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The healthcare industry is one of the most stable sectors to work in. The number of adults has grown, which means that there are more career chances for those working in the area of education. Nursing assistants, nurses, doctors, and other team members are always in high demand. As a result, if you want to change occupations or begin working in the healthcare industry, certifications and courses from a nursing school in the Louisville region might be quite beneficial. After completing this program, you will be entitled to sit for the state-approved certification test and will be qualified to work in many hospitals, nursing homes, or long-term care institutions in the state of Louisville, Kentucky.

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) do a broad range of tasks in a wide range of care institutions. They often work with patients and their families, offering them assistance and support. You could be called upon to support a patient at their home, at a hospital, or in an assisted-living facility. Many Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) work under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN), but they must be able to do many tasks on their own. Patients’ behavior, vital signs, and food intake are all monitored and recorded, and any changes are sent to the RN supervisor who then follows up with them.

Personal care is also provided by nurses and caregivers, such as clothing, feeding, grooming, bathing, and going to the restroom for the patient. They can also assist in getting into and out of bed, as well as changing positions while in bed. In the course of a patient’s stay at the care facility, a certified nursing assistant may assist with a variety of activities. These include checking blood pressure and temperature readings, replacing catheters, as well as explaining medicines and bedpans to patients. For persons who are unable to care for themselves, these services may make a significant impact on their overall quality of life.

There are several CNA training programs available, each with its own set of requirements. Learning from one of these individuals is an excellent method to further your career as a Certified Nursing Assistant. There is good news for you since there are several online courses that may assist you in studying for and passing the state test. It is important to note that not all of these institutes provide the same level of instruction. The following list will provide you with a few further suggestions on which ones to choose.

Once you’ve completed your training, you’ll be required to sit for a certification test administered by the Kentucky State Board of Nursing. In order to participate, applications must be sent to Prometric, and any changes on test schedule, location, and other details will be made accessible on their website. Another service provided by Prometric is the ability to get an exam overview. This will assist you in preparing for what to anticipate on test day as well as what to do in the days leading up to the exam.

It is necessary to pass two portions of the certification test to become a nursing assistant. If you pass the first section of this test, your name will be listed on the Kentucky State Board of Nursing’s official website. A large number of companies check the Kentucky State Board of Nursing website before hiring prospective certified nursing assistants. Ensure that you renew your license every two years to ensure that this does not have an impact on you or adversely impact your application.

University of Kentucky

University of Kentucky

In order to get started in the healthcare industry, the University of Kentucky provides a four-week Nurse Aide training program. Programs are offered year-round, although registration fills up rapidly due to the classes’ small size. There are a number of pre-requisites for students, including a high school diploma or equivalent, confirmation of full vaccination, TB testing, and drug screening, and a criminal history check. As part of their CNA training, they will need to commute to their allocated healthcare institution every day.

The University of Kentucky’s CNA training program is unique. For the time being, the cost of this program is $565, plus any other fees that may apply when you join up. Other options include a scholarship, loan, or grant that you may apply for to help pay for your education. Students are exposed to both classroom and clinical training throughout their time at the school, which normally begins on the first of each month. They will acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills that will help them prepare for the CNA test in their state. With the support of certified teachers with years of experience in the healthcare industry, clinical training takes place at long-term care institutions or hospitals.

Kentucky Health Care Training Institute (KHCTI)

Kentucky Health Care Training Institute (KHCTI)

More than 30 years have passed since the establishment of the Kentucky Health Care Training Institute, which has been given official approval by the Kentucky Department of Medicaid Services. In addition, the Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education has granted them a license.

Infection control, nursing foundations, and emergency protocols are just a few of the topics included in a typical nursing curriculum. CNA skills and other methods will also be taught to you. A team of healthcare professionals with more than 40 years of combined expertise instructs the course. Those who complete the program will be eligible to sit for the certification test.

It’s difficult to get a seat in the Kentucky Healthcare Training Institute’s Nurse Aide training, and the classes usually fill up fast. In order to be accepted into the nursing assistant training program, prospective candidates should apply early. You must have high school graduation or equivalent, be free of criminal liability, and have no communicable illnesses to be eligible for this program. A two-step TB test and confirmation of vaccination are required before they may join the program. As part of the admissions process, students must also demonstrate proficiency in math and reading.

