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A Day in the Life: Nursing at Michigan- National Nurses Week

A Day in the Life: Nursing at Michigan- National Nurses Week


With this particular job you know they want to say “textbook”, but sometimes things don’t work in that particular way. You have to always expect the unexpected and be ready!

That’s what I love about the job that I do. This is the life of a nurse we always have to be thinking one step ahead!

Adam from Cardiovascular care unit:

“We meet people from all walks of life. You know people of all different kinds of issues, different kinds of backgrounds and the all kind of culminate here and we have to help bring them along to this very difficult time you know…

When you have a heart surgery or or any other major surgery and I see you it’s very difficult. Difficult time to handle emotionally and physically so what I like to just kind of being able to help through that.”

Jacquiline from Matts Children Hospital:

“The first time I met John was probably a few months ago when he was first diagnosed and I had taken care of him when he was first starting treatment.

When a family first receives the initial diagnosis it can be really tough and a lot of times there’s not really much you can say…

A lot of times it’s best just to kind of be with the family, to talk with each other with each other and it’s always good for the nurse to be there and to offer comfort.

I mean I’m doing pretty well with the so far. I know that there are nurses on here on the floor that have been here for like 20 or so years and I don’t know how they do it, but hopefully I’m gonna be like them one day!”

Jacki from Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit:

“Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to become a nurse, so I like coming to my job.

I really love what I do and to know that when I’m coming in here that I’m going to take care of someone and hopefully make a difference in someones life. That is what gets me up!

I rarely leave my seat. I may take my lunch or I may not- is this my responsibility for 12 hours to care for.”

Connie from Surgical Intensive Care Unit:

“The patients that come into this unit have lots of different problems. You never get bored!

If you think your learning is done, then you have to learn all there is to learn in this unit.”

Kelly from Surgical Care Unit:

“So our patient that we had to travel with needed to go down for a CAT scan.¬† We have the first one, but we needed to get another one to compare the two, because we don’t have good neural functions on her.

When they’re on ECMO it takes a whole crew of everybody to work together to get them down there! So we have to make sure we have our ECMO specialist with us, our fellow respiratory therapy and then the two nurses and maybe even a tech to go along.”

Dana from Pediatric Emergency Department:

“I came to work at a the University of Michigan after being a patient of doctor Bouvaise. I had a congenital heart defect, that wasn’t diagnosed until after I had my kids.

So I came here and was up here as an adult and had a nurse who you very much to care of me.

I really realized then what nursing was …it is drips and it is skills and it is all the things that we do. But it isn’t really that what our families will remember. It’s hearing who they are, knowing what they need, and I think that’s probably my favorite part of working with pediatrics because there’s a lot of opportunity for that.”

Garrett from Adult Emergency Department:

“One thing I do like especially in a bigger facility like this it’s definitely a large volume of patients. One thing I would like to do is to get to know patience little bit more and humanize them little bit.

That kind of helps me to put in the perspective that each person that comes through here has a different story and is unique!”

Angela from Pediatric Emergency Department:

“When I was in high school I actually had a different career path that I was going to go down. I was gonna do occupational therapy or sports medicine.

And my mom was actually rushed to the ER for brain aneurysm and was flown to the hospital.

How the nurses interacted with her and interacted with her family really touched me and made me want to change my career path. That has kind of what stuck with me and made me realize that you know, this is what I want to do- I want to make that impact on somebody else…”

Chuck from Adult Emergency Department:

“When we used to do pediatrics over here, there was this case ….this patient had burned hundred percent of their body. We knew that she was not going to live for very long, but the hold her hand you know and make sure that she’s was not going to die alone…

You may see somebody’s last moments on here and hopefully we can make a difference…Sorry”