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CNAs are hospital workers that undertake a wide variety of jobs, including medical and surgical procedures as well as basic patient care. Among other things, they collect blood and engage in inpatient consultations.

If you’re thinking about a job in healthcare, you’ll need to satisfy a few qualifications. When it comes to getting a job, you’ll need a certification. What is a CNA training program, and how does it differ from other training programs?

By enrolling in courses at a licensed nursing assistant institution, you may gain the information necessary to become one. This involves assisting with duties such as bathing, dressing, and performing modest housekeeping chores, among other things.

The subjects covered in these courses will include collecting vital signs, working with an EMR system, and providing medical treatment to a variety of various sorts of patients, in addition to writing. They contain courses on diabetes as well as other health-related topics.”

Several institutions in Idaho provide CNA training courses. For example-

College of Western Idaho

College of Western Idaho

The CNA program at the College of Western Idaho will prepare you for a rewarding job in the healthcare field. Become a certified nursing assistant in as little as one month by finishing their training program. In addition to the standard classroom and hybrid techniques, there are a variety of options for pursuing your educational goals. Attending the classroom gives students 88 hours of classroom time and 32 hours of clinical experience. Remote education and distance learning programs, on the other hand, allow students to study at their convenience. As an example, the College of Charleston School of Nursing provides a Coursera Course 887 certification examination that may help graduates get state certification. However, a community college degree may not be enough to land you a position in the medical industry.

You must be under the age of 16 in order to attend the College of Western Idaho. Make sure you have your high school diploma or equivalent on file if you are over the age of 18 years old. A clean criminal history check and random 10-panel drug tests are also required. CPR and BLS training should also be a part of their resume.

The completion of an orientation session prior to the commencement of the class is mandatory for all students enrolled in the course. The cost of the CNA training program is $825. In addition to books and clothing, students are also liable for the cost of medical supplies, vaccinations, and background checks. Separate costs will be charged for the clinical skills exam and the drug test. In addition, certain scholarships may be available to pay a portion or the entire cost of a CNA training program.

College of Eastern Idaho

College of Eastern Idaho

The Certified Nursing Assistant program is also available at the College of Eastern Idaho, and it will teach you all you need to know about the field. The curriculum is built with high standards and rigor, as well as hands-on experience. If you need your CNA certification quickly, you may complete the program in 8 weeks. However, if you want to obtain credit for the course, you must commit to a full semester of study.

The College of Eastern Idaho CNA training course begins with classroom instruction. Among other things, you’ll learn about key nursing concepts including Anatomy and Physiology, Fundamental Nursing, and Essential Communication Skills. They emphasize classroom learning, but they also include skill training in areas like vital signs, ADLs (activities of daily living), prescribing nursing care, and cooperating with other team members in all aspects of care delivery.

Students may embark on a 32-hour clinical practice at a skilled nursing facility after successfully completing classroom and lab hours. This hands-on training allows them to get rid of classroom theory while being supervised by a licensed instructor. It is critical that CNA students do not miss any classes. In addition, the institution demands a 70 percent average in all sections of the curriculum.

Prospective students at the College of Eastern Idaho must have a high school diploma or equivalency in order to enroll in a CNA program. They must also pass a criminal background check and provide proof of vaccines, drug screening, and tuberculosis testing.

North Idaho College

North Idaho College

The Workforce Training Center at North Idaho College provides access to the CNA Training programme offered by the college. Course objectives are to prepare prospective CNAs for the certification exam and future employment in a variety of healthcare environments. It consists of a combination of weekday courses, simulation lab training, and clinical experience. Nursing assistant students will be overseen by certified teachers who have a positive reputation in the health care industry and are permitted to coach ambitious nursing assistant students.

North Idaho College admits just a small number of students to its CNA program. This provides for more targeted education and ensures that they are more knowledgeable about their job.. The institution also includes numerous contemporary facilities, including a state-of-the-art simulation lab, where students may receive training in a variety of medical skills that will prepare them to become licensed nursing assistants in the future.

When applying for the CNA program, you must have a high school diploma and a clear criminal background check, among other requirements. Certified Nursing Assistants must be in good physical condition and be able to lift, move, and transport their patients safely. They need their students to be in good health and capable of moving persons weighing at least 50 pounds in order to be successful. By successfully completing this program, the students will receive certification for this position.

