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CNA training in Hawaii provides students with a short, targeted course that will prepare them quickly and easily for a job as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Before taking the test, students in Hawaii must complete a specified amount of instruction. Most students can do this in less than a year, so it’s worthwhile to pursue. Those who want to become CNAs have a wide range of job options accessible to them. They get training in a variety of methods and abilities that enable them to work in hospitals, assisted living institutions, patient homes, and nursing homes.

Certification requires a certain amount of training, and it is important that you have the minimum amount of time required.  To guarantee that you achieve these criteria, your certification program should deliver a total of 100 hours, 70 of which should be clinical practice and 30 of which should be theoretical. The clinical work is done under the supervision of an active-licensed nurse with at least two years of experience.

After completing the training program, you will be eligible to apply for Prometric certification. The cost of the application and examinations will vary, but they are known to provide a great deal of information to candidates prior to scheduling their exams. Don’t miss the chance to work for this premier service. You may apply online and they will tell you when it is time to take the test. The test is divided into two sections: written and skills demonstration. Make certain that you pass both of them!

Another advantage is that you get a two-year license to use this program. When it expires, all you have to do is present documentation proving that you met the conditions stipulated by the State Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. Simply enroll in Hawaii CNA training and get your certification to ensure that everything runs properly for you.

There are several schools in Hawaii that provide CNA training. Some exclusively offer credit programs, while others also offer non-credit coursework, which means you won’t be able to transfer any credit hours to your LPN program later on. Among these institutes are:

Healthcare School of Hawaii, LLC

Healthcare School of Hawaii, LLC students get regular instruction to become certified nursing assistants. In the classroom, students get 84 hours of classical lectures and 18 hours of clinical sessions, for a total of 84 hours of instruction. Rehabilitation, the aging process, disease management, fundamentals of care, nutrition, and effective communication are just a few of the subjects covered in the course. You’ll also learn about vital indicators and how to interact with others.

HSCH charges $750 for the program, which includes a textbook and bloodborne pathogens instruction. All graduates get a certificate of completion, with recertification costing $100. Corrective First Aid, which includes CPR and AED, costs $50. Healthcare School of Hawaii, LLC is authorized by the State of Hawaii and certified by the Department of Human Services. It is also Military Spouse Career Advancement (MyCAA) approved.

Professional Healthcare Educators

On Oahu, ‘Professional Healthcare Educators’ provides CNA training. Because it is located in the City-Square Shopping Center, the training facility is easily accessible. In addition to their location, the cost of their programs is quite low since they are presented in a key market position. If you want to learn the abilities of a professional, you may enroll in their Certified Nursing Assistant program. They attempted to blend excellent teaching techniques with a training strategy designed to provide you with solid basics. The cost of this CNA training program is $965 for a 100-hour curriculum that includes books, materials, uniforms, and three distinct schedules. If you want to start a new career in healthcare, this is an excellent chance.

This organization, which offers a course created by a CNA program, is an excellent choice for people looking for a tough learning atmosphere with personalized coaching from teachers to help them learn. You will get extensive instruction. Classroom training will be followed by lab practicum and, lastly, clinical experience. Anatomy and physiology, body mechanics, safety considerations, and anything else you need to know are all crucial topics to be aware of. These training options are required for students to take the state test for CNA. They must be completed before graduating from the program, and following that, they may work in any medical institution providing acute or long-term care.

Applicants for the CNA program must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma, a current TB test, a physical exam, and no criminal history. If a training session is canceled due to low enrolment or unexpected occurrences, you will be refunded in full.

Kapiʻolani Community College

Kapiʻolani Community College

Since 1993, Kapiolani Community College in Honolulu, Hawaii, has had a Long-term Care Nursing Aide program. With over two decades of experience in healthcare training, the training institution provides a variety of teaching techniques and unique training to help students flourish. Within educational settings, students learn about current treatment approaches, medical information, and resources. The CNA program lasts one semester and consists of 150 hours of instruction and 6 credit hours.

The curriculum is designed to provide students with the information and abilities required to care for older people. It includes information on common ailments, nursing practices, medicines, legislation, treatments, behaviour management, and community services. Graduates will get a certificate of completion and will be eligible to take the CNA competence test.

The anticipated cost of training is $684, without textbooks, materials, and any extra costs. The TB test, as well as a physical and background check, are required for enrollment in the program.

Windward Community College

Windward Community College

Personal or home care assistant is the fastest-growing career in Hawaii. Windward Community College & Career Services offers a CNA course for those who wish to make a competitive income while also becoming a part of the healthcare team.

Students with appropriate clinical or nursing experience are encouraged to apply for the CNA training program. It consists of 5 weeks of lectures and lab demonstrations, as well as 2 weeks of clinical experience at a nearby medical institution. The program runs Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm for the first five weeks. The clinical training will begin on Monday, from 5:30 am until 2:30 pm.

