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It doesn’t take long to become a CNA since the training programs are brief and available at times that work for you. Applicants for CNA training in Michigan must be at least 18 years old and have a GED or high school certificate, as specified by the state’s Board of Nursing.

CNA certification in Michigan is overseen by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA), and all training programs must be authorized by this state regulating body before they can begin. LARA maintains a list of these state-approved training institutes that meet the standards they have established in order to assure the quality of training for students.

One must have graduated from an authorized CNA school in order to sit for the state certification test. Individuals who complete the program will not only be prepared for the CNA test but will also be ready to join the workforce. In spite of the fact that CNA training and certification isn’t the only method to begin a career in healthcare, it’s one of the simplest, cost-effective, and most versatile options.

There are a variety of locations where CNAs may work, including hospitals, nursing homes, and retirement homes. While working, students may learn new skills that might lead to specialized roles like pediatric or acute care nursing assistant.

For CNA courses in Detroit, check out this post, and for additional well-known CNA programs in Michigan, check out the following:

CNA Classes in Lansing

Lansing Community College

Lansing Community College

CNAs from Lansing Community College have a reputation for being among the finest in the business. In order to begin working as a CNA, you’ll need to have a solid foundation of knowledge and the ability to apply it. When it comes to their CNA training, the LCC boasts about their top-of-the-line training facilities as well as their supporting team.

Licensed by the state of Michigan, Lansing Community College is a CNA training facility that satisfies the minimum amount of training hours required. The CNA training curriculum consists of classroom lectures, hands-on laboratory instruction, and clinical field training. Any healthcare facility, whether it’s a hospital, hospice, nursing home, or private clinic that employs CNAs, may expect graduates of LCC to pass the state certification test. However, students must first pass the examinations and quizzes given throughout their CNA training.

Lansing Community College, despite the rising popularity of the CNA training program in Michigan, only takes a small number of students each healthcare course. For this reason, teachers will be able to respond to the demands of their pupils and give great instruction. Students may use the simulation lab to prepare for the certification test at the conclusion of the program, and review workshops are also offered. Their instructors are also accessible to assist, monitor, and support the educational demands of their students.

DRM International Learning Center, LLC

DRM International Learning Center, LLC

There is a two-week Certified Nurse Assistant training program offered by DRM International Learning Center, LLC. There are 34 hours of classroom instruction, 34 hours of lab training, 24 hours of clinical rotations, CPR and first aid training, and a session on how to promote your skills in the job market.   To prevent disqualification from graduation, students in practice must make a full-time commitment. They will have to pass a criminal background check and a health exam as part of the program.

Topics covered in the Certified Nurse Assistant healthcare course will include senior care; infection control; anatomy and physiology; nutrition; required nursing procedures; emergency procedures; and many other topics of interest to aspiring CNAs. As a result of their education, graduates will be well-versed in a wide range of subjects. CNA certification is also an option for those who want a job working in healthcare facilities.

High school graduation or GED equivalent, as well as passing proficiency examinations in basic arithmetic and reading, are required for anybody wishing to become a CNA. They must also supply a copy of their driver’s license and social security or resident alien card. Additionally, two weeks prior to the commencement of the CNA program, all tuition payments must be collected. To participate in the program, applicants must provide their own money. A Tuition Payment Approval form must be signed by a prospective student if financing for the CNA training comes from outside the training institution.

CNA Classes in Dearborn

Henry Ford Community College

Henry Ford Community College

Henry Ford Community College’s CNA course is exceptional. Programs at Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, Michigan, are designed to help students earn a certificate for demonstrating proficiency in nursing care skills. In addition to the 40 hours of classroom instruction and the 50 hours of the lab session, you’ll also gain 30 hours of clinical experience in a real healthcare institution as part of the program.

A number of practice examinations will be available to you as you go through your studies in order to prepare you for the state certification exam. To help participants better prepare for the real competence test and increase their chances of passing, the school devised this strategy. A job in a long-term care facility, hospital, doctor’s office, or home health care environment is likely when you complete the program.

When applying, students must have a high school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED), and they must pass a criminal background check as well as a medical test. Each training at Henry Ford Community College is limited to a maximum of ten individuals. Anyone interested in this healthcare program should submit an application or enroll as soon as they are eligible. They have to satisfy the prerequisites, which include submitting the proper paperwork and attending a compulsory orientation. Scholarships and scholarships are sometimes available to students who are enrolled in a CNA training program, and financial aid offices can help students apply.

