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There are a lot of opportunities when you take CNA training in Boston. Several healthcare facilities are looking for nursing assistants, and this demand continues to grow every year. If you seek a stable career, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is a good option. Nursing Assistants in Boston receives an annual salary of $33,000 which is 15% higher than the national average salary. It can even go higher as more skills are acquired, and advanced studies are taken. Hence, working in this field is worthwhile and rewarding.

However, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant requires completion of a state-approved CNA training. CNA classes in Boston should be done in state-approved colleges, vocational schools or healthcare facilities. This should consist of classroom lectures as well as clinical rotations to learn the basic nursing skills and practice it in a real setting. The CNA training program is often a rigorous healthcare course that requires a full-time commitment. Students have to take the program seriously to graduate and become eligible for the certification exam. Some schools even have a minimum grade requirement to graduate that is why absences or tardiness are not allowed.

Nevertheless, before you undergo the training program, you have to pass the tuberculosis screening and take the required shots of vaccinations. Some institutions even require CPR certification before the program. The job of a Certified Nursing Assistant is quite demanding due to the physical activities that they have to do on a daily basis. If you aspire to become one, you have to make sure that you can lift at least 50 lbs and can sustain hours of providing primary care to patients or residents in a particular healthcare setting. Regardless of the demand for the profession, Certified Nursing Assistants receive a good pay and has several opportunities waiting for them.

Moreover, it is very important to take note that the CNA training in Boston should adhere the federal standards, the curriculum pattern is quite similar to fully train nurses. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics requires potential nursing assistants to enhance their skills with compassion and patience. The standard curriculum should cover topics on patient safety, reporting, patient rights, medical terminologies, human anatomy, work ethics, basic nursing skills and patient assessments.

Free CNA training is not commonly offered in Boston, but it can be availed in some healthcare institutions that need several nursing assistants. There will be a screening process for this and students who passed can avail the training program for free. However, they are obliged to serve the institution for a couple of months or years after getting certified as this will be in exchange for the free program availed.

Regarding certification, it can only be obtained once the Nurse Aide State Examination is passed. The Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services regulates all CNA activities including the administration of the exam. The exam is consist of two parts which are the written and skills portion. Both of these parts should be passed to be certified and become an eligible healthcare professional.

CNA training in Boston is not difficult as long as you dedicate a full commitment to the program. If you get certified, you will have to keep your license active by renewing it every two years. Contact the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services for more information and keep updated on the latest activities of nursing assistants.

American Red Cross – Boston

American Red Cross – Boston

The American Red Cross in Boston offers a Certified Nursing Assistant training program to individuals who are interested in working in the healthcare field. The program takes approximately four to eight weeks, and it includes classroom instruction, lab training, and clinical practicum. Students in the program will be trained to become competent healthcare providers who are capable of providing quality care to patients or residents in a long-term care facility.

Among the topics discussed are anatomy and physiology, infection control, nutrition, fundamentals of nursing, the art of caregiving, communication and interpersonal skills, care for the elderly, and many more. Students will know how to take vital signs, perform CPR, first aid, AED usage, and even assist in activities of daily living. The CNA training program is taught by experienced nurses who are licensed, instructors. Participants get the chance to be trained by the best people at a short period.

Individuals who want to sign up for the CNA training in the American Red Cross in Boston must attend a local orientation information, present a high school diploma or GED certificate, and pass a reading and math assessment test. They also have to undergo a criminal background check and complete a physical form or TB test. The Certified Nursing Assistant training program has a small class size and certain criteria to be met. A local Red Cross counselor will provide these details to enrollees upon admission. Tuition costs are also discussed during the orientation session, but students can apply for scholarships or grants to lessen the expenses of the training.

Massbay Community College

Massbay Community College

Massbay Community College offers a Nurse Assistant training program which prepares the students for an entry-level career as a Certified Nursing Assistant and the American Red Cross Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation (NACE) test. The program has 120 hours of instruction, divided into 80 hours of classroom lectures and laboratory hours, and 40 hours of clinical practicum at a long-term care facility.

Overall, the Nurse Assistant training program can be completed in eight weeks, and students learn to perform routine healthcare tasks essential for today’s diverse population. The course includes essential skills training like monitoring vital signs, assessing patient’s condition, and dealing with a different patient or resident needs. Other topics of the program include understanding the elderly, patient safety, roles and responsibilities of a Nurse Assistant, personal care, food service, restorative nursing, hygiene and infection control, elimination, work ethics, and communication skills. Classes are held at the Framingham campus of Massbay Community College, and class size is small to ensure an individualized instruction.

Individuals who are interested in the Nurse Assistant training program have to be at least 16 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. The school also requires all applicants to undergo a criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing. Since the program requires physical routine, prospective students have to be ready to perform daily provision of care among patients or residents. They have to make sure that they can lift, move, or transfer patients or residents with at least 50 lbs. Nevertheless, Massbay Community College has scholarship or grants to students studying a CNA training.

