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Under the direction of a certified nurse or other medical professionals, CNAs carry out assigned duties. Their work isn’t as simple as it seems, contrary to common perception. Among their many specialties, they treat a wide range of ailments, including those involving the body, the mind, and more.

They also do things like setting up medical equipment, stocking and storing supplies and doing basic housekeeping that isn’t directly linked to health care. By eliminating these tedious procedures, nurses may devote more of their time to patient care. Some institutions and facilities in the state of Texas allow students to begin training as early as high school and pursue a variety of professional paths. They’ve had extensive training in a variety of fields, including business, education, and the military.

CNAs are in high demand at El Paso’s hospitals, clinics, care facilities, and private residences. Enroll in a CNA program to learn more about working in the medical industry. To be successful, it will provide you with the necessary education and training.

If you want to become a CNA, you need to go to the state’s training facility and take the licence test there. Students must complete 75 classroom and clinical hours as mandated by the Texas Board of Nursing. According to the Texas Department of Health, a majority of CNA training programs should also conform to these requirements.

Prior to 1989, everyone who finished the training course may sit for the test and get their license without having to attend any more classes. El Paso has a lot of lenient rules and regulations. Everyone in Texas may find out as much as they want to know at the Texas Department of Aging & Disability Services.

Additionally, the CNA programs at school only demand a few weeks of your time. In order for your education program to be included in your academic transcript and for you to graduate successfully, you will need to achieve a particular degree of achievement. Consider weekend or evening sessions for those who already have full-time work and don’t want to disrupt their routines. Students who are unable to attend school throughout the day may be accommodated at other schools with similar timetables.

The Nurse Aide Registry will display the names of those who have completed the state certification test as soon as they get their license. Certification and renewal of CNA licenses in El Paso will also fall under the purview of this agency.

The Texas Board of Nursing maintains a list of authorized CNA programs and institutes. The lessons mentioned below might also help you establish the prerequisites required to enroll in a CNA training program.

El Paso Community College

El Paso Community College

Education Programs at EPCC are designed to assist individuals not only succeed academically but also in their personal and professional development. EPCC’s workforce advancement has been successful. With the graduation of more students in the region, they are seeing a lot more success.

Art, Literature & Media, Management, Economics, and Health Sciences are just a few of the eight disciplines that EPCC provides degrees and certifications in. A nursing assistant course is not included in the Health Sciences department at this institution.  The Continuing Education department has it listed in the Health and Fitness section. The department’s NA program is one of seven health courses.

Participants in this NA course will be well-equipped to contribute to healthcare organizations in a variety of roles. A total of 240 hours or seven weeks of classroom teaching and hands-on clinical practice are included in this curriculum. The classroom lectures and lab activities will take place Monday through Friday for 4 weeks, and the clinical experience will take place for the remaining 3 weeks. Students may take the state certification test one more time during this week.

A variety of nursing subjects are covered in the first 4 weeks of CNA training in order to prepare students for hands-on experience as CNAs.

The simulation lab provides an additional opportunity for hands-on training, where students may practice taking vital signs, using medical equipment, caring, and assisting with daily living tasks. Many other skills are taught as well, such as how to respond to patient calls, arranged medical equipment, aid with certain medical guidelines and standards, give personal hygiene care, serve meals, and assist with mobility.

A qualified teacher oversees the students’ exposure to a clinical environment after they complete their classroom training. Prospective nursing assistants will get the opportunity to give basic nursing care to patients and residents at this phase.

Additionally, at the end of the eight weeks of practice, students can take the Nurse Assistant Competency Exam, which determines their ability to work as CNAs in Texas.

El Paso Community College’s CNA training course has a limited class size and only admits a small number of students. On the first day of class, all prospective students must be at least 17 years old, have a recent CPR and first aid credential, a physical exam result, a negative tuberculosis test, a tested reading level equivalent to that of eighth grade, proof of full vaccinations, drug test results, and clearance from a criminal background check.

Only the most deserving candidates will get the chance to learn from the top clinical educators. They may also take advantage of the college’s financial aid programs, which include tuition assistance programs.

Cultural Technical Institute, LLC

Cultural Technical Institute, LLC

In order to help people who wish to go back to school and offer low-cost programs, the Cultural Technical Institute (CTI) has assembled a team of committed and industrious specialists. When it comes to working with adults, CTI has a proven track record of prioritizing quality over quantity and tailoring its approach to meet their individual requirements.

