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CNA lessons might be the answer if you’re seeking a solid job. The work is not only rewarding, but also demanding, and it offers some of the greatest rates of job stability and earning possibilities. If you want to help individuals with their everyday care, being a Certified Nursing Assistant might be a good choice. There are several courses available with various timetables. So, if you want to get qualified, don’t be afraid to join up for one! CNA programs provide students with the essential skills required for this sector, such as working in long-term or acute care settings. In addition, the program incorporates hospital and home healthcare training.

This includes working directly with the patient, such as assisting them in moving around or feeding themselves. The training includes subjects such as infection control, patient development phases, and working with medical terminology. Other subjects addressed in this course include wound treatments and dressings, working with Alzheimer’s patients, dealing with end-of-life difficulties, changing colostomy bags, and coping with incontinence. This training also emphasizes communication abilities. There’s also talk on typical allergies/sensitivities/special diets.

You would need to complete a CNA program and pass the state competency exam to become a certified nursing assistant. This will take around two years. The state requires 100 hours of training under the supervision of a registered nurse. A minimum of 16 hours should be scheduled to address interpersonal skills and communication, resident independence and rights, safety, and emergencies.

If you reside in Connecticut, you might be able to find the CNA training program you’re searching for on Connecticut’s Department of Public Health and the Bureau of Healthcare Systems websites. Nursing assistant programs are available in schools, clinics, nursing homes, and long-term care institutions that have been recognized by these groups.

The Connecticut State Board of Nursing administers the Nurse Aide Certification. The Connecticut Department of Public Health is in charge of the test’s administration. In addition, there are other criteria for being on the register for nurses’ aide certification, such as providing criminal background checks and fingerprints. In most states, a CNA license is only valid for two years. If you wish to keep your certificates, you must renew this. You can renew your certificate if you have worked at least 8 hours in the previous two years.

Here are several Connecticut nursing assistant colleges to consider if you want to study how to become a nursing assistant.

CNA Classes in Bridgeport

Valley Medical Institute

Valley Medical Institute is certain of the quality of its CNA Training Program. The institution has been recognized by the state of California since 1994, and the Departments of Higher Education and Public Health have both validated it as a genuine site to teach nursing assistants. The training lasts 100 hours in total, 40 of which are spent in class and 60 doing hands-on skills.

Valley Medical Institute offers a variety of scheduling alternatives to prospective students. For individuals seeking practical skills as well as more in-depth information, daytime, evening, and weekend programs are available. You must have a high school diploma and pass multiple assessments to apply for the course. You will also require medical and tuberculosis clearance.

Bullard-Havens Technical High School

Bullard-Havens Technical High School

Bullard-Havens Technical High School in Connecticut offers a 10-week curriculum for students and adults interested in becoming licensed nursing aides. Training at long-term and acute care institutions will be part of these sessions. There is an additional $50 registration fee on top of the $41,350 in total tuition. Classes are conducted throughout the year. These costs do not include school supplies like uniforms or textbooks. State Board of Education and Hospitals Services have both given their approval to this program.

Nursing assistants who are taught by seasoned experts are more likely to succeed in their careers. They use a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on clinical experience to teach them. A CNA program for beginners is available at Bullard-Havens Technical High School, regardless of where in the world you come from. Basic nursing processes, personal care skills, and appropriate patient-nurse assistant communication are stated to be learned by Bullard-Havens trainees. They can be used in a clinical environment.

American Red Cross

Students learn the necessary knowledge and skills to become certified nursing assistants throughout this 100-hour course, which includes both classroom and clinical teaching. Evening classes take six weeks to complete, while day classes take four weeks. A $25 uniform voucher, textbook, and stethoscope equipment are included in the $1,250 cost of the CNA program. The $108 state test cost is one-time only. The American Red Cross offers CNA training in Bethel, Bridgeport, East Hartford, New Haven, and Waterbury, Connecticut.

For the past 30 years, the American Red Cross has been a significant source of nursing aide training. This course provides all the information and abilities necessary to get a certification as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Long-term care homes, hospitals, and other private institutions in need of nursing assistants can turn to them for the highest possible standard of care.

St. Vincent’s College

St. Vincent’s College


There is a CNA program available at St. Vincent College in Connecticut for students who will not be working in the medical field. The nursing assistant is a critical member of the team since they are the first point of contact for patients and must have the necessary skills and expertise to engage effectively in collaboration. This curriculum is designed to help you succeed in the CNA field.

