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If you wish to work as a certified nursing assistant, or CNA, in Indiana, the first step is to enroll in and complete a recognized CNA program, which is available online.

According to Indiana Department of Health regulations, CNA training programs must include 30 hours of classroom instruction and 75 hours of clinical training.

CNAs in Indiana are required to complete a dual certification curriculum. The first sort of certification is centered on dealing with nursing home patients, while the second type of certification is focused on administering drugs. QMAs have received specialized training in medicine dispensing. Aside from that, they must complete around 1,000 hours of community service as a nursing assistant and participate in a separate training course that includes 60 hours of classroom-based instruction. CNAs that specialize in this sector are required to complete around 1000 hours of service as nursing assistants before they can be certified.

Indiana does not need you to have a high school diploma or a GED, but even something as easy as background checks, drug screenings, and physical assessments might improve your chances of being accepted.

CNA courses in Indianapolis are available in this post. These are some of the other institutions that provide CNA training in Indiana;

CNA Classes in Sellersburg

Indiana Health Career Training

The Indiana Health Career Training Center provides a broad range of certification programs that are suitable for persons at every stage of their career. This allows students to work around their schedules and take a more relaxed approach to learn. Full-time and part-time CNA programs are offered in Indiana, providing individuals interested in entering the sector with study possibilities. These programs often involve classroom instruction, as well as clinical, practice that will prepare you for licensing. After finishing the program, you might earn your state-approved license in as little as two weeks.

The training facility’s CNA program has a high pass rate. It does not need high school graduation or GED, and programs are available for students of all ages. The tuition fee is $520, with various payment options.

CNA Classes in West Lafayette

Indiana Veterans Home

West Lafayette, Indiana is home to the Indiana Veterans Home. It is the state’s sole veterans home, and it cares for some of the most vulnerable populations. They are continuously on the search for caring CNAs in order to maintain a nice workplace. As a consequence, they provide you with a course that will prepare you to become a Certified Nurse Assistant.

In order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, students are exposed to both didactic theory education and clinical experience. They not only learn information, but they also grow in mind and body. The trainee will get real-world experience as a direct care provider to patients. They will be working in transition phases, dealing with transition patients and various scenarios. The Indiana Veteran Home assures that proper training is provided to acquire the traits expected of a nursing assistant. They also ensure that you have the necessary skills and information to succeed as a nursing assistant.

CNA Classes in Fort Wayne

Anthis Career Center

Anthis Career Center

A 105-hour Certified Nursing Aide (CNA) training course is available at the Anthis Career Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This course teaches you how to care for your patients as well as your rights as a patient. The school does not accept students under the age of 17 or those who have not completed secondary education, so it is essential to have such commitments in place before applying. The essay is necessary, as is a list of references from past professors who may offer comments on your work and talents.

Ivy Tech at Fort Wayne

Ivy Tech in Fort Wayne provides an online Certified Nursing Assistant program that consists of 128 hours of study, with just a total of 7 hours of on-campus training necessary. In order to qualify for clinical roles, candidates must complete training in a local care facility. Applicants must be 17 years of age or older and have no criminal history in order to be considered.

You will be able to join the workforce more quickly if you earn state certification, and your achievement in the Ivy Tech course of one month will prepare you for the certification test. Students also have a varied schedule, which includes 128 hours of classroom instruction as well as labor in a long-term care center. They will be completely prepared to join the nursing sector in a shorter amount of time.

Nurse assistant students have the chance to study directly from experienced, licensed nurses who will lead them through real-world situations and provide them with the skills they need to be successful in their careers. As well as sharing their expertise and experience in nursing concepts, educators will also demonstrate how to provide good patient care while out in the field.

Omega Healthcare Systems Health Education Center

Fort Wayne’s Omega Healthcare System‘s Health Education Center is situated at Oxford Street. There are 105 hours of state-approved training in their CNA program. Clinical and classroom time are offered throughout this course, including 30 classroom hours and 75 clinical hours. Students at Omega are taught by healthcare experts. They provide the same degree of preparation as the state examinations and registration.

To graduate and become eligible for certification in Indiana, students must pass the state test. Upon completion of the program, they will be recognized as qualified CNAs within the healthcare team. To be successful in this course, students must have at least a basic knowledge base in medical terminology.

It is possible to take the state test within a year after finishing the training course. It’s ideal for people who are active outside of their work hours since the session lasts for seven weeks.

