CNA Classes in Mississippi

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Is working in healthcare something you’ve always wanted to do, but were put off by the prospect of spending years in school? If you’re interested in working with patients straight away, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant may be an excellent choice. As a caretaker, you’d love to make sure they were comfortable every day. Nursing assistants are in high demand, and as a result, many companies provide competitive salaries and other perks in exchange for their services.

There are several lucrative occupations in inpatient care that may be obtained with a CNA degree from the state of Mississippi. Under the guidance of a qualified nurse, students may study medical terminology and the fundamentals of nursing.

A minimum of 75 hours of instruction is required by law for CNA training courses. Many institutions, on the other hand, have gone far beyond their original mandate in order to provide students with a more complete education and enhance their job prospects. Patients and other members of the medical community rely on nurses, thus they need to be well-trained. In order to improve your performance and give others confidence in your abilities, getting the proper nursing training is critical.

In Mississippi, becoming an RN isn’t difficult. Before you may sit for the certification test, you must first complete the training course. If you wish to work in a healthcare center, passing the test is required. Licensing is required for certain activities. As an option, you might enroll in a nursing training program if you’d want to do so.

When preparing for the state exam, prospective candidates should know that there will be a number of written and skill examinations. Assistance is offered for individuals who fail in this attempt. To become a Certified Nursing Assistant, you must grasp the concepts taught in the classroom and in the lab.

CNA Classes in Hattiesburg

American Red Cross

CNA lessons are offered by the Mississippi chapter of the American Red Cross.  It’s best to check the website or phone in advance to see if they’ll be holding any courses during the time you’re looking to learn more about this. The American Red Cross provides some of the finest CNA training in the state. Nursing and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) teach this class. Classroom training will be supplemented by laboratory work and practical application throughout the curriculum.

Clinical training for nurses will be accomplished via a series of lectures and practical demonstrations. Human anatomy, physiology, preventive care, CPR, AED use, ADL methods, and basic medical terminology and phrases are all included in the course syllabus. Residents’ rights and effective communication are also included in the curriculum. In order to pass the certification test and become a CNA in Mississippi, you need to focus on these subjects.

Red Cross CNA classes require students to be at least 17 years old and have either a high school diploma or the equivalent GED before they can enroll. For certification, you must pass a background check and go through some training. To be considered for the program, prospective students must pass these exams. If you’re having financial difficulties, you may want to look into grants or scholarships to help you out. It’s possible to get a CNA certification training program paid for by the American Red Cross through a variety of scholarships.

CNA Classes in Booneville

Northeast Mississippi Community College

Northeast Mississippi Community College

CNA training at Northeast Mississippi Community College includes 120 hours of classroom and laboratory instruction, as well as clinical practice. Graduates of the program are eligible to take the certification test and begin working as CNAs after completing it. Students are required to attend a class every day and must not miss any sessions due to absences or lateness. Working students may complete the course without sacrificing their careers since morning and evening sessions are offered.

Anatomy and physiology, infection management, nutrition, common medical terms, everyday activities, vital signs, and many other subjects are addressed in the curriculum. Students who have finished their training must now fulfill the clinical practicum requirements. Students complete their training at a local healthcare institution under the guidance of a CNA teacher.

A high school degree or GED equivalent is required for anybody wishing to participate in the CNA course. As part of the application process, they must also pass an investigation of their criminal history and two tests for tuberculosis. Prospective students need to sign up for this healthcare course as soon as feasible in order to secure a spot. For the CNA program, books and CPR certification are included in the $350 fee. The certification test and any training costs are the responsibility of the participants.

CNA Classes in Poplarville

Pearl River Community College

Pearl River Community College offers a Certified Nurse Aide training program. The certificate grants you access to a career in the healthcare industry and trains you to help others live more fully and with dignity. If you’re a recent grad of a nursing program, Pearl River Community College’s Certified Nurse Aide program may be a good fit. In addition, becoming a certified nurse assistant (CNA) is possible after earning your license. CNAs and nurses can benefit from this rigorous training for college students. There are also opportunities for certification tests, which could open up jobs in a variety of healthcare settings.

A high school degree or GED equivalent, a clear criminal background check, a clean drug test, and TB test, a social security card, and a valid picture ID are all needed to apply for the CNA training course. Before classes begin, new students are required to attend an orientation. You must apply as early as possible because the college only allows a certain number of students per class. In order to qualify for CNA training, you’ll need to submit an application by this point in time.

