16 Best Cervical and Back Traction Devices for Home Use

Neck and back pain affects millions of people worldwide. If you or your loved one are one of them, you know firsthand the distress and damage they cause. You also probably know that medication and a physical therapist can only go so far when the discomfort is persistent and increasingly harder to tolerate. Fortunately, there is a drug-free treatment available that can help with managing this debilitating condition at its worst – it’s called decompression therapy. And it can be done at home, whenever you need immediate pain relief.

Who can benefit from using traction devices?

High tension, trouble sleeping, stress, depression, and expensive doctor’s visits are just some of the many difficulties of living with chronic pain. You may not be able to perform daily activities like work or exercising, and also experience mood swings and irritability. Although traction centers offer a viable alternative for alleviating discomfort, frequent visits can be very pricey and troublesome. A much more convenient and low-cost option is to purchase a traction device – a simple, portable tool that you can use every day, from the comfort of your own home.

Here is what this type of device can help with:

  • Pinched nerves
  • Severe neck pain
  • Cervical muscle spasms and sprains
  • Herniated or bulging discs
  • Neck arthritis
  • Spinal stenosis or sciatica
  • Diseased nerve roots in the spine
  • Severe lower back pain
  • Degenerative disk disease
  • Worn spinal joints
  • Stress or trauma to cervical and lumbar areas from performing daily tasks
  • Neck injuries
  • Injured spinal nerves and joints

How does it work?

Traction devices are used to treat various ailments or manage symptoms of chronic health conditions. They work by reducing pressure between discs or off of a compressed nerve, as well as by stretching the surrounding joint structures and muscles. This allows for immediate and significant relief from pain and also helps heal the discs by improving oxygen flow and hydration.

The device mimics the traction machines used by physical therapists and has a similar effect, pulling the head away from the neck and spine. This kind of stretching causes a drop in pressure that will slow down the progression of the disease in the long run, but that can also prevent the appearance of its first symptoms.

Are there other uses for at-home traction devices?

You do not need to suffer from chronic pain in order to benefit from traction devices. Aside from their preventive value, these tools have many other excellent benefits like increasing circulation and mobility. They can hasten the healing process for injuries, help realign your spine (if used consistently) and improve your posture and flexibility. Moreover, you can use them for relaxation or if you need a way to eliminate tension headaches.

Even if you do not have a specific condition that interferes with your daily life, you can use them to keep yourself healthy and in good shape. Anyone who spends a considerable amount of time behind a desk or who has stiffness and sore muscles in their back or neck area can benefit from using a traction device.

Is it safe to do traction at home?

Cervical and spinal traction is highly recommended by chiropractors and physiotherapists alike. They are completely safe and easy to do – all you need to do is follow some simple guidelines. Below you will find instructions on how to use each type of traction device to get the best results. It is important to note that you should not attempt to perform spinal traction if you have metal implants, advanced osteoporosis or fractures, abdominal aortic aneurysm, a spinal tumor or if you have just had spinal disc surgery.

Similarly, you should avoid cervical traction if you have a bone infection, a tumor in the neck area, screws in your neck or rheumatoid arthritis. Always consult with your physician before trying out any new type of treatment or therapy.

Is it painful to use traction devices?

No, these devices were designed specifically to relieve pain. For spinal traction, there is a risk of injury if you do not know how to perform the exercises properly. However, when used correctly there should be no pain at all. For cervical traction, you might experience side effects such as dizziness or mild nausea initially. If you feel any prolonged discomfort, throb or pain while using the device, stop the traction immediately.

What types of traction devices can be used at home?

Traction devices are generally catered to relieve symptoms in two problem-areas: neck and back. The former is called cervical traction devices and they work by creating expansion between the head and the neck and by separating the vertebrae to relieve pressure. You can find them in medical supply stores and online, or they can be recommended by your physician.

On the other hand, spinal or lumbar traction devices are used for alleviating back pain. They feature straps that secure your body and stretch your spine. This decompresses your spinal discs, nerves, and surrounding tissue, but also realigns your vertebrae in a safe and gentle manner. Make sure you check with your doctor even if you are doing the traction at home, in order to measure your progress and make any necessary adjustments.

