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Attending a Certified Nurse Assistant training course is a significant step toward obtaining licensure as a practical nurse or a registered nurse. Having this qualification will make the move into additional nursing courses much easier for you. CNAs may often take advantage of continuing education options offered by many healthcare establishments without having to leave their current positions. These possibilities allow people to develop their abilities and advance in their careers. This implies that CNAs may benefit from a wide range of educational possibilities as well as employment stability.

In Tennessee, all students must complete 120 hours of instruction before they are eligible to sit for the state test. You will be immediately registered in the Tennessee Nurse Aide Registry if you pass the examination. A lot of schools offer CNA classes in the Memphis area, but some are more beneficial than others. These are some of the best ones:

Career Academy

Career Academy

There are several nursing assistant programs at the Career Academy. The Tennessee Higher Education Commission has granted state authority, and the Tennessee Department of Health has given its seal of approval.

Students may finish the program in a short period of time since it is guided by experienced nurses. This school is an excellent option for people looking to get their credentials since it offers state-approved certification examinations on-site.

Students will learn in a classroom setting as well as in the clinical setting, where they will exercise their newly acquired abilities. In four to six weeks, students may finish the training while selecting the class type that best meets their requirements. Those who need to work may still learn the skill since classes are offered throughout the day and at night.

You may choose from a four-week day or six-week evening option for your training. On weekdays, classes run from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.; on weekends, classes run from 5:15 to 9:00 p.m.

As a CNA, you’ll learn about the human anatomy and how illnesses spread, medical jargon and terminology, and how to care for the elderly or individuals with unique health requirements, as well as how to do CPR and use an AED. Students may get the knowledge and abilities they’ll need to give treatment in clinical research by participating in an academic curriculum. Upon graduation, individuals are then eligible to participate in clinical research under the guidance of a specialist. The knowledge and skills students acquire are priceless and may be put to use in the workplace and elsewhere.

An identity card is required for entry, as is a high school diploma or GED, or an Ability to Benefit score of at least 70, as well as the absence of any previous history of bad standing in institutions or arrests/convictions connected to patient abuse, and among other conditions.

The tuition price is $1,350. There is no additional cost for the textbook, CPR certification training or clinical insurance; the state certification test is also included in the package. This option makes it simple to pay for just the services you really use. For the day program, students must pay a minimum of $337.50 (1/4 of the tuition) each Monday; for the evening program, the minimum payment is $225 (1/6 of the tuition). Veterans’ benefits, the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), and Tennessee Career Centers all provide financial aid to qualifying applicants. Those who want to attend college should apply as soon as possible since admissions are very restricted.

The Career Academy helps both new and experienced healthcare workers find work by using its contacts with various healthcare institutions.

Comprehensive Health Academy of Tennessee

Comprehensive Health Academy of Tennessee

Comprehensive Health Academy of Tennessee, sometimes known as CHAT, offers learning services and solutions for healthcare workers and those who want to join the healthcare industry. Healthcare workers are in high demand, and CHAT aims to meet that need. Community collaborators, marketing techniques, and recruiting activities are all used to achieve their long-term goals for the school and the healthcare business.

CNA/Nurse Assistant Training Course at CHAT is designed to provide students a chance to work in healthcare. The course is divided into three parts: classroom education, hands-on training in a laboratory, and clinical instruction. They’ll gain the fundamental skills and information needed to succeed as a nursing assistant. There are highly-qualified professors in this course.

Four weeks are allotted for the course. With day and evening classes, class sizes are kept to a minimum. At least 18-year-olds are required to apply to CHAT, as are those who meet CHAT’s entrance standards. Requirements include the following: a state-issued picture ID or driver’s license, the ability to lift at least 50 pounds and a clean criminal background check (background check within a month of enrollment), and the ability to execute demanding tasks such as lifting at least 50 pounds).

The CNA/Nursing Assistant Program costs $1,360 in total. A variety of payment methods and scholarship assistance are available via CHAT. Graduates of the school may take advantage of support in finding employment.

Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks Job Corps Center

Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks Job Corps Center

One of the nation’s 131 Job Corps Centers, which provide no-cost education and training to those in need, is located here at Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks Job Corps center. Clinical Medical Assistant, Certified Nursing Assistant, and Medical Office Support is all available as part of this Center’s seven on-site training courses. Facilities include dormitories, a cafeteria, and a central shop, as well as wellness centers and childcare centers. The facility can accommodate 290 students.

A basic patient care, including aid with everyday tasks like washing and eating; nursing skills and responsibilities, infection control, safety, and emergency procedures, and Alzheimer/Dementia care are taught in the Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) curriculum.

