99 Best Nursing Blogs of 2017

As a nurse, free time is hard to come by and time management is a crucial part of thriving in your career. Why then should you spend your work breaks or leisure hours surfing the web for nursing blogs? Well, believe it or not, some of these websites can be more useful than what you learned during training. You need to be informed on the latest technology and healthcare developments, as well as constantly improve your productivity and patient understanding in order to be a successful nurse. This is where reading comes in handy – a sound nursing blog that’s informative and engaging can really make a difference in your career and daily work routine.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, you’re on your first day at work or you have years of experience in the field, there’s a blog for everyone, one that will resonate with you and help you learn something new every day. Aside from its obvious educational use, a real, earnest blog can also motivate you or offer you that desperately needed “pick me up” after a hard day at work. But which sites should you focus your attention on? After all, your time is limited. Well, we sifted through hundreds of nursing blogs so you don’t have to and found out which ones are useful and worth a read. So without further ado, here are the best 99 blogs you should check out this year:

Confident Voices in Healthcare

Confident Voices in Healthcare is a blog run by Beth Boynton, dedicated registered nurse and author of Successful Nurse Communication (2015) and Confident Voices: The Nurse’s Guide to Improving Communication & Creating Positive Workplaces (2009). The website covers fundamental healthcare, including general nursing topics, and offers leadership coaching, as well as interactive workshops to help you succeed in your medical profession.

Building Boys

This blog focuses on the life and career of Jennifer L. W. Fink, a successful journalist and public speaker who is passionate about parenting, health and education. Building Boys is a childcare-centered, informative website that’s great if you’re a working nurse, but also a mother. Here’s an interesting read from them: Can Boys Nurse Babies? – https://buildingboys.net/can-boys-nurse-babies/.

A Journey Through Nursing School

This website belongs to a wife, mother and licensed nurse and offers a sneak peek into the real life and struggles of a hard-working healthcare provider. The blog is on this list precisely because it doesn’t create a fancy, idealist image of what it’s like to be a nurse, but rather it provides an honest, unedited account of the hardships you’ll encounter – like trying to land a job, finding the right specialty for you and overcoming monotony and stagnation in your career.

Sarah Beth RN

Sarah Beth is a dedicated Registered Nurse who loves to blog about her experiences and share the reality of nursing – with all of its ups and downs. Beth depicts both the highlights and the shortcomings of the current healthcare system, as well as her daily encounters with people suffering from chronic diseases.

Nurse Buff

If you’re interested in not-so-common nursing specialties like forensic nursing, infographics, neonatal nursing or becoming an anesthetist, this is the site for you! Nurse Buff is filled with career advice, useful how-to guides and practice exercises for the NCLEX. There’s even an entire section dedicated to nursing shoes and the best shoes you can purchase in 2017.

At Your Cervix

If you don’t mind the pun, this blog will definitely pique your interest, especially if you’re trying to become a midwife nurse or you’re considering a job position in delivery and labor nursing. Here you will find practical tips and tricks to help you in your journey of making families happy, as well as heartwarming stories from real people.

Lois Roelofs

Lois Hoitenga Roelofs is a highly experienced nurse who loves to combine introspective memoirs with valuable career lessons and a strong passion for being a caregiver. Proving that nursing is a profession that indeed requires lifelong learning to master, Lois is also the author of Caring Lessons, a book which tells the story of her unexpected journey as a healthcare worker and a teacher.

It Shouldn’t Happen In Healthcare

It shouldn’t happen in healthcare is a blog run by Max, a former pediatric nurse who currently works as a bright NP in general practice. You’re always in for a surprise when reading this blog – you can expect anything from controversial healthcare topics to some mild dark humor.

Advance Healthcare Network

If you’re studying advanced nursing, this website will come in very handy to you. Containing heaps of articles that cover the nitty-gritty of providing medical care, here you will find useful information like how to perform basic nursing procedures or salary figures. You can also read about the latest research on nutrition and heart health here.

