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Consider becoming a nursing assistant if you have a strong desire to help others and are searching for secure and satisfying full-time work.

It is possible to get Certified Nursing Assistant training in Maine from a variety of colleges. It is crucial to note, that the Board of Nursing has raised the number of hours necessary to be qualified for CNA programs, making them more competitive. In order to qualify as a CNA, the training needs to be expanded to 180 hours. Approximately 90 hours of classroom instruction, 20 hours of skills laboratory instruction, and 70 hours of supervised clinical practice would be required for completion.

It is essential to enroll in a CNA training program that has been authorized by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. To be eligible for admission to the course, you must be at least 16 years old and have no criminal convictions. Prior to being considered for the program, all candidates must submit to a background investigation, fingerprinting, and tuberculosis test. You will be disqualified if you do not pass the test. Additional requirements include the submission of a high school diploma or GED certificate in order to be considered for the position.

The following are some of the institutions that provide healthcare training courses:

CNA Classes in Portland

Maine Medical Center

Maine Medical Center

The course lasts 11 weeks and is held between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. To be considered for the course, you must first fill out the required documentation and then attend an orientation. Participants must also take the TABE test during orientation. They should not dip below 11 points. Those who pass the CNA test are next interviewed. The Maine Medical Center is the state’s primary supplier of paid CNA training, and its purpose is to give training that individuals cannot pay or do not have access to. Without enrolling in a state-approved CNA training program, you may become a healthcare worker.

The fascinating element about Maine Medical is that you may begin working immediately after passing the certification test. Employees are also paid while they are undergoing training at the facility. As you get certification in your specialty, your income for this program will increase. Maine Medical Center provides the finest CNA training, delivered by trained teachers who are either Registered Nurses or Licensed Practical Nurses. They provide a high-impact training experience that combines professional teaching and laboratory activities. Students benefit from their lecturers’ completely tailored approach as a result of this mix of on-campus instruction and hands-on training.

You may apply for paid CNA training at their facilities either online or in person. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED. They must also pass vaccination tests for certain immunizations, a thorough background check, drug screening, and TB testing.

American Red Cross

American Red Cross – Maine

The American Red Cross in Maine offers a variety of training programs in healthcare, business, and public safety. Individuals who want to start a career in healthcare can enroll for the Certified Nursing Assistant training program. The curriculum consists of a combination of classroom education, lab-based skill training, and hands-on clinical practicum. It teaches you a variety of key nursing ideas and principles. A variety of topics are addressed, including anatomy and physiology, nutrition, infection control, nursing foundations, and basic emergency measures. You will also need to be able to interact and work with others, often in a caring role.

All Red Cross CNA teachers are registered nurses or licensed practical nurses with years of clinical experience. Nurses-in-training may become qualified nursing assistants who can pass the certification test and work in a variety of healthcare settings. Those interested in CNA training must apply early and have all of their documents in order/meet all of the prerequisites in order to get a position in a class. This is due to high demand for CNA training and a scarcity of available programs.

All candidates must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. You must also have a clean criminal record, have undergone drug screening, and have negative two-step TB test results. They must also provide a picture ID, a social security card, a valid driver’s license, and proof of liability insurance. Grants and scholarships are available, however, they are subject to the availability of funds for this reason.

CNA Classes in South Portland

Port Resources

Port Resources

Port Resources offers a range of CNA classes, all with a set timetable and the support of an RN. The courses are 180 hours long and provide lots of hands-on, supervised experience to help you prepare for your job. Port Resources’ Nurse Assistant program is designed for graduates who want to take the CNA certification test. It also trains them for jobs in hospitals and clinics. Unfortunately, single students are not permitted to enroll. Companies may employ Port Resources to conduct CNA training in groups based on available training days and trainee numbers.

They offer a range of nurse educators that may educate and train anybody interested in pursuing a profession in healthcare. They collaborate with local medical facilities to give great hands-on training. Port Resources provides an excellent Certified Nursing Assistant training program with a one-time tuition fee. Graduates who finish the program are entitled to take the certification test and register in the CNA registry. Individuals must attend an information session, pass a background check, take the CASA or basic literacy exam, and submit their Social Security number. They must also provide proof of high school graduation or GED.