MJS College

For those who have a high school certificate or GED, MJS offers a two-year, part-time CNA program in Merrillville, Indiana. Five weeks of classroom and clinical instruction are offered by a certified nurse for CNA certification. $750 covers both the uniform and the state test price for CNA training.

Classes run from Monday through Friday, with Friday being the clinical day. There will be a three-hour training session from 9:00 am to 3.00 pm.

Students who want to attend MJS must complete specific requirements. They must first pass a TB skin test and a physical assessment. To ensure that we can deliver the greatest possible care to our patients, we need to ensure that our staff members have the capacity and space in their hearts and minds to show concern.

Miller’s Merry Manor

miller's merry manor

Miller’s Merry Manor Healthcare, which is affiliated with Ivy Tech, frequently offers CNA training. In addition to classroom instruction, the three-week course involves practical training in a hospital environment. Additionally, you will be compensated for your time as an intern, in addition to your tuition and course materials from the program. In order to verify your qualification, your certification state tests are also financed by the company you work for. A drug test and a background check are required before being admitted into the program.
Those who satisfy the criteria of this program will be supplied with all of the resources and training they need in order to get their business up and running. After the course is over, all that remains is for you to put forth your best effort. Working as a Certified Nursing Assistant would provide them with the chance to develop their skills while earning competitive pay.

CNA Classes in South Bend/Elkhart

Legacy CNA Training

Legacy CNA Training

The Legacy CNA Training offers a state-approved Certified Nursing Assistant training program that allows graduates to find employment sooner. This healthcare course runs for three to six weeks, depending on the type of classes that a student obtains. Legacy CNA Training offers daytime and evening classes. The daytime class sessions last for three weeks, by which one week is dedicated to classroom learning and the remaining two weeks are for clinical training. On the other hand, the evening classes last for six weeks. The first two weeks are dedicated to classroom instruction and the remaining four weeks are for clinical training.

The flexible class schedules of the CNA training program allows students to work while studying. It is also very convenient for those who have personal or business commitments. The Legacy CNA Training has a good reputation in producing quality nursing assistants. Through the years, they had a 99% passing rate on the certification exam, making them one of the top CNA schools in the area. This is enabled by the efforts of their clinical instructors who have years of experience in the medical field. Legacy CNA Training also offers a comprehensive review session before the certification exam. Thus, students are prepared for the written and hands-on clinical exams to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

The school accepts workforce vouchers and financial assistance programs to lessen the cost of the training for financially challenged students. They just have to visit their Financial Aid Office to know more about such opportunities that will enable them to study a little cost or free CNA training program.

ALR Educational Health Services

ALR Educational Health Services

Prestigious ALR Educational Health Services, located in South Bend, Indiana, offers CNA training to those who are 18 or older and want to work in healthcare. In addition to 75 clinical hours at a connected healthcare institution, this curriculum offers 30 hours of lectures. Students are expected to show up on time and keep track of their attendance. Moreover, students must score at least 80 percent on all of the relevant examinations.

With ALR Educational Health Services, you may get a great CNA education and get a job as a CNA right away. In addition, they provide both classroom education and hands-on clinical experience. Each student has a clinical teacher to help guide them through the clinical practice portion of the course. Students and educators alike benefit from this unique and individualized learning experience.

All year round, ALR Educational Health Services offers its CNA training program. A high school diploma or its equivalent is required of all prospective students throughout the enrolling process. Before beginning clinical training, they must pass background checks, drug screens, and TB testing. A workforce investment program is available to those who are unable to pay for all of their expenses. For those who can’t afford it, ALR provides a nursing care training program for low-income citizens.

CNA Classes in Anderson

ACL Medical Training

ACL Medical Training

ACL Medical Training, a Technical & Trade School in Indiana provides fast-track training in a range of allied health disciplines, including CNA, QMA, CMA, CCMA, Medical Billing & Coding, and American Red Cross CPR Training. The Indiana State Department of Health and the Board of Proprietary Education have given their approval for this institution to offer educational services. It was established in 2014 and offers both online and in-person education. The passing rate at the facility is one of the highest in the country, according to the data. Classes are designed to fit the demands of today’s working people, therefore they are flexible.

Registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) are in charge of administering the Nurse Aide Training that is offered at the facility. Students who successfully complete the curriculum may expect to earn between $11 and $13 an hour after finishing the program.