Those who are accepted into this program will be taught by healthcare professionals. For those in need, there are morning and evening classes as well as scholarships and grants. Upon completion of the 75-session training program, it takes 10 days. It’s 8 a.m. to 4, and the clinical part is 6:15 a.m to 2:30 p.m. for the classroom part, but it’s a 12-hour shift for the clinical part. Enrollment is contingent on a negative result from a two-step TB PPD skin test, as well as a $250 payment that cannot be refunded.

The entire cost of the program is $590. There is a tuition price of $475, an insurance fee of $35, and a textbook cost of $80 included. In addition to the $75 charge for the SRNA state competence test, students are responsible for purchasing their own uniforms.

A decrease in the program’s cost and a reduction in student debt may both be obtained by visiting the school’s Financial Aid Office. Students in need of financial aid may get it through the Kentucky Health Care Training Institute, which provides grants and loans. However, because of the limited money available, students must begin applying as soon as possible and satisfy certain requirements in order to be considered for these grants.

Wisdom & Health Institute

Wisdom & Health Institute

It is possible for graduates of Wisdom & Health Institute’s state-approved CNA training program to pass the certification test and begin working as a Certified Nursing Assistant in Kentucky. Day or evening sessions, each lasting a different amount of time, are available to prospective students. Day lessons are normally completed in three weeks, while night programs need an additional week. A CNA training course may be finished in as little as one month, and those who pass the certification test can begin working immediately after graduation. All kinds of healthcare facilities are available to them, from hospitals to nursing homes to clinics to long-term care centers.

Anyone who is at least 16 years old, has finished at least the eighth grade, and is able to attend regular classes may enroll in the CNA program. In order to participate in this session, all participants must pass the criminal background check, be proficient in English, and undergo TB testing. During the hiring process, you will be subjected to a drug test and an interview.

If you’re interested in working in healthcare, getting your CNA license is a good first step. The curriculum includes both classroom and clinical education. Anatomy, physiology, nutrition, basic patient care, infection prevention and control, and many other subjects are taught in this course. After completing your classroom training, you will have practical experience at a medical facility. A clinical teacher, who is also a healthcare practitioner, will supervise this.

The cost of becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA) at Wisdom & Health Institute is $580. Aside from those already mentioned, you’ll also have to pay for screenings, registration, textbooks, medical supplies, and uniforms. Those who desire to become CNAs but can’t afford the training are eligible for financial assistance.

Golden Living Centers

Golden Living Centers

There are a number of additional excellent options for nursing students. Those interested in becoming a nurse should take a look at these programs, which allow them to get a taste of what it’s like to work with patients and be a nurse. The benefit of visiting one of these institutes is that you may get a taste of what it’s like before committing to a complete program. Students at Golden Living Centers get the chance to work closely with nurses as they give care and attention to patients. Thus, they get valuable experience that will help them succeed.

This enables students to learn rapidly, remain motivated, and acquire exposure to the area, which makes it easier for them to achieve their goals. You may begin studying for your state certification examinations after completing your CNA training in Louisville and successfully passing them. Many of them who passed the examinations ended up working with GLC as new employees thereafter.

CNA training in Louisville is provided by Golden Care Centers as a prerequisite for several other assisted living institutions. Two weeks of classroom lectures and hands-on training are included in the CNA program. It’s seven to eight every day for five days of the week. In every lesson, being on time and paying attention is a must. Golden Living Centers provide clinical training right on site.

In order to be eligible for a state license and certification from the Department of Health Services, students must successfully finish the curriculum. While some nursing schools in Louisville may need a high school diploma or GED, Golden Living Centers does not. If you’re accepted into the program, you’ll be subject to a background check, drug screening, and a TB test.

Right Choice Health Care Training Institute

Right Choice Health Care Training Institute

The appropriate CNA lessons may also be taken at the Right Choice Health Care Training Institute, where one can get a certificate of completion. In order to keep you ahead of the competition, they provide innovative training techniques and outstanding healthcare service and education, which is their primary emphasis. It covers the 6th edition of ‘Mosby’s Textbook for Long-Term Care Nursing Assistants’. Video lectures, skill practice on mannequins, and student volunteers round out the learning experience.

75 hours of classroom education and 16 supervised clinical training are included in their CNA course. In order to become capable and self-assured nurses, students must learn a variety of healthcare ideas and abilities.

Students may also utilize non-class days to finish up tasks and read for pleasure. Approximately 16 hours of the training are devoted to clinical practice. The tuition is $525 and the insurance is $15. A $50 registration fee is required of all prospective students, and applications must be submitted in person.

