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Careers in the healthcare profession may not need a great deal of formal education, but they do give a more reliable source of income than other occupations. If you are someone who had difficulty in obtaining employment, nursing may be an option for you. Nurse aide courses in Minnesota are now more accessible than ever before, thanks to the state’s recent expansion. Individuals in search of satisfying and exciting work might think about exploring this as a feasible choice.

It is essential that you get the necessary knowledge before applying for your certification or license. Take a look at some of the institutions listed below to see which one best suits your needs.

CNA Classes in Minneapolis

American Red Cross Twin Cities Chapter

American Red Cross Twin Cities Chapter

Through their Twin Cities Chapter, the American Red Cross Minnesota Region also provides CNA training in Minneapolis. The American Red Cross trains students to deliver healthcare services in hospitals, hospices, care facilities, and homes by using volunteers. The pre-certification training is intended to guarantee that all nursing assistants are proficient in all parts of fundamental healthcare knowledge. The training includes everything from anatomy to language to interpersonal communication skills to basic hygiene.

An approved curriculum of 75-100 hours of classroom and hands-on training includes breathing and blood pressure monitoring, pain management strategies, communication skills, human development, and supporting patients to maintain their independence.

A high school diploma or GED is required as a bare minimum for the program. If you don’t have either, it’s a good bet you’ll need to take the TABE exam. Your eligibility is also determined by your age; you must be at least 16 years old to be eligible. A government-issued picture ID or passport, a completed TB Form with a negative TB test result, and a physical form are all required papers (completed by a physician or other healthcare practitioner). Attend a necessary information session to learn more about local program requirements.

The training program will cost $1,250 to participate in. This sum includes the application fee as well as the tuition for this program. Seminar costs are also related to the BLS certification training and are due in two payments. A physical exam ($25-$75), TB skin test ($5-$50), uniform set ($20-$30), fingerprints ($9.10), and the state certification exam are all additional programs costs (Depends on your state).

Century College

Century College provides a Nursing Assistant certification program that includes a course in Home Health Aide certification as well. This course may be taken for credit or non-credit depending on your preference. Individuals who intend to participate in a credit-based Nursing Assistant training program at Century College must complete an application for admission and provide a high school certificate or GED equivalent as proof of their qualifications. At the conclusion of the program, students get credits that may be used toward the establishment of a company or the practice of nursing. The Continuing Education and Customized Training programs at Century College are ideal for those who wish to get a Nursing Assistant certification without having to go through the lengthy process of applying for admission.

Century College has a long history of producing highly qualified nurses in the state of Minnesota. An orientation session is required for prospective students in order to learn more about the prerequisites. Students may choose from a variety of different class schedules in the virtual classroom. Students should be aware that they will not be able to attend a make-up or substitute session during this time period. If they do not adhere to this guideline, they will not be able to graduate or take the exam.

Century College offers a number of excellent scholarships and financial aid opportunities. For further information, contact the Financial Aid office at the school.

Midwest Careers Institute

Midwest Careers Institute

Nursing Assistant and Home Health Aide roles are among the specializations offered by Midwest Careers Institute‘s training programs. Their goal is to offer high-quality educational opportunities for those who choose to pursue a career in the healthcare industry in order to better their own lives and that of their families. MCI places a high priority on hard work, intellectual capacity, and the development of others in order to achieve success.

The inclusion of the AIMED ideals strengthens its dedication in this area. Students in this course will learn skills and information that will aid them in pursuing a career in healthcare, thanks to the program’s healthcare-focused curriculum. However, it is not required for admission to nursing, but it is a good idea to take it.

Four weeks long, with a total of 90 hours logged. Monday through Friday, classes begin at 9 a.m. with a half-hour break in between.

MCI is dedicated to assisting its students in securing employment and advancing their careers after graduation.

Minneapolis Community & Technical College

Minneapolis Community & Technical College

MCTC just became the most comprehensive two-year urban community college in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Department of Health has authorized a course offered by a Minnesota institution. In addition, the program aims to train international healthcare workers and prepare them for work in a variety of contexts. It also qualifies graduates for the nursing program at the institution.