The course is scheduled to last for four weeks. Students learn how to help patients with their daily activities, such as showering, eating, dressing, ambulating, and using the toilet, as well as with their medical needs. In addition, students learn how to take their own body temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, and height and weight throughout their nursing education. Students put their newfound knowledge into practice under the supervision of a Registered Nurse.

Application requirements include having high school graduation or equivalent, passing a criminal background check, being fluent in English, and passing the basic Comprehension and Math Assessment.

You may submit your application and pay your fees online. Nursing assistant students must pass the state competency test before they may begin working as nurse aides.

Ivy Tech

Ivy Tech

Ivy Tech Community College provides many healthcare technician certification opportunities. Dementia Care, Personal Training, Phlebotomy Training, Pharmacy Technician, and other certifications are available to students.

During this experience, students will concentrate on the healthcare business. They will gain crucial skills and a strong basis for future training and further education. Individualized education and advising are essential components of this curriculum. Each student receives a great deal of individual attention, which allows them to progress much more quickly.

There is a short-term CNA certificate available, however, it only counts as one credit hour and is only accessible for one semester.

Students who are accepted into the program must first pass a criminal background check, a drug test, and a physical exam. This is quite likely to occur prior to the first day of class. Before the first day, there will be an orientation session where these issues will be explored in further depth.

Graduates find employment at doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, and long-term care institutions. To guarantee the finest clinical externship and career possibilities, our program collaborates closely with local healthcare institutions and pharmacies.

Students take this curriculum to become employed in a year. It enables individuals to obtain experience in a relevant area while continuing their education toward an Associate of Applied Science Degree and certification.

Eligible students may participate in the Workforce Ready Grant to receive a certificate for free. The award is handled by the school and state government in collaboration with the Indiana Departments of Workforce Development and Workplace Development. To be eligible for college funds, applicants must be an Indiana resident and have high school graduation, in addition to meeting other conditions.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in Indiana

