CNA Classes in Missouri

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Whether you have no past experience or are searching for a new career path, being a nursing assistant is a great way to begin starting in the healthcare business. It has a lot of room for advancement and can assist with some of the workforce shortages. Nursing assistants, particularly those who are qualified, may work in a broad range of hospital facilities and patient care homes. Nurses who are pursuing certification may work in a variety of healthcare settings. They can care for patients with various needs.

CNA programs are ideal for anybody who is not ready or able to engage in a full-time college degree because of their low cost, flexible schedules, and short length. Nursing assistant programs are sometimes fairly simple to attend, with few educational prerequisites. This makes the career path appealing since it is open to persons with less formal education.

There are six categories of institutions in Missouri that may provide CNA training: vocational-tech schools, high schools, community colleges, private schools, hospitals with a certified LLTC or skilled care wing), and licensed nursing homes. CNA training providers must supply the necessary equipment, recruit instructors and clinical supervisors with state-level approval, and have adequate classroom space to accommodate at least 15 students in order to satisfy the physical criteria. It is also necessary to create and distribute student manuals. Quality training is the foundation of every respected firm. You want to be able to defend your reputation in the event of a lawsuit or negative news. The 2-year approval period also guarantees that authorities conduct “frequent inspections” to ensure that everyone engaged is held to high standards.

CNA Classes in Nevada, MO

Crowder College

Crowder College

Graduates of the nursing assistant programs at Crowder College may sit for the certification exam. Nurses and other medical professionals may employ them since they have passed the certification exam. There are two CNA programs available at the school. In the first kind, 7 credit hours are required, whereas, in the second type, 17 credit hours are required. If you’re just getting started as a CNA, the shorter program could be a nice place to start, but you can always go back and take on additional credits if you need to. You’ll learn the fundamentals of the work as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) in this course. With the help of the CNA specialist program, you’ll be prepared to take on increasingly challenging jobs. This course is long enough to teach you the advanced abilities you need to succeed in the nursing field. This CNA curriculum is geared for those who desire to pursue a profession in nursing and is thus more time-consuming than the first CNA course.

The CNA training programs at Crowder College are tailored to the needs of working professionals. Students and full-time workers alike will be able to finish the courses because of their condensed length. Applicants must pass a pre-admission exam and demonstrate proficiency in English at a specific grade level in order to be considered for admission to the program. In order to be accepted into the program, you’ll also have to pass criminal background checks and health examinations.

CNA Classes in Columbia

Columbia Area Career Center

Columbia Area Career Center

CNA training at Columbia Area Career Center in Columbia, Missouri, lasts for 4 months. Students may benefit from a state-of-the-art facility and well-trained teachers who can guide them through the certification process. If a CNA training school has been approved by the state and is capable of meeting your educational requirements, you can be certain that they are serious about their work.

The program’s curriculum is mostly classroom-based, but there is also a significant laboratory component. This course teaches anatomy and physiology, infection control, essential nursing skills, patient care, interpersonal communication, and emergency procedures to aspiring nurses and other healthcare professionals. It also provides an overview of geriatric healthcare, what to anticipate from a CNA, the rights of patients in care facilities, and many other issues.

Students who successfully complete the CNA training program will be eligible to sit for the state certification test. Aside from submitting an application and registering with the Family Care Safety Registry, candidates must also submit to a drug test and a two-step TB test, as well as provide a copy of their driver’s license or Social Security Card. If you’re thinking about a career in the medical profession, their CNA training

program is a great place to start. As a result of their efforts, persons may become registered nurses. Student nurses would be able to provide emotional support as well as physical care to their patients.

CNA Classes in Chesterfield

The Delmar Gardens Family

The Delmar Gardens Family

The Delmar Gardens Family has been hiring Certified Nursing Assistants to fill in for their needs in the healthcare industry.  To become a CNA, you don’t need any prior job experience or certification. You may work as a CNA in any of our healthcare facilities after completing the free training and passing the certification test offered by the Delmar Gardens Family. There are 75 hours of classroom time and 45 hours of hands-on experience required to complete the program. In order to graduate and earn a certificate, students must attend school full-time and cannot skip any sessions.

Inquiring about the availability of CNA training classes is the best approach to find out when they’re scheduled. The applicant must have a high school diploma, evidence of vaccinations, a social security card, and a valid ID to be eligible. Those wishing to pursue a career as a registered nurse must also meet certain requirements. Liability insurance and a criminal background check are among the requirements. There is a waiting list for the free CNA program, so anybody interested should sign up as soon as possible.

