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Taking CNA lessons in Florida would be a fantastic career choice since the need for CNAs in the Sunshine State is expected to rise by 35% over the next five years. In 2018, 17.3% of the state’s entire population was over 65, the highest percentage in the United States. More and more baby boomers are expected to enter the ranks of the state’s elderly population over the next several years, generating an even greater need for nursing aides.

Several technical and community colleges in Florida are now providing six-week CNA training programs to meet the state’s growing need for professionals. The Florida Board of Nursing regulates these CNA training institutes to ensure that only the most competent nursing assistants are being produced in order to provide high-quality patient care.

To become a certified nursing assistant in most places, you must pass a state-approved training program. But in Florida, prospective CNAs are not required to finish a training course in order to sit for the state certification test. After three failed attempts at the state test, an individual who wants to become a CNA will have to attend CNA training. If you pass the exam, your name will be added to the Florida Department of Health‘s registry of licensed practical and vocational nurses.

It is mandatory in Florida for the Florida Department of Health to approve all CNA training programs. At least 75 to 120 hours of classroom teaching and clinical experience are required. It is essential that students learn about the fundamentals of human physiology and anatomy, as well as how to properly care for patients and administer CPR. They also need to learn how to properly clothe and feed patients who are no longer able to do it on their own. A certified teacher must supervise students in the clinical environment once the classroom education is completed.” As a result of the individualized instruction, every CNA student will be equipped with the information and skills necessary to work as a professional nurse assistant.

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CNA Classes in Port St. Lucie

There are 169,260 residents in Port St. Lucie, FL, and 1,486 persons per square mile in the city. This is 324 times more than the state average. This city has a larger percentage of 65-year-olds than the state average, which is around 15%. An aging population may be to blame, and it’s critical for this community to satisfy the healthcare needs of its elderly residents.

Only 2160 Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are available in the region around this city. Hospitals and medical institutions are only two of the venues where CNAs may assist patients in their daily lives. To work in a hospital or medical office, you’ll almost always require a CNA. Even mental health institutions may benefit from their use in a long-term care facility. In places like Port St. Lucie, it’s critical to recruit CNAs who have the proper certifications.

Fortis Institute in Port St. Lucie

Fortis Institute in Port St. Lucie

Education Affiliates owns both Fortis College and Fortis Institute. More than 40 sites are spread throughout 14 states across the two educational systems. One of these campuses is Fortis Institute in Port St. Lucie.

Programs at the Port St. Lucie campus prepare students for entry-level careers in various healthcare settings. Nursing, medical, and dentistry programs are offered at the site. Continuing Education at the university includes a Nursing Assistant program. The Accreditation Bureau of Health Education Schools has given it its seal of approval (ABHES).

Long-term care patients, in particular those who need help with activities of daily living, will benefit from this course (ADLs). Students will learn how to provide basic medical care under supervision, execute emergency treatments such as CPR, transfer patients properly, provide personal care and assistance, understand and adhere to safety measures, and monitor vital signs as part of their course goals.

Lectures, laboratory work, and hands-on clinical training are all modes of education. Instructors with extensive backgrounds in nursing provide the curriculum. The cost of the program is $800. Financial aid is not available for this course.

A Career Services Center may be found on each Fortis campus. Its primary goal is to help graduates in finding employment. The Director of Career Resources will meet with graduating students to discuss the support and services they are eligible for based on their academic majors.

Call (772) 221-9799 or visit the Fortis Institute’s website above to learn more about the institute’s Continuing Education Programs.

Feden Healthcare Education Institute

Feden Healthcare Education Institute

If you’re interested in a career in medicine, Feden Healthcare Education Institute will help you get started. Healthcare training programs offered by the institution include assisted living, health and safety (CPR/AED), career development, continuing education for healthcare professionals (CEHPs) as well as teacher training for CEHPs and APDs, and also courses in CPR and first aid.

Health and career-building initiatives at the institution include a CNA test prep class. The course might last anywhere from one day to up to eight. Weekday, evening, and weekend class schedules are all available. Classes are held on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for a total of eight days per week.

At 9 a.m., courses begin, and they last until about 1 p.m. at night, which is when classes end. In addition, there are 3-day and two-weekend classes available. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the days for three-weekday lessons, whereas Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are the days for four-weekday sessions. The institution and teachers will have to negotiate the exact day and hour. Every Saturday and Sunday between the hours of nine in the morning and four in the afternoon. A total of 32-40 hours of contact training is required for each of these courses. A day or two before the CNA test (if you’re taking it there), you may take a 12- to 20-hour refresher course.

The cost of the normal course is around $300. This covers everything students will need to complete the course, as well as the First Aid Certificate they’ll get upon completion. Besides the $35 processing charge, there are additional expenses for testing and paperwork. During registration, students may submit a $150 deposit to secure their spot. Each of the $150 refresher courses focuses only on improving one’s talents or one’s writing abilities. On the other hand, the refresher course costs $75.

Call (723) 343-1650 or visit the Feden Healthcare Education Institute’s website above for more information.

St. Lucie Public Schools

St. Lucie Public Schools

The Career and Technical Education department of St. Lucie‘s public schools offers CNA classes. There are three high schools in Port St. Lucie, Florida: Port St. Lucie High School, St. Lucie West Centennial High School, and Treasure Coast High School (Darwin Blvd).

These programs are designed to assist students to turn their passions into a career and educational route at the high school level. CTE provides not just educational possibilities, but also approved certificates and college credit for those who want to continue their education.

CTE’s Allied Health program includes the Certified Nursing Aide (CNA) course. In order to be eligible for the Nursing Assistant 3 course in 12th grade, students must complete the essential requirements. 10th and 11th-grade students take an anatomy and physiology course in health science. From 11th to 12th-grade students are required to study Health Science Foundations and Allied Health Assisting.

Patients in hospitals and nursing homes are the primary focus of this course. Lectures, skills lab activities, and 40 hours of clinical practice are all part of the curriculum. Effective communication skills, legal and ethical obligations, fundamental nursing skills, patient personal care and safety, nursing organizational skills, and HIV/AIDs are among the topics they taught.

The state CNA test is open to students. The Indian River State College may also provide them an articulation credit.

The director of Career & Technical Education may be contacted by phone at (772) 229-3963, or you can visit their website.

CNA Classes in Cape Coral

Young folks in Cape Coral might choose a profession as a nursing assistant. There are around 165,834 people residing in the city. There are around 17% of the population above the age of 65. Although the city’s 18-24 age group is increasing quickly, the rest of the state and even the nation is progressively greying, making this a notable outlier.

Southwestern Vocational Training

Southwestern Vocational Training

There are a variety of educational options available at Southwestern Vocational Training (SWVT). The National Healthcareer Association and the Florida Commission for Independent Education have both recognized the school as a locally-owned, state-licensed institution.