CNA Classes in D’Iberville

Saad Healthcare

Saad Healthcare

As a nursing assistant, you’ll need to complete 80 hours of training at Saad Healthcare, which includes instruction on how to take the competence test. Learners in this course will be given theoretical and practical training in order to prepare them for a career in this field. Additionally, clinical teaching is included in the curriculum.

Essential nursing themes such as safety, emergency procedures and rehabilitation, body mechanics, and the illness process are covered in this course. As a regional certification facility authorized by the state, Saad Healthcare provides CNA training that is state-approved. As they study for their certification test, students who join here are given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with their surroundings.

Medical facilities in Mississippi need a large number of CNAs, therefore graduates who pass the state test will have no shortage of employment opportunities.

CNA Classes in Gulfport

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

Students may study for the state certification test for Certified Nursing Assistants at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, which offers a non-credit version of the course. As a result, they will be qualified for positions in healthcare institutions such as hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities. The course is 75-100 hours long and includes both classroom and clinical training components.

As a result of completing this program, you will be well-equipped to pursue a career as a registered nurse. Anatomy, physiology, nutrition, infection prevention and control, nursing foundations, and other topics are all part of the curriculum. They will help you prepare for the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) test when you finish the curriculum.

Costs such as textbooks, clothes, medical supplies, and housing expenses are not included in the $595 cost of the program. With your high school diploma or GED transcript, you must complete the non-credit registration form. A criminal background check, a drug test, a hepatitis record, and a waiver form must be provided by the applicant. Health screenings will be required of all candidates.

It is possible to enroll in the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College’s CNA training program at any time. It’s a good idea to attend every session after the first one if you’re interested, but don’t miss any lessons. For the course to be considered complete, you must get a grade of at least 70% in all of its components. In this way, you will be able to acquire your certificate.

CNA Classes in Jackson

CNA Training Center

Since 2006, the CNA Training Center in Jackson has been delivering a six-week training course for compassionate persons who desire to join the healthcare industry. A total of 130 hours of classroom and clinical instruction are required to complete the curriculum. It costs $2800 to complete the course, which covers all of the necessary materials as well as the cost of tuition and other related fees. Financial help may be available at the school if you meet the requirements.

The course consists of classroom education and clinical practice at a local CNA training center. With lectures, quizzes, videos, lab sessions, and role-playing as part of their CNA education, the curriculum is really unique. The teachers of this program school use a variety of methods to teach their students, making it a little distinct from other training institutions. This training strategy has been demonstrated to be more successful than any other in the previous several years, resulting in an extremely high CNA passing rate for the school.

Students have the option of scheduling their classes around their own needs. They have the option of attending a morning or evening lesson. However, since there are only six seminars given each year, anyone interested in applying should enroll and secure a spot as soon as possible.

Students in the program will learn in a classroom setting, as well as in clinical settings. In addition to anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, and nutrition, they will also study preventing infection, the variety of motion exercises, nursing techniques, and a host of other nursing subjects. A healthcare center linked with the school provides students with hands-on clinical training upon completion of classroom learning. In the clinical setting, students are supervised by a qualified clinical teacher who helps them provide high-quality care to their patients or residents.

Classes are offered both throughout the day and at night at your convenience. Tuition, fees, textbooks, and supplies are all included in the total expenditures, which vary per institution. $2,800 for Jackson and $2,000 for Itta Bena are the prices for this course. Students are ready to take the state test and get a job after completing the training course. Health officials in Mississippi have given the CNA Training Institute its stamp of approval.

Jackson Medical Mall

Jackson Medical Mall

A CNA training service is available by Jackson Medical Hall in Jackson, Mississippi. The 130-hour CNA program is given by the greatest clinical teachers with years of expertise in the healthcare profession to those who want to work in the field. All graduates will be trained for the state certification test and future employment in different medical settings by the institution. Because of the emphasis on small class sizes and the use of state-of-art equipment like a simulation lab, the school is able to provide students with a more individualized learning experience.

The Jackson Medical Mall’s CNA training course offers a great deal of flexibility to students who are also working full-time. Daytime and evening sessions are provided at various times of the day. Graduates may take the state certification test to become Certified Nursing Assistants after completing a six-week training course. They retain a firm grasp on the fundamental ideas and abilities associated with their field. Written and practical exams are common components of state exams. In the classroom, in the simulation lab, and in the clinical setting, these examinations are based on what students have learned.

There is a $2,500 tuition fee for students enrolled in the CNA course at Jackson Medical Mall. Exam fees and textbooks are included at this price. Vaccination, health test, medical supplies, and uniforms are not covered. For students with limited financial resources, scholarships and grants may be available to help offset the cost of training or provide it completely free of charge. When applying for a scholarship or loan, they must also consider the terms and requirements.

