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Fargo is the state capital and biggest city of North Dakota. More than 20% of the state’s total population is concentrated in this region. Employment possibilities in a variety of industries, including healthcare, are being created as the population continues to grow.

Today, an increasing number of students are pursuing a profession in the healthcare field. The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training program is one of the most popular healthcare programs available these days. This healthcare course is a brief training program that prepares participants to appear for the certification test issued by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses Foundation once they have completed the course.

Prospective students must enroll in a training program offered by a recognized institution that lasts between six and eight weeks in length. The clinical rotations must result in 16 hours of credit and must total at least 75 credit hours in order to be considered successful.

Nursing assistants in North Dakota are expected to complete training at one of the state’s communities colleges. In addition, this state agency offers a variety of financial aid programs for low-income families.

Fargo Adult Learning Center

Fargo Adult Learning Center

The Fargo Adult Learning Centre is a training center in Fargo, North Dakota that offers CNA programs. There are various programs to select from, each with a large number of participants. Students with a high school diploma or a GED are often enrolled in these programs, which concentrate on preparing students for jobs in their communities. This institution has fewer students than others, making it a good spot to enroll for your training. There will most likely be less competition, enabling you to meet professors or other students more readily and concentrate on your study.

Fargo Adult Learning Center has already assisted a number of jobless persons and eligible locals seeking employment in healthcare institutions. They give the skills required for employment, which is critical for many job seekers. All teaching and training programmes at Fargo Adult Learning Center are free or low-cost and are taught by trained and experienced nursing professionals. They also give work support to skilled nursing homes, which is becoming more vital in the present healthcare crisis. Graduates are eligible to take the certification test and, if successful, will be placed in the CNA registry.

North Dakota State College

North Dakota State College

North Dakota State College of Science – Fargo is another top school in Fargo, ND that provides excellent nursing degrees. Additionally, the institution equips students with huge and exceptional vocational skills. Some of the programs available are lengthier in duration than other CNA courses in the region. Part of the CNA training includes a lot of hands-on instruction to assist them to be competent in their areas. The clinical rotation components, which may last up to 16 hours, examine real-life problems and educate students on how to react to them. Classes are typically offered three times a week. The class schedule is also quite adaptable. You can simply and quickly locate courses that meet your job and school schedules.

North Dakota State College’s CNA training program is rigorous and incorporates a variety of instructional approaches. Through classroom training, the course will give a grasp of the clinical abilities necessary in the field. Students who complete the program are provided options to work in a medical environment. Applicants for these courses must have a high school diploma or equivalent and be able to pass a background check. The teachers and mentors with whom they work have professional expertise in the healthcare industry and will monitor the students as they work toward their objectives.

Elim Rehab & Care Centre

Elim Rehab & Care Centre

CNA courses are available in Fargo, ND at the Elim Rehab & Care Centre. They provide high-quality teaching that can only be available in a few other locations. Their courses include general topics found in identical programs around the state. If you live in North Dakota, you may apply to work as a nursing assistant at their institution. The pricing structure, manner of operation, and every aspect that contributes to it being a superb learning facility can all be found on their official website.

Elim Rehab & Care Centre’s CNA training program is a paid training that enables individuals to study and work at the same time. It is made available to prospective nursing assistants at their institution. This implies that candidates must be ready to work evenings, nights, or weekends, as well as be prepared to commit for a particular length of time during which they will be able to explore the field. Furthermore, the training allows you to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Elim for free. Although it is not always accessible, when it is, you may choose whether to pay for training or just utilize the program’s free version.

American Red Cross

American Red Cross – Pittsburgh

The American Red Cross in Fargo, North Dakota can help you get a job in the healthcare business by offering a CNA training program. It is a short course that combines 100 hours of education in the classroom and online to get you started in your nursing career. It will cover the principles of nursing, anatomy and physiology, infection control, nutrition, vital signs, dealing with seniors who are not in danger of falling, and aiding with activities of daily life. In this course, you will also have direct interaction with the expert professors via clinical rotations.