CNA Classes in Ann Arbor

Washtenaw Community College

Washtenaw Community College

Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan, provides a certificate program in Nursing Assistant Skills Training. You must be completely committed to this program since you are not permitted to miss a single day of class. Students who are interested in the program may choose from a variety of class times and locations. However, there are no make-up lessons for lectures or clinical training that have been missed.

Students at Washtenaw Community College’s CNA training program get classroom teaching as well as on-the-job training. Anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, senior care, communication, and interpersonal skills, vital signs, basic nursing skills, and emergency procedures are just some of the subjects covered in this demanding healthcare course. To guarantee that each student gets proper training and education, the class size is restricted to a certain number of participants.

Prospective students must be at least 17 years old, pass an entering assessment exam, and undergo a criminal background check in order to participate in the course. In order to graduate, students must complete 90 hours of curriculum and training; 25 of these hours will be devoted to hands-on practice with real patients. Not only will you be ready for the state test, but you’ll also be well-prepared for a rewarding job as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) at a long-term care facility.

CNA Classes in Livonia

Schoolcraft College

Schoolcraft College

Schoolcraft College, located in Livonia, only takes a limited number of students each year. NATS, the college’s CNA-certification program, is a first-year course that prepares students for entry-level positions. The program includes courses in dementia care, pain management, physical examination, diabetes management, and pharmacology for nurses, among other topics. The advanced nursing assistant training course is designed for those who work in long-term care facilities and need more advanced skills than the basic CNA training course. Clinical professors with significant expertise in their respective professions will supervise and guide student nurses in this healthcare program, so they may be certain that they are in skilled hands.

A low entrance barrier into Schoolcraft College’s CNA training program makes it an attractive option for those interested in a career in the healthcare field. A high school diploma or its equivalent is required, but students must also be clear of any criminal record, infectious disease, or drug usage in order to be considered for admission. Additionally, proof of Michigan residency, a social security number, and two valid government-issued photo identification cards are necessary.

Students who want to graduate from a recognized school must meet all of the criteria in both the classroom and the clinical setting. Students must finish a minimum of 75 hours of training before they may sit for the certification exam. The required number of training hours needs a full-time commitment in order to complete this program. Those who fail to show up for a class or arrive late will not be able to complete the program. You will be provided with the best tools and lecturers to ensure success on the certification exam if you are interested in working as a certified nursing assistant (CNA).

CNA Classes in Petoskey

North Central Michigan College

North Central Michigan College

North Central Michigan College in Petoskey, Michigan, has an excellent Nurse Aide Certificate of Development certification program. This four-week course will prepare you for a job in long-term care institutions, hospitals, or home healthcare. You will complete typical theory and laboratory courses, but one of the most essential aspects of this program is the time you will spend in a long-term care facility obtaining practical experience.

Students are required to conduct fundamental nursing skills, develop communication skills, safety, and emergency procedures, and provide personal care to patients. They will be familiar with all of the obligations and tasks of a Certified Nursing Assistant, particularly because they will be working in a clinical environment. Graduates are entitled to take the state test and, if successful, are eligible to be professionally recognized by the nursing aide registry. Applicants for the CNA program must be at least 17 years old and must have current immunizations, a TB test, and a comprehensive medical check. They must also attend an orientation session prior to beginning lessons.

North Central Michigan College’s Certified Nursing Assistant training program is taught by qualified nurses and nursing assistants. Every prospective CNA receives customized teaching in a small class setting. In addition, graduates who are preparing to take the certification test may enroll in refresher programs. This institution boasts a good pass record on the certification test throughout the years. As a result, becoming a CNA straight immediately is not difficult if you enroll in the program at North Central Michigan College.

CNA Classes in Bay City

Valley Training Center

Mt. Pleasant and Bay City, Michigan, respectively, are home to the Valley Training Center. Both of these courses prepare students to get certified as Nurse Assistants. An RN will instruct you for 75 hours of state-approved training if you want to attend this course. The curriculum includes a mix of classroom and laboratory work, as well as a clinical practicum. Fast-paced training and lectures urge students to avoid absences. In addition, before the commencement of class, they must attend a required orientation session.

There is a $10 criminal background check fee tacked on to the $950 cost of tuition at VTC. It is the students’ responsibility to maintain their school uniforms, which include white shoes. In addition, a TB skin test and a physical check are required. A total of three weeks of instruction is given to students who enroll in either the daytime or evening session schedule. Once you’ve finished the program and passed the CNA exam, you’ll be qualified to work as a nursing assistant. In order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Michigan, one must successfully complete the training course and pass the state test; the school has full faith in its graduates.

It is well known that Valley Training Center produces skilled CNAs. People who want to go to school for less might check with their financial aid office to see if they qualify for any scholarships or grants to assist cover the costs of school.