A warm welcome awaits all healthcare workers at Delmar Gardens. They expect a lot from their workers, that is why they pay well and provide a ton of benefits. If you’re a licensed nursing assistant looking for employment, there are instant opportunities.

CNA Classes in Kansas City

Medical Education Development & Support (MEDS)

The CNA training course offered by Medical Education Development and Support is a challenging course that will teach you all you need to know within the course’s eight-week duration. During your brief term of study, you will be able to acquire vital sign-taking, recordkeeping, infection control, and a variety of other crucial skills. These subjects are covered in the 75 hours of classroom instruction and the 100 hours of hands-on practice required. Students are properly directed by their clinical professors, and they have access to cutting-edge technology in the simulations they participate in. Every one of these things equips students with the information and abilities necessary to be a successful nursing assistants.

However, due to their teachers’ enormous knowledge and expertise in instructing, the participants will undoubtedly be able to pass the CNA test with ease. The knowledge and abilities gained via participation in this course ensure that such an achievement is possible. To be considered, candidates must read through all of the papers, which include submitting to criminal background checks, undergoing a tuberculosis test, obtaining an education equivalent to the eighth grade, and being at least 18 years old. It is also necessary to have a high school diploma or GED equivalent in order to participate in their CNA training program. There is a limit on the number of students accepted into the course, so don’t wait to submit your application.

Kansas City Satellite Job Corps Center

The Kansas City Job Corps Center is a branch of the larger Excelsior Springs Job Corps Center. The Kansas City campus, unlike the Excelsior Springs school, is located in an urban area rather than a residential neighborhood. The Kansas City Satellite Job Corps Center, which was opened in 1990, has a student capacity of 100. The satellite center has few resources, and the sole on-site training is CNA training.

The CNA training provided at the Center is identical to that provided at other Job Corps Centers. Students will learn basic nursing activities such as patient positioning and vital sign recording, infection control, and safety regulations. They will also learn how to care for people suffering from degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Nurses are among the most vital workers in hospitals. Look into professions in long-term care if you want to become trained for this position. Their curriculum teaches students how to work shifts successfully. They also train students for full-time employment with patients and residents of all ages.

The curriculum may be finished in 8-12 months, making it ideal for persons with restricted spare time. Another advantage is the government connection, which makes it highly dependable due to the minimal teaching hours (75 hours of lecture & 100 hours of fieldwork).

Prospective students will be required to meet state criteria. These may include, but are not limited to, a criminal background check, evidence of citizenship/legal residence (if applicable), a physical exam/clearance or a medical release form (if applicable), or vaccinations (if required).

Job Corps Centers provide several advantages to people between the ages of 16 and 24, such as free schooling and other training programs. All you have to do is come from a low-income family or have difficulty completing your school.

Metropolitan Community College – Penn Valley

All who are prepared to accept the challenge of personal improvement are welcome at MCC. The college was one of the first in Kansas City to provide associate degrees when it was established in 1915. Their most dynamic campus, Penn Valley, is located in the heart of the MCC system. Programs in Health Science and Art are available at these establishments. The Francis Institute for Child & Youth Development and the Brooks Institute for Criminal Justice are just two of the many specialty institutions they have.

MCC-Penn Valley‘s Healthcare, IT, technical skills, transportation, and public safety programs are among the best in the state. You may also get your OSHA training at the College. A CNA training program of 175 hours is given by the Professional Development Department. A CNA Challenge and CNA Test-Out are also available for students who submit their results but do not complete the course.

Among the subjects covered in the curriculum are infection control, patient monitoring, and first aid training. In addition, they cover patient care, medical terminology, and ethics. As a result of this practical instruction, students will be better prepared to respond swiftly and effectively in real-world situations. In order to become a nursing aide, you need to learn all of the essential abilities, and this can only be done via extensive training provided by the institution. The CNA curriculum consists of a few hours of hands-on training at a healthcare facility, as well as some classroom instruction. Following this course, you may sit for the license test.

Students must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and have a valid form of identification issued by the United States government. Testing is required for those who speak English as an additional language (ALI). Non-credit applications, two recent TB tests, and a criminal background check are all required.

It costs $965 and must be paid in full at the time of enrollment. The Family Care Safety Registry costs $11. Additional expenses may accrue which are not included in the program cost.