As part of the CNA curriculum, students learn about patient safety, how to avoid falls, and their legal rights while in the healthcare setting. Clinical work at a healthcare center will also help the students master these abilities. For this aim, students will be overseen by the teacher and will interact with real patients. It is possible to provide students one-on-one education because of the small class size of the CNA program. They equip students with everything they need to be ready for the state certification exam.

The Right Choice Health Care Training Institute offers a nursing assistant program, but the cost might be excessive for some students. In order to help those who are worthy, the nursing school offers the opportunity to become a nursing assistant. Inquiries about financial assistance and admissions are best directed to the relevant departments.

Parkway Medical Center

CNA training is available in Louisville, KY, at Parkway Medical Center. Those interested in a career in healthcare should apply immediately. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, have a high school degree or GED equivalent, a clean criminal background check, a negative drug test, and TB test results that are also negative. Those who are successful in the selection process will be given the opportunity to enroll in CNA training.

In order to become a CNA, you must complete both classroom and clinical training. To prepare you for the state test, you’ll study a variety of nursing principles and techniques. Topics covered include anatomy and physiology as well as nutrition and everyday living skills such as making the bed and collecting vitals, among others. After classroom instruction is completed, students will be assigned to a specific location of Parkway Medical Center for clinical training. This is done under the watchful eye of a healthcare professional with many years of expertise.

After completing the CNA program at Parkway Medical Center, students are prepared to work as full-time nursing assistants. Students who pass the certification test will be able to begin their careers with a salary and benefits package that are among the best in the industry. The Parkway Medical Center’s CNA training program has no specific “application periods.” As a result, the center trains additional helpers as needed. Qualified applicants can attend these courses free of charge, except for some additional fees like uniforms and housing.

Jefferson Community & Technical College

Jefferson Community & Technical College

JCTC is more than just a school; it’s a place where students can grow as individuals and as members of a larger community. Kentucky’s Community and Technical College System has 16 institutions, the biggest of which is JCTC. A total of eight JCTC campuses are located in Carrollton, Shelby, and Bullitt counties, as well as in Jefferson County. Programs are also available at onsite locations and online via the college.

Programs at JCTC vary from associate through diploma to certificate. This collection of programs comes from a wide range of sectors and subcategories. Health programs include, for example, a Medical Assisting, a Medical Lab Technician, and a Nurse Assistant, as well as a Health Care Foundation.

The Nursing Assistant training course focuses on delivering high-quality clinical assistance in long-term care facilities .’s Students can enroll in either the 3.0 credit hour Nursing Assistant Skills I (NAA 100) or the 3.5 credit hour Health Science Technology (HST 104) course, which both include a CPR training component. In addition to earning an associate’s degree, students may get a Medicaid Nurse Aide Certificate by completing the 3.0 credit hour MNA 100 course. Additionally, this certificate allows students to take part in the graduation ceremony and to obtain a printed certificate of graduation.

The MNA program has a total of 75 hours of classroom instruction. Additional NA courses are also available for clinical rotation and skills laboratory. NA courses may also be taken with the purpose of advancing a student’s certification or expertise. Throughout the year, classes are provided.

To be considered for admission, students must first apply to the institution and meet state standards such as a two-step TB test, criminal background check, drug screening, and a Hepatitis B vaccine check.

Health Education Center, LLC

Health Education Center, LLC

This program at HEC is one-of-a-kind. It is administered by healthcare experts who are committed to delivering high-quality instruction to students. They are proud to be a Gold Member of the Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities (KAHCF).

In contrast to standard SRNA/CNA training programs, HEC reaches out to students and gives them the option to learn at their own speed. The course is intended by healthcare experts to help students pass the state competence test. An exam at the conclusion of each of the eight modules in the online course allows you to demonstrate your mastery of the material. A final exam will test your knowledge of everything you’ve learned during the course. Long-term care facilities will be used for clinical rotations as well. You have one year to complete the program.

If you’re interested in applying to the HEC program, you must be at least 16 years old. You will be excluded from consideration if your name appears on the Kentucky Nurse Aide Abuse Registry. Students are required to provide documentation of a recent TB PPD skin test on the first day of clinical. The entire cost of this program is $525, which includes $395 for tuition, $80 for textbooks, and $50 for liability insurance.

Spalding University

Spalding University

Spalding students and graduates are overwhelmingly involved in their local communities. There are many more functions performed by the university besides teaching. Established in 1814, Spalding continues the legacy of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. Professionals in the healthcare industry may take advantage of Spalding’s commitment to lifelong learning, which includes a variety of continuing education options including seminars and training sessions. Online registration is available for these courses. The CNA program costs $700. Textbooks, internet videos, and other resources are all part of this. Students are required to participate in an orientation session.