Students who complete the program will be certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and prepared to sit for the State Examination for Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). A CNA’s competence and judgment will be tested in the exam. To accommodate students who have jobs during the day, the eight-week CNA programme at St. Vincent’s College offers evening sessions for those who want to study at night. Only three times a week, from 5 PM to 10 PM, is the instruction offered. A total of 64 classroom hours and 60 clinical hours are included in this program.

You will be eligible for a Certificate in Patient Care Technology if you successfully complete this training. As a result, you’ll be prepared to work at a hospital and learn additional techniques. Employers will be able to pay you more for your skills and expertise if you complete this program, giving you a head start in the healthcare industry.

CNA Classes in Manchester

Manchester Community College

MCC has a 120-hour accelerated nursing program that may give you the skills you’ll need. You’ll also have a chance to practice patient care in a practical setting.

Students must first complete a minimum of 16 hours of classroom instruction before moving on to clinical practice, as mandated by state law. A passing grade of at least 70 percent is required to graduate from the program and sit for the state certification test.

The semesters begin in the fall, spring, and summer. After a 15-week program in the spring and the fall, students will attend lectures every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 pm to 9 pm (20 sessions) and eight Saturdays from 7 am to 3 pm for clinical practice. Classes are provided five days a week for four weeks during the summer semester.

It’s not possible to register online. A photo ID, a GED, or a passing grade in a related subject from college, or a passing score on the college’s math and reading assessment examinations, are all required. In order to enroll in the institution, you must submit to a criminal history check and a drug test, both of which must be performed by an authorized provider. However, you will need to submit a medical certificate with verification of your vaccinations before beginning your course.

It costs $999 to take this course. Expenses such as a criminal background check and drug screening ($72), textbooks ( $122), gait belt ( $12), or protective footwear (shoes for nurses) are all included in this fee. There is no payment plan, and all payments must be given in full at the time of purchase. SNAP, VA, and WIOA benefits are available to participants.

CNA Classes in Hartford

Capital Community College

Capital Community College

Many health-related courses are available via Connecticut’s community colleges. Capital Community College has a Health Professions Institute that offers CNA training and a state test prep program. Please call 860-906-5142 for further information. In addition, the Continuing Education Customer Info Center is provided to students who plan to enter the area of Nursing. ‘ 860-906-5130 is the phone number to contact them.

The CNA programme at Capital Community College seems promising since they were the first in Connecticut to receive an award for their training. It was the first time that the CNA degree was awarded. 8-week daytime or 11-week nighttime courses are available for certification. In addition, it has been accredited by Connecticut’s Department of Public Health and recognized for its high quality of training programs.

CNA Classes in Danbury

Harris School of Business (CLOSED)

Harris School of Business

In the Harris Business School, beginning out as a nursing assistant is the finest option for those who want to work in the healthcare industry or who want to care for others. To prepare you for a career as a nurse, nurse tech, or even a nursing practitioner, our hands-on training ensures that you master the skills you need. Here, you’ll be able to learn the most up-to-date techniques and theories for Certified Nursing Assistant training, from theory to practice. They built this CNA curriculum with 60 hours of clinical theory and 40 hours of practical practice in Candlewood Valley and Rehab Center, which is just a short walk from the school.

Basic nursing techniques, personal care routines, patient grooming, feeding, and walking with patients are covered in this course. To become a Certified Nursing Assistant, you must take these courses. You must have finished all of your training in order to complete the course of study. After passing the state test, you’ll be able to work in a variety of healthcare facilities, including hospitals and nursing homes, as a certified nurse assistant.

CNA Classes in West Haven

Stone Academy (West Haven, East Hartford, Waterbury)

Stone Academy

Stone Academy of Middlesex is an excellent option for people who are on a tight budget and are looking for an economical CNA school. Stone Academy’s CNA courses are half the price of those offered by the American Red Cross. A wide variety of programs are offered to accommodate your schedule, including evening and weekend sessions. In this way, it can fit into the schedules of most students.

Students who graduate from Stone Academy may look forward to passing the state certification exam for nursing aides when they complete their studies. The CNA curriculum at Stone Academy is designed to aid students in obtaining a career in the healthcare industry that is both well-paying and in great demand. Some Stone Academy alumni have been able to get employment, with more than 400 people have found work since 2012.