The CNA course costs $1,105 to enroll in. This covers textbooks, testing expenses, and tuition. There are 90 hours of classroom teaching, 20 hours of skills lab training, and 70 hours of clinical training in this program. Students must finish the program without missing any classes in order to graduate and be eligible for the certification test.

CNA Classes in Lewiston

Maine College of Health Professions

Maine College of Health Professions

If you want to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, you might consider enrolling in the program at Maine College of Health Professions. It will provide you with the information and abilities required to get the designation.

The non-credit CNA program at MCHP is aimed to assist students to join the healthcare sector by teaching them how to give patients with lifetime care, infection control, and other skills.

The curriculum for their CNA classes adheres to the state’s teaching criteria. Caring responsibilities, fundamental competencies, proficiency in numerous areas of job abilities, and legal and ethical problems while delivering healthcare services are all addressed. Aspiring CNAs are also taught inspection/reporting/documentation abilities. Patients will also be cared for as part of the initiatives.

You will be able to mix themes from the ethical and legal elements of healthcare, patient safety, communication skills, and documentation in this course. CNA courses are taught in a variety of venues, including the classroom, lab, and clinical settings. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday classes are available.

Classes are divided into 40 hours of online education, 50 hours of classroom teaching, 20 hours of skills labs, and up to 70 hours of clinical experience. This amounts to a total of 180 hours of education. Students will have the opportunity to work in small groups, which will decrease the input of other students.

The Maine College of Health Professions features a CNA Training program with small class size. They only accept a limited number of students every term to guarantee that everyone receives personalized attention. Graduates are also more equipped for state exams. Individuals must be at least 17 years old and have a high school diploma or GED to be eligible for the program.

To be selected for training, they must pass criminal background checks, drug screens, and tuberculosis testing. Maine College of Health Professionals has a solid national reputation for hiring trained nursing assistants. Students must attend all of their courses and complete particular academic criteria in order to graduate.

To apply for a job, go to their website. You must be at least 18 years old. Those who did not finish high school (or an equivalent, such as HiSET or GED) may enroll in the program by passing the Accuplacer Assessment Exam and scoring more than 50 on the exam’s reading component.

MCHP, unlike other institutions, does not have a set tuition rate. You can figure out how much it will cost you by taking the number of credits you need and multiplying it by the credit/hour pricing for that particular course. The overall cost of the CNA program is estimated to be about $1,200. It comprises a $50 registration fee, credit payment ($250 per credit hour), and extra fees for books, uniforms, and course materials/supplies.

Scholarships, loans, and grants are available at the institution for students who want financial assistance in order to complete their CNA courses. More information about these programs is available through the Financial Aid Office.

CNA Classes in Dover-Foxcroft

Maine Adult Education

Maine Adult Education

If you’re searching for a CNA program in Maine,  there are some options at Maine Adult Education.  They provide courses to high school graduates who want to work in the health care profession. This university offers a variety of adult education programs, including one for Certified Nursing Assistants. The curriculum is a brief healthcare course that will prepare you to take the state certification test and work as a CNA in medical settings. This program differs based on where you choose, however, there are nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, and other facilities available. During the program, nursing students will learn all they need to know, including classroom teaching, skill training, and hands-on practicum. All of this is carried out with the assistance of professional educators who are Registered or Licensed Practical Nurses.

Maine Adult Education educates prospective nursing assistants to a high standard. You must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. A candidate for the CNA training program must be free of infectious illnesses, have a clean criminal background, a social security card, a driver’s license, valid identification, and liability insurance. Due to the limited class size, only a few students are usually admitted every session, therefore interested individuals should apply as soon as possible to book a position.

Maine Adult Education offers a fantastic free CNA training program. All students need to do is arrange transportation to their clinical practicum. Aside from that, individuals must be present throughout training and fulfill a minimum grade criterion to graduate.

CNA Classes in Brunswick

Region 10 Technical High School

The one-year CNA course is for high school juniors and seniors. In order to be qualified for the course, you must be at least 16 years old (and preferably older) and maintain great attendance at school.

This curriculum includes instruction in areas like anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, pathophysiology, ethics, and dementia care, among others. It entails specialized training in first aid and CPR certification, as well as participation in community service projects, among other things. Students will learn how to perform fundamental patient care tasks such as scrubbing and bathing a patient and feeding them; positioning them, taking their vital signs; making their beds; providing them with adaptive equipment such as wheelchairs and crutches, and assessing their condition and providing emotional support to patients.