Nursing assistant certification is one of the goals of their Patient Care Technician and CNA Preparation programs. Patient Care Technicians may choose from four different job options. Certification tests for Certified Nursing Assistants, Phlebotomists, EKG technicians, and patient care technicians are available to graduates. CNA Prep is for people who already have a background in healthcare, particularly those who have previously trained as Home Health Aides (HHA). Those who have already tried certification or have received certification in the past may use this course as a refresher.

Classes are offered both during the day and at night. Patients Care Technician courses are held Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, or 5:30 p.m to 9:30 p.m, depending on the day of the week and the time of year. Day sessions go for 10-12 weeks, while night classes last for 17-60 days. Prospective students should register by the deadline of two weeks before the classes start.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, CNA Prep sessions are held, although the evening programs conclude at 9:45 pm. The program duration for day classes is one week and night classes, two weeks.

Additional expenses for the Patient Care Technician program have not been released, however, students may be eligible for financial aid. It costs $450 to enroll in the CNA Prep course. The price covers textbooks, equipment, and materials, but students are responsible for purchasing CPR, CEUS, and medical scrubs. Additionally, SWVT conducts the state certification exam at its location. Additional fees of $140 for the test and $80 for fingerprinting are required. After graduating from SWVT, students might get aid in finding employment.

To get in touch with SWVT, you can call them at (239) 214-0717 or visit their website.

Cape Coral Technical College

Cape Coral Technical College

As part of the Lee County Public Institution System, Cape Coral Technical College (CCTC) is a public, post-secondary vocational school located in the city of Cape Coral. The Nursing Aid Program was the first to graduate from the school in 1993. These new programs will help students prepare for employment in the fields of agriculture, finance, healthcare, hospitality, and technology. COE and SACS/CASI of AdvancED has given it accreditations for its training programs.

The Florida Board of Nursing has authorized the school’s Nursing Assistant – Articulated curriculum. There are just a few students in each class, which allows for plenty of individual attention and participation. Students get one-on-one training and receive specialized education in the areas of competence and empathy. A 165-contact-hour course is offered over six weeks. The Basic Healthcare Worker training takes up around 90 hours of the curriculum, while the articulated Nurse Aid and Orderly training take up the remaining 75 hours.

Students will earn a certificate of completion from the American Heart Association for Basic Healthcare Worker, Nurse Assistant and Orderly (Articulated), and Basic Life Support (BLS). The Florida Certified Nursing Assistant State Exam is of course open to all recent graduates who have completed the program.

On weekdays, classes run from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. At 6:30 a.m. each day, clinical sessions begin and terminate at various times.

High school graduation, vaccinations, a level 2 background check, and an appointment with the admissions office are among the criteria for admission.

The program is estimated to cost $1,293. Pre-admission expenditures (274) and other expenses (525) are included in the tuition and graduation fee of $494.

The CCTC may be contacted via phone at (239) 574-4440 or by visiting their website.

Lee County High Schools

Lee County High Schools

CNA training is available at two high schools in Cape Coral’s Lee Country District. Both the Mariner High School as well as the Ida S Baker High School are located in this area. Under the authority of their respective Medical Academies, both institutions provide CNA training.

There is a connection between this curriculum and the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA). An emphasis on interpersonal development in preparation for the student’s future profession in healthcare is the main focus of this program. Many of these traits are emphasized in the Mariner High School’s curriculum: communication, work ethic, and well-rounded education in the field of medicine.

Ida S. Baker High School’s CNA training program begins in 10th grade with Health Science 1. Health Science 2 in 11th grade, followed by Nursing 3 in 12th grade, is the next step. It all begins in 9th grade at Mariner High School when students take Medical Skills and Services. Human anatomy and physiology are taught in 10th grade whereas foundations of health science are learned at the 11th-grade level. Nursing Assistant, Allied Health Assisting (Phlebotomy), and Electrocardiograph Aide make up the twelve-grade course series (Acute and Long Term Care).

Both programs are aimed at obtaining state-level accreditation in the sector. Exams for the Electrocardiograph Aide, Certified Nursing Assistant, and Phlebotomy Technician may be taken by Mariner High School students. Additionally, they are eligible to obtain CPR training.

Get in touch with the Lee County School District by dialing (239) 334-1102, or check out each school’s website directly.

CNA classes in Tallahassee

American Red Cross in Tallahassee

American Red Cross in Tallahassee

There is a four- to eight-week Certified Nursing Aide training program offered by the American Red Cross in Tallahassee. With the help of clinical professors, students learn in both classroom and clinical settings while being closely monitored during the entire program. The American Red Cross’s CNA program requires applicants to have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a clean criminal background check, and negative findings on TB testing and drug screening. Due to the limited number of spots available, interested students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Quality academics and hands-on training are emphasized in the American Red Cross CNA program. Medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, basic nursing concepts, nutritional considerations, infection control, patient safety, and resident rights are among the many topics that students will learn in this nursing-focused course. Aspiring nursing assistants will also be prepared with the technical skills necessary to practice as a CNA. Skills covered in the curriculum include taking vital signs, evaluating a patient’s health, aiding with daily tasks, and many more.

CNA training students should not skip any classes in order to prevent losing out on important information and practice. In addition, they must score at least 85 percent in all of the training modules. Additionally, there may be a limited number of scholarships available. The admissions office of the American Red Cross is the best place for students to inquire about the program. At this facility, healthcare firms may sponsor free CNA training for their employees. Consider checking it out at some of the companies you’re considering for future employment.

Southeastern School of Health Sciences

Southeastern School of Health Sciences

Southeastern School of Health Sciences‘ CNA training program teaches students the abilities required to pass the Florida certification test. This course teaches you the benefits of healthcare and provides you with a deeper knowledge of the human body. It may also help you understand how illnesses develop, which is important for disease prevention. This will enable students to practice nursing skills necessary for becoming a CNA, such as collecting vital signs, using medical equipment, feeding patients, and caring for bathing and grooming.

Students must have a high school diploma or a GED to be accepted into the CNA training program. In order to be accepted, a criminal background check and a health exam are also required. Anyone with a criminal record or a contagious condition will be denied admission. There is, however, no prerequisite for enrolling in the CNA course. Although class capacity is restricted, a large number of students are admitted. This allows you enough time for one-on-one training and quality assurance to ensure you’re properly equipped for the work.

The CNA training program costs $480 in total. State examination costs, clothing, medical supplies, and books are not included. Students must arrange their own transportation for clinical assignments. In order to be in compliance with the regulations, they must also attend the orientation session prior to the commencement of class.

Tallahassee Community College

Tallahassee Community College

Tallahassee Community College‘s 120-hour Nurse Assistant certificate program consists of classroom teaching and clinical experience. Students will be well-prepared for the competence assessment for nursing assistants and will have gained crucial information and abilities. The course is divided into 3 parts;

It begins with a series of lectures and video presentations on a wide range of topics related to nursing, such as anatomy and physiology, infection control, and nutrition. Other topics covered include medical terminology and the basics of typical nursing operations.