Best at-home traction devices for neck pain

When it comes to cervical traction devices, there are two main types to consider:

  1. Air neck traction devices – a type of neck braces that straightens your neck and relieves the pressure of your head on your cervical area; it helps re-hydrate, as well as realign your discs, but also relaxes your nerve muscles and alleviates compression from blood vessels and pinched nerves; their portability and simplicity makes them a convenient option; they don’t require installation and can also be used during travel or at work;
  2. Over-the-door neck traction – this device features a harness which is connected to a rope; the latter is strung through a pulley system over your door; as you lean back, lie down or sit, tension is relieved from your neck; although not portable like the air device, this equipment is easy to use and allows you to stay in a comfortable position; it requires assembly, but the installation process is simple.

Below are the most reliable and efficient traction devices to relieve neck pain:

1. JDOHS Air+ Inflatable Neck Brace for Cervical Traction

This air neck collar offers quick, but long-lasting pain relief and alleviates muscle spasms, as well as shoulder tension. Featuring a hand pump and a metal valve, the device allows you to rest comfortably and can accommodate a 14 to 19-inch neck size. It improves stiffness, mobility and blood circulation, but also ensures perfect head posture for extended computer use or other straining activities. Additionally, you can adjust the size to an appropriate fit, as well as use it and carry it with you wherever you are. It is lightweight and has small dimensions.


  • simple design and soothing fabric; comfortable to wear
  • adjustable: pump action allows you to customize firmness
  • fairly easy to deflate and inflate
  • fast results (pain relief is immediate, within ten to fifteen minutes of use)
  • portable and convenient (can be used during car drives, travel and at work
  •  highly efficient: buyers report complete recovery from pain relief with long-term or consistent use
  •  features two Velcro closures across the neck
  • affordable


  • the air flow valve may take some time to learn how to use (requires hand pumping)
  • material could be of higher quality (a few buyers report leaking pressure after several uses)

How to use: place the unit around your neck and adjust it to a comfortable size. Fasten the nylon straps in front, along with the metal valve and find a traction angle that feels adequate. Hand pump to increase firmness until your neck is resting and relaxed. When there is enough relief, you can secure the airline with the blue valve so that the pressure does not leak. Make sure you are not squeezing the device and release the valves gradually when finished. You can inflate the unit only partially and go from there if more decompression is needed.

You can use this JDHOS Air+ neck pillow for 1 to 3 minutes or up to 30 minutes for minor or medium traction. You will see the best results by performing this process two to three times per day, over the course of three to four weeks.

2. Ohuhu Neck Cervical Traction Collar Device

This neck traction device is ideal if you are looking for quick pain relief, but also a viable treatment option for your health condition long-term. The item does not only alleviate cervical discomfort by relieving pressure between the vertebrae, it also corrects neck and head posture over time. What makes this product unique is its vibration feature – the unit massages the sore area and emits heat that soothes the muscles and reduces stiffness.

It utilizes just the right temperature, not too hot that it becomes uncomfortable, but warm enough that your neck feels softened and cozy. The heating option can also easily be turned off by switching the button. The Ohuhu kit also comes with ten brushes and an inflation pump. It can be even better than a session with a physical therapist because you can choose the direction in which it massages and hold the pressure wherever you need it, for as long as you want.


  • fast pain relief (only takes a few minutes to feel its effect)
  • improves circulation and blood supply
  • is fully adjustable and foldable
  • has special massage and heating features
  • decreases pain level and swelling long-term
  • similar traction cycles to those used by a chiropractor
  • easy to use, with simple design and clearly marked buttons
  • sturdy structure, covered with soft flannel
  • low-cost


  • fairly large device, not suitable for those who have a shorter neck
  • the unit needs to be plugged into a socket to function (the cord could be lengthier)
  • can take longer to inflate

How to use: place the device around your neck and adjust its size so that it is not too compact or too loose. Strap it and tighten the air-release screw. Use your hand to pump and gradually inflate it until your head and neck feel relaxed. When you are comfortable, position the ball into the upper pipe to keep the air from leaking. A manual with further guidelines is included in the kit. To get lasting pain relief, it is recommended to use the device for at least ten days.

