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For certified nursing assistants, there is a diverse range of career options available to them, including work in a number of locations. An example of this would be working with sick patients in a hospital or with elderly long-term care facility residents. Nurse aides (CNAs) have higher career prospects than most other occupations. On the other hand, nurses often need less education and experience to begin working as nursing aides. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more nursing assistant positions will be created by 2022 than any other occupational classification.

In order to work as a certified nursing assistant in Kansas, new CNAs must first complete state-approved training. Candidates who have already completed their necessary coursework in another setting are permitted to appear for the state exam without having to take any additional courses.

The state has established stringent requirements for applicants. You must be 18 years old and have no criminal record in order to enter some establishments. You may also be subjected to drug tests and physical exams as part of the screening process. Kansas places great importance on the ability to communicate effectively in English.

CNA training programs in Kansas are listed below, with Wichita CNA programs being listed separately.

CNA Classes in Overland Park

Overland Park has a significant population of 181,464 people, making it the second most populated city in the state of Kansas. Johnson County includes a portion of the city’s territory. In this city, around 14,800 people are employed in the fields of healthcare and social support. As a consequence, 15 percent of the workforce is working in this area of expertise.

Johnson County Community College

Johnson County Community College

Johnson County Community College first opened its doors in 1969 and has since grown into an exceptional educational institution with successful alumni. Many programs at the JCCC community college lead to career degrees and certifications. Graduates also have transfer agreements with more than 100 institutions in the area, allowing them to continue their studies.

Johnson County Community College provides CNA certification programs for both new and experienced caregivers. Nurses who have not worked as certified nursing assistants (CNA) in the last 24 months are eligible for the CNA certificate refresher program. To be accepted into the CNA Certification Training Program, applicants must have a negative tuberculosis test. This training program will need 96 hours of your time, which will include lab sessions and classwork.

Students may complete their schoolwork online and concentrate on other important parts of their academics and lives outside of the classroom. Nutrition, infection control, physiology, fundamental nursing principles, patient care and safety, and interpreting vital signs are among the topics addressed in the JCC program. Kansas-approved CNA training courses give students with the study materials, structure, and assistance they need to be prepared for the state-issued CNA exam.

Students in the JCCC CNA certificate program are held to rigorous standards, and low attendance will result in course dismissal. Depending on their preferences, students may enroll online or in classroom-based courses. Professional liability insurance is becoming increasingly common in certain industries, but it is not inexpensive – around $16 per month. The course curriculum aims to contain both long-term and short-term methods that will be relevant in the future. You will get your education at a care home.

During the enrolling procedure, a reading level assessment was performed. On the first day of class, students should bring their social security card, CPR for Health Care Providers Card, and evidence of a negative TB skin test result that is less than a year old.

The cost of tuition varies greatly based on where you reside and how you pay. Students in Johnson County may expect to pay $93 per hour, while out-of-state students will spend $220.

The career development office at JCCC can assist students and graduates with a range of processes in the job-search process, from résumé creation to networking. There is qualified personnel on hand to help you with any questions or issues you may have.

There is financial aid available for registered training classes in Penn Valley, Longview, Blue River, and Maple Woods if you want to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA) via United Services Community Action Agency. Some of the requirements for class attendance are provided. Books, gait belts, stethoscopes, and other items fall within this category. For further information, contact JCCC by phone (913-469-8500) or visit their website.

Kansas College of Nursing

Those interested in becoming nursing assistants may take a few short courses at the Kansas College of Nursing. CPR, CNA, CMA, and Referee Innocence are just a few of the classes available, but there are also specific classes for RNs and LPNs.

The Kansas State Department of Health and Environment (KSDHE) has approved KCN’s 90-hour Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training program. It consists of a combination of in-class discussions, hands-on experiments, and lecture-style instruction.

CNAs are available on a daily, evening, and weekend basis by nurses in training at the college. Infection guidelines, medical ethics, patient rights, and anatomy are just a few of the subjects that will be discussed throughout the course. While caring for patients after treatment, students learn how to balance their own needs with those of the patients they are taking care of. After that, they must practice for at least a year before passing the state examination. This may be attempted numerous times within that time period, but a maximum of three tries at a time are allowed.

Day, evening, weekend, and hybrid classes each provide a five-week course of study (four weeks). Day courses are held from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Monday through Wednesday. Evening classes run from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays. Weekend sessions run from 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Students may attend lab and clinical practice on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. as well as online programs.

The minimum age requirement is 16. In order to assist on the worksite with heavy lifting and other chores, students must be in good physical condition.

The course costs roughly $790 in total. At the very least, a $400 down payment is required when a student enrolls. The textbooks, curriculum book, gait belt, and scrubs, which must be purchased separately from the school’s bookshop, are not included in the course cost.