CNA Classes in Farmington

Tunxis Community College

Tunxis Community College Certified Nurse Aide Program

In addition to day and evening classes, Tunxis Community College now provides weekend (Saturday) CNA classes. Over the course of 12 weeks, students will get 100 hours of teaching. Ingraham Manor will be the location of the clinical experience. First-come, first-served is the rule here because there are only eight students allowed in each batch.

For this programme, applicants must be at least 17 years old. There are two ways to submit an application: via mail or in person. Candidates are required to submit an application and pay a $35 administrative fee in order to be considered (via check, money order, debit, or credit card; cash payments are not accepted). The Continuing Education Office will send you a letter of approval with enrollment instructions and a health form attached. Please bring your MMR documentation form and a TB (PPD) test results sheet to the appointment. Within two weeks after beginning the course, you must provide this information.

The program’s price tag is $1,579.00 USD. This fee does not cover the cost of Essential Job Skills and Career Development courses. The Essential Job Skills & Career Development course is included in this pricing. A payment plan is a possibility. The SNAP scholarship program offers financial aid options such as the CHESLA and WIOA accredited programs.

It must be submitted within five days of getting your acceptance notification. Failure to attend the necessary orientation on time will result in your ineligibility for a refund of your registration fee. The exception is the non-refundable portion of the tuition, which covers malpractice insurance, state testing fees, and administrative fees. In addition to this, students will be required to purchase textbooks and uniforms during the course’s duration.

CNA Classes in Norwich

Three Rivers Community College

Three Rivers Community College Certified Nurse Aide Program

Twelve continuing education units (CEUs) are awarded for completing the Three Rivers’ 120-hour RN to CNA conversion course. Nursing and patient care are covered in depth in this course. It covers basic nursing, aid with everyday tasks, good communication with patients, physical and emotional care for patients, and observation of their medical problems.

For this programme, there are two shifts of sessions, with the first day of classes commencing at 9:00 am and ending at 1:30 pm. Hands-on clinic experience will begin at 9:00 a.m. and go until 2 p.m. during this last phase of the program On Tuesdays and Thursdays, evening lessons run from 5:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. In the last week of the program, clinical sessions run from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM. You can sign up for a class as late as one week before it starts.

Math and English comprehension examinations are required for applicants who have not taken college-level courses. Before submitting the registration form and paying for the program, they must arrange for these exams.

The program’s tuition costs $1,500. For the cost of teaching, textbooks, and your state license registration, this is already included in the charge.

CNA Classes in Norwalk

Norwalk Community College

Norwalk Community College Certified Nurse Aide

CNA certification was initially provided in January 2019 by NCC’s Continuing Education and Workforce Development Division. Students who complete this course will be well-prepared for working in care facilities. The 108-hour window in the class will prepare them for this in fine detail. The course lasts 36 hours of classroom instruction plus 72 hours of hands-off lab assignments. You need to spend the time in the field, not just in the classroom.

During the clinical training, students will be placed in both a skilled nursing facility and an acute care hospital.

The NCC campus is open from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Wednesdays, and classes are held there.

CNA Classes in Middletown

Middlesex Community College

Middlesex Community College Certified Nurse Aide

MxCC offers CNA classes at 3 of its locations: Meriden (evening lectures) and Middletown (day and evening lectures and labs and clinical) and Old Saybrook (day lectures). There are also branches in Essex, with day labs and clinical. Day classes are available in all locations. Evening classes are only available on weekdays, and only in Meriden/Middletown.

Each campus has its own day of the week for day scheduling classes. Evening lectures are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 to 7 pm, while morning seminars begin at 9:00 am and end at 2:00 pm. Evening lab and clinical are separated into two different days where one starts at 4:00 p.m. and ends at 9:00 p.m., while the other starts at 4:00 p.m. and ends at 9:20 p.m.

Requirements are standard.  A high school diploma or equivalent is required for applicants who are at least 18 years old. You must provide one of the following documents to be qualified for clinical experience: a doctor-signed health document that includes information on vaccinations, TB PPD results, and flu shots (if applicable). Artificial nails are not allowed.

An ESL evaluation is required for MxCC applicants. It’s the only way to determine whether or not they are ready to sit for the test. The CNA ESL test is free of charge for those who take it by appointment.