Bunker Hill Community College

Bunker Hill Community College

Bunker Hill Community College offers a Home Health Aide program which allows the students to become qualified for certification by the American Red Cross. The program can be completed in eight weeks, and it covers the essential classroom instruction, lab training, and clinical practicum. Participants will learn several nursing topics and skills like infection control, patient safety, nutrition, vital signs taking, care for the elderly, emergency procedures, anatomy and physiology, medical terminologies, and many others. Upon completing the classroom instruction and lab training, students are then exposed in a clinical setting affiliated with the college. They will be supervised by a clinical instructor who is a Registered Nurse.

Moreover, Bunker Hill Community College provides quality Home Health Aide training to those who aspire to become a healthcare provider in less than two months. Although the program is intensive and requires a full-time commitment, students graduate with competence and confidence in taking the certification exam. The admission process of this healthcare course is quite competitive due to the small class size. Thus, interested applicants have to apply for enrolment as early as possible and meet the program requirements like high school diploma or GED equivalent, criminal background check, drug screening, TB testing, proof of complete immunization, and physical ability to lift at least 50 lbs.

Bunker Hill Community College has scholarship programs to individuals who plan to undergo the Home Health Aide training, and this can be obtained at their Financial Aid Office. Students with financial struggles can apply for these tuition assistance programs to lessen the cost of the training.

LifeStream, Inc.

LifeStream, Inc.

The Nursing Assistant or Home Health Aide training of LifeStream, Inc. is a 120-hour healthcare course conducted in five weeks. This program includes a combination of classroom instruction, laboratory training, and hands-on clinical practicum in a local nursing home. Students get the best training from instructors who are approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Since LifeStream, Inc. has received a license from the Division of Professional Licensure and Massachusetts Office of Private Occupation School Education, graduates become eligible for the state certification exam which is given in the school’s classrooms.

The Nursing Assistant program is a short and rigorous healthcare course that covers several topics and skills training like anatomy and physiology, infection control, medical terminologies, nutrition, fundamentals in nursing, emergency procedures, activities of daily living, and many more. It also includes a CPR certification from the American Heart Association (AHA) which is very essential for every CNA to know. Classes for the Nursing Assistant program are scheduled every monthly, and classroom training, and testing is held at the Employment & Training facility of LifeStream, Inc.

Moreover, there is a small class size for this healthcare course. Interested students are advised to apply as early as possible to reserve a seat. Applicants must be at least 16 years old, with a high school diploma or GED equivalent, clean criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing. Students in the Nursing Assistant program have to be prepared for the physical demands of the profession. Thus, they need to be fit to lift at least 50 lbs of weight and capable of doing any physical routine of patients or residents.

Catholic Charities – Laboure Center

Catholic Charities – Laboure Center

The Catholic Charities – Archdiocese of Boston (CCAB) has been around for more than century. Its primary mission is to build a society that is compassionate, just and rooted in the value of dignity. As a charity, CCAB provides programs and services to those in need. These programs/services include basic needs, child care, counseling services, elder services, adult education, and many more.

CCAB’s adult education programs aim to help individuals become self-sufficient and break away from the cycle of poverty. Programs offered include GED, English as a Second Language, and Nurse Assistants and Home Health Aides (NA/HHA’s) program. The NA/HHA program helps individuals take their first steps into a career in healthcare. Nurse Assistants would specifically need to assist patients with activities of daily living (ADL), provide bedside care, and perform supervised basic nursing procedures. Home Health Aides would provide personal care like bathing, grooming, and feeding in patients’ homes.

During training, students will learn to assess patient needs, meet quality and safety standards, and evaluate patient satisfaction. Day and evening schedules are available in the Catholic Charities Laboure Center in South Boston. Day classes are for four weeks and meet Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Evening classes are for eight weeks and meet Tuesday through Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. There will be three offsite clinical experience sessions. These sessions often meet from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Applicants need to be at least 18 years old. Additional requirements include passing a CORI check, high school diploma or equivalent, English fluency, negative TB test result (with the last year), and a certification of physical fitness from a medical provider.

The total cost of the program is $1,000. This does not include the $100 state certification exam fee.

Other Classes to Consider

Here are other schools and facilities that have the approval to offer CNA training:

Madison Park Technical Vocational High School

Madison Park Technical Vocational High School

Madison Park offers Adult Education programs under the Boston Public Schools’ Department of Adult Education & Community Services. The department aims to provide educational opportunities for adults in the community, especially the parents of students in the school district. There are different career pathways offered including pathways in health careers including foundations of nursing, clinical training, CNA exam prep, CPR certification, and First Aid/AED certification.

Youth & Family Enrichment Services

Youth & Family Enrichment Services

Also known as YoFES, the Youth and Family Enrichment Services of Hyde Park in Greater Boston is a non-profit youth social services organization. The organization’s main mission is to build strong connections within the Haitian community in the area through youth empowerment. YoFES offers different programs that benefit both Haitian youth and their families. These programs include a music program, after-school program, summer program, targeted health initiatives, and parent counseling. One of YoFES’s targeted health initiatives is the Certified Nursing Assistant Program (CAN program). The program is facilitated by the Boston Adult Technical Academy, a public high school in Dorchester.

All State Approved CNA Classes in Boston

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