Students interested in participating in the American Red Cross CNA training programs must be at least 18 years old and must pass a criminal background check, tuberculosis testing, and drug screening. They must also provide proof of high school graduation or GED equivalent. The CNA training program can handle a small number of students while yet providing the greatest nursing training experience. Their clinical educators are experienced and informed in a variety of nursing subjects. Scholarships and grants are available to candidates who need financial support. They may assist you in achieving your objectives without the strain of having to acquire finances on your own.

Minnesota State Community and Technical College

Minnesota State Community and Technical College

Students at Minnesota State Community and Technical College may get a certificate in Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training, which can lead to work as a CNA in the state of Minnesota. A CNA’s job would be impossible without the knowledge gained in this course. Students who complete this program will be able to help patients and residents of hospitals, nursing homes, and other long-term care facilities with the highest quality nursing care.

Minnesota State Community and Technical College’s CNA training program has been approved by the Department of Health. Lectures, handouts, textbooks, and skill demonstrations are all used to convey nursing topics. Basics of nursing and anatomy and physiology as well as basic medical vocabulary will be taught to students in this course. It is a combination of classroom learning and clinical experience that makes up the CNA training curriculum. As a result, students anticipate a challenging course of study that involves a comprehensive commitment to learning.

Candidates for the Certified Nursing Assistant program must have a high school diploma or a GED equivalent in order to apply. As part of the enrollment process, they must also pass a criminal background check, a drug screening, and a TB test. There is a small class size in the program, so students need to keep this in mind. As a result, they must submit their applications before the specified deadline.

The CNA training program at Minnesota State Community and Technical College offers a certificate to students who have completed the appropriate amount of training hours. Funding is a major aspect when it comes to applying for scholarships and grants. There is a Financial Aid Office where students may inquire about various financial aid options.

Eventide Senior Living Communities

Eventide Senior Living Communities

Eventide Senior Living Communities offers a variety of nursing services and is capable of recruiting skilled employees to help them reach their objectives. Aside from that, they provide off-campus nursing students with the option to apply for internships. To prospective healthcare workers, Eventide Senior Living Co offers scholarships, debt payback, and even paid CNA training. It’s a fantastic chance for anybody interested in working with them.

Eventide Senior Living Communities will compensate students while they are enrolled in classes. This permits students to earn a living while preparing for a career. Books, clothing, medical supplies, and exam expenses are all provided. It is also open to jobless people and recent high school graduates. This program may not be accessible at all times, but if you are eligible to apply, you should make every attempt to do so.

Candidates who are willing to complete CNA training at an affiliated institution are sometimes admitted to the university. Individuals who are accepted into the program will get a free month-long training session. Their acceptance to the contract, as well as their desire to work at Eventide for a certain period of time, are also required for employment.

For the CNA training program, you must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. In addition, a criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing must be completed. Above all, applicants must be able to work as a CNAs at the institution in exchange for paid training.

Bethany Retirement Living

Bethany Retirement Living

Bethany Retirement Living is providing free Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training to suitable persons who want to work in long-term care facilities. You must finish the appropriate amount of hours and pass the licensing test to get state certification. This may be completed in three weeks or less. Bethany Retirement is constantly looking for new employees, and they offer their CNA training program as a method to attract new employees. This facility is excellent and has wonderful benefits, so it’s a good place to start if you’re in the healthcare profession.

The program has a class size maximum of 12 students. To be considered, prospective participants must submit their applications before the deadline and meet our standards. Applicants must provide their high school diploma or GED equivalent, a clean criminal background check, a negative drug screening, and TB test, and evidence of vaccination as part of the application process. Physical fitness is essential for seniors interested in Bethany Retirement Living’s free training program, which leads to permanent employment with the organization. Your interview replies will also be scored by the firm in terms of your credentials and appropriateness.

To secure your seat in the Bethany Nursing Assistant training program, you must pay a non-refundable deposit of $100. It will be re-issued at the end of the three-week program if no regulations are broken and the training instructions are followed.