The capacity to lift, push, and pull large things, as well as the ability to bend, kneel, etc., is required for careers in the nursing profession. This is a physically demanding program that is not for the faint of heart. Working with medical supplies necessitates being able to stand for long periods of time and having an exceptional vision. Communication and observational abilities are also essential. ‘

The $1,299 fee includes both the day and evening programs. Certification for state nursing aid, textbook, and registration fee are all included at this price. Scrubs, nursing shoes, a watch with a sweeping second hand, and a gait belt are among the items students will need to acquire on their own.

All State Approved CNA Classes in Connecticut

Waterbury, CTNaugatuck Valley Community College750 Chase Pkwy 203-575-8083
Hartford, CTCapital Community College950 Main Street 860-906-5130
Manchester, CTManchester Community College1 Great Path 860-512-3272
Bridgeport, CTHousatonic Community College900 Lafayette Blvd 203-332-8535
Middletown, CTMiddlesex Community College100 Training Hill Rd 860-343-5716
East Winsted, CTNorthwestern Connecticut Communitytechnical CollegePark Place 860-738-6453
Norwalk, CTNorwalk Community College188 Richards Ave 203-857-7122
Danielson, CTQuinebaug Valley Community College742 Upper Maple St 860-412-7300
Norwich, CTThree Rivers Community College574 New London Tpke 860-885-2319
Farmington, CTTunxis Community College271 Scott Swamp Road 860-314-4709
Danbury, CTNaugatuck Valley Community College - Danbury Branch190 Main St 203-797-9361
New Haven, CTGateway Community College20 Church St 203-285-2302
Chester, CTAaron Manor Nursing And Rehabilitation Center3 S Wig Hill Rd 860-526-5316
Plainville, CTApple Rehab Farmington Valley269 Farmington Ave 860-747-1637
Saybrook, CTApple Rehab Saybrook 1775 Boston Post Rd Old 860-399-6216
Bethel, CTBethel Health Care Center13 Park Lawn Dr 203-830-4180
New Milford, CTCandlewood Valley 30 Park Ln E 860-355-0971
Chester, CTChesterfields Health Care Center132 Main St 860-526-5363
Groton, CTGroton Regency Center 1145 Poquonnock Rd 860-446-9960
Southington, CTJefferson House Cna Certification Course45 Meriden Ave 860-621-9559
Fairfield, CTJewish Senior Services 175 Jefferson St 203-365-6400
Stratford, CTLord Chamberlain Nursing & Rehabilitation Center7003 Main St 203-375-5894
Simsbury, CTMclean Health Center 75 Great Pond Rd 860-658-3700
Salisbury, CTNoble Horizons 17 Cobble Rd 860-435-9851
Windham, CTSt Joseph's Living Center Inc.14 Club Rd 860-456-1107
Hartford, CTSaint Martin's Epicopal Church290 Cornwall St 860-242-0318
New London, CTOpportunities Industrializatio N Center Of New London County Inc106 Truman St 860-447-1731
Derby, CTGriffin Hospital 130 Division St 203-735-7421
Jewett City, CTGriswold High School267 Slater Ave 860-705-5250
New Haven, CTHill Regional Career Magnet High School140 Legion Ave 203-214-7878
Milford, CTJonathan Law High School20 Lansdale Ave 203-783-3574
Milford, CTJoseph Foran High School80 Foran Rd 203-877-4418
Waterbury, CTKennedy High School422 Highland Ave 203-574-8150
Meriden, CTMaloney High School121 Gravel St 203-238-2334
New Britain, CTNew Britain High School110 Mill St 860-225-6351
New Milford, CTNew Milford High School388 Danbury Rd Route 7 860-350-6647
Meriden, CTOrville H. Platt High School220 Coe Ave 203-937-4360
Groton, CTRobert E. Fitch High School101 Groton Long Point Rd 860-449-4624
Stratford, CTStratford High School45 N Parade St 203-385-4230
Wallingford, CTWallingford Public Schools142 Hope Hill Rd 203-294-5350
West Haven, CTWest Haven High School1 Mcdonough Plz 203-937-4360
Waterbury, CTWilby High School 460 Bucks Hill Rd 203-574-8100