In the institute’s CNA course, students learn the skills they need to be successful in the profession in only five weeks. A BLS certification program and practical training are also included in the curriculum, which has a low cost and a variety of training alternatives.

The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program is given by Cultural Technical Institute, LLC, and it is meant to teach students how to care for patients in hospitals, long-term care institutions, and individuals with special needs. As a result, graduates of this course will be able to interact effectively with patients and support them in attaining their highest levels of functional independence.

As part of their training, they will learn how to assist with everyday tasks such as dressing and eating, and how to execute different nursing procedures such as collecting vital signs, performing a range of motion exercises, and cleaning beds. Cultural Technical Institute, LLC’s CNA training program prepares students to work as effective nursing assistants who can work well in a team and exhibit a high level of sympathy and patience.

Many nursing assistants have come out of Cultural Technical Institute, LLC throughout the years. Several prospective CNAs have benefited from their assistance in passing the Texas State Certification exam and obtaining employment in various healthcare institutions around the state. Prior to the deadline, everyone considering this kind of instruction should apply and satisfy the program’s criteria.

High school degree or GED equivalent; criminal background check; drug testing; tuberculosis testing; and full vaccination record. Students who are unable to pay their tuition may apply for financial aid at this technical college, which includes scholarships and grants. The Financial Aid Office can answer their questions regarding financial aid options. As it is, there are just a few options available and they may also demand special qualifications.

Ace Nursing Education Services

ACE is one of the most prominent suppliers of nursing training and services in Texas. Both the Texas Board of Nursing as well as the state’s health department have given it the go-ahead to operate in the state of Texas.

ACE offers multiple types of courses for nurses including in-class, online training, and corporate classes. They also offer CNA on-site training and various course formats. The main goal at the nursing facility is to provide continuing education opportunities for those who work in the field of nursing, which will improve quality of care, allow them to grow professionally, and overall create a comfortable space for their patients.

There is no typical CNA training program at Ace Nursing Education Services, but the institution does provide re-certification workshops for people who have completed the course but did not get a license to practice. In order to pass the CNA practice and certification exams, you’ll need to be familiar with a wide range of nursing topics. Refresh your knowledge on abuse and neglect, geriatric care, and intellectual disability nursing if you already hold a certification as a CNA. To renew a CNA certificate in Texas, these courses are essential.

However, Ace Nursing Education Services’ re-certification seminars will last for eight hours each time they are offered. Individual classes in each of these three programs are available, however, enrolling in all three courses at once saves money.

Aside from that, students may study at their own speed since the training programs are offered online and can be completed at their own convenience. Even if the student is presently employed or has other responsibilities, he or she may still complete the CNA training program and acquire an appropriate understanding of the specified subjects.

The Texas Board of Nursing has authorized the re-certification programs offered by Ace Nursing Education Services. Interested students can seek out more information on these courses online. However, they have to reserve their seat right away due to the small size of the course. They may also be able to get a discount if they purchase all of their sessions at once.

Aurora Health and Educational Institute

As a medical school, Aurora Health and Educational Institute provides a wide range of courses for a variety of healthcare professions. There are GED tutors at Aurora Institute that specialize in QuickBooks and Microsoft Office. An added benefit of this school is the availability of multilingual teachers who are available at flexible times and who are committed to assisting their students in reaching their objectives.

Other Classes to Consider

Other schools and institutions that have been approved to provide CNA training include the following:

Ambrosio Guillen Texas State Veterans Home

The Ambrosio Guillen opened its doors in 2005 and now has 160 residents, offers high-quality long-term care.  The institution also provides care for up to 60 patients who have Alzheimer’s disease or other memory-related disorders. These residents live peacefully in a safe setting and are surrounded by a beautiful and comfortable surrounding. Activities rooms, dining rooms, and outdoor space with security guards are all available to residents of the community.

Canutillo High School

Canutillo High School

Canutillo High School opened its doors in 2006 with the goal of preparing students for post-secondary education and employment opportunities. They provide AP and dual credit classes that help kids to be college or job-ready by the time they finish CHS. For a wide range of professions and businesses, CHS’s Career and Technical Education department provide training and certifications in many sectors. Pathways to a profession in the health sciences are part of the curriculum.