Minneapolis Community & Technical College‘s Nursing Assistant program prepares students for work in healthcare settings including hospitals and nursing homes. Because of its well-equipped classrooms, Minneapolis Community & Technical College is the finest choice for anyone interested in becoming a nursing assistant in the Twin Cities area. Most students study at their own speed, which gives them the flexibility to apply what they learn in the classroom to their future careers. Students get enough practice with a mix of real materials, tailored education, small class sizes, and personalized attention.

People from varied origins, ages, and health issues will be taught how to work together. This includes issues ranging from physical, emotional, and spiritual requirements to the need for a healthy diet and regular exercise. Students will benefit greatly from this opportunity to get hands-on experience, improve their abilities, and have a better understanding of such topics as patient care, infection control, behavioral management, and others. Some of the most critical skills that a nurse needs to know are covered in this course.

The NA/HHA program is a 5-credit course. It is necessary to be accepted into the READ 0200 or ESOL 0052 course or to have successfully completed one of those courses (READ 0100 or ESOL 0051). Students are immediately enrolled in the college’s NATO Test-Out upon completion of the program.

As a prospective student, you must have a clean criminal record in order to participate in clinical. Make sure you have the right moral and ethical standards before you begin the program.

The average price per credit hour for a nursing program is $188.35. An additional $212.95 per credit hour might be charged if additional fees are not paid. Students who qualify for financial help and scholarships may take advantage of them.

Students who participate in the C3 Fellows program will have the opportunity to engage with prospective employers.

North American Medical Academy

NAMA is a for-profit career school that specializes in healthcare training. Its principal goal is to prepare graduates for entry-level roles and advance them up the corporate ladder. CNA, TMA, HHA, and BLA-CPR classes are available at the institution.

The CNA program is rigorous, with one-on-one hands-on education from highly certified teachers. The curriculum also trains students for jobs in clinics, hospitals, and home health care.

This is a four-week curriculum that lasts 120 hours. It comprises 80 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of clinical training. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., or 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. These timetables differ according to the day of the week. Weekend courses are provided on a particular circumstance basis.

Candidates must be 18 years old or older, have a clean criminal background check, and present a Mantoux test or chest X-ray if they have had tuberculosis in the past.

Tuition, uniforms, background checks, X-ray, and the State Certification Exam fee, which includes texts and materials, clinical ID, and the optional TMA course, are all included as costs and expenditures.



Free CNA training is available to patients at Sholom who otherwise couldn’t afford it. Because of a shortage of nursing assistants in the area, the facility is providing free training to qualifying residents in order to provide steady work and increase the number of CNAs in St. Louis, Missouri. After completing the certification test, candidates may begin working immediately. The duration of the training is a matter of weeks.

There is a good balance of academic and hands-on learning in this course. Students explore a wide range of nursing subjects as part of their preparation to become certified nurse assistants. Anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, infection control, care for the elderly, and death and dying are among the subjects covered here. Mental health and emergency preparedness are two more crucial issues to consider. Clinical social work training is followed by classroom lectures and a practical course that prepares you to practice in the field. Before you may apply for a license, you must complete a graduate-level internship as well.

All students who are interested in taking the free class must fulfill the facility’s standards. A high school diploma or GED, evidence of vaccination, a social security number, a valid picture ID, and proof of liability insurance are all required for entry. All caregivers at Sholom HealthCare are required to have specialized training in caring for patients. Drug testing, a background check, and other standards must be met before an applicant may be considered for employment. CNA training will also be included in their contract.

St. Louis Community College

To satisfy the requirements of the state Department of Health, St. Louis Community College provides training in Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). This course consists of 75 lecture hours and 100 clinical hours of practice. There will be a total of 20 sessions, each lasting four hours. Despite the additional time spent in clinical practice, students are still well-prepared for the certification test and potential job opportunities.

This training focuses on infection control, rehabilitative nursing, food service, care for the mentally ill, disaster preparedness, and fire prevention. Basic nursing skills are also covered in great detail. Completion of the CNA training course requires full attendance. To prevent being dropped from the course, students must avoid missing or being late.

