(2021 Update) 13 Best Narrow Wheelchairs for Adults, Seniors and the Elderly

At least 65 million people are dependent on a wheelchair according to a World Health Organization survey. Because of this high demand, manufacturers have come up with many models with different features.

The wheelchair width is a factor that most people do not take the time to consider when purchasing one. This can become a hassle if they get one which is not a good fit for them or more importantly if the chair does not fit through the doorways of their homes.

Dealing with returns or in some cases, shelling out money for an additional wheelchair is completely unnecessary if you are equipped with the necessary information. We want to help you be able to make the right decision by going through the information below.

Wheelchairs are available in multiple sizes to accommodate different body sizes of users. If you are going to be using one for the long term, it is always better if you can test out a few before finally investing in one.

Most wheelchairs are 18 to 22 inches wide. 22-inch width is the most common choice for adults. Most standard doorways are 23 to 27 inches wide. So it is pretty clear that most wheelchairs will fit through most doorways.

However, there will be cases when there is no scope for even a slight tilt or turn when passing through the doorway. There may not be enough space for your arms to push the wheels so you will be dependent on your caregiver.

So we can safely establish that while most wheelchairs will fit through standard doorways, their width may not be ideal for wheelchair access. Besides being able to fit through narrow doorways, the width of a wheelchair needs to be considered for storage and transportation purposes too.

Best Narrow Wheelchairs

1. Drive Medical TR37E-SV

Drive Medical TR37E-SV

It is always advisable to go for a wheelchair which has a sturdy build yet portable design. This will allow you to easily move it around but offer enough stability at the same time. The Drive Medical TR37E-SV does that at just 17-inch width. The strong steel frame offers reliable stability while the compact design allows you to easily move around in narrow indoor spaces like hallways.

The armrests have cushions and you have a choice as to whether you want the armrests to be detachable or fixed. The leg rests have a swing-away design to save more space and make it convenient to get on and off the chair. The seat and foldable backrest are made of nylon which is easier to transport and clean.

Safety has been given its due to importance with the addition of a seat belt to secure you in place when moving around. Additionally, you can lock the back wheels from moving, especially when you are in the bathroom or an inclined surface.

We like the silver vein finish as it looks pretty sleek. You should carefully consider the dimensions of the chair. When folded, the chair measures 33 x 8 x 39 inches. The seat width between both the arms is 15 inches and depth is 15.75 inches. It can carry a maximum weight of 250 pounds.

There is also a 19-inch width which measures 33 x 10.75 x 39 inches when folded. The seat width between both the arms is 16.5 inches and depth is 16 inches. The weight capacity remains the same at 250 pounds. The wheelchair can be used both independently or with the assistance of a caregiver. We liked pushing the chair around as it runs so smoothly. Assembling is quite simple as only the footrests need to be attached after unboxing it. We recommend the detachable armrest variant if portability is a priority for you.

We would, however, like to point out that at 26 pounds, the TR37E-SV is not the lightest transport wheelchair out there. Wheelchairs that use aluminum frames are lighter but this is cheaper, more sturdy and has a higher weight capacity. The only design change we would like to recommend is that there should have been a pocket attached to the back portion of the chair. Most wheelchairs have it these days. You should go for this chair only if the 26 pounds weight is not an issue for you.


  • It can be folded, making it easy to transport and store.
  • Adjustable footrests allow convenient mounting and dismounting and extra legroom.
  • Safety- back wheels can be locked and seat belt has been added.
  • Nylon is used for the seat and backrest which is easy to clean and dry.
  • Armrests are detachable.
  • The steel frame is very sturdy.
  • High weight capacity (250 pounds).


  • Padding could have been denser for long-term use.
  • Heavy for a transport chair (26 pounds).
  • No pocket attached to the chair.