CNA classes in Kalamazoo

Compass High School

Compass High School

The State of Michigan’s Certified Nurse Aide Training is available at Compass High School. There are 81 hours of classroom teaching, laboratory training, and clinical practice in the course. Intensive and tailored education is provided to students in this health care program. Discussions on resident rights, communication skills, physical and emotional requirements of residents, and death and dying are all part of the curriculum. Other topics covered include vital signs, medical terminology, body mechanics, foot care, and other aspects of everyday life. A few hours of resume evaluation and job-related skills training are also included in the course. Students in Kalamazoo would benefit greatly from this opportunity to improve their chances of landing a job in the healthcare industry.

Those interested in becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA) at Compass High School must first complete the program’s eligibility standards. They must be able to read and do math at the level of a 9th and 6th grader respectively. The results of their TB or chest X-ray tests, as well as their criminal background check, should be negative. To become a certified nursing assistant, you must attend every class session. Before taking the state certification test, students must devote several weeks of full-time study to the subject matter.

The non-refundable registration fee is included in the $980 cost of the CNA training course. Books, clothing, and materials are not included in the $125 testing price. Within a year after graduating from the program, students who are working in Michigan will receive tuition reimbursement from their employers. Michigan Works offers free CNA training to low-income families that qualify.

Kalamazoo Valley Grove Center

Kalamazoo Valley Grove Center

There is a CNA program at the Kalamazoo Valley Grove Center that prepares students to take the certification test and find work in a variety of healthcare institutions, including long-term care facilities and nursing homes. Classes are offered at night and on weekends and take seven weeks to complete. Students who already have jobs do not have to give them up. Taking advantage of the flexible class schedules helps them to balance their time between school and employment well. In addition to classroom teaching, skills training, and clinical practice, the Kalamazoo Valley Grove Center’s CNA training curriculum includes clinical experience. Students are guaranteed to become qualified and effective nursing assistants in the city because of the small class size, which promotes a personalized education.

CNA classes include everything from anatomy and physiology to infection control to protecting patients’ safety and rights to nutrition to medical terminology to emergency procedures to the basics of nursing and everything in between. Graduates who successfully complete the program and pass the state licensure exam will be included in the CNA registry. The Kalamazoo Valley Grove Center is well-known for turning out competent nursing aides. For admission, students must have a high school diploma or a GED equivalent and must submit to a background check, drug screening, tuberculosis test or chest X-ray, and the proper vaccines in order to be considered for admission.

A CNA training course costs $1,200 to take part in. Veteran Education Benefits, Michigan Works, and the Kalamazoo Promise all provide funds for students in need of help with their school expenses.

Ross Medical Education Center

Ross Medical Education Center

In Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and Midland, Ross Medical Education Center provides a Nursing Assistant training program. All students are prepared for employment in different entry-level healthcare occupations and for the certification test for nursing assistants by this curriculum. Participants in Ross Medical Education Center’s CNA training program are taught to execute the core competencies of a Certified Nursing Assistant in accordance with Michigan’s Nurse Aide Training Curriculum Model. For example, students can learn about anatomy and physiology as well as infection control and nutrition. They can also learn about nursing basics and geriatric care. They can also learn about medical terminology and terms used in daily life, as well as the importance of knowing how to check vital signs and perform emergency procedures.

Nursing Assistant training programs at Ross Medical Education Center have been approved by the Michigan Board of Nursing and recognized by the Accreditation Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES). A combination of classroom, simulation lab, and clinical rotations make up this healthcare training program. Participants will undergo intensive training under the supervision of professional instructors, and they will also be given the chance to work in a clinical environment for the first time. High school graduation or GED equivalent is required for admission to the Nursing Assistant training program, which has a restricted class size. To be eligible, they must also pass a criminal background check and a health exam.

Ross Medical Education Center’s CNA program costs roughly $985, which includes a $25 application fee that cannot be refunded. The Financial Aid Office is a good place to start if you’re looking for scholarships and grants. After completing the certification test, graduates of a CNA training program are eligible to be registered in the CNA registry.

CNA Classes in Grand Rapids

Walker Medical Instructional Services

It takes 80 hours of training to become a certified nursing assistant with Walker Medical Instructional Services. Entry-level employment in a healthcare facility will be created for students. Students who desire to begin a successful and happy career as CNA may benefit from Walker Medical Instructional Services’ expert instruction and personalized CNA programs. Classroom training is followed by hands-on clinical experience at an associated nursing home or hospital. For example, students will study anatomy and physiology as well as the necessity of diet as well as infection management. Once they’ve finished the classroom lectures, students are placed in a facility where they may get hands-on experience caring for actual patients and residents. This is made feasible under the guidance of a registered nurse who is also a recognized educator.