During the second part of the course, students learn how to take vital signs, conduct appropriate body mechanics, aid patients in their daily routines, and more in a simulated lab environment. In addition, students must complete a clinical practicum under the guidance of a certified teacher in a local healthcare institution as the last step in the curriculum.

Tallahassee Community College’s CNA training program has a restricted enrollment and limited access. A high school diploma or GED equivalent, a level 1 criminal background check, a completed health form, and CPR certification are all prerequisites for enrollment in the program. To secure a spot in the CNA training program, these criteria must be provided as soon as possible. More students in each CNA class mean a more individualized learning experience and an increased likelihood of passing the certification test.

Goodwill Career Campus

Goodwill Career Campus

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training program is available at the Goodwill Careers Campus. In addition to classroom education, this brief healthcare course incorporates hands-on clinical experience. It is the purpose of the course to help students pass the state certification test. Anatomy and physiology, patient rights, basics of nursing, infection prevention and control, and nutrition are only a few of the topics covered by undergraduate nursing students. In addition to classroom instruction, students are given hands-on training in order to prepare for clinical practice. Most medical students have learned how to interpret vital signs, use standard equipment and technology, and perform a variety of duties at the conclusion of a session.

A qualified teacher oversees the practical phase of the CNA training program, which includes a lot of hands-on experience. In order to put what they’ve learned in class into practice, all students will be given a chance to work with patients. Students at the Goodwill Career Campus get an amazing education that prepares them for a career as CNAs. Additionally, they offer all of the latest amenities that students need to succeed.

A high school diploma or GED equivalent, a criminal background check, vaccination records, a drug test, a TB test, and the ability to read, speak, and comprehend English are all prerequisites for a CNA course. A mandatory orientation is required before students may begin the class.

CNA classes in Sarasota

Sun Coast CNA Center

Sun Coast CNA Center

Sun Coast CNA Center cares about your success, and that is why they have a reputation for training the top CNAs. This school’s CNA training program is taught by qualified medical professionals with years of expertise in the industry. As a result, students are able to get help whenever they need it because of the small class size and customized training. The Sun Coast CNA Center in Florida is well-known for its work in educating future nursing assistants. As a result, they’ve maintained a consistently high certification test pass percentage throughout time.

If you want to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA), you must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, as well as a clean criminal record. They also have to pass a TB and drug test as part of their health check. Only a few students will be accepted into the CNA program because the class size is so limited. Although the application deadline has passed, people who missed it may still apply to their next courses. Programs are offered at the Sun Coast CNA Center many times a year. As a result, it is always feasible to take advantage of this instruction at any time.

Additionally, this institution offers grants and scholarships to students who are eligible for financial aid. Students who are interested in learning more about these programs should contact their Financial Aid Office for additional information.

Ed Klopfer Schools

Ed Klopfer Schools

For prospective CNAs, the Ed Klopfer School offers training classes. The program lasts 2-4 weeks and consists of both classroom teaching and hands-on clinical experience. The students in the class will begin by studying the fundamentals of nursing via a lecture that will cover subjects such as anatomy, physiology, infection control, nutrition, and many more.

The curriculum also includes hands-on training in a simulation lab where students will learn how to assess vital signs, care for patients with problematic behavior, aid with daily living tasks such as washing, grooming, and eating, and even do CPR. You’ll go through classroom teaching before beginning clinical training, which will be monitored by your instructors. You’ll eventually be allowed to work directly with patients or residents, alongside nurses and LPNs.

Taking Ed Klopfer Schools’ CNA training curriculum makes passing the certification test easy. The school not only teaches the fundamentals of the profession but also assists students in preparation for this task. A prospective student must pass a criminal background check, drug screening, and Tuberculosis testing before enrolling in a CNA training program. A GED or high school diploma may also be required in certain circumstances. When a student enrolls, he or she must pass an entrance exam as well as a patient care skills examination.

Florida CNA Skills Center

Florida CNA Skills Center

The Florida CNA Skills Center is conducting a four-evenings Certified Nursing Assistant course. As a result of the program, students may sit for the licensure exam and find work in a variety of healthcare settings such as hospitals and clinics. There are only five students in each program of the fast CNA training. Students learn in a classroom and then practice 22 CNA competencies through clinical practice. Each student receives personalized instruction, allowing them to acquire the necessary skills and information for their certification test as well as their future profession.

In order to enroll in this healthcare program, you must have a high school diploma or GED. A criminal background check, drug screening, and tuberculosis testing are all required of prospective students. It is important that they be physically and psychologically prepared to take the CNA course. CNA training costs roughly $350, which covers the cost of the course itself, as well as practice examinations and a textbook. An initial $50 payment is required to hold a place in the program, with the remainder due at the start of class.

The advanced Certified Nursing Assistant course offered by Florida CNA Skills Center enables students to retake any component as many times as they desire until they are confident enough to appear for the certification test. Along with their clinical teacher, they will have a mentor. The likelihood of their passing is thus quite high.

Life Support Training Solutions

Life Support Training Solutions

Individuals interested in taking the state test to become a nursing assistant may do it with the help of Life Support Training Solutions’ test preparation program. This two-week healthcare course combines classroom and clinical training. Several nursing principles, including anatomy and physiology, infection prevention and control, nutrition, and the basics of nursing are taught to students. Taking vital signs, feeding, cleaning, washing, range-of-motion exercises, correct documentation, and collaborating with other healthcare team members are just a few of the many nursing tasks they will be exposed to.

Although the test preparation course is brief, it covers all of the important parts of becoming a nursing assistant. Clinical teachers will be on hand to assist you with a wide range of tasks, making it much simpler to prepare for the certification examination. Because the class size is small, they will be able to get customized training, as well as the opportunity to seek assistance from the instructor at any time. The minimum age requirement for this course is 18 years old, with a high school certificate as a prerequisite. An investigation into their criminal history should also be conducted, as should an adequate health assessment.

Life Support Training Solutions charges $300 for their course. To book a spot, a $150 non-refundable deposit is needed. The full cost is due on the first day of class. This was made possible by Life Support Training Solutions, which has helped a number of individuals pass the certification test. In this pre-medical course, there are no scholarships or grants available, so anybody may enroll at any time.

CNA Classes in Daytona Beach

Daytona State College

Daytona State College

A nursing assistant training course offered by Daytona State College equips students with the necessary information and abilities to do their job in a long-term care facility. Graduates will be prepared to take the certification test and find work in a variety of healthcare institutions, including hospitals, supported living, sub-acute care, and long-term care facilities, after graduation. Daytona State College’s CNA training course is only offered in the evenings, and students may complete it in eight weeks.

To be accepted into the course, candidates must pass a TABE exam and score at least a certain level. However, students who graduated from a Florida public high school with a diploma or who are currently serving in the military are not required to take this placement exam. An unofficial transcript is required for everyone who has completed college-level English and Mathematics. The TABE exam is not necessary for people who have SAT, ACT, or CPT scores that fall within a certain range.