2. Medline Mobility Ultralight Transport Wheelchair

Medline Mobility Ultralight Transport Wheelchair

Weighing only 14.8 pounds, the Medline Mobility Ultralight Wheelchair is probably the lightest wheelchair on the market today. Be it indoors or outdoors, traveling to a doctor’s appointment, moving a loved one around the neighborhood or going out to a restaurant, this chair lets you do it all with absolute ease.

It has many great features like comfort hand grips, safety seat belts, cup holders and others which we will look at in detail.

  • Easy to transport: The back of the wheelchair can be folded down making it convenient for travel and storage.
  • Stow-N-Go-Clips: These clips are installed on the aluminum frame below the seat. They can be used to lock the footrests to the side of the chair, moving them out of the way when not in use.
  • Restaurant Style Arms: Most wheelchairs have armrests that are too high to fit under tables. Medline has removed this inconvenience by lowering the armrest height of this wheelchair so it can fit under most tables. The armrests are fixed though.
  • Back Pockets: When a person’s mobility gets restricted for whatever reason, it becomes essential to have things within arm’s reach. In a medical setting, it is helpful for both the patient and the caregiver. This wheelchair’s backside features cell phone pocket, keyring, bottle holder, pocket for billfold and identification holder.
  • Wheels Designed for Mobility and Stability: The front wheels measure 8 inches in diameter. They are smaller than the rear wheels so they can move forward and back seamlessly. The rear wheels are 12 inches in diameter so the chances of the chair tipping over are less. The rear wheels can be locked whenever you need the chair to remain stationary.
  • Nylon Upholstery: The Nylon padding is thick enough to be comfortable for extended use. It is also easy to clean and dry.

While the chair will not easily tip over towards the front, the same cannot be said for the rear. If you are not careful and lean back too much, the chair may tip over backward depending on how heavy you are. If you tend to lean back a lot, we would recommend using the chair against a wall or any other stable support.


  • Multiple storage compartments in the back of the chair are helpful for both the wheelchair user and the caregiver.
  • The high-grade aluminum frame is both strong and durable.
  • Portable- it is very lightweight at just 14.8 pounds and can be folded to a compact size.
  • High weight capacity of 300 pounds.
  • Large rear wheels for more balance and stability.
  • Low armrests make the chair convenient to use with most tables.
  • It can fit through narrow doorways.
  • Padded armrests are comfortable.
  • Footrests can be secured to the side when not in use.
  • Footrest height can be adjusted to increase legroom.
  • Available in multiple colors like blue, black, metallic silver and red.


  • People with larger body frames will find it inconvenient to use this chair.
  • Can tip over backward if not careful.

3. Karman Lightweight Transport Wheelchair T-2700

Karman Lightweight Transport Wheelchair T-2700

This T-2700 by Karman Healthcare can be folded to a very compact size making it quite portable. The steel frame of the chair makes it pretty sturdy and durable. It has a black coated powder finish.

At 30 pounds, it is heavier than the first two products in this listicle- The Drive Medical TR37E-SV (26 pounds) and the Medline Mobility Ultralight Wheelchair (14.8 pounds). The seat has a width of 17 inches and a depth of 16 inches. The chair can carry a maximum of 250 pounds. Padded breathable Nylon material is used for the upholstery so it is comfortable and easy to clean.

We will look at some of the features that make the T-2700 portable and safe.

  • Detachable Armrests: The armrests can be removed so it takes less space when folded. It also makes mounting and dismounting the chair easier in some cases.
  • Swing Away Detachable Footrests: The footrests can be removed completely when not in use. The swing-away design gives more legroom and makes transfers easier.
  • Foldable Backrest: The backrest measures 17 inches which can be folded into a compact frame while traveling.
  • Seat Belt: The seat belt is durable and easy to use, providing safety.
  • Rear Wheel Lock: The rear wheel lock is helpful during transfers and on inclined surfaces.