This company offers a variety of CNA training options. Both day and evening classes are available, depending on the student’s schedule and study commitment. As a result of the small class size, the CNA training program is provided multiple times a year. A high school diploma or GED equivalent, a criminal background check, a drug screening, a TB test, and evidence of vaccination are among the qualifications required to apply for this course. Before the commencement of the class, it is also necessary to attend a required orientation session.

CNA training at Walker Medical Instructional Services costs between $1,100 and $1,300 per student. Students may get financial assistance in the form of payment plans and by applying for scholarships or grants.

Itasca Community College

Itasca Community College

Itasca Community College offers a Nursing Assistant program for students who desire to work in a healthcare institution and get appropriate knowledge and skills. As part of the course, participants will get classroom teaching as well as hands-on experience in clinical settings. To have a sense of what it’s like to be a Certified Nursing Assistant, they’ll master the fundamental principles and abilities of the industry.

Infection control, nutrition, daily living activities, range of motion exercises, emergency procedures, art of caring, care for the elderly, vital signs taking, and many more topics are included in this category. Itasca Community College’s CNA training program has been approved by the Minnesota Department of Health for accreditation. Candidates seeking certification in healthcare institutions such as hospitals and nursing homes would be eligible after completing the program.

As a result, enrollment in Itasca Community College’s Nursing Assistant program is very restricted. Prospective students are required to present a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a criminal background check, evidence of vaccinations, a TB test, and a drug screening as part of the application process. Those who are accepted into the program are required to attend an orientation session.

Besides making a full-time dedication to their studies, they must prevent tardiness or absences as well. A certificate of completion will not be awarded to anybody who has not completed the appropriate number of hours of instruction and has not achieved the required grade average. In order to graduate and sit for the certification test, students would have to retake the curriculum.

Goodwill of Greater Grand Rapids, Inc.

Goodwill of Greater Grand Rapids, Inc.

The Goodwill of Greater Grand Rapids, Inc. is also a wonderful place to get Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) training. The curriculum is available via their job center, and students must complete four weeks of training, totaling 115 hours of teaching. The Certified Nurse Aide training program is a brief healthcare course that prepares students to take the certification test. Goodwill of Greater Grand Rapids will guarantee that its students have the skills, information, and experience they need to be successful in the healthcare field. In addition to properly equipped classrooms and a simulation lab, the school boasts great clinical professors with years of expertise in the area. Their nursing skills and knowledge will assist CNA trainees in becoming qualified healthcare providers.

Goodwill of Greater Grand Rapids, Inc.’s Certified Nurse Aide training course features a small class size. The small number of students in each program allows for more customized education, as well as the chance to satisfy everyone’s requirements. Participants may approach their teachers at any time and ask for help. Individuals who wish to participate in the training, on the other hand, must complete the program criteria. In addition to a high school diploma or GED equivalent, all prospective students must provide documentation of a full vaccination record, a criminal background check clearance, and drug and TB testing results. All students must also attend an orientation session prior to the commencement of the class. Nonetheless, the institution may have scholarships or grants available. These tuition aid options are available via their Financial Aid Office.

Stepping Stones Educational System, Inc. (CLOSED)

Stepping Stones Educational System, Inc. provides a Certified Nurse Assistant training program that may be completed in three weeks. The State of Michigan has authorized and recognized this program, which adheres to state laws and regulations. Class schedules are offered throughout the day or evening, and participants are instructed by lecturers who are clinical professionals. The benefit of CNA training is that it trains students to work in the healthcare profession. The course consists of classroom training as well as a clinical component that takes place in an associated long-term care institution. It also covers human anatomy, principles of nursing, the art of caring, taking vital signs, aiding in activities of daily life, executing emergency procedures, and many other topics. Graduates of the CNA training program will be awarded a certificate of completion and will be able to take the State Certified Evaluated Nursing Assistant (CENA) exam.

Individuals interested in CNA training must first fulfill the school’s prerequisite standards. They should have at least an 8th-grade reading level, pass the reading exam with a 75 percent grade, and have a clean criminal record. Applicants must be 17 years old to take the healthcare course and 18 years old to take the CENA test. Before the program begins, a criminal background check and a health test should be performed. Prospective students must, above all, be physically fit to face the rigors of the job.