The Daytona State College CNA curriculum is very competitive because of the small class size. Attend the Assessment Center to be tested by all candidates who want to participate. This includes a Level II criminal background check as well as a physical exam. Invited students will be able to learn from some of the greatest clinical professors who have worked in the area for a long time.

Nursing is a lucrative and enjoyable profession, and the CNA training program may help you get there. The majority of Daytona State College’s CNA graduates have passed the state certification test and may find work in a variety of medical settings, including hospitals. High-quality education and assistance are provided to all aspiring healthcare professionals because of this. The CNA training course, however, is open to students with financial hardships. The school’s Financial Aid Office offers scholarships, loans, and grants.

Daytona College

Daytona College

Daytona College‘s CNA training program is an excellent option for those who like working with others and want to become medical practitioners. Students who complete the course are eligible to test for the certification exam and begin working as entry-level nursing assistants in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, care homes, and more. Daytona College thinks that knowledgeable and highly-skilled nursing assistants are essential to providing great care. As a result, the school strives to cultivate, educate, and create CNAs who are ready for certification and employment.

Daytona College’s Certified Nursing Assistant training program consists of 120 hours of classroom teaching and clinical experience. There is a 6-week time limit for students to complete the course, including four classroom sessions and two clinical rotations each. Students will learn about everything from anatomy and physiology to common medical terms to nutrition to infection control to patient safety to activities of daily living to bed making as part of this comprehensive nursing education.

The greatest nursing assistant training may be found at Daytona College. Every student has access to a contemporary classroom and a fully-equipped simulation lab where they may practice their abilities before they are put into a clinical setting. Additionally, the clinical teachers are certified, healthcare professionals. Besides teaching and training, they also aid the participants in carrying out other operations.

Daytona College offers grants and scholarships. To apply, students should check with their financial aid office to see whether these programs are offered, and then complete the necessary paperwork.

American Red Cross

In Florida, the American Red Cross is one of the most highly regarded CNA training institutions. For students who are interested in becoming Certified Nursing Assistants, this program combines classroom learning with practical experience in the clinical setting to provide a well-rounded education. The American Red Cross has state-of-the-art classrooms and simulation labs to train participants.

Before beginning clinical rotations, every student has the opportunity to use the state-of-the-art facilities and get a taste of what it’s like to work in the field. Infection control, patient safety, patient rights, anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, the art of caring, and many other topics are covered in nursing classes. Clinical rotations in an affiliated healthcare facility follow the completion of the lectures or in-class work.

All applicants to the American Red Cross’s CNA training program must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a clean criminal record, a drug screening, and a TB test completed before enrollment. The program will not accept participants with a history of criminal activity or communicable diseases. The best clinical instructors with years of experience in the healthcare field will train students who successfully gain admission. After finishing this healthcare course, students will be well-prepared to take the exam and land a job in the field.

The American Red Cross may offer scholarships and grants, but it’s best to check with the institution’s Financial Aid Office first. Individuals who are eligible for financial assistance can complete the program without having to worry about paying the tuition.

CNA Classes in Fort Myers

Ed Klopfer Schools

Ed Klopfer Schools

In order to become a certified nursing assistant, you’ll need to complete the courses offered here. In addition, they provide high-quality facilities, teachers, and equipment to assist you to realize your goal of becoming a nurse. CNA training programs are offered by Ed Klopfer Schools, which has graduated a number of students who are currently working in various healthcare settings.

An entry-level position in the healthcare field, the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) curriculum comprises classroom teaching, skills training, and clinical experience. Participants in this healthcare program will be able to get their CNA certification in the state and so begin a nursing profession with the potential for advancement. Prospective students at Ed Klopfer Schools may be certain that they will get the appropriate training.

Anatomy and physiology, infection prevention and control, and nutrition are just some of the subjects covered in this course. It also covers basic emergency procedures and care for the elderly. Students will also be taught the fundamental nursing skills that CNAs do on a regular basis. Taking vital signs, feeding, grooming, cleaning, providing CPR and first aid, and maintaining patient safety are just a few of the numerous duties that a nurse must undertake.

CNA students are required to do a clinical rotation in a healthcare facility connected with the school after completing classroom education. Nursing students are supervised and mentored by qualified nurses while caring for their assigned patients or providing care in other areas of the facility.

Fort Myers Technical College

Fort Myers Technical College

The CNA training program at Fort Myers Technical College is intended to help you get a job in hospitals, nursing homes, and patient’s homes. Coherent material, industry-standard topics, and stringent standards are all hallmarks of the Nursing Program’s curriculum. Students who take this course will be well equipped for a job in health science or further study. As well as providing technical expertise, it also incorporates a competency-based applied education model, which adds to students’ academic knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and higher-order thinking as well as their work ethics and general employability skills.

To become a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), you’ll need to put in a lot of time and effort in advance of your training. Interpersonal skills, legal and ethical duties, medical terminology, gerontology, health and safety, and core nursing abilities are all included in this section. Additionally, you’ll learn how to do CPR and get guidance on how to be the best candidate for this position. There are a number of prerequisites that prospective students of Fort Meyers Tech College must meet. Before enrolling in any classes, students must attend an information session and speak with an admissions consultant. Send in your official transcript, high school diploma or GED, and residence documentation after you’ve completed this procedure. The application package must also be completed.

Candidates for the CNA program must be at least 17 years old, have had a hepatitis B vaccination, have passed a two-step TB test, and have passed a drug screening. In addition, a criminal record check is required. Besides obtaining world-class training, students in this course will also reap the benefits of smaller class size.

Horizon Healthcare Institute

The Horizon Healthcare Institute in Fort Myers, Florida, is another institution that provides CNA training. To become an entry-level healthcare practitioner, students may take this course and obtain a certificate at the end. Graduates may also sit for the state certification test, which allows those who pass it to work in a variety of healthcare institutions, including hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and so on.

Horizon Healthcare Institute’s CNA training curriculum combines classroom education, skills training, and hands-on clinical experience. Anatomy and physiology are covered in-depth through lectures, video presentations, and hands-on demonstrations, along with nutrition, infection control, senior care, and nursing foundations such as medical terminology and infection control.

With the supervision of the school’s instructor, students study in the school’s simulation lab. After this, students will be put into a clinical environment where they will learn how to offer excellent nursing care to their assigned patient or resident.

The minimum age requirement for becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is 17 years old, with either a high school diploma or a GED, as well as a social security card. This includes passing a criminal background check and a medical exam as part of the application process. Horizon Healthcare Institute offers high-quality training to students who want to become nursing aides. There are several financial aid options available to students, including grants and scholarships, to help offset the expense of training.

Southwestern Vocational Training

Southwestern Vocational Training

Southwestern Vocational Training offers a CNA training curriculum that prepares students to take the Florida State certification test. The health care course combines in-class learning with hands-on clinical experience in areas such as anatomy, physiology, infection control, nutrition, and activities of daily living. The training also covers the principles of nursing. CPR and first aid courses are also provided. The training will teach you how to check vital signs, conduct emergency procedures, and live a healthy lifestyle. You’ll also learn how to record and perform a range of motion exercises.

