(2021 Update) 12 Best Furniture Risers for Your Beds, Sofas, Tables, Chairs & Uneven Floors

If you are not comfortable with the ergonomics of the furniture that you are using, it is possible to change the height for a more comfortable experience. While replacing them is also an option, furniture risers can be a cheaper solution with scope for adjustments as well.

Furniture risers are devices made of wood or hardened plastic to raise the height of different furniture like beds, sofas, and desks to make them easier to use or to increase storage space. Although it is a simple and affordable solution to raise furniture height, there is a lack of substantial research on whether these are safe to use or not. Most furniture rises, especially plastic ones are not so safe.

When it comes to beds, the risers are made of wood, plastic or metal. If due to comfort or health reasons you want to raise the height of your bed, bed risers are a cheaper alternative as compared to buying a new bed.

How to Install Furniture Risers?

If you do not know what you are doing, we would recommend that you find someone to help you when installing furniture risers, especially for beds. One would need to lift the bed while the other put the riser in place.

Before installing, you should remove extra weight like mattresses. This makes it easier to lift the bed frame. One person can then lift one corner of the bed, while the other puts the riser in place. You need not lift the bed all the way up. Just enough to cover the height of the riser. You should be careful when doing the heavy lifting or it might hurt your back. It is important not to overestimate your capabilities.

There are many advantages to getting furniture risers. Some of them are as follows:

  • Elevating the height of  a low sofa or bed can make a big difference in reducing the effort needed to rise. This is especially helpful for the elderly and the physically disabled.
  • Some risers can be used with dining tables. Often times, the arms of a wheelchair are fixed, which prevents the user from being able to use the dining table as the arms get in the way. Furniture risers can solve this problem but it only works if the legs are far apart. If they are close together, even a dining chair might not fit between the legs. You should consult with the manufacturer before purchasing.
  • Furniture risers can help save costs of buying new furniture if the only change you want in your furniture is the height.
  • Risers can increase height by multiple levels like 3 or 5 inches. Some risers can be stacked together to increase the height even more.

While there are significant advantages, furniture risers come with a few risks and precautionary measures that you should take:

  • Most risers do not attach permanently to the base of the furniture so chances of the furniture slipping off are always there. One manufacturer named Mobility Transfer systems offers permanently fixable risers along with screws. But this is only a partial solution. The attachment may not be strong because the screw is only supported by the ⅛ inch thick top of the riser.
  • Risers used for seating are not very safe for chairs. They are better suited for couches. If you have to use with a chair, permanently attaching them with the chair might make it a little safer.
  • A deeper recess could reduce the chances of the foot slipping off the riser but most risers have a shallow recess to offer more elevation.
  • The higher the riser extends out from the furniture leg, the more risk there is so there is a potential trade-off.
  • Some risers cannot be used with wheelchairs. There are other risers which need to have foam inserts and rubber strips added to their base to function as intended. You must read all manufacturer instructions carefully before making a purchase.
  • It is safer to use risers on sofas and couches than on chairs because the higher center of gravity of a chair could cause it to topple over, causing injury to the user.

1. Tomokazu Northpoint Solid Wood Furniture Riser

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The Tomokazu Northpoint Solid Wood Furniture Riser comes in two variants — two-inch lift and three-inch lift. For this review, we will be looking at the 2-inch lift model. You can use it to raise the height of your bed, table, sofa, and other furniture. The material used for construction is solid Rubberwood. Rubberwood is grown in Thailand in an eco-friendly manner.

Coming to the dimensions, the product on the outside measures 3.85 (length) x 3.85 (width) x 3.85 (height) inches. The interior dimensions are 3 (length) x 3 (width) x 1.85 (height) inches. It comes in a set of 4 units and you can choose between light brown and walnut color. The set of 4 weighs 4.4 pounds in total.

Both colors look pretty classy, whether you use it in your home or office. The wood is pretty sturdy. You should note that the holes are 3 inches in diameter. We recommend that you place the order only after verifying that the dimensions fit your needs.

