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A lot of post-secondary, even secondary schools are seeing the potential of healthcare services as a career path for young adults. Not only are young adult given the opportunity to enter the healthcare industry- they are also given an opportunity to serve the community.

While most states require CNA programs to be at least 100 hours long, the state of Georgia demands only 85 hours of study, making it one of the easiest states to apply for a CNA training. The study is divided between classroom and on-site training in nursing homes, hospices, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers and includes first aid training, CPR, vital signs checking, feeding, lifting, and bathing.

CNA training is also the stepping stone to further education and eventual career path of Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and Registered Nurse (RN). This makes CNA training a gateway into more opportunities not only for career development but also for interpersonal growth.

Individuals who are interested in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant can enroll in any of the institutions listed below. These schools have different requirements and training techniques, but they all help students become a CNA in a short time period.

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CNA Classes in Augusta

In the Augusta-Richmond County area, there are about 2,520 nursing assistants serving a population of 199,486. This would change in the coming years as it is projected that by 2020, 28 percent of all new job openings would be from the healthcare industry.

Remedy Health Career Center, LLC

Remedy Health Career Center, LLC

Remedy HCC is a private school that provides educational opportunities to individuals that are in different levels of knowledge and employment in the healthcare industry. The center stands by the mission of empowerment, especially in the pursuit of excellence in the medical field.

The center’s CNA program is approved by the Georgia Medical Care Foundation. Classes are only for four to five weeks and are available several times a year. The entire program has 100 hours total of combined classroom, laboratory, and clinical instructions.

Day classes meet Monday to Wednesday for four weeks (and one Thursday in the last week) from 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Night classes are from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 for five weeks.

The $1,500 tuition fee is all-inclusive. It can be paid full or partially during enrollment. There are also payment plans for military spouses through the MyCAA program.

Remedy HCC assures that students will acquire satisfactory skills and competency necessary to qualify for entry-level positions in different healthcare facilities. Graduates will receive a certificate of completion and then qualify for the National Nurse Aide Exam facilitated by the NACES Plus Foundation/Pearson.

Contact Remedy HCC by phone (706-922-1000) or visit their website above

Training for Life Center LLC

Training for Life Center LLC

The Training for Life Center (TFL) was founded in 2002 by two nurses. It is a state-approved institution that also is also certified by the Georgia Medical Care Foundation and is recognized as a testing facility by the National Healthcareer Association.

TFL offers CNA, Phlebotomy, BLS, CPR, AED and First Aid classes. The center’s CNA course is for 120 contact hours spread over six weeks. The first five weeks are dedicated to classroom instruction. There would be about 30 hours of theory lecture and classroom demonstration done by both instructors and students. The last week is for hands-on clinical training.

Training for Life Center is a State approved CNA program, completing the program here qualifies the graduate to be eligible to take in Georgia State Certification Exam for Certified Nursing Assistant Career. Classes are Monday to Thursday with day and night options. Day classes start from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. while night classes are from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The only requirements for registration are state-issued I.D., Social Security card, completed application form, and a $16 application fee. But in order to enroll to CNA classes, prospective students must comply with state requirements including an updated TB test (less than a year) and the latest Georgia criminal history record (less than six months).

A deposit is required during the registration process. All class materials and equipment are included in the course tuition. The cost of the state exam is paid separately.

Contact the TFL by phone (706-814-6941) or visit their website and use their contact form.

Helms College

Helms College

Helms College (HC) is a privately-owned postsecondary career school that is sponsored by the Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia Inc. HC is accredited by the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission to offer programs under their Hospitality/Culinary schools and the newly opened School of Health Services.

Patient Care Technician course is available at the latter school. The course curriculum focuses on basic nurse aide skills and duties, and basic laboratory procedures. Specific topics include safety procedures, infection control, body systems, patient daily living assistance, EKG, and Phlebotomy.

The course’s duration is for 33 weeks, clocking at 643.50 hours. This includes a 130-hour externship course. Generally, Health Services classes meet Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. or 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Upon graduation, students are eligible to take the CNA exam and the Patient Care Technician/Assistant Certification (CPCT/A). The cost of the certification exams is paid separately.

The course’s total cost is $10,429. The tuition fee is $9,039 with additional costs for books, uniforms, student kit, credentialing exam, drug screen, background check, and TB test. There’s also an enrollment fee amounting to $100. Financial assistance is available for the course.

Aside from the regular curriculum, students are also given instructions on job readiness resume writing, interview techniques, workplace diversity, professionalism, and more. The college’s career services office will guide students in the transition from training to employment. The office will also arrange for employment through the Goodwill Staffing Services.

Contact HC by phone (1-844-464-3567) for more information or fill up an information request form on their website.

Tender Care Training Center

Tender Care Training Center

Tender Care Training Center is a small institution that opened its doors in February 2001. It used to be dedicated to training nursing assistants but it now branched out to similar medical training programs like Phlebotomy Technician, Pharmacy Technician, etc.

The center and its programs are all authorized by the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission (GNPEC). It also has accreditations from the Georgia Medical Care Foundation and the National Phlebotomy Association, Inc.

Tender Care’s curriculum emphasizes the value of empathy and equal respect for everyone. Their CNA program is six weeks long with an additional 42 hours of clinical internship. Class seats are on a first come first serve basis. Students that aren’t able to fulfill the payment requirements won’t have a seat reservation.

There are day and night class options. Classes are held Tuesday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. or 4:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Enrollment requirements include a state-issued I.D., Social Security Card, and a medical certificate that you do not have pre-existing conditions that prohibit you from rigorous physical exertion necessary in the training.

