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Arkansas is greying. It is projected that in the next 15 years the senior population in the state will increase by 40 percent. That will be about 650,000 seniors and about 69 percent of these seniors will need long-term care.

Currently, there are 7,208 seniors living in Little Rock, amounting to 11 percent of the population. About 60 percent of seniors in Little Rock prefer to live in their own homes while 33 percent live alone. In order to keep up with the demand for home care services, CNAs and other trained care providers need to increase by almost 50 percent.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics have already confirmed a potential shortage of Certified Nursing Assistants in the coming years, and Arkansas is no exception. Healthcare workers are in short supply, and the opportunity for CNA career advancement in Arkansas is excellent. Here the starting salary for CNAs is usually around $22,500 and can go upwards of $29,000 yearly. If you’re after sustainability, now could be a great time to consider pursuing a rewarding career as a Nursing Assistant, beginning with enrolling in CNA classes in Arkansas.

Healthcare facilities in Arkansas are not allowed to let an individual serve as a CNA unless they have completed a minimum 120 hours of theory and practical training. Only then are they recognized by the Arkansas Department of Health as having gone through the proper training to become a qualified CNA.

Once a prospective student has completed their 120 hours of lecture and practical application, the next step is for them to write the CNA certification exam, which is conducted by Prometric. Accredited CNA programs offer standard courses such as palliative care, personal care, bathing, vital signs evaluation, charting, lifts, and first aid.

Schools that are offering CNA classes have varying sets of requirements for letting you into the training. The state and federal government, however, lists some specific requirements for getting a CNA certification in Arkansas. This includes getting an updated criminal background check, presenting at least two fingerprint cards, two passport size photos, and Photo ID. It is also required by the state that you finish at least high school (as proved by your GED certification) and must be 16 years old and above to qualify for the training program.

Once you passed the exam and finally got your certification as a CNA, you will be required to enlist yourself in the local Arkansas Nurse Aide Registry. This would be the state’s official record of its Certified Nursing Assistants, and your prospective employer’s means of checking your background.

If you’re interested in pursuing a medical career as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in Arkansas, you know by now that one of the most important steps is to get the formal training that the federal rules require. The official training program could be in two ways:

  1. An ‘on the job training’ under direct supervision of a general registered nurse and
  2. Through CNA classes in Arkansas technical schools, community colleges, and even high schools.

Check out some of the institution in Arkansas that offer a state-approved CNA training program.

CNA Classes in Springdale

Northwest Technical Institute

Northwest Technical Institute

Northwest Technical Institute provides a state-approved CNA training program to students wishing to start a career in the healthcare profession. The course has 90 hours of classroom instruction and 46 hours of clinical training that meet the standards of the state certification of nursing assistants and enables the students to become competent healthcare providers.

Students who are planning to enroll in this kind of program must have a high school diploma or equivalent to apply and must pass the criminal background investigation conducted by the program. TB testing and drug screening are also part of the health requirements which every student must pass to qualify for the CNA training.

The CNA training program of Northwest Technical Institute prepares the students for the state certification exam and possible work in acute care and long-term care facilities. Several nursing topics and skills are taught by the instructors including the fundamentals of nursing, infection control and prevention, basic anatomy and physiology, patient’s rights, activities of daily living, positioning and transferring techniques, medical terminologies, nutrition, and many others. After the classroom instruction and skills training in a simulation lab, all students are required to undergo a hands-on clinical practice in an affiliated healthcare facility of Northwest Technical Institute.

Students in the CNA training program must take note of the potential costs of this healthcare course. Scholarships, loans, and grants are available to help financially challenged students to obtain a sustainable assistance throughout the course. Interested students can visit the school’s Financial Aid Office to know more about the different kinds of financial assistance programs available.

Petra Allied Health

When it comes to learning styles, not every student is alike. Some may prefer a more structured, classroom-based education, and for CNA classes in Arkansas, Petra Allied Health is a leading source. The affordable course, priced at $480, does not require registration fees, and tuition does not include textbooks, which cost $30. An $89 state exam fee is required, however, for students who become employed by a long-term care facility, the exam fee is waived. Upcoming classes are being held in Springdale, Hot Springs, and Fort Smith, Ark.

CNA Classes in Benton

PAL CNA Training Academy

PAL CNA Training Academy

PAL CNA Training Academy is offering a CNA training program in the state of Arkansas that consists of 90 hours of instruction. Students enrolled in the course will undergo 74 hours of classroom instruction and another 16 hours of clinical practice. The combined teaching strategies will prepare aspiring healthcare professionals for their certification exam and potential employment in different healthcare settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and other skilled nursing facilities. The competency exam for nursing assistants usually has two portions which are the written and skills lab demonstration. With that, PAL CNA Training Academy will help these students become competent and confident in the exam to receive their certification and work as a qualified nursing assistant in the state.