J. Paradisi

This is Juliana Paradisi’s blog, an oncology Registered Nurse who’s been in the healthcare system for nearly three decades. Described as the place where “science, humanity and art converge”, the website if rife with real experiences and important question that every nurse will be faced with during their career.

Not Nurse Ratched

Not Nurse Ratched is a website that covers the key-issues you’ll encounter when first starting off as a nurse, as well as several intriguing topics regarding healthcare and education. Drawing upon the philosophy that we should always “treat the patient, not the disease”, the blog is an interesting read for anyone looking to improve their skills and communication.

My Strong Medicine

Run by Nurse Practitioner Sean Dent, My Strong Medicine is a more of a “rant” blog regarding healthcare, nursing and other aspects of life. If you’re a male nurse, you’ll definitely enjoy this blog. Sean works as a medical provider and spends most of his free time in the gym, lifting weights – his motto is that you can be physically, as well as mentally strong and both are needed in nursing.

The Nerdy Nurse

Brittney Wilson is nerdy and proud – she loves anything that has to do with modern gadgets and technology, but also everything about nursing. Brittney provides a refreshing, fun outlook on healthcare and also enjoys offering advice to people about some of her other passions, including how to start a nursing blog.

According To Kateri

This blog is great if you’ve had a bad day at work – it’s filled with kind words, hope and success stories that remind you why you got into nursing in the first place. According to Kateri is run by an RN from New York who is devoted to shifting people’s awareness towards the miracles and positive aspects of life. You’ll find a little bit of everything on her website, from motivational quotes to creative poems and bible verses.

Emily Bennett

Are you a flight nurse? You’ll love this blog! If you work in this specialty you know it requires your presence and 100% focus more than any other field. Keeping a level head during a crisis, learning to work in sync with other flight medics and anticipating emergencies all require dexterity and dedication. Emily Bennett knows this, and through her blog she wants to help other get accustomed to an at-times crazy and unpredictable working environment.

The Nursing School

The Nursing School is a useful way to spend your work or class breaks learning something new. This highly informative site offers a comprehensive look on nursing schools, basic training and what you should expect once you start clinical practice or your first shift. You can also compare the curriculum from different nursing universities to see which one would be best for your career goals and interests.

Nurse Sean

Nurse Sean is run by a professional ICU nurse with over 14 years of experience in the field. Here you will find practical tips that can help you become a better, more efficient healthcare provider, as well as extensive information on the subject of phlebotomy, including how to receive certification and what the training typically entails.

National Nurses United

This is an interesting read on the implications of medical insurance and the darker aspects of how the current US healthcare system functions. Focused on providing universal medical care for those who need it, the association which runs the blog also runs several educational nursing campaigns and is affiliated with other like-minded health organizations.

Today Is That Day

Jennifer Baritchi is the proud founder of Today Is That Day, an inspirational blog that centers on healthcare, self-help, fitness and nutrition. Aside from personal development topics which can help you cope with stressful situations and perform at maximum efficiency during work hours, the site also has a spirituality section where you will find everything from religion to yoga and meditation.

The Dean’s Blog

The Dean’s Blog or The Science of Caring is a brilliant read, whether you’re a nursing student, a licensed worker or a teacher. Combining educational articles with real stories, testimonies and experiences, the site provides information on recent healthcare discovery and the latest medical research, academic nursing developments, as well as heartwarming pieces about the importance of cultivating a “we” instead of “me” mentality.

The Nurse Teacher

This is another educational blog that’s centered on research and learning tools for nursing students. Here you will find information on the best test books, how to prevent medical errors, communicate more efficiently with the rest of the staff, practice EKG and self-care. There’s also some interesting reads on patient education and learning how to use modern healthcare technology.

Grief Healing

This is essential reading for nurse who work in maternity specialties and senior patient care or for any nurse who has dealt with the death of a patient, for that matter. The founder of the blog, Marty Tousley, has lost both a parent and a daughter. After going through the process of grief herself, Marty worked as a bereavement counsellor for nearly two decades. With a Master’s Degree in Advanced Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing and years of healthcare experience under her belt, the woman is committed to helping others accept and cope with loss.

