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For those who want to become a nursing assistant in Nashville, there are a number of educational institutions and employment opportunities. Aspiring school staff and workers may also use the amenities. To become a licensed nursing assistant, you’ll need to adhere to the institution’s guidelines. For those who want to become CNAs or instructors, CNA training programs are also an excellent method to get some hands-on experience.

Clinical rotations and 75 hours of classroom instruction are required for students in Tennessee, and both must be supervised by an experienced registered nurse.

You’ll learn about infection control and the basics of nursing, as well the significance of residents’ autonomy and quality of life in care. You’ll also learn about geriatric care, patient rights, effective communication, and how to treat patients’ nutrition. The D&S Diversified Technologies state competence exam will be easier for participants who have mastered these ideas and abilities. Trainees must take and pass the certification exam within 24 months or they may be required to re-take it in a review class.

Are you interested in getting some essential knowledge about all of the available options for your educational route? Here, we cover the details for each of them.

Nashville General Hospital at Meharry

Nashville General Hospital at Meharry

Nashville General Hospital (NGH) is a community-based healthcare center. Since its inception, it has been regarded as one of the greatest medical schools in the region and an outstanding source of healthcare education.

Nashville General Hospital’s School of Health Sciences Education provides students with a wide range of educational opportunities aimed to assist them to get a job in the healthcare profession upon graduation. Multiple choices are available: a bachelor’s degree in nursing, a master’s degree in nursing, or a certificate in health communications. Students needing to complete a 12-week major in healthcare education who want to become CNAs may begin their training every three months. If you’re interested in working as a caregiver but lack official training, have a look at this course!

It is in keeping with Nashville General Hospital at Meharry’s objective that the Certified Nursing Assistant Program teaches future nursing assistants to offer high-quality care to their customers. Applicants for the three-month course must show documentation of enrollment in a didactic or clinical course and must be enrolled in both. Students focus on particular cognitive, emotional, psychomotor, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in order to improve their academic ability.  Aside from that, they need not have any felony convictions on their record and be in good health in order to be considered for admission.

Elderly people’s everyday tasks such as clothing, bathing, range-of-motion exercises, and elimination as well as comfort and safety are a focus of the program’s care for the aged. For 8 hours each Saturday, clinicals are held.

As a part of the curriculum, students must complete 96 hours of classroom lectures and clinical practice. There are 12 Saturdays in the curriculum. Classes and clinical work are held from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays (hours may vary but each class will be for 8 hours). Every three months, a new class is started.

Fees include tuition of $1,500; $50 nonrefundable application fee; $50 criminal background check; $35 drug screening charge; $35 liability insurance fee (for one year); and the dosimeter badge. The dosimeter badge is included in the cost of the program as well.

A donation from the Regions Bank enables the NGH Foundation to assist low-income graduates of the CNA program. To apply for the grant, interested applicants need to prove their low-income status and submit an essay. The maximum amount of this grant is $250.

There is no financial aid available to CNA students at the Nashville General Hospital (NGH). The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) or the Nashville Career Advancement Center may be able to help you secure a student loan.

NATS, Inc.

NATS, Inc.

Central Tennessee and the neighboring regions are served by NATS, a CNA training facility. The Tennessee Higher Education Commission and the Tennessee Department of Health have approved and authorized the institution. NATS provides a thorough classroom and clinical training program at the hospital level. Students who complete the program will be eligible to sit for the state certification test and be included on the state’s registry of certified nursing assistants.

The Tennessee Higher Education Commission and the Tennessee Department of Health have granted permission to NATS, Inc., a for-profit company, to provide a Nursing Assistant training course.

In order to accommodate hectic schedules, they offer both day and night sessions. Applicants may submit their paperwork on a daily basis at their Murfreesboro Road branch. Those who sign up for the course will get 120 hours of instruction over the course of five weeks during the day and seven weeks at night.

Those who desire to work in the healthcare industry may benefit from NATS, Inc.’s high-quality nursing assistant training. Class sizes are kept small to allow for more personalized instruction, and all of the program’s professors are Registered Nurses with extensive backgrounds in medicine. NATS, Inc. also offers CNA students a fully-stocked simulation lab and classrooms. Graduates may prepare for the certification test for nursing assistants by taking review programs.

The daytime CNA training program begins every Monday and maybe finished in five weeks. People who prefer night classes, on the other hand, may finish the course in seven weeks. A CNA training program offered by NATS, Inc. has been helping adult learners find work in the healthcare business. Individuals who qualify might get full reimbursement for the high cost of tuition.

For entry into NATS, candidates must complete a stringent selection process that includes a personal interview, and Ability to Benefit test, a criminal background check, and a verification of previous employment. During the admissions process, all applicants are required to provide a valid picture ID. In return for completing the program, certain persons may be eligible to obtain free training.

Many hospitals and long-term care institutions linked with NATS guarantee quick career prospects for graduates.