CNA Classes in Raytown

Assumpta Allied Health Career Center

With the support of Raytown’s AAHCC, you may become the future generation of health care professionals. The school is proud of its graduates, who have excelled in their chosen fields and are able to give patients with high-quality treatment at a reasonable price. In order to become a certified nurse assistant, students must complete a 175-hour course at the AAHCC. You’ll be prepared for a wide range of healthcare settings, including nursing homes, home health care agencies, and hospitals, by completing your studies here.

At least 18-years-old and legally able to work as a healthcare professional in Missouri are required for those who seek a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Additionally, students are required to present a clean TB skin test and negative chest x-ray results as part of their application and resume process.

The tuition for the program is $650, which includes all required texts and materials, as well as test costs and certificates. As long as the TB skin test is accessible, the Kansas City, Missouri health department may administer it for a nominal fee or even for free.

Herndon Career Center (High School)

The Career Center offers a wide range of resources to assist students in their search for a new job. The Careers Center’s goal is to assist students in finding both the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in whatever career they choose.

Individuals interested in a career in nursing may complete a curriculum at the Herndon Career Center, which ends in nursing certification. Nursing assistant certification may be obtained via the Foundations of Nursing I curriculum. After passing the Foundations of Nursing II exam, you will be eligible to sit for the Certified Medical Technologist certification exam. To enroll in Foundations of Nursing I, you must have a 2.0 GPA and complete additional requirements. Also, you’ll require grade 10 reading, writing, and arithmetic abilities in order to take Biology I. Anatomy & Physiology, Health Careers Introduction, Chemistry, and Psychology are all highly recommended prerequisites for this degree.

The American Heart Association’s CPR for Healthcare Providers and First Aid certification classes are included in the school’s one-year curriculum. Contributions of up to $170 USD may be required, but there are no tuition costs.

CNA Classes in Springfield

Cox College

Cox College

The CNA Program at Cox College is six weeks long. To become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or Patient Care Assistant (PCA), you may want to consider this qualification as a good starting point.

Lectures and practical practice are conducted twice a week, on separate days. In addition, classes are offered at the Cox College Campus four days a week, from 7:45 AM to 3:30 PM, for those who choose to take their classes there. When students attend clinicals, they are required to go for two days and ten hours at CoxHealth or a qualified medical facility that has been authorized by their institution.

For $1600, you’ll get a full education in addition to a drug screening and background check. The program may be funded in part by the university. More information may be obtained by contacting the CoxHealth Talent Acquisition department. Whether you submit an application to the Education Center, you will be notified if your request has been approved or not. Paying the tuition two weeks prior to the start of lessons is required to ensure a place in the class. The $50 application fee is non-refundable.

The Education Center at Cox College requires students to submit a completed application. A copy of their vaccination records will also be required. It’s important to make sure you’ve had tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (TDAP) in the recent 10 years, as well as two doses of varicella (chickenpox). Check your vaccination status for measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR), or make sure you’ve been vaccinated.

Students who complete the program will be qualified to apply for positions in healthcare institutions such as hospitals and nursing homes.

Ozarks Technical Community College

A certified CNA programme is available at Ozarks Technical Community College. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services recognises this programme, and it is open to anyone who are 18 years old or older. As a nurse assistant, you’ll also need to be in good physical shape. A negative TB skin test from within the previous six months is required, as is a medical documentation stating that you are free of any chronic conditions. Security concerns need a criminal background check as well. Before beginning clinical training, students will be subjected to a random urine drug test.

Online or in a conventional classroom environment are both viable options for taking classes. Students who meet the prerequisites may take advantage of the school’s fast-track diploma programme. There is still an on-site lab training and clinical practicum that must be completed at a local healthcare institution for online students to graduate. As a result of this, they’ll have the opportunity to work directly with real patients. Students may sit for the state test to get certified as a CNA after completing the required training.

In addition, the cost of this programme is $2555. Everything you’ll need to get started, including two pairs of scrubs, textbooks, clinical shoes, a gait belt, a clinical ID card, CPR certification, and drug tests, are all included. Classes begin at 9 a.m. on Thursdays and end at 3:30 p.m. on Fridays. During the following eight weeks, you must additionally attend clinical work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6:45 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. A school’s financial aid office is a good place to start looking for scholarships and grants. More information can be found there.