  • It can easily pass through narrow passages because of the compact design.
  • Folds down easily for easy storage and transportation.
  • Detachable armrests and footrests come in handy when more space is needed for a bigger sized user.
  • Durable steel frame.
  • Nylon padding is easy to clean and dry.
  • Safety locks for the rear wheels and seat belt make it safe to use.
  • The arms can be detached so the chair can be used with any desk or table. It is also helpful if the user needs to mount and dismount sideways.


  • The wheels tend to turn sideways when using on carpets.
  • Some units may have faulty brakes.
  • It can be difficult to detach the arms at times.

4. Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair

Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair

Drive Medical’s Blue Streak Wheelchair is available in 16-inch, 18-inch, and 20-inch width sizes. It is designed for the user to be independent. This is because of the difference between the front and rear wheel sizes. The front wheels are smaller and can turn in different directions making it easier to move around obstacles and on different surfaces. The rear wheels have a push-to-brake functionality making it safe to use on inclined and slippery surfaces. The tires are made of solid rubber and mounted on composite wheels for smooth movement.

The steel frame that has been used makes the chair quite sturdy and durable. It can support up to 250 pounds in user weight. The blue-powder coating on the frame is resistant to cracks and chipping. The nylon upholstery for the seat and backrest is comfortable and easy to clean.

You can choose between two different types of footrest when ordering this wheelchair- elevating leg rest and the swing away footrest. The elevating leg rest model is slightly heavier at 47 pounds. The swing-away footrest model weighs 41.2 pounds. The padding on the seat is thick enough so sitting for extended periods is a comfortable experience. If you find it difficult to position your leg on the footrests, you can make use of the included calf strap to keep them securely in place while on the move.

The armrests can be easily removed with the push of a button which is convenient when using a desk or a table. Some users may have a condition because of which they can get on the chair only sideways. Detachable armrests are helpful for this reason as well. The wheelchair’s frame, backrest, seat, footrests, and armrests can be folded making it easier for transportation and storage.


  • Steel frame and the nylon upholstery are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Safety features like push-to-lock braking functionality and calf straps.
  • Retractable armrests and footrests make space for users with bigger frames.
  • Easily foldable for transportation.
  • Comfortable padding on the seat.


  • Leg rest positioning can be too short for some users.
  • Wheels do not work very well in uneven terrain.

5. Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

The Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair has some good ergonomic features which can help both the user and the caregiver. The addition of a handbrake for the assistant along with a seat belt makes this wheelchair very safe to use. It weighs 23.5 pounds and has a width of 19 inches. But you should not let the small frame fool you. It can still support users weighing up to 300 pounds. The frame is Aluminium built, with red or blue coating as per your preference.

The upholstery uses Nylon material which is breathable, easy to clean and quick to dry. The seat has a depth of 16 inches like the Medline Ultralight Wheelchair. Both the frame and upholstery can be easily folded for easy transportation and storage.

Strong, hardened plastic has been used for the wheels reducing the need for maintenance. The diameter of the front wheels is 8 inches and the diameter of the rear wheels is 12 inches. The wheelchair can be safely used on different types of terrain.

The armrests are fixed and full-sized. They are meant to be comfortable and stable. The footrests swing away or can be detached altogether for extra legroom and convenient storage.

We love the handbrake feature in this wheelchair which can be very helpful when going downhill. The wheels seem to be delicate and some users have reported that the wheel’s encasing got bent after a few weeks of use.


  • Handbrake for assistance.
  • Lightweight yet strong aluminum frame.
  • Nylon upholstery is breathable and easy to clean.
  • Fixed armrests are quite stable.
  • The smaller width allows the user to go through narrow passages.
  • Detachable leg rests give more legroom and can be stored easily.
  • 300 pounds of weight capacity.


  • Wheels are not durable.