As a result, St. Louis Community College’s CNA training program is taught by clinical professors who have worked in the healthcare profession for many years. Each participant receives one-on-one coaching to assist them to prepare for the certification test. All applicants to the Certified Nursing Assistant programme must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Candidates for the course must also pass a background check and a drug test. For training, only those who are clean of all criminal convictions and abuse and drug usage will be allowed in.

A CNA training program at St. Louis Community College will cost you $1,099. It doesn’t cover textbooks, the state examination cost, or the certification charge. Criminal background checks, drug screenings, immunizations, and PPD tests are all the student’s obligations to pay for.

Augustana Care

Augustana Care

Augustana is a non-profit organization that provides services such as independent and assisted living, long-term care, and rehabilitation to those who qualify. Free CNA training is available at the organization’s locations in Hastings, Minneapolis, and Moose Lake, among other locations. Those who are accepted into the program will get a full CNA scholarship in the amount of $1,100, which will cover all of their expenses. Candidates who have been accepted into the program will be advised of the start date, timeline, and any other crucial facts related to their participation.

A strong probability of landing a position at one of these institutions exists if your qualifications are met and you pass the CNA certification exam. A position at Augustana would give the opportunity for continued education, professional advancement, and other benefits that would benefit the employee’s well-being.

Excellence Health Career Center

Excellence Health Career Center

The Excellence Health Career Center‘s goal is to expand the number of people working in the local healthcare industry by delivering transformative education and enhancing healthcare practices. A variety of training programs, including CNA/Home Health Aide training, BLS-CPR/First Aid training, LPN and RN NCLEX review, and nurse tutoring, are offered at the institution. The curriculum for CNA/HHA training consists of four weeks of instruction. Class times are 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, with no exceptions.

CNA Classes in Marshall

Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council

Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council

In partnership with the Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council, a Certified Nursing Assistant training programme is available. The program is completely sponsored by the government. The program lasts about four weeks and prepares graduates to sit for the certification exam. This demanding healthcare course requires a full-time commitment, but it is well worth the time and effort invested. Students must achieve the required grade point average in order to graduate and get a certificate.

Only persons who are at least 18 years old and who are interested in taking a CASAS exam session may apply. Upon successful completion of the exam, the Marshall ABE Center will determine your eligibility for both entry-level and professional courses at the school. It is possible to enroll in the CNA program once you have passed the test and completed all of your documentation. In order to register for the program, applicants need to contact the facility in advance to schedule a necessary information session before beginning the course.

Participants in the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training programme at the Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council have assured employment at one of the institutions and are given the opportunity to begin a rewarding and lifetime career in healthcare.

CNA Classes in Bloomington

Normandale Community College

Normandale Community College

It is possible to get your Certified Nursing Assistant certification at Normandale Community College in Bloomington, Minnesota, which blends classroom instruction with hands-on experience in the field. Because they are exposed to both lecture and practice, this enables students to learn in a way that is most convenient for them and that fits their schedule. Students will be evaluated in a long-term clinical environment that will assist them in the development of nursing abilities. They are a state-approved CNA training center that assures that students are eligible to appear for the CNA Competency Exam after completing their training. For the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program, the cost of tuition is around $1100, which includes textbooks, a student uniform, and training materials. Because of the CNA certification, those who have passed the state test may now look forward to a rewarding career in any long-term care facility and hospital.

Applicants must have a clean criminal background check, a negative drug test, and a negative tuberculosis test result. They must be able to lift 50 pounds of weight on their own, without the aid of other students.

CNA Classes in Chatfield

Chosen Valley Care Center

Chosen Valley Care Center

Chosen Valley Care Center is a long-standing, licensed health care institution in Chatfield that offers skilled nursing services to its patients. Both Medicare and Mediclaim are accepted at the facility. The Center offers long-term care, post-acute rehabilitative services, hospice assistance, and a hospice room, Alzheimer/dementia treatment, physiological, vocational, and speech therapies, wound management, IV therapy, Bariatric Equipment, routine meals with special diet regulations, recreational activities, and religious services provided by area clergy.