Waterbury, CTWaterbury Career Academy High School175 Birch St 203-574-6000
Waterbury, CTAcademy Of Medical Training521 Wolcott St 203-721-7021
Torrington, CTAcademy Of Medical Training - Torrington Branch339 Main St 860-618-7233
Waterbury, CTAdvantage Career Training30 Church St (Enlightenment School) 203-721-4119
Naugatuck, CTAdvantage Career Training25 Elm St 203-721-4119
Stratford, CTAmerican Institute Of Healthcare And Technology 480 Lordship Blvd 203-870-8400
West Hartford, CTAmerican Institute99 South St 860-218-9402
Bridgeport, CTAmerican Red Cross - Bridgeport1057 Broad St Fl 3 203-787-6721
New Haven, CTAmerican Red Cross - New HavenGateway Community College 203-787-6721
Hartford, CTAmerican Red Cross140 Woodland St 203-787-6722
Farmington, CTC. G. Nursing Services3 Forest Park Dr 860-255-7723
West Haven, CTCna Preparatory School255 Meloy Rd 203-214-1624
Plymouth, CTCook-willow Convalescent Hospital Inc81 Hillside Ave 860-283-8208
Bridgeport, CTDanae's Training Center - Bridgeport Branch1227 Main St 203-540-5364
New Haven, CTDanae's Training Center92 Arch St. 203-865-0000
New Haven, CTExcel Academy, Llc837 Whalley Ave 203-691-7989
Stamford, CTExcel Academy, Llc482 Summer St, Suites 1 & 2 203-691-7989
Shelton, CTLincoln Tech. 8 Progress Dr. 203-929-0592
New Britain, CTLincoln Tech 200 John Downey Dr. 860-225-8641
Danbury, CTHarris School Of Business155 Main St Ste 302 203-797-1461
Stamford, CTNortheast Medical Institue29 Bank St. Floor 2 203-391-6766
Bristol, CTPremier Healthcare Training And Consulting Services. Llc225 N Main St Ste 311 860-845-5841
Bridgeport, CTSt. Vincent's College2800 Main St 800-873-1013
East Hartford, CTStone Academy - East Hartford745 Burnside Ave 860-569-0618
Waterbury, CTStone Academy Waterbury101 Pierpont Rd 203-756-5500
West Haven, CTStone Academywest Haven560 Saw Mill Rd 203-288-7474
Danbury, CTTraining Direct - Branch345 Main St 203-456-8611
Bridgeport, CTTraining Direct, Llc3885 Main St 203-372-8842
Bridgeport, CTValley Medical Institute4637 Main St 203-378-2210
Willimantic, CTWindham Technical High School210 Birch St 860-456-3879
Stamford, CTJm Wright Technical High School120 Bridge St 203-324-7363
Hamden, CTEli Whitney Regional Vocational Technical School71 Jones Rd 203-397-4031
Danbury, CTHenry Abbott Regional Vocational School21 Hayestown Ave 203-797-4460
Meriden, CTH.c. Wilcox Regional Vocational Technical School298 Oregon Rd 860-807-2235
Norwich, CTNorwich Technical High School7 Mahan Dr 860-859-5330
Torrington, CTOliver Wolcott Regional Vocational Technial School75 Oliver St 860-496-5345
Waterbury, CTW.f. Kaynor Technical High School - Health Technology43 Tompkins St 203-596-4302
Ansonia, CTEmmett O'brien Technical High School141 Prindle Ave 203-732-1800
Wallingford, CTWallingford Adult Education37 Hall Ave 203-294-3900
Milford, CTCity Of Milford Employment And Training150 Gulf St 203-783-3243
Litchfield, CTEdadvance Corp. 355 Goshen Rd 860-567-0863
Enfield, CTEnfield Adult Education124 N Maple St 860-763-7032
Waterbury, CTWaterbury Adult Education11 Draher Ave 203-574-8030
New Haven, CTNew Haven Adult Education580 Ella T Grasso Blvd 203-937-4375
West Haven, CTWest Haven Adult Education Program1 Circle St 203-937-4375
New London, CTNew London Adult & Continuing EducationShaw's Cove Three 860-437-2385
Uncasville, CTCorrigan Correctional Institution986 Norwich New London Tpke 860-692-7643
South Suffield, CTMacdougall Correctional Institution1153 East Street 860-692-7643
Somers, CTOsborn Correctional Institution335 Bilton Rd 860-692-7643
Niantic, CTYork Correctional Institution201 W Main St 860-692-7643
Bridgeport, CTBridgeport Correctional Center1106 North Ave 860-692-7643