Midwestern College

Midwestern College

Nursing, medicine, and other health care professions may be pursued at Midwestern College. They provide a variety of programs geared for various levels of care. Several health departments have approved their campus, which is really a branch of Wichita State University’s main campus.

The Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services has approved Midwestern College’s CNA training program.

In current culture, nursing is one of the most significant occupations. It pierces the core of our health care system and serves millions of people every day. It’s a 90-hour course that prepares students to offer basic nursing care to patients in either a hospital or a nursing home. Lectures, group discussions, hands-on lab exercises, and clinical rotations at a nursing home are just a few of the teaching strategies available.

The Overland Park facility serves as the location for all CNA training that requires a license. Classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., and many students finish the course in less than six weeks.

For admission, applicants must provide an attestation form or high school diploma/GED certificate, TB test results, a valid ID with a picture, and their Social Security number.

Testing and textbook expenses are included in the course’s cost of $750. An application fee of $100 plus the purchase of needed clothes such as caps, gloves, safety glasses, etc. is an additional fee for the course.

As a result of its affiliations with a hiring agency, Midwestern College has set up a job board on its website. The Midwestern Campus may be contacted via phone at (913-385-2144) or through their website.

Mid-America Nursing & Allied-Health Institute

Merriam, the county seat of Johnson County, is home to the Mid-America Nursing & Allied-Health Institute. They have programs in healthcare that are in great demand. Each of these organizations has given them its seal of approval.

In order to get certification as a CNA, students must complete a lengthy academic curriculum that covers all of the state’s educational requirements. Patients’ care safety, mobility aids, nutrition and food, nursing assistant care, anatomy and body systems, and vital signs, communication in a healthcare setting, and support with ADLs are among the topics covered in this course.

Between two and eight weeks, the course consists of clinical skills training, laboratory practice, and an externship. Classes are held from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday. There’s a way to cut down on the amount of time you spend in class while still getting the help and guidance you need. You may choose between a seven-week Saturday and Sunday program or a six-week evening program that meets Monday through Tuesday for five hours a day.

CPR certification and immunization records are required for course enrolment. A person must be at least 16 years old in order to apply. For minors, parental consent should be required. Along with a state-issued ID and a full application packet, students must also provide proof of TB skin test results, a hunter green scrub suit, a gait belt, and a blood pressure monitor.

A free eTextbook and a $100 registration fee are included in the $700 cost of tuition. In addition, there is a $100 reservation charge.

Inquiries may be made by phone at (913) 708-8323, or by filling out a form on their website.

CNA Classes in Kansas City

Kansas City Kansas Community College

In order to become a CNA, students must complete a two-course curriculum at Kansas City Kansas Community College. Classes, clinical practice, and extracurricular activities are all included. Students may learn how to use medical equipment, what qualities to measure, and what medical terms are often used in healthcare institutions by taking courses in medical terminology and medical terminology.

In Wyandotte County, Kansas, KCKCC is a convenient location for students who want to pursue CNA training. For the convenience of students and a dedicated training team, flexible training times are available. Students are prepared to work at any healthcare facility thanks to a helpful learning environment like this. There is an expert teacher that can assist them to succeed in clinical training. A lucrative clinical placement awaits those who complete the program successfully.

All students in KCKCC’s CNA training program are required to pass the state certification test. Additionally, graduate programs might be useful, such as state-of-the-art facilities and a teacher with relevant expertise. These are performed for the benefit of students’ future professional success.

Medical Education Development and Support, Inc

In order to acquire the greatest training for a new job in nursing, students don’t have to look far. It takes eight weeks to complete a program offered by Medical Education Development and Support, Inc., which includes classroom instruction as well as 100 hours of hands-on healthcare training. Students just need to have reached an eighth-grade level on an educational exam that tests fundamental abilities to be eligible for this program, which is one of the few in the US that don’t need a high school diploma or GED. Staff ‘N’ Student, the facility’s mentorship program, connects aspiring nurses with seasoned experts in the industry.

Health Sciences Accelerated Academy

Preparing for a Career in the Health Sciences Accelerated Academy is made possible through a collaboration between PREP-KC (Kansas City’s leading urban education intermediary) and MCC-PennValley (Metropolitan Community College – Penn Valley campus). The Health Sciences Accelerated Academy is a unique educational path that leads to careers in the health sciences or related fields. The program, which begins in the sophomore year of high school and continues through graduation, includes classroom instruction as well as on-the-job training and experience. In order to get certification as a Certified Nursing Assistant, students must complete a series of courses during their junior year. Those who choose to pursue their education further will be able to enroll in college-level courses at the end of the year.

CNA Classes in Emporia

Flint Hills Technical College

Flint Hills Technical College

Flint Hills Technical College is a public college in East Central Kansas that is affiliated with the Higher Learning Commission.