Residents have the option of residing in either private or communal living areas, which provide them with privacy. They have access to shared restrooms and wireless internet throughout the building. Rooms also have their own bathroom, cable TV, and phone line.

This 85-hour curriculum is meant to train students to care for patients/residents.

Classes are led by professional nursing teachers with extensive expertise. The theoretical curriculum and clinical training are completed in a single place for convenience. The instructor/student ratio is intended to enable one-on-one interaction learning. Students will learn how to utilize contemporary technologies for more effective documentation and communication, preparing them to face any issues that may arise in the future.

Students are being taught to meet the requirements of their older parents, resulting in a higher quality of life for them. These responsibilities may be tough in practice, but students often have tremendous success in assisting their parents in leading a more functional and active lifestyle.

All candidates must first submit a background check and Mantoux test in order to be approved for their Minnesota nursing course. They will also charge an application fee at the start of the course. If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Clinical and Resident Services.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in Connecticut

Ada, MNBridges Care Community 201 9th St. W.218-784-5500
Albert Lea, MNGood Samaritan Society-albert Lea 75507 240th Street507-379-2762
Alexandria, MNAlexandria Technical & Community College *1601 Jefferson St320-762-0221
Anoka, MNAnoka Technical College *1355 W. Hwy 10763-433-1100
Anoka, MNAnoka Technical College Online 1355 West Highway 10763-576-4842
Arlington, MNSibley Health Science Program 202 Third Avenue Nw Po Box 1000507-317-9231
Aurora, MNEssentia Health-northern Pines Care Center 5211 Highway 110218-229-4228
Austin, MNRiverland Community College Rtd Na 1900 8th Avenue Nw507-433-0653
Austin, MNSt Mark's Living 400 15th Avenue Sw507-434-7209
Barrett, MNWest Central Area School District 301 County Road 2218-205-5613
Baudette, MNLakewood Care Center 600 Main Avenue South218-634-3488
Belle Plaine, MNThe Lutheran Home: Hope Residence 611 West Main Street952-873-2198
Bemidji, MNBemidji Optivation 905 Grant Ave Se218-333-6629
Bemidji, MNNorthwest Technical College - Bemidji *905 Grant Avenue Se218-333-6645
Bigfork, MNBigfork Valley Hospital 258 Pine Tree Drive218-743-4243
Bloomington, MNBloomington College And Career Academy 2575 West 88th Street612-590-4808
Bloomington, MNNormandale Community College 9700 France Ave. South952-487-8442
Bloomington, MNZandu Health Initiative 10800 Lyndale Avenue South Suite 114952-479-0172
Blue Earth, MNSt. Luke's Lutheran Care Center 1219 South Ramsey507-526-2184
Brainerd, MNBrainerd Senior High School702 South 5th Street218-824-6247
Brainerd, MNCentral Lakes College *501 West College Drive218-855-8118
Breckenridge, MNSt Francis Healthcare Campus 2400 St Francis Drive218-643-0544
Brooklyn Center, MNAvid Home And Community Healthcare Services 7030 Brooklyn Blvd612-284-8186
Brooklyn Park, MNHennepin Technical College-brooklyn Park *9000 Brooklyn Boulevard952-995-1300
Brooklyn Park, MNJj School Of Technology 7420 Unity Ave. Suite 301763-560-0544
Brooklyn Park, MNNorth Metro Health Institute 7420 Unity Avenue North Suite 209763-438-3314