Individuals who want to take part in the CNA training program must be at least 16 years old, but students who are in this age or those below 18 must make sure to sign a school-student agreement together with their parent, guardian or guarantor. They also have to provide a current high school enrolment to apply. However, applicants who are more than 18 years old should submit a high school diploma or GED equivalent. All candidates are also required to pass the criminal background check, TB testing, and drug screening.

PAL CNA Training Academy offers an affordable CNA training program which costs around $650. The payment plan is available but financially challenged students who cannot afford to cover the costs of the training can seek scholarship programs, loans, or grants. These financial assistance opportunities are available at the school’s Financial Aid Office.

CNA Classes in Jonesboro

Schmieding Home Caregiver Training

Schmieding Home Caregiver Training

The CNA training program of Schmieding Home Caregiver Training gives students the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the certification exam. The program can be taken in a full-time or part-time study, during the day, evening, and weekend class schedules available. People who want to make a positive impact on others and those who desire to secure a stable and fulfilling career can take a CNA training program and start a healthcare job as a Certified Nursing Assistant. The school will prepare the students for the demands of the profession through combined classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice. They will provide the most advanced facilities and clinical instructors to impart adequate knowledge and nurture competent skills in nursing.

Furthermore, a high school diploma or GED equivalent is required to gain admission in the CNA training program of Schmieding Home Caregiver Training. Prospective students should also pass the criminal background investigation and should be free from any communicable disease and drugs. They must be physically fit as well to meet the demands of the profession and become a competent nursing assistant. The CNA training program is offered several times a year, and interested applicants can go to their website or visit the facility to submit the requirements and enroll for the healthcare course.

CNA Classes in Pocahontas

Black River Technical College

Black River Technical College

Individuals who are seeking a career in the medical field can start a CNA training program at Black River Technical College. The healthcare course runs for four weeks and students enrolled in the program will be trained by the best instructors. They will go through a rigorous classroom instruction, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice to prepare them for the certification exam. They will also receive a personalized education to equip them for future employment in different medical settings.

The CNA training program of Black River Technical College is offered throughout the year. Prospective students can enroll anytime, particularly after a program ends, but they have to meet the requirements to gain admission. A high school diploma or equivalent is necessary along with a clean criminal background check, negative drug screening, and TB testing. Few students are accepted per program due to the limited class size. However, approved applicants will be trained by expert healthcare professionals who have years of experience in the field. They also receive assistance during the training to make them competent and qualified certified nursing assistants in the state.

CNA Classes in Little Rock

MedLinc, Inc.

MedLinc, Inc.

MedLinc is primarily a staffing service provider. The 10-year-old company was awarded the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval. Their services are divided into different divisions; among them are the medical division, clerical division, industrial division, and training & education division. The training and education division offers CNA training and continued education classes that employers and individuals can avail of. There’s also an option to take in-service instruction online.

Medlinc, Inc. provides an atmosphere of support and encouragement to ensure that students obtain the highest quality of learning which helps them achieve a certification as a nursing assistant. The CNA training program is designed for students to get the skills and qualifications required for sustained employment opportunities in the state of Arkansas. The state Office of Long Term Care certified the curriculum, and all instructors are licensed and recognized by the SBPCE.

MedLinc’s CNA short course program is designed for sustainable employment and career development. The curriculum is certified by Arkansas Office of Long Term Care. It is also listed in the Arkansas Consumer Report System (ACRS) as one of the WIOA certified programs.  The program’s instructors are licensed nursing professionals and accredited by the Arkansas State Board of Private Career Education (SBPCE).

Training facilities include lecture rooms, library, computer laboratory, study area, and fully functional clinical training room. These training facilities are used on the program’s 90 hours’ worth of classroom, laboratory and clinical instruction. Upon completion of the training program, students receive a certificate and are eligible to sit for the state certification exam.

Gaining an admission to this healthcare course is not that difficult, but interested applicants have to take note of the limited class size and few number of students per program. Prospective students have to be at least 16 years old and must pass the health requirements such as physical exam, TB testing, and drug screening. High school diploma is not required, but GED equivalent is needed, along with a criminal background investigation. Students who are accepted in the CNA training program will enjoy a high-quality training in this healthcare profession. The program’s tuition fee is about $1,350 with an additional $150 cost for textbooks.