Tomokazu brand is by a California based company called Best Chess Set and has been assembled in China in their quality controlled factory.

There is no rubber on the bottom to make them non slip though. You can buy rubber pads separately if needed. The bottoms are smooth and flat. Offered at a low price, it beats the price of some of the plastic versions, but more stable and visually appealing.

We do not have anything to complain about this product, especially for the price that it is offered at. There have been no negative reviews on Amazon so far as well. The rubber on the bottom to make them non slip would have been an excellent addition though.


  • Rubberwood that has been used is environment-friendly.
  • Feels solid and sturdy.
  • The wood looks elegant as compared to plastic versions.
  • Affordable price.


  • Rubber disks would keep the feet more stationary.
  • It can be raised by 2 inches or 3 inches only.

2. Home-it Adjustable Bed Risers

Home-it Adjustable Bed Riser can be customized to suit your needs. You can increase the height to 3, 5 or 8 inches depending on your requirements. For this purpose, the product comes as an 8-piece set. You can use it to raise your dresser, bed, table or chair.

These bed risers can give you under the bed storage space and can work with dorm beds too. The 8-piece set has two different sizes. Four are large and four are smaller that can be used alone or stacked on top of each other to conserve space.

A recess cup has been built into each bed riser where the bed leg or caster can fit securely. You may use the risers to elevate work tables so that you can work with a better posture. They can also reduce the effort it takes to stand from low sofas.

The polypropylene material is quite durable and can support a weight of 1,300 pounds. You also need not worry about the risers putting any scratch or dent on hardwood floors.

There are very few risers in the market that have an opening which is larger than 3 inches. The Home-it Adjustable Bed Riser is advertised to have an opening measuring  3 x 3 x ¾ inches deep. As for height adjustability, as we have mentioned before, you can set the height at 3, 5 or 8 inches. How this works is, four of the risers are 5 inches tall and the other four are 3 inches tall. You can stack them together to get an 8-inch lift if needed.

You should be careful if your bed has metal legs. If that is the case, you should consider adding rubber bases to the bed legs. Otherwise, your bed legs will punch a hole right through them and it will not be a pleasant experience if this happens while you are sleeping on it.

Since these risers are made of plastic, you should not expect too much from them. Load distribution is fairly poor. If you have wheels as feet, consider replacing them with flat feet to disperse the weight of the bed across the riser more evenly.

You should note that even though the opening is supposed to be 3 x 3 inches, in reality, it is 2 ⅞ x 2 ⅞ inches. The ⅛ inch makes a significant difference because if the foot doesnt sit flat, the weight will not be distributed evenly and the riser will bend or break eventually.


  • Height can be raised by 3, 5 or 8 inches.
  • It can support a weight of 1300 pounds.


  • Opening dimensions are smaller than advertised.
  • Plastic material may not last a long time.

3. Home-it 5 to 6-inch Super Quality Black Bed Risers

Home-it 5 to 6-inch Super Quality Black Bed Risers

Home-it 5 to 6 inches Super Quality Black Bed Risers are very affordable furniture risers at just $11.99. The offer stands for a limited time though. But the time you read this, the price might have gone up.

These risers can raise the height of your bed by 5.25 inches. You can also stack them together when not using them to save storage space. The opening is 1 inch deep so that the bedpost or caster can be placed securely. It can fit a bedpost with a diameter of up to 2.75inches.

These have been made of high impact resistant composite plastic polymer. While the manufacturer claims that they can be conveniently used on virtually any type of bed, we would recommend avoiding beds with metal frames. They are available in white color as well.

Instead of using all four risers, you could just use two for medical purposes. Placing two under the front of the bed could improve circulation in the legs while placing two under the back legs could help with acid reflux. Be it in a dorm room setting, or if you want to make your desk come up to stand-up height, these bed risers can be used in multiple scenarios.

Although the manufacturer has not specified weight capacity, we would suggest keeping the weight on the lower side (one-person bed) judging by the many user reports about the risers breaking up.