The tuition fee is $460. It covers all training materials and equipment, even the TB skin test. Additional fees include the $112 for the state certification exam and $45 for the optional CPR/First Aid/A.E.D course.

Contact Tender Care Training Center by phone (706-736-9225) or visit their website above.

CNA classes in Columbus

Columbus Technical College

Columbus Technical College

The Columbus Technical College is a government center that offers excellent CNA classes in Columbus GA. The training consists of a semester-long duration. At the end of the practice, you should be ready to sit for the state exams. The requirements include but are not restricted to, the presentation of official GED scores or the need to have finished high school before you can be considered for admission into the program. The intending participant must also be at least 17 years old. Although the cost of this program is not exactly cheap, (up to $1,455 for some aspects of the program) it offers one of the best training programs.

Columbus Technical College has been producing several nursing assistants in the state who are highly competent and qualified. Students get a chance to be trained by the best clinical instructors who have years of experience in the healthcare field. They are also taught in a conducive environment fully equipped with advanced tools and equipment.

Financially challenged students who cannot fund the CNA training can also seek for assistance at Columbus Technical College. The school has several programs like scholarships, loans, and grants, which lessens the cost of the training and allowing the students to graduate from the course.

Paulding Hospital

Paulding Hospital

The Paulding hospital is again one of the many places where you can receive significant training in the state of Georgia. This hospital offers you free training and also the opportunity to even work there. This twin advantage makes it one of the most competitive in hospitals/training centers. It is also one of the best hospitals in Georgia. The duration of the training is about 17 weeks, and it involves a high level of hands-on experience.

Before you apply for a free CNA training program in Paulding Hospital, you have to be willing to work for them after becoming certified. It is also essential to meet the requirements of the program and the employment criteria of the hospital. Aside from a high school diploma or GED equivalent, applicants need to submit their transcripts along with the results of a criminal background investigation, drug screening, and TB testing. Candidates have to be proficient in the English language and be capable of lifting a specific weight requirement of the facility. Such conditions are necessary because of the duties and responsibilities of a nursing assistant.

Moreover, individuals who completed the free CNA training will be offered a nursing assistant position in Paulding Hospital. They will receive a competitive salary and enormous employment benefits like health insurance, 401k, career advancement, paid holidays, and many others. The free CNA training program is not offered all year round, but if you wish to apply, you can visit their facility to know its availability.

STAT Medical Services, Inc.

STAT Medical Services, Inc.

STAT Medical Services, Inc. has a three-week CNA course that allows the graduates to become Certified Nursing Assistants in the state of Georgia. The cost of the program is $620 which already includes $112 for the state testing fee, textbook, workbook, and CPR certification. Classes happen several times a year, and interested individuals can apply whenever a CNA training program in STAT Medical Services, Inc. is completed.

Students have to be aware that the CNA training program is a combination of classroom instruction, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice. The first part of the program is a discussion of various nursing concepts like anatomy and physiology, medical terminologies, nutrition, patient’s rights, nursing fundamentals, activities of daily living, and different nursing procedures that are included in a CNA scope of practice.

After these concepts are discussed, students are trained in a simulation lab to learn the necessary skills of a nursing assistant, which is then followed by a hands-on clinical practice. The clinical training is made under direct supervision of a licensed instructor who has years of experience in the field and who is highly competent to train aspiring healthcare providers. This training allows students to experience an actual provision of care to patients or residents in need of short-term or long-term nursing services.

Prospective students of the CNA training program must have a high school diploma or equivalent. They should also pass the criminal background investigation, drug screening, and TB testing. Aside from that, physical fitness is also necessary to be able to meet the physical demands of the CNA profession. Graduates of the program will be qualified to take the certification exam and become a CNA in the state.

Muscogee Manor Center

Muscogee Manor Center

Muscogee Manor Center is offering an on-the-job training for individuals who are willing and qualified to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of Georgia. This healthcare facility needs several nursing assistants from time to time that is why interested individuals who are seeking for a stable and fulfilling career are encouraged to apply. A high school diploma or GED is the only educational achievement required, but applicants need to pass the criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing. They also have to be physically capable of lifting and transporting patients or residents with a weight of at least 50lbs. The paid CNA training also requires prospective candidates to be willing to work in the facility after becoming certified as nursing assistants.

Accepted candidates of the CNA training program will go through a combined classroom instruction and hands-on clinical training. The classroom instruction will run for 12 days, and students learn several nursing concepts and skills. Once completed, participants undergo five weeks of hands-on clinical practice in one of the areas of the nursing home. Students are responsible for providing their uniforms and textbooks. They also need to attend the classes without absences and must score at least 70% on all tests, quizzes, and clinical training.

Muscogee Manor Center provides a free CNA training, but accepted applicants have to follow the conditions of the program to become taken. They also have to do their best to pass the certification exam to be able to work as Certified Nursing Assistants in their institution.

First Step Health Agency

First Step Health Agency

First Step Health Agency has been providing a high-quality CNA training program which allows its students to gain the required skills and knowledge to become entry-level healthcare professionals in the state of Georgia. The program can be completed in a few weeks, and graduates become eligible for the certification exam. Applicants of the course have to show their high school diploma or equivalent, and they also need to pass the health screening and criminal background investigation. The CNA training of First Step Health Agency is offered all year round, and only a few students are accepted per practice.

Moreover, the program combines classroom instruction, skills training, and actual clinical practice. Students will go through hours of lectures, video demonstrations, and skills practice to have a better understanding of the profession and to know the proper ways of caring many patients or residents. They will be trained by the best clinical instructors who have years of experience in the field. First Step Health Agency provides excellent teachers, fully functional classrooms, and state of the art equipment to aspiring Certified Nursing Assistants. They also offer a more personalized instruction. Thus, students complete the program with confidence and adequate amount of competence.

