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Nurse assistants play an important part in the healthcare industry. They are capable of doing basic nursing chores as well as assisting other medical professionals in giving high-quality care to individuals who need it. It is critical to understand where to begin in this kind of job. Going to school or obtaining your certification from an organization such as the Red Cross are two examples of how to get it. Nursing assistants (CNAs) are in high demand in nursing homes, long-term care institutions, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. As a result, you will always have the ability to find work in the Miami region.

Genesis Vocational Institute

Genesis Vocational Institute

The Genesis Vocational Institute for Nurses (as of June 2018) has been recognized by the state of Florida to offer CNA training. The institution offers a wide range of chances for students to gain sought-after skills. People who are employable, skilled for long-term work and professional advancement, and who serve their local community are their primary focus.

Students enrolled in the CNA program learn how to provide comprehensive long-term care. CPR, emergency plans, clinical knowledge, basic anatomy and physiology, geriatric care, rehabilitation services, post-operative care, HIV/AIDS education, patient care legislation, and ethics are all included in the program’s courses and subject matter.  A Spanish-language version is also available for those who prefer that language.

For the duration of the course, there will be 120 clock hours. A home health care facility will be used for the 40-hour clinical experience. It is possible to sit for the state certification exam at this institution.

Non-high school graduates or those who are a few months short of their 18th birthday are required to score at least 303 in English and 294 for Math on the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test (BST). The completed Enrollment Agreement must be signed by a minor’s parent or guardian. In addition to a criminal history questionnaire and a level 2 background check, there are other program-specific criteria.

The cost of tuition is $480. Additionally, there is a $100 registration fee and an anticipated $100 book and material cost, totaling $680 for the program. It is necessary to pay for the FBI background check ($90) and the state certification test cost ($140) out of pocket.

InterAmerican Technical Institute

InterAmerican Technical Institute

In order to provide vocational-technical education, InterAmerican Technical Institute (ITI) has established itself as a leading provider of high-quality instruction. An emphasis at ITI is on students with language problems that hinder their ability to function and earn the essential skills for employment.

CNA certification may also be obtained via ITI’s Patient Care Technician training program, which includes EKG Technician, Phlebotomy Technician, and Patient Care Technician certifications. ITI does not provide CNA training. There is a lot of material in the course. Nursing assistants learn about anatomy and physiology as well as medical terminology and vital signs. They also learn how to care for patients in the hospital and at home and how to collect specimens, as well as how to prevent infection, and how to do EKGs. Both English and Spanish versions of the program are offered.

There are 600 hours of instruction in this course. Additionally, there are 150 hours of out-of-class assignments. Students who complete the program are eligible to get 24 credits. Classes run from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Mondays and from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Thursdays, with a morning shift and an evening shift.

At least 17 years of age and a high school diploma or GED equivalent are prerequisites for applying. Prior to enrolling in ITI’s Patient Care Technician program, students are encouraged to have a level 2 background check completed.

The whole curriculum will set you back $5,750. In addition to the registration cost, there will be a tuition charge of $110 due on the day of class. The cost of the uniform, books and other materials is included in the tuition.

International Training Careers

International Training Careers

Health care education is at the heart of ITC’s purpose, with the majority of its students being Spanish-speaking adults. The primary objective of the school is to increase the employability of students and support the development of strong character traits in preparation for a future career. ITC also aims to help Hispanic students learn about and adapt to American culture in addition to these objectives.

CNA certification may be obtained via ITC’s Nursing Assistant/Home Health Assistant Program and the Patient Care Technician Program, both of which lead to certification. Most of the content is in Spanish, however, there is a little amount in English as well. Both programs are designed to provide students with the skills and abilities needed to succeed in the workplace. It is the goal of the NA/HHA program, in particular, to provide treatment for patients of all ages and with a variety of conditions. When it comes to becoming a Patient Care Technician (PCT), you may take training in both NA and HHA,  Provide basic quality of healthcare, record vital signs, collect EKG findings and execute phlebotomy operations, maintain patient supplies, do checkups and patient room cleaning, provide emotional and practical support to families.