NHC Place at the Trace

NHC Place at the Trace

Patient-centered care centers are operated by the National HealthCare Corporation (NHC) and its affiliates in the southeast Tennessee region. NHC Place at The Trace is one of these facilities. In Nashville’s Bellevue area, this elder care facility debuted in 2016. Seniors may get care at one of NHC Place’s four locations. While the Rehab Center offers therapeutic treatments, the Health Center offers a wide range of medical specialties, the Assisted Living Facility offers residents a safe and secure place to live, and the Memory Care Facility caters to those with mild to moderate memory loss.

CNA training is also available for people who want to work at NHC Place’s facility. In order to offer basic nursing, personal care, and dementia care, they’d require CNAs on their healthcare team. It’s fast-paced and rigorous training.

As part of the application process, students must demonstrate that they have at least a basic command of the English and mathematics language arts and have no criminal records. They must also pass an exam to demonstrate their physical health and provide a negative TB skin test result. After contacting the Director of Nursing or just walking in, prospective students need to complete the application procedure for the program. Students must pay for their own uniforms even if the program is free.

New Hope Foundation

New Hope Foundation

Another Nashville CNA school is New Hope Foundation. In order to finish the 120-hour program, students must attend both classroom and clinical sessions. Skills such as CPR, sanitation & hygiene, and what it takes to pass the test may all be taught by teachers. In addition, they provide advice on how to succeed in the medical field in accordance with the unique needs of the state. Student applicants must have a high school diploma or GED and be able to work 12 hours a day in order to be accepted into this program. Professionalism, as well as empathy for others, are necessary. Several students may be accommodated at a time in the programs that begin every few weeks or so.

The ultimate purpose of the CNA training program is to equip students with a meaningful and happy job, regardless of how difficult it may appear at the time. If you put in the time and effort, you may complete the course in only three weeks, despite its demanding nature. Health care workers are employed and trained in Nashville by the city’s colleges and universities. They will develop long-term clinical knowledge and experience via courses and clinical encounters. As a Certified Nursing Assistant, they’ll be able to pursue meaningful and profitable employment in the healthcare business as well as on-call jobs that enable them to balance work and life more seamlessly together.

Individuals interested in pursuing a career as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) could contact New Hope Foundation directly or see their website for more details. It is critical that you submit your application as soon as possible since they only accept a limited number of students in every class.

NHC Cool Springs

NHC Cool Springs

Nashville, Tennessee, is just a short drive from NHC Cool Springs. Elderly relatives who want to prolong their loved ones’ lives in a high-quality environment may choose a nursing home, which is the most popular option. Since its inception in 2004, NHC has provided free training to all new staff and prioritized the needs of its clients above anything else. The course lasts six weeks and includes both classroom and clinical training. Because the course is free, participants will have to work at the facility for a certain length of time in order to get the training.

The CNA training program at NHC Cool Springs is frequently only open to those who are well trained. Prospective nursing assistants must exhibit their desire to learn and serve the institution. English language skills are required, as well as the ability to lift a minimum of 50 pounds. A high school diploma or GED equivalent, confirmation of full vaccination, and findings from criminal background checks, drug screening, and TB testing will also be required of NHC Cool Springs candidates.

The free CNA training program isn’t always accessible, but it is when NHC Cool Springs needs additional nursing assistants. Applicants may reply to a job posting online, but they can also go to the facility in person to submit their registration form and perhaps be interviewed right there.

OnePulse, Inc.

For the last three decades, OnePulse Inc. has been offering high-quality healthcare and educational services. They’ve also built a reputation for providing excellent service in Nashville. The Nurse Assistant program at OnePulse, Inc. provides students with the technical knowledge and hands-on experience they need to deliver excellent patient care. As a result of the curriculum, students are prepared to pass the State Competency Exam and be qualified for various healthcare service positions. Over 200 courses are offered by the School of Nursing, both on campus and in clinical settings. School personnel makes certain that each graduate is aware of the course material, abilities, and experience, to ensure that they are ready for their first day of work.

Many topics are included in the CNA curriculum, including wound care, diabetes education, catheterization, dressing changes, and nutrition. Prior to entering the skills lab, you’ll have to finish classroom coursework. Your knowledge of clinical areas will grow and you’ll be more prepared for your rotation. Under the guidance of a registered clinical educator, students will be able to manage patients or residents and deliver nursing services to them. After completing this course, you will have more work options available to you.

CNA training at OnePulse, Inc. costs roughly $800, plus $50 for textbooks and workbooks, plus $20 for an application fee that is not refundable and $40 for a non-refundable lab charge. Options for financial aid and payment are available to those in need. Students who are interested in applying must go through a process that includes a personal interview, a background check, a drug test, and a TB test. As part of their application, they must also provide evidence of a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a social security card, and a valid picture ID.

SASH Nursing Assistant Training Program

Another option for a CNA training course in Nashville is SASH Nursing Assistant Training Program. Students may expect to find work in hospitals, long-term care centers, and residential care facilities after finishing the course. The program includes classroom education, skill-building, and clinical practice to prepare students for a career as a certified nurse assistant. All students enrolling in the Certified Nursing Assistant training course can anticipate a thorough education. They must not miss a single lesson and must not be late for any of the sessions.