Applicants of the CNA training have to check the institution first before submitting their credentials. Financial assistance programs are also available at times but are often limited to deserving students.

Magnolia Manor Senior Living

Magnolia Manor Senior Living is also providing a nursing assistant program to qualified individuals who are interested in becoming an entry-level healthcare provider. The course can be completed in six to eight weeks, and graduates become eligible for the Nurse Aide Certification Exam. Individuals who demonstrate competency in the certification exam will be included in the Nurse Aide Registry of Georgia.

The CNA training program of Magnolia Manor Senior is a paid healthcare course that prepares the trainees for a nursing assistant role in their facility. Participants who go through this program will have better chances of becoming employed in the center. The CNA training starts with a classroom instruction wherein students learn various nursing concepts from lectures, role-playing, DVDs, and laboratory practice. They will also be able to learn several procedural skills like taking vital signs, dressing, bathing, positioning, feeding, grooming, and many others. Upon completion, participants will be exposed in one of the areas of Magnolia Manor Senior facility. They will receive a hands-on clinical practice with direct supervision from a licensed instructor.

The paid CNA training program of Magnolia Manor Senior is not open for all. Applicants have to demonstrate the best of their abilities to be considered for the program. They should also meet the requirements like high school diploma or GED equivalent, pre-employment drug screening, criminal background check, and TB testing. Other than that, they also have to be willing to undergo the course and be able to work a 12-hour shift, whether it is during the day, night, or weekends. Their Human Resources officer will contact qualified candidates for an interview.

CNA Classes in Lawrenceville

Mentee Career & Training

Mentee Career & Training

Mentee Career and Training is located in Lawrenceville. They offer a four-week, 120-hour Nurse Aide training program for men and women. Applications are accepted online and in person and must be submitted at least one month before the date that you wish to enroll. Classes start every few weeks.

The expert nursing professional trains students and training courses are incorporated with didactic theoretical lectures, laboratory instruction, and clinical training. Finishing the training course makes you eligible to take the state exam for Certified Nursing Assistant.

CNA Classes in Corrolton/Newnan

Village Samaritan Training Institute (VSTI)

Village Samaritan Training Institute (VSTI)

With campuses in Carrollton and Newnan, the Village Samaritan Training Institute (VSTI) offers exceptional instruction to aspiring nursing aide students in skills needed to attain certification as a CNA in the state of Georgia. VSTI’s intensive 6-week CNA program requires students to complete 84 hours of combined classroom and hands-on clinical training.

During the 6-week program, students are given the tools to assist health care professionals in providing top-notch patient care in a variety of settings, including hospitals, doctor’s offices, and nursing homes. Graduates of this program can take the state certified examination and then begin work as a certified CNA in the state of Georgia.

CNA Classes in Decatur

Woodruff Medical Training & Testing

Woodruff Medical Training & Testing

Dedication of Woodruff Medical Training and Testing towards CNA training is proven through the years, with their reliable training professionals, they are happy to help those students who pursue excellence in a healthcare CNA career. A well-organized four weeks day course or a six weeks evening course will prepare the students to have an employment level of work as a CNA.

Areas covered in CNA course was outlined to equip students to have a good patient-nurse aide communication skills, basic nursing skills, execute proper ambulation, nutrition and personal care to patients. With these skill set, graduates will land to a good paying nursing facility since employers are competing themselves to hire the best nursing aide personnel in the healthcare world.

CNA Classes in Woodstock

Giving Care Education Center

Giving Care Education Center

Giving Care Education Center in North Georgia offers state of the art facilities conducive to learning and experience to those students interested in CNA training. If you don’t want to be left behind in the healthcare industry, enroll now at Giving Care Education Center as they venture out excellence on their quality education and exceptional training suitable to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Being the largest private training facility in the area, students will be trained in a complete healthcare set-up provided by the institution as they boast in their facility with hands-on training simulation. Completing this program will take three weeks and one day from Monday to Thursday from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Tuition cost is around $999 inclusive of the workbook, scrub suit, BP apparatus and AHA certification fee for CPR and first aid.

CNA Classes in Canton

Cherokee Angel Senior Care and Training Center

Cherokee Angel Senior Care and Training Center

Having a heart of compassion and care for the sick are essential qualities of a healthcare professional, for those who possess this values and interested in becoming a part of the care team. Enrolling in Cherokee Angel Senior Care and Training Center as CNA is a good choice, they trained those aspiring healthcare front liners to begin in the healthcare industry.

A 4-week fast track CNA day program is structured to train students to have a good employment level of skills. They also have evening classes to accommodate the availability of all students. The curriculum was incorporated into classroom lectures, laboratory simulation, and clinical experiences. The State of Georgia and graduates approve this training institution are expected to obtain an excellent skillset prepared to work in different healthcare settings such as a hospital, long-term facility, medical clinics and other care settings.

CNA Classes in Savannah

Dominion Health Care Solutions

Dominion Health Care Solutions

A Certified Nursing Assistant career provides the direct care to the patient, making the first-hand care provider to patient. It is essential to be quick in judgment in tendering procedures and efficient towards quality care. With these in mind, Dominion Health Care Solutions trained students to give quality training needed to execute with excellence patient’s care.

The seven-week CNA program was designed to have interactive classroom learnings, laboratory training and clinical experience in an actual care facility. Graduating in this program will give you certification for CNA program completion and an approval to take the State certification exam. Enrollees in this program must first pay a $25 registration fee, submit a valid ID, high school diploma or GED, social security card and have a good English writing and reading comprehension.