6. MedMobile® 2-in-1 Commode/Shower Wheelchair

MedMobile 2-in-1 Commode Shower Wheelchair

It can be a challenging task to get a person to the bathroom if the person uses a wheelchair. This can be made even more difficult if the doors are narrow and the wheelchair does not fit into the bathroom. If you are not able to change the door width or your situation is temporary, consider going for the MedMobile 2-in-1 Commode/Shower Wheelchair.

This wheelchair can be used to take a person to the bathroom and use it as a commode or shower. It fits well with walk-in showers and feels stable enough even on slippery floors.

The width between both the arms is 17.5 inches, floor to seat height is 20.5 inches and the wheel to handle height is 37 inches. The wheel to wheel width is 18 inches and wheel to wheel depth is 20.5 inches. The frame is made of powder-coated steel which can support 250 pounds of weight. Without the footrests, the wheelchair weighs 20 pounds. Both the front and rear wheels can be locked for added safety.

You can easily get in and out of the chair because of the drop-down armrests. They can be easily pushed up if you want to get onto the chair from the side. We have found that the footrests are a little too close to the wheels. You need to be mindful of placing your heels at a little distance from the wheels to prevent them from running against your skin. You should also keep in mind that this wheelchair only goes over toilet bowls which are narrower than 15 inches. You can also use it as a bedside commode or mobile toilet.

If you are a caregiver, you need to be careful when lifting the person’s legs so that they do not hit the tub wall, which can be otherwise jarring. The chair requires a considerable amount of strength to move with a person sitting on it, especially if the person is not able to help you at all.

All in all, the MedMobile 2-in-1 Commode/Shower Wheelchair is an excellent choice for use in small bathrooms.


  • Possible to use in an existing bathroom without making renovations to it.
  • Detachable footrests.
  • Lock system for both front and rear wheels.
  • 18 inches width at the wheels allows the chair to fit through narrow doorways.
  • Drop-down armrests allow easy transferability.


  • It can only be used over toilets that are narrower than 15 inches.
  • No seat belt.
  • The footrest is too close to the front wheels.
  • Padding on the seat could have been thicker for more comfort.

7. Drive Medical Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair

Drive Medical Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair

This steel wheelchair from Drive Medical has a 19 inches wide seat and measures 22 inches wide overall. That is still small enough to go through most narrow doorways. The steel frame makes the chair durable and cannot support 250 pounds of weight. Nylon upholstery for both the seat and backrest is breathable and easy to clean. It also has swing-away footrests and comfortable cushioned armrests.

The backrest height measures 18 inches. Once the chair is folded, it measures just 8 inches wide. The overall dimensions when unfolded are 16 x 17 x 19 inches and the height of the seat is 19 inches.

It is very popular on Amazon because of its affordable price but there are some compromises you will have to make. The arms are non-adjustable and non-removable. This makes transfers in and out of the chair quite challenging in some cases. Since it is a transport chair, it cannot be propelled by the user. Somebody else needs to push it for them. If these drawbacks are not an issue for you, this is the best narrow transport wheelchair that you can get if you are on a tight budget.


  • Stable frame made of steel.
  • Superior maneuverability in narrow indoor layouts.
  • Cushioned armrests are comfortable.
  • The backrest can be folded for easy storage and transportation.
  • Nylon upholstery can be easily cleaned.
  • Swing away removable footrests can provide extra legroom if needed.


  • Non-adjustable and non-removable armrests can make mounting and dismounting difficult.
  • It cannot be used independently.

8. Drive Medical Poly Fly Light Weight Transport Chair Wheelchair

Drive Medical Poly Fly Light Weight Transport Chair Wheelchair

This Drive Medical chair is an ideal combination of a transport chair and a standard wheelchair. You can consider this model if you are having trouble deciding between the two.

Just like a typical transport wheelchair, this chair has 4 small wheels. But it is possible to attach another set of bigger rear wheels. Included with the chair are a set of 24-inch wheels with hand-rims. These can be easily added or removed using a quick-release button on the axle.