On 2015, MedLinc reported that their WIOA Employment Rate in the Fourth Quarter After Exit is 91 percent.

Contact MedLinc, Inc. by phone (501-492-7200) or visit their website above.

Schmieding Home Caregiver Training

Schmieding Home Caregiver Training

The Schmieding Home Caregiver Training program was developed by Lawrence H. Schmieding due to his family’s struggle in finding qualified and well-trained home caregivers. The program had been going for more than 18 years. In 2018, a replication project was launched to spread the program throughout Arkansas. The center at Little Rock and four more centers were founded in 2012.

Schmieding’s CNA training program is distinct. It is focused on home caregiving. The program is divided into three levels. Each level has different specializations. The In-Home Assistant (IHA) is a 40-hour course about the fundamentals of home caregiving. The 60-hour Home Care Assistant (HCA) course focuses on more advanced caregiving and assistance needs. The last level is the 16-hour Alzheimer’s & Dementia Training (AD). After finishing the three levels, graduates receive the title of Geriatric Home Caregiver (GHC). It is only then that they are qualified to take the state CNA certification exam.

The curriculum for all three levels of the program and any continuing education classes is formally written and designed by nurses. It is a state and federal certified, meeting the training requirements for home health, nursing home aide/care, and personal care assistant. Laboratory and hands-on training are held on a CareHouse. The CareHouse simulates a home environment where students can practice on their caregiving skills.

The cost of one course is about $695 with a one-time $50 registration fee. Schmieding has a Caregiver Directory that advertises the services of their graduates. This directory is for free and is ran by the center as a form of community service.

Contact the Courtney Mitchell, Coordinator of Home Caregiver Training by phone (501-526-6500) or email her at

Emma Rhodes Education Center

Emma Rhodes Education Center

The Emma Rhodes Education Center (EREC) was founded in 2000 by Dr. Emma Kelly Rhodes. It is a non-profit, privately-owned institution is licensed under the State Board of Private Career Education. The center is dedicated to underprivileged individuals, from high school dropouts to adult needing sustainable employment. Only technical and trade skills proficiency certificates are issued.

The EREC Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) course is a 90-hour training program. Classes are spread over three weeks for day classes or four weeks for night classes. Day classes are held from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. Night classes meet from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Of the program’s 90 hours, 74 hours are divided between lecture and laboratory instruction. Another 16 hours are dedicated to clinical training.

The program is open-enrollment but students are only required to pass an academic test that is on a 10.5-grade level. EREC doesn’t offer any licensing support.

The tuition fee is $690. Textbook(s) cost around $55. Other expenses include equipment, supplies, and visual aids. All training expenses are paid out-of-pocket. The course isn’t eligible for financial aid from the state and other grants. This is only if there aren’t any government agencies or organizations like the Department of Human Services that would shoulder the student’s training costs.

Contact the EREC by phone their phone numbers (501-680-3821) or (501-372-0281).

Little Rock Job Corps Center

Little Rock Job Corps Center

Just like the numerous Job Corps centers in the country, Little Rock Job Corps Center provides free training solutions for young adults aged 16 to 24. These academic and on-the-job training programs develop employable skills to increase chances of employment and promote independence.

The Little Rock Job Corps Center was opened in 1981 but was only transferred to its new 22-acre campus in Scoot Hamilton Drive in 2008. The center has a capacity of 237 people. Facilities include dorms, activity/recreation center, fitness center, library among others. Students can also avail of free benefits like meals, basic medical services, living allowances, books, uniforms, safety equipment, and more.

The center’s Nursing Assistant/ Home Health Aide classes fall under the work-based learning (WBL) program. The program aims to supplement the technical training with job-related tasks that develop the students’ work habits, goal orientation, and motivation to further their education.

The technical training includes learning and following basic procedures on safety, emergency response, and the recording of vital signs. Students need to learn how to assist patients in their daily needs like bathing, dressing, and turning on their hospital beds. Advanced patient care is also part of the training. There will be instruction on controlling infections and specialized care for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The training’s duration is about 8-12 months.

Contact the Little Rock Job Corps Center by phone (501-618-2500) or visit their website above.

ADH In-Home Health and Hospice


Those who seek CNA training in Arkansas need only look to the Arkansas Department of Health. The ADH In-Home Health and Hospice provides classes and training for Certified Nursing Assistants, also known throughout the state as Personal Care Aides. The five-day course is completed in 40 hours, and it is held in different regions throughout the country at different times of the year. Upcoming classes are being offered in the northeast and southwest regions of Arkansas, and interested individuals should call the ADH at 501-661-2951.