Albany, INAlbany Health Care & Rehabilitation Center910 W Walnut St765-789-4423
Alexandria, INAlexandria Care Center1912 S Park Ave765-724-4478
Anderson, INAcl Medical Training, Llc5330 Dr Martin Luther King Blvd, Suite C765-400-4946
Anderson, INDistrict 26 Career Campus325 W 38th St765-641-2046
Anderson, INHis Solutions Healthcare720 W 8th St765-393-3457
Avon, INAvon Health & Rehabilitation Center4171 Forest Pointe Circle317-745-5184
Avon, INBrooke Knoll Village1108 Kingwood Drive317-271-7052
Batesville, INSt Andrews Health Campus1400 Lammers Pike812-934-5090
Batesville, INWaters Of Batesville, The958 E Hwy 46812-934-2436
Bedford, INCore Of Bedford514 E 16th St812-279-2001
Bedford, INEisele Education Services705 Woodsferry Rd812-279-6936
Bedford, INGarden Villa - Bedford2111 Norton Ln812-277-3730
Bedford, INWestview Nursing And Rehabilitation Center1510 Clinic Dr812-279-4494
Berne, INChalet Village Health And Rehabilitation Center1065 Parkway St260-589-2127
Berne, INSwiss Village1350 W Main St260-589-3173
Bloomington, INAlzheimer's Resource Service, Iu Health Community719 W First St812-353-9310
Bloomington, INBloomington Nursing And Rehabilitation Center120 E Miller Dr812-336-1055
Bloomington, INGarden Villa - Bloomington1100 S Curry Pk812-339-1657
Bloomington, INIvy Tech Community College101 N Daniels Way812-330-6121
Bluffton, INBluffton Regional Medical Center Care Center303 S Main St260-824-3210
Bluffton, INChristian Care Retirement Community720 E Dustman Rd260-565-3000
Bluffton, INSignature Healthcare Of Bluffton1529 W Lancaster St260-824-4320
Boonville, INTranscendent Healthcare Of Boonville - North305 E North St812-897-2810
Brookville, INBrookville Healthcare Center11049 State Road 101765-647-2527
Brownsburg, INBrownsburg Health Care Center1010 Hornaday Rd317-852-3123
Brownstown, INHoosier Christian Village621 S Sugar St812-358-2504
Cedar Lake, INHanover Central School Corporation10120 W 133rd Ave219-374-3800
Centerville, INAmbassador Healthcare705 E Main St765-855-3424
Chesterfield, INMiller's Merry Manor524 Anderson Rd765-378-0213
Chesterton, INAddison Pointe Health & Rehabilitation Center780 Dickinson Road219-921-2200
Clarksville, INRiverview Village586 Eastern Blvd812-282-6663
Clinton, INVermillion Convalescent Center1705 S Main St765-832-3573
Columbia City, INMiller's At Oak Pointe411 N Wolf Rd260-248-8141
Columbia City, INMiller's Merry Manor640 W Ellsworth St260-248-8101
Columbus, INCertified Healthcare Training1431 Parkside Dr812-373-6654
Columbus, INColumbus Area Career Connection230 S Marr Rd812-376-4240
Columbus, INFour Seasons Retirement Center1901 Taylor Rd812-372-8481
Columbus, INIvy Tech Community College4475 Central Ave812-374-5158
Connersville, INHeritage House Rehabilitation & Health Care Center281 S County Road 200 East765-825-2148
Connersville, INNellis Adult Day Care Llc1902 Virginia Ave765-692-0260
Connersville, INWhitewater Career Center1300 Spartan Dr317-825-0521
Corydon, INIndian Creek Healthcare Center240 Beechmont Dr812-738-8127
Corydon, INSouth Harrison Community School Corporation315 S Harrison Dr812-738-2168
Covington, INWaters Of Covington, The1600 E Liberty St765-793-4818
Crawfordsville, INLane House1000 Lane Ave765-362-0007
Crown Point, INMed Ed Incorporated10971 Four Seasons Pl #118219-661-8773
Crown Point, INMjs College School Of Nursing And Business1451 E Summit219-769-2047
Crown Point, INSt Anthony Home - Crown Point203 Franciscan Dr219-661-5100
Crown Point, INUniversity Of Saint Francis12800 Mississippi Pkwy, Pavilion U219-488-8888
Culver, INMiller's Merry Manor730 School St574-842-3337
Decatur, INNorth Adams Vocational School635 Stadium Dr260-724-2145
Decatur, INR & R Medical Staffing, Inc915 S 11th St260-724-4417
Delphi, INDelphi Community High School301 Armory Rd765-564-3481
Demotte, INAperion Care Demotte10352 N 600 E County Line Rd219-345-5211
Dillsboro, INWaters Of Dillsboro-ross Manor, The12803 Lenover St812-432-5226