SASH’s Nursing Assistant Training Course typically only accepts a small number of students in each class in order to ensure that each student receives personalized attention. Participants must have a high school degree or GED equivalent and be willing to submit to a criminal background investigation, a drug screening, and a tuberculosis test. In order to enroll in the CNA course, they must also provide documentation of a current vaccination record.

The SASH Nursing Assistant Training Program’s graduates have been found to be well-prepared for the state competence test. Most of them are successful in getting their medical licenses and have gone on to have rewarding careers in the healthcare industry. Those interested in participating in the program should be aware of the deadlines and prerequisites for admission. CNA training classes are offered on a regular basis, however, only those who meet the requirements to take the certification test are accepted.

Other Classes to Consider

Schools and institutions that have been approved to provide CNA training include the following:

Bethany Center for Rehabilitation & Healing/Trevecca Center for Rehabilitation & Healing

Both facilities are CareRite Centers in Nashville, Tennessee. Both institutions are committed to offering high-quality and sincere treatment to patients. With the support of state-of-the-art facilities, they want to create a placid and pleasant atmosphere for patients. This facility places high importance on the contributions of its staff to its overall quality of care. The center’s admissions team is on duty around the clock, providing services such as physical, vocational, and speech therapy; subacute post-operative care; skilled nursing; complicated medical care; IV treatment; wound care; diabetes management; and many more. The Specialized Nursing groups at Bethany Center are made up of CNAs, LPNs, and RNs, as well as other healthcare providers.

Cumberland Health Care and Rehabilitation Center

Cumberland boasts a comprehensive variety of health care facilities, including a hospital, clinics, and a foundation. There are a variety of services available at the hospital that include the lab, pain management, rehabilitative services, OB/GYN, 3D breast scans, surgery as well as many more. Cumberland frequently hosts events and workshops in addition to its regular offerings. For the benefit of the local schools and community, there are health-related lectures and activities. Only a few times a year, Cumberland announces CNA courses.

Life Care Center of Hickory Woods

Life Care Centers of Hickory Woods provides long-term care in the surrounding area including several facilities in Antioch, Davidson County. They are committed to becoming a premier care provider. Each and every aspect of the business, from individual services to buildings, is carefully planned, built, run, and maintained. Most of the services provided by the Hickory Woods Life Care Center are centered on inpatient and outpatient treatment options (physical, occupational, and speech). In addition, the institution provides no-cost CNA training. There are just a few seats available in each class. Full-time benefits are available to those who successfully finish the course and pass the certification test.

The Health Center at Richland Place

For its rehabilitation services, this hospital is well renowned. The Health Center invests in the required rehabilitation equipment to provide the best and most thorough care possible. Patients and residents should feel at ease in their surroundings, which is the goal of this project. The Health Care Center also provides skilled nursing, transitional care, and basic inpatient hospice care, in addition to rehabilitation programs. Additionally, the Health Care Center provides free CNA training for people who have an interest in pursuing certification and eventually becoming a CNA at the institution. Candidates must pass an interview, criminal and sexual offender background checks, and background checks in the context of patient/resident abuse before they may be considered.

Woodcrest at Blakeford

The focus of this skilled care facility is on the patient. To ensure that each resident receives the best possible care, they work closely with their physician. This allows them to focus on other important aspects of the business while providing positive feedback.  Besides independent and assisted living, Woodcrest at Blakeford also provides rehabilitation, at-home care, and Life Plan Solutions. Residents may get assistance from CNAs, who are on-call around the clock. It is Woodcrest’s goal to hire only qualified employees, but the company also provides opportunities for those who choose to pursue certification. They train their employees while they are working. Benefits packages for CNAs include continued clinical and in-service training after they are recruited full-time.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in Nashville

Nashville, TNAmerican Red Cross2201 Charlotte Avenue615-250-4256
Nashville, TNBordeaux Long Term Care1414 County Hospital Road615-862-6871
Nashville, TNFriendship Hospice333 Plus Park Blvd # 140615-365 0220
Nashville, TNGlencliff High School160 Antioch Pike615-333-5070
Nashville, TNHillwood High School400 Davidson Road615-353-2025
Nashville, TNMcgavock High School3150 Mcgavock Pike615-885-8850
Nashville, TNNats, Inc176 Thompson Lane Suite 100615-333-8474
Nashville, TNNew Hope Foundation, Inc.629 Woodlawn Street615-649-3026
Nashville, TNSaint Thomas Hospital4220 Harding Road615-222-6660
Nashville, TNSash Nursing Assistant Training Program604 Gallatin Ave., Suite 107615-321-2005
Nashville, TNTennessee Technical Center100 White Bridge Road615-425-5500
Nashville, TNTennessee Technical Center921 8th Avenue South615-425-5500