Browerville, MNBrowerville High School Box 185, Sixth And Park Avenue320-594-2272
Buffalo, MNWright Technical Center, School District #0966 1405 3rd Ave Ne Po Box 239763-682-4112
Burnsville, MNBurnsville High School, Hs Students Only 600 East Highway 13952-707-2000
Cambridge, MNAnoka Ramsey Com Col, Cambridge Campus 300 South Spirit River Drive763-433-1100
Cambridge, MNBlended Online Nursing Assistant/home Health Aide 300 Spirit River Drive763-433-1200
Cambridge, MNScofield Nursing Assistant Training Center 1001 First Avenue East Suite 65320-396-3014
Canby, MNMn West Community & Tech College-canby 1011 First St W507-223-7252
Canby, MNSanford Canby Medical Center/sylvan Court 112 St. Olaf Avenue South507-223-7277
Carlton, MNInter-faith Care Center 811 Third Street218-384-8429
Chaska, MNSouth West Metro Intermediate District #288 401 East 4th Street952-567-8068
Chatfield, MNChosen Valley Care Center 1102 Liberty Street Se507-867-4220
Cloquet, MNFond Du Lac Community College *2101 Fourteenth St218-879-0846
Cokato, MNKathryn's Nursing Assistant Training 1611 County Road 4 Sw320-286-5304
Cold Spring, MNAssumption Community 715 First Street North320-348-2304
Columbia Heights, MNCaring Hands Healthcare And Training 4148 5th Street Ne763-291-5125
Cook, MNCook Hospital & Care Center 10 Fifth Street Se218-666-6278
Cottonwood, MNMary Neuman Na Training Po Box 125507-530-7373
Crookston, MNVilla St Vincent 516 Walsh St218-281-3424
Crookston, MNVilla St Vincent E-learning Nurse Aide Class 516 Walsh Street218-281-3424
Deer River, MNDeer River High School 101 First Ave Ne Po Box 307218-246-8241
Deer River, MNEssentia-homestead 115 10th Avenue Ne218-246-4208
Detroit Lakes, MNEcumen Detroit Lakes 1414 Madison Ave218-844-7184
Detroit Lakes, MNEcumen Dl Ontrack 1415 Madison Ave218-844-7184
Detroit Lakes, MNEssentia Health Oak Crossing-on Track Program 1040 Lincoln Ave218-314-7015
Detroit Lakes, MNMinnesota State Community And Technical College - Dl 900 Highway 34 E.218-299-6903
Duluth, MNLake Superior College *2101 Trinity Rd218-733-7600
East Grand Forks, MNNorthland Community And Technical College - Egf *2022 Central Avenue Ne218-773-3441
Eden Prairie, MNHennepin Techncal College Naha Hybrid Course 1300 College View Drive952-995-1592
Eden Prairie, MNHennepin Technical College-eden Prairie *Eden Prairie 13100 College View Drive952-995-1300
Eden Prairie, MNIntermediate District #287 Htc - Ep 13100 College View Drive952-995-1510
Elk River, MNGuardian Angels Care Center400 Evans Avenue763-441-1213
Ely, MNBoundary Waters Care Center 200 West Conan Street218-365-8042
Eveleth, MNMesabi Range Comm & Tech College-eveleth *1100 Industrial Park Drive218-741-3095
Faribault, MNSouth Central College - Faribault *1225 Sw 3rd St507-332-5802
Fergus Falls, MNMinnesota State Community And Technical College - Fergus Falls 1414 College Way218-299-6903
Golden Valley, MNColonial Acres At Covenant Village Of Golden Valley 5825 St Croix Avenue North763-732-1435
Graceville, MNEssential Health Grace Home 116 West Second Street320-748-7261
Grand Rapids, MNGrand Village 923 Hale Lake Pt218-322-4624
Grand Rapids, MNItasca Community College *1851 E Hwy 169218-322-2300
Granite Falls, MNMn West Community & Tech College-granite 1593 11th Avenue320-564-4511
Hayfield, MNRonda's Hayfield Nursing Assistant Program 318 Second Street Ne507-993-0773
Hendricks, MNHendricks Community Hosp. & Nursing Home 503 East Lincoln Po Box 106507-275-3134
Hibbing, MNHealth Science Program Hccc/na 1515 East 25th Street218-262-7200