The clinical component will take place at a nursing home in the surrounding area. Patients at local nursing homes, as well as in the hospital and rehabilitation center working environments, will get acquainted with the students’ hands-on experience, which will aid them in their preparation for a career in the healthcare field.

CNA Classes in Caribou

Caribou Rehab Nursing Center

You may see their next CNA class schedule by clicking here. Interested individuals may submit an application for a position in the program in person, over the phone, or over the internet. The passing of a test, as well as an interview with the course teacher, are required for the application procedure. Caribou and Presque Isle Nursing Home may be able to award you with a scholarship that will pay the whole of the cost of your training course. After you’ve been accepted into the program, all you have to do is submit a separate application form to the organization. You should contact the administrators of Caribou Rehab Nursing Center and Presque Isle Rehab and Nursing Center if you need assistance with either facility. Caribou Rehab Nursing Center’s administrator and Presque Isle Rehab and Nursing Center’s administrator are both located in Presque Isle.

CNA lessons are offered at Caribou Rehab Nursing Center, which also serves as a clinical training facility for students from a variety of different institutions who want to complete clinical training at the facility. The Caribou Regional Technology Center comes to teach its Certified Nursing Assistant program. Additionally, the Industrial Arts Center offers occupational therapy courses on a regular basis.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in Maine

Auburn, MEAuburn Adult Education77 Harris Street207-333-6661
Augusta, MEAugusta Adult & Community Education33 Union Street207-626-2470
Augusta, MECapitol Area Tech Center40 Pierce Drive207-626-2475
Augusta, MEKennebec Learning Center33 Union Street207-626-2470
Bangor, MEBangor Adult Education885 Broadway207-992-5522
Bangor, MEEastern Maine Community College354 Hogan Road207-974-4600
Bangor, MEPenobscot Job Corps Academy1375 Union Street207-990-3000
Bangor, MEUnited Technologies Center200 Hogan Road207-942-5296
Bath, MEBath Regional Career And Technical Center800 High Street207-443-8257
Bath, MESouthern Maine Community College11 Park Street207-386-0013
Biddeford, MEBiddeford Adult Learning Center189 Alfred Street207-282-3883
Biddeford, MEBiddeford Regional Center Of Technology10 Maplewood Avenue207-282-1501
Boothbay Harbor, MEBoothbay Region Ace236 Townsend Avenue207-633-2421
Boothbay Harbor, MESt. Andrews Village145 Emery Lane207-633-6996
Brunswick, MERegion Ten, Brunswick68 Church Road207-729-6622
Calais, MESt Croix Regional Technical Center34 Blue Devil Hill207-454-2581
Calais, MEWashington County Community CollegeOne College Drive207-454-1000
Caribou, MECaribou Adult Education308 Sweden Street207-493-4270
Caribou, MECaribou Nursing Home10 Bernadette Street207-498-3102
Casco, MECrooked River Adult And Community Education Center1437 Poland Spring Road207-627-4291
Coopers Mills, MEMadison Adult Education - Country Manor Nursing Home132 Main Street207-549-7471
Damariscotta, MECentral Lincoln County Adult Education35 Miles Street207-563-2811
Damariscotta, MECentral Lincoln County Adult Education767 Main Street207-563-2811
Deer Isle, MEDeer Isle Adult & Community Education251 North Deer Isle Road207-348-6443
Dexter, METri County Tech Center14 Abbott Hill Road207-924-7670
Dover-foxcroft, MEHibbard Nursing Home1037 W Main St207-564-8129
Dover-foxcroft, MEMayo Regional Hospital897 West Main Street207-564-8401
Dover-foxcroft, MEPiscataquis Valley Adult Education Cooperative48 Morton Avenue207-564-6525
East Machias, MEWashington Academy66 High Street207-255-8301
Ellsworth, MECourtland Rehabilitation Center42 Bucksport Road866-414-4548
Ellsworth, MEHancock County Technology Center112 Boggy Brook Road207-667-9729
Falmouth, MESouthern Maine Community College191 Foreside Road207-844-2102
Farmington, MEFoster Technology Center374 High Street207-778-6416
Farmington, MEMsad #9 Ace Program - Franklin Memorial Hospital111 Franklin Health Commons800-398-6031
Farmington, MEMsad #9 Ace Program - Orchard Park & Living Center107 Orchard Street207-778-4416
Farmington, MEMt. Blue Rsd Franklin County Adult Basic Education108 Fairbanks Road207-778-3460
Fort Kent, MEMsad #24 Adult & Community Education84 Pleasant Street207-834-3536
Freeport, MESouthern Maine Community College6 Old Country Road207-741-5500
Frenchville, MESt John Valley Technology Center431 Us Route 1207-543-6606
Gardiner, MEMsad #11 Adult Education - Gardiner Area High School40 West Hill Road207-582-3774
Gorham, MEAuburn Adult Education - Great Falls School41 Morrill Avenue207-795-4141
Gorham, MEGorham Adult Education106 Weeks Road207-222-1095
Gorham, MEGorham House50 New Portland Road207-839-5757
Greenville, MEGreenville Adult Education150 Pritham Avenue207-695-2666
Greenville, MEGreenville Adult Education - Charles A. Dean Memorial Hospital And Nursing Home364 Pritham Avenue207-695-5200
Houlton, MEMadigan Home Health Care93 Military Street866-531-0695
Houlton, MERegion Two School Of Applied TechnologyP.o. Box 307207-532-9541
Lewiston, MECentral Maine Medical Center300 Main Street207-795-0111
Lewiston, MELewiston Adult Education145 Birch Street207-784-2928
Lewiston, MELewiston Regional Technical Center156 East Avenue207-795-4144
Lincoln, MENorthern Penobscot Tech Region Iii35 West Broadway207-794-3004
Lubec, MEOceanview Nursing Home2 South Street207-733-4900
Madawaska, MEHigh View Manor517 Riverview Street207-728-3338
Madawaska, MEMadawaska Adult Education135 Seventh Avenue207-728-6314
Madison, MEMadison Area Memorial High School486 Main Street207-696-3395
Mexico, MERegion 9 Adult Education Learning Center377 River Road207-364-2012
Millinocket, MERegion Three, Millinocket - Stearns High School199 State Street207-723-6430
Naples, MELake Region Vocational Center1879 Roosevelt Trail207-693-3864
North Berwick, MENoble Adult & Community Education - Noble High School388 Somersworth Road207-676-3223
Orono, MEOrono Adult Community Education - Orono Commons117 Bennoch Road207-866-4914
Pittsfield, MEMsad #53 Ace - Sebasticook Valley Hcf33 Leighton Street207-487-3131
Portland, MEPortland Adult Education1600 Forest Avenue207-775-0432
Portland, MEPortland Arts & Tech High School196 Allen Avenue207-874-8165
Portland, MESouthern Maine Community College850 Baxter Blvd207-774-7878
Portland, MESouthern Maine Community College630 Ocean Avenue207-741-5500
Presque Isle, MEMars Hill Adult Education Msad #42 - Aroostook Medical Center140 Academy Street207-425-2811
Presque Isle, MEPresque Isle Adult Education16 Griffin Street207-764-0121
Presque Isle, MEPresque Isle Rehab & Nursing Center162 Academy Street207-764-0145
Rockland, MEMid-coast School Of Technology Adult Education1 South Main Street207-594-2161
Sanford, MESanford Regional Vocational Center52 Sanford High School Boulevard207-324-2942
Skowhegan, MEMadison Adult Education61 Academy Circle419-589-2600
South Berwick, MESanford Regional Vocational Center - Marshwood High School260 Dow Highway207-384-4500
South Paris, MEOxford Hills Comprehensive High School256 Main Street207-743-8914
South Portland, MESouthern Maine Community College2 Fort Road207-741-5500
Springvale, MESanford Community Adult Education21 Bradeen Street207-490-5145
Sullivan, MESumner Adult Education1888 Us Hwy 1207-422-3889
Topsham, MEMerrymeeting Adult Education35 Republic Avenue207-729-7323
Turner, MEMsad 52 Upper Androscoggin Collaborative486 Turner Center Road207-225-1010
Waldo, MEWaldo County Technical Center1022 Waterville Road207-342-5231
Waterboro, MEMassabesic Center For Adult Learning84 West Road207-247-2022
Waterville, MEMid Maine Tech Center3 Brooklyn Avenue207-873-0102
Westbrook, MEWestbrook Regional Vocational Center125 Stroudwater Street207-854-0820
Winslow, MEHelping Hands Trade School410 China Road207-872-9075