  • Very affordable.
  • Can lift bed by 5.25 inches.
  • Made of high impact resistant composite plastic polymer.
  • Versatile.


  • Plastic material cannot bear too much weight.
  • Not clear about weight capacity.

4. Raise Its – Black Furniture Risers

What we like about the Raise Its Furniture risers is they have non-slip rubber inserts so you need not worry about slipping on smooth surfaces. The material used is rugged durable plastic. The risers interlock when you stack them so you need not worry about them falling apart.

Each riser can hold up to 600 lbs weight. You can get a pack of 16 risers at a reasonable price. All 16 can be used to raise the height of a single bed by 4 inches, 2 beds by 2 inches or 4 beds by 1 inch.

There are many ways you can use these risers:

  • You can use them creatively to handle slanted floors by using one on two legs and two on the other two legs.
  • You can raise stored boxes off the floor to prevent damage from moisture.
  • Only the back legs of a bed can be raised to reduce acid reflux symptoms.
  • They can be placed under potted plants to help with aeration and drainage.
  • The static barrier can be created by raising computer CPUs from the floor.
  • Give a professional look to displays or figurines by elevating them.
  • Raise workbenches to the correct height for good posture.
  • Elevate sofas to fit slip-covers.
  • Provide additional under bed storage space.


  • Non-slip inserts are great for hard, flat surfaces.
  • 600 lbs weight capacity for each riser.
  • They interlock when stacked together.


  • It will not work well on thick rugs or similar surfaces.
  • Black color might not be aesthetically appealing for some people as they tend to stand out.

5. Utopia Bedding Adjustable Bed Furniture Risers

Utopia Bedding Adjustable Bed Furniture Risers

Utopia Bedding Adjustable Bed Furniture Risers are available in black, white and brown colors. They can be used to increase the height of your sofa, bed, and table at your home or workplace. Just like the Home-It Adjustable Bed Risers, you can raise the height by 3, 5 or 8 inches. The risers are available in 3 inches and 5 inches and you can combine them to make 8 inches.

The bed risers can be stacked together to conserve space when not in use. The recessed cup has a depth of 0.7 inches so that the bedposts remain secure. They have been made of heavy-duty plastic which can bear quite a lot of weight (up to 1300 lbs when used together). You should, however, make sure that the fit is proper, otherwise, they will break up.

The manufacturer has explicitly mentioned that the risers are not suitable for use with recliners. To ensure the right fit for a stable foundation, you should ensure that the furniture legs are not thicker than 2.75 inches.

Utopia furniture risers can be used on rugs and hardwood floors as long as the surface is even. The bed risers have been designed in such a way that you need not worry about scuffed floors or snagged carpets when using them.

A convenient option to arrange for storage space in small rooms, this furniture riser set is good for elevating both single and double beds that have four posts.

Some ways you can use these furniture risers include- altering the height of couches, chairs, and beds to suit individuals who face issues when sitting or rising; adjusting the height for the elderly; and elevating work desks to avoid back and neck pain. To ensure that these risers last for a long time, you should keep them away from extreme temperature; do not use them in an inverted position; and avoid using with stools, chairs, recliners or sitting benches. If you have more than 4 posts, you should go for two sets instead of one.


  • Weight capacity is 1300 lbs for the whole set.
  • Height can be increased by 3, 5 or 8 inches.
  • It can be used on rugs and hardwood floors.
  • Affordable.


  • The size of the risers may put off some people as they are pretty big.
  • It may not be too stable with lightweight furniture.

6. Richards Homewares Wooden Stacking Risers

Richards Homewares Wooden Stacking Risers

These wooden furniture risers from Richards Homewares is an easy solution to extra storage space. All the space you need for gifts, clothing, shoes, toys, books, DVDs, photo albums can be yours if decide to install furniture risers. The universal design can fit various bed styles like a square or round bedposts. The casters cannot be more than 2.75 inches wide though.