Travel Nursing Blogs

Are you torn between your career and your desire for travelling the world? If you are or want to become a nurse, but you’re also more of a rolling stone who loves discovering new places, read this blog! The site is run by David Morrison, an RN with 20 years of travelling experience, and also has several posts from different guest authors – all of which offer valuable advice on how you can mix your two passions and get the best of both worlds.

ONS Connect Blog

ONS Connect Blog was created to offer career guidance for working or pre-licensed oncology nurses. Containing extensive information on job opportunities, certifications and basic procedures in oncology care, the website has turned into a tightly-knit community of students and practitioners alike from all over the world. Some examples of what you will find here is how to manage the mental health of terminal patients, new research on cancer prevention and how to interpret statistical results.

Disruptive Women In Healthcare

This is a very interesting read for anyone interested in healthcare and a testimony that it only takes a few people to make real change in the world. The website (although not a typical blog) is run by influential and highly successful women who work as surgeons, advanced practice nurses or general physicians.

Noggin Blog

Noggin Blog is well-known in the nursing community for providing straightforward, easy to understand information for both healthcare newbies and experienced practitioners. Here you’ll find everything ranging from lesson plans and useful bibliography to self-care tips and free tutoring. If you’re a student or you’re just starting out your clinical practice and you’re looking for some learning resources and webinars, this is by far your best bet!

Correctional Nurse

Jail medicine is a bit of a fringe specialty when it comes to nursing – this is why Lorry Schoenly, an experienced professional who provides medical care in the criminal justice system, decided to create Correctional Nurse. Aiming to educate both aspiring nurses and the general population on the importance and ramifications of offering compassionate and proper correctional healthcare, Lorry promotes her views through her blog and social media, as well as through her consulting services.

RT Connections

This is a must-read for every healthcare professional, student and educator. RT Connections is a blog that discusses topics of concern to all of us – including bullying behavior and successfuly navigating the differences between generations in the workplace. Focused on stress management, effective communication and fair policies, the website aims to revolutionize how we view our jobs and colleagues and promotes pertinent strategies for establishing a healthy work environment.

Tales Of An ER Nurse

Do you have a rosy view of nursing as a profession? Well, this ER nurse who runs her own blog is ready to „burst your bubble” on that, as she puts it. Brining a raw and brash perspective on how society views nurses and nursing vs. how they actually are, this site is bound to make you take off your rose-colored spectacles when it comes to healthcare.

International Nurse Support

This is a very light-hearted, newsletter-style blog that covers general career advice and workload management. Combining self-help with healthcare, International Nurse Support is a casual, cheery read for when you want to unwind, but also learn something useful. The site also has a section called “Minority Nurse” which offers guidance on how you can overcome challenges as a minority student or worker.

Nursing Ethics

Ethics is a fundamental topic when it comes to nursing. During your career, you’ll be faced with countless moral dilemmas and close calls that determine whether your patient lives or dies. Nursing Ethics Blog, as the title suggests, opens the discussion on such issues – from relatively easy concerns like deciding who gets the bed to more controversial problems like treating a convicted criminal.

My 2 Cents

My 2 Cents was designed as an open platform to discuss and debate ethical issues within the healthcare system. Here you will find legal and professional guidelines for your nursing practice, as well as heaps of technical details that might come in handy to you at some point in your career like buying a liability insurance policy and the ethics of using marijuana medicinally or recreationally.

Soliant Health

This blog is a fantastic learning tool for nurses of all specialties and experience levels. Designed by a medical organization named Soliant Health, the site provides practical advice for healthcare professionals. Their articles include – receiving constructive criticism, attending conferences, tax tips, working with new patients, podcasts and other online resources.

Your Career Nursing

This website focuses on the basics of jumpstarting your career in nursing. If you’re new to this profession and not quite sure where to start, Your Career Nursing can show you the ropes. You’ll also find lifestyle articles, online learning tools, alternative job positions and book recommendations.

Infusion Nurse

Infusion Nurse is an essential how-to blog for IV therapy. Here you can learn how to monitor patients more effectively, deal with specific drug complications, manage tubing in a clean and sensible manner, as well as how to deal with family members or relatives. Make sure you skim through this website if you’re a specialized infusion nurse who’s just starting out.