Flint Hills Technical College’s Certified Nurse Aide Program will need 90 hours of your time over the course of six weeks. Students will take the state certification test after completing the curriculum, which includes clinical practice. The curriculum includes the course “HHS 263 Certified Nurse Aide” (3 credits)

Students learn abilities that will be useful in a variety of professional environments. They learn how to care for the resident as a complete person, offering both physical and emotional assistance.

The program’s anticipated financial commitment is $960, which includes tuition and test expenses. You will require a lab coat ($300), the FHTC site fee ($20), and textbooks to participate in this program (cost varies from person to person). The price for the State Certification Test must be paid on the day of the test.

To apply, prospective students must be at least 16 years old, have a social security card, and a government-issued picture ID. Potential students must have a minimum score of 240 on the Accuplacement Next-Generation Reading Test, 43 on the Accuplacement Reading Test, 13 on the ACT Reading Test, 61 on the Compass Reading Test, and a minimum grade C on their Unofficial transcript with College level English composition to be qualified. Applicants are free to take any of these exams.

It is essential that you submit the results of your TB skin test and state application before the start of your semester. From the second week of term, navy blue scrubs will be required; however, casual clothes is permissible during normal class sessions.

CNA Classes in El Dorado

Butler Community College

Butler Community College

If you want to become a certified nursing assistant in Kansas, you may enroll in a course at Butler Community College. In courses of 10 to 12 students, instructors get to know each and every one of their students well. There is an overwhelming number of graduates that either pass the certification test their first time around or work in healthcare while finishing their studies.

AH, 122 Certified Nurse Aide may be taken as part of the curriculum and you will be qualified to sit for the State test after you have completed the course (5 credits). You must pay the test cost in addition to the tuition since it is non-refundable. Allied Health Division will notify you of the exam day and time. Only students who have finished all of their coursework by the specified deadline are eligible to take this test.

ASSET serves as a placement test for those who do not have the required GPA or ACT/SAT scores. However, they could still be qualified for admission if they work hard in high school. On the first day of class, students must provide a tuberculosis skin test or chest x-ray from within the previous year, as well as a copy of their completed copy of their health record (physical and TB from).

The dress code is khaki pants or shirt, white leather or canvas shoes, and a purple scrub shirt (available through Butler Online Bookstore). It is not permissible to wear Crocs or other open-toed shoes. In Andover, Marion, and Council Grove, textbooks may be bought on campus.

CNA Classes in Dodge City

Dodge City Community College

The Dodge City Community College was established in 1935 and is a public institution. Kansas State Board of Regents and the Higher Learning Commission approved the school. Accreditation by the American Association of Community Colleges and the American Council on Education is a requirement for the institution. At 145 acres, this institution features 20 buildings, a 1.25-mile fitness track, basketball and tennis facilities, and a variety of other activities.It is also included in among 5 community colleges of the state with radio stations.

“AH, 103 NURSE AIDE” is the name of the CNA program’s course in the Allied Health Division (6 credit hours). Basic hygiene and comfort care are taught in both theoretical and practical ways in this course. An in-depth grasp of the aging process and elder care will be gained by taking this course. To be qualified for the state certification test, you must successfully finish this course. A grasp of the function and responsibilities of nursing aides, as well as a comprehension of how to comply with state rules, will be taught in this course.

A Nelson Denny reading exam must be passed before an applicant may be considered. Applicants must be able to read at the 8th-grade level in order to participate in the course.

If you haven’t worked as a certified nursing assistant for the last two years, you may take the “AH 113 Certified Nurse Aide Refresher (1 credit hour)” course.

CNA Classes in Highland

Highland Community College

Highland Community College

Highlands Community College offers campuses in Western Nemaha County in Highland, Atchison (Technical Center), Perry, Wamego, and Baileyville.

Highlands Community College’s CNA program is named “NUR201: Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)” and consists of six credit hours. The course is designed to give the core information and skills required for geriatric care. It is designed for students who wish to learn how to offer personal care such as dressing, feeding, bathing, toileting, and ambulation while being supervised by a certified nurse. The course will assist you in obtaining an entry-level position in the healthcare profession or will prepare you for a nursing degree. Completing the CNA course qualifies you to take the state test and work as a nurse’s aide in long-term care institutions. From there, you may advance to the position of a nurse.

The training must be finished in 90 hours, according to state legislation. Working in an adult home, basic communication skills, interacting with confused residents, principles of body mechanics, safe use of mechanical devices, infection control, and the fundamentals of nursing care: the resident’s unit, monitoring vital signs, safety, cleanliness, and grooming, nutrition and fluids, elimination, the most basic human needs, and possible losses as a result of aging, and caring for residents who are confused or who have special needs are among the topics covered.