All State Approved CNA Classes in Georgia

Acworth, GAChattahoochee Technical College5198 Ross Rd Se770-528-4545
Adel, GACook High School9900 Highway 76229-896-2213
Albany, GAAlbany Technical College1704 S. Slappey Blvd.229-430-3500
Albany, GAGo With A Nurses Assistant (Gwana)P.o. Box 50121229-483-0025
Albany, GAJackson Career Center1707 E. Oglethorpe Blvd229-888-5086
Albany, GATurner Job Corps Center2000 Schilling Avenue229-883-8500
Alma, GABacon County High School901 North Pierce Street912-632-4414
Alma, GAOkefenokee Technical College101 West 17th Street912-632-0951
Americus, GAAmerican Red Cross - Middle Flint Chapter - Sumter Co.1509 Crawford St229-924-2026
Americus, GAMagnolia Manor Nursing Center2001 South Lee Street229-924-9352
Appling, GALake Crossing Health Center6698 Washington Rd706-541-0462
Ashburn, GAHeritage Healthcare Of AshburnP.o. Box 629229-567-3473
Ashburn, GAMoultrie Technical College222 Rock House Road229-567-2045
Athens, GAAlpha Nursing Training Institute - Athens230 Briarcliff Road706-353-1807
Athens, GAAthens Technical College800 Us Hwy 29 North706-355-5000
Athens, GAHeritage Healthcare Of Athens139 Alps Road706-549-8020
Athens, GAHeritage Healthcare Of Grandview165 Winston Drive706-549-6013
Atlanta, GAAlpha Nursing Training Institute - Atlanta777 Cleveland Avenue Sw, Suite 301404-209-0163
Atlanta, GAAtlanta Job Corps Center239 West Lake Avenue Northwest404-794-9512
Atlanta, GAAtlanta Technical College1560 Metropolitan Parkway Sw404-225-4461
Atlanta, GAAtlanta Technical College - Tech High School1043 Memorial Drive Se678-904-5091
Atlanta, GACovenant Cna School1 Baltimore Place678-235-4283
Atlanta, GACross Keys High School1626 North Druid Hills Rd Ne678-874-6102
Atlanta, GAHeritage Healthcare Of West Atlanta2645 Whiting Street Nw404-799-9267
Atlanta, GAMalik College5115 New Peachtree Rd770-451-9115
Atlanta, GAMurray Career Institute233 Mitchell Street404-228-1568
Atlanta, GASadie G. Mays Health & Rehabilitation Center1821 Anderson Avenue Nw404-794-2477
Atlanta, GAWamita Allied Health Trainng Center, Llc5650 Fulton Industrial Blvd404-344-1333
Atlanta, GAWellstar Nursing Assistant & Allied Health Program325 Fulton Industrial Circle678-663-4085
Augusta, GAA.r. Johnson Health Science & Engineering Magnet1324 Laney-walker Blvd706-823-6933
Augusta, GAAugusta Technical College3200 Augusta Tech Dr.706-771-4000
Augusta, GAB.e.d.s. Beneficial Educational Developmental System3218 Hillsview Drive866-860-1020
Augusta, GATender Care Training School1140 Druid Park Avenue706-736-9225
Augusta, GATraining For Life Academy2232 A Peach Orchard Road706-814-6941
Austell, GAChattahoochee Technical College1578 Veterans Memorial Highway770-528-4545
Austell, GAUnihealth Post Acute Care Austell1700 Mulkey Road770-941-5750
Bainbridge, GABainbridge College2500 East Shotwell Street229-243-6000
Baldwin, GAThe Oaks Of Scenic View205 Peach Orchard Rd706-778-8377
Barnesville, GAHeritage Inn Of Barnesville946 Veterans Parkway770-358-2485
Blackshear, GAOkefenokee Technical College253 Carter912-449-7979
Blackshear, GAPierce County High School4850 County Farm Road912-449-2055
Blairsville, GANorth Georgia Technical College121 Meeks Avenue706-439-6300
Blairsville, GAUnion County Nursing Home164 Nursing Home Circle706-745-4948
Blue Ridge, GAFannin County High School300 Rebel Circle706-632-2081
Blue Ridge, GAHeritage Healthcare Of Blue Ridge99 Ouida Street706-632-2271
Brunswick, GAAdl Training & Testing2919 Altama Avenue912-265-9355
Brunswick, GAAmerican Red Cross207 Rose Drive912-265-1695
Brunswick, GABrunswick Job Corps Center4401 Glynco Parkway912-264-8843
Brunswick, GAGolden Isles Career Academy4404 Glynco Parkway912-280-4000
Brunswick, GASears Manor3311 Lee Street912-264-1857
Buchanan, GACountryside Health Center233 Carrollton Street770-646-3861
Byromville, GAPinehill Nursing Center712 Patterson Street478-433-5711
Cairo, GACairo High School - Grady County Vocational Center455 5th St. Se229-377-2044
Calhoun, GAAmerican Red Cross Northwest Georgia Chapter309 Court Street706-629-4510
Calhoun, GACalhoun Health Care Center1387 Us 41 North706-629-1289
Calhoun, GACna Nursing School Of Calhoun135 Professional Court706-629-2651
Calhoun, GAGordon Health & Rehabilitation1280 Mauldin Road706-625-0044
Camilla, GASouthwest Georgia Technical College1000 Newton Rd229-336-0970
Canton, GABrian Center Of Canton150 Hospital Circle770-479-5649
Carrollton, GAThe Oaks Of Carrollton921 Old Newnan Road770-834-2242
Carrollton, GAVillage Samaritan, Llc251 Prism Drive770-830-5683
Cartersville, GACass High School738 Grassdale Road770-606-5182
Cartersville, GACpr With Mickey, Inc.618 E Main Street770-606-9697