East Mississippi Community College

The 7-week CNA classes in Jackson MS are offered by the East Mississippi Community College. This program offers 84 hours of classroom instruction and 16 hours of clinical experience. Students have the option of taking either a daytime or an evening session, depending on their schedules. There is a total fee of $450 for the course, which includes all textbooks and training materials. This course includes CPR certification for those who choose to pursue this certification.

University of Mississippi Medical Center

University of Mississippi Medical Center

At the University of Mississippi Medical Center, a number of Certified Nursing Assistants have been trained and certified (CNAs). Students are able to graduate on time and pass their certification test for a variety of occupations, thanks to the university’s clinical professors and state-of-the-art facilities. Some of the state’s most essential healthcare courses are taught at the University of Mississippi. CNA training is one of them.

Basic anatomy and physiology, common diseases, medical terminology, nutrition, and infection control are all covered in depth for students. As a result, they’re also taught about the rights of patients and how to do everyday tasks. A licensed clinical teacher supervises the tutoring session in a clinical setting. They’ll show you the ropes so you can provide your patients the care they deserve.

Studying for your CNA certification at the University of Mississippi Medical Center will provide you with the abilities you need in a hurry. After clearing a criminal record check and a health exam, you may fulfill certain criteria, such as having a GED. One of the prerequisites for being a nursing assistant is being capable of lifting 50lb or more. CNAs have to be able to move patients so they need a lot of physical strength and stamina.

The institution, on the other hand, offers scholarship programs to assist students to pay for this course. Students who are short of cash or do not have a reliable source of income may apply for financial aid to cover the cost of their CNA training. They will not be responsible for repaying the money they receive. However, if your grades aren’t very high, you shouldn’t expect to get any scholarship money.

CNA Classes in Meridian

Meridian Community College

Meridian Community College

Meridian Community College provides a one-semester, 16-credit hour associate’s degree program for those interested in becoming certified nursing assistants. A high school diploma is required to apply for this course. It provides classroom, clinical, and laboratory instruction that will help you prepare for the National Nurse Examination. Fall and spring terms are used for class offerings. The cost of the program is $1200, plus a $25 registration fee, and financial assistance is available.

Excellent Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) have graduated from Meridian Community College. The program’s short and fast-paced curriculum makes it hard, but it prepares students effectively for the certification test. Having a low student-to-teacher ratio ensures that students get personalized attention. As a result of the clinical teachers’ availability around the clock, students’ individual requirements are often satisfied.

CNA Classes in Moorhead

Mississippi Delta Community College

Mississippi Delta Community College

The GHEH Center in Greenville, the Drew Center in Drew, and the Golden Age Nursing Home in Greenwood are the three Mississippi Delta Community College campuses where students may get a Health Care Assistant certificate. All of the training necessary to become an exceptional home care aide or nursing assistant may be completed in only a few weeks in the CNA course. Visit both hospitals and senior homes as part of your training. Students may take courses throughout the day and at night, with new classes beginning each semester. Program costs vary. But you may expect to pay roughly $1000 for it.

If you want to sit for the Mississippi state test, you’ll need to attend one of these colleges. In Mississippi, if you pass this test, you are eligible to work as a CNA. As a CNA, you can expect to earn about $11.00 an hour.

Those who attend CNA courses and acquire their certificate may look forward to a lifetime of rewards. A career as an RN may be a good fit for you if you like helping others and want to make a difference in the world. Furthermore, there are several high-quality colleges and universities that provide these programs.

CNA Classes in Raymond

Hinds Community College

Hinds Community College

CNA training at Hinds Community College gives students the information and skills they need to work in the healthcare field as entry-level employees. Summer, spring, and autumn sessions are all available as part of the curriculum. Students get a well-rounded education that includes classroom teaching, practical training, and clinical experience. Students may have a better understanding of the profession and the fundamental nursing practices that every CNA should be familiar with via this kind of educational experience. Because most health-related schools accept the CNA certification, it may be utilized as a stepping stone to a wonderful nursing career path.

Additionally, Hinds Community College’s CNA training course has particular prerequisites to satisfy. A high school transcript or a GED test result is required for all students who want to apply for admission, as well as authentic college transcripts from all universities attended. Applicants for admission and selection must additionally provide an official ACT or Accuplacer score, as well as their full application.