ER Nurses Blog

ER Nurses Blog is a platform dedicated to sharing experiences and discussing tips, real stories and shortcomings within the ER healthcare environment. Teaching you how to manage unexpected situations, the site’s author also tackles relevant issues like nurse migration and society’s work abuse on nurses.

Nursing Comments

Just like the title suggests, this blog is a space for debating ideas and solutions regarding health education, well-being and the current nursing system. Founded by MBA and RN Stephanie Jewett, the site also has a newsletter you can sign up for to stay up to date on the latest medical developments.

Provo School Nurses

This blog doesn’t necessarily contain vital or new information on nursing that you can’t get elsewhere. However, the site is referenced in this list due to its utility – Provo School Nurses is used in order to communicate with nurses from various districts, as well as to keep the family members of the patients updated.

Frugal Nurse

It’s not news that healthcare expenses and, consequently, patient costs have gone through the roof in the past decades. „Frugal Nurse” boldly tackles these issues and more in her informative blog, shedding light on the more often than not overlooked aspects of healthcare like nutrition, proper use of pharmaceuticals and avoiding carcinogens.

Nursing Jobs

This blog is here for very practical purposes – it teaches you everything you need to know about getting and holding down a job in the nursing field. From the basics of landing a job to the nitty-gritty of keeping a high-end position and qualifying for your dreamjob promotion, the site is perfect if you’re a healthcare rookie looking for work.

Nursing Job World

This is an interesting read if you’re testing the waters for your future nursing career. Although the site itself covers general topics outside of the medical field, there are some intriguing posts and statistics regarding healthcare and the most highly paid or respectable nursing job positions.

Kim McAllister

Kim McAllister is a licensed nurse from San Francisco who was born for nursing. With over 30 years of experience and a background in pediatrics, critical care and psychiatry, Kim started her own blog in 2005. Her goal? To educate and inspire, as well as provide a clear inside look into the pros and cons of living a life that revolves around nursing.

Rasmussen Blog

Rasmussen College’s School of Nursing is a reputable institution that provides training for future healthcare professionals. Their blog encompasses posts on a variety of topics from different nurse authors, all of whom share their work experience in an educational, informative manner. You can also learn about student life and the college’s career center by browsing their webpage.

Nurse Together

This unique blog is run by an ambitious team of nurses and was designed to encourage and empower rookie healthcare workers. The site’s content is fresh, entertaining and controversial at times – but that’s what makes it one of a kind. With over 21,000 fans worldwide, Nurse Together tackles topics that most of us avoid despite their importance and relevance in the workplace.

Grunt Doc

Allen is an emergency care physician from Texas who describes himself as “a grunt in the doctor world”. Having been immersed in the critical aspects of healthcare for most of his career, the Grunt Doc has certification in Emergency Medicine and is now retired, living with his family. His commentary is at times amusing, other times quick-witted and sharp – but it always manages to put a smile on our faces.

Health Blog

This is a general blog for educating patients or family members and learning more yourself about nutrition, fitness and a preventive, healthy lifestyle. The site also focuses on the latest medical research, future health tools and all sorts of new technology that’s being created and employed in the healthcare field.

Minding The Bedside

Jerome Stone is a renowned nurse, educator, researcher and author. Having worked in a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings in order to provide hospice care, ICU therapy or pain management, Jerome has written and contributed to several publications regarding patient care. A few years back he decided to also start his own blog – where you will find valuable information on nursing and meditation (a healthy habit he recommends to all of his patients).

Nursing Power

Created by Nurse Sally, a successful RN, DNP and ACNP-BC, Nursing Power is designed to bring awareness to various issues within the healthcare system. Providing both solutions and inspiration through her ideas, Sally aims to reinforce the lifelong mission of compassionately providing quality medical care for those in need.