Students can take Principles of Health Science in 9th grade and then Medical Terminology in 10th grade. Students shift from studying health science theory in 11th grade to spending time practicing on the job with an employer or developing an internship project that is focused on health science and anatomy & physiology topics. This is to prepare for a completion certificate in either Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPT).

Center for Career & Technology Education (High School)

Center for Career & Technology Education (High School)

The El Paso Independent School District includes CCIT as one of its institutions (EPISD). It offers a wide range of career-oriented topics to high school juniors and seniors. A total of around 29 courses are available for students to choose from. The curriculum for certified nursing assistants is one of nine that they offer as dual credit. There are two semesters in this two-year program.

Students must study Health Science 1, which is a mix of subjects including Anatomy & Physiology and Medical Terminology, in their first year of school. El Paso Community College-related courses are also available. These are some of the courses that have been merged. You must complete a CNA and a Business Management Medical Administration course as part of your second-year program’s prerequisites.

Global Hospice Care

Global Hospice Care

Hospital-quality home care is the specialty of this hospice. It’s an excellent option for those who don’t want to be in a hospital since patients may choose what meals and activities they want to participate in. Care options at Global Hospice include anything from specialized nurse services to CNAs and dietitians to physical therapy. Medical professionals working at the hospice commit their time and talents to provide the best care possible to the individuals they serve.

Maxine Silva Health Magnet School

Maxine Silva Health Magnet School

There are a number of high schools in the El Paso Independent School District (EPISD) including Maxine Silva Health Magnet School that provide a healthcare curriculum, as well as a variety of resources and chances for students to learn more about this career path. All of these programs are recognized by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education and Training (ACCME).

As early as the ninth grade, students may begin exploring their options for a career in the medical field. In eleventh grade, they have the opportunity to pursue subjects that are relevant to their future careers. Each senior year, students have the opportunity to choose an optional course of their choice. Pharmacy, apprenticeship, nursing assistant (CNA), forensics, biotechnology, physical therapy (dual credit), and medical billing and coding are all alternatives for those interested in a career in healthcare.

Free CNA Classes in El Paso

In El Paso, there are also no-cost CNA training opportunities. To encourage more individuals to work in the hospital setting as CNAs, the government has sponsored and financed these free training programs. School districts, government institutions, and private businesses in the city offer the majority of free CNA training in the city.

There are scholarships and incentives available to students participating in CNA training programs. Some of them provide financial aid programs to students who satisfy the program’s requirements and who thrive in the classroom, as well. This list of free CNA programs may also be found on the Texas Department of State Health Services website.

In addition, El Paso has a large number of firms that are prepared to pay for the training of suitable persons to become certified nursing assistants (CNAs). El Paso has plenty of employers ready to sponsor CNA training for qualified individuals. Some of these hospitals include The University Medical Center of El Paso, Sierra Providence Health Network, The Children’s Hospital at Providence, Sierra Medical Center, and Sierra Providence East Medical Center. Aspiring nursing assistants interested in working at these establishments may take advantage of complimentary CNA courses.

As a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), you will be eligible for immediate work if you complete a no-cost certification training program. A job as a CNA may be available right immediately at some of the healthcare institutions that provide these programs for free. Therefore, candidates must be ready for the work they will have after they have passed their certification test.