Hills, MNTuff Ontrack Nursing Assistant Training 505 E 4th Street507-962-3275
Howard Lake, MNAnderson's Nar/hha Training600 8th Ave Suite 1320-583-4820
Hutchinson, MNRidgewater College - Hutchinson Campus *2 Century Avenue320-234-8500
International Falls, MNGood Samaritan-international Falls 2201 Keenan Drive218-283-1314
International Falls, MNRainy River Community College *1501 Hwy 71218-285-7722
Inver Grove Heights, MNInver Hills Community College *2500 80th St. East651-450-8500
Jackson, MNMn West Community & Tech College-jackson 401 West Street507-847-3320
Karlstad, MNKarlstad Senior Living 304 Washington218-436-2161
Lake Park, MNSunnyside Care Center 16561 Us Hwy 10218-238-5944
Lakeville, MNMncaps/prior Lake High School 17685 Juniper Path #205952-435-0120
Le Sueur, MNRidgeview Lesueur Medical Center 621 South 4th Street507-665-2262
Little Falls, MNLittle Falls Community High School, Health Occupations 1001 Se Fifth Avenue320-616-2242
Luverne, MNGood Samaritan Society, Luverne 110 South Walnut Ave507-283-3112
Luverne, MNMinnesota Veterans Home-luverne 1300 N. Kniss Avenue507-283-6200
Mankato, MNMankato Area Public Schools Intergovernmental Center 10 Civic Center Plaza507-207-4282
Mankato, MNMonarch Healthcare Management Na Training Program 638 Southbend Avenue507-388-2913
Mapleton, MNMch On Track 301 Troendle Street Sw507-524-3315
Melrose, MNCentracare Health Regional Na Program 520 Railroad Ave Nw320-252-0010
Menahga, MNGreenwood Connections 427 Main Street Ne218-564-4101
Menahga, MNMenahga Public Schools Isd 821 216 Aspen Avenue Po Box 160218-564-4141
Milaca, MNElim Care And Rehab Center 730 Second Street Se320-982-8243
Minneapolis, MNAmerican Nursing & Technical Institute 1425 10th Avenue South612-558-0895
Minneapolis, MNAmerican Red Cross Na Training-blended Learning 1201 West River Parkway612-872-3213
Minneapolis, MNAugustana Care-ontrack Program 1425 10th Avenue South612-238-5242
Minneapolis, MNExcellence Health Career Center 1007 West Broadway612-547-0095
Minneapolis, MNLincoln International High School 2520 Minnehaha Ave612-872-8690
Minneapolis, MNMidwest Career Institute 1625 Park Avenue South612-588-9410
Minneapolis, MNMinneapolis Community & Tech. College *1501 Hennepin Ave612-659-6000
Minneapolis, MNNorth American Medical Academy 5201 Bryant Avenue North Suite 108612-521-0602
Moorhead, MNEventide Senior Living 1405 7th Street South218-291-2289
Moorhead, MNM State C&t College- Workforce Development Solutions *1110 14th Street South218-299-6903
Moose Lake, MNAugustana Mercy Hcc 710 South Kenwood Avenue218-351-9420
Morris, MNWest Wind Village 1001 Scott Avenue320-760-9232
New Hope, MNAccredited School Of Nursing Assistant/hha 7600 Bass Lake Road Suite 103763-746-0412
New York Mills, MNNew York Mills Public Schools 209 Hayes Avenue218-385-4216
North Mankato, MNHigh Step Health Science Academy 2075 Lookout Drive507-386-2960
North Mankato, MNSouth Central College - Mankato *1920 Lee Boulevard507-389-7200
Northfield, MNNorthfield Retirement Community 900 Cannon Valley Drive507-664-7353
Northfield, MNThree Links Care Center 815 Forest Avenue507-664-8861
Onamia, MNMille Lacs Health Care System Long Term Care 200 Elm Street North320-532-2802
Ortonville, MNFairway View Neighborhoods Ontrack 201 Mark Drive320-839-4175
Osakis, MNGaleon 410 West Main320-248-5566
Osseo, MNOsseo Senior High 317 Second Avenue Nw763-391-8519
Park Rapids, MNHeritage Living Center 619 West 6th Street218-237-8315