Elizabeth Scala

This is a fun, endearing blog that offers a more positive perspective on healthcare, while still challenging the shortcomings of society’s views on nurses and nursing in general. Elizabeth Scala is an RN who used to work as a psychiatric nurse in one of the most demanding inpatient units in Maryland. Refering to herself as „a happily rehabilitated Negative Nancy Nurse”, Elizabeth shares what she learned during all of her years of hard work in her raw and at times very personal blog.

All Top – Nursing

This isn’t a blog per se, but it still makes for an intriguing read. What you’ll find here is a comprehensive compilation of other blog posts, websites and articles covering the latest nursing news, regulatios and procedures. In addition, All Top also has other sections with various updates on topics beside nursing that you might find interesting enough to browse through.

Emerging Nurse Leader

Dr. Rose O Sherman is a reputable nursing educator and the Director of the Nursing Leadership Institute in Florida. Her blog, Emerging Nurse Leader, is a testimony and a thorough guide on how you too can succeed and achieve your healthcare goals. On the site you will find key-skills that are required to advance in your career like failure tolerance, flexibility and risk-taking.

Diabetes Steps

This blog is run by an experienced family nurse, Cheryl Winter, who is passionate about health education and treating diabetes. With a Master’s Degree in both nutrition and nursing, Cheryl’s goal is to promote prevention and encourage people to make sustainable, long-lasting lifestyle changes along with their medical treatments.

Nurse Nacole

This is a fun, entertaining blog for any nursing student who loves to read and learn something new every day. Created by Nacole Riccaboni, a bedside nurse in Orlando, Florida, Nurse Nacole provides its readers with updates, book recommendations, news notifications, educational articles and daily nursing tips.

Masters In Nursing

If you’re studying or working in a specialty of advanced nursing, this blog is a very useful learning tool, especially if you’re new to the field. Providing extensive research on the most renowned degree programs and nursing universities, Masters In Nursing offers focuses on the importance of nurses as change agents and how we can improve our healthcare services.

Code Blog

This blog has garnered quite a bit of attention over the years and has turned into a strong community of healthcare workers. Here you will find doctors, nurses, physicians and therapists sharing real stories, disheartening and inspiring moments alike. You can read the tales of other medical workers or join in the conversation and share your own experience.

NP Business

If you’re a Nurse Practitioner who wants to join an independent, private practice, then this blog is for you! Barbara C. Phillips is a successful NP entrepreneur who decided to take her career into her own hands and mix her lifelong passion with business. On her blog, the woman teaches you how you can open your own nursing business in a variety of fields – ranging from retail and insurance to legal and educational.

Nurse Gail

Nurse Gail is the very first blog on health and well-being that’s run entirely by licensed nurses. Aiming to debunk healthcare myths and clear up some common medical misconceptions, the blog’s authors discuss everything from sex, parenting and aging to nursing and holistic health. You’ll find useful advice here on how to better manage both your career and lifestyle choices.

Seasons Wellness

This is an all-inclusive health blog centered on diet, exercise, mental health and overall wellness tips. Although it doesn’t pertain exclusively to nursing and the medical care industry, it’s a great tool for educating patients, as well as for learning how to practice proper self-care in order to become a better nurse.

Nursing Review

This is a magazine-type blog that covers the latest medical news, healthcare updates and policy changes, as well as the most relevant and effective resources for nurses. With several weekly posts available, Nursing Review is perfect if you’re looking for a quick, daily dose of information that will keep you posted with what’s going on in your community.

Nurse Barb

Health expert Barb Dehn is an acclaimed Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, a successful national speaker and award winning author. With over 2 decades of experience in the medical industry, Barb decided to initiate her own health publishing company entitled Blue Orchid Press, as well as start her own blog on caregiving for terminal patients, parenting and women’s health.

Rebecca Lobb

Rebecca’s blog is a great choice for any nurse who’s looking for a light read with a few jokes and funny real-life stories. Describing her experience in healthcare, the writer offers us a simple, but down-to-earth perspective on what it means to be a nurse in England.


Nursetopia is a blog run by an oncology nurse with a passion for writing. Filled with personal stories, introspective confessions, book review and tricks for being more efficient during your working hours, the website also incorporates a fair amount of art giveaways for the readers.