So you can have the narrower transport chair with a width of 22-⅛ inches. If you want to use it independently, you can add the bigger wheels which will increase the width of the chair to 23.5 inches. The width reduces to 12 inches when the chair is folded. At 34 pounds it is one of the heavier chairs on this list.

We are satisfied with some of the other features too. The backrest can be folded down for easy storage and transportation. The 8-inch caster wheels run smoothly on most surfaces. It comes with swing-away footrests, nylon upholstery, heel loops, and composite crack-proof footplates. It has two sets of aluminum locks for safety- one for the transport wheels and the other for the bigger 24-inch wheels. You can choose between three different seat widths- 16, 18 and 20 inches.


  • Includes both 8” rear and 24” detachable wheels with quick-release axles.
  • The back can be folded for easy storage.
  • Dual brakes and two sets of wheel locks have been included.
  • Swing-away footrests.
  • Easy to operate for the user.
  • Lightweight (34 pounds).


  • Removable wheels could use better quality rubber and be a little wider for a more firm grip and stability.
  • The footrests can be a little difficult to get off at times.
  • No pocket included in the backrest for the caregiver.

9. Medline Lightweight and User-Friendly Wheelchair

Medline Lightweight and User-Friendly Wheelchair

The Medline Lightweight and User-Friendly Wheelchair has desk-length arms that can be flipped back which makes the chair great for dining. This feature is also helpful to accommodate bigger sized people or for people who need to mount and dismount from the side. Transferring is also made easier by the use of swing-away, detachable leg rests.

The nylon upholstery that has been used is comfortable, easy to clean and latex-free. It is more breathable and lighter weight than vinyl. The wheels do not need much maintenance since they are mag wheels with smooth, flat-free tires. You can choose from three different seat sizes- 16 x 16 inches, 18 x 16 inches and 18 x 18 inches.

The weight of the wheelchair is 33 pounds without leg rests. It has a welded frame that can support users who weigh up to 300 pounds. It is possible to adjust the height of the seat by up to 2 inches (from 20” to 18”) so that you can find your most comfortable sitting position.


  • Swing-away detachable leg rests and foldable backrest makes it very portable.
  • Latex-free nylon upholstery.
  • 300 pounds of weight capacity.
  • Flip back arms great for dining and transfers.


  • The design could have focused more on independent usage.

10. Everest & Jennings Traveler L4 Wheelchair

Everest & Jennings Traveler L4 Wheelchair

Everest & Jennings is one of the biggest names worldwide when it comes to manual and power wheelchairs. Founded by Harry C. Jennings and his disabled friend Herbert Everest, they together invented the first folding wheelchair.

The L4 Wheelchair is one of the most lightweight chairs offered by Everest & Jennings. At 32 pounds weight, it is lightweight but feels pretty sturdy. Multi-position caster forks and dual axles allow you to be able to adjust the seat height to 18 inches or 20 inches as per your needs. Standard features for the Traveler L4 include rear anti-tippers, non-marking polyurethane tires, industry compatible front rigging, and adjustable back height.

There are other features specific to this wheelchair which we will look at in detail below:

  • The height of the armrests can be adjusted making tasks like dining on tables quite convenient.
  • The wheelchair uses a carbon steel frame which is durable and long-lasting, combined with a Silver Vein Hammertone finish that’s scratch-resistant and long-lasting.
  • The backrest can be adjusted to a height of 16.5 or 18.5 inches from the seat.
  • Black nylon upholstery is used which is durable, strong and flame-retardant.
  • The back of the seat includes a standard chart pocket.
  • It is possible to use the front rigging to adjust the length without any additional tools.
  • The wheel locks can be operated with an easy to grip handle.
  • You can choose between three seat widths- 16”, 18”, and 20”.
  • You can choose between elevating leg rests and swing-away removable footrests.
  • The maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds for the standard 20” height and 300 pounds for 18” height. The seat height can be easily adjusted by using dual rear axles and forks with multi-position caster holes.
  • It is also possible to get height adjustable arms instead of flip-back arms.