Stepping Stones Educational System, Inc.’s CNA training curriculum costs roughly $1115. This covers the cost of a criminal background check, registration, and tuition. Students will be responsible for paying for their books, materials, uniforms, and the CENA test fee.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in Michigan

Adrian, MILenawee Medical Care Facility200 Sand Creek Hwy517-263-6794
Albion, MIKellogg Community College – East14055 26 Mile Road517-630-8169
Allegan, MIEly Manor1200 Ely Street269-673-1500
Allen Park, MIHealth Care Solutions And Career Group8040 Allen Road248-595-4195
Alma, MIMt. Pleasant Area Voc/tech1500 North Pine Avenue989-463-3111
Alma, MIPrestige Training Center414 Prospect Ave.989-763-0127
Alpena, MIHealth Care Occupations Nurse Asst. Alpena High School3303 S. Third St.989-358-5221
Alpena, MITendercare Alpena Hlth & Rehab Ctr301 Long Rapids Road989-356-2194
Ann Arbor, MIWashtenaw Community College4800 East Huron River Drive734-973-3474
Attica, MILapeer Ed And Tech Center690 North Lake Pleasant Road810-664-1124
Bad Axe, MIHuron Isd - Huron Area Technical Ctr1160 S. Van Dyke989-269-9284
Battle Creek, MICalhoun Co. Medical Care Facility1150 Eat Michigan Ave269-962-5458
Battle Creek, MIKellogg Community College450 North Avenue269-965-3931
Bay City, MIBay Nurse Assistant Program1111 N. Sherman989-894-2151
Bay City, MIBay-arenac Career Center – Voc Ed4155 Monitor Road989-686-4770
Benton Harbor, MILake Michigan College2755 E. Napier Avenue269-926-4296
Benton Harbor, MIMi Career & Technical Institute499 W. Main Street269-664-9255
Big Rapids, MIMecosta-osceola Career Center15830 190th Avenue231-796-5805
Bloomfield Hills, MICovenant Academy43996 Woodward Ave.#210248-481-6602
Brighton, MICaretel Inns Of Brighton1014 E Grand River Ave.810-220-5222
Cadillac, MIAgape Health Care Schools2141 Plett Road, Suite B231-577-9885
Cadillac, MIW.m.a. Career Technical Center400 Hobart Street231-876-6090
Caro, MITuscola Intermediate School1385 Cleaver Road989-673-5300
Caro, MITuscola Technology Center1401 Cleaver Road989-673-5300
Caseville, MIGreat Lake Medical Training7075 Main Street, Po Box 1614989-545-9395
Cassopolis, MIBack To Basics Wellness, Life812 East State Street269-484-4647
Centreville, MIGlen Oaks Community College62249 Shimmel Road269-467-9945
Cheboygan, MITendercare Of Cheboygan824 S. Huron St.231-627-4347
Chelsea, MIChelsea High School Swwc740 N. Freer Rd.734-732-6188
Chesterfield, MICareer Health StudiesTraining 47031 Gratiot Ave.586-229-2484
Coldwater, MIBranch Area Careers Center366 Morse Street517-279-5721
Coldwater, MIKellogg Community College125 Seeley Street517-278-3300
Coloma, MIColoma High School300 West St. Joseph St.269-468-2400
Crystal Falls, MIIron County Medical Care Facility1523 West Us 2906-875-6671
Dearborn, MIHenry Ford Community College3601 Schaefer Road313-845-9661
Detroit, MIAmerican Red Cross Southeastern Michigan Region100 Mack Avenue313-833-4440
Detroit, MIGenanscot Services17800 E. Warren313-647-9860
Detroit, MIGreater Horizon Training Institute 619 Griswold, Suite 1520313-871-2600
Detroit, MIHealth Care Solutions And Career Group15800 West Mcnichols, Suite 233313-270-4550
Detroit, MIHelping Hands Training Programs For Cena’s Llc430 Mack Ave.313-585-8723
Detroit, MILaersi Era Medical Training Llc5555 Conner Ave.313-571-3398
Detroit, MIMichigan Career & Technical Inst.2600 Garland St.269-664-9255
Detroit, MIN.u.r.s.e.s. (Ecorse High School)27225 W. Outer Dr.313-577-8605
Detroit, MIOdyssey Educational Center18455 James Couzens Hwy.313-341-7512
Detroit, MIWayne County Community College8200 West Outer Drive313-943-4493
Dowagiac, MISouthwestern Michigan College58900 Cherry Grove Road269-782-1237