Cartersville, GAMaple Ridge Health Care Center22 Maple Ridge Road770-606-8800
Cartersville, GAStarcrest Of Cartersville196 N. Dixie Avenue770-387-0662
Cedartown, GACedar Valley Nursing & Rehab Center225 Philpot Street770-748-4116
Cedartown, GACedartown High School167 Frank Lott Drive770-748-0490
Chamblee, GAWarren Technical School3075 Alton Road678-676-6502
Chatsworth, GAChatsworth Health Care Center102 Hospital Drive706-695-8313
Clarkston, GADekalb Technical College495 N Indian Creek Dr.404-297-9522
Clarkston, GANew Beginning Cna Training4122 East Ponce De Leon Ave678-462-7702
Claxton, GACamellia Health & Rehabilitation Center700 E. Long Street912-739-2245
Clayton, GAMountain View Health Care547 Warwoman Road706-782-4276
Cleveland, GAGateway Health And Rehab3201 Westmoreland Road706-865-5686
Cleveland, GAWhite County High School2600 Hwy 129 N706-865-2312
Cochran, GABryant Health Care Center134 6th Street Sw478-934-7682
College Park, GAFaks Allied Health Education Center.5150 Old National Hwy404-763-0055
Colquitt, GASouthern Training InstituteP.o. Box 408229-254-0858
Columbus, GAColumbus Technical College928 Manchester Expressway706-649-1800
Columbus, GAEnrichment Services Program, Inc.2100 12th Avenue706-596-0504
Columbus, GAFirst Step Health Agency1805a Wynnton Road762-821-2471
Columbus, GAMuscogee Manor & Rehabilitation Center7150 Manor Road706-561-3218
Columbus, GAStat Medical Services, Inc.2 Bradley Park Court706-322-7776
Columbus, GAStep One Health Agency5950 Veterans Parkway762-821-3574
Commerce, GAEast Jackson Comprehensive High School1435 Hoods Mill Road706-336-8900
Conyers, GAAllied Health Training Center Of Conyers1315 Milstead Road Ne770-922-6913
Conyers, GADekalb Technical College1064 Culpepper Drive Sw770-787-0211
Conyers, GAGeorgia Northwestern Technical College2400 Granade Road Sw866-983-4682
Conyers, GAMetro Atlanta A.s.b.l.1540 Georgia Highway 138 Se404-547-6950
Conyers, GAPremier Medical Careers1015 Milstead Avenue678-413-1663
Cordele, GACordele Health & Rehab1106 North 4th Street229-273-1227
Cordele, GASouth Georiga Technical College402 North Midway Road229-271-4040
Covington, GACovington Manor Health Care4148 Carroll St.770-786-0427
Covington, GADekalb Technical College8100 Bob Williams Parkway770-786-9522
Crawfordville, GATaliaferro County High School557 Broad Street706-456-2546
Cumming, GACumming Nursing Center2775 Castleberry Road770-781-2300
Cuthbert, GARandolph Clay Middle/high School3451 Georgia Hwy 266229-732-2101
Dahlonega, GAGold City Convalescent Center222 Moore's Drive706-864-3045
Dallas, GACpr With Mickey110 Evans Mill Drive770-573-2448
Dallas, GAPaulding County High School1297 Villa Rica Highway770-443-8008
Dallas, GAWellstar Paulding Hospital600 W. Memorial Drive770-445-4411
Dalton, GADalton State College650 College Drive706-272-4436
Dalton, GARegency Park Nursing & Rehabilitation1212 Broadrick Drive706-270-8008
Darien, GAAltamaha Technical College- Mcintosh Academy8945 Highway # 17912-280-4000
Decatur, GAAfria Medical Institute, Inc.4319 Covington Highway404-284-7178
Decatur, GAAmerican Professional Institute141 Sams Street404-789-3985
Decatur, GAAmericas Best Healthcare Services, Inc.4151 Memorial Drive404-294-0095
Decatur, GAColumbia High School Dekalb County Board Of Education2106 Columbia Drive678-874-0802
Decatur, GADekalb High School Of Technology3303 Panthersville Road678-874-4502
Decatur, GAEast Lake Arbor Healthcare304 Fifth Avenue404-373-6231
Decatur, GAEllenwood Academy4798 Flat Shoals Parkway404-567-4021
Decatur, GAM & K Education, Inc.3009 Rainbow Drive Suite 104404-243-7227
Decatur, GAOmnitech Institute4319 Covington Highway404-284-8121
Decatur, GAProfessional Medical Institute, Inc4336 Covington Hwy404-289-7177
Decatur, GAR.i.s.e. Academy, Llc4467 Glenwood Road678-993-5287
Decatur, GASouthwest Dekalb High School2863 Kelly Chapel Rd678-874-1902
Decatur, GAWoodruff Medical Training & Testing2637 North Decatur Rd404-499-1777
Decatur, GAWorld Outreach Medical Institute4650 Memorial Drive404-299-1271
Douglas, GACoffee County High School159 Trojan Way912-384-2094
Douglas, GAShady Acres Nursing Home1310 West Gordon Street912-384-7811
Douglas, GAYcarte Health Career Center1214 North Peterson Avenue912-384-8680
Douglasville, GAAssured & Associates Personal Care Of Georgia8336 Office Park Drive678-391-0140
Douglasville, GACareer Start Institute3133 Golf Ridge Blvd678-710-8078
Douglasville, GAWest Georgia Technical College4600 Timber Ridge Drive770-947-7300
Dublin, GAOconee Fall Line Technical College560 Pinehill Rd800-200-4484
Duluth, GAAlliance Care School Of Nursing Assistants3500 Duluth Park Lane678-417-1604