Tuition for the CNA program may cost students up to $2240, not counting needed materials or the state certification test. However, the training institution’s college counselor may be able to assist you in obtaining financial aid—anyone may be eligible for this form of support. Because admission to Windward Community College is strictly on a first-come, first-served basis, enroll early if you want the greatest chance of securing a place and supporting your family. Bring all necessary paperwork, including a medical exam, MMR clearance, TB test, criminal clearance, and perform the Test of Adults Basic Education.

Kauaʻi Community College

Kauaʻi Community College

The intense Certified Nursing Assistant program at Kaua’i Community College meets the state’s criteria. The curriculum is divided into two parts: classroom training and clinical hours. CNA students will spend time away from college participating in community service programs in order to learn how to deal with people in their own homes or in any other health care institution. CNA training provides students with the entry-level skills required for success in the nursing sector.

The Nursing Aide program at Kauai College seeks to teach students and offer supervised care to patients in a variety of healthcare settings like long-term care institutions, skilled nursing facilities, and hospitals.

A nursing aide is responsible for delivering safe, culturally competent, and effective care to patients in a range of healthcare settings as part of a healthcare team, as well as being aware of and complying with legal and ethical standards in healthcare.

Professional instructors have used interactive teaching to improve student learning and give hands-on instruction. Graduates are qualified to take the state test and work in any sort of medical institution.

During the fall and spring semesters, nursing assistants are accessible to students.  On-campus, they also conduct labs training once a week. Students get hours of hands-on experience while serving patients in hospitals via the off-campus clinical program.

Anyone interested in one of their various programs should be prepared to present the following qualifications: Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR and first aid certification, as well as ENG 100L. A criminal history check will also be required, as well as a complete health form.

The Nurse Aide Certificate of Competence course tuition and costs are computed on a per-credit basis. The curriculum consists of three credits of theory and two credits of clinical practice. Tuition fees in Kaua’i vary based on the sort of courses you take and your residence. Residents may pay $131 per credit unit, while non-residents may pay $345 per credit unit, with a $54 per semester charge in both cases. Nursing assistant programmes will cost $709 for resident students and $1,799 for non-resident students.

There is also a $150 lab fee for Nursing Aide students. Malpractice insurance, a CPR training course, and a background screening are all extra fees.

Island CPR Certified Nurse Aide

The purpose of IslandCPR is to provide students with the skills they need to be successful and to equip them for a rewarding future as a Nurse Aide. These lessons not only prepare students to pass certification exams but also help them succeed in their jobs.

The curriculum is taught by experienced professors who are also employed in long-term care institutions, hospitals, and other comparable healthcare facilities.

IslandCPR is a program that provides possibilities for those interested in pursuing jobs in healthcare and is ideal for adults who are ready to work in the industry. Employees that enroll can keep on track with their existing careers since they meet on various days for 5 weeks. The Lab is open from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays throughout the week. Clinicals are held two days a week after the final theoretical lesson. There is also a weekday clinical meeting from 5:30-2:30 pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

To attend the course, applicants must submit a $300 non-refundable registration fee/deposit during the application process. This person must also be at least 18 years old or will turn 18 before the conclusion of the program. A state-issued identity card, a Social Security card, a current green card, a high school diploma or GED, and a seasonal flu vaccine are all required for admission. In the absence of a high school certificate or GED, it may accept evidence of basic reading and arithmetic competence.

Before proceeding with the theoretical curriculum, students must pass the clinical prerequisites examinations. They’ll have to retake their exams when the program is through.

If candidates want to pay for the state certification test at any time throughout the program, the fee will range between $1,200 and $1,450. The program’s features include manuals, training seminars, and assistance from local businesses. IslandCPR is fully certified by the state and may also provide tuition aid.

La’i’Opua Certified Nurse Aide Training

La’i’Opua Certified Nurse Aide Training - CNA Classes in Hawaii

If you’re searching for a CNA training program, La’i’Opua 2020 will be unlike any other. It is built on the establishment of community-based facilities that support service delivery in a number of communities around La’i’Opua. This community effort aims to provide students with a variety of training opportunities. The delivery of a CNA program is one of these training.

Adult students are the only ones who may participate in the 5-week program. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Kealakehe High School and in Kailua. The courses will be given by qualified registered nurses for a total of 130 class hours.

Applicants must be 18 years old or older and have a recent TB test result, physical exam, and MMR vaccination in order to participate in the program. In order to participate in the clinical experience, students must pass a drug and criminal background check, which is required for employment in most settings. They must also get three references from individuals they know well, pay a $300 application fee, and pass a Graduate Aptitude Test.