Bryan University

Bryan University

The Bryan University CNA program is one of the few in the country that is designed particularly for working professionals. Non-traditional students and those who have struggled with college in the past might benefit from this option. The institution aims to help its students succeed in the workforce by providing them with all the required resources.

The Springfield campus of the institution has been recognized by the Missouri CBHE. DESE Veteran’s Education Training Section, Vocational Rehabilitation, and the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act have also granted the school license to operate.

The CNA program at Bryan University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. There is a non-credit CNA program offered at the Springfield facility.  Six weeks and 175 hours of study materials are included in the course.

The course is designed to teach students the fundamentals of patient care in a variety of medical settings. A wide range of issues related to health care and ethics will be discussed. Lectures in the classroom are supplemented by clinical training.

A wide range of career services is also available to students at the institution, including job listings, resume assistance for recent graduates, and interview preparation.

Please call Bryan University to learn more about their program’s costs and prerequisites (1-855-566-0650).

Cox College

Cox College

Cox College is a historic institution that has been around for over 100 years. There are outstanding teachers and healthcare providers, and they give back to the community in both capacities. Cox’s small class sizes allow for a more traditional, hands-on learning environment. In addition, their success has been built on a wealth of leadership development opportunities.

It is possible to specialize in the Nurse Assistant Program at Cox University at various levels of training experience. CNA certification is the goal of this course.

There are two days of lecture and two days of clinical practice per week in the six-week Nursing Assistant program’s curriculum. Clinicals take place at CoxHealth or another location, with lectures taking place on campus. While students must attend lectures on campus for the first week, they may choose to watch lectures online or visit practices during the second week. Mondays and Tuesdays in the near future are reserved for the next series of classes. The course should last about 7 hours, although clinical days might be longer or shorter depending on your schedule.

It costs $1,600 to enroll, which includes a $50 non-refundable application fee. The certificate exam, drug test, and criminal background check are included in this package. The course’s admission and tuition costs round out the financial picture. The office of Talent Acquisition at CoxHealth offers financial help for students. For additional information, call (417) 269-3401 or go to the Cox College website.

CNA Classes in Florisant

Aspire Healthcare Solutions

Aspire Healthcare Solutions

Aspire Health Care Solutions is a training institution in St. Louis that offers instruction and certification for nursing assistants, phlebotomy technicians, patient care technicians, and ECG technicians. The institution first opened its doors in April of 2016. Because of the small batch sizes, students get access to a unique learning environment with high-quality instruction.

The institution provides a low-cost CNA curriculum that lasts 16 or 12 weeks and may be completed in the day or evening. The program’s goal is to give students the skills necessary to offer basic treatment services such as nursing, rehabilitative therapy, home health care, and hospice. Students with a CNA certification may work as a nurse’s assistant under the supervision of an RN, LPN, or MD. They may be responsible for a variety of responsibilities like as changing bed linens, taking a patient’s blood pressure, and more. Before taking the final state test, a student must successfully finish the course.

This course costs $925 in total, which does not include the cost of materials, supplies, or tests. Payment may be divided into two biweekly payments of $308. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or comparable degree, have a clean urine drug screen test, and have current criminal background check findings. Before beginning their clinical externship, applicants to the program must register in this safety care registry.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in Missouri