Financial aid is available to all students at Hinds Community College, including those who thrive academically but may not be able to cover the whole cost of their education. There are several scholarships, grants, and loans available at the institution to assist students in obtaining a CNA certificate without having to worry about finding enough money to cover tuition and other costs.

CNA Classes in Clarksdale

Coahoma Community College-Clarksdale

Coahoma Community College-Clarksdale

It takes 90 hours to complete a nursing aide training course at the Coahoma Community College of Clarksdale. Mississippi’s Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training program provides students with the information and skills needed to succeed in the field. An applicant should have a GED or high school diploma, evidence of vaccination records, a valid driver’s license, a TB test result that is negative, a valid picture ID, and a basic English and Math exam to be eligible for the program.  Admission to the course is contingent upon passing a criminal background check. A semester’s worth of tuition might range from $250 to as much as $850.

Free CNA Training Programs in Mississippi

Community colleges and vocational institutions in Mississippi provide several state-approved CNA training courses. Some nursing institutions, hospitals, and healthcare organizations do offer free CNA training programs to qualifying applicants. This kind of training is being provided because of the high need for nursing assistants in these facilities. CNA training may be paid for by visiting a nursing home and applying for a position. In addition to a free healthcare degree, such a chance also offers a long-term job.

Unemployed citizens and those who want to start a new job in Mississippi have traditionally received financial aid from the state of Mississippi. Income help is available to those in need at the local administrative center. The Mississippi State Board of Nursing offers assistance to anyone looking for a no-cost CNA training program, and Job Corps sponsors eligible persons who choose to do so. Most likely, they have a list of suitable organizations and institutions that provide a return service that may lead to an exciting and rewarding career in the healthcare industry.

Because of the state’s acute shortage of CNAs, a number of healthcare organizations have decided to provide some kind of training to those interested in working as CNAs. However, it is important to be aware of the company’s terms and conditions. Some employers will pay for all of the training costs, while others like to reimburse them. However, the majority of these businesses will ask that you work for them for a certain amount of time before they will reimburse you.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in Mississippi