All-State Approved CNA Classes in El Paso, TX

Abilene, TXCisco College717 E Industrial Blvd325-794-4411
Abilene, TXPatty Hanks Shelton School Of Nursing2149 Hickory St325-671-2399
Amarillo, TXAmarillo College-center For Continuing Health Care6222 W. 9th806-354-6085
Amarillo, TXAmarillo Va Medical & Community Living Center6010 Amarillo Blvd West806-468-1540
Amarillo, TXVista College N.a. Program3440 South Bell Street, Suite 100806-372-3700
Arlington, TXSpringpack Healthcare Institute1144 A West Pioneer Pkwy817-460-2000
Ausin, TXAustin Community College-highland Business Center5930 Middle Fiskville Rd512-223-7271
Austin, TXCentral Texas Nurse Network, Inc313 E. Rundberg Ln, Ste 208512-836-3442
Baytown, TXLee College Continuing Ed-baytown511 S Whiting281-425-6544
Beaumont, TXVista College - Beaumont3871 Stagg Dr, Ste 194409-291-4900
Belton, TXCentral Texas Council Of Governments/area Agency2180 North Main Street254-770-2358
Big Spring, TXHoward College-lamesa Campus1001 Birdwell Ln432-264-5070
Borger, TXFrank Phillips College1301 Roosevelt806-457-4200
Bryan, TXBlinn College/bryan301 Post Office St.979-209-7565
Center, TXPanola College Continuing Education678 Roughrider936-591-9075
College Station, TXVista College - College Station2704 Texas Ave, Ste 2979-703-1306
Corinth, TXNorth Central Texas College-corinth1525 West California Street940-668-4272
Crockett, TXGarden Of Gethsemane Center/housing Authority160 George Briggs832-382-1549
Dallas, TXAgape10501 North Central Expressway Suite 308214-295-2962
Dallas, TXAlliance Career Institute9304 Forest Ln, Ste 107214-575-4774
Dallas, TXB & M Career Institute9550 Forest Ln., Ste 125972-876-8226
Dallas, TXCompanion Training Center10925 Estate Lane, Suite 240972-310-6070
Dallas, TXDallas Career Institute8499 Greenville Avenue #200214-691-0555
Dallas, TXEl Centro College801 Main Street214-860-2243
Dallas, TXMetromed Nursing Institute11325 Pegasus St., Ste W-165469-867-1149
Dallas, TXVinepress Training Center9550 Forest Lane, Suite 114214-874-8647
Denison, TXGrayson County College6101 Grayson Dr903-463-8765
Denton, TXDisd-lagrone Advanced Technology Complex1504 Long Rd940-369-4850
Dumas, TXAmarillo College Moore County Campus1220 East First Street806-934-7220
Edinburg, TXSix Rns Institute1018 W. Wisconsin Rd,956-513-1748
El Paso, TXAce Nursing Education Services6500 Boeing Suite L208915-244-3955
El Paso, TXEl Paso Community College-site 1100 W Rio Grande915-831-4029
Fort Worth, TXRoham Medical Careers, Llp8650 Meadowbrook Blvd, Ste 116817-795-3782
Fort Worth, TXSpringpack Healthcare Institute, Llc - #26263 Mccart Ave. Suite 202817-294-1991
Fort Worth, TXSpringpack Healthcare Institute, Llc  #36715 Meadowbrook Dr817-446-4441
Fort Worth, TXStone Academy3516 Williams Rd817-691-9790
Fort Worth, TXTarrant County College Certified Nurse Aide Training300 Trinity Campus Circle817-515-1104
Friona Tx , TXParmer Medical Center C.n.a. Program1307 Cleveland806-250-2754
Ft. Stockton, TXWilliam Regional Technical Training Center Midland1309 West Ih-10432-336-7882
Galveston, TXHealth Initiatives Learning Center5301 Broadway Street #2409-741-3992
Garland, TXBah Career Training2433 Goldfinch Ln972-272-5820
Garland, TXC. E. Global Health Education Network Inc.2121 Northwest Hwy #106972-698-7792
Garland, TXCentric Nursing Institute1301 Northwest Highway Suite 205,214-556-7766
Gatesville, TXA Med Ed School Of Nurse Aide Training4620 Fm 1783254-223-2062
Goldthwaite, TXTb Nurse Aide Training815 Fisher St.,325-451-0372
Grand Prairie, TXTeamwork Services307 East Pioneer Pkwy972-642-5466
Harlingen, TXTexas State Tech. College1902 North Loop 499956-364-4797
Hawkins, TXProgressive Learning Center - Natcep669 Francis St903-374-4799
Houston, TXAcademy Of Exceptional Healthcare Training8449 West Bellfort Suite 140713-777-4262