Students must get approval from the Program Coordinator before enrolling in a class. Non-credit program participants are not eligible for financial assistance.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in Connecticut

Andover , KSButler Co Community College Of Andover110 E 21st316-323-6072
Chanute , KSNeosho Co Community College-chanute800 W 14th St620-431-2820
Coffeyville , KSCoffeyville Community College Technical Division600 Roosevelt620-251-3910
Columbus , KSCoffeyville Community College/ats At Columbus509 W Elm620-429-3896
Concordia , KSCloud Co Community College Allied HealthP O Box 1002785-243-1435
Concordia , KSMount Joseph Senior Community1110 W 11th785-243-1347
Dodge City, KSDodge City Community College2501 N 14th Ave620-227-9328
El Dorado, KSButler Co Community College131 N Haverhill Rd316-320-7375
Emporia , KSFlint Hills Technical College3301 W 18th St620-343-4600
Fort Riley, KSFort Riley8044 Normandy Dr Bldg 8044620-665-3500
Fort Scott, KSFt Scott Community College2108 S Horton620-768-2908
Fort Scott, KSMedicalodges Fort Scott915 S Horton Po Box 510620-223-0210
Frontenac , KSFt Scott Community College Frontenac724 N Industrial Dr620-231-3819
Garden City, KSGarden City Community College801 Campus Dr620-276-9560
Girard , KSWestridge950 W St John St620-724-6760
Goodland , KSNorthwest Kansas Technical CollegePo Box 668785-890-1547
Great Bend, KSBarton Co Community College245 Ne 30th Rd620-792-9298
Hays , KSNorth Central Ks Technical College At Hays2205 Wheatland785-625-2437
Highland , KSHighland Community CollegePo Box 68785-442-3236
Hutchinson , KSWesley Towers700 Monterey Pl620-663-9175
Hutchinson , KSHutchinson Community College815 N Walnut620-665-4948
Independence , KSIndependence Community CollegePo Box 708620-332-5498
Iola , KSWindsor Place At Iola Llc600 E Garfield St620-365-3183
Iola , KSAllen Co Community College1801 N Cottonwood620-365-5116
Kansas City, KSKansas City Ks Community College7250 State Ave913-288-7465
Kansas City, KSDelores Homes Training Center7735 Washington Ave Ste E And F913-299-9534
Lawrence , KSTrinity Career Institute Lawrence1942 Massachusetts785-331-2025
Lawrence , KSNeosho Co Community College Lawrence3320 Peterson Rd Ste 105785-727-4131
Leavenworth , KSKansas City Ks Community College Leavenworth Ctr225 Cherokee913-651-2111
Lenexa , KSKansas College Of Nursing Lenexa7721 Quivera Rd913-248-2838
Liberal , KSSeward County Community CollegeP O Box 1137620-626-3137
Lindsborg , KSLindsborg House Ii127 W Mcpherson St785-227-3652
Manhattan , KSManhattan Area Technical College3136 Dickens Ave785-587-2800
Mcpherson , KSMulti Community Diversified Services Inc2107 Industrial Dr620-241-6693
Mcpherson , KSThe Cedars1021 Cedars Dr620-241-0919
Merriam , KSMid America Nursing & Allied Health Institute10000 W 75th St Bldg A Ste 241913-708-8323
Nickerson , KSNickerson High School Usd309305 S Nickserson620-422-3226
Olathe , KSJccc Health Occupations Dept21201 W 152nd St913-469-2350
Overland Park, KSMidwestern College Overland Park9545 W 87th St913-385-2144
Paola , KSFt Scott Community College Paola501 S Hospital Dr Ste 300913-294-4178
Parsons , KSLabette Community College - Parsons200 S 14th St620-421-6700
Pratt , KSPratt Community College/ Allied Hlth Dept348 Ne Sr 61620-672-5641
Salina , KSSalina Area Tech College2562 Centennial Rd785-309-3100
Tecumseh , KSShawnee Heights Public Schools4401 Se Shawnee Heights Rd785-379-5800
Topeka , KSKansas Neurological Institute3107 Sw 21st St785-296-5389
Topeka , KSWashburn Tech5724 Huntoon785-228-6392
Topeka , KSKansas Health Care Association1100 Sw Gage785-267-6003
Wichita , KSWecareonline4601 E Douglas Ste 119888-932-2501
Wichita , KSAllied Health Career Training Llc2622 W Central B112316-854-3892
Wichita , KSMidwestern College7607 E Harry316-684-5122
Wichita , KSBethel House Training Institute3825 E Harry316-771-7315
Wichita , KSLakepoint Wichita1315 N West St316-943-1295
Wichita , KSD&r Tender Loving Care Home Health Services Llc2201 E 13th St Ste B316-684-3230
Wichita , KSWsu Tech213 N Mead316-677-9400
Wichita , KSWsu Tech4501 E 47th St South316-677-1500
Winfield , KSCowley Co Comm College - Winfield Center1406 E 8th620-221-3392