Duluth, GAAmerican Professional Institute2131 Pleasant Hill Road678-473-7820
Duluth, GAAtlanta General Education Center, Inc.3761 Venture Drive770-497-9997
East Point, GANv Enterprises Training Academy2981 Church Street404-763-4114
Eatonton, GACentral Georgia Technical College580 James Marshall Bypass706-923-5000
Elberton, GAAthens Technical College1317 Athens Highway706-213-2100
Elberton, GAHeritage Healthcare Of Spring Valley651 Rhodes Drive706-283-3880
Ellenwood, GACedar Grove High School2360 River Road678-874-4002
Ellijay, GAGilmer Nursing Home1362 South Main Street706-635-7881
Evans, GAColumbia County Schools5114 Riverwood Parkway706-650-6040
Fairburn, GAFairburn Health Care Center178 W. Campbellton Street770-964-1320
Fayetteville, GAExelle Medical Training, Llc.101 Rainbow Way770-703-7751
Fayetteville, GAGolden Age Healthcare Training, Inc.150 Carnegie Place404-663-6455
Fayetteville, GALaureate Training Center115 Commerce Drive Suite A770-719-5445
Fitzgerald, GAFitzgerald High School601 West Cypress Street229-409-5530
Fitzgerald, GAWiregrass Georgia Technical College667 Perry House Road229-468-2000
Folkston, GAOkefenokee Technical College994 Indian Trail912-496-2501
Forsyth, GACentral Georgia Technical College433 Hwy 41, South478-992-2881
Forsyth, GAHeritage Healthcare Of Forsyth521 Cabiness Road478-994-5671
Forsyth, GAHeritage Healthcare Of Monroe4796 Highway 42 North478-994-5662
Fort Oglethorpe, GAGeorgia Northwestern Technical College1850 Battlefield Parkway866-983-4682
Fort Oglethorpe, GAHeritage Healthcare Of Fort Oglethorpe1067 Battlefield Parkway706-861-5154
Fort Oglethorpe, GANhc Healthcare2403 Battlefield Parkway706-866-7700
Franklin, GAHeritage Healthcare Of Franklin360 South River Road800-385-2527
Franklin, GAWest Georgia Technical College545 Main Street706-845-4323
Gainesville, GAAlpha Nursing Training Institute510 West Avenue678-928-4390
Gainesville, GAAmerican Professional Institute675 E.e. Butler Parkway770-297-8080
Gainesville, GAThe Oaks Of Limestone2560 Flintridge Road770-536-3391
Gainesville, GAVillage Nursing Care, Inc621 Green Street770-536-0484
Gibson, GAGibson Health & Rehab Center434 Beall Springs Road706-598-2167
Glennville, GASoutheastern Technical College211 S. Tillman Street912-538-3100
Gracewood, GAEast Central Regional Hospital100 Myrtle Blvd706-790-2011
Gray, GACentral Georgia Technical College161 West Clinton Street478-986-4370
Gray, GALynn Haven Health & Rehab747 Monticello Highway478-986-3196
Grayson, GAFoldel Healthcare Services, Llc438 Grayson Parkway678-254-0946
Greenville, GAUnihealth Post Acute Care Of Greenville99 Hill Haven Rd706-672-4241
Greenville, GAWest Georgia Technical College17529 Roosevelt Hwy706-672-3103
Griffin, GABrightmoor Health Care3235 Newnan Road770-228-8599
Griffin, GASouthern Crescent Technical College501 Varsity Road770-228-7348
Griffin, GASpalding High School433 Wilson Rd770-229-3775
Hartwell, GAHart County High School59 Fifth Street706-376-5461
Hawkinsville, GAPinewood Manor Nursing Home277 Commerce Street478-892-9171
Hiawassee, GAChatuge Regional Hospital & Nursing Home386 Belaire Drive706-896-2231
High Shoals, GAFamily Life Enrichment Center3450 New High Shoals Rd.706-769-7738
Hinesville, GABradwell Institute100 Pafford Street912-876-6121
Hinesville, GAInfinite Health Care Academy, Inc.1016 Live Oak Drive404-913-1948
Hinesville, GALiberty County Adult Continuing Education200 Bradwell Street912-876-4951
Hinesville, GASavannah Technical CollegeLiberty County Campus912-408-3024
Ideal, GAMiona Geriatrics And Dementia Center201 Poplar Street478-949-2270
Jackson, GABlessed Assurance Healthcare112 E 2nd Street770-775-9991
Jackson, GAWestbury Medical Care Home922 Mcdonough Road770-775-7832
Jasper, GAChattahoochee Technical College100 Campus Drive706-253-4546
Jasper, GAGrandview Health Care Center618 Gennett Drive706-692-5123
Jasper, GAHeritage Healthcare Of Jasper1350 East Church Street706-253-2441
Jeffersonville, GACentral Georgia Technical College375 Watson Dr478-988-6800
Jeffersonville, GACentral Georgia Technical College952 Main Street478-945-2206
Jesup, GAAltamaha Technical College1777 West Cherry Street912-427-5800
Jonesboro, GAAtlanta Technical College - Perry Center137 Spring Street770-515-7601
Jonesboro, GAEverest Institute6431 Tara Boulevard770-603-0000
Jonesboro, GAJohnco Institute650 Mount Zion Rd770-996-2608
Jonesboro, GAPatient Care Techniques124 South Main Street, Ste. 2b678-772-2399
Kennesaw, GAKennesaw State University1000 Chastain Road Nw470-578-6000
Kennesaw, GARoss Memorial Health Care Center1780 Old 41 Highway770-427-7256
Kingsland, GACamden County High School6300 Laurel Island Pkwy912-729-7318