The program costs $1,350 in total, or it may be paid in installments, with half of the amount due at the time of registration and the other half due throughout the course. They also include textbooks, CPR certification, AED certification course, a badge, and clinic equipment.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in Hawaii

Aiea, HICommunity Healthcare Precision Services (Flores, William, Jr., Rn) 98-530 Kaamilo Street808-753-2808
Aiea, HIHealthcare School Of Hawaii (Jacob, Marianela, Rn)98-025 Hekaha St808-488-9449
Hilo, HIHawaii Institute Of Healthcare & Training Services, Hilo 1059 Kilauea Ave,808-933-1295
Hilo, HIIsland Cpr, Hilo 234 Waianuenue Ave808-326-7836
Hilo, HIKamaaina Nurse Aide Training School, Hilo 1170 Manono St808-935-6918
Hilo, HIMid Pacific Medical Training Institute, Llc (Blanset, Janice, Rn)180 Kinoole Street, Suite 210808-935-5050
Hilo, HISweetwater Health Education Services, Hilo (Draculan, Michelle, Rn)357 Waianuenue Ave808-961-3338
Hilo, HIHawaii Community College, Kona 1175 Manono Street808-934-2650
Hilo, HIKamaaina Nurse Aide Training School, Pearl City 1170 Manono St808-455-6573
Honolulu, HIAim Health Care Institute (Atmosphera-walch, Nancy, Rn) 1188 Bishop Street Suite 2502808-778-3832
Honolulu, HIArcadia Home Health Services 1660 S. Beretania Street Ste. 201808-983-5900
Honolulu, HICare Giver Training School Corporation 1320 Kalani St., Suite 288808-848-9988
Honolulu, HICaregiving Sensei 2459 10th Ave808-346-3780
Honolulu, HICaregiving Sensei At Hiolani Care Center 4389 Malia St808-763-7782
Honolulu, HIHale Nohea Maunalani (Mosher, Patricia, Rn)5071 Maunalani Cir808-225-6214
Honolulu, HIHealthcare Training & Career Consultants, Inc., Waipahu 2130 N King St808-676-4933
Honolulu, HIKapiolani Community College 4303 Diamond Head Rd808-734-9305
Honolulu, HINagomi Foster Homes 4475 Wahinekoa Place808-398-4194
Honolulu, HIProfessional Healthcare Educators, Honolulu 1286 Kalani St, B-204,808-847-3366
Honolulu, HIKorean Care Home Nurse Aide Training Program 1832 Liliha Street808-341-5500
Kahului, HIHawaii Healthcare Academy 250 Alamaha St808-866-8624
Kahului, HIUniversity Of Hawaii Maui College, Kahului 310 W. Ka’ahumanu Ave808-984-3476
Kailua Kona, HILaiopua Lapaau Health Academy 74-5599 Luhia Street #e5808-327-1221
Kailua-kona, HIIsland Cpr, Kona 73-5574 Maiau St808-326-7836
Kailua-kona, HILife Care Center Of Kona 78-6957 Kamehameha Iii Rd808-322-2790
Kāne‘ohe, HIWindward Community College 45-720 Kea‘ahala Rd808-235-7384
Kaneohe, HIOhana Pacific, Kaneohe 45-181 Waikalua Rd808-247-0003
Kaunakakai, HIUniversity Of Hawaii Maui College, Molokai 375 Kamehameha V Highway P.o. Box 440808-984-3476
Keaau, HIStubbert, Scott, Rn 16-1510 Pohaku Circle808-319-9386
Kealakekua, HIParamedical Services And Training Center Of Kona, Llc P.o. Box 1244 81-1004 Konawaena School Road808-989-4275
Lana’i City, HIUniversity Of Hawaii Maui College, Lanai 329 7th Street P.o. Box 630648808-984-3476
Lihue, HIKauai Community College 3-1901 Kaumualii Hwy808-245-8373
Lihue, HIKauai Nurse Aide Training Center 3877 Kaia Place808-482-0267
Lihue, HIWest Kauai Nurse Aide Training, Lihue 3-3178 Kuhio Hwy808-346-1916
Mililani, HIAdvanced Care Training (Fka Lou’s Quality Home Health Care Services, Llc) Po Box 893224808-623-7109
Pearl City, HILeeward Community College, Pearl City 96-045 Ala Ike808-455-0500
Waianae, HILeeward Community College, Waianae Health Academy 87-380 Kulaaupuni St808-455-0500
Waianae, HIPuuwai O Makaha (Fka Leeward Integrated Health Services)84-390 Jade St808-247-0003
Wailuku, HIHale Makua Health Services, Wailuku 1540 Lower Main St808-243-1700
Wailuku, HIHealthcare Training & Career Consultants, Inc., Wailuku33 Central Avenue808-249-0207
Waimanalo, HIHawaii Job Corps 41-467 Hihimanu St808-259-6032
Waipahu, HIProfessional Healthcare Educators, Waipahu 94-877 Farrington Hwy808-847-3366