Morning and evening courses are available on the CNA training timetable. If you’re a working student who can’t make it to class at any of these times, or if you have other obligations that interfere with the class schedule, you have a few alternatives for courses. Southwestern Vocational Training allows you greater flexibility in your class schedule, but what really distinguishes them is their customized training. Because of the small class size, you may discuss your requirements and complete all of the work in a method that suits you. They will assist you in meeting all of the requirements for entering the healthcare field.

Southwestern Vocational Training charges $450 for CNA certification, which includes books and practice equipment. You’ll also need to pay for medical scrubs, a certification test, and CPR training. Participants in the course must have high school graduation or GED equivalent, a social security card, and a driver’s license. They must also pass a criminal background check, drug screening, and tuberculosis testing.

Express Training Services

A variety of Certified Nursing Assistant training options is available to students at Express Training Services. They provide a 120-hour nursing assistant training program that aims to help students pass the certification exam. This kind of healthcare course offers students the necessary classroom education and hands-on clinical experience to conduct a variety of nursing operations in a specific healthcare environment.

The Express Training Services weekend warrior CNA training program is also available for those who are able to manage their time well. An online course is the first step in the curriculum, which may be completed at any time. Immediately after finishing the online courses, the classroom part is in place. These classes will be held every weekend, and they will also contain additional nursing subjects and skills that are not covered in the online course. Weekend warrior CNA training also involves a clinical rotation that occurs every Saturday and Sunday. Tuition, textbooks, and exam fees total $529 for each student.

As a last option, Express Training Services offers a CNA test prep program to students who are preparing to take their exams. For students interested in a career in the medical profession, this program provides the necessary education and training. For $529, a student may take a preparatory course that can be finished in a matter of days or weeks. Students are required to wear the specified scrubs and closed-toe shoes for each lesson.

CNA classes in Gainesville

Express Training Services LLC

Express Training Services, LLC is known for producing experts in the healthcare industry. They’ve been focusing on training aspiring CNAs. CNA prep class, weekend warrior, and 120-hour nursing assistant training programs are all available at this facility. The 120-hour CNA training program is your passport to work and admission to nursing schools if you are just beginning your career in healthcare. Florida’s state certification test and jobs in nursing homes are prepared for students who complete this state-approved training program. A full-time commitment is required for everyone who wants to take the course, which may be finished in five weeks.

Classroom education, skills training, and clinical experience are all part of the CNA training program’s curriculum. A nurse assistant supervises students in the classroom before they are placed in a clinical environment. It is required that anybody interested in applying for the program provide a copy of their high school diploma or GED equivalent as well as documentation of their rubella immunity and CPR certification, as well as a negative TB test. An investigation of your criminal history is also required in order to be accepted into this program.

This covers the application price, exam registration fee, and tuition for all CNA programs. The cost is $1,019 in total. Talk to your Financial Aid Office to find out whether you qualify for a scholarship or grant. CNA students who enroll at Express Training Services, LLC will get a full refund if they are not satisfied. After three failed state exams in one year, the school will reimburse all tuition fees.

Florida Training Academy

Florida Training Academy

A pre-CNA training is available via Florida Training Academy for those who are either single parents or are unable to take time off from employment to attend school. Those who want to become a Licensed Practical Nurse, a Registered Nurse, or a Physician’s Assistant should take this course. Patients Care Technicians and Nurses teach the CNA preparation course at Florida Training Academy. Licensed to instruct aspiring nursing assistants, these professionals bring a wealth of clinical knowledge and expertise to the classroom. Students are prepared for the state exams and a lucrative job in the healthcare profession by acquiring sufficient knowledge, skills, and experience.

Among the advantages of Florida Training Academy’s CNA instruction program is that it includes hands-on training and a CNA test preparation booklet. They also provide free online videos and practice exams that may be accessed at any time of day or night. Additionally, students may take advantage of cheap CPR and BLS training so that they are prepared to begin working as nursing assistants right away.

There is no need for high school graduation or GED. A nursing assistant program is available to anybody who is at least 18 years old, physically healthy, and motivated to learn the trade. All students may afford the healthcare course, and payment options are available for those who need them. A $92.50 or $112.50 deposit is required, and the remaining costs may be paid on the first day of class.

Santa Fe College

Santa Fe College

The CNA training program at Santa Fe College is approximately 165 hours long. Nursing homes and other long-term care facilities need a state certification test, and students who pass it will be qualified to work in such facilities. If you’re looking to get your foot in the door in the healthcare industry, Santa Fe College has been a great option. Students will learn in a traditional classroom setting as well as in a simulation lab and then use their newly-acquired abilities in a real-world nursing facility setting. Taking this sort, of course, will assist students in better grasping the role and duties of CNAs. In addition, they will learn a variety of nursing skills throughout the course.

It’s not difficult to apply for a CNA training program at Santa Fe College; nevertheless, candidates must keep in mind that the school has a small class size. Candidates must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, as well as pass a criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing before they may be considered for the job. A CNA must be able to carry and move patients and medical equipment with ease, which necessitates the ability to lift and move at least 50 pounds.

One month is enough time to finish the CNA training program. Students who are enrolled must attend all courses without absences and must score at least 75 percent on all tests, quizzes, and skills demonstrations. In order to pass their state certification test and graduate from the school’s nurse aide program, students may turn to the clinical instructors for guidance. Students who wish to attend school for less money might apply for financial help. Anyone who is interested in taking a CNA training course at Santa Fe College may apply for scholarships, grants, and loans.



In order to become a certified nursing assistant in Florida, GatorCNA provides a CNA training program. During the 120-hour program, students will learn in a classroom, as well as in clinical settings. Students may get their CNA certification in as short as one month, which means the course work is demanding and students must show up to class every day or risk failing the program. A fast-paced curriculum doesn’t deter students from learning and practicing critical patient care skills. Vital signs, input and output measurements, feeding and grooming patients, washing and relocating them, and many more are all included in this list.

The GatorCNA program places an emphasis on providing individualized attention to each student. Everyone in the class gets individual attention from the clinical teachers because of the course’s small class size. Because the school just requires a few things from applicants, getting into the program isn’t too difficult. Prospective students must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, pass a criminal background check, TB testing, and a drug screening, but no prior experience is necessary.

