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A large number of hospitals in Charleston are looking for Certified Nursing Assistants who are capable of providing high-quality nursing care to patients or in-patients. The primary responsibility of a certified nursing assistant is to work directly with patients while coordinating with other healthcare professionals. CNAs are responsible for meeting the diverse demands of patients suffering from a variety of medical problems.

Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) in Charleston are required to have both national certification and a state license. It is recommended that you investigate the certification and state licensing requirements since they differ from one state to the next. South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services approval and accreditation, as well as compliance with the standards of the South Carolina Board of Nursing, are required for your educational institution to be authorized and accredited.

CNA school graduates who have graduated from an unaccredited CNA program are not eligible to take the certification test for this area. In South Carolina, prospective CNA students must be at least 18 years old and possess a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification. In addition, you need to submit a health assessment that includes tuberculosis testing, drug screening, and a criminal background check if you want to be considered.

CNA programs should include at least 80 hours of classroom instruction and 70 hours of hands-on clinical training in order to qualify for certification in this field. The Nurse Aide Registry will maintain a registry of certified nurse aides in South Carolina and ensure that they are re-certified periodically. Those who successfully finish the training program for a CNA license are eligible to sit for the certification exam and be listed with the national registry.

When you’re looking to study for your CNA courses in Charleston, it’s important that the institution is accredited and produces quality professionals.  We strongly advise you to look into the following institutions further. This list includes some of the CNA programs in Charleston that are now considered to be among the top in the region:

Patch Career Institute

Patch Career Institute

Certification in Certified Nurse Assistant is offered by Patch Career Institute in a six-week program. After completing the course, students may sit for the certification test to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in the industry. Patients and residents of the healthcare institution will benefit from the students’ knowledge of fundamental nursing skills. The program includes both classroom teaching and clinical practice, ensuring that you have the information and abilities necessary to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Those who want to become CNAs may get the training they need at Patch Career Institute. A modest student-to-teacher ratio makes it possible for each student to get individualized instruction. Nursing professionals also serve as educators. This institution has a well-deserved reputation for excellence in the health care industry. They keep getting good grades and passing their examinations. As a result, students finishing their CNA education are well-versed in the subject they’ve been exposed to.

Those who want to take the CNA course should make sure they satisfy all of the prerequisites and commit to full-time learning. Even though there are options for evening and morning sessions, prospective students should make every effort to attend all of their classes on time. A high school degree or GED equivalent is required to apply for the program. A criminal background check and health examinations are also required. Taking the state certification test also requires meeting these conditions. All applicants for CNA training must be free of criminal backgrounds or contagious illnesses.

Trident Technical College

Trident Technical College

CNA classes at Trident Technical College are available to Charleston citizens who want to begin a new profession in the medical industry. The curriculum is in compliance with the South Carolina Board of Nursing’s regulatory criteria and may be finished in only six weeks. After finishing this program, students will be eligible to sit for the certification exam.

Those that are interested in the program spend a significant amount of time in training, both in the classroom and in the field. They will cover a wide range of nursing subjects relevant to the role of a CNA. A few examples include anatomy and physiology, popular medical terminology (such as “infection control”), nutrition, and the foundations of nursing practice. A qualified teacher will supervise participants in clinical settings once they have completed classroom education.

In order to advance in the healthcare business, Trident Technical College is a fantastic educational resource. It’s taught by experts with decades of combined expertise. The amenities in the classrooms and laboratories have been renovated to create a better learning environment for students. The class sizes in the CNA program are kept to a minimum as well. Before the commencement of the program, if you’re interested, you need to submit an application.

To be eligible for this program, applicants must satisfy a number of prerequisites. Students applying for the program must have a high school diploma or GED, as well as pass a criminal background check and be up to date on their vaccinations. Applicants who do not meet the program’s eligibility conditions are not let in. They have financial help accessible for those who demonstrate a greater need for financial assistance.

American Red Cross

American Red Cross

A certified nursing assistant training program is offered by the American Red Cross in South Carolina. In only a few weeks, participants will be well on their way to earning their CNA certification. The American Red Cross provides training for nurses in a variety of situations. After graduating from the course, students are frequently immediately welcomed into the hospital. Medical terminology, fundamental nursing abilities, basic emergency procedures, and interpersonal and communication skills are among the topics addressed in this course.

There is a contemporary training facility where the American Red Cross offers CNA education. Clinical educators with years of expertise in the medical profession train participants. They’ll also be able to practice their skills at a healthcare center affiliated with the university. Graduates will be able to take the CNA certification test and find work as CNAs after finishing the program.

There is a limit on the number of people who may enroll in the American Red Cross CNA training program. To be considered, applicants must have a high school degree or GED equivalent, as well as confirmation of current immunizations, a drug test, and a tuberculosis test result. Prior to beginning the program, students must pass a background check. In addition, this health care facility may provide scholarships and incentives. To find out whether the American Red Cross offers financial aid to aspiring CNAs, contact their Admissions Office.



CSN’s Certified Nursing Assistant program is accredited by the state and is one of Charleston’s most well-regarded healthcare training programs. So, if you’re thinking about a job in the medical field, this may be a viable alternative for you. CSN’s CNA training course lasts for many weeks and is designed to provide students the information they need to sit for their certification test with confidence.

If you’re thinking about a career in the medical field, this program will teach you all you need to know while also providing you with plenty of opportunities for practice in the field. The fundamentals of nursing and medical terminology, as well as anatomy and physiology, are taught in nursing school. Geriatric care and infection prevention are also covered.

Candidates for the CNA program are only accepted if they satisfy specific requirements. A high school diploma, vaccination records, criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing are all required for those who want to participate in the program. Admission criteria include passing the degree entrance test with a minimum score and meeting specific language requirements. You’ll need to be able to communicate clearly in English, both orally and in writing. This kind of healthcare degree comes with its own set of tuition and fees. Students, on the other hand, have the option of applying for financial aid scholarships and grants. For students who are tight on money yet wish to become licensed nursing assistants, these programs are a perfect choice.

CSN provides a certification program for nursing assistants that may be taken many times a year. Prospective students may discover more about the admissions process by visiting the school’s website or by contacting them.

Free CNA Classes in Charleston

Free CNA Classes in Charleston

Free CNA training in Charleston is becoming more common as the need for nursing aides grows. To encourage more individuals to go into the healthcare industry, several of these courses are funded by commercial and public institutions.

There are schools that provide CNA training for those who wish to take advantage of this opportunity. They provide a variety of financial aid options that might help students pay for CNA education at a lower rate. Additionally, the South Carolina Department of Health provides information about free nursing assistant training programs in the state. For more information, you may look at their website or stop by their location.

In addition, several medical institutions are paying for state-approved CNA training for their future nursing assistants. It’s possible that some of them may train the qualifying personnel in-house, while others will send them to an allied college in Charleston.

Individuals who take advantage of free CNA education at a healthcare institution must be ready to commit to working there for a certain length of time, regardless of where the lessons are held. During the recruiting or admittance process, further requirements are presented.

You may still obtain free CNA training in Charleston by going to places like Bon Secours-St. Francis HospitalMedical University of South Carolina, and Medical University of South Carolina Children’s Hospital.

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