You may need to get yourself two sets of these if you are planning to use them on a King size bed. With one set, the storage space you will get is 2.75 inches. With two sets, if you stack them up on top of each other, you can get 6.25 inches of storage space. This is great when one needs to store bulkier items like blankets, quilts or sweaters. If you are tall, it will be easier for you to get on the bed. You should note that these furniture risers are not made to stack more than two sets though.

The honey color on these looks pretty elegant. They score on both style and functionality. The overall dimensions are 4.5 x 4.5 x 3.875 inches.

As far as the manufacturer is concerned, Richards Homewares has been in the business for more than 75 years. Their mission is to help their customers organize their homes quickly and with style. The wooden furniture risers are a testament to that. They have a well-established supply chain that allows them to offer their products at competitive rates without sacrificing quality.


  • Stackable for increased storage space by up to 6.25 inches.
  • Reputed brand.


  • Some third-party sellers may be selling duplicate Richards Homewares products so you need to be wary of those. 

7. Whitmor Bed Risers

Whitmor Bed Risers

Whitmor Bed Risers can increase you under bed storage space by 5.25 inches. They come in a set of 4 and are available in black color. These are the most affordable bed risers on this list at just $9.29 (prices may vary). They are very simple to use, be it to make room for storage bins under your bed or to store extra bed linens, out-of-season clothing, blankets, etc.

The overall dimensions are 6.375 x 6.375 x 6 inches. The material used is a plastic resin which is quite durable. The recessed walls can accommodate a bedpost of up to 2.63 inches securely. You can stack them together when not using to conserve space.

Whitmor is a family-owned and operated business that has been handed down over four generations. Established in 1946, Whitmors products can be trusted to have quality. Their customer service is reliable if you ever encounter any issues with any of their products. Customer service is available from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm (Central Standard Time). Both English and Spanish speaking representatives are there to help you. With such a reliable service, buying Whitmor products comes with much peace of mind.

For the price and the plastic build, we would say that you should not have unrealistic expectations from these bed risers. Avoid using metal frame beds or beds that are too heavy. You should also avoid moving the bed once you have fixed the bed risers.


  • Very affordable.
  • Elevates height by 5.25 inches.
  • Excellent customer service.


  • Will not work with bedposts that are too thin as they can go right through the recess cups.
  • The manufacturer has not indicated the weight capacity.

8. FASONLA Bed Risers

FASONLA Bed Risers

FASONLA Bed Risers can be customized to add 1, 2, 3 or 4 inches height as per your needs. Two sets need to be purchased if you want to add 3 or 4 inches. Each set has 8 risers. Once you stack them on top of each other, these risers interlock with the help of included connectors. You will get 4 big connectors and 4 small connectors with each set. You can interlock the risers in multiple combinations. You can use the included picture guide to get an idea. Also, avoid interlocking 4 risers for 1 leg as this can be unsafe.

The recessed hole at the top of each riser measures 1.85 inches in diameter while the bottom hole measures 2.6 inches. Universal fit contours help keep the furniture securely in place. The recessed holes prevent the posts or wheels from slipping out of the riser.

The build quality of these risers is pretty impressive. Each riser is cut from a single block of solid oakwood. They can support the heaviest of furniture in your home. They are durable enough to last for a long time if you take care not to expose them to excess moisture.

You can use these risers for sofas, tables, armchairs, beds and more. If you have any heavy stationary furniture at your home and you want to increase their height, these risers should be able to handle it no problem. You can use them to make your bed more stable as well.

As far as looks are concerned, the risers have been coated with two coats of walnut colored paint to give an executive look so they can be used in your office as well. We also love the fact that the manufacturer offers a full refund or replacement if you are unhappy with the product.

A few users have reported them to be unstable when stacked on top of each other. This may not always be true but if that is the case for you, they can be returned for a full refund.


  • Made from a single block of wood so they can support a lot of weight.
  • Wood is 100% natural and not mixed with any other chemicals.
  • Non-slip recessed holes allow the riser to be used in smooth surfaces.
  • Height can be increased by 1, 2, 3, or 4 inches.


  • Unstable when stacked on top of each other.