The Balanced Nurse

This is a must-read for nurses from all walks of life. When we’re constantly under pressure and have to excel in our jobs, we can become so hooked in our slightly neurotic minds that life just passes us by. The balanced nurse offers a truly unique perspective on how you can counteract this incredibly common drawback to nursing by finding peace of mind and maintaining harmony in your life.

The Gypsy Nurse

This is what a travel nursing blog should look like – fun, informative, light-hearted and inspiring. Connecting medical professionals with a strong interest in travelling from all around the globe, The Gypsy Nurse is an interactive online platform where you can share ideas and adventures. It’s also a great place to learn how others juggle work with travel and how you can do it too!

Diversity Nursing

Diversity Nursing is a website fully dedicated to education, job positions and nursing culture. With countless school and employer profiles, this niche nursing blog posts valuable information on the growing demand for healthcare providers, as well as the latest career opportunities available for nurses.

Fresh RN

Meet Kati Kleber, a successful RN and CCRN who worked in a neuroscience critical care unit for half a decade and is now a published author with her very own blog. A lot of nursing blogs tend to be crammed with too much information and too little originality. This isn’t the case for Kati’s website, which has a bit of everything – information, funny stories and friendly advice.

The Yoga Nurse

The Yoga Nurse is a fun and incredibly therapeutic blog for nurses. Created by RN Anette Tersigni to inspire and promote holistic medicine, empathetic patient care and yoga therapy, the website covers a variety of topics – from treating your patients with kindness and building your own business to spirituality and enlightenment.

Off The Charts

Brought to you by the American Journal of Nursing, Off The Charts features updates and news in healthcare, useful career advice and learning tools, as well as articles on more controversial topics. The site also covers the latest nutrition research – here is an interesting read from 2017: https://ajnoffthecharts.com/nurses-try-out-plant-based-diet-report-health-benefits/.

Innovative Nurse

This is a popular blog that combines nursing with social media, business, technology and healthy living. With hundreds of informative articles and guest posts from renowned clinicians, nursing teachers and independent practitioners, Innovative Nurse offers a fresh, cutting-edge perspective on nursing as a profession. Here is a fantastic post on how our mindset can attract or drive away success: http://innovativenurse.com/mindset/.

Travel Nursing Central

Here’s yet another excellent travelling blog for nurses. From tax advice and finding a recruiter to hospital rankings and caffeine alternatives for healthcare workers, Travel Nursing Central will provide you with a realistic, comprehensive view on what traveling as an RN entails. You can also find tops and lists on the best cities you can travel to as a nurse.

The Nursing Site

Drawing motivation from the principle that “nurses make a difference in someone’s life everyday”, The Nursing Site deals with topics ranging from staff and patient health to stress management and building a healthy work environment. With an impressive and far-reaching past of 30 years in nursing, Kathy Quan, the website’s creator, posts regularly for her fellow readers of all ages and experience levels.

Nursing Center

Gathering posts and information from over 50 nursing online journals, Nursing Center is an essential tool for your nursing career. Not just because of its invaluable information from peer-reviewed publications, but also due to its interactive programs for healthcare workers. The website provides nurse with hundreds of educational activities that will help you make a name for yourself and better integrate into your work environment.

Reality RN

Run solely by nurses who know your struggles better than anyone, Reality RN is a heartfelt, relatable blog on the ups and downs of working in the healthcare industry. This is definitely a must-read for any future nursing student – if you want to know what to expect on your first day in class or during your clinical trials.

The Makings Of A Nurse

The Makings of a Nurse is just that – a raw, unedited account of how Kristine, an ambitious young woman, became “Nurse Teeny”, an outstanding adult-oncology nurse practitioner. Sharing both the rewarding and the less appealing aspects of being a medical care provider, Kristine helps her readers learn how to balance their highly demanding careers with their engaging personal lives.

This Nurse Wonders

You can tell Amanda J. Anderson is fully invested in her work as a nurse just by reading a few paragraphs off her blog. Dedicated to excellence and determined to speak her mind, Amanda poses some intriguing and eye-opening questions on her website, This Nurse Wonders. Make sure you give one of her posts a read if you’re looking for something more than your average nursing blog.