  • A choice between adjustable-height or flip-back arms.
  • Meets Medicare code K0004.
  • The height-adjustable seat lets you customize for the most comfortable seating position.
  • The carbon steel frame is strong and durable.
  • A choice between 250 pounds and 300 pounds of weight capacity.
  • Reputed brand name.


  • Customer service has been reported to be poor in case they send you the wrong customization.
  • Wheels will not last long if used on rough surfaces.

11. Drive Medical Cruiser III Wheelchair

Drive Medical Cruiser III Wheelchair

The Drive Medical Cruiser III Wheelchair is available in 3 seat sizes — 16-inch, 18-inch, and 20-inch. There is an option to choose between the following models:

  1. Flip Back Removable Adjustable Height Desk Arms/Elevating Leg Rests.
  2. Flip Back Removable Adjustable Height Desk Arms/Swing away Footrests.
  3. Flip Back Removable Desk Arms/Elevating Leg Rests.
  4. Flip Back Removable Desk Arms/Swing away Footrests.
  5. Flip Back Removable Full Arms/Elevating Leg Rests.
  6. Flip Back Removable Full Arms/Swing away Footrests.

The frame is made of carbon steel with a silver vein finish. It is capable of supporting user weight up to 350 pounds, the highest weight capacity wheelchair on this list. The design eliminates the need for seat guides and allows for custom back inserts. The nylon upholstery is lightweight, durable, attractive and easy to clean. If you exclude the front riggings, the wheelchair weighs under 36 pounds. You can easily adjust the seat depth from 16 to 18 inches using the in-built seat rail extensions and extendable upholstery. The 8-inch front casters can be set to three different positions depending on the surface.

Mag-style 24 inch rear wheels are light and do not need maintenance. They make it convenient for users to propel without the assistance of a caregiver. Both the front and rear wheels have precision sealed bearings to ensure long-lasting performance and reliability. The wheels can be locked with a single push of a button.

We like the fact that it is possible to choose between so many options for the armrests and leg rests. For armrests, we would recommend going for the Flip Back Removable Adjustable Height Desk Arms if you need to move around a lot. It is better to go for the full-length arms if you are homebound. Elevating leg rests can be more convenient in some cases if your legs need to remain in an elevated position because of injury. Swing-away footrests are the way to go if mobility is what you are looking for.


  • Easy for self-propelling. No need to depend on a caregiver.
  • Easy to maneuver in narrow spaces due to compact design.
  • High weight capacity (350 pounds).
  • Attractive and durable carbon steel frame with long-lasting silver vein finish.
  • Nylon upholstery is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Safety lock feature for both front and rear wheels.
  • Armrests and leg rests have comfortable cushioning.
  • Several options to choose from for armrests and leg rests.
  • It can be folded easily for transportation and storage.


  • Brakes do not work properly at times.
  • A few of the welded parts are not so durable.

12. Medline Ultralight Transport Wheelchair

Lightweight mobility aids are a must, whether you and your loved one are out for a doctor’s appointment or even for indoor use. The Medline Ultralight Transport Wheelchair aims for light travel with a frame that weighs less than 15 pounds and folds flat for easy transport and storage. It also has convenient features like safety seat belts, restaurant-style permanent desk-length arms, comfortable hand grips, cup holders, stow-n-go clips to lock the footrests to the side when not in use, and padded nylon upholstery.


  • Compact and lightweight transport chair
  • 300lb maximum weight capacity
  • Features that are useful for both the transport chair user and the caregiver


  • The wheelchair is a rear tipping hazard
  • Individuals with a larger build will find the chair uncomfortable

This lightweight transport chair has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. Its frame is made of high-grade aluminum with 8-inch front wheels and 12-inch rear wheels. The wheels ensure that the wheelchair won’t be a tipping hazard even with its lightweight frame. The rear wheels are also lockable, to keep the wheelchair stationary as needed.