Aberdeen, MSCare Center Of Aberdeen505 Jackson St662-369-6431
Belzoni, MSHumphreys County Nursing Home500 Ccc Rd931-296-2532
Biloxi, MSBiloxi High School Career Technology Center1845 Richard Drive228-435-6318
Booneville, MSNortheast Mississippi Community College101 Cunningham Blvd.662-728-7751
Brandon, MSBrandon Court100 Burnham Road601-664-2259
Brandon, MSBrandon Nursing And Rehabilitation355 Crossgate Blvd601-825-3192
Brookhaven, MSSilver Cross Nursing Home503 Silver Cross Drive601-833-2361
Byhalia, MSTrinity Mission H & R Great Oaks, Llc111 Chase St.662-838-3670
Carthage, MSLeake County Vo-tech Center703 Northwest Street601-267-8442
Centreville, MSWilkinson County Senior Care116 South Lafayette Street601-645-5253
Choctaw, MSChoctaw Residential Center135 Hospital Circle601-656-2582
Clarksdale, MSCoahoma Community College3240 Friars Point Road662-627-2571
Clinton, MSTrinity Mission Health And Rehab Center102 Woodchase Park Drive601-924-7043
Collins, MSCovington County Nursing CenterP. O. Box 1089601-765-8262
Corinth, MSMississippi Care Center Of Alcorn County 13701 Joanne Drive662-287-8071
Crystal Springs, MSAllied Health Institute208 West Marion Avenue601-647-1310
Crystal Springs, MSCopiah Living Center806 W Georgetown Avenue601-892-1880
Crystal Springs, MSMississippi Job Corps Center400 Harmony Road601-892-3348
Ellisville, MSJones County Junior College900 South Court Street601-477-4000
Ellisville, MSJones County Rest Home683 County Home Road601-477-3334
Fayette, MSJefferson County Vo-tech Center205 Industrial Park Drive601-786-3642
Fulton, MSItawamba Community College900 South Court Street662-862-8000
Fulton, MSItawamba County Vocational Center200 Vo Tec Road662-862-3137
Goodman, MSHolmes Community CollegeNo. 1 Hill Street662-472-2312
Greenville, MSMississippi Delta Community College2900 Hwy 1 South662-246-6322
Greenwood, MSCrystal Health And Rehab Of Greenwood902 John Pittman Road662-453-9173
Greenwood, MSMississippi Delta Community College2901 Highway 82 East662-453-6323
Grenada, MSHolmes Community College1060 Avent Drive662-226-0830
Gulfport, MSMississippi Gulf Coast Community College2226 Switzer Rd.228-896-3355
Gulfpot, MSBoyington Training Center1530 Broad Avenue228-864-6544
Hattiesburg, MSPearl River Community College5448 Highway 49 South601-554-5500
Hattiesburg, MSWindham House Of Hattiesburg37 Hillcrest Drive601-264-0058
Hazlehurst, MSPine Crest Guest Home Inc133 Pine Street601-894-1411
Indianola, MSKeplere Institute Of Technology612 North Sunflower Ext.662-887-6199
Itta Bena, MSCna Training Center40100 Hwy 82 W662-254-9911
Jackson, MSCna Training Center350 West Woodrow Wilson Drive601-364-1188
Jackson, MSHealthcare Institute Of Jackson405 Briarwood Drive601-956-3940
Jackson, MSHinds Community College1750 Chadwick Drive601-376-4800
Kosciusko, MSAttala County Nursing Center326 Highway 12 West662-289-1200
Kosciusko, MSKosciusko-attala County Vocational Center450 Hwy 12 East662-289-2689
Laurel, MSA. P. Fatherree Vocational School2409 Moose Drive601-425-2378
Laurel, MSCare Center Of Laurel935 West Dr601-649-8006
Laurel, MSPine Belt Education Service Center923-b Sawmill Road601-649-4141
Leakesville, MSLeakesville Rehabilitation And Nursing Home1300 Melody Lane601-394-2331
Louisville, MSStepping Stones Career College311 West Main Street662-446-2220
Luka, MSTishomingo Manor230 Kaki Avenue662-423-9112
Madison, MSMadison Career & Tech Center142 Calhoun Parkway601-859-6847
Mccomb, MSCamellia Estates1714 White Street601-250-0066
Mccomb, MSMccomb Nursing And Rehabilitation415 Marion Ave601-684-8700
Meadville, MSMeadville Nursing Home300 Hwy 556/route 2 Box 66601-384-5861
Meridian, MSMeridian Community College910 Hwy 19 North601-483-8241
Meridian, MSQueen City Nursing Center1201 28th Avenue601-483-1467
Monticello, MSLawrence County Nursing Center700 Jefferson Street601-587-2593
Moorhead, MSMississippi Delta Community CollegeHwy 3 & Cherry Street662-246-6409
Morton, MSMississippi Care Center Of Morton96 Old Highway 80 East601-732-6361
Natchez, MSAdams County Nursing Center587 John R Junk1n Drive601-446-8426
Oxford, MSNorthwest Mississippi Community College1310 Belk Drive662-236-2023
Pascagoula, MSPlaza Nursing Center4403 Hospital Road228-762-8960
Picayune, MSCovenant Health & Rehab Of Picayune1620 Read Road601-798-1811
Poplarville, MSPearl River Community College101 Highway 11 North601-403-1000
Port Gibson, MSClaibome County Vocational Complex161 Old Hwy 18 #1601-437-3800
Quitman, MSClarke County Vocational Center910 North Archusa Avenue601-776-5219
Raleigh, MSRolling Acres Retirement Center309 Magnolia Dr601-782-4244
Ripley, MSTippah County Nursing Home1005 City Avenue North662-837-9221
Sardis, MSSardis Community Nursing Home613 East Lee Street662-487-2720
Senatobia, MSNorthwest Mississippi Community College4975 Hwy 51662-562-3200
Senatobia, MSSenatobia Convalescent Center402 Getwell Drive662-562-5664
Starkville, MSMillsaps Career & Technology Center803 Louisville Road662-324-4170
Summit, MSSouthwest Mississippi Community College1156 College Drive601-276-2000
Tupelo, MSItawamba Community College2176 S. Eason Blvd.662-620-5000
Tupelo, MSMississippi Methodist Senior Services Training Center2800 W. Main Street662-844-1441
Tupelo, MSTupelo Training Center144 S. Thomas Street662-841-6814
Tylertown, MSBilldora Senior Care314 Enochs St601-876-2173
Vicksburg, MSCovenant Health & Rehab Of Vicksburg2850 Porter's Chapel Road601-638-9211
Water Valley, MSYalobusha County Nursing Home630 South Main Street662-473-1411
Waynesboro, MSWayne County Vocational Technical Center800 Collins Street601-735-5036
Whitfield, MSMississippi State Hospital3550 Highway 468 W601-351-8000
Winona, MSWinona Career & Tech Center300 N. Applegate662-283-2314
Yazoo City, MSOasis Health & Rehab Of Yazoo City925 Calhoun Avenue662-746-7770