Med Health Writer

Med Health Writer is an educational, but fairly personal blog run by Marijke Vroomen-Durning, a happy, successful RN who’s been in the field since 1983. Turning her passion for healthcare into a daytime job, the former nurse is now a professional writer who offers career advice and promotes healthy living. If you’re interested in reading some of her personal nursing stories, you can also check out her other blog, Marjike: Nurse Turned Writer, at http://medhealthwriter.blogspot.ro/.

Stethoscopes And Scrubs

This is a far-reaching blog that beautifully portrays the struggles and gratifying moments of pursuing a career in healthcare. The website’s transition is particularly interesting to observe – as the author shares her thoughts and stories from when she was a fresh medical student and when she got her first healthcare job to when she worked in a private pediatric practice or as a school nurse.

Estelle Darling

Although this website is not as informative and news-related as the others featuring in this list, it’s still a noteworthy pick due to its personal touch and entertaining, relatable stories. With that in mind, Word Lust is not run by your typical blogger – Estelle loves communicating with her readers more than anything else and you can tell that she’s writing this blog solely to connect with other nurses and, why not, to put a smile on our faces.

Ask The NP

This blog is an incredibly useful tool and learning resource that you can redirect some of your patients to. Laura, the website’s founder, is a family nurse practitioner from New York with experience in pediatrics, neonatal ICU and emergency medicine. After noticing that patients are often left with unanswered questions when physicians are in a rush, Laura decided to help out by creating this Q&A-type blog where parents, caregivers and family members can receive answers to their most burning questions.

Travel Nurse Source

Travel Nurse Source is a comprehensive catalogue of recruiters, resources, job positions and career opportunities for travelling nurses. The website also has a blog that extensively covers a variety of nursing and travel topics, from benefits of night shifts and dealing with difficult patients to travel anxiety and nursing school life hacks. Here is a useful read on travel taxes: https://www.travelnursesource.com/notes/travel-nurse-taxes-overview-tips.

Nurse Manifest

If you became a nurse to help others in need, you’ll most certainly enjoy this website. Nurse Manifest is an innovative and inspiring blog that values pro-social change and action. Covering relevant medical topics and offering viable solutions to real problems within the healthcare system, this site will give you ideas on how you can help underprivileged people and motivate you to take action right now and make a difference in your community.

Nursing Ideas

Founded in 2008 as a learning tool for nursing students, this website now aims to provide resources for healthcare workers, as well as a realistic sneak peek into the lives of different nurses. Created by Rob Fraser, a professional nurse with a knack for online learning, the blog is filled with podcasts, articles and interviews pertaining to various medical and nursing topics.

On The Pulse

On The Pulse is a nursing blog that belongs to John Hopkins University and covers relevant medical topics. Although it’s not a personal blog like the others listed, you’ll find heaps of useful, up-to-date information on nursing and healthcare in general here.

University Of Southern California Blog

Another university nursing blog comes from the Faculty in Southern California and their healthcare department. Designed primarily for students and future professionals, the site provides news, research and learning resources for those interested in nursing. In addition, here you will find articles on the most urgent health crises currently affecting the US. Here is an interesting post from 2017 on the link between obesity and poverty: https://nursing.usc.edu/blog/poverty-high-school-obesity/.

Florence Nightingale And The Machine

Jonathan “Jonny” Branney is a chiropractor and nursing teacher at Bournemouth University who created a blog to make learning easier for his students. With comprehensive and accessible information on healthcare available, Jonathan’s blog also provides a different, thought-provoking perspective on nursing and dealing with stress in the work place.

Nurse Code

Working under the mantra of “whatever you think or feel, you are not alone”, the author of Nurse Code, Beth, is a, speaker and career columnist with a passion for writing. Her beautifully constructed corner on the internet is a blog you’ll never get bored with – Beth’s stories will make you smile, keep you on the edge of your seat or push you to the verge of tears.