It is possible to finish both courses in six weeks or less. Class times are available in the morning, afternoon, and on the weekends. Those who meet the criteria for financial assistance may apply.

Additional services provided by ITC include employment training and job placement support.

Lindsey Hopkins Technical College

Lindsey Hopkins Technical College

Lindsey Hopkins College in Miami-Dade County is the first of its kind in the area. It is governed by the county’s School Board and reports to Adult & Community Education/School Operations. Lindsey Hopkins Technical College offers education for an assorted mix of students who sign up for Adult General Education, Career and Technical Education, and ESOL. More than 10,000 students come to Lindsey Hopkins Technical College each year.

The college’s Career and Technical Programs include the training for patient care assistants. This curriculum prepares students for both short-term and long-term care environments by exposing them to a wide variety of skills and knowledge. It is expected that students who graduate from this program would have the requisite academic capabilities, strong problem-solving abilities, positive work attitudes, and an understanding of all of the professional clusters covered in the program in terms of knowledge and skillsets. Nursing Assistants will become more than that. They may also work as home health aides, receptionists, or patient care assistants in the healthcare industry.

The 290-hour program is divided into four courses with OCP codes ranging from A to D. OCP A, on the other hand, is a 90-hour Basic Healthcare Worker course; OCP B is a 75-hour articulated Nurse Aide and Orderly training course; OCP C is a 50-hour Advanced Home Health Aide course, and OCP D is a 75-hour Patient Care Assistant course. Four unique health care specialties may be achieved in each course.

A valid government-issued picture ID, an Age Waiver Letter, and a $70 registration fee are all required for general enrollment.

Those who meet the criteria for financial assistance may apply.

Other Classes to Consider

Other establishments authorized to provide CNA training include the following:

Dorothy M. Wallace COPE Center

The COPE Center is dedicated to assisting adolescent moms with their educational and parental needs. The facility has a number of amenities, including classes for both mothers and small children. There’s also a medical science lab, a technology lab, and a parenting lab on-site, as well as an indoor playground and free parking. The facility assists young moms in achieving a bright future by providing them with the education they need and deserve while simultaneously allowing them to care for their children. COPE Center was founded in 1992 and is home to a variety of programs, including a Business Academy, Early Childhood Academy, Health Sciences Academy, and Clubs & Service Organizations. A CNA Certification Program is available at the Health Sciences Academy.

Ruben Dario Education Center

This is one of the Adult Education Works sites in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools District. ESOL, Adult Basic Education, and Business Education are the most common programs. CNA lessons, as well as their courses, are also accessible.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in Miami

Miami , FLAmerican Senior High School 18350 Nw 67th Ave305-557-3770
Miami , FLCoral Reef Senior High School 10101 Sw 152nd Street305-232-2044
Miami , FLDorothy M. Wallace C.o.p.e Center 10225 Sw 147th Terrace305-233-1044
Miami , FLEvolution Health Services P.o. Box 382058786-709-5895
Miami , FLFelix Varela Senior High School 15255 Sw 96th Street305-752-7900
Miami , FLGenesis Vocational Institute 12861 Sw 42nd Street305-223-0506
Miami , FLInteramerican Technical Institute 9600 Sw 8th Street Suite 42305-554-9281
Miami , FLInternational Training Careers 7360 Sw 24th Street # 31305-263-9696
Miami , FLJohn A. Ferguson Senior High School 15900 Sw 56th Street305-408-2700
Miami , FLLindsey Hopkins Technical College 750 N. W. 20 Street305-324-7060
Miami , FLMiami Northwestern Senior High 1100 Nw 71st Street305-836-0991
Miami , FLMiami Southridge Senior High School 19355 Sw 114 Avenue305-238-6110
Miami , FLRobert Morgan Educational Center- High School 18180 Sw 122nd Avenue305-253-9920
Miami , FLRuben Dario Education Center 350 Nw 97th Avenue305-226-0179
Miami , FLWilliam H. Turner Technical Arts High School 10151 Nw 19th Avenue305-691-8324