Houston, TXAce Training Institute10101 Harwin Suite #110713-771-7737
Houston, TXAmerican Medical Institute6902 Cook Rd713-772-5300
Houston, TXAssurance Academy, Llc2600 Gessner, Ste 203281-865-8533
Houston, TXAvalon Medical Career Academy10101 Fondren Rd Ste 311713-272-6820
Houston, TXBc Houston Career Training Academy2626 South Loop West, Ste 670713-636-2746
Houston, TXExcel's Health Inst & Home Care Inc9898 Bissonnet #380713-773-1701
Houston, TXFaith Health Training Institute10814 S. Kirkwood281-498-3200
Houston, TXGulf Coast Nursing Career Institute Inc8876 Gulf Freeway, Ste 240713-946-3377
Houston, TXImmaculate Heart Health Institute7400 Harwin Drive Suite #340281-769-5121
Houston, TXNursing Bridges College8700 Commerce Park Dr. Suite #225281-856-0405
Houston, TXSmithwood Medical Institute Llc7100 Regency Square, Ste. 210713-975-0971
Houston, TXSpringville Academy Inc16903 Red Oak Dr Suite 278281-919-1624
Houston, TXSterling Health Careers, Inc.9950 Westpark Dr, #604713-952-9955
Houston, TXTaylor Medical Institute8240 Antoine Dr, Ste 208281-416-4063
Huntsville, TXSam Houston State University - Office Of Cont. Ed.1806 Avenue J936-294-4568
Irving, TXCtk Healthcare And Career Institute3455 N. Beltline Road, Ste. 203214-441-3556
Killeen, TXVista College/killeen1001 S. Fort Hood St254-432-5680
Lake Jackson, TXBrazosport College Community Education500 College Drive979-230-3600
Laredo, TXLaredo Community CollegeW. End Washington St956-721-5255
Laredo, TXLaredo Job Corps1701 Island St956-727-5147
Livingston, TXAbundant Light Of Colita1309 Colita936-329-0478
Livingston, TXThe Abundant Light Of Livingston301 Hwy 59 Loop, Ste E832-527-3322
Longview, TXVista College - Longview1905 W. Loop 281 Suite 21903-704-0544
Lubbock, TXDestiny Staffing Career Center, Llc2402 52nd Street, Suite 12806-748-1666
Lubbock, TXVista College - Lubbock4620 50th Street, Suite 14806-785-2100
Lufkin, TXAngelina College3500 S. First Street936-633-5377
Mcallen, TXNew Start School709 N. Main Street956-682-5670
Mcallen, TXSouth Texas College1101 E. Vermont956-872-3019
Midland, TXNurse Aide For Health Care Organization I3200 W. Cuthbert432-681-6364
Odessa, TXOdessa College-cont. Ed201 W University432-335-6539
Pasadena, TXAides For Home Health Care Services4008 Vista Rd. 108 - Bldg C713-910-7575
Pasadena, TXSan Jacinto College Central8060 Spencer Hwy281-542-2059
Perryton, TXFrank Phillips College - Perryton2314 South Jefferson Street806-648-1450
Pharr, TXSouth Texas Training Center213 E. Ferguson956-782-7100
Plano, TXSira Career Training2115 Teakwood Suite 100972-758-8700
Plano, TXSuperior Medical Training, Inc4800 Preston Park Blvd214-636-9336
Rio Grande City, TXSouth Texas College-starr County Campus142 Fm 3167956-872-3109
San Antonio, TXThe Healthcare Institute1822 Fredericksburg Rd210-692-3262
San Antonio, TXPalo Alto College Continuing Education Natp1400 W. Villaret210-486-3406
San Benito, TXSouth Texas Training Center - San Benito1901 West Hwy 77956-399-9698
San Marcos, TXHealth Training Services, Llc102 Wonder World Dr, Ste 304512-754-9647
Seabrook, TXActive Nursing Assistant Training Of Clear Lake2511-b Nasa Rd, Ste 102832-265-2824
Texas City, TXCollege Of The Mainland1200 Amburn Rd409-933-8512
Tyler, TXTyler Junior College Continuing Studies-west Campus1530 Ssw Loop 323903-510-2968
Uvalde, TXSouthwest Texas Junior College-crystal City H. S.2401 Garner Field Rd830-278-4401
Victoria, TXVictoria College - Cuero2200 E. Red River361-572-6446
Waxahachie, TXNavarro College Corsicana1900 John Arden Dr972-923-6440
Wharton, TXGenesis Education And Training1506 N. Alabama Rd. Suite F979-282-2225
Wichita Falls, TXVernon College/vocational Center At Haskell4105 Maplewood Ave940-696-8752