East Jordon, MIGrandvue Medical Care Facility1728 South Peninsula Road231-536-2286
Eastpointe, MIIrving’s Professional17036 Nine Mile Road586-777-8500
Escanaba, MIBay De Noc Community College2001 N. Lincoln Road906-786-5802
Escanaba, MIDelta-schoolcraft Isd Career Center2525 Third Avenue South906-341-4300
Farmington Hills, MIAdvanced Care Training For Health Care Professionals31600 West 13 Mile Rd., Ste 118248-702-6459
Farmington Hills, MIExcelling Nursing Academy Inc.25820 Orchard Lake Rd.248-313-2275
Farmington, MIRapha Care Academy Corp.31822 Grand River888-772-9322
Flint, MICharter Health Care Training Center1055 Charter Drive810-600-6000
Flint, MIGenesee Area Skill CenterG-5081 Torrey Road810-760-4462
Flint, MIGenesee Health CareersG3306 Miller Road810-407-8126
Flint, MIMott Community College1401 E. Court Street810-762-0317
Flint, MIMott Community College711 N. Saginaw Street810-232-2939
Fort Gratiot, MIMedilodge Of Port Huron5635 Lakeshore Road810-385-7447
Frankfort, MIMaples Nurse Aide Training Program210 Maple St.231-352-9674
Fremont, MIStepping Stone Educational Sys.4715 Trillium Springs Blvd.231-722-7111
Fremont, MINewaygo County Career-tech – Voc Ed Center4645 West 48th Street231-924-0380
Garden City, MIPhlebotomy Career Training28050 Ford Road, Suite C734-762-3220
Gaylord, MIAgape Health Care Schools825 N. Center Ave.231-577-9088
Gaylord, MITendercare Gaylord Hlth & Rehab. Ctr508 Random Lane989-732-3508
Grand Rapids, MIFlat River Medical2025 East Beltline Suite 105989-287-0228
Grand Rapids, MIMichigan Career And Technical Institute215 Straight Ave. Nw269-664-5850
Grand Rapids, MIFlat River Medical2025 East Beltline, Ste 105989-287-0228
Grand Rapids, MIGerald R. Ford Job Corps Center110 Hall Street Se616-243-6877
Grand Rapids, MIGrand Rapids Community College Holland Homes143 Bostwick Ave.616-234-4599
Grand Rapids, MIHealth Care Associates3101 Prairie Street Sw616-531-9973
Grand Rapids, MIHealth Science Academy435 Ionia St. Sw616-364-8421
Grand Rapids, MIKent Career/tech Center1655 E. Beltline Road Ne616-364-8421
Grand Rapids, MIMichigan Career And Technical Institute C/o Michigan Works215 Straight Avenue Nw269-664-92554
Grand Rapids, MIRoss Medical Education Center1624 Woodworth Ne616-856-6277
Grand Rapids, MIWalker Medical Instruction1035 4 Mile Road Nw616-784-3001
Grandville, MIGoodwill Industries Of Greater Gr3035 Prairie Street Sw616-532-4200
Grayling, MIGrayling Nursing & Rehab Comm.331 Meadows Dr.989-348-2801
Greenville, MIFlat River Medical202 S. Lafayette St.989-287-0228
Grosse Ile, MIDctc/grosse Ile High School7800 Grays Drive734-362-2808
Hamtramck, MICareer Essentials Learning Center11816 Joseph Campau313-365-3700
Hancock, MICopper Country Isd809 Hecla Street906-482-4250
Harrison, MIMid-michigan Community College1375 S. Clare Avenue989-386-6622
Hart, MIOceana County Medical Care Facility701 E. Main Street231-873-6066
Hillman, MIMedilodge Of Hillman631 Caring Street989-742-4581
Hillsdale, MIHillsdale Isd310 W. Bacon Street517-437-0990
Holland, MICareerline Tech Center #0213663 Port Sheldon Road877-702-8601
Holland, MIM-tec At Holland6364 136th Pvt616-738-8935
Holland, MIMtec121 Clover Street616-834-3526
Houghton, MIGogebic Community College47420 Highway M-26, Ste. 107906-932-4059
Howell, MIHowell High School (Not Open To Public)1200 West Grand River517-540-8300
Howell, MILansing Community College-livingston Center Campus402 Wright Road517-483-1568
Howell, MIMedilodge Of Howell1333 W. Grand River517-584-1900
Howell, MIMott Community College-livingston Center1240 Packard Drive517-552-2163
Hubbardston, MISchafer’slodge7222 Beahan Road616-755-8505
Ionia, MIHeartlands Institute Of Technology 250E. Tuttle Road616-527-6540