3. OTC Over Door Cervical Traction Kit

This multifunctional unit provides immediate relief and a more budget-friendly alternative for at-home traction therapy. It is easy to set up and features a strong metal bracket, as well as a weight bag that can be filled with water and hold up to 20 lbs. Adjustable and sturdy, the over-the-door device can relieve joint aches, muscle tension, and pain caused by herniated discs. The full package includes a metal spreader bar, a door hanger with two pulleys, the empty water bag, a triangle-shaped metal door bracket, headgear made from Velcro and cotton, and a rope.


  • offers quick relief
  • latex-free and adjustable head halter
  • easy to assemble and use
  • the weight bag can be calibrated (between 2 and 20 lbs)
  • inexpensive


  • not portable and less convenient; requires a door for use
  • may require assistance for the first few times using it

How to use: the kit comes with a helpful manual that has extensive instructions. The bracket should be positioned above the center of the door and the traction cord should cover the two pulleys. The v-bar needs to be on the untied end of the cord, whereas the spreader bar needs to be on the narrow end. Next, make a solid knot to hold the empty water bag and shorten the cord so that the former and the v-bar would reach your neck if you were sitting.

The other end of the cord should likewise be tied on the spreader bar. Fill the weight bag with warm water according to the guidelines and sit directly below the spreader bar. Rest your head on the shorter portion of the halter and position the chin strap. Once you are comfortable, connect the head halter to the spreader bar and apply traction. Continue for the duration recommended by your physician.

4. Cervical Neck Traction Device

If you are concerned about safety and efficiency, this is a reliable, FDA-approved device that features an unconventional, but highly functional design. It provides both short-term and long-lasting pain relief and also speeds up the recovery process for neck injuries. Allowing your muscles to fully soften, the cervical traction unit is widely recommended by physical therapists and chiropractors alike (it also has a CE marking). The item has an ergonomic shape specifically designed to correct posture, ensure perfect alignment and continued support. It is simple to handle and it can be used while performing a variety of daily activities.

What makes this company unique is that it listens to its customers and makes sure to implement their feedback. The product has all the qualities of a standard traction device, but also comes with new and refreshing improvements: a self-rotation switch that allows you to choose tractive force according to your needs and preferences, as well as eight inflatable columns. This ensures that your head is resting comfortably and is not being pushed forward or strained.


  • highly efficient for both immediate and long-term pain relief
  • allows you to customize tractive effort
  • ensures cervical amplitude of around twenty degrees
  • innovative, functional design
  • portable and convenient
  • easier to use than traditional neck collars
  • safety certifications
  • recoil pad on the bottom for added stretching


  • more expensive than other models on the market

How to use: make sure that you adjust the unit to feel comfortable before beginning the traction treatment. You can do this by turning the screw of the two sides to change its height, and the screw of the back panel to modify the size. It is recommended to wear the device between fifteen to twenty minutes per session, up to four times per day.

5. DDS Max Cervical Traction Collar

If quality is your priority, DDS Max Cervical Traction Collar combines ingenious design with top-notch materials to offer excellent traction therapy. The brand is unparalleled in terms of functionality and performance, providing a variety of unique features that are superior to most units you can currently find on the market.

One such feature is its innovative structure – the device is constructed in such a way that it follows and accommodates the natural curvature of the spine. Usually, regular units either do not have this arch or it is overly enlarged. This layout flaw oftentimes compromises the decompression process and can interfere with pain release.

DDS Max Cervical Traction Collar has an in-built curvature and only inflates on the bottom. This ensures that the nerve root is released and the cervical area is extensively stretched. Max is also the only company that sells neck braces with an interior lining made 100% out of cotton. Moreover, unlike a majority of traction devices, their product comes with a measure for the hand pump, so that you know exactly how much air pressure you are using, as well as what is the optimal value to get the best results.


  • eliminates and prevents neck pain
  • mobile treatment
  • lightweight and comfortable with soft inner lining
  • higher decompression efficiency than standard units
  • built-in cervical curvature
  • gauge for measuring and customizing pressure


  • higher cost
  • size is not adjustable

How to use: place the device around your neck and sit in a comfortable position. The packaging box comes with an easy-to-read manual where you can find guidelines on the tractive effort. Use the hand pump to inflate the unit and check the gauge to identify how much air pressure there is, as well as how much would provide optimal decompression.