Dunkirk, INMiller's Merry Manor11563 W 300 S765-768-7537
East Chicago, INCentral High School-school City Of East Chicago1100 W Columbus Dr219-391-4000
Elkhart, INEast Lake Nursing & Rehabilitation Center1900 Jeanwood Dr574-264-1133
Elkhart, INElkhart Area Career Center-health2424 California Rd574-262-5650
Elwood, INJohn H Hinds Career Center1105 N 19th St765-552-9881
Evansville, INGolden Living Training Center30 E Chandler Ave812-422-6958
Evansville, INGood Samaritan Home Health Center And Residential601 N Boeke Rd812-476-4912
Evansville, INHeritage Center1201 W Buena Vista Rd812-429-0700
Evansville, INIvy Tech Community College701 Fairway Dr812-492-0204
Evansville, INPark Terrace Village25 S Boehne Camp Rd812-423-7468
Evansville, INSouthwestern Indiana Health Services Academy1202 W Buena Vista Rd812-429-0712
Fort Wayne, INAshton Creek Health And Rehabilitation Center4111 Park Place Drive260-373-2111
Fort Wayne, INByron Health Center12101 Lima Rd260-637-3166
Fort Wayne, INEnglewood Health & Rehabilitation Center2237 Engle Rd260-747-2353
Fort Wayne, INFirst Crown Health Care3711 Rupp Dr, Suite 202260-580-8333
Fort Wayne, INFort Wayne Community Schools Neighborhood Connecti1200 S Barr St260-467-1075
Fort Wayne, INFwcs Career Academy At Anthis1200 S Barr St260-467-1010
Fort Wayne, INHeritage Park2001 Hobson Rd260-484-9557
Fort Wayne, INIvy Tech Community College3800 Anthony Blvd260-482-9171
Fort Wayne, INLutheran Life Villages6701 S Anthony Blvd260-447-1591
Fort Wayne, INMiller's Merry Manor5544 E State Blvd260-749-9506
Fort Wayne, INPremier Nursing Academy3201 Stellhorn Rd Suite A-114260-416-3436
Fort Wayne, INQuality Training Of Fort Wayne Inc2250 Lake Ave, Suite 280260-471-1116
Fort Wayne, INSaint Anne Home1900 Randallia Dr260-484-5555
Fort Wayne, INTowne House Retirement Community2209 St Joe Center Rd260-483-3116
Fort Wayne, INValeo Healthcare Training7230 Engle Rd Suite 210260-399-9989
Francesville, INParkview Haven101 Constitution Dr219-567-9149
Francesville, INWest Central High School1852 S Us 421219-567-9119
Frankfort, INWesley Manor Health Center1555 N Main St765-659-1811
Franklin, INHomeview Center Of Franklin651 South State Street317-736-6414
Franklin, INIndiana Masonic Home Health Center690 S State St317-736-6141
Garrett, INMiller's Merry Manor1367 S Randolph St260-357-5174
Gary, INAmbassador Nurses Aide Training4285 Cleveland St219-887-6418
Gary, INDestiny School Of Nursing3637 Grant St #7708-513-6156
Gary, INGary Area Career Center1800 E 35th Ave219-962-7571
Gas City, INTwin City Health Care627 E North H Street765-674-8516
Greencastle, INArea 30 Career Center1 N Calbert Way765-653-3515
Greencastle, INHickory Creek At Sunset1109 S Indiana Street765-653-3143
Greencastle, INWaters Of Greencastle, The1601 Hospital Dr765-653-2602
Greensburg, INHeritage House Of Greensburg410 Park Rd812-663-7543
Greensburg, INSouth Decatur Jr/sr High School8885 S Sr 3812-591-3330
Greenwood, INCentral Nine Career Center1999 Us 31 S317-888-4401
Greenwood, INGreenwood Meadows1200 N Sr 135317-300-2200
Hammond, INA Tech Academy5619 Hohman Ave219-671-9903
Hammond, INArea Career Center-hammond5727 Sohl Ave219-933-2428
Hammond, INV R Ashwood Training Institute Llc5518 Calumet Ave219-803-0075
Hartford City, INBlackford High School2392 N Sr 3765-348-7560
Hartford City, INMiller's Merry Manor0548 S 100 W765-348-1072
Highland, INHealthcare Training Solutions9219 Indianapolis Blvd, Suite 302219-777-0775
Hobart, INMiller's Merry Manor2901 W 37th Ave219-942-2170
Hobart, INVictory Training904 W Old Ridge Rd219-232-8647
Hope, INMiller's Merry Manor7440 N County Road 825 E812-546-4416
Huntington, INHealth Services Huntington North High2201 N Jefferson St260-356-6104
Huntington, INHeritage Of Huntington1180 W 500 N260-355-2750
Huntington, INMiller's Merry Manor1500 Grant St260-356-5713
Huntington, INOakbrook Village850 Ash St260-358-0047