9. Slipstick CB658 Stack-Its

Slipstick CB658 Stack-Its

Slipstick CB658 Stack-Its can increase the height of your furniture by adding 1, 2 or 3 inches. Designed to be used with most types of furniture, these risers add one-inch incremental height and up to three of them can be stacked together. You would need 2 sets if you want to raise the height by 3 inches.

It is quite simple to stack these together. All you have to do is remove the rubber ring from the bottom of one riser and place it on top of another and they will securely fit together. The manufacturer recommends that you do not stack more than 3 at a time for safety reasons. We can vouch for this because stacking more than 3 can make them pretty unstable.

These risers can support a lot of weight with each riser having a weight capacity of 1000 pounds. Each riser has a recessed holder top designed to hold multiple types of furniture legs that are in between one to three and a half-inch in diameter. They can also be used with furniture panels that have a width between half to one and a half inches.

Whether you want to raise the height of low sitting furniture like tables, sofas, and couches or you just want to increase storage space under beds and dressers, these risers are up for the job.

The removable rubber rings that we mentioned earlier have been added to the bottom of each riser to protect the floor from getting damaged. They also provide a secure grip to keep the furniture firmly in place.

It is not recommended for use on high-pile carpet and beds with caster wheels. For caster wheels, the CB654 is more suitable.


  • Height can be adjusted by 1, 2 or 3 inches.
  • Weight capacity is 1000 pounds for each riser.
  • Removable rubber rings provide a secure grip and prevent the floor from getting damaged.


  • The large diameter of about 4 inches makes the risers stand out quite a bit which may not be preferred by some people.
  • The rubber rings tend to fall out after some time.

10. iPrimio Bed and Furniture Square Risers

iPrimio Bed and Furniture Square Risers

The iPrimio Bed and Furniture Square Risers come in a set of 4, 6 or 8 blocks. With a weight capacity tested to be 6,800 pounds for a 4-piece set, these are some seriously heavy-duty furniture risers. They are designed to be crack-proof.

The top has a rubber-coated metal plate that prevents cracking and limits movement. The bottom has a rubber mat too which prevents wood floors from getting damaged and prevents furniture from sliding. You can also easily remove the rubber mats if you are using the risers on a carpet.

The square design of the riser is easier to vacuum clean as compared to round shaped risers. You can use these risers to lift extra heavy beds, desks and living room furniture. They can be used on chairs too. The storage space created by these risers is enough for robot vacuums to operate smoothly.

Coming to the measurements, each riser measures 4.25 inches on each side and 3.5 inches tall. The recessed cup is 2.5 inches wide and 0.5 inches deep. The lift provided by the risers is 3 inches. The brown color ABS plastic is quite durable and can withstand a lot of pressure.

The manufacturer iPrimio is a Michigan based company. Their customer support is always ready to assist you if you need any assistance with their products. There is an overwhelming number of positive reviews about this product. The only thing that could have been better in our opinion is the depth of the recess cups. At just 0.5 inches, the depth may not be enough to provide stable support to lightweight furniture. But if you are getting these risers, you probably intend to use these with heavy furniture. The iPrimio furniture risers have the highest weight capacity out of all the risers mentioned here.


  • 6,800 pounds of weight capacity.
  • The rubber-coated metal plate on top is crack-proof.
  • Rubber mat at the bottom prevents slipping and damage to hardwood floors.
  • ABS plastic is very high quality and durable.


  • While stability is appreciated, it is not possible to move furniture at all without the risers falling over. This is not a problem with most people as their intention is for the furniture to remain completely stationary.
  • The indentation is shallow and wide so they will not work with narrow wheels. The slightest movement of the furniture will make the wheels move to the side and tilt the risers out of balance.

11. Slipstick CB654 Furniture Risers

Slipstick CB654 Furniture Risers

The Slipstick CB654 can be used with armchairs, couches, beds, desks and other heavy stationary furniture to raise their height by 2 inches. This can boost ergonomics, increase storage space and make cleaning underneath the furniture easier, especially for robot vacuums.