There is one problem, though. It’s difficult to tip the chair forward but it’s easy to tip backward especially if you are on the lighter side and you lean too far back. Also, since the seat is only 19 inches wide by 16 inches deep, it can be uncomfortable for those who are of medium to large build.

13. Nova Medical Products Transport Chair With Suspended Arm

This transport chair has several features that make it unique amongst other models of transport chairs. These include a suspended arm to facilitate the transfer, removable padded seat, locking and fully rotatable wheels (that can be engaged and disengaged with a foot), bucket and lid, and removable swinging footrests.


  • Doubles as a transfer chair and a commode
  • Foot lever to engage and disengage the wheels


  • The seat is on the narrow side
  • The transfer chair is more suitable for small to medium build users

Designed to make bed-to-wheelchair transfers easier, the Nova Medical Products transport chair is a transfer chair and commode in one. The chair can be maneuvered in narrow and tight spaces while the suspended arm swings back for easier bed transfer. The wheels are smaller and are supposedly designed for high-performance use. A foot-operated lever can lock the wheels not only from rolling but also from swiveling. There’s no need to bend down to lock or unlock the casters. This is important since the chairs can roll with little to no effort.

The included bucket that makes up the commode easily slides in and out from the back of the seat. This feature will minimize constant chair-to-commode transfers, not to mention it will save you from the additional cost of a separate commode.

At 17.75 inches wide and 17.5 inches deep, the Nova Medicals transfer chair is narrower with slightly higher armrests compared to other transfer chair models. It also has a lower maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds, making it more suitable for those with slighter frames.

Factors to Consider When Looking for Narrow Wheelchairs

As we have discussed width in detail already, we will now look at two other factors to consider when looking for a narrow wheelchair – seat height and hip to knee legroom.

The height of a wheelchair is measured from the seat to the point where the wheels make contact with the surface. The right height will ensure that your weight is properly balanced across your torso and legs. The height should also be low enough for the wheelchair to comfortably fit under tables. Most wheelchairs have 16 to 19 inches height with 18 inches being most common.

Hip to knee legroom of a wheelchair determines how much freedom of movement and support you will have. It usually ranges between 25 to 27 inches.

There are mainly two types of narrow wheelchairs- Standard wheelchair and transport wheelchair.

A transport wheelchair is meant to be pushed by the caregiver. It is a lightweight wheelchair designed for use outside the home, be it doctor’s appointments or family trips. It weighs less than a standard wheelchair and can be easily folded to fit inside a car. A narrow transport wheelchair can also be used indoors if your situation is temporary.

Some features that you should be able to find in a good transport wheelchair are:

  • Swing-away footrests.
  • Removable, height adjustable arms.
  • 12-inch rear wheels with sealed bearings that can take on different terrains and inclined surfaces.
  • Handbrakes are available on the push-handles so that the caregiver has more control.
  • Lightweight so that it is easy to lift in and out of the car. Most lightweight wheelchairs weigh about 19 to 23 pounds.

You should be mindful of whether the arms are removable or not as this can be a crucial factor depending on your situation. Removable arms allow you to mount the chair from the side making transfers easy. The padding on the seat and backrest are not very thick, so if you are planning to use a transport wheelchair for extended periods, getting an extra cushion will pay off.

Standard wheelchairs give you the option to be able to propel yourself around. They have bigger (24 inches) and wider rear wheels which can be easily pushed by the user. They are heavier than transport wheelchairs and can go up to 40 pounds in weight. They are more stable, comfortable and long-lasting as compared to transport chairs.


We hope that by now you are aware of what to look for when purchasing a narrow wheelchair. The 11 narrow wheelchairs that we have discussed in this article have been handpicked by us after carefully looking at various aspects like quality, durability, functionality and user reviews. You should be able to find one among these which meets your needs perfectly.