It is possible to complete GatorCNA’s 120-hour CNA training program in one of three distinct time frames. The school offers daytime, night, and weekend sessions to accommodate working students. In addition, GatorCNA offers a refund policy. Students who fail the certification test three times in a row are eligible for a full refund from their CNA training course. We, on the other hand, shall do everything in our power to ensure that all students in the program succeed on the test. They not only train, but also instruct prospective CNAs in a short period of time so that they may get certified in a matter of months.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in Florida

West Palm Beach, FLAcademy For Nursing And Health Occupations 5154 Okeechobee Blvd. Suite 201 561-683-1400
Crystal River, FLAcademy Of Health Careers-crystal River High School 3195 Crystal River High Drive 352-795-4641
Gainesville , FLAcademy Of Health Professions 1900 Nw 13th Street 352-955-6707
Jacksonville , FLAffordable Training 7867 Lakeland Street 904-378-0102
Boca Raton, FLAgape Academy Of Sciences 1515 South Federal Hwy Suite 206 561-449-4078
Tampa , FLAguilas International Technical Institute 7520 W. Waters Ave Suite 19 813-871-2407
Oakland Park, FLAll State Home Health Institute 1871 W. Oakland Park Blvd. 954-731-8373
Jacksonville , FLAmerican Red Cross - Jacksonville Training Program 751 Riverside Ave. 727-209-3562
Saint Petersburg, FLAmerican Red Cross - St Petersburg Training Program 818 4th Street North 727-209-3562
Sarasota , FLAmerican Red Cross Training Program - Sarasota 2001 Cantu Court 727-209-3562
Miami , FLAmerican Senior High School 18350 Nw 67th Ave 305-557-3770
Holiday , FLAnclote High School 1540 Sweetbriar Drive 727-246-3000
Bradenton , FLAngel Technical Institute Nursing School, Llc. 453 Cortez Rd West 941-251 6976
Pine Hills, FLAnnshellay Health Spa And Fitness Institute 618 Pinehills Rd 407-399-1764
Tampa , FLAparicio Levy Technical College 5410 N 20th Street 813-231-1886
Hialeah , FLAsa College 530 West 49th Street 786-279-2643
Sarasota , FLAt Your Service Education, Llc. 3617 Webber Street 941-552-8043
Spring Hill, FLAta Career Education 7351 Spring Hill Drive Suite #11 352-684-3007
Coconut Creek, FLAtlantic Technical College And Technical High School 4700 Coconut Creek Parkway 754-322-2838
Lauderdale , FLAtlantic Technical College, Arthur Ashe Jr., Branch Campus 1701 Nw 23rd Avenue Ft 754-322-2838
Macclenny , FLBaker County Adult Education Center 523 West Minnesota Avenue 904-259-0408
Saint Mary, FLBaker County High School 1 Wildcat Drive Glen 904-259-6286
Largo , FLBaldomero Lopez State Veterans Nursing Home 11351 Ulmerton Road Suite 311-k 727-518-3202
Bartow , FLBartow Senior High School Nursing Assistant Program 1270 South Broadway Avenue 863-224-3727
Bell , FLBell High School Academy Of Health Related Professions 930 South Main Street 352-463-3232
Perry , FLBig Bend Technical College 3233 S Byron Butler Parkway 850-838-2545
Gulfport , FLBoca Ciega High School Center For Wellness And Medical Prof 924 58th Street South 727-893-2780
Petersburg , FLBon Secours Maria Manor Cert .nursing Assist. Training Program 10300 4th St. N. Saint 727-568-1000
Palm Bay, FLBrevard Nursing Academy, Llc P.o. Box 61252 321-557-3366
Davie , FLBrightmed Health Institute 5909 South University Drive 954-350-2543
Altamonte Springs, FLCambridge Institute Of Allied Health And Technology 460 E. Altamonte Dr, 3rd Floor 407-265-8383
North Cape Coral, FLCape Coral Technical College 360 Santa Barbara Blvd. 239-574-4440
Lake Worth, FLCapscare Academy For Healthcare Education 1776 Lake Worth Rd Suite 101 561-547-7371
Palm Bay, FLCarleen Health Institute Of South Florida 5275 Ne Babcock Street Suite # 3 954-476-9090
West Palm Bch, FLCarleen Health Institute Of South Florida 4645 Gun Club Road #1 954-476-9090
Plantation , FLCarleen Health Institute Of South Florida 1876 N University Dr. Suite # 200 M 954-476-9090
Charlotte , FLCharlotte Technical College 18150 Murdock Circle Port 941-255-7500
Chiefland , FLChiefland High School 808 N. Main Street 352-493-6000
Marianna , FLChipola College 3094 Indian Circle 850-718-2278
Largo , FLClifford Chester Sims State Veteran's Nursing Home 11351 Ulmerton Road Suite 311-k 727-518-3202
St Augustine, FLClyde E. Lassen Nursing Home (Fdva) 4650 State Road 16 727-518-3202
Delray Beach, FLCollege Of Health And Allied Development 1615 S. Congress Ave Suite 103 561-270-7383
Lake City, FLColumbia High School 469 Se Fighting Tiger Dr. 386-755-8080
Miami , FLCoral Reef Senior High School 10101 Sw 152nd Street 305-232-2044
Orlando , FLCypress Creek High School C.n.a. Program 1101 Bear Crossing Drive 407-852-3400
Daytona Beach, FLDaytona State College 1200 West International Speedway Blvd 386-506-3720
Arcadia , FLDesoto County Nursing Program 310 West Whidden Street 863-993-1333
Arcadia , FLDesoto High School Health Science Academy 1710 East Gibson Street 863-494-3434
Cross City, FLDixie Academy Of Health Careers 16077 Hwy 19 North 352-498-6447
Miami , FLDorothy M. Wallace C.o.p.e Center 10225 Sw 147th Terrace 305-233-1044
Largo , FLDouglas T. Jacobson State Veteran's Nursing Home (Fdva) 11351 Ulmerton Road Suite 311-k 727-518-3203
Palm Bay, FLDoxa Academy 2145 Palm Bay Rd Ne 772-925-9181
South Lehigh Acres, FLEast Lee County High School 715 Thomas Sherwin Ave. 239-369-2932
Clermont , FLEast Ridge High School 13322 Excalibur Rd 352-242-2080
Titusville , FLEastern Florida State College- Astronaut High School 800 War Eagle Blvd. 321-433-7583
Palm Bay, FLEastern Florida State College- Bayside High School 1901 Degroodt Rd Sw 321-956-5000
Melbourne , FLEastern Florida State College- Melbourne High School 74 Bulldog Blvd. 321-952-5880
Palm Bay, FLEastern Florida State College- Palm Bay Campus 250 Community College Parkway 321-433-7745