Lewis-Clark State College

Lewis-Clark State College

Workforce Training at Lewis-Clark State College offers a CNA program. Individuals looking for a secure job may enroll in this program and get CNA certified in one month. The curriculum may be finished in a short amount of time, but students must be prepared for a lengthy and hard training period. Classroom education, skill development, and hands-on clinical practice are all part of the CNA program. You must commit to full-time study and cannot skip any days of class or training in order to get a certification from the program. You are also not permitted to make up any of the topics from other courses. Furthermore, the institution requires students to achieve a particular grade before they are entitled to graduate. As a result, students must ensure that they take the CNA course seriously.

Lewis-Clark State College’s CNA training program is one of the most competitive. It only admits a few students every year, and they must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, as well as pass drug testing, tuberculosis screenings, and criminal background checks. Following an interview, they will inform you whether you are eligible to join our CNA training program. You will be taught by qualified and professional clinical teachers and will earn a certificate of completion upon graduation. Graduates who complete it may work as CNAs and earn incomes ranging from $14/hour to $35/hour, depending on their certifications.

Completing the CNA training course at Lewis-Clark State College may lead to a variety of jobs in healthcare, particularly given the state’s strong need for nurses. It might also be a great place to start your career since a BSN program is available here.

Boundary Community Hospital

Boundary Community Hospital

Those interested in the Boundary Community Hospital training scheme may enroll by attending one of their information meetings or signing up for lessons. They also provide training at North Idaho College. This course is 120 hours long, including 80 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of work experience. Prospective students will attend lectures, video presentations, and skill demonstrations on a variety of nursing topics such as anatomy and physiology, infection control, nursing assistant roles, and nursing processes. Students are allowed to perform clinical practice at their hospital when teaching is completed.

The CNA training program at Boundary Community Hospital is available to persons of all ages. They may begin at the age of 16 if they are enrolled in high school or have passed an equivalent test. Following an initial criminal background check, prospective students must additionally submit to a drug and tuberculosis test. These are more in-depth assessments that are administered prior to the commencement of their courses. If you meet the requirements, you will be considered for this course, which offers complete CNA training from clinical instructors.

Nursing assistant scholarship programs may be offered. Prospective students should make certain that they adhere to all of the terms and conditions of the scholarship programs they apply for.

Gritman Medical Center

Gritman Medical Center

Every month, Gritman Medical Center provides a Certified Nursing Assistant training course. They teach you the information and skills you need to pass a certification test and prepare you for a career in healthcare. It is a rigorous training program that may be finished in two months. It comprises classroom instruction, online instruction, skill training, and hands-on clinical experience (among other things). This form of education may help prospective nursing assistants feel more prepared for the rigors of their work. The medical center’s clinical teachers, who have years of expertise in the area, give high-quality instruction. They will be monitored while working in one of the facility’s sections.

Furthermore, the Gritman Medical Center CNA training curriculum includes instruction in first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and basic life support. The seminars provide the skills that a nurse or other medical professional will need in order to offer care to patients who are having treatment at the hospital. Students who complete the CNA program at Gritman Medical Center will be in a strong position to secure work at the facility. Some graduates who pass the test are often given full- or part-time work as certified nursing assistants (CNAs).

Free CNA Classes in Idaho

CNA students are eligible for a wide range of financial assistance to help them pay for their education. Nursing institutions are willing to pay the price for their workers to undergo CNA training. Others will refund you both at the halfway point and at the end of the course. The nursing facilities they collaborate with include the Discovery Care Center of Salmon, Boise Samaritan Village, Idaho Falls Care Center, Nampa Care Center, Bingham Extended Care Facility, and Valley View Retirement Community in Idaho..

Based on federal qualifying standards, you may be able to get compensation for your state-approved Idaho CNA training.

Check out Idaho’s Department of Health and Welfare for additional information about job assistance in the state. With no high school diploma, but an interest in attending college or earning certifications, Idaho Job Corps may be an alternative. Career and academic training are offered in both the post-secondary and high-school levels. Additionally, the organization contains a wealth of information about where to obtain employment for CNA graduates. Furthermore, you can apply for work-study programs promoted by the state, federal, and even school resources.

All State Approved CNA Classes in Idaho

Idaho Falls, IDEastern Idaho Technical College1600 S 25th East208-524-3000
Lewiston, IDLewis Clark State College500 8th Avenue208-792-5272
Nampa, IDCollege Of Western Idaho5500 East Opportunity Drive208-562-3000
Pocatello, IDIdaho State University921 South 8th Avenue208-282-0211
Post Falls, IDNorth Idaho College, Workforce Training Center525 South Clearwater Loop208-769-3333
Twin Falls, IDCollege Of Southern Idaho315 Falls Ave.208-732-6221