St. Vincent Health System and Catholic Health Initiatives

St. Vincent Health System and Catholic Health Initiatives

Across Arkansas, St. Vincent Health System and Catholic Health Initiatives offers patient care and training for individuals who want to work within the St. Vincent Health System. The College of Healthcare Professionals’ five-week course includes the mandated 90 hours of training, plus 110 hours of training that is specific to working in the St. Vincent Health System. Study topics include necessary nursing duties, as well as how to work in acute-care and long-term care facilities. After hospital-wide training, CNA classes are set to resume in 2013, with class dates to be posted on Nov. 5. Application fees are $25, and tuition is set at $390. St. Vincent estimates the cost of textbooks at $70-$75, and the price of scrubs, a watch with a second hand, and the state exam ($90) is additional.

Free CNA Classes in Arkansas

You could get CNA training in Arkansas through government-sponsored programs that are often offered for free. These are usually given by medical institutes like the Red Cross or local nursing homes and hospitals. The catch here is that you have to fall within the required income bracket and, most often, nursing homes and hospitals expect you to work for them for several months first (usually, at lower rates compared to the other present opportunities).

If you can’t afford the fees for paid CNA class don’t worry, there are several free options available for those on a limited budget.

The ADH In-Home Health and Hospice Services is sponsored by the state department and offers free classes that typically run for 40 hours over five consecutive days (usually Monday through Friday). This is a specialized type of CNA as you can work as a Personal Care Assistant/Aide after you’re done. If you lack credit hours, you have the option of taking the competency exam later.

Some nursing homes and health care facilities that are short-staffed will pay for their employees’ CNA training at a board-approved institution, such as a community college or Petra Allied Health Services. Such participating nursing homes include the following:

  • Crestpark Inn
  • Brighton House Center
  • Beverly Health Care
  • Jefferson Health Care
  • Montgomery County Nursing Home

Finally, remember to check numerous job boards as some ads specify free training benefits.

All State Approved CNA Classes in Arkansas

Arkadelphia, ARClark County Community Education3021 Twin Rivers Drive870-246-6337
Cabot, ARArkansas Residential Assisted Living Association, Inc.692 Honeysuckle Lane501-941-2075
Fort Smith, ARArea Agency On Aging Of Western Arkansas, Inc.524 Garrison Avenue479-783-4500
Fort Smith, ARPrn Medical Staffing4500 Rogers Avenue479-785-9222
Harrison, ARPetra Allied Health - Harrison702 N. Main Street, Suite 1-a479-248-2081
Hot Springs, ARPetra Allied Health, Inc.2212 Malvern, Suite 2479-750-9876
Jacksonville, ARArkansas Academy For Nursing Assistants Of Pulaski County704 Quince Hill Road, Suite A501-982-065
Jonesboro, ARRsb Nursing Assistant Training Program2911 Browns Lane870-926-9496
Little Rock, ARHeartbeat To Heartbeat Certified Nursing Assistant School & Allied Health Studies6701 Geyer Springs501-562-6540
Lonoke, ARArkansas Academy For Nursing Assistants1501 Lincoln Street501-676-2600
Magnolia, ARCompassion Certified Nursing Assistant School600 Lelia Street870-235-1414
Magnolia, ARHealth Care Training Associates2600 N. Dudney Road870-234-2800
Malvern, ARPremium Health Care Training625 East Page Avenue501-337-9155
Mcgehee, ARNew Educational Beginnings110 Hazel Street870-222-6442
Ola, ARRiver Valley Nurse Aide Training CenterHighway 10479-489-5111
Perryville, ARPerry County Cna Training Center1115 Aplin Avenue501-889-2422
Pine Bluff, ARSouthern Good Faith Fund - Career Pathways Program2304 West 29th Street870-535-6233
Prescott, ARHillcrest Care And Rehab1421 West Second Street N.870-887-3811
Searcy, ARWhite County Medical Center3214 E Race Ave501-268-6121
Springdale, ARPetra Allied Health, Inc.3889 Willowood Avenue479-750-9876
Springdale, ARPrn Medical Services, Education Division Ii3807 South Thompson479-785-9222
Stuttgart, ARM&m Education, Inc.409 E. Michigan Avenue870-673-1657
Texarkana, ARTexarkana Nursing Academy718 East 5th Street870-772-6860
Wynne, ARSt. Cross Health Care Education, Llc1908 Heath Lane870-588-5772