Melbourne , FLEastern Florida State College- Palm Bay High School 101 Pirate Lane 321-433-7583
Rockledge , FLEastern Florida State College- Rockledge High School 220 Raider Rd 321-636-3711
Titusville , FLEastern Florida State College- Titusville Campus 1311 North Us 1 321-433-7583
Defuniak Springs, FLEmerald Coast Technical College 761 North 20th Street 850-892-1240
Estero , FLEstero High School Medical Academy 21900 River Ranch Road 239-947-9400
Miami , FLEvolution Health Services P.o. Box 382058786-709-5895
Miami Gardens, FLExcel Institute 111 Nw 183rd St. Suite # 401 305-456-1216
West Palm Bch, FLFamily Care Training Center 2247 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. 561-242-0150
Miami , FLFelix Varela Senior High School 15255 Sw 96th Street305-752-7900
Fernandina Beach, FLFernandina Beach High School- Nassau County 435 Citrona Drive 904-261-5713
Tampa , FLFinlay Institute Of Nursing 8011 N. Himes Ave Suite 4 813-500-8938
Hudson , FLFivay High School- Pasco County 12115 Chicago Avenue 727-246-4000
Palm Coast, FLFlagler Technical Institute 5400 E. Hwy 100 386-447-4345
Key West, FLFlorida Keys Community College 5901 College Rd 305-809-3165
Chipley , FLFlorida Panhandle Technical College 757 Hoyt Street850-638-1180
Tallahassee , FLFlorida State University Schools 3000 School House Road 850-245-3700
Ft Myers, FLFort Myers Technical College 3800 Michigan Ave 239-334-4544
Quincy , FLGadsden Center For Health Education 201 Martin Luther King, Jr Blvd 850-875-8234
Miami , FLGenesis Vocational Institute 12861 Sw 42nd Street 305-223-0506
Pensacola , FLGeorge Stone Technical Center 2400 Longleaf Drive 850-941-6200
Belle Glade, FLGlades Central Community High School Cna Program 1001 S. W. Avenue M 561-993-1947
Tampa , FLGreystone Academy Cna Academy 4042 Parks Oaks Blvd. Suite 300 904-814-9660
Tampa , FLGreystone Healthcare Cna Academy 4042 Park Oaks Blvd. Suite 300 904-814-9660
Gulf Breeze, FLGulf Breeze High School Academy For Health & Medical Professions 675 Gulf Breeze Pkwy 850-916-4144
Saint Joe, FLGulf Coast State College-pn 3800 Garrison Avenue Port 850-913-3317
Richey , FLGulf High School 5355 School Road New Port 727-774-3300
Wauchula , FLHardee Senior High School Nursing Assistant Program 830 Altman Rd. 863-773-3181
Melbourne , FLHarris-casel Institute 5000 Stack Blvd. Suite A-4 321-676-4066
Orange Park, FLHeartland Of Orange Park Nursing Assistant Training Program 570 Wells Road 904-264-3912
Hialeah , FLHialeah Adult Education Center 251 East 47th Street 305-822-1500
Tampa , FLHillsborough Community College 1602 N. 15th Street 813-259-6520
Naples , FLHodges University, Inc. 2655 Northbrooke Drive 239-598-6163
Ft Myers, FLHorizon Healthcare Institute 4048 Evans Ave Suite 301 239-939-1992
Melbourne , FLHorizon Healthcare Institute, Inc 3716 N. Wickham Road, Suite 2 321-914-4533
Cape Coral, FLIda S. Baker High School 3500 Agualinda Blvd. 239-458-6690
Immokalee , FLImmokalee Technical College 508 North 9th Street 239-377-9900
Fort Pierce, FLIndian River State College Chastain Campus 3209 Virginia Ave 772-462-7570
Riviera Beach, FLInlet Grove Community High School 600 West 28th Street 561-602-4120
Lehigh Acres, FLInstitute Of Health Careers 5624 8th Street West #114 239-303-4388
Miami , FLInteramerican Technical Institute 9600 Sw 8th Street Suite 42 305-554-9281
Miami , FLInternational Training Careers 7360 Sw 24th Street # 31 305-263-9696
New Port Richey, FLJames W. Mitchell High School 2323 Little Road 727-774-9200
Jensen Beach, FLJensen Beach High School 2875 Nw Goldenrod Rd 772-232-3500
Miami Gardens, FLJetmapp Med Training 20451 Nw 2nd Ave A Suite 101 786-520-4064
Miami , FLJohn A. Ferguson Senior High School 15900 Sw 56th Street 305-408-2700
Melbourne , FLKeiser University-melbourne 900 S. Babcock Street 321-409-4801
Heights , FLKeystone Heights High School 900 Sw Orchid Ave Keystone 352-473-1489
Tavares , FLLake County Schools-tavares High School 603 N. New Hampshire Avenue 352-343-3007
Minneola , FLLake Minneola High School 101 North Hancock Road 352-394-9600
Eustis , FLLake Technical Center 2001 Kurt St. 352-589-2250
Lake Worth, FLLake Worth Community High School 1701 Lake Worth Rd 561-533-6300
Leesburg , FLLeesburg High School- Lake County Schools 1401 Yellow Jacket Way 352-787-5047
Miami , FLLindsey Hopkins Technical College 750 N. W. 20 Street 305-324-7060
Tallahassee , FLLively Technical Center 500 North Appleyard Drive 850-487-7449
Milton , FLLocklin Technical Center 5330 Berryhill Road 850-983-5700
Naples , FLLorenzo Walker Technical College- Day Program 3702 Estey Avenue 239-377-0995
Naples , FLLorenzo Walker Technical College- Pn Program 3702 Estey Avenue 239-377-0995
Bradenton , FLManatee Technical College (Southeast High School) 5520 Lakewood Ranch Blvd 941-752-8100
Acksonville , FLManor Care Of Boynton Beach Nursing Assistant Training Program 14611 Falling Waters Drive J904-465-0438
New Port Richey, FLMarchman Technical College 7825 Campus Drive 727-774-1738
Marianna , FLMarianna High School/health Science Academy 3546 Caverns Road 850-482-9605
Cape Coral, FLMariner High School 701 Chiquita Blvd 239-772-3324
Ocala , FLMarion Technical College 1014 Sw 7th Road 352-671-7200
Stuart , FLMartin County High School 2801 S. Kanner Hwy 772-219-1800
Orlando , FLMedical Allied Nursing Academy, Inc. 1809 Grande Pointe Blvd.# 2107 407-257-3046
Miami Lakes, FLMiami Lakes Educational Center High School 5780 Nw 158th Street 305-557-1100
Miami Gardens, FLMiami Lakes Technical College 2349 Nw 175 Street 305-624-9613
Miami , FLMiami Northwestern Senior High 1100 Nw 71st Street 305-836-0991
Miami , FLMiami Southridge Senior High School 19355 Sw 114 Avenue 305-238-6110
Middleburg , FLMiddleburg High School 3750 Cr 220 904-213-2100
Naples , FLNaples Nursing Academy Llc 2800 Davis Blvd Suite 100 239-234-5038
Starke , FLNorth Florida Technical College 609 North Orange Street 904-966-6764