Bethany , MOOrth Central Career Center (Cmt Also) 1401 Daily Road660 425-2196
Bolivar , MOBolivar Technical College (Cmt Also) 1135 N Oakland417 777-5062
Bonne Terre, MOUnitec Career Ctr (Cmt Also) 7163 Raider Rd573 431-3300
Boonville , MOBoonslick Technical Education Ctr 1694 West Ashley Rd660 882-5306
Brookfield , MOLinn County Area Career & Tech Ctr (Cmt Also) 122 Pershing Rd660 258-2682
Cape Girardeau, MOCape Girardeau Career & Tech Ctr (Cmt Also) 1080 S Silver Springs Rd573 334-0826
Carrollton , MOCarrollton Area Career Center 305 East Tenth Street660 542-0000
Carthage , MOCarthage Technical Center 609 River Street417 359-7026
Cassville , MOCrowder College-cassville Campus 4020 N Main417 847-1706
Chillicothe , MOGrand River Technical School (Cmt Also) 1200 Fair Street660 646-3414
Clinton , MOClinton Vo-tech School (Cmt Also) 602 S 5th Street660 885-6101
Columbia , MOColumbia Area Career Center 4203 S Providence Road573 214-3800
Columbia , MOJob Point-columbia 400 Wilkes Blvd573 449-3431
Dardenne Prairie, MOSt Charles County Comm College (Cmt Also) 1 Academy Place636 922-8284
Doniphan , MOCurrent River Avts 303 Spring Street573 996-3667
Eldon , MOEldon Career Center (Cmt Also) 112 S Pine573 392-8060
Eolia , MOPike\lincoln Technical Ctr 342 Votech Road573 485-2900
Excelsior Spring, MOExcelsior Springs Area Career Ctr (Cmt Also) 614 Tiger Drive816 630-9240
Fenton , MOSt Louis Coll Health Careers/county 1297 N Hwy Drive636 529-0000
Florissant , MOAspire Healthcare Solutions 3991 North Highway 67314 736-1146
Hannibal , MOMoberly Area Comm Coll - Hannibal 190 Shinn Lane660 263-5865
Harrisonville , MOCass Career Center 1600 East Elm816 380-3253
Hayti , MOPemiscot County Career & Tech Ctr 1317 West State Hwy 84573 359-2601
Hillsboro , MOJefferson College (Cmt Also-1000 Viking Dr.-votech Bldg.) 1000 Viking Dr-ats Bldg636 481-3457
Hollister , MOOzarks Tech Comm Coll-hollister 10698 Mo-165417 447-8888
Houston , MOTexas County Technical Institute (Cmt Also) 6915 S Hwy 63417 967-5466
Independence , MOCareer & Technical Ctr At Ft Osage (Cmt) 2101 N Twyman Rd816 650-7180
Independence , MOMeds-medical Educ Dev And Support, Inc 1425 S Noland Rd816 373-6337
Independence , MOMetro Comm College-blue River 20301 East 78 Highway816 604-4022
Independence , MOUniv Of Central Missouri-independence 1520 E 23rd St, St E660 422-8377
Ironton , MOArcadia Valley Career Tech Ctr (Cmt Also) 650 Park Drive573 546-9700
Jefferson City, MOMo Assoc.of Nursing Home Admin. 4100 Country Club573 634-5345
Jefferson City, MONichols Career Ctr 605 Union573 659-3100
Joplin , MOFranklin Tech (Cmt Also) 2220 Indiana Ave417 625-5260
Kansas City, MOExcelsior Springs Job Corp/kc 2402 Swope Parkway816 861-2353
Kansas City, MOPenn Valley Community College Penny Vall (Cmt Also) 3444 Broadway, Ste 216816 604-4022
Kansas City, MOUniv Of Central Missouri-17th Terr 1722 E 17th Terrace660 441-2484
Kansas City, MOUniv Of Central Missouri-north Kc 3100 Ne 83rd Ste 2100816 474-1783
Kansas City, MOUniv Of Central Missouri-paseo Kc 1740 Paseo Blvd660 422-8377
Kansas City, MOUniv Of Central Missouri-prospect 6025 Prospect660 543-6122
Kansas City, MOUniv Of Central Missouri- Woodland Lee's Summit 1780 Woodland660 543-6122
Kennett , MOKennett Career & Tech Center (Cmt Also) 1400 W Washington St573 717-1123
Kirksville , MOKirksville Area Tech Ctr 1103 South Cottage Grove660 665-2865
Lamar , MOLamar Career & Technical School (Cmt Also) 501 Maple417 682-3384
Lee's Summit, MOUniv Of Central Mo-summit Center 1101 Nw Innovation Pkwy660 543-6622
Lees Summit, MOMetro Comm College-longview 500 Sw Longview Rd816 604-4022
Lees Summit, MOSummit Technology Academy 777 Nw Blue Parkway St 3090816 986-3410
Lexington , MOLex La-ray Tech Ctr (Cmt Also) 2323 High School Drive660 259-2688
Louisburg , MODallas County Career Center 33 Vo Tech Rd417 752-3491