Indianapolis, INAmerican Village2026 E 54th St317-253-6950
Indianapolis, INArea 31 Career Center1200 N Girls School Rd317-243-5524
Indianapolis, INAsc Training Center6900 Gray Rd260-602-5065
Indianapolis, INCna & Homecare Training Center, Inc6525 E 82nd St Suite 216317-842-7637
Indianapolis, INCrispus Attucks High School1140 Dr Martin Luther King Jr St317-226-2800
Indianapolis, INDay Spring Career Institute6255 Coffman Rd317-640-9725
Indianapolis, INGolden Living Training Center5955 S Emerson Ave, Suite 500317-791-4258
Indianapolis, INHardon Educational Institute7819 Inishmore Dr317-384-7581
Indianapolis, INHope Cna Training Program3102 E 10th St317-862-4815
Indianapolis, INIndystathealthedu, Llc5699 E 71st St317-489-3919
Indianapolis, INIps/ctm Nurse Aide Training Program725 N Oriental St317-693-5430
Indianapolis, INIvy Tech Community College9301 E 59th St317-916-7813
Indianapolis, INJ Everett Light Career Center1901 E 86th St317-259-5265
Indianapolis, INLakeview Manor45 Beachway Dr317-243-3721
Indianapolis, INMckenzie Center For Innovation & Technology7250 E 75th St317-576-6420
Indianapolis, INMiller's Merry Manor1651 N Campbell St317-357-8040
Indianapolis, INNurse Aide Training Center Inc2126 N Meridian St, Suite 120317-927-7359
Indianapolis, INPike Career And Stem Center5401 W 71st St317-216-5453
Indianapolis, INReady To Care1311 Shadeland Ave, Suites C & D317-625-2587
Indianapolis, INResq Health & Safety Training5110 Commerce Square Dr Suite A317-786-7260
Indianapolis, INTidings Nurse Aide Training Institute2346 S Lynhurst Dr Suite B205317-734-3980
Indianapolis, INWalker Career Center9651 E 21st St317-532-6150
Jasper, INCna Training Program Patoka Valley Cte Cooperative1600 St Charles St812-482-6050
Jasper, INVincennes University Jasper Campus850 College Ave812-481-5909
Jeffersonville, INHillcrest Village203 Sparks Ave812-283-7918
Jeffersonville, INNorton Academy2315 Allison Ln502-629-3547
Kendallville, INFreedom Academy743 E North St260-347-0887
Kendallville, INImpact Institute1607 Dowling St888-349-0250
Kendallville, INLutheran Life Villages351 N Allen Chapel Rd260-347-2256
Knox, INGolden Living Center-knox300 E Culver Rd574-772-6248
Knox, INKnox High School#1 Redskin Tr574-772-1600
Kokomo, INGolden Living Center-sycamore Village2905 W Sycamore St765-452-5491
Kokomo, INIvy Tech Community College1815 E Morgan St765-252-5569
Kokomo, INKokomo Area Career Training2415 S Berkley Rd765-455-8021
Kokomo, INStewart's Healthcare Consultants700 E Firmin St Suite 194765-250-4600
La Porte, INGolden Living Center-fountainview Terrace1900 Andrew Ave219-362-7014
La Porte, INGolden Living Center-laporte1700 I Street219-362-6234
La Porte, INMiller's Health & Rehab By Miller's Merry Manor3530 Monroe Street219-841-8020
Lafayette, INIvy Tech Community College-lafayette3101 S Creasy Ln765-269-5720
Lafayette, INWildcat Creek Career Cooperative21 Elston Rd765-474-2481
Lagrange, INMiller's Merry Manor787 N Detroit St260-463-2172
Lawrenceburg, INIvy Tech Community College50 Walnut St812-537-4010
Lawrenceburg, INShady Nook Care Center36 Valley Dr812-537-0930
Lawrenceburg, INWoodland Hills Care Center403 Bielby Rd812-537-1132
Lebanon, INWitham Extended Care2605 N Lebanon Street765-485-8300
Leopold, INPerry Central Community School Corporation18677 Old State Rd 37812-843-5576
Liberty, INWhitewater Commons Senior Living215 W High St765-458-5117
Ligonier, INAvalon Village200 Kingston Cir260-894-7131
Linton, INHealth Center At Glenburn Home618 W Glenburn Road812-847-2221
Logansport, INCamelot Care Center1555 Commerce St574-753-0404
Logansport, INCentury Career Center2500 Hopper St574-722-3811
Logansport, INChase Center2 Chase Park574-753-4137
Logansport, INMiller's Merry Manor200 26th St574-722-4006
Lowell, INIn Training College Of Adult Education1330 E Commercial Ave219-696-0444
Lowell, INLowell High School2051 E Commercial Ave219-696-7733