6. ComfortTrac Deluxe Home Cervical Traction Kit

Specifically designed to heal neck pain and offer maximum comfort, this traction device is a popular and reliable choice for those looking to treat cervical issues. It features a patented hand pump that allows you to effortlessly modify traction force and snug cushioned surfaces for added relaxation. The device has a new hinge design that does not require assembly and is easy to use.

What makes ComforTrac Deluxe stand out from other products is its high-quality materials and accessibility. Its lightweight and sturdy structure ensures that you have a convenient treatment alternative always at your disposal, as well as a device that will last and maintain excellent performance over time. Another innovative feature of this item is its simple quick-release button. The latter allows you to promptly let out the pump and decrease pressure. The kit also includes a handle and wheels that can be folded, in addition to a three-year warranty.

This device is ideal for anyone suffering from degenerative disc disease. It has an ergonomic shape and can hold a maximum of 50 lbs of force. The neck wedges can be customized to fit you perfectly, and the angle of incline is also fully adjustable – so there is no need to purchase additional parts.


  • fast pain relief and active rehabilitation
  • increased comfort, quality, and performance
  • can be used by patients with spondylosis and other degenerative diseases
  • allows you to customize traction force according to your needs
  • patented hand pump and one-button quick release
  • flexible neck wedges and adjustable angle incline
  • effortless pumping, easy to use


  • higher price

How to use: position the traction device so that it cradles your neck and feels comfortable. The incline angle can be set at 10, 15 or 20 degrees. Begin traction treatment and press the button on the hand pump to release pressure.

7. DaviSMART Cervical Neck Traction

This brand has found the ideal blend between comfort and functionality, incorporating both in their innovative traction device. The DaviSMART Cervical Neck Traction unit is lightweight, adjustable and portable, but also provides increased comfort and high performance. It is one of the most convenient and easy to use products on the market, and it reduces stress in the neck within minutes. In addition, it corrects posture and helps with quick recuperation of injuries.

DaviSMART offers 360 degrees traction that ensures consistent neck support, as well as immediate tension or spasm relief, respite from headaches and discomfort caused by herniated discs, spinal decompression, and aid with pinched nerves. It also restores the natural cervical curve and prevents further issues from developing over time.

Moreover, regular use boosts blood circulation to the spine and promotes nerve and muscle oxygenation. Even if you do not suffer from a severe injury, stiffness or chronic pain, you will still benefit from this device. It is a smart and practical solution to prolonged cell phone and computer use, but also to poor posture.


  • safe and convenient
  • simple and functional design
  • budget-friendly
  • comes with zipper bag for traveling
  • features different video exercises for neck pain relief
  • kit includes a soft, adjustable eye mask with 3D contour shape design


  • might not fit you properly if you have a small neck

How to use: position the device around your neck. Use the hand pump to inflate the collar pillow until it feels comfortable and relaxing. You should feel a deep stretch within seconds and significant relief in a matter of minutes. The unit should be used between two and three times per day, in sessions of at least 20 minutes and up to 30 minutes. If used consistently, there should be complete pain relief long-term.

8. Only1Million Cervical Neck Traction

Providing optimal comfort and fast results, Only1Million is widely known for its superior neck traction devices. Made of high-quality materials, the units are durable and ensure long-lasting pain relief, as well as injury prevention. The straightforward design makes them easy to use and the extra resources that come with the kit guarantee a fully healing experience.

This product is one of the most reliable and efficient on the market. This is due to the brand’s holistic approach to recovery – the collar features an inflatable support pillow and a brace that stretches your muscles and relieves tension within seconds. It can be customized to fit your neck perfectly. Additionally, it is portable and not very heavy, so you can use it at work, during travel or whenever you need to relax.

What makes the Only1Million Traction Device unique is its exclusive professional training program. The company puts forth extensive resources that will not only teach you the best practices to follow for optimal results, but also alternative coping strategies. The exercises can help you successfully manage your condition and create a pain-free life for yourself over time.

The program also includes access to videos that showcase exactly what you need to do to make the best use of your device. Additionally, the neck traction unit comes with a lifetime guarantee – meaning you can return it and receive a full refund if it is not right for you.