Lafayette, GAHeritage Healthcare Of Lafayette205 Roadrunner Blvd706-638-4662
Lagrange, GAAlpha Nursing Training Institute2170 West Point Avenue706-884-5483
Lagrange, GAWest Georgia Technical CollegeOne College Circle706-845-4323
Lawrenceville, GALloyd Xavier Medical Training Institute, Inc134 South Clayton Street770-339-2600
Lawrenceville, GAMaxwell Hs Of Technology990 Mcelvaney Lane770-963-6838
Lawrenceville, GAMentee Medical Institute848 James Rd770-931-5020
Leesburg, GALee County High SchoolOne Trojan Way229-903-2260
Lilburn, GAEducation & Career Resources Of Ga4055 Lawrenceville Hwy770-717-0310
Lilburn, GAHeritage Healthcare Of Lilburn788 Indian Trail Rd770-923-2020
Lithonia, GAMiller Grove High School2645 Dekalb Medical Center Parkway678-875-1102
Loganville, GAElite Healthcare Services, Llc303 Fox Briar Court770-554-7280
Ludowici, GALong County High School550 S. Mcdonald Street912-545-2135
Lyons, GAToombs Health & Rehabilitation181 Oxley Drive912-526-6336
Mableton, GACobb Certified Nurse Assisting School5701 Mableton Parkway678-398-1234
Macon, GAAmerican Professional Institute - Macon1667 Eisenhower Parkway478-742-8909
Macon, GACentral Georgia Technical College3300 Macon Tech Drive478-757-3400
Macon, GAEndurance 4 U Healthcare Education Training School780 Baconfield Drive478-741-0400
Macon, GAExtended Health Services, Inc2733 Sheraton Drive478-746-9988
Macon, GAFamily Care Solutions Health Services Training Institute150 Sessions Drive478-743-7415
Macon, GAHeritage Healthcare Of Macon2255 Anthony Road478-784-7900
Macon, GAThe Oaks Of Peake6190 Peake Road478-471-7474
Marietta, GAAvett Quality Services, Inc.1730 Austell Road Southeast770-432-7227
Marietta, GAChattahoochee Technical College980 South Cobb Dr.770-528-4545
Marietta, GACumberland Health Services And Training3411 Austell Rd Sw770-435-2555
Marietta, GAMarietta Health & Rehabilitation Center50 Saine Drive770-429-8600
Marietta, GAMulticare Training Institute909 Cobb Parkway North770-427-4338
Mcdonough, GAMcdonough Health Careers Institute, Llc103 Jonesboro Road678-432-4933
Metter, GAAzalea Health & Rehab300 Cedar Street912-685-5703
Milledgeville, GAAmerican Professional Institute2400 N. Columbia Street478-452-3900
Milledgeville, GACentral Georgia Technical College54 Highway 22 West478-445-2300
Milledgeville, GACentral State HospitalYarbrough Building478-445-4128
Milledgeville, GAGeorgia War Veterans Home2249 Vinson Highway478-445-3234
Milledgeville, GAPeachstate Nursing Agency, Ltd.140 West Washington Street478-453-3369
Millen, GASoutheastern Technical - Jenkins County High School433 Barney Avenue478-982-4791
Monroe, GAAthens Technical College212 Bryant Road706-552-0901
Monticello, GAJasper County High School14477 Highway 11 North706-468-5016
Morrow, GAClayton State University2000 Clayton State Boulevard678-466-4000
Moultrie, GAColquitt County High School1800 Park Avenue229-890-6194
Moultrie, GAHeritage Healthcare Of Sunrise2709 South Main Street229-985-7173
Moultrie, GAMoultrie Technical College361 Industrial Drive888-205-3449
Nashville, GABerrien High School500 East Smith Avenue229-686-7428
Newnan, GAGentle Care Services, Inc92 Coggins Corner Dr678-423-1135
Newnan, GANewnan Health & Rehabilitation244 East Broad Street770-253-7160
Newnan, GAWest Central Technical College160 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive678-821-3800
Norcross, GACnu Medical Institute, Inc.6399 Jimmy Carter Blvd # 100678-879-0721
Norcross, GANew Horizons Medical Institute, Inc.5675 Jimmy Carter Blvd., Ste 605770-447-0722
Oakwood, GALanier Technical College2990 Landrum Education Drive770-533-7000
Pelham, GASouthwest Georgia Technical College - Pelham High School203 Mathewson Ave229-294-8623
Perry, GASummerhill Senior Living Community500 Stanley Street478-987-3100
Powder Springs, GACobb Allied Health Training Center4146 Austell Powder Springs Road770-693-5788
Pulaski, GAOrchard Health & Rehabilitation1321 Pulaski School Street912-685-2633
Quitman, GAPresbyterian Home1901 W. Screven Street229-263-6100
Richland, GAFour County Health Care99 Overby Drive229-887-2021
Rincon, GAEffingham Career Academy2940 Highway 21 South912-754-5610
Ringgold, GAGeorgia Northwestern Technical College28 Tiger Trail866-983-4682
Riverdale, GACenter For Progressive Training Inc1805 Highway 138 Sw770-996-0637
Roberta, GACentral Georgia Technical College640 Ga Highway 128478-836-6001
Rock Spring, GAGeorgia Northwestern Technical College265 Bicentennial Trail866-983-4682
Rockmart, GAGeorgia Northwestern Technical College466 Brock Road770-684-5696
Rockmart, GARockmart High School990 Veterans Highway770-684-5432