Madison, INIvy Tech Community College590 Ivy Tech Dr812-273-0105
Madison, INWaters Of Clifty Falls, The950 Cross Ave812-273-4640
Marion, INColonial Oaks Health Care Center4725 S Colonial Oaks Dr765-674-9791
Marion, INMarion Regional Career Center750 W 26th St, Building 4765-664-9091
Marion, INMiller's Merry Manor505 N Bradner Ave765-662-3981
Marion, INTlc Leadership And Development Center730 W 35th St765-667-5718
Marion, INWesleyan Health Care Center729 W 35th St765-674-3371
Martinsville, INWaters Of Martinsville, The2055 Heritage Dr765-342-3305
Merrillville, IN1st In Class Clinical Education103 W 78th Pl219-736-5718
Merrillville, INHealthcare Training Center5770 Broadway219-951-0323
Merrillville, INTender Love Cna Academy, Llc7895 Broadway, Suite N219-750-9354
Michigan City, INA K Smith Career Center817 Lafayette St219-873-2120
Middletown, INMiddletown Nursing And Rehabilitation Center131 S 10th St765-354-2223
Middletown, INMiller's Merry Manor981 Beechwood Ave765-354-2278
Milan, INRipley Crossing1200 Whitlatch Way812-654-2231
Mishawaka, INAlr Educational Health Services, Inc1638 E Day Rd574-485-7089
Mishawaka, INLegacy Cna Training, Llc3131 Grape Rd574-239-8973
Mitchell, INMitchell Manor24 Teke Burton Dr812-849-2221
Montezuma, INWabash River Career & Technical Education615 E Strawberry Rd765-245-2870
Monticello, INIu Health White Memorial Hospital720 S 6th St574-583-7111
Monticello, INTwin Lakes School Corp300 S 3rd St574-583-7108
Mooresville, INMeadow Lakes200 Meadow Lake Dr317-834-1791
Mooresville, INMiller's Merry Manor259 W Harrison St317-831-6272
Mount Vernon, INMount Vernon Nursing And Rehabilitation1415 Country Club Rd812-838-6554
Mulberry, INLightstone Education Center510 W Jackson765-409-1723
Mulberry, INMulberry Health & Rehabilitation Center502 W Jackson St765-296-2911
Muncie, INAll Heart Nurse's Aide Training Center, Llc3400 N Wheeling Ave765-749-9098
Muncie, INBethel Pointe Health And Rehab3400 W Community Dr765-289-2273
Muncie, INIvy Tech Community College Region 64301 S Cowan Rd765-643-7133
Muncie, INLiberty Village4600 E Jackson St765-282-1416
Muncie, INMuncie Area Career Center2500 N Elgin765-747-5252
Muncie, INSignature Healthcare Of Muncie4301 N Walnut St765-282-0053
Munster, INThe Community Hospital901 Macarthur Blvd219-836-1600
Nashville, INBrown County Health And Living Community55 E Willow St812-988-6666
Nashville, INCareer Resource Center Of Brown County246 E Main St812-988-5880
New Albany, INGreen Valley Care Center3118 Green Valley Rd812-945-2341
New Albany, INLincoln Hills Of New Albany326 Country Club Drive812-948-1311
New Albany, INProsser School Of Technology4202 Charlestown Rd812-949-4266
New Carlisle, INMiller's Merry Manor220 E Dunn Rd574-654-7244
New Castle, INHeritage House Of New Castle1023 N 20th St765-529-9694
New Castle, INNew Castle Career Center801 Parkview Dr317-529-3503
New Harmony, INPremier Healthcare Of New Harmony251 Highway 66812-682-4104
New Paris, INHealth Careers Training & Development68080 Division St574-536-2141
North Manchester, INPeabody Retirement Community400 W Seventh St260-982-8616
North Manchester, INTimbercrest Church Of The Brethren Home2201 East St260-982-2118
Oakland City, INGood Samaritan Home & Rehabilitative Center231 N Jackson St812-749-4774
Odon, INBertha D Garten Ketcham Memorial Center601 E Race St812-636-4920
Osgood, INManderley Health Care Center806 S Buckeye St812-689-4143
Ossian, INOssian Health Care And Rehabilitation Center215 Davis Rd260-622-7821
Owensville, INTranscendent Healthcare Of OwensvilleHwy 165 W Po Box 369812-729-7901
Paoli, INLost River Career Cooperative610 Elm St812-723-4818
Parker City, INParker Health Care & Rehabilitation Center359 Randolph St765-468-8280
Peru, INMiller's Merry Manor317 Blair Pike765-473-4426
Petersburg, INAmber Manor Care Center801 E Illinois St812-354-3001
Plainfield, INPlainfield Health Care Center3700 Clarks Creek Rd317-839-6577