  • safe and comfortable
  • made of solid materials, with soft lining
  • affordable
  • easy to inflate (ready within minutes)
  • full refund available
  • bonuses: exclusive video exercises, tips, and tricks for pain relief


  • the manual could have more in-depth instructions

How to use: place the traction device over your neck and hand pump in order to inflate it. Do this until you feel a deep stretch in your neck. Once comfortable, sit for 20 to 30 minutes with the unit on and repeat at least twice a day. You can watch the videos that come with the kit to see what exercises offer the best results.

9. Trusted Cervical Neck Traction Device (FDA-Approved)

This traction device has everything you would want from a high-quality unit – maximized comfort and safety, exceptional performance and reliable customer service. Specifically designed to provide instant and powerful treatment, Trusted Cervical Neck Traction Device helps with a wide array of health issues, including spondylosis, migraines, stenosis, and osteoarthritis.

Aside from being multifunctional, its quality is currently unparalleled on the market – it is engineered using a stainless steel valve and extensive stitching. This ensures that there are no air leaks and the device is adequately closed, maintaining its firmness over time. In addition, soft flannel is utilized to guarantee a soothing, comfortable experience.

Most traction units use cheap materials and plastic valves that easily break or do not properly seal the device. Moreover, they often come in one-size-fits-all formats and can ironically feel very rough and straining on the neck. Trusted Cervical Neck Traction Device is FDA-approved and features an air support pillow that is fully adjustable. Not only can you customize it to fit your own measurements, but you never have to worry about it accidentally opening. Its straps are prolonged over 50% longer than those of a standard traction unit. And there is an increased Velcro surface for added security.

The reason why this device is the best on the market is also due to its outstanding customer service: several users who received a model with a minor or major flaw report remarkable aid and professionalism from the company. Their units were replaced with brand new and functioning products within 24 hours, and their suggestions or complaints were always regarded with utmost interest and quickly resolved.


  • excellent results long-term and immediate relief
  • safety certifications, including FDA approval
  • solid, long-lasting materials and strong stitching
  • elongated straps for secure hold
  • lightweight and portable
  • affordable
  • unmatched customer service


  • a few clients report faulty devices (but they were quickly replaced by the company)

How to use: place the collar around your neck and use the hand pump to inflate it. Allow your neck to rest in a comfortable position for up to 30 minutes per session.

10. BRANFIT Cervical Neck Traction Device and Neck Bracket


This single neck brace from Branfit functions as a neck stretcher that aligns the spine to ease neck pain. Checked by chiropractors, Branfit offers the same benefits as other neck traction devices, including neck and shoulder relaxation, back and spine decompression, headache and migraine relief, posture correction, restoration of cervical curve, stiff neck/whiplash relief, and the treatment of cervical radiculopathy.


  • Velcro strap for adjustments
  • Easy inflation control with the inflation ball and air control valve


  • It may not be suitable for those with relatively fat necks or heads

Since it’s inflatable, this neck traction device is soft yet stable. For further comfort, Branfit designed this neck brace with a suede exterior and a velcro strap that can allow those with thicker necks to fit into the brace/neck stretcher. It is important to note, though, that this neck stretcher may not be suitable for individuals with relatively wide necks or heads.

To adjust the neck stretcher according to your specific need, there’s an in-built inflation ball, an air control valve, and a spiral metal deflation valve similar to the ones used in blood pressure monitors. When not in use, you can easily deflate the Branfit Neck Traction Device and store it in a drawer or in a bag. It’s portable, but careful packing is necessary to avoid damaging the device.

11. RAKZU Adjustable Cervical Neck Traction Device

RAKZU markets this adjustable cervical neck traction device for instant relief of headaches, neck tensions, pinched nerves, herniated or bulged disks, back and spinal decompression, disk compression, and cervical neck strain/spasms. The neck extender addresses to root cause of symptoms like neck pain and stiffness, dizziness, and headaches. Chiropractors also recommend it for posture correction and neck fatigue reduction.