Ironwood, MIGogebic Community CollegeE4946 Jackson Road906-932-4231
Jackson, MIJackson Area Career Center Ad Ed6800 Browns Lake Road517-787-2700
Jackson, MIJackson Area Career Center Voc Ed6800 Browns Lake Road517-768-5200
Jackson, MIPremier Medical Academy Llc437 Ferry Ave., Suite A517-796-9452
Kalamazoo, MIComstock Public School – Adult Ed3010 Gull Road269-250-8930
Kalamazoo, MIRoss Medical Education Center5177 W. Main St.,suite A810-956-3299
Kalkaska, MIKalkaska Memorial Health Center419 South Coral Street231-258-7616
Kingsford, MIDickinson-iron Tech Ed300 North Boulevard Avenue906-779-2697
L’anse, MIL’anse Area Schools201 N. Fourth Street906-524-6121
Lanse, MIDr. Louis & Ann Guy Bayside Village832 Sicotte St.906-524-6531
Lansing, MICareer Quest Learning Centers3215 S. Pennsylvania Avenue517-318-3330
Lansing, MIDrm Ilc809 Center St., Suite 9a517-882-3544
Lansing, MILansing Community College Hhps 3400Po Box 40010517-483-1568
Lapeer, MILapeer County Medical Care Facility1455 Suncrest Drive810-664-8571
Lapeer, MIMott Community College550 Lake Drive, Suite A810-667-6546
Lawrence, MIVan Buren Isd – Adult Ed701 South Paw Paw Street269-674-8001
Lawrence, MIVan Buren Isd – Voc Ed490 South Street269-674-8001
Livonia, MIFuture Healthcare Careers 28800 Seven Mile Road248-773-1491
Livonia, MISchoolcraft College18600 Haggerty Road734-462-4400
Manisitique, MISchoolcraft Co. Medical Care Fac.520 Main St.906-341-6921
Manistique, MIDelta-schoolcraft Intermediate100 North Cedar At Main Street906-341-4300
Manistique, MIManistique School District100 N. Cedar Street906-341-4300
Marie, MISault Area High School & Career Center Adult Ed904 Marquette Avenue Sault St.906-635-6605
Marquette, MINorlite Nursing Center701 Homestead Street906-228-9252
Marquette, MISuperior Pro Training5099 Us41 & M28906-273-2225
Marysville, MISt. Clair County Career Tech Ed. CenterPo Box 5001, 499 Range Road810-364-8990
Mason, MICapital Area Career Center Voc Ed611 N. Hagadorn Road517-244-1303
Mcbain, MIAutumnwood Of Mcbain220 S. Hughston St.231-825-2990
Midland, MIEducation And Training Connections Etc – Midland884 E. Isabella Road989-755-7347
Midland, MIRoss Education, Llc Dba Ross Medical Education2600 N. Saginaw989-633-3068
Milford, MIMedilodge Of Mildford555 Highland Ave.248-685-1460
Monroe, MIAdvanced Career Training2059 N. Monroe Street734-652-7197
Monroe, MIFountain View Of Monroe1971 N. Monroe St.734-243-8835
Monroe, MIMedilodge Of Monroe481 Village Green Lane734-242-6282
Monroe, MIMonroe County Community College1555 S. Raisinville Road734-242-7300
Mt. Pleasant, MICareer Quest Learning Centers, Inc.2116 Mission Street517-853-7213
Mt. Pleasant, MIMt. Pleasant Area Voc/tech1155 South Elizabeth Street989-775-2210
Munising, MITendercare Health Center Munising300 W. City Park Drive906-387-2273
Muskegon, MIHealthy Focus Llc845 Oak Ridge Rd.231-755-2223
Muskegon, MIMichigan Career And Technical Institute C/o Orchard View Adult Ed2900 Apple Ave.269-664-5850
Muskegon, MIMuskegon Community College221 S. Quarterline Road231-777-0254
Muskegon, MIStepping Stone Educational Sys.955 W. Norton Avenue, Suite A231-722-7111
Negaunee, MIEastwood Nursing Center900 Maas Street906-475-7500
Newberry, MIHelen Newberry Joy Hospital – Ltcu501 W. Harrie Street906-293-9229
Oak Park, MIHazy Institute Of Learning21700 Greenfield Road, Suite 264248-850-7110
Oak Park, MIQuality Healthcare Training Llc25900 Greenfield Rd., Suite 138248-277-8731
Owosso, MIBaker College Owosso1020 S. Washington Street989-729-3416
Peck, MISanilac Career Center – Adult Ed175 East Aitken Road810-648-4700
Petoskey, MINorth Central Michigan College1515 Howard Street231-348-6600
Petoskey, MINursing Assistant Training The Villa At The Bay1500 Spring St.231-347-5500