Plymouth, INMiller's Merry Manor635 Oakhill Ave574-936-9981
Portage, INMiller's Merry Manor5909 Lute Rd219-763-2273
Portland, INPersimmon Ridge Rehabilitation Centre200 N Park St260-726-9355
Princeton, INWaters Of Princeton, The1020 W Vine St812-385-5238
Rensselaer, INRensselaer Care Center1309 E Grace St219-866-4181
Richmond, INFriends Fellowship Community2030 Chester Blvd765-962-6546
Richmond, INGolden Living Center-golden Rule2330 Straight Line Pike765-966-7681
Richmond, INGolden Living Center-richmond1042 Oak Dr765-966-7788
Richmond, INIvy Tech Community College2357 Chester Blvd317-966-2656
Richmond, INRichmond Area Career Center300 Hub Etchison Pkwy765-973-3424
Richmond, INRosebud Village2050 Chester Blvd765-935-4440
Rockport, INMiller's Merry Manor815 W Washington St812-649-2276
Rossville, INMilner Community Health Care370 E Main St765-379-2112
Rushville, INMillers Merry Manor612 E 11th St765-932-4127
Schererville, INDestination Unlimited Training Center1802 Robin Hood Blvd Suite 7219-707-9319
Sellersburg, INIndiana Health Careers Vocational Training & Test6826 Diamond Heights812-246-5753
Sellersburg, INIvy Tech Community College8204 Highway 311812-246-3301
Sellersburg, INSellersburg Healthcare Center7823 Old Hwy # 60812-246-4272
Seymour, INLutheran Community Home111 W Church Ave812-522-5927
Shelbyville, INBlue River Career Programs801 St Joseph St317-392-4191
Shelbyville, INEspecially Kidz Health & Rehab2325 S Miller St317-392-3287
South Bend, INIvy Tech Community College North-central220 Dean Johnson Blvd574-289-7001
Spencer, INOwen Valley Health Campus920 W Hwy 46812-829-2331
St Mary Of The Woods, INProvidence Health Care Center1 Sisters Of Providence812-535-1050
Sullivan, INMiller's Merry Manor505 W Wolfe St812-268-6361
Summitville, INSummit Convalescent Center701 S Main St765-536-2261
Syracuse, INMiller's Merry Manor500 E Pickwick Dr574-457-4401
Tell City, INPerry County Career & Technical School900 12th St812-547-3131
Terre Haute, INIvy Tech Community College-wabash Valley8000 S Education Dr812-298-2462
Terre Haute, INPremier Healthcare Training Services400 Wabash, Suite B-30812-235-1128
Terre Haute, INQuality Healthcare Training Inc1715 Wabash Ave812-243-2411
Terre Haute, INSignature Healthcare Of Terre Haute3500 Maple Ave812-238-1555
Terre Haute, INVigo County School Corp HealthPo Box 3703812-238-4433
Tipton, INMiller's Merry Manor300 Fairgrounds Rd765-675-8791
Valparaiso, INIvy Tech Community College3100 Ivy Tech Dr219-464-8514
Valparaiso, INLife Care Center Of Valparaiso3405 N Campbell Rd219-462-1023
Valparaiso, INPorter County Career Center1005 N Franklin St219-531-3170
Versailles, INSoutheastern Career Center901 W Us 50812-689-5253
Vevay, INSwiss Villa Nursing And Rehabilitation1023 W Main St812-427-2803
Vincennes, INFirst Choice Training Services2592 N Church Rd812-886-9001
Vincennes, INTwin Rivers Health Careers20 N 3rd St812-254-3860
Wabash, INHeartland Career Center79 S 200 W260-563-7481
Wabash, INMiller's Merry Manor1900 N Alber St260-563-7427
Wabash, INMiller's Merry Manor1720 Alber St260-563-4112
Wakarusa, INMiller's Merry Manor300 N Washington St574-862-4511
Warren, INHeritage Pointe801 N Huntington Ave260-375-2201
Warsaw, INIvy Tech Community College2545 Silveus Crossing574-267-5428
Warsaw, INMason Health Care Center900 Provident Drive574-371-2500
Warsaw, INNurses Etc Staffing523 S Buffalo St866-627-8233
West Lafayette, INCumberland Pointe Health Campus1051 Cumberland Ave765-463-2571
West Lafayette, INIndiana Veterans Home3851 N River Rd765-463-1502
West Lafayette, INWestminster Village - West Lafayette2741 N Salisbury St765-463-7546
Wheatfield, INKankakee Valley High School3923 W Sr 10219-956-3143
Winchester, INPineknoll Rehabilitation Centre160 N Middle School Rd765-584-5084
Winchester, INRandolph Nursing Home701 S Oak St765-584-2201
Zionsville, INZionsville Meadows675 S Ford Rd317-873-5205