Eight to twelve months of training are required. Prospective students must first fulfill state standards, have a high school diploma or equivalent, meet math and reading competence requirements, finish the core curriculum with passing scores in both the written and skills portions, and register with the state regulatory body.

Heart to Heart

Training in emergency treatment, vocational education, and counseling are all available through Heart to Heart. They have a team of highly qualified teachers that are always looking for new ways to educate. All staff members have certifications from the American Heart Association and the American Safety and Health Institute, as well as specialized training in healthcare.

It is the goal of the CNA training at Heart to Heart to provide students with the knowledge and practical skills needed to care for patients who are either long-term residents or are preparing to return to the community after a period of hospitalization. There are lectures, clinical simulations, and hands-on training in the curriculum. Students learn about physiology, psychology, and the fundamentals of nursing care in this class. Within three full-time weeks or five part-time weeks, students may finish the curriculum.

16-year-olds are required to enroll. A high school diploma or HSE (officially signed documents), CPR certification (students may complete the course simultaneously with the CNA program), and a clean criminal record are all required for applicants to be considered. To reduce the possibility of dropping out, students must provide their best health criteria upon admittance to the course. You must have a recent TB test or chest X-ray result, assessment form, Hepatitis B vaccination record, flu shot, and some kind of health insurance package on hand for this appointment.

It costs $1,050 to enroll in the Tennessee Nurse Aide Program. A student ID card, liability insurance, and a CPR/AED certification course are included in this package. Additionally, there is a $150 fee for textbooks and materials and $96 for the state examination. Students that meet the criteria for financial assistance may be eligible.

The Healthcare Institute, LLC

The Healthcare Institute, LLC

Health care professionals are trained at the Healthcare Institute (THI). In addition to its role as a healthcare vocational school, THI serves as a healthcare education consultant. There are CNA, LPN, and PCT services available through THI.

Despite its concentration on long-term care, the Nursing Assistant program provides training in intermediate and acute care for CNAs. It employs a variety of teaching approaches, including hands-on training, classroom discussions, instructional films, digital aids, laboratory simulations, and clinical practice, all of which adhere to the state-mandated course of study.

An expedited day curriculum that lasts only three weeks or a night program that lasts five weeks are both available to students. During the day, students attend classes from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. every day of the week. The evening program runs from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Monday through Thursday. Both programs have different clinical hours.

Participants must be 16 years old or older to be eligible to apply. High school graduation or equivalent diploma is also required by THI (HSED).

One hundred fifty dollars covers the cost of tuition and textbooks, as well as liability insurance and a state-issued ID card for aspiring Tennessee nurse assistants. The $154 in books and materials and the $96 in state certification test fees are the only additional expenses. Before clinicals begin, students must pay all fees. Weekly payment plans, loans through the school’s on-site lending partner, financial help via the Tennessee Career Center WIA program, or the Educate to Empower (E2) Scholarship are all options available to students at the school.

THI has established relationships with local businesses, and recruiters are known to stop by the school’s CNA programs on occasion. Even though job placement isn’t guaranteed, THI urges students to take advantage of these experiences to figure out if they want to work in a healthcare sector or become certified nursing assistants (CNA).

Alpha Nursing Training Institute

Students who want to become CNAs may enroll in a four-week and 85-hour course at Alpha Nursing Training Institute. An extra 20 hours of instruction will take place in local nursing homes, giving students a total of 65 hours of classroom instruction and on-the-job training. For about $350, students may get a certification from the institution, which prides itself on its cheap tuition prices. This amount does not include the cost of the state’s certification test.

Students must pass the state test after completing their education at one of the listed institutions. Once you’ve passed this test, it’s time to look for a career you’ll love! The hourly wage for a CNA is from $9 and $12 at hospitals and nursing homes all across the city. In addition to the money, CNAs get a slew of perks, not to include the sense of satisfaction that comes from making a difference in the lives of individuals who otherwise couldn’t.

William and Johnson Career College

William and Johnson Career College

WJCC is a Bible college that offers various degree programs. It started out as the Daughters of Zion All Women’s Bible College in 2006 but rebranded in 2013. WJCC is a Christian institution and was first opened to train female members of the ministry and combat their discrimination. They were recognized by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission in 2010.

The school only offered two programs in 2012, one for women and one for nursing aides. The nursing assistant program at WJCC was included in the Tennessee Workforce Investment Program in 2011 when the college became coed.