Rome, GAAlpha Nursing Training Institute321 East 8th Street706-232-1876
Rome, GAChulio Hills Health & Rehab1170 Chulio Road706-235-1132
Rome, GACpr With Mickey, Inc.540 Broad Street770-573-2448
Rome, GAGeorgia Northwestern Technical CollegeOne Maurice Culberson Dr.866-983-4682
Rome, GAGeorgia Northwestern Technical College1000 Veterans Memorial Highway Ne706-764-3532
Rome, GAPrime Care Nursing Services, Inc208 Redmond Road706-291-9151
Rome, GARome High School1000 Veterans Memorial Highway706-235-9653
Rome, GAWinthrop Health & Rehabilitation12 Chateau Drive Se706-235-1422
Rossville, GANhc Healthcare1425 Mcfarland Avenue706-861-0863
Rossville, GARidgeland High School2478 Happy Valley Road706-820-9361
Sandersville, GAOconee Fall Line Technical College1189 Deepstep Road478-553-2050
Sandersville, GAWashington County High School420 Riddleville Road478-552-2324
Savannah, GADominion Health Care Solutions, Llc7160 Hodgson Memorial Drive912-303-0445
Savannah, GASavannah Technical College5717 White Bluff Road912-443-5700
Savannah, GAWoodville Tompkins Technical & Career Institute151 Coach Joe Turner Street912-395-6750
Smyrna, GAAdvanced Professional Nurses, Inc.3320 South Cobb Drive, Ste. C770-364-8148
Smyrna, GAFortis Institute2108 Cobb Parkway Se770-980-0002
Smyrna, GAMetro Medical Training Center1184 Concord Road Se, Suite 5770-437-1250
Sparks, GAWiregrass Georgia Technical College - Cook County Workforce Development Center1676 North Elm Street229-549-7830
Sparta, GASparta Health Care11744 Hwy 22706-444-6057
Statesboro, GAOgeechee Technical CollegeOne Joseph E. Kennedy Blvd.912-681-5500
Stone Mountain, GACaregiver Solutions Training Institute1835 East Park Place Blvd770-710-0202
Stone Mountain, GADekalb County Healthcare Center, Inc5160 Springview Avenue770-498-4144
Stone Mountain, GAHealth Education Associates, Inc5300 Memorial Drive404-296-5272
Summerville, GAOakview Nursing & Rehab960 Highland Avenue706-857-4761
Suwanee, GAEk Medical Learning Center, Inc530 Highland Station Drive678-714-9620
Suwanee, GANurse Consult, Llc3255 Lawrenceville Suwanee Road678-756-0679
Swainsboro, GASoutheastern Technical College346 Kite Rd.478-289-2200
Sylvania, GASyl-view Health Care Center411 Pine Street912-564-2015
Sylvester, GAWorth County High School406 West King Street229-776-8625
Thomaston, GARiverside Nursing Center101 Old Talbotton Road706-647-8161
Thomaston, GASouthern Crescent Technical College1533 Highway 19 South706-646-6148
Thomaston, GAUpson-lee High School268 Knight Trail706-647-8171
Thomasville, GASouthwest Georgia Technical College15689 Us Highway 19 North888-205-3449
Thomasville, GASouthwest Georgia Technical College - Thomas County Central High School4686 Us Highway 84 Bypass West229-225-5050
Thomasville, GASouthwest Georgia Technical College - Thomasville High School315 South Hansell Street229-225-2634
Tifton, GAMoultrie Technical College52 Tech Drive229-391-2600
Tifton, GAMoultrie Technical College - Tift County High SchoolOne Blue Devil Way229-217-4209
Tiger, GARabun County High School230 Wildcat Hill Drive706-782-4526
Toccoa, GAStephens County Hospital163 Hospital Drive706-282-4200
Toomsboro, GAHeritage Healthcare Of Toomsboro210 Main Street478-933-5395
Trenton, GADade Health & Rehab Center1234 Highway 301877-252-4469
Trenton, GAGeorgia Northwestern Technical College300 Tradition Ln866-983-4682
Trion, GAGeorgia Northwestern Technical College919 Allgood Street866-983-4682
Tucker, GAChristies Health Service3469 Lawrenceville Hwy770-939-0143
Tucker, GAElite Medical Training Center1798 Montreal Circle770-242-9700
Union Point, GAGreene Point Health Care1321 Washington Highway706-486-2167
Valdosta, GAValdosta Technical College4089 Val Tech Road229-333-2100
Vidalia, GASoutheastern Technical College3001 E. First Street912-538-3100
Waco, GAWest Central Technical College176 Murphy Campus Blvd.770-537-6000
Warm Springs, GARoosevelt Warm Springs Rehabilitation6135 Roosevelt Highway706-655-5255
Warner Robins, GAHealth Tech Of Georgia, Inc.202 North Davis Drive478-923-7007
Warner Robins, GAMiddle Georgia Technical College80 Cohen Walker Drive478-988-6800
Washington, GAWashington-wilkes Comp High School1180 Tignall Road706-678-2426
Waverly Hall, GAOak View Home119 Oakview St.706-582-2117
Waycross, GABaptist Village Inc2650 Carswell Avenue912-283-7050
Waycross, GAOkefenokee Technical College1701 Carswell Avenue912-287-6584
Waycross, GAWare County High School700 Victory Drive912-287-2351
Waynesboro, GABrentwood Terrace Health Care115 Brentwood Drive706-554-4425
Winder, GAWinder Health Care263 East May Street770-867-2108
Woodstock, GAGiving Care At Home Education Center602 Industrial Court678-831-0830