The CB654 risers come as a set of 4. Rubber stoppers in the form of 3 tiny round grippers have been added to the base of each riser to prevent movement. These risers can also be used with standard 2-inch bed caster wheels 1.25 to 3 inches in diameter.

The design of these risers is aimed towards stability. The recessed cups built into the tops have memory foam cushion pads to keep the furniture securely in place. The weight capacity of the entire 4 pack set is 2000 pounds (500 lbs per riser).

The risers cannot be used with legs or wheels that are smaller than 1-¼ inch (32 mm) in diameter. If the furniture you own has smaller legs than that, it is recommended that you place the caster cup in between the riser top and furniture foot to disperse excess pressure and avoid the risk of puncturing the risers.


  • The foam pad prevents the legs from sliding around.
  • It can be used with standard caster wheels.


  • The risers are very lightweight so they will not be too stable with lightweight furniture.
  • The glossy black finish may not easily blend in with most furniture.Furniture Risers Buyer’s Guide

12. Whitmor Bed Risers

This set of 4 bed risers can raise your bed by 5.25 inches. Whitmor offers one of the most affordable bed riser options. They have a basic yet practical design that works not only on beds but also other furniture with 4 legs. Make room for under-bed storage bins, blanket storage bags, shoe bins, and more.


  • Made of durable and strong plastic resin
  • Multipurpose furniture riser set
  • Stackable for easy storage


  • Only suitable for lighter bed frames and furniture
  • The bed cannot be moved once the risers are installed
  • Won’t work on thinner furniture legs

These risers are made of a type of plastic resin, making them durable and strong enough that they won’t break even under the weight of average beds. The way that the Whitmor riser works is that there is a recess on top that can accommodate bedposts and furniture legs up to 2.63 inches thick. Risers won’t work on furniture legs that are thinner than the risers’ recessed walls. The center of the riser is its weaker part and thin furniture legs run the risk of piercing through the riser.

Though relatively durable and versatile, Whitmor Bed Risers have limitations. For one, the risers are not suitable for use on heavy solid wood or metal bed frames. The problem is that Whitmor did not indicate the risers’ maximum weight capacity. Movement can also damage the risers. You’ll need to first remove the risers before you can change the position of the bed or furniture.

Is this bed riser still recommendable?

For its price and quality, Whitmor Bed Risers make an excellent choice for home and dorm use. As long as your bed or cabinet is the right type and weight, the risers will work perfectly for your purpose.

Factors to Consider when looking for Furniture Risers

When buying a set of furniture risers, it goes without saying that you should get your hands on safe, reliable and strong ones. Some factors you can look at are as follows.

Construction Material

When it comes to having a safe bed riser, the type of construction material used matters a great deal. Bed risers can be plastic, wood or metallic. What you choose should depend on what kind of bed you have and to some extent your personal preferences. Most plastic ones are cheaper but tend to get damaged over time so you should consult the buyer reviews as well.

Weight Capacity

Not all manufacturers mention the weight that their furniture risers can handle. You must have this information to avoid putting too much weight and damaging the risers. Having this information will assure you that the risers can sustain the weight you have added. Then you need not constantly feel paranoid that they may give away at any time.


Not all furniture risers have the option to adjust elevation levels. Furniture risers like the ones from Utopia Bedding can be stacked on top of each other to increase height if needed. If you want this feature you should make sure to read the product description thoroughly as titles can be misleading at times.

Floor Protection

Some bed risers have smooth edges or rubber disks at the base to prevent carpets from getting snagged or floors from having scratch marks. Rubber bases also prevent the risers from slipping on smooth surfaces. If you have hardwood floors or rugs that you want to use your riser on, you should make sure that the ones you are buying are compatible with your floor.


We have given you all the information that you need here to help you decide which set of furniture risers are the right ones for you. Making the right choice will help you save money and keep you and your furniture safe. You would not need to face the all too common disappointment of your risers giving away all too soon. The products mentioned here have been thoroughly tested and reviewed so that you know exactly what you are getting.