1700 Staton Dr405-424-8324
Oklahoma City, OKMetro Technology4901 S Bryant405-595-2202
Oklahoma City, OKMetro Technology Center1900 Springlake Drive405-424-8324
Oklahoma City, OKMoore Norman Technology13301 S Pennsylvania Ave405-364-5763
Oklahoma City, OKMorris Career Center3504 N Classen Blvd405-601-1165
Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma State University900 N. Portland Ave.405-947-4421
Oklahoma City, OKShadow Nursing Inc4801 N Classen Blvd Ste 141405-749-9485
Oklahoma City, OKSouthwest Health Care Training Center963 Sw 107th Room 2019405-616-2144
Oklahoma City, OKUpscale Cna Program2245 Nw 39405-524-1081
Okmulgee, OKGreen Country Technology CenterP.o. Box 1217918-758-0840
Omega, OKChisholm Trail Technology CenterRt. 1 Box 60405-729-8324
Owasso, OKMimosa Manor Assisted Living7410 N 127th E Ave918-272-2281
Ponca City, OKPioneer Technology Center2101 N. Ash580-762-8336
Poteau, OKKiamichi Technology Center1509 South Mckenna918-647-4525
Pryor, OKNortheast Technology Center6195 W. Hwy 20918-825-5555
Pryor, OKShady Rest Care Center210 S Adair918-825-4455
Red Bird, OKNew Beginnings Residential Care Home214 S 4th St918-483-1425
Sallisaw, OKDon Mentzer Community Mental Health Center103 Wheeler Ave918-775-7751
Sallisaw, OKIndian Capital Technology CenterHc 61 Box 12918-775-9119
Sallisaw, OKOsu-okc Sequoyah Manor615 E Redwood918-775-4881
Sand Springs, OKGolden Haven Inc620 W 4th St918-245-7007
Sapulpa, OKCentral Technology Center1720 S. Main St.918-224-9300
Sapulpa, OKNorthside Nursing Home102 E Line918-224-0833
Seminole, OKGordon Cooper Technology800 N Harvey405-303-2886
Seminole, OKSeminole Care & Rehabilitation Center1200 Wrangler Blvd405-382-1127
Shattuck, OKShattuck Nursing Center201 N Alfalfa580-938-2501
Shawnee, OKGordon Cooper Technology CenterOne John C Bruton Boulevard405-273-7493
Skiatook, OKSkiatook Nursing Home318 South Cherry918-396-2149
Spiro, OKKiamichi Technology610 Sw 3rd St918-962-3722
Spiro, OKOsu-okc Spiro Nursing Home401 South Main866-653-9337
Stigler, OKKiamichi Technology Center1410 Old Military Road918-967-2801
Stillwater, OKEarly Autumn Inc908 E 12th405-377-2439
Stillwater, OKGrace Living Center1215 W 10th St405-372-1000
Stillwater, OKMeridian Technology Center1312 South Sangre Road405-377-3333
Stilwell, OKIndian Capital Technology CenterHwy 59 And Maryetta Rd.918-687-6383
Stroud, OKStroud Health Care Center721 W Olive918-968-2075
Sulphur, OKOklahoma Veterans Center-sulphur304 Fairlane580-622-7500
Tahlequah, OKIndian Capital Technology Center240 Votech Road918-456-2594
Talihina, OKKiamichi Technology Center13739 Se 202 Road918-567-2264
Tulsa, OKOsu Health Training Center2502 E 71st St918-663-9293
Tulsa, OKPrepared 4 Care124 N. Greenwood Ste C918-794-6380
Tulsa, OKProcare Homes8177 S Harvard Ste 310918-492-8420
Tulsa, OKTulsa Community College909 South Boston Avenue918-595-7000
Tulsa, OKTulsa Job Corps Center1133 N Lewis Ave918-585-9111
Tulsa, OKTulsa Technology Center3420 S Memorial Dr918-828-1200
Tulsa, OKTulsa Technology Center3850 N Peoria405-334-2038
Vici, OKTown Of Vici Nursing Home619 Speck580-995-4216
Vinita, OKCraig General Hospital735 N Foreman St918-256-7551
Vinita, OKMiller Cozy Home Inc203 N Gunter918-256-3796
Wayne, OKMid-america Technology Center27438 Sh 59405-449-3391
Welling, OKSugar Mountain Retreat IncRt 1 Box 772918-456-1010
Woodward, OKHigh Plains Technology Center3921 34th Street580-256-6618
Yale, OKTlc Residential Care219 S B St918-387-2856
Yukon, OKCanadian Valley Technology1701 Czech Hall Rd405-345-3333