Plainwell, MIMichigan Career & Technical Center11611 W. Pine Lake Road269-664-9200
Plymouth, MIMedilodge Of Plymouth395 W. Ann Arbor Trl.734-453-3983
Port Huron, MISt. Clair County Community College323 Erie Street, Po Box 5015810-989-5675
Rochester, MIOakland University School Of Nursing 426 O’dowd Hall248-370-4510
Rogers City, MITendercare Health Center – Rogers City555 North Bradley Hwy989-734-2151
Roscommon, MICoor Intermediate School District11075 N. Helen Road989-275-9580
Roscommon, MIKirtland Community College10775 N. St. Helen Street989-275-5000
Roseville, MICareer Health Studies26447 Gratiot Avenue586-773-5329
Saginaw, MIEducation And Training Connections Etc – Saginaw2415 N. Charles St.989-755-7347
Saginaw, MILatoya’s Health Education1000 Brockway989-797-4602
Saginaw, MISaginaw Career Complex2120 Weiss Street989-399-6150
Saline, MIS & W Washtenaw Voc Consortium1300 Campus Parkway734-429-8060
Sault St. Marie, MIMedilodge Of Sault St. Marie1011 Meridian906-635-0151
Sault Ste Marie, MIWar Memorial Hospital500 Osborn Blvd.906-440-3161
Sidney, MIMontcalm Area Career Center1550 W. Sidney Road989-352-7221
Sidney, MIMontcalm Community College2800 College Drive, Sw Po Box 300989-328-1240
Southfield, MIAbcott Institute16250 Northland Drive, Suite 205248-440-6020
Southfield, MIMed Training Center Llc127215 Southfield Road248-223-9870
Southfield, MIMi Health Institute Llc15565 Northland, Suite 201e248-327-6421
Southfield, MISerenity Healthtraining Inst.20245 W 12 Mile Rd., Suite 217586-925-0115
Spring Lake, MIM-tec At Comfort Keepers18000 Cove Street313-300-0028
Spring Lake, MIMtec @ Heartwood Lodge North Ottawa Care Center18525 Woodland Ridge Dr.616-638-6259
St. Ignace, MIMackinac Straits Long Term Care1140 N. State St.906-643-0427
St. Johns, MIClinton Co. Resa-career Connections1013 S. Us-27, Suite A989-640-8015
St. Joseph, MICiena Healthcare-royalton Manor288 Peace Blvd.269-556-9050
St. Marie, MISault Area High School & Career Center Voc Ed904 Marquette Avenue Sault906-635-6605
Stephenson, MIRoubal Care And Rehab Center306 Maple Street906-753-4981
Street Tawas City, MITendercare Of TawasCity 400 W. North989-362-8645
Stugis, MIFroh Community Home307 N. Franks Ave.269-651-7841
Tawas City, MIIosco Intermediate School District27 North Rempert Road989-362-3006
Taylor, MICdh Healthcare Solutions Llc26100 Eureka Rd.248-506-2727
Temperance, MIHickory Ridge Of Temperance951 Hickory Creek Blvd.734-206-8200
Traverse City, MIAgape Health Care Schools10781 E. Cherry Bend Rd.231-577-9885
Traverse City, MICareer Tech Center – Ad Ed880 Parsons Road231-922-6280
Traverse City, MIGrand Traverse Pavilions1000 Pavilions Circle231-932-3000
Traverse City, MIIntegrity Health Training School2062 N. Us31 South, Suite A231-946-3000
Traverse City, MINorthern Michigan Health Training1396 Douglass Drive231-941-1000
University Center, MIDelta College1961 Delta Road989-686-9000
Wakefield, MIGogebic County Nurse Aide Training402 North Street906-224-9811
Warren, MIAmerican Red Cross Southwestern Region13260 E. Eleven Mile Rd. Rm.306313-833-4440
Warren, MIMacomb Community College14500 East 12 Mile Road586-445-7252
Waterford, MIWarren Health Academy3691 Sashabaw Road248-461-6620
West Branch, MIOgemaw Heights High School960 M-33989-343-2020
Westland, MIWm. D. Ford Vocational/tech Center36455 Marquette Street734-419-2100
Whitmore Lake, MIRegency At Whitmore Lake8633 Main St.734-449-4431
Wixom, MIOakland Technical Center Sw Campus 1000 Beck Road248-960-5600
Woodhaven, MIApplewood Nursing Center18500 Van Horn Rd.734-676-7575
Ypsilanti, MIHeart To Heart Healthcare Training317 Ecorse Rd., Suite 5734-890-9574
Ypsilanti, MIMi Health Careers1145 Ecorse Rd.313-461-6668