Miami Beach, FLNorth Miami Beach Senior High School 1247 Ne 167th Str North 305-949-8381
Orange Pk, FLOakleaf High School 4035 Plantation Oaks Blvd. 904-213-1924
Okeechobee , FLOkeechobee High School 2800 Hwy 441 N 863-462-5025
Orange Park, FLOrange Park High School-academy Of Health Science 2300 Kingsley Ave 904-529-3497
Orlando , FLOrange Technical College - Avalon Campus 2201 S. Crown Hill Blvd 407-246-7060
Orlando , FLOrange Technical College - Orlando Campus 301 W. Amelia St. 407-246-7060
Winter Garden, FLOrange Technical College - West Side Campus 955 East Story Rd. 407-246-7060
Orlando , FLOrange Technical College-mid Florida Campus 2900 Oak Ridge Rd. 407-246-7060
Kissimmee , FLOsceola High School 420 S. Thacker Ave 407-518-5400
Lake Worth, FLPalm Beach State College- Pct Program 4200 Congress Avenue Ms#31 561-868-3437
Palm Harbor, FLPalm Harbor University High School 1900 Omaha St. 727-669-1131
Fort Pierce, FLParamount Training Services Corp. - Fort Pierce 2721 S. Us Hwy 1 Suite 11 772-882-4218
Oakland Park, FLParamount Training Services Corp. - Oakland Park 2350 W. Oakland Park Blvd. Suite 650 954-921-9577
Riviera Beach, FLParamount Training Services Corp. - Riviera Beach 4152 W. Blue Heron Blvd Suite 108 561-840-8804
Lake Worth, FLPark Vista Community High School 7900 Jog Road 561-491-8431
Dade City, FLPasco High School 36850 State Road 52 352-524-5500
New Port Richey, FLPasco-hernando State College 10230 Ridge Rd 727-816-3284
Pensacola , FLPensacola State College 1000 College Blvd 850-484-2230
Kissimmee , FLPoinciana High School 2300 S. Poinciana Blvd 407-870-4860
Palatka , FLPutnam Edge High School 951 Moseley Avenue 386-385-7292
West Palm Bch, FLQm Career Institute 4645 Gun Club Road Suite # 23 & 22 561-305-2635
Lantana , FLRenaissance Medical Training Center, Llc 3212 Lantana Road 561-223-2380
Live Oak, FLRiveroak Technical College 415 Pinewood Drive Sw 386-647-4216
Miami , FLRobert Morgan Educational Center- High School 18180 Sw 122nd Avenue 305-253-9920
Royal Palm Beach, FLRoyal Palm Beach Community High School 10600 Okeechobee Blvd. 561-792-8696
Miami , FLRuben Dario Education Center 350 Nw 97th Avenue 305-226-0179
Orlando , FLS.t.e.p. Medical Teaching/learning, Inc. 6220 S. Orange Blossum Trail Suite # 517 407-857-0204
Gainesville , FLSanta Fe College 3000 Nw 83 Street 352-395-5731
Palm Coast, FLSchool Of Healthcare Advancement Llc 3 Zenger Ct 904-729-0267
Sebastian , FLSebastian River High School 9001 90th Ave 772-564-4335
Sanford , FLSeminole High School-academy Of Health Careers 2701 Ridgewood Avenue 407-320-5062
North Miami, FLSinai School Of Nursing, Llc 540 Nw 165th Street Road Suite 302 305-945-5677
Homestead , FLSouth Dade Senior High School A Magnet School 28401 Sw 167th Avenue 305-247-4244
Homestead , FLSouth Dade Technical College 109 Ne 8th Street 305-248-5723
Stuart , FLSouth Fork High School10000 Sw Bulldog Way 772-219-1840
Fort Myers, FLSouth Fort Myers High School 14020 Plantation Road 239-561-0060
Groveland , FLSouth Lake High School 15600 Silver Eagle Road 352-394-1972
Boynton Beach, FLSouth Tech Academy 1300 Sw 30th Avenue 561-369-7004
Saint Cloud, FLSt. Cloud High School 2100 Bulldog Lane 407-891-3100
Palatka , FLSt. Johns River State College Cna Training Program 5001 St Johns Avenue 386-312-4267
Fort Pierce, FLSt. Lucie County School Board 1801 Panther Lane 772-468-5400
Port St. Lucie, FLSt. Lucie West Centennial High School 1485 Sw Cashmere Blvd. 772-344-4412
Orange Park, FLSts Training Services 115 College Drive 904-272-4330
Sumterville , FLSumter Adult And Community Education 1425 County Road 526a 352-793-5719
Sarasota , FLSuncoast Technical College/extension Campus 4748 Beneva Road 941-924-1365
Land O Lakes, FLSunlake High School 3023 Sunlake Blvd 813-346-1000
Miami Beach, FLSunshine Training Center 177 Ne 166 St North 305-949-1555
Tallahassee , FLTallahassee Community College 1528 Surgeons Drive 850-558-4516
Vero Beach, FLTechnical Center For Career And Adult Education 1426 19th Street 772-564-5006
Saint Cloud, FLTechnical Education Center Osceola 501 Simpson Rd 407-344-5080
Jacksonville , FLThe Albert Z. Fleet Geriatric Training Center 11401 Old Saint Augustine Road 904-886-8433
Orange Park, FLThe Center For Adult And Community Education Of Clay County 2306 Kingsley Avenue 904-272-8142
Titusville , FLTitusville High School 150 Terrier Trail South 321-433-7583
Lakeland , FLTraviss Technical College 3225 Winter Lake Road 863-499-2700
Port Saint Lucie, FLTreasure Coast High School 1000 Sw Darwin Blvd. 772-807-4300
Port Saint Lucie, FLTriode International Institute, Inc. 1831 Sw Alberca Lane 772-249-6226
Clearwater , FLUltimate Medical Academy 1255 Cleveland Street 813-386-3558
Lake Butler, FLUnion County High School 1000 South Lake Avenue 386-496-3040
Wilton Manors, FLUniversal Training Center 2650 North Andrews Ave 754-234-1558
Beach , FLVero Beach High School 1707 16th Street Vero 772-564-5416
Crawfordville , FLWakulla High School Medical Academy 3237 Coastal Highway 850-926-7125
Pensacola , FLWest Florida High School Of Advanced Technology 2400 Long Leaf Drive 850-941-6221
Callahan , FLWest Nassau High School- Nassau County 1 Warrior Drive 904-261-5713
Hialeah , FLWestland Hialeah Senior High School 4000 West 18th Avenue 305-818-3000
Tampa , FLWharton High School 20150 Bruce B. Downs 813-631-4710
Miami , FLWilliam H. Turner Technical Arts High School 10151 Nw 19th Avenue 305-691-8324
Davie , FLWilliam T. Mcfatter Technical College And High School 6500 Nova Drive 754-321-5853
Williston , FLWilliston High School 350 Robert Philpot Way 352-528-3542
Wesley Chapel, FLWiregrass Ranch High School 2909 Mansfield Blvd813-346-6000
Inverness , FLWithlacoochee Technical College 1201 West Main Street 352-726-2430
Yulee , FLYulee High School - Nassau County 85375 Miner Road 904-225-8641
Zephyrhills , FLZephyrhills High School 6335 12th Street 813-794-6100