The Social Nurse

The Social Nurse brings a modern touch to making healthcare mainstream and proves the importance of having an online platform or image when it comes to nursing. The blog is a testimony for why every nurse should learn to use social media to communicate, as well as a comprehensive guide on how you can do that as a healthcare provider, even if you’re not a computer whizz.

Jon Haws Blog

If you’re preparing for the state board exam, this should be your number one studying tool when it comes to online learning resources. After becoming frustrated with the current teaching methods employed in nursing schools, the site’s founder, Jon Haws, decided to create his own proactive educational program. The blog is entirely dedicated to helping students pass their NCLEX and to learn how to better apply what they learned during classes.

Straight A Nursing Student

Maureen Osuna is, as the title of her blog states, a straight A nursing student. Her goal? To help as many fellow students as possible and provide them with easily digestible healthcare information and efficient learning tools. The blog even has podcasts on basic nursing procedures and a school planner that you can download and use.

Alice Benjamin

Alice is an award-winning nurse who you might have seen on FOX News, The Doctors or America Live. Her refreshing blog provides essential nursing, fitness and nutrition advice, as well as complex medical research delivered in a simple, easy-to-understand format. This is a great website for nurses and patients alike that will keep you both up-to-date and informed on the latest healthcare developments.

Nursing Degree Guide

Are you interested in earning a specific nursing certification or joining an online learning program? Then make sure you check out this website – Nursing Degree Guide is the most comprehensive, informative catalog of healthcare programs. Here you’ll find different career opportunities and nursing specialization, interviews with other medical care providers, the best nursing programs and graduate degree options.

BMJ Nursing Blog

The British Medical Journal has an informative nursing section on their website. Their Evidence-Based Nursing Blog covers the latest topics in healthcare, medical research and personal stories from both professionals and (former) patients. If you want to stay updated on nursing news – this should be your go-to site.

HHS Nursing Blog

Horizon Healthcare Staffing is widely-recognized nursing agency from New York which offers full-time and part-time job opportunities in a variety of healthcare settings for future nursing professionals. Their blog discusses relevant topics like finding the right specialization for you, changes in the NCLEX plan and average salaries for different nursing positions.

EMC Blog

This is an easy-to-read, magazine-style blog on nursing, healthcare and overall wellbeing. The website was created by an organization named Electronic Medical Certification, which provides future professionals with credentials and high-quality online instruction in the nursing field. On the blog you’ll find everything from nutrition advice and general healthcare procedures to practical certification tips and quotes to keep you motivated.

Donna Cardillo

If you’re in need of a little inspiration, check out Donna Cardillo’s blog. With a long history of nursing, motivational speaking and entrepreneurship, “the inspiration nurse” decided to start her own blog and connect with her readers. In her earnest and captivating posts, Donna shares her raw experiences and ideas with her followers, in addition to offering career advice and guidance.

Nurse Keith

Keith is a successful nurse and career coach who’s committed to developing a strong, ethically-driven workforce. Filled with thought-provoking articles and engaging podcasts, Keith’s blog is an absolute must for anyone looking to advance their nursing career. You’ll learn everything from balancing your work and personal life to how you can keep down a very demanding high-end job in the healthcare field.

The Nursing Show

This is an amazing blog for nurses who want to expand their knowledge and awareness on various healthcare topics. Featuring hundreds of weekly articles and podcasts, The Nursing Show is your best bet at staying informed and learning something useful every single day that can help you become better at your profession. There’s episodes and guest articles from renowned nurses, students and newcomers alike every single week.

Scrubs Magazine

Also known as “the nurse’s guide to good living”, Scrubs Magazine goes a step further than your average healthcare blog and delves into the art of nursing. Healthy living, career guidance, learning tools for nursing school, beauty and fun – you’ll find it all on the Scrubs blog.


This is the ultimate lifestyle blog for nurses. With motivational quotes, real heartwarming stories, career and life advice, Nurse.org is an informative, but fun and relatable website that covers the most relevant medical and health topics. What makes this blog unique is its dedication to helping nurses with very prevalent issues that are often not talked about enough, including mental health and nursing wellness.