Macon , MOMacon R-1 Vo-tech School (Cmt Also) 702 N Missouri660 385-2158
Marshall , MOSaline Cnty Career Ctr (Cmt Also) 900 W Vest660 886-6958
Maryville , MONorthwest Tech School (Cmt Also) 1515 S Munn Ave660 562-4181
Mexico , MODavis H Hart Career Center 905 North Wade Street573 581-5684
Mexico , MOMoberly Area Comm College-atc 2900 Doreli Lane573 582-0817
Moberly , MOMoberly Area Comm Coll (Cmt Also) 101 College Ave Room C-25660 263-4100
Monett , MOScott Regional Technology Center 2 David Sippy Dr417 235-7022
Mountain Grove, MOOzark Mountain Technical Center 211 East Fifth Street417 926-3177
Neosho , MOCrowder College Technical Education Ctr (Cmt Also) 601 Laclede Ave417 455-5596
Nevada , MOCrowder College-nevada Campus 600 W Edwards417 667-0518
Nevada , MONevada Regional Tech Ctr (Cmt Also-417-448-2016) 900 West Ashland417 448-2090
New Madrid, MONew Madrid Technical Skills Ctr 310 Us Highway 61573 688-2161
Ozark , MOHealth Systems Ssi Training Ctr 5340 N Town Centre Dr417-551-7066
Perryville , MOPerryville Area Career & Technology 326 College St573 547-7500
Pineville , MOCrowder College-mcdonald County 194 College Rd417 235-5537
Platte City, MONorthland Career Ctr 1801 Branch Street816 858-5505
Poplar Bluff, MOPoplar Bluff Technical Career Ctr (Cmt Also) 3203 Oak Grove Road573 785-2248
Raytown , MOAssumpta Allied Health Career Center 6033 Raytown Road816 737-3575
Raytown , MOHerndon Career Center (Cmt Also) 11501 East 350 Highway816 268-7140
Reed Springs, MOGibson Technical Center 386 W State Hwy 76417 272-3271
Rolla , MORolla Technical Institute/rtc (Cmt Also) 1304 E Tenth St573 458-0150
Sedalia , MOState Fair Comm College (Online) (Cmt Also) 3201 W 16th Street660 596-7259
Sikeston , MOSikeston R-6/career And Tech Ctr (Cmt Also) 135 Plaza Dr Suite 201573 472-5442
Springfield , MOBryan University (Cmt Also) 4255 Nature Center Way417 862-5700
Springfield , MOCox College 1423 N Jefferson Ste 449417 269-4117
Springfield , MOOzarks Tech Comm College (Cmt Also) 1001 E Chestnut Expressway417 447-8888
St Charles, MOLewis & Clark Career Center 2400 Zumbehl Road636 946-7726
St Joseph, MOHillyard Technical Center (Cmt Also) 3434 Faraon St816 671-4170
St Louis, MOClyde C Miller Academy 1000 N Grand Ave314 533-2410
St Louis, MOCna Training Academy - Lss Ctr 1300 Strassner Dr314 262-8236
St Louis, MODaruby School (Cmt Also) 5415 Page Blvd, Ste G-01314 454-6933
St Louis, MOSt Louis College Of Health Careers/metro 909 S Taylor314 652-0300
St Louis, MOSt Louis Comm College/forest Park (Cmt Also) 5600 Oakland Avenue314 539-5754
St Louis, MOSt Louis Job Corps 3860 Lindell314 679-8124
St Louis, MOBka Medical Training Center Corp 800 North Tucker, Fourth Floor314 459-0374
St Louis, MOHealthcare Education, Llc 12526 Lusher Rd314 653-8863
St Louis, MOMade Whole Health Tech Service, Llc 1202 Chambers Rd314 533-1717
St Louis, MOWalbridge Community Educ Ctr 5019 Alcott Ave314 261-8282
St Louis, MOYeatman Community Education Center 4265 Athlone Ave314 261-8134
Sunset Hills, MOSouth Technical School/adult Education (Cmt Also) 12721 West Watson Rd314 989-7452
Union , MOEast Central College (Cmt Also) 1964 Prairie Dell Rd636 584-6529
Vandalia , MOSalt River Vocational School 1101 East Hwy 54573 594-6686
Warrensburg , MOPreferred Futures Healthcare Academy (Online) 234 Nw 41 Rd660 422-8377
Warrensburg , MOUniv Of Central Missouri-wrnsbrg Humphreys 401660 422-8377
Warrensburg , MOWarrensburg Area Career Center (Cmt Also) 205 S Ridgeview Drive660 747-2283
Waynesville , MOWaynesville Career Center (Cmt Also) 400 Gw Lane573 842-2500
Webb City, MOCrowder College-webb City Campus 600 S Ellis417 673-2345
West Plains, MOMissouri State Univ-west Plains (Cmt) 128 Garfield Avenue417 255-7247
West Plains, MOSouth Central Career Ctr (Cmt) 407 W Thornburgh St417 256-6152