  • 3-layer air chamber
  • Velcro straps for adjustments
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Triple leakage protection


  • Only suitable for average-sized necks

The extra-long Velcro closures allow for a customized level of tightness. This also makes the neck extender compatible with a wide range of neck sizes. The 3-layer air chamber is lightweight and compact, with triple leakage protection. These 3-part leakage safeguards include separate 3 tube-design, a ball in each tube, and an air release valve. Breathable and soft, plush velvet makes up the neck extender’s exterior.

Rakzu recommends the usage of this cervical neck traction device for a 3-week period. For the first week, the recommended usage duration is 10-15 mins for 2 times a day. In the second week, the adaptation period is 15-20 mins for 2 times a day. For the third week, you can decide the length of usage.

Sadly, this collar only works for those of average weight with average-sized necks. It will work well on shorter necks but not on stockier and longer necks. Discomfort and lack of traction are the most common complaints of those who tried to use this device even with a terrible fit.

12. DDS Cervitrac – Cervical Traction Collar


DDS is a well-known brand with a handful of patents on spinal decompression technologies. The DDS Cervitrac relieves pain from radiculopathy, herniated and bulging discs, pinched nerves, sciatica, spinal stenosis, stiff neck, and whiplash. The collar works by applying pressure on the nerve root, relieving pain, increasing intervertebral disc space, and aiding in active rehabilitation.

Unlike other cervical traction devices, the DDS Cervitrac Traction Collar has a pneumatic traction option that allows the user to wear the collar while either upright or lying down. The traction collar is also detachable from the base for better mobility and portability.


  • Can be used while standing, sitting, or lying down
  • Patented spinal decompression technology
  • 2 size options
  • Easy-to-read hand pump gauge


  • It may not be suitable for those with TMJ and other similar conditions

DDS Cervitrac comes in small and large sizes. The small size can cover necks that are around 11.5 inches to 14.5 inches in circumference. The large size, on the other hand, fits necks that are around 14.5 inches to 17.5 inches in circumference.

Upward pressure is applied on the occipital bone and downward pressure on the upper shoulder to create a sensation of chin tucking that decompresses the cervical spine. This is all achieved through the DDS Cervitrac’s vertical inflation. The hand pump’s gauge will serve as a guide on the amount of air pressure being used.

13. ZAMAT Neck and Shoulder Relaxer with Magnetic Therapy Pillowcase

Zamat Neck and Shoulder Relaxer promises neck pain relief in a matter of 10 minutes. The relaxer provides your cervical spine with a gentle stretch through its natural gravity stretch feature. Natural gravity stretch allows for horizontal, curved, and upward stretch.


  • Magnetic therapy pillowcase
  • Ergonomic design
  • Natural gravity stretch


  • Has a strong smell upon unpacking

This model of Zamat Neck and Shoulder Relaxer has an ergonomic design composed of a v-shaped upper curvature that supports and fixes the spine to the correct position; a u-shaped lower curvature for better cervical neck support and alignment; and a c-shaped opening with a curvature that can stretch and bend to relieve pressure. Aside from the curvature assists, this neck and shoulder relaxer also has massage nodes that provide pressure relief and muscle relaxation.

The magnetic therapy pillowcase functions not only as a cover for the neck and shoulder relaxer but also helps promote better blood circulation. Removable and comfortable to touch, the pillowcase also provides cooling, ventilation, and sweat resistance.

In terms of portability, the Zamat Neck and Shoulder Relaxer is small and lightweight enough. It has a drawstring storage bag that’s 7.5 inches at its longest and 5.3 inches at its widest side, fitting easily on carry-on baggage.

Best at-home traction devices for back pain

Paying a chiropractor or physical therapist whenever you need tension released from your back can get very expensive in the long run. It is much more economical and convenient to purchase a lumbar traction device that you can use whenever you need pain relief. Here are the top three most popular and reliable options:

1.Spinal Stretch

This low-back traction device is ideal for patients who are not allowed to do inversion therapy, but are still in need of consistent pain relief. Allowing for a much deeper stretch than traditional products, Spinal Stretch provides immediate release from discomfort and long-lasting decompression for health conditions like disc herniation, sciatica, stenosis, degenerative disc disease, and lower back pain.