Nursing assistants and other medical employees are in great demand, as their services have become more vital. Medical practitioners will need to be as properly trained as possible in the case of a tragedy or emergency. It is critical that they regularly assess their abilities and identify any gaps in their knowledge so that they may better prepare for such an occurrence.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in Connecticut

Belcourt, NDTurtle Mountain Community College1022 Chief Littleshell Ne701-278-5304
Beulah, NDKnife River Care Center118 22nd St Ne701-873-4322
Bismarck, NDBismarck Public Schools1221 College Drive701-323-4340
Bismarck, NDBismarck State College1500 Edwards Avenue701-224-5600
Bottineau, NDDakota College At Bottineau105 Simrall Blvd701-228-5449
Bowman, NDSouthwest Healthcare Services802 2nd St Nw701-523-3214
Cavalier, NDWedgewood Manor804 Main St West701-265-8453
Devils Lake, NDLake Region State College1801 College Drive N701-662-1552
Dickinson, NDSt Benedict's Health Center851 4th Avenue East701-456-7242
Fargo, NDNd State College Of Science, Skills & Technology1305 19th Ave N701-231-6905
Fargo, NDFargo Adult Learning Center1305 9th Ave S701-231-6900
Fargo, NDBethany On University201 South University Dr701-239-3523
Fargo, NDData School Of Nursing15 S 21th St701-404-0809
Fargo, NDFaith Homecare Professionals304 25th St S701-809-3394
Fargo, NDNorth Dakota College Of Science Online - Fargo1305 19th Ave N701-231-6926
Fargo, NDRefocus Health Llc2600 3rd Ave North763-614-4083
Glen Ullin, NDMarian Manor Healthcare Center604 Ash Ave East701-348-3080
Grafton, NDNorth Valley Career & Technology Center1540 School Road701-352-3705
Grand Forks, NDGrand Forks Public Schools2400 47th Ave S701-746-2407
Grand Forks, NDWoodside Village4004 24th Avenue South701-787-7831
Grand Forks, NDValley Eldercare Center2900 14th Ave South701-787-7952
Hankinson, NDSt Gerard's Community Of Care613 1st Avenue Sw701-242-7891
Harvey, NDSt Aloisius Medical Center325 Brewster St E701-324-4651
La Moure, NDSt Rose Care Center315 1st St Se701-883-5363
Lakota, NDGood Samaritan Society - Lakota608 4th Ave Sw701-247-2608
Langdon, NDLangdon Area High School715 14th Avenue701-256-5291
Langdon, NDMaple Manor Care Center1116 9th Ave701-256-2987
Larimore, NDGood Samaritan Society - Larimore501 East Front St701-343-2153
Lisbon, NDNorth Dakota Veterans Home1600 Veteran's Drive701-683-6517
Lisbon, NDParkside Lutheran Home501 3rd Ave W701-683-5239
Mandan, NDDakota Travel Nurse Inc1200 Collins Ave701-391-3621
Mayville, NDTraill-steele Affordable Rural Coalition For Health Board330 3rd St Ne701-788-4702
Minot, NDBurdick Job Corps Center1500 University Ave West701-857-3376
Minot, NDMagic City Campus1100 11th Avenue Sw701-857-4526
Mohall, NDGood Samaritan Society - Mohall602 E Main St701-756-6357
Mott, NDGood Samaritan Society - Mott401 Millionaire Avenue701-824-2828
Napoleon, NDNapoleon Care Center311 E 4th St701-754-2384
New Town, NDNueta Hidatsa Sahnish College220 College Drive701-627-8089
Oakes, NDGood Samaritan Society - Oakes213 N 9th St701-742-3317
Rugby, NDHeart Of America Medical Center800 South Main Ave701-776-5448
Stanley, NDGiving Hearts Home Care LlcPo Box 371701-313-0229
Valley City, NDSheyenne Care Center979 Central Avenue N701-845-8222
Williston, NDWilliston Senior High SchoolPo Box 1407701-572-0967
Williston, NDWilliston State College - Online1410 University Ave701-774-6236