Park Rapids, MNPark Rapids Area High School401 Huntsinger Avenue218-237-6441
Parkers Prairie, MNSt Williams Living Center 212 West Soo Street Po Box 30218-338-4671
Perham, MNPerham Living 665 3rd Street Sw218-346-1181
Perham, MNPerham Living Ontrack 735 3rd Street Sw218-347-1800
Pierz, MNHorizon Health, Inc. 26814 143rd Street P.o. Box 220320-468-6451
Pine City, MNPine T &c College Healthcare Core Curriculum 900 Fourth Street320-629-6764
Pipestone, MNMn West C&t College, Hybrid Na 1314 North Hiawatha507-825-6860
Plainview, MNPlainview-elgin-millville High School 500 West Broadway507-534-3128
Princeton, MNElim Care Inc. 701 First Street763-389-1171
Red Wing, MNMinnesota State College - Southeast Tech *308 Pioneer Road651-385-6300
Rochester, MNHawthorne Educational Center, Rochester Public 700 Fourth Avenue Se507-273-0713
Rochester, MNMadonna Towers Of Rochester 4001 19th Avenue Nw507-206-2221
Rochester, MNNorth Shore Healthcare Training Program 501 8th Avenue Se507-288-6514
Rochester, MNRochester Community & Technical College *851 30th Ave Se507-285-7210
Rochester, MNRochester Public School # 525 2130 College View Road East507-328-4240
Rochester, MNSamaritan Bethany Arbor Terrace Na Trg Prg 24 Nw 8 St.507-289-4031
Roseau, MNLifecare Roseau Manor 715 Delmore Drive218-463-2500
Rosemount, MNCenter For Workforce Development Open Enrollment 1300 145th Street East651-423-8549
Rosemount, MNDakota County Technical College *1300 E 145th St651-423-8549
Rushford, MNGood Shepherd Lutheran Services 800 Home Street507-864-7714
Rushford, MNRushford-peterson School District 102 North Mill Street507-864-7786
Sartell, MNCountry Manor Hlth Care & Retirement Ctr 520 - 1st Street Ne320-253-1920
Shakopee, MNShakopee High School 100 17th Avenue West952-496-5152
Silver Bay, MNMinnesota Veterans Home, Silver Bay 50 Outer Drive218-353-8700
Silver Bay, MNMn Veterans Home Ontrack 56 Outer Drive218-353-8700
Spring Lake Park, MNSpring Lake Park High School1100 81st Ave Ne763-786-5571
St Cloud, MNSt Cloud T&c College Health Training Solutions 1540 Northway Drive320-308-5940
St Cloud, MNSt Cloud Technical & Community College *1540 Northway Dr320-203-2386
St Paul, MNGuadalupe Alternative Program 381 East Robie Street651-222-0757
St Paul, MNHubert H Humphrey Job Corps Center 1480 N Snelling Ave651-647-0442
St Paul, MNInternational Institute Of Minnesota 1694 Como Ave.651-647-0191
St Paul, MNSt Paul College *A Community And Tech. Coll 235 Marshall Ave651-846-1600
St. Peter, MNBenedictine Living Community 1907 Klein St.507-934-8274
Staples, MNLakewood Health System Care Center 401 Prairie Avenue Ne218-894-8326
Staples, MNStaples Motley High School 401 Centennial Lane218-894-2439
Thief River Falls, MNNorthland Community & Tech College - Trf *1101 Hwy #1 East218-683-8800
Waconia, MNAuburn Home In Waconia 594 Cherry Drive952-227-0476
Waite Park, MNScrubs Academy, Llc 50 10th Avenue South320-230-9939
Walker, MNWalker, Hackensack And Akeley High School Program Box 4000218-547-5322
Waseca, MNLakeshore Inn Nursing Home 108 Nw 8th Street507-835-2800
White Bear Lake, MNCentury Community & Technical College *3300 Century Ave N651-779-3341
White Bear Lake, MNCentury Online Na/hha 3300 Century Avenue North651-779-3902
Willmar, MNRidgewater College - Willmar Campus *2101 15th Avenue Nw320-222-5214
Winona, MNMinnesota State College - Southeast Tech 1250 Homer Road507-453-2740
Winona, MNSaint Anne Of Winona Ontrack 902 East Second Street507-474-4980