Recommended by doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors nationwide, this tool was created with an evidence-based approach in mind. Drawing on research from doctor Charles Burton’s work (named neurosurgeon of the year), Spinal Stretch features a decompression system that reduces muscle tension, but also nerve and spinal disc pressure. The pull up is fully adjustable and allows for 40% of the patient’s body weight. In Burton’s trials, 70% of surgical candidates were able to avoid the intervention.

Perfect for travel and alternative home therapy, the traction device is easy to use and already assembled upon delivery. It is portable, compact and weighs as little as 5 pounds. You can quickly fold it into a bag if you need to carry it around. However, it does require a door or a fixed point for use. The full package includes a waist belt, a metal ratchet, a traction belt and a nylon tote bag for transportation. There is also a DVD with further guidelines and tips for optimal results.


  • efficient decompression and pain relief
  • good alternative to inversion treatment
  • lightweight and portable
  • highly recommended by specialists
  • comes with video instructions
  • budget-friendly


  • takes longer to see results

How to use: secure one of the unit’s straps onto a door or a fixed point. Once the device is stable, put on the traction belt, as well as the waist belt and make sure you are comfortable and sheltered in the harness. When you are ready, slowly ratchet the device – this will pull you towards the door and stretch out your lower back spine, releasing tension. Watch the DVD for further guidelines.

2. CoreStretch

Having been used successfully by professionals for years, CoreStretch has become a popular and reliable product when it comes to at-home traction therapy. It allows for an ergonomic position of the body in order to provide decompression for muscles, ligaments, and tendons that surround your legs and core.

This product is ideal for anyone with chronic back pain or spinal health conditions because it ensures results no matter how much mobility you have or how severe your issue is. It comes with ten sizing options and can be easily used whether standing, sitting or laying on the floor. The three-plane swivel helps you do twisting motions, move up and down or side to side. Aside from your lumbar area, it also works on your hamstrings, shins, shoulders, calves, and glutes.

This lumbar traction device guarantees effective and secure stretching. It was initially developed by a team of physical therapists in order to help alleviate symptoms in their patients. Unlike traditional therapy where the back is forced to curve unnaturally, the innovative design of CoreStretch fully elongates the spine and offers a much more extensive stretch, as well as increased flexibility. The machine is adjustable and portable.


  • effective, research-based decompression for your back
  • unique design
  • foldable and easy to move
  • comes with 10 sizing options
  • can be used regardless of mobility level
  • provides a deeper stretch than standard machines
  • comes with detailed guides and online videos targeted for beginners, intermediate and advanced exercises


  • cost

3. Stamina in Line Back Stretch Bench

This non-invasive traction device not only stretches your lumbar area but also strengthens it and prevents injuries. Highly effective for people of all sizes, Stamina in Line Back Stretch Bench helps you to gently release pressure in your spine. It does so through a specialized decompression system and a simple lever that allows you to be in control of the entire process.

Made of sturdy, superior materials, the machine guarantees long-term relief not only for your back but also for hip, ankle and knee pain. Its frame contains steel and welded joints and the cushion is firm to ensure that your spine remains straight and properly stretched. Moreover, the machine can aid with bad posture and promotes back realignment.

The Stamina in Line Bench works by allowing your back to rest comfortably and eliminating pressure from your nerve endings. The high-density foam and the padded arms and ankle support keep your body relaxed and pain-free during the decompression. Additionally, the shoulder width can be customized to fit your size, and the ankle lock helps hold your position.

The item also features endcaps that protect your floor, as well as a wheel for transportation. What is special about Stamina in Line is that it caters to people with a variety of health conditions, but also to those who just want to prevent complications. Consistent use lowers your risk of future injury and is also useful for stretching and relaxation if you work a desk job or long hours.


  • high performance and quality materials
  • portable, with simple design
  • features length adjustment knob
  • easy-to-use lever for slow decompression
  • ankle lock to keep your back still
  • padded support and contoured foam
  • affordable


  • has a weight limit: 250 lbs
  • some users report feeling pressure on their armpits during use

How to use: adjust the arm supports and the height to fit your measurements. Lay down on the cushioned bench and find a comfortable position. Make sure that your armpits are over the arm supports and place your feet between the ankle supports. Pull the lever to adjust your stretch and allow your body to rest for a few minutes.