For the Nurse Aide Training program, 75 contact hours of classroom instruction are required, as well as 16 hours of clinical practice in the real world. There is no need to have a high school diploma or HSED, but candidates must present an authentic transcript in place of the Ability to Benefit Test. To enroll, you’ll have to pay $2,500.

Other Classes to Consider

Other establishments authorized to provide CNA training include the following:

Ave Maria Home, Inc. (Facility-based)

As a long-term care facility, Ave Maria is affiliated with the Catholic Church. Its goal is to help the aged and the ill, particularly those who lack the financial means to get treatment. Adult daycare, assisted living, Alzheimer’s/Dementia care, specialized rehabilitation, residential care, long-term nursing home care, and pastoral care are all available at the Ave Maria Home for Seniors facility.

Bright Glade Health and Rehabilitation Center (Facility-based)

Those who stay at this rehabilitation and skilled nursing facility may expect to get high-quality, comprehensive care. The facility is owned and operated by Tennessee Health Management, Inc. For the aged, THM’s facilities provide a wide range of care options, including skilled and rehabilitation, home care, hospice, and mental health services. Cardiology, dialysis, a feeding tube, HIV/AIDS treatment, hospital care, Ileostomy/Urostomy care, rehabilitation services, pain management, podiatry, psychiatry, and respiratory therapy are just a few of the specialties offered at Bright Glade.

Kirby Pines Retirement Community (Facility-based)

Members of the Retirement Companies of America may be found in this retirement community. It’s been almost 35 years since Kirby Pines became a non-profit organization. Providing a safe, secure, and enriching living for the elderly is its primary goal. For the last nine years, Kirby Pines has been designated the Best Retirement Community in the United States.

The Allegiant Institute of Healthcare Solutions, LLC

Companies, organizations, and individuals may all benefit from BLS training provided by The Allegiant. Small and flexible class sizes are common in many schools. One-on-one hands-on instruction is provided by highly qualified teachers. A few years ago, the Tennessee Department of Health granted full clearance to Allegiant’s Nursing Assistant Program.


In order to prepare both males and females for the rewarding career of a CNA, BRIDGES CNA Program has established a comprehensive curriculum. Memphis’ Department of Human Services may help certain persons with the cost of the program, which costs $2100, via the Bridges program. The program needs a high school diploma or Equivalent, as well as a clean criminal record and a minimum age of 18 for individuals who want to participate.

Concorde Career College

With a focus on healthcare training, Concorde Career College provides a variety of courses taught by certified professors. There are a variety of CNA programs in Memphis TN, including one for Nurse Aide training, which is offered by the organization. All of the coursework takes place on-site at the hospital and on-campus. To mention a few, students will learn how to provide service for patients, as well as bedside nursing and CPR. Students may sit for the state test and get their license after they’ve finished the curriculum. The CNA training course lasts for six months.

Free CNA classes in Memphis

For free CNA courses in Memphis, you may be eligible to obtain grants. A scholarship or an academic loan may be applied for. Some states give financial help to students who are pursuing a nursing degree through various programs. If you’re interested in learning more about nursing programs in Tennessee, contact the Tennessee Board of Nursing.

Some employers are now willing to help with your financial troubles when you work for them. They will pay for your school while you work in their medical institution in return. Searching for the greatest medical facilities in Memphis might be fruitful for you. Methodist Hospitals of Memphis and Baptist Memorial Hospital are just some of the options you may consider.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in Memphis TN

Memphis, TNBridges477 North 5th Street901-527-5627
Memphis, TNCareer Academy Cna Training Program2600 Poplar Avenue, Suite 415901-761-4500
Memphis, TNCna Training Academy3675 New Getwell Rd.901-864-3754
Memphis, TNDaughters Of Zion4400 Hickory Hill Road901-590-1166
Memphis, TNHarbor View Nursing And Rehabilitation Center1513 North Second Street901-272-2494
Memphis, TNHooks Job Corps Center1555 Mcalister Avenue901-396-2800
Memphis, TNMaysept Healthcare Services4514 Summer Avenue, Ste. #1901-864-1360
Memphis, TNMemphis Academy Of National Nursing Assistant175 East Brooks Rd901-598-3000
Memphis, TNMemphis Health Careers AcademyP.o. Box 820243901-416-1950
Memphis, TNSouthwest Career And Technology Center High School3746 Hornlake Rd.901-416-8186
Memphis, TNTennessee Technical Center550 Alabama Avenue901-543-6100
Memphis, TNUnited Cerebral Palsy Of The Mid-south4189 Leroy Ave901-767-0922