Red Cross CNA Classes in Louisville

Programs offered by the American Red Cross are nationally known and may be found at locations in 36 major cities throughout the United States. Because Red Cross CNA classes in Louisville KY are taught by certified healthcare professionals, you’ll be more equipped for the certification test. Besides that, the CNA program will include fundamental nursing skills, such as taking vital signs, caring for patients, and using medical equipment. You’ll get more value for money if you participate in CNA classes with them. To secure a spot in the CNA courses, just stay up to current on the training dates and locations.

The Red Cross in Louisville, Kentucky, provides CNA lessons to persons who are at least 16 years of age, can satisfy a criminal background check, and have a clear TB skin test. At Right at Home St. Matthews, classes run from 5 to 9 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. The training course costs $800.

In order to give its students the necessary skills and knowledge to care for patients with fewer complications and those who have been unwell for a long time, they provide a wide range of training options, comprising online classes and classroom activities. To pass the Kentucky state competence test, students must complete the 75-hour course (Red Cross of Louisville).

The certification fee for online classes is roughly $620, while the certification cost for in-class training is $620. In order to ensure that they stay to their budgets and handle them effectively, these initiatives are separated into four successive stages. They also collaborate with a local group to guarantee that students receive the best possible service. Fortunately, the American Red Cross and local CNA schools in Louisville KY have long collaborated to ensure that students get the best possible preparation for a career in nursing.

The Louisville Area Chapter of the American Red Cross provides medical training that meets or exceeds the most stringent requirements set out by the state. Attendance at all CNA courses and clinicals in Louisville is obligatory, and students who fail the course will be expelled from the institution. Tuition, textbooks, background check, blood pressure kit, and Red Cross T-shirt are all included in the $600 classroom course charge, whereas the online program is $620 for tuition alone. There are four stages to the online course.

Phase 1: A Red Cross instructor monitors each student’s progress during a 36-hour online classroom course. To go on to the next round, students must score at least 70% on 24 tests.

Phase 2: Student nurses must complete the second phase of classroom instruction consisting of 22.5 hours and teach them 23 specialized nursing skills. Attendance is required for all classes.

Phase 3: Phase 3 focuses on a final evaluation and introduction to nursing facility regulations and procedures. The fourth level is only open to students who have a grade point average of at least 70%.

In Step 4, students are required to participate in two eight-hour clinical sessions in an ARC-approved nursing home. Students are required to exhibit the information and abilities they learned in the classroom and online to care for a patient.

Once you’ve completed your training and earned your CNA license in your location, you can expect to earn a yearly salary of $24,000 on average. Long-term care institutions, hospitals, and home health agencies are just some of the places where CNAs might find work. It doesn’t matter where you go to work; you can anticipate your new job to have a lasting impact on your life. As a CNA, you will have the opportunity to aid those in need, such as the patients you will be caring for.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in Louisville, KY

Ashland, KYAshland Community & Technical College1400 College Dr.606-326-2000
Edgewood, KYGateway Community & Technical College790 Thomas More Parkway859-441-4500
Elizabethtown, KYElizabethtown Community & Technical College600 College Street Road270-769-2371
Glasgow, KYBowling Green Technical College129 State Ave.270-651-5673
Hazard, KYHazard Community And Technical CollegeOne Community College Drive606-436-5721
Henderson, KYHenderson Community College2660 S. Green Street270-827-1867
Hopkinsville, KYHopkinsville Community College720 North Dr.270-707-3700
Lexington, KYBluegrass Community & Technical College470 Cooper Drive859-246-6200
Louisville, KYJefferson Community & Technical College109 East Broadway502-213-5333
Madisonville, KYMadisonville Community College2000 College Drive270-821-2250
Maysville, KYMaysville Community & Technical College1755 U.s. Highway 68606-759-7141
Owensboro, KYOwensboro Community & Technical College4800 New Hartford Road270-686-4400
Paducah, KYWest Kentucky Community & Technical College4810 Alben Barkley270-554-9200
Pineville, KYSoutheast Kentucky Community And Technical College10350 Us Hwy 25 E606-337-3106
Prestonsburg, KYBig Sandy Community & Technical College1 Bert T. Combs Drive606-886-3863
Somerset